WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (5/31/2021): ThunderDome III, Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL


Happy Memorial Day, everyone, and welcome back to Rajah.com's live Monday Night Raw coverage. Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. In case you missed it, here's Matt's excellent coverage of AEW Double or Nothing from last night. Don't forget, tonight marks the debut of new announcer Jimmy Smith, who replaced Adnan Virk.

Our official preview dropped early this morning and listed a few items, so let's look at it! We'll have a big Raw Tag Team Championship Match as AJ Styles & Omos battle Elias & Jaxson Ryker. We'll also have a special edition of Miz TV feat. Charlotte Flair & Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley. We've also got that big number-one contender for the WWE Championship on the line when Drew McIntyre takes on Kofi Kingston. We'll also get to watch former tag team champions Big & Nasty possibly implode as Shayna Baszler is set to collide with her partner's love interest, Reginald the Sommelier, in an intergender match. A lot more in store for us tonight.

Will Raw repeat the above-average booking of last week? We're about to find out here, next, on Monday Night Raw! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (5/31/2021): ThunderDome III, Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL

Show Opener: Memorial Day Tribute Package

We open with a quote from former President Ronald Reagan, followed with a narrated video package that honors the brave persons who fought for our freedom, touching on the various wars. Thanks to our active service members and veterans--and their families and loved ones--for their sacrifices.

Welcome to the ThunderDome!

Pyro blasts us into the arena as we're welcomed by new announcer Jimmy Smith, accompanied by Byron Saxton and Corey Graves. Corey introduces us to Jimmy, who tells us he's excited to be here and hopes to honor the fans and superstars. They address tonight's big match between McIntyre and Kingston--a rematch after MVP and Lashley interfered last week--with a championship match at Hell in a Cell. We're reminded that if MVP or Lashley interfere tonight, they'll be suspended for ninety days without pay. We get hype for our Raw Tag Team Championship match, and clips from last week's Baszler/Reginald conflict that set up tonight's massacre match.

Miz Tv featuring Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair

We cut straight to the ring where the must-see superstar and the moistest superstar are seated in the ring, ready for Miz TV. The Miz welcomes first a future first-ballot hall of famer, "me!" Miz goes on to state that the last few weeks on Raw have been very tough without the A-Lister there to command the ship. The Miz feigns getting emotional and apologizes, stating "that match, that lumberjack match with Damian Priest...I was injured. For the first time in my illustrious career, my body gave way and...what is that smell?" Morrison says "Garlic, bro!" He's wearing a necklace made of cloves of garlic and has a water-squirting "dripstick". He's prepared for Vampires, Zombies, anything after WrestleMania: BackLash. The Miz and Morrison call themselves "the Must-See and Moist-See" superstars. They hype the upcoming return to the road. Finally he gets to introducing our first guest, the challenger for Hell in a Cell, the Queen Charlotte Flair.
Johnny Drip-Drip holds the ropes for Flair, who wrinkles her nose at Morrison. After taking her seat she pinches her nose and asks what the smell is. Morrison explains its garlic and it's to protect him from things that go bump in the night. Flair insults them for getting her title-count wrong. She takes over the conversation, promising that in three weeks she's going to send Rhea to hell because Rhea's had her fairy-tale moment, and that's over. Out comes Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley. Morrison and the Miz play air guitar to Rhea's theme as she makes her way down and enters the ring. "Charlotte, you're gonna send me to hell? You can go to hell, that's for sure." Flair stands up and both women stand face to face. The Miz gets them to de-escalate and sit. He asks why Rhea's so mysterious, and what the meaning of her tattoos; Morrison asks for her favorite garlic bread recipe. The Miz questions why, and Morrison explains that it's to see if she's a vampire--vampires wouldn't like garlic bread. Poor Rhea lets out a fake laugh, insists she's not a vampire, but she is a nightmare as the Raw Women's Division is finding out. She offers for the Miz to interview her in three weeks, after she defeats Flair. We get clips from last week in which Rhea Ripley failed to defeat Nikki Cross in a beat-the-clock challenge. Flair asks Rhea what makes her think that she can beat Flair if she can't even beat Nikki Cross. And out comes Nikki Cross to her country-rock theme.
Nikki points out that she defeated the Raw Women's Champion last week. The height disparity between Nikki and Rhea is crazy! Nikki states that it's only fair that she get a title shot as she defeated the champ. Flair mocks her. Rhea stands up and gives props to Nikki for being a tough competitor, tougher than Nikki realized but insists if she had four minutes she would've won. Flair mocks Cross again, and Cross tells Flair she can beat her, too. Flair angrily replies that she could defeat Cross in one minute. Cross challenges her then smacks the tar out of Flair, enraging her. The Queen yells "you're on, you little troll" after seeming to forget her line. We head to break!

