WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (4/26/2021): ThunderDome III, Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL

Monday Night Raw

Ladies and gentlemen, binaries and non-binaries, children of all ages! Rajah.com proudly brings to you the greatest name today in sports entertainment's play-by-play results coverage done on a Monday Night specifically from 8pm until 11pm, and if you're not down with that I've got two words for ya: oh well. Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. and we welcome you all to our live results coverage.

We've got Six-Woman tag action as Asuka teams up with Lana & Naomi to take on Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley and the team of Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler. But wait, there's more! We've got a second Six-Man tag match as the New Day team up with Damian Priest to take on the Miz, Elias & Jaxson Ryker. We've also learned late this afternoon that WWE Champion Bobby Lashley will address Drew McIntyre. Lastly, the preview has confirmed the match my source reported on earlier--Braun Strowman & Drew McIntyre will team up once more to take on Mace & T-BAR.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here! Strap on your seatbelt, brother, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (4/23/2021): ThunderDome III, Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL

Show Opener: Previously on Raw...

We open straight with a video package that shows the build-up between Drew McIntyre and Mace & T-BAR formerly of Retribution. After Mace & T-BAR took control in a handicapped match against McIntyre, both men teamed up to remove the masks of Mace and T-BAR. Drew then proceeded to snap and beat Mace repeatedly with his mask, causing a DQ. Braun came in and did the same to T-BAR but the former Retribution members picked up the win, setting up tonight's rematch.

Two-on-One Tag Team Handicapped Match: Mace & T-BAR vs Drew McIntyre & Braun Strowman

As they make their way to the ring, we see a pre-recorded short promo. Mace said that they have no mask and no affiliation. They both have streaks of makeup on their face. Backstage, Braun walks up to Drew and yells at him for not even thanking Braun for saving him last week. Braun accuses Drew of being unable to master his emotions and tells him to follow his lead, and calls him "kid." Drew angrily fires back that he's the number one contender and Braun should follow his lead. Braun then refuses to team with Drew and heads out, screaming he'll do what Drew couldn't last week--beat the two of them by himself. As the announcer begins to make introductions, Braun snatches the mic and corrects him. This isn't a tag match anymore, it's a two-on-one handicapped match.

The bell rings and Braun starts off aggressive with T-BAR. Braun clubs the big man's back repeatedly with forearms and whips T-BAR hard into the corner before darting across the ring to punch Mace off the apron! Strowman returns to working on T-BAR but Mace enters the ring and attacks Braun from behind. I didn't see a tag or hear it announced. Mace chokes and beats Braun in the corner as the ref warns him. Mace takes Braun to a corner and begin to use a serious of quick tags with T-BAR, allowing both to take a turn pummeling and choking the big man in the corner and bypass the ref's count. Braun tries to fight back, but once again his opponents use quick tags to stomp away in the corner. Eventually they quit caring and continue to choke and stomp Strowman in the corner as the ref calls for the disqualification.
Your Winner, Braun Strowman!

After the Match

T-BAR and Mace continue to beat Strowman until Drew McIntyre runs out to make the save. Together, both men clean house. Afterwards, Drew gently shoulder bumps Braun and yells "what, no thank you?" Braun smirks, calls him a funny guy, and we go to break with the two men making eyes at each other.

Tag Team Match: T-BAR & Mace vs Braun Strowman & Drew McIntyre

When we return from the break, we didn't get the tag match we wanted. We got the tag match we needed. McIntyre and Mace are hard at it when we've returned. Mace works over Drew's left shoulder, twisting it and pounding a forearm into his shoulder. Drew rises to his feet but again, Mace takes him down. Drew starts to fight back with fists. Mace goes to whip Drew--towards Braun's corner, no less--but Drew counters it and drops Mace. Drew makes the hot tag to Braun as Mace tags in T-BAR. Braun runs over T-BAR then attempts to spear him in the corner. T-BAR moves and Braun legitimately hit the post, looked hard but he seems fine on the floor at ringside. McIntyre pummels T-BAR and attempts a Fireman's Carry. T-BAR reverses it and attempts one of his own, but Drew counters it by converting his momentum into a Future Shock DDT! Drew covers but Mace hits the ring to make the save. Braun comes in and takes out Mace, sending him outside. Braun is warned out of the ring. Strowman streaks around the ring and hits the Strowman Express on Mace! Drew and T-BAR fight outside the ring as the ref counts. Strowman runs around, looking for another Strowman Express. Drew sees it and attempts to double team, running and leaping with a forearm at T-BAR. T-BAR ducks and Drew hits the weakest flying forearm on Braun, knocking the big man down. The ref continues to count but Drew is slammed down by T-BAR. The count-out gives the winners their second week in a row with a win over the Monster Among Men and the Highlander.
Your Winners by Count-out, T-BAR and Mace!

