WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (6/01/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Hey there, all you Rajahmaniacs, I hope you took your vitamins and said your prayers because it's Monday and you know what that means--it's almost time for Monday Night Raw!

Welcome Home! I'm the One, the only, the Unforgiven Mike Hogan! Tonight's show will see that Bad Seed, Seth rollins, host Rey Mysterio's retirement ceremony. Also, Charlotte Flair declared she's not Wasting My Hate as she's taking on Raw Women's Champion, Asuka, in another Champion vs Champion match! Also in action, Aleister Black is out to Seek & Destroy Seth Rollins. And the residing Hero of the Day, new United States Champion Apollo Crews will take on a challenger of his choice!

So grab some snacks as you'll need the Fuel, because for the next three hours, I'll be your Master of Puppets! Let's get this party started!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (6/01/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night Raw! Backlash is a week from this Sunday! The Performance Center athletes are our crowd again. We're going to see Drew McIntyre taking on MVP tonight, and the Street Profits are taking on the Viking Raiders in a bowling contest tonight!

In the Ring: Seth Rollins

We've got the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins, on his way to the ring with Murphy & Austin Theory. The crowd is booing Seth, who's out here to host the retirement ceremony for Rey Mysterio.

The crowd starts things with a "you suck!" chant before Seth begins to speak. He tells us that tonight is a huge night of Raw; here in a few moments, he'll have a match with Aleister Black, whom Seth claims is confused about a few things regarding Rey. Seth promises to enlighten Aleister.

Seth then states that Rey will be on later tonight, by satellite, and he feels that Rey can't bring himself to retire. So Seth is volunteering to retire Rey for him, because he knows Rey so well, and it's his duty as a leader to come out here and show appreciation for the fact that Rey was chosen as a sacrifice for Monday Night Raw. Seth claims Rey's sacrifice was for the greater good of Monday Night Raw and if that is not legendary, he does not know what is. Several in the crowd yell "no" and boo, and someone yells "Trump."

Seth goes on to tell us how kind and generous Rey is and, in Seth's darkest hour, Rey allowed himself to be sacrificed so Seth could lead Monday Night Raw into the future, into it's destiny. The crowd heavily boos this. Seth tells us that he's put together a special package of Rey Mysterio's career.

We're treated to clips of Rey exhibiting his high-flying, acrobatic style. We see clips of him winning Royal Rumble 2006, and winning the title at Wrestlemania 22. We see several other clips of him hitting the 6-1-9 and taking on legendary opponents before the video cuts to Seth dragging Rey's eye against the stairs.

One person chants "6-1-9" as Seth applauds. Seth states Rey will be a first ballot inductee into the Hall of Fame and Seth would be honored to be the one to induct Rey into the Hall of Fame. Suddenly, Aleister Black hits the ring and chases Seth out of the ring. We cut to commercial, with another video building up the Randy Orton and Edge match one week from Sunday at Backlash!

Aleister Black vs Seth Rollins

We're back and the ref calls for the bell. Aleister takes a shot to the inside look. Seth moves in close and is treated to another quick kick. Both men grapple up in the center of the ring and Black hits Seth in the mid section with a kick, then hits several strikes, pushing Seth into the corner. Seth tries to come out fighting but Alesiter gets the upper hand and sends Seth to the outside. The ref is counting as Rollins is buying time. Finally, Aleister heads outside and takes the fight to Rollins. Black sends Rollins inside. Rollins hits a dropkick on Black and straddles him, hammering fists to the face. Seth to his feet, holding the top rope and stomping Black.

Seth sends Aleister to the mat and goes for a cover but only gets a two. Seth locks an armbar on Black; the crowd cheers for Black but Seth keeps working Aleister's arm and hits a big chop. Aleister's backed up against the ropes and comes out swinging, but Rollins hits a dropkick square in the chest of Aleister. Seth yells at Aleister, telling him that Black's disrespecting Rey as Seth chokes Black on the rope. Black gets a few strikes in but is sent to the outside. Rollins hits a suicide dive, slamming Aleister against the barricade.

The four time world champ Seth takes the action back in the ring, whipping Black into the corner. Seth attempts a move but Black kicks, then mule kicks, then dives off the top. A serious of counters by both men; Seth goes for the dropkick but misses, Aleister hits a vicious stiff kick. Seth sends Aleister back out to the ringside and calls for Murphy & Austin Theory, who begin to approach the downed Dutchman. Music blares and Humbert Carrillo runs to ringside with a steel chair in hand, taking up position to defend Alesiter from the Disciples as we head to commercial break!