Singles Women's Beat-the-Clock Match: Charlotte Flair vs Nikki Cross

Flair has two minutes to defeat Cross or else Cross wins the match. This is similar to last week's match between Rhea Ripley and Nikki Cross. When we return from break our competitors are set up in the ring. The bell rings and Cross slides outside the ring. She does a little jig and spanks her ass, mocking Flair. Rhea Ripley is watching from the announcer's table. Flair tries to catch Cross; Cross continues to slide in and out of the ring, avoiding Flair. Flair reaches through the ropes and misses Cross, then pursues her outside. Cross darts behind Ripley, who stands up to confront Flair. Flair and Rhea exchange words, with Flair telling Ripley this is her fault. Cross slips back into the ring as the ref counts. Flair heads back into the ring. Flair tries to perform a top-rope maneuver with thirty-four seconds left. Cross counters it, sending Flair flying off the top. Flair drops Cross with four seconds left and looks for a quick Figure Four but Cross survives as time expires!
Your Winner, Nikki Cross!

After the Match

Ripley sits ringside, laughing at Flair as Flair angrily stalks in the ring, shocked that she lost. This makes two big "wins" for Cross, two weeks in a row.

Previously on Raw...

We get clips over the last three weeks that showed the tension between the New Day and R-K-Bro. Three weeks ago, Orton took out Riddle's friends the New Day with RKO's much to Riddle's chagrin. Two weeks ago, Orton fought the New Day. Last week, Riddle fought Xavier Woods in singles action and finished him off with an RKO. Riddle posed like Orton in the corner.

Backstage: Damian Priest with Riddle

Riddle and Priest are talking backstage. Riddle wants Priest to teach him Spanish. Riddle asks how to say "bro" in Spanish, to which Priest replies hermano. He asks how to say "Hey Randy" and Priest replies, "Hey, Randy." Riddle is shocked, expecting there to have been more of a translation...then realizes Randy Orton is behind him, sporting a new goatee. Orton tells Riddle that he watched Riddle last week, when Riddle used Orton's move. Orton seems as if he might be upset...but decides he wants Riddle out there with him tonight, at ringside during Orton's match, so he can learn from him. Riddle is super stoked but Orton holds a finger to his lips. He has Riddle "zip his (Riddle's) lips" and "give him the key" then "throws it" behind him and Riddle goes to look for it...okay.

Singles Match: Xavier Woods vs Randy Orton with Riddle

Kofi escorts Woods to the ramp but heads to the back. He's got a huge match later tonight against McIntyre. Woods makes his way out as we go to break. After the break, Orton makes his way out while Riddle rides the scooter down to the ring, then proceeds to dance a jig at ringside to Orton's music. The ref sets our competitors up and we get things underway. Both men lock up and Orton converts it into a side headlock. Woods shoves Orton off, who rebounds off the short ropes and shoulder tackles Woods. Orton goes for an RKO right away but Woods avoids it. Orton whips Woods into the corner; Woods uses the top ropes to leap up and back, attempting to avoid a chasing Orton. Orton catches Woods and dumps him out of the ring. Orton pursues and pounds Woods' face and body into the announcer's table repeatedly as new announcer Jimmy Smith says they're earning hazard pay. We go to break as Orton returns to the ring!
Back from the break. Orton works a neck hold on Woods but Woods quickly powers Orton's arms up and escapes. Woods drops, yanking the left arm of Orton. Woods with a desperate dropkick to the injured left arm of Orton. Riddle cheers Orton on from ringside. Woods begins a flurry of offense, throwing lefts and rights, pounding Orton with fists and forearms as he backs the Viper across the ring. Orton fires back and drops Woods, but Woods is back up. Woods with a rolling elbow. Orton's down to his knees. Woods with a sliding faceplant to Orton. The Viper is up but reeling, stumbling back into the corner. Woods climbs the ropes and mounts and pounds the Viper until Orton sneaks in an eye gouge and a hair pull when the ref is out of position! Orton hoists Woods up and connects with a Powerbomb in the middle of the ring, picking up a close two. Woods rolls to the apron. Orton stalks him to the ropes. Orton sets up Woods on the middle rope and yells for Riddle, demanding he watch. Orton looks for the Spike DDT. Woods has it scouted and escapes, countering it into a Fujiwara armbar! Orton struggles to make it to the ropes but does. Orton is suddenly infuriated and snatches Woods, whipping him onto the apron, yanking him through and hitting the Spike DDT. Orton pops up and pounds on the mat, Viper style, calling for the RKO. Woods escapes it and runs off the ropes but Orton catches him...and hits the Bro Derek! Just as many of you predicted, Orton put away Woods with Riddle's finisher!
Your Winner, Randy Orton!