After the Match

Braun seems a wee bit upset as he comes into the ring, picks up Drew McIntyre and hits the Running Powerslam. Braun politely asks Drew never to hit him again, and we go to break!

MizTV feat. Elias & Jaxson Ryker

When we return from the break, the Miz & Morrison are in the ring as are Elias and Jaxson Ryker. Elias sits on a stool and strums his guitar. Tonight, the Miz is MC M-I-Z and Morrison's Johnny Drip Drip because they want to offer sincere "congratulations to Mister Bunny and take full credit because without our star power rubbing off on him at WrestleMania, Bad Bunny wouldn't even be able to sell out a flea market!" Morrison recommends sending Bad Bunny a Miz-themed mic, like Triple H did. The Miz has a better idea, he wants to present to the world their very own concert! Elias then interrupts, and calls the New Day a "junior high class band" and then the four decide to introduce us to: Hey Hey, Ho Ho: Unplugged. All four men sing, and while it's a bit awkward as Ryker seems nervous it's also funny, and all four really get into it. They sing two verses and choruses for the song. They're cut short when the lights go dark and out comes the Archer of Infamy, Damian Priest! Priest says that he wanted to attend this concert in person, and has some surprises of his own. Out come the New Day ahead of their upcoming six-man match. Xavier woods carries a hard shell guitar case that seems to be very heavy as the trio make their way to ring side. Woods sets up the case on the apron. Damian says that they'll like this, this is for them...and we see the case is filled with rotten tomatoes! All three pummel the MizTV cast, guests and set with tomatoes as we head to break. That match is up next!

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Damian Priest & the New Day vs the Miz, Elias & Jaxson Ryker

The bell rings and we start with Elias and Woods. Elias takes Woods into the corner immediately, connecting with stiff kicks and fists. Elias takes Woods to their corner and tags in Ryker. Both stomp at Woods. The Miz distracts the ref so Elias can choke Woods from the apron. Ryker with a big hit, tags Elias and holds Woods in an abdominal stretch. Elias with a hard strike to the ribs. Elias whips Woods into the ropes and loses control as the very fast and agile Woods slides under, leaps over, then splashes into Elias! Elias tags in the Miz. Woods takes the Miz to their corner and tags in Kofi, and the New Day work together to chop Miz down hard. Woods exits long enough for Kofi to tag him in. Kofi with a snapmare takedown. Kofi with a dropping elbow just as Woods flies, crashing down onto the Miz moments after Kofi moves. Kofi prevents the Miz from tagging in and takes down the Miz. Damian Priest calls for the tag. The Miz freaks out and runs to his corner, refusing to fight him. Ryker comes in. Priest and Ryker lock up, both men jockeying for control. Ryker initially takes the lead but Priest quickly overpowers the groupie. Miz is tagged in and Priest comes after him hard. Kofi and Elias are made legal now. Kofi with a picture-perfect Chavo frog splash on a standing Elias, nearly picking up the win. The Miz comes in. Kofi drops the Miz and climbs up top. He's attacked from the apron while the ref is distracted and when we go to break, the heels are circled around Woods, ready to strike.
We're back from the break and the heels are firmly in control. The Miz pushes Kofi on the middle rope and as the ref backs him off, Morrison rubs tomatoes (not tomatoes, pronounce it right please) in Kofi's face. The acidic nature of the tomato seems to have blinded Kofi. Elias comes in and hits a beautiful spinning short-stall suplex for a close two count. Elias with a headlock as Kofi struggles to reach for his partners. The Miz continues to pace back and forth along the apron, observing Elias and Kofi. Kofi fights out of the headlock but is caught with a clothesline on the rebound off the ropes. Ryker is tagged in. Ryker with a pin attempt for a close two. Ryker whips Kofi but immediately changes it into a sleeper! Kofi's starting to fade in the middle of the ring. Kofi escapes and tries to reach but Ryker punches Kofi in the small of his back and drags him over. Elias is tagged in, hits a sliding forearm across Kofi's face, and covers for a very close two. Kofi tries to fight back, getting to a vertical base and throwing rights. Elias rushes Kofi back to the heel corner and the Miz comes in. The Miz chokes him in the corner and backs up as the ref warns him, once again leaving a blindspot for his teammates to attack Kofi without the ref witnessing it. The Miz begins the It Kicks. He connects on all but the last, roundhouse-style kick which never ever happens! Kofi ducks the kick and hits an SOS to drop them both! Both men crawl to their respective corners, and Elias & Priest make the hot tags. Priest whips Elias into a corner. Ryker comes in; Priest with a back elbow before sending him into a corner. Priest with a Stinger Splash on Elias, and another on Ryker! Ryker attempts to reverse it into a rear waistlock but Priest sends him out of the ring. Priest drops Elias and attempts a pin. Priest off the top rope with a flying roundhouse for a close two. The Miz makes the save. The Miz attempts to suplex Priest but Priest counters it into a Broken Arrow! Priest tags in Woods. Woods dives off, looking for the flying forearm but Elias leaps up, connecting with his new move--"the Symphoknee", a leaping knee to the chin of Woods as he flies down. Elias tags in Ryker. Ryker pursues Woods and misses a blind tag. Woods, still legal, gives way to Priest who brawls with Ryker. Priest with a tope con hiro over the top, smashing into the Miz, Morrison and Elias! Woods is still legal and works with the New Day to hit a double-Russian Leg Sweep/Missile Dropkick triple move! Beautiful move. They pick up the win as Ryker just runs out of steam.
Your Winners, Damian Priest & the New Day!