Back from break and we see Seth stomping Aleister in the corner. Seth goes for a low foot choke but the ref breaks it up. Aleister tries to use the ropes to get up but Seth repeatedly hammers him down. Seth whips Aleister into the ropes and goes for a dropkick but Black holds to the ropes. Aleister goes for a rear grapple but Seth counters it. Seth has Aleister outclassed in this match. Black in the corner; Seth charges into him, knocking Black down. Seth to the apron, leaps up and spring boards into the ring going for that springboard knee strike but Black ducks! Black now mounts some offense, countering Seth, hitting several kicks that send Seth to the ground. Black charges the ropes and hits the top rope moonsault, pinning Seth for a two count.

Seth and Aleister exchange rollup pin attempts. Black to his feet and delivers a chin kick, hits the German Suplex bridged into a pin but only gets a two count. The crowd is firmly behind Black in this. Black sets up for Black Mass but Seth sees it coming and hits an enziguri to the back of Black's neck. Seth powers up and hits the Falcon Arrow but only gets a two! Both men are down on the mat, slow to get to their feet.

Seth goes to the top turnbuckle and attempts a Frog Splash, but Black gets the knees up! Rollins is rolling, holding his ribs as Black's right leg has a limp to it. Both men to their feet on the apron and exchange blows. Rollins setting up the Apron Power Bomb but Black punches Rollins in the knee. Rollins down to ring side; Black charges along the apron, up to the middle turnbuckle and hits a moonsault onto Rollins on the outside! We're off to commercials!

We're back with Rollins seated on the top turnbuckle and Aleister up top, looking for a Superplex, but Seth sends him flying back. Seth goes high and nails the Frog Splash, but only gets a two count! The crowd is chanting "Aleister! Aleister! Aleister!" as Seth growls in the corner, setting up the Stomp. Seth goes for the Stomp but Black avoids it and latches an arm lock onto Seth! Seth can't get out of it! Finally Seth lifts Black up for a one armed bomb. Seth regroups on the apron; Seth Springboards into the room going for that knee but Aleister gets to his feet and leaps high, hammering his knee into Seth's face! Impressive!

Aleister is setting up for the Black Mass but the Disciples storm the apron to try to cause a distraction, but are intercepted by Humberto Carrillo! Seth goes for a quick roll up on Aleister but Aleister reverses it and gets the pin for the win!
Your Winner, Aleister Black!

After the Match

Seth orders his Disciples, and they storm the ring, stomping a mudhole into Aleister. Humberto comes in to try to help but Seth and the Disciples outnumber the faces three to two! The Disciples hold Aleister as Seth sets Humberto up for a Stomp. Aleister yells for Seth to leave Humberto alone, and calls Seth a coward. Seth hits a big Stomp on Humberto. Aleister yells at Seth, calling him a coward; the Disciples force Aleister into position for Seth to hit a stomp on him, too. The Monday Night Messiah music plays as we're treated to replays of what we just witnessed before seeing Seth & Co celebrating on the ramp. Seth tells them that they are "the future that Rey Mysterio promised us."


Raw Talk returns tonight, free on the WWE Network. It's one of 15,000 WWE shows that are free on the Network, and don't need a credit card. Tom Phillips calls up clips of Apollo Crews' journey over the last two months, from a knee injury that kept him out of MitB to his successful challenge for the United States championship title last week.

Backstage w/ Charly and Angel Garza & Selena Vega

Charly pulls up a clip of Angel Garza attacking KO last week, and highlights of their match. We see where Angel hit that knee again after the match. Charly is interrupted by Vega, who rambles on that Kevin Owens agreed to this match. But then Angel Garza interrupts her, to mansplain to Charly that his strategy is always to be one step ahead. He and Vega agree that his win last week was triumphant because Garza saw what he wanted and he took it. He totally creepily stares down Charly's top and hands her a rose, thanking her for her time before walking off. Vega tears up the rose and throws it at Charly, saying "boo freakin' hoo." before walking off.

At the Announce Table

We're back with a reminder that NXT: In your House is this weekend! Samoa Joe wonders if we're giving away a house this time. Tom Phillips segways into the "greatest wrestling match ever" at Backlash.