After the Match

Riddle is elated at Orton using his (Riddle's) finisher to put away Woods. Orton grins and winks at his partner. Riddle tosses his scooter in the ring and hops in the ring, stoked and celebrating with Orton. He poses in front of Orton and they, as usual, hint that Orton may turn on Riddle...but he doesn't. R-K-Bro head off together.

Video Package: Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Reginald the Sommelier

We get a quick package catching us up on the events of last week, in which Baszler warned Reginald to stay away during Big & Nasty's Women's Tag Team Championship Rematch or else she'd hurt him. He still came down and once again inadvertently caused them to lose when he distracted the referee as Baszler had Natalya pinned.

Backstage: WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, MVP and the Train

We see MVP leading a train of beautiful persons into a backstage room. In walks the Almighty One, Bobby Lashley. That's about it, really.

Backstage: Reginald the Sommelier & Nia Jax

Reginald tells Jax that he doesn't need her help and insists she watches the match from the back as he kisses her hand. He reminds her that he's won two matches in the past--with her help, she interjects--but he assures her it's fine.

Intergender Match: Shayna Baszler vs Reginald the Sommelier

We return to the ring and out first comes the Queen of Spades, Shayna Baszler! She comes out alone. In the ring she prepares, putting in her mouth guard as we head to break. When we return, Reginald is out alone. The bell rings and they exchange words. Baszler chases him and he uses his agility to dodge her. She chases hima cross the ring and again, he dodges her. He smiles, happy with himself, and she drops him. Again he tries to use his agility to avoid Baszler but she works the arm. Reginald escapes. Reginald and Baszler execute a sequence in which he backflips off the ropes and hits a textbook scoop slam on Baszler, shocking everyone! Reginald apologizes to Baszler repeatedly. Reginald attempts to use his agility again, but this time the Queen of Spades is prepared. Baszler locks on to the left leg and repeatedly attacks the left knee, pounding it with strikes and cranking on it. She twists his foot as she cranks on the knee before rolling him onto his stomach. She stands on the back of his leg before stomping down hard on his left knee. As he tries to get up Baszler connects with a stiff kick to the back of his left thigh. Baszler starts to dig deep into her technical playbook, utilizing a modified Calf Crusher followed by a knee slam. Reginald screams in pain. Baszler with the Ankle Lock on Reginald. Reginald counters by throwing her off. Baszler closes the distance but Reginald with a spinning cross body right onto Baszler, dropping the former champ! Reginald struggles to climb the ropes and leaps off the top, gaining some big height as he goes for a Moonsault Stomp. Baszler moves and Reginald lands on his leg. Baszler goes for the Kirifuda Clutch, locking it in! Pyro goes off in the corner, distracting Baszler and allowing Reginald to roll up the most underrated wrestler in the division because this is the WWE. After the match, Jax smothers Reginald with hugs, excited that he did it.
Your WInner, Reginald the Sommelier

Backstage Interview: Drew McIntyre

Drew is asked a bout his match with Kofi tonight. Drew praises Kofi and tells us that he respects Kofi. Kofi's earned everything he's been given. Drew has a lot of respect for him. But two weeks ago, Kofi put his nose where it didn't belong. He points out that it took both men a very long time to get the WWE Championship as they were good men and put others over. Drew then claims that he made a decision not to have kids as he's putting his career first and seems to criticize Kofi for having kids. He ends it by stating he respects Kofi a lot but he's going to run right through him tonight and get back his title at Hell in a Cell. He then tells us he's more than ready to do anything Kofi is not, and we should be ready to buckle up as Drew's winning tonight.