Backstage: Sonya Deville and Charlotte Flair

We catch Sonya, wearing yet another sharp tux, walking backstage. She heads to an exit door and opens it, letting Charlotte Flair in the arena. Graves exclaims that the Queen is suspended and not supposed to be here. Deville and Flair flash evil smiles and casually stroll in as we go to break.

In the Ring Promo: Charlotte Flair with Sonya Deville

We return from break and are introduced to WWE Official Sonya Deville, who then calls out the Queen. Flair makes her way out, grinning huge as the digital audience does not approve of her. Once she's in the ring, Sonya asks referee Eddie Orengo about last week. We get clips showing Charlotte snapping last week and beating the shit out of a poor referee. Back in the ring, Sonya tells Charlotte that she was suspended indefinitely and given $100,000 fine. But with that said, Sonya feels Adam Pearce didn't listen to both sides of the story and gives Flair a chance to speak her peace. "First of all, Sonya, thank you for the opportunity to repent," the Queen begins. She apologies to WWE Management, the WWE Universe, and most importantly to referee Eddie Orengo. The ref accepts Flair's apology and says after watching the match back, he accepts her apology and Sonya announces that Flair will return to in-ring action tonight after lifting the suspension. Sonya then tells Eddie that he'll be the referee of Charlotte's next match. Flair gets on the mic. "Sonya, Eddie just said it's his mistake...so Eddie, I need you to apologize to me." He apologizes, and Flair adds "good boy." Eddie holds the rope for Sonya and Charlotte as they leave, and Corey Graves points out Charlotte Flair entered the back door with Sonya's assistance. Okay.

Backstage: Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce

Adam approaches Sonya backstage. He's rightfully upset that she reversed his decision as it's not her place. She apologizes but he doesn't believe its sincerity. Up next: open challenge for the United States title!

Backstage: Adam Pearce and Braun Strowman

Braun asks Adam to recall the triple threat number one contender's match in the recent past. Pearce does. Braun points out that he wasn't the one pinned, and makes an argument to be added to the championship match at WrestleMania: Backlash. If, that is, Adam doesn't need Sonya's permission. Pearce tells Braun that if he beats Drew tonight, he'll be added to the championship and it'll be a triple threat.