Video w/ Shawn Michaels

HBK is sporting an incredible beard as he gives us his thoughts on whether Edge vs Orton could be the greatest wrestling match ever. He says his match at Wrestlemania X against Razor could be considered for the greatest; so could Wrestlemania XII when he took on Hart; or his two matches with the Undertaker. He goes on to state that they have the potential, and his pick to win it is Edge.

Video: The McIntyre/MVP/Lashley Drama

We're treated to a flashback from last week where McIntyre was on MVP's VIP Lounge, which then flashbacks to the first time McIntyre was on MVP's VIP Lounge. They recap that MVP took a Claymore from the champ, and Lashley and the Champ don't like each other. We also see Bobby and MVP taking on the Street Profits, where Lashley had the Full Nelson locked on Montez Ford and refused to let go, causing the DQ. McIntyre hit the ring and tackled Lashley; Performance Center trainees took a few attempts to separate the two men. We're then reminded that Lashley and McIntyre fight for the WWE Championship a week from Sunday at Backlash but tonight, Drew takes on MVP.

Backstage with MVP & Lana

Lana is nagging MVP about interfering with her relationship. MVP tells her he doesn't have time to deal with her drama as he has to get ready for a match. Lana tells MVP that he's just a sneaky snake, trying to use Lashley to revive his washed-up career. MVP tells her "if that's true, wouldn't that make two of us?" Lana slaps MVP and walks off, and we walk off to a commercial.

Back from break: Earlier tonight

We get a recap of what happened 45 minutes ago. Scroll up and re-read the first Seth segment if you need a reminder. Then we get a recap of the end of the Seth/Black match from a few minutes ago. Again, scroll up and re-read.

In the Ring: Kayla Braxton and Apollo Crews

Kayla announces the new United States Champion, Apollo Crews, and the crowd goes wild! Apollo comes out to the ring and climbs the turnbuckles to celebrate. The camera cuts to the most-bored looking performance center trainee in attendance.

Kayla asks Apollo how he's feeling as the new champ. He says it feels good, and the feelings go on. He's proud to be standing there as the new US champion. Kayla mentions that Apollo's reign is starting a bit different, as he's going to be defending it tonight against a champion of his choice. Apollo says there's a long list of competitors in the back who deserve a shot, but tonight he's choosing Kevin Owens!

United States Championship Match: Apollo Crews (c) vs Kevin Owens

Kevin comes out and says first of all, he wanted to congratulate Apollo. The men shake hands. Kevin tells him that he's very appreciative of the opportunity but he feels that Apollo chose Kevin Owens out of pity based on Angel Garza's attack on KO last week. Apollo tells Kevin that he deserves the shot. KO tells us that he feels bad about this. Apollo tells him, Kevin deserves it, and not to feel bad. KO tells us that he knows he deserves it, he just feels bad that...Apollo's reign is about to come to an end.

They announce the opponents and the ref holds the United States title up, ding ding goes the bell and here goes the match!

Both men reverse grapples. Kevin off the ropes, Apollo leaps up and his a powerful dropkick. Both men to their feet and lock up. Crews sends Kevin into the ropes, Owens knocks Apollo down. Crews kips up, Kevin Owens clotheslines Apollo over the top rope to the outside. KO sets up for a suicide dive but Crews gets out the way. KO and Crews brawl outside. KO sends Crews towards the ringside; Crews hops up and attempts a moonsault off the apron. KO dodges and uses his agility to leap up and hit a reverse cannonball off the apron onto Crews. The ref gets to 7; both men back in the ring.

Kevin Owens goes for a kick and kicks Crews in the balls. Crews is rolling in pain. The ref asks KO if he did that on purpose and he, of course, denies it. The ref checks on Crews to see if he can continue. Crews is up to his feet, holding his crotch. KO comes in close to check on Crews who immediately releases the jewels and slams fists into KO! Both men exchange punches as the spill over to the outside and we go to commercial!

Back from the break, and KO and Crews are exchanging powerful blows in the ring. KO with a chop, Apollo off the ropes with three punches. KO hits a headbutt, but Crews hits a beautiful powerslam on KO for a two count. Crews to his feet, fired up. He pulls KO up from the mat and goes for an Olympic Slam but KO escapes and hits a superkick for a two. KO hits the moonsault off the middle turnbuckle but only gets a two!

KO helps Crews to his feet and irish whips Crews. KO goes for the popup powerbomb but Crews avoids it and hits an enziguri. Crews hits the Olympic Slam, gets a two, and hits the standing moonsault for a two!