Tag Team Match: Mace & T-Bar vs the Lucha House Party

A mask-less Mace (Dio Madden) and T-Bar (Dominic Dijakovic) make their way out to the old Retribution theme. After a break, Lucha House Party--as represented by Gran Metallik and Lince Dorado--make their way out. We get a pre-recorded vignette from Mace & T-Bar going on about how they're predators and every great predator needs a prey, and the LHP are their prey. Okay. We set up and the bell rings. Jimmy Smith praises LHP, stating ring ropes are sidewalks to them. We start with T-Bar and Lince. I'm referring to him as TB. TB with a massive shoudler tackle. TB with a charging back elbow in the corner. Lince leaps onto TB's back and TB stumbles into the LHP corner. Tag is made. Gran Metallik attacks TB. Mace shows off his impressive wingspan, stretching nearly halfway across the apron while holding onto the corner tag-rope and extending his arm. Tag's made. Mace drives Gran Metallik into the mat and covers for a two. Tag is made again. Mace holds Metallik for TB to hit with a running Big Boot. TB attempts a cover but gets two. TB beats Metallik in the corner and tags in Mace, who stomps on Metallik then tags TB again. Both men size up and frame up Metallik, planning a double-team move when Lince Dorado takes them both down with a dropkick from behind! Dorado goes for a Suicide Dive onto Mace outside the ring; Mace catches him mid-flight and drives him into the floor. Metallik looks for a dropkick off the top onto TB in the ring but TB counters. TB and Mace work together to neutralize Metallik with a Double Chokeslam, allowing Mace to pick up the win.
Your Winners, Mace & T-Bar!

Backstage: Alexa Bliss' Invitation

"What a night for Reginald! I mean, what better way for us to celebrate his big victory over Shayna Baszler...than joining us (here)?" Bliss invites Reginald to Alexa's Playground, with Lily, and tells him to be there or be square.

In the Ring: United States Champion Sheamus

We head to break as the US Champ, Sheamus, makes his way out to the ring to a digital chorus of boos. Back from the break. Sheamus is in ring and on mic. "Wouldya look at that? Another week and another victory for your valiant United States Champion! I tell ya, I can't wait for the WWE to go back on the road so I can defend my title in every major city." He goes on to address Humberto Carrillo and Ricochet, stating that they're trying to embarrass their United States Champion "but here's a message for you Lads. Maybe get some participation trophies for (yourselves) because that's the closest you're gonna get to me gold." We then get clips from last week in which Carrillo and Ricochet worked together to humiliate Sheamus after weeks of dealing with his lovely disposition. After the clips, Sheamus grimaces and points at the tron. "Let me as ya, do they look like championship material to ya?....Where I come from, that's scumbaggery right there, two fellas jumping one lad. And they was asking me, Sheamus, why haven't you defended your United States Championship since ya won it?" He then tells us that he's waiting for someone worthy of a title shot and Carrillo & Ricochet aren't "fit to lace me boots." He says he won't take them on in a handicapped match but he will take them on one-on-one, back-to-back, because that's the kind of champion he is. He looks forward to send them back to catering and obscurity. He asks who's brave enough to step out first and get their ass kicked and it's...

Single's Non-Title Match: United States Champion Sheamus vs Ricochet

Ricochet comes out wearing jeans and a jacket, streaking down to the ring. Ricochet rips off his jacket and readies up. The bell rings and both men clash. Sheamus drops Ricochet with a forearm then whips him into the ropes. Ricochet counters the back drop attempt with a kick. Sheamus charges Ricochet who drops down and pulls the top rope down, sending the champ outside. Ricochet looks for a baseball slide but the champ catches him and hits a Fallaway Slam to the outside barricade behind the announcer's table! Sheamus sends Ricochet into the ring and climbs the top ropes. Sheamus connects with a flying Lariat, dropping Ricochet. Sheamus sets up Ricochet, ready to put him away, when Humberto Carrillo's music plays and he streaks down to the ring. The distraction allows Ricochet to roll through and roll up Sheamus, pinning the champ! We go to break with Carrillo/Sheamus up next!
Your Winner, Ricochet!