In the Ring: Sheamus' Open Challenge, Week 2

After a reminder of how last week's open challenge went--Sheamus beat the tar out of Humberto Carrillo before the bell could ring--we're treated to a second open challenge. Sheamus has vowed to do an open challenge each and every week, then sent a message to the roster--if you accept his challenge, you will regret it. In the ring, Sheamus tells us that he could watch the highlights from last week over and over again as it's proof that our United States Champion is back, better than ever, and a fighting champion. Sheamus reminds us that last week, Carrillo added himself to a list of superstars that want to take away his title. "But I know a bunch of ya are saying, Shamey, you (didn't let him) in the ring!" Sheamus admits that's true, but says that Humberto couldn't stand up to his level. But beyond being a fierce fighter, Sheamus claims to also be a generous man. He's decided to do an open challenge again, and invites anyone who wants to become guest of honor to their own funeral "like that kid Humberto last week" to come on down. But to be clear: the US title will not be on the line. And out comes...Humberto Carrillo! Carrillo stands in the ring. Sheamus asks if he's serious, if he's lost his "bleeding mind since last week" and asks if he's "loco." Sheamus starts to say he's not going to fight him again, then immediately surprise attacks Humberto. Sheamus beats Humberto down into the mat then gets on the mic. Sheamus starts to gloat until Carrillo leaps on Sheamus' back! Carrillo sends Sheamus outside hard. Sheamus tries to enter but Carrillo dropkicks him off the apron. Again, Sheamus attempts to enter and again, Carrillo drops the champ to the floor with a dropkick! Carrillo streaks across the ring to hit a suicide dive on Sheamus, then walks off up the ramp holding his side as Sheamus looks on in shock and anger.
No Match, No Contest.

Backstage Interview: MVP and Bobby Lashley

The new interviewer asks Bobby about his opinion on Braun being added, potentially, to the triple threat. MVP does all the speaking and says that he (the interviewer) speaks in hypotheticals. The Hurt Business doesn't do hypotheticals, they get results. MVP mentions having some grievances to handle with management. We go to break.

Backstage Interview: Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley

Mackenzie interviews Rhea about Flair's return. Rhea looks forward to facing the Queen again someday, but while Flair's busy playing around with refs, Rhea will be busy playing around as Raw Women's Champion.

In the Ring: WWE Champion Bobby Lashley with MVP

Back to the ring and out comes the All Mighty champion, belt held high yet upside down once again. They make their way to the ring. Bobby starts off on the mic, reminding us that he told us he would walk into WrestleMania and walk out as the WWE Champion, and he did. And when he made Drew McIntyre go to sleep, Drew held his title up high and demanded respect. The respect the live audience--which he's not seen in over a year--gave him was welcomed and overdue. He then compares Drew to a piece of bubblegum stuck to his shoe that he can't get rid of. Because at WrestleMania: Backlash, he has to face Drew again and will defeat him again! But now there's word of a triple threat match, and MVP jumps in. He reminds us that Bobby Lashley is the Chief Hurt Officer of the Hurt Business and the All Mighty Champion and any business must go through them. Lashley calls it disrespectful to do otherwise. MVP tells us that Lashley has been the WWE Champion for fifty-six days, and doesn't like the thought of a triple threat match. MVP reminds us that is exactly how Lashley lost his United States Championship. Lashley didn't tap, nor was he pinned, but he lost his title. MVP points out that it's not fair that Drew could beat Braun, or Braun could beat Drew, and Lashley could lose the title. Lashley is angry and tells us that he can beat each man one on one but now that it may be a triple-threat, he'll be out here to watch for his interests (his working) in the match between McIntyre and Strowman. He then vows to leave WrestleMania: Backlash still as the WWE Champion.

The Announce Team

89 minutes into our program, our announcers finally introduce themselves. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

Backstage Interview: Riddle

Riddle circles the new interviewer on his scooter. He's asked how he feels about beating Orton last week, and comments Riddle must be high on life and on cloud nine. Riddle starts to talk about Orton but rambles into a tangent until the Viper walks up. Orton: "I don't know what planet you're from--" and Riddle interrupts, "I'm from Earth!" Orton comments that they have nothing in common, and Riddle quips in that they both do--they're both from Earth. Orton then brings up Riddle's conversation last week, about a potential tag team up as "R-K-Bro". He suggests that tonight they give it a shot, it might be interesting, and says that he's pulled some strings. Riddle is quick to talk about matching outfits, merch etc and Orton tells him that maybe, depending on how it goes tonight, maybe they'll have something to talk about. Riddle "locks his lips" with an invisible key, exclaims "totally, bro!" and we head to commercials.