KO gets to his feet in the corner. Crews charges and hits a leaping splash! Again, Crews hits the leaping Splash! KO taunts Crews for another; Crews attempts it but KO dodges! KO goes up top for the moonsault but Crews gets his knees up! As both men roll on the mat, Garza and Andrade storm the ring and attack both men.
No Contest--Double DQ

Vega looks on as Garza and Andrade send the two competitors to the outside, and we go to commercial.

Kevin Owens & Apollo Crews vs Andrade & Angel Garza

Back from the break and this match is under way! Garza challenged during the break and KO accepted. Andrade is working over Crews; Garza is tagged in. Apollo Crews goes up top and comes flying, only to be intercepted by a beautiful dropkick by Garza. Garza rips off his pants and drags Crews to his corner, tagging in Andrade. Andrade continues stomping on Crews, keeping the beefcake on the mat. Andrade hits a running seated dropkick.

Andrade tags in Garza who hits a quick kick and goes for a pin. Apollo kicks out; Garza puts crews in a butterfly lock and sets up for the Wing Clipper, but Crews flips over Garza and makes the tag to Kevin Owens! KO charges in as Garza flees to his corner and tags Andrade. Garza hits a cheap shot to KO, giving Andrade a chance to take control. Andrade puts KO in a single leg Boston Crab in the middle of the ring, working on KO's injured knee from last week.

Andrade continues to work over KO until Kevin reverses a grapple and gets some offense in. Kevin Owens sets Andrade up for a KO cannonball, but Zelina distracts him. Andrade with a stiff hit to KO; KO tags in Apollo. Crews goes for the Olympic Slam but Andrade blocks it. Crews goes for it again and hits the Olympic Slam! Garza interferes; Crews sends Garza into the announcer's table then turns his attention back to Andrade, hitting the enziguri followed up with a toss powerbomb for the three count! For the third time, Crews has pinned Andrade!
Your Winners, Kevin Owens & Apollo Crews

Backstage with Kayla and Asuka

Kayla points out that Kairi Sane is taking on Nia Jax later tonight, and Asuka is taking on Charlotte. Kayla asks for Asuka's opinion. Asuka answers in Japanese then adds in English that at Backlash, she'll defeat Jax. Kayla points out that Charlotte Flair said that Asuka can't beat Flair, and asks Asuka her opinion. Asuka again answers in Japanese, but adds in English that Asuka is Greatest and the Empress bows to no one. She then does a little dance and we cut to commercial! Up next, the Street Profits and Viking Raiders in a bowling challenge!

Announcer's Table

We're reminded that this coming Wednesday is the final NXT before Takeover: In Your House! Don't forget to check out the results by Rajah's best female reporter, Jamie Rush!

Update on the Street Profits/Viking Raiders Multi-Sports Challenge

We get a recap showing the basketball challenge, axe tossing challenge, and golf/mini-golf challenge. The Profits have a 2-1 lead.

Bowling Challenge

The Profits complain that their bowling shoes aren't Jordans. After some verbal sparring, the bowling commences. The Raiders start out with two strikes. The Profits state that anything the Raiders can do, the Profits can do better. Both men roll gutter balls. The Raiders treat both teams to a drink with red sippy cups. The Viking Raiders teach the Street Profits to say "Skoll!" instead of cheers. Everyone takes a drink and the Profits immediately spit it out--it's not beer, it's a Viking tradition, goat's milk! The bowling continues with some comedy; Ford drops a ball on his feet. The Raiders can't get a ball out of the ball-return machine and pull out a turkey flank. Ivar lifts his shirt and offers to let the Profits use his ball, which is a painted bowling ball on his belly. The Raiders are distracted by a "Hungry?" concessions sign for food. They raid the fridge, finding more turkey legs. The bowling manager kicks them out of the kitchen. Again, Ivar is told he's cute but his partner...not so much. We see the Raiders are up after five sets, 100 to 21. The Profits call for the lights to dim; their music hits, dried ice fog and lasers blast. The Profits start hitting strikes and the Raiders start hitting gutter balls. After ten sets, the Profits are winning 130-120. The Raiders declare "enough of this nonsense" and Ivar is slung down the lane while holding the ball and hits a strike, giving the Viking Raiders the win by a score of 130-131!
The series is tied 2-2

Recap of Last Week's Moment of Bliss

We see the Iiconics attacking the women's tag team champions after a very passionate speech by Nikki Cross, defending herself after being accused of riding Bliss' coat tails.

Billie Kay vs. Nikki Cross

The Iiconic