Single's Non-Title Match: United States Champion Sheamus vs Humberto Carrillo

Back from the break. This match is already underway. Sheamus stomps Carrillo in the corner. Sheamus runs and kicks a knelt Carrillo, then take shim into the corner and uses a big right to the midsection. Carrillo attempts to fight out of the corner. Sheamus cuts the legs out from under Carrillo, dropping the youngster to his back off the top. Sheamus positions Carrillo on the apron, looking for the Ten Beats of the Bodhran, but Carrillo throws a series of rear elbows to fight free. Carrillo looks for a slingshot spear but Sheamus catches him mid-air and converts it into an Irish Curse backbreaker! Ricochet stands at ringside, cheering on his friend. Sheamus stomps and kicks Carrillo, angry at the loss to Ricochet and blaming Carrillo. Sheamus positions Carrillo on his knees and delivers a...Three Beats of the Bodhran? Sheamus drops the youngster and puts on a modified sleeper hold. Carrillo starts to fight back, gaining a vertical base and hitting a jawbreaker. Sheamus charges Carrillo, who dodges and hits a chop to Sheamus. Carrillo with a series of rights. Sheamus catches a kick but Carrillo steps up and hits Sheamus so hard in the face it breaks his nose. Sheamus' face and chest are getting a great amount of blood. Sheamus sends Carrillo outside the ring then attacks Ricochet and Carrillo. We get replays of the punch that broke, quite visibly, Sheamus' nose. Sheamus yells at Ricochet and is caught off guard by Carrillo. Carrillo takes it to the middle of the ring. Carrillo heads up top and dives off but Sheamus catches him and slams him down hard. A bloodied Sheamus posts up in the corner, then attacks Ricochet as he attempts to enter the ring. The distraction allows Carrillo to roll up Sheamus and pick up the win.
Your Winner, Humberto Carrillo!

Video Promo: Eva-Lution

Same package we've had a dozen times, we get it again. Eva Marie is returning to launch an Eva-lution, etc etc.

A&E Original Biography: Bret "the Hitman" Hart

If you've not been watching this incredible series of wrestling legend biographies, you're missing out. This weekend: Bret Hart. The plug because it's a damn good series.

Video Package: Drew McIntyre vs Kofi Kingston

We get a nice little video package (really running out of adjectives for these) that explains why we're having McIntyre/Kingston again tonight. If MVP or Lashley interfere tonight, they'll be suspended for ninety days.

Women's Tag Team Match: Naomi & Lana vs Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

Naomi & Lana come out together, ready to share the Glow. After a commercial break, our Women's Tag Team Champions Natalya & Tamina are at ringside on commentary and Rose/Brooke debut new, skimpier, black and gold ring wear. The match starts off with more focus on the tag champs commentary than the team. Lana and Naomi use a series of quick tags to keep Dana Brooke in the ring. Brooke gains some separation by converting a facebuster attempt into a slam. Dana tags in Mandy Rose who drops Naomi and looks for a cover. Mandy with a waistl ock takedown to ground Naomi. Naomi again tries to reach Lana for a tag and again Rose takes her down. Rose sends Naomi into her corner. Naomi punches Rose, then punches Brooke to drop her to the apron, and drops Rose with another fist. Naomi covers Rose for a two before dragging her across the ring and tagging in Lana. Brooke hits the ring but Naomi sends her outside the ring and hits a springboard spinning cross-body to drop her. Lana and Mandy struggle. Attempted O'Connor Roll. Mandy attacks Naomi as she attempts to return to the ring. Lana and Mandy struggle more. Dana recovers first and returns to her corner and Rose tags her in. Dana and Mandy work in tandem to double-team Lana, planting her down hard and picking up the pin, making a statement for a possible title shot. After the match Rose & Brooke exchange words with Tamina & Natalya.
Your Winners, Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke!

Previously on Raw...

We see the conflict from last week in which Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin clashed once again. Cedric stole the match with an illegal thumb to the eye.

Singles Match: Shelton Benjamin vs Cedric Alexander

Shelton Benjamin is announced first and makes his way out as we head to break. When we return from the break, Cedric's in the ring. The bell rings and Shelton immediately takes Cedric down. Shelton pounds on Cedric and looks for a Powerbomb. Cedric counters by jabbing Shelton in the eye then promptly takes Shelton down and wins in less than sixty seconds.
Your Winner and Not-Squashed, Cedric Alexander

Backstage: Jaxson Ryker & Elias

Elias paces around Ryker, giving him a pep talk. He reminds Ryker that last week, he (Elias) was thrown into the LED boards and almost electrocuted...again! Elias points out that last week, Ryker shows AJ Styles that Styles was no match for Ryker but Omos is a different breed, almost inhuman. He asks if Ryker's hearing him and snaps his fingers, as Ryker's staring off in the distance. Elias asks Ryker if he's hearing him again, and asks if he's ever been in battle. Ryker turns his cold gaze to Elias, asking "Have you ever been in battle? (Because) I have, I served in Iraq." We cut to the ring.