Backstage Promo: Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Reginald the Sommelier

Jax is backstage, talking about their recent events. Shayna yells at Reginald for distracting Nia this past Friday, and Jax defends him stating that Jax technically was distracted by Baszler. Baszler emphasizes no more distractions and storms off. Someone brings Jax a beautiful bouquet of flowers. She starts to thank Reggie, who's confused, when Angel Garza comes up. He compliments her beauty and she walks down the hall with Reggie, who's a bit perplexed. Suddenly Jax exclaims "put these in water, bitch" and smacks Mandy & Dana with the flowers before walking off.

Backstage: Braun Strowman and MVP

Short story short, Strowman told MVP to tell Lashley that after Strowman defeats McIntyre tonight, there's nothing to keep him from walking out of WrestleMania: Backlash as the WWE Champion. He walks off, MVP sneers, and we go to the ring.

Tag Team Match: R-K-Bro vs Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin

Orton comes out first. Graves, Adnan and Byron all exude his accomplishments and status as a legend. This is a very, very long entrance for Randy Orton. He finally poses as sparks shower down behind him. Out next is his tag team partner, Riddle, who rides to the ring on his scooter and does the usual shoe-flip entrance he's known for. He's totally stoked to work with Randy. Corey calls Riddle "Earth's sexiest mongoose." Not kidding. We go to break with this match, up next! When we return, Alexander and Benjamin make their way down the ramp. Orton and Riddle are ready in the ring. Benjamin and Alexander are smirking at their opponents. Cedric and Riddle start off first. Riddle and Cedric circle . Cedric goes for a grapple; Riddle ducks under and hits a side gut-wrench slam. Riddle shows off his impressive core strength by once again connecting with a gut-wrench side slam. Cedric gets a good shot in and takes control. Benjamin is tagged in and hammers Riddle with fists. Riddle tries to fight back with rights of his own and goes for a high kick. Benjamin catches the leg above his shoulder and drops Riddle down hard. Cedric comes in as both men work on Riddle's left knee. Cedric keeps yelling "c'mon, bro!" Riddle throws a right but Cedric mounts him and shoves down hard on Riddle's face with his fist as the ref warns him. Shelton comes in and sets Riddle up in the corner, half in and out of the ropes. Shelton tags Cedric and runs across the ring then back, dropkicking Riddle. Cedric comes in and does the same exact move. Orton begins to call for Riddle to come over. Riddle desperately reaches for the Viper but Cedric drags Riddle backwards and away. Shelton comes in and works Riddle with a knee, then hits a leg breaker.
Shelton uses a joint manipulation wear-down move on Riddle's left knee, making the Bro scream in pain. Cedric is tagged in and pulls Riddle up. Riddle gets his second wind and fights back, gaining separation with a shove-back dropkick. Orton and Benjamin get the tags and Orton comes in on fire! Orton battles Shelton into the corner and wails away on him. Benjamin tries to mount some offense but Orton whips him into the corner, strikes him and then counters a Benjamin charge into a swinging backbreaker. Orton stands over his opponent, huffing and puffing. Orton must have eyes in the back of his head as he catches Cedric diving in from the top rope and converting it into an RKO! You must see that move. Orton takes down Shelton next. Riddle asks to be tagged in and Orton does, begrudgingly. Riddle hits the Bro-ton and picks up the win.
Your Winners, team R-K-Bro!

After the Match

Orton gets in Riddle's face and Graves expects Orton to hit an RKO on Riddle. To the announcers shock, Orton climbs down and hands up the ramp. He's caught smiling as Riddle yells repeatedly "R-K-Bro!" Up later tonight: Alexa's Playground!

Six-Woman Tag Team Match: Asuka, Lana & Naomi vs Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley & Women's Tag Team Champions Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

Asuka is the first to make her way down to the ring as we return from break. Out next are her partners, Lana & Naomi. This week, Lana successfully slid downstage as far as Naomi (last week, she came up short) and Naomi gives her a high-five. Their competitors make their way out next, with the Raw Women's Champion out last. Asuka and Shayna will start us off. Asuka yells at Shayna and then the women lock up. Both are impressive with their technical prowess, each attempting and countering leverage on an arm. Shayna tags in Rhea. Ripley enters and tosses Asuka across the ring. Asuka fires back with a jumping knee to the face and drags Rhea back to the face's corner. Lana and Naomi use a set of tags to double team Rhea. Lana is legal and attempts to whip Rhea. Rhea slams on the brakes. Rhea attempts a Flapjack on Lana, but Lana rolls through and nearly pins the champ. Rhea connects with a headbutt to drop Mrs. Miro. Rhea slows the pace and uses her legs in a rear waist-lock leg hold while hooking a forearm under Lana's chin. Lana tries to escape but Rhea refuses to let go. Rhea pounds on Lana's back as she screams. Out comes Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose!
Baszler hops down and comes down to confront the intruders, still angry over last week. The duo throw a five-gallon pale of water on Baszler. Jax rushes over to assist her partner and slips in the water, landing on the floor as Mandy & Dana laugh and we go to break.
Back from break finds Baszler standing on Lana's arm before stomping it, wearing it down for a potential Kirifuda. We get repeats of Jax slipping in the water. Lana manages to gain freedom and tags in Asuka. Asuka comes in hot, knocking Rhea from the apron and dropping Shayna. Hip attack from Asuka onto Jax as Jax attempts to enter! Asuka with a running seated leg drop. Asuka follows up with a running kick. Baszler counters her next attempt and brings Jax back in. Jax with a scoop slam followed by an elbow drop and a two-count. Jax pulls Asuka up by her hair and throws her into the corner before ramming her. Lana is still down on the floor; Rhea has finally reached the apron. Naomi and Shayna are in position. Nia with a Samoan Drop on Asuka. Nia attempts another corner splash but Asuka dodges. Asuka tags in Naomi who hits Jax with a splash. Nia runs off the ropes repeatedly, leaping and striking Jax in an effort to bring her down. Jax attempts to put some offense in but Naomi with the springboard crossbody to finally drop her off her feet! Naomi covers for two, but Shayna makes the save. Rhea's tagged in. Rhea with a big facebuster and cover attempt. Asuka makes the save, but Rhea throws her out the ring. Rhea looks for a back drop suplex but Naomi floats over and makes a blind tag to Lana. Rhea doesn't know this and focuses on Naomi, hitting the Riptide. She finally realizes the ref's yelling at her about the tag and turns just in time to catch a diving crossbody off the top. Outside the ring, Nia Jax, Asuka, Naomi and Shayna start fighting. Rhea with a big powerslam and attempt at a pin. Rhea with a Riptide again, then tags in Jax who hits the running leg drop to immediately pickup the win.
Your Winners, Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley and Women's Tag Team Champions Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler!

Backstage: Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke and Sonya Deville

Mandy and Dana are laughing, still, about what they did. Sonya walks up and chastises them for being unprofessional and laughing about what they did. Mandy cuts a mean look at Sonya, who tells her that Mandy Rose will take on Flair in her return match.

Alexa's Playground

We cut to Bliss, on her swing, holding Lily. She tells the viewer to come closer and lolok into her eyes and concentrate, then to think dark thoughts. "Think..twisted thoughts. We all have them. now repeat after me: 'Lily, Lily, Lily.' Next...I want you to picture something peaceful." We get clips of a pond with lillies, a coy pond, white cherry blossoms and other beautiful scenes from nature as Bliss softly helps us focus on how peaceful things are--until Lily pops up on screen and Bliss screams. She laughs and adds that Lil can be a little mischievous at times. But to be honest, Lily's getting bored sitting back there. Bliss thinks its time for them to play with the rest of the WWE. She gets solemn and says "the Lily made me do it." She laughs as we end our segment on the worst catchphrase since "Thicc Boi".

Match: Charlotte Flair vs Mandy Rose with Dana Brooke

Out first is the Queen, wearing black and gold ring wear and a black and red robe/jacket. After the break, Mandy Rose makes her way down to the ring with her partner, Dana Brooke. Rose sizes up the queen before entering the ring. The bell rings and we're off! Flair and Rose circle each other before locking up. The taller Flair has the leverage, and uses it to twist Rose's left arm. Rose can't escape, so she cartwheels to the side and reverses the hold on the Queen, cranking her arm. Flair easily escapes. Both women attempt a rear arm hook but Flair wins it and slams Rose. Flair yells at Brooke at ringside and yells for her to shut up again. Rose uses the opportunity to ram Flair into the corner and throw her shoulder into Flair's midsection. The ref, same as last week, warns Rose off. Flair uses the separation to attempt to take control back. A small exchange of inconsequential moves is capped off with an impressive Missile Dropkick that lays out Flair! Rose sends Flair into the corner and unleashes a flurry of fists and feet as the ref warns her. Rose breaks it and attempts to whip Flair, but the Queen grabs the top rope and slams on the brakes. Rose strikes Flair, but Flair takes Rose down and covers for a two. She gets up and backs the ref into the corner, screaming at him that she had a three count. Rose comes up behind her, rolling her up but Flair escapes at three. Rose with a big knee strike. Rose goes after Flair with a clothesline in the corner, but Flair counters it into a modified Unprettier and picks up the win! And keeping with the unsettling trend as of late, Flair is the latest to slip a nip.
Your Winner, Charlotte Flair!