Backstage Interview: Kofi Kingston

Kofi addresses comments insinuations that his children are some kind of detriment to Kofi's career. Kofi explains that he pushes himself for his family. He states that Drew can continue to make these cheap shots at him, that's fine. He can respect Drew as being at the top of the industry but what he can't accept or respect are the cheap shots Drew made, including about how Drew was able to "slay the beast" Brock Lesnar but Kofi couldn't defeat him, and lost in seconds. Kofi--by the way, who is wearing a Green Power Ranger outfit--points out that two weeks ago, Kofi did something Drew couldn't do...he pinned Bobby Lashley. He says that he's not goign to let Drew run through him and tonight, they're going to square it up and leave it all out there in the ring tonight. But Kofi plans on winning, and going on to Hell in a Cell to beat Bob Lashley again to become the two time WWE World Heavyweight "wait for it bro, wait for it--you ready for it? wait for it...champion!"

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: Omos & AJ Styles(c) vs Elias & Jaxson Ryker

AJ Styles and the 7'3, 400lb Omos make their way out. After the above Kofi interview, out come the challengers Elias and Ryker! The bell rings and we start with AJ Styles and Elias. Elias immediately fights Styles back into a neutral corner and uses fists to keep the veteran under control briefly. Elias whips Styles to the opposite neutral corner and chases. Styles fights out of the corner and drops Elias with a snapmare, looking for a pin. Elias with a snap suplex and a cover for less than a one. Elias drops Styles with a big right then drops him prone with a snapmare. Elias bounces off the ropes, looking for a knee drop but Ryker slaps Elias on the back to tag himself in and Elias aborts the move, giving Ryker a weird glance. Styles escapes Ryker and takes down both Ryker & Elias at ringside with a baseball slide kick after sending them both out. We go to break.
Back from the break. Elias and Ryker have kept the ring cut in half for Styles, working the champion over and preventing the tag to Omos. Ryker sends Styles face-first into the middle turnbuckle then works the neck with a chinlock. Styles gets to a vertical base and throws a gut shot before following it up with a Pele Kick to drop Ryker! Both men are down. Both men slowly crawl and stretch for tags. Ryker realizes he can't stop Styles and dives over...but Elias hops down, refusing to take the tag as STyles tags in the giant Omos! Ryker is in disbelief at his partner...then senses the giant behind him. Ryker turns around and looks up at the giant Omos. Omos with a one-handed claw on the top of Ryker's head. Omos tosses Ryker into the corner, tells Ryker this is where the destruction begins as Elias walks off, up the ramp and abandoning Ryker. Omos whips Ryker hard into the corner repeatedly. Omos shows off his impressive speed as he streaks across the ring and back, demolishing Ryker. Omos yells that he's been waiting for this. He pulls up Elias by a hand, pushes him back and uses a pull-back clothesline that flattens Ryker. Elias continues to watch from up the ramp. Omos tags in Styles. Styles yells for Ryker to come on and sizes him up, waits...waits...and flies high, connecting with the Phenomenal Forearm to pick up the win! Elias walks off, abandoning his partner.
Your Winners and STILL Raw Tag Team Champions, AJ Styles & Omos!

Backstage: Nia Jax with Reginald the Sommelier

Jax tells Reginald that she doesn't think he should go on Alexa's Playground tonight. He tells his love not to worry about it, that it's gonna be fine and he proved earlier he can take care of himself. Jax accepts his decision and heads off to put some champagne on ice as he limps off in the back. Up next, after this break: Alexa's Playground!

Backstage: Elias, the One Man Band on the Run

Elias is sneaking backstage, constantly checking over his shoulder, when he bumps into the interviewer. Elias blames all of this on Ryker and claims that while he respects Ryker as a veteran, and has great stamina and incredible athleticism that's through the roof, he's unpredictable. And with Elias being close to returning to live shows in front of fans...the thought of spending hours upon hours in a car, riding with Jaxson Ryker, makes him sick and he wants nothing to do with him.

Alexa's Playground featuring Reginald the Sommelier

Alexa with her doll Lily welcome their new friend Reginald. Bliss is wearing thicker, darker eye liner with the white-pupil contacts the Taker used to wear. Bliss offers Reginald a seat on a swing and states that she and Lily don't bite, often. She asks him about his win and he begins to speak. She interrupts him and states Lily has a question, and turns the doll to face him. She tells him to not be rude then realizes that he can't hear Lily. She tells him that Lily wants to know about his time at the Cirque du Soleil when Shayna Baszler jumps him! Shayna beats him down then takes his place on the swing seat. Bliss tells Shayna that she wasn't invited because Lily doesn't like Shayna. Baszler tells Bliss that she's becoming a big problem, and Bliss just saw how Baszler handles her problems. So before things get out of hand, Baszler feels she and Bliss need to have a chat "so I'll see you next week!" Baszler stands over Bliss, menacingly looking down at her, then takes a knee. She looks into the doll's face and says "you're just a stupid doll," then walks off as Bliss angrily stares at her.

Backstage: Mansoor & the Viking Raiders

The Raiders are giving Mansoor some tips as they're about to return to the road. They tell him to give a war cry a try. Mansoor does an impressive one and they love it. They tell him not to forget to have fun out there "and don't suck." They welcome him to Raw and walk off. When he turns, Mustafa Ali is behind him in a suit. He warns Mansoor not to trust he Viking Raiders or anyone. Mansoor asks "then why should I trust you?" Ali smiles, slaps him on the shoulder and tells him "now you're getting it." He walks off and we head to break--our main event is next!

Backstage: WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, MVP and the Train

There's a party going on until the interviewer interrupts them all. He asks Lashley and MVP about their thoughts on tonight's main event. MVP comments that yes, they're interested to see who the loser at Hell in a Cell will be (meaning, tonight's winner). They give some props to both men, admitting respect for their careers, but Lashley isn't even in their class. Lashley and MVP are banned from ringside so they're going to have a party in the back and watch the match. They tell him that no one's ending the Almighty Era, send the interviewer away, and share champagne while chanting "Al-mighty!".

Number One Contender's Main Event Match: Drew McIntyre vs Kofi Kingston

The winner of this match will face the Almighty WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley, at Hell in a Cell in just about three weeks. The Green Ranger, Kofi Kingston, makes his way out first and alone. Out next, ready to prove that when it comes to number one contenders there can be only one, is the Highlander, Drew McIntyre. Anyone else wonder why the Scot's ancestral sword is a Mercian longsword? Did his ancestors betray Braveheart? Inquiring minds want to know. Drew does his usual celebratory pose to pyro as we get ready. The bell rings and Drew immediately hoists up Kofi, ramming him into the corner and striking him with rights and chops. Drew battles Kofi to another corner and hammers him. Drew with a whip into the ropes but Kingston counters off the ropes. Kofi tries to mount some offense but Drew drops him with a big right. Drew with a hard right chop that staggers the former champ. Drew lifts Kofi up and charges the ropes. Kofi grabs the top rope and flips Drew out, then dives off and out, crashing into Drew with a Hip Attack. Kofi yells for Drew to get up and "let's go" as we go to break!
Back from the break. Kofi has Drew in a corner, wailing away with rights until the ref forces him to back off. Drew uses that to his advantage, connecting with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt to stagger the former champ. Drew with a Stalling Suplex and a pin attempt. Drew pulls Kofi up and knocks him back into the corner with a big right. Drew with a kick to the gut before pulling Kofi out of the clothesline. Drew looks for a pull-back clothesline but Kofi spins and converts it into a Guillotine attempt! Drew starts to power out and Kofi attempts a pin, picking up a one. Kofi strikes Drew then uses the top rope for an assisted splash, covering for a one. Lashley and MVP watch with the Train from backstage as Drew easily flings Kofi off to break a pin attempt. Kofi backs up and charges the corner, hitting a leaping forearm on Drew. Kofi goes for a second and connects. Kofi runs back and off the ropes, looking for a third. Drew counters with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex toss to stop Kofi's momentum. Drew has disdain in his eyes, per Corey Graves.
Drew takes Kofi into the corner and hits another exploder suplex, tossing Kofi all the way across the ring. The ref checks on Kofi. Drew pulls Kofi up and looks for a generic Scoop Slam but Kofi rolls through into a cradle! Drew breaks free and stomps away at Kofi, frustrated that Kingston won't stay down. Drew squats, eying Kofi, before pulling him to his feet. Drew looks for another big right but Kofi catches the arm and counters it into an SOS! Kofi rolls up for a two! Drew rolls out of the ring to buy himself some time, holding his sides. Kofi climbs the top turnbuckle and dives out of the ring, looking for a Hip Attack. Drew catches Kofi and tosses him over the barricade as we go to break!
Back from the break. We find Drew still in control, stomping Kofi in the corner. Drew with a Strong Irish Whip that sends Kofi bouncing off the turnbuckle and holding the small of his back. Drew pulls Kofi up and bounces him off the nearby ropes, using Kofi's momentum to hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Drew with a cover for two. Drew pushes his right knee into Kofi's back and cranks back on Kofi's arms, stretching him taut. Kofi tries to get to his feet but is sent to the canvas with a kick from Drew. Drew sets Kofi up in the corner and hits a loud, devastating chop. McIntyre sits Kingston on the top turnbuckle and hits a right. Drew climbs the middle ropes and hits another right. Kofi tries to throw punches, and Drew unleashes a battery of fists into Kofi. Drew picks Kofi up on the middle rope. Kofi starts wiggling and converts it into a Sunset Powerbomb! Kingston crawls over and covers but only gets a two!
Drew and Kofi up about the same time. Drew with a kick and a whip. Kofi runs up the ropes and reverses the whip into a leaping kick, covering for two after the beautiful middle rope dropkick. We get replays of it in fact. Kofi pulls Drew's head up and connects with a headbutt. Kofi posts up in the corner, doign the "New...Day Rocks" clap. Kofi goes for the Trouble in Paradise but McIntyre dodges. Kofi goes for the SOS but Drew counters it into a double-underhook swing, spinning around before planting Kofi into the mat with a Future Shock DDT! Drew covers for a close two! Jimmy Smith says his head hurts just watching the move. McIntyre hoists Kingston up on his shoulders but again, Kofi uses elbows to fight free. Drew charges the corner and runs into an elbow. Kofi runs out the corner and right into a big Spinebuster. Drew covers for a close two but Kingston kicks out!
McIntyre shakes his head in frustration. McIntyre looks for a Future Shock DDT but Kingston counters with a wicked Superkick that drops the Scottish Warrior and grants a close two count. Kingston is slow to climb the top ropes, his body worn down. McIntyre is up fast and stops Kofi's ascent with a big right. McIntyre climbs the middle ropes, then to the top rope! Kofi tries to fight him off. Kofi drops MCIntyre into the ropes and headbutts then punches McIntyre, dropping him into a Tree of Woe! Kofi looks for a possible stomp but McIntyre leans up and grabs Kofi, tossing him off the top! McIntyre backflips out of the Tree of Woe and posts up in the corner, ready for a Claymore. Drew charges for the Claymore but Kofi intercepts him with a Trouble in Paradise! Kofi covers for one, two..no, Drew grabs the rope! He couldn't kick out, he had to grab the rope! Kofi is up first and pulls Drew to his feet. Kofi with a right and a left. Kofi looks to whip Drew, but Drew counters and whips Kofi into the corner. Kofi counters, running up the ropes and hitting a Hurricanrana on Drew that sends McIntyre out of the ring! Kofi quickly gets ont eh apron and hits a double stomp off the apron! Kofi looked to land awkward but seems fine. McIntyre holds his arm as if hurt. Kofi climbs up top and dives off, but Drew leaps high in the air to intercept Kofi with a Claymore easily eight to ten feet off the mat! Drew covers and picks up the win in an incredible match.
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Drew McIntyre!

After the Match

Kofi and Drew shake hands after the match in a sign of respect. Bobby Lashley's music plays and out comes the Almighty WWE Champion, accompanied by MVP, his belt held high as he stares at Drew McIntyre ahead of their umpteenth match at Hell in a Cell in three weeks. We end our show.

In Closing

And there you have it, folks, another episode of Raw that was a marked improvement over most of the episodes that we've had this year--just like last week's episode, this week continued to impress. That does it for May's wrestling. Come back and see us next month for NXT--tomorrow night live at 8pm. Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all those of you who've served and whose loved ones have served and given for us all. Stay safe, stay frosty and come see us tomorrow for NXT!

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Happy Memorial Day, mom. RIP.