Backstage Interview: Drew McIntyre

The new interviewer (who they'll have to name someday on air) asks Drew about his thoughts on a potential triple-thread at WrestleMania: Backlash. Drew gives us a head's up that while he was under the understanding that it would be a single's match, he'll ensure it with a Claymore tonight. We go to break.

Main Event Match: Braun Strowman vs Drew McIntyre

If Braun Strowman wins this match, he will be added to the WWE Championship match at WrestleMania: Backlash. If Drew McIntyre wins, it will remain as a singles match. Both men make their way out and when the bell rings, they stare down each other for a few moments. Both goliaths lock up, and Strowman shoves Drew back a few steps, speaking to him (something about "I told you so" I think). McIntyre tries a shoulder tackle that Braun no-sells. Strowman wipes imaginary dust off his shoulder. Drew throws fists and runs off the ropes fast, looking to possibly connect with a Claymore. Strowman runs him over easily. Strowman runs off the ropes, leaps over rolling past Drew and lands on his feet, only for the impressive move to end with a running dropkick to Strowman's leg. McIntyre attempts to work Strowman's left knee. Both men struggle back and forth, with Drew sent out to the ringside by Braun as Bobby Lashley & MVP make their way out. We head to commercials.
Back from our final break and we catch McIntyre bouncing off the turnbuckles from an apparently strong Irish Whip from the Monster Among Men. Braun takes his time dismantling Drew in the corner with powerful fists. MVP and Lashley are watching from the commentary area. Strowman tosses Drew across the ring. Strowman picks McIntyre up and looks for the Running Powerslam but McIntyre wiggles down, onto Strowman's back, and slaps a sleeper on. Braun escapes after precious moments spent in the sleeper. Drew with a huge Exploder Suplex (belly to belly overhead release suplex). Drew attempts a cover but only gets two. Both men are winded and down. Drew sits up. MVP yells at Drew, telling him to handle his business, act like he wants to wind, and beat Braun. Drew posts up then charges for the Claymore--and as he leaps Braun catches him and hits a huge Powerbomb. Damn, I love me a good Powerbomb. Braun covers but only gets two.
Strowman pulls McIntyre up, looking for a forearm chest strike. Drew gains separation with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt, dropping Strowman. Drew gets in position, yelling for Braun to get up. As soon as Braun begins to, Drew hits an impressive spinebuster and nearly picks up the win. Drew pulls Strowman up, setting up for the Future Shock DDT, but Strowman runs him back into the corner and perches Drew on the top rope. Strowman with a huge right that stuns Drew. Strowman climbs up to the middle rope and Drew steps to the top rope. Braun Strowman hits a big Superplex and covers Drew, but McIntyre kicks out! McIntyre kicks out!

Braun pulls Drew back and hits him with a forearm across the chest. I'm not sure if the move's name is 'Primal Concrete Sledge' or just another Pantera reference from Groves. Braun looks ready to put it away when MVP distracts him on the apron. MVP tries to pull McIntyre off Strowman, per Graves, but no clue why.Strowman drops MVP off but McIntyre uses it to hit a Future Shock DDT! Drew looks close to winning it when T-BAR and Mace hint the ring area! Braun, pouring rivers of sweat, catches Drew with a Running Powerslam to put away Drew.
Your Winner, Braun Strowman!

After the Match

Mace and T-BAR flee. Bobby Lashley stands on the announcer's table, unhappy with his title defense now a triple-threat match at WrestleMania: Backlash. Drew and Braun lock eyes, then both nod and point to Lashley, seemingly in accord that the enemy of my enemy...

In Closing

That does it for the final Raw of April 2021! Will the first Raw of May 2021 reflect the core values of May Day? Will Vince force the catering undercard to dance around a May Pole? Will this writer quit showing his age with all the outdated puns and references? We'll find out tomorrow on our NXT live results coverage! Remember, brother: same Mike time, same Mike channel! Y'all be safe out there and see you tomorrow!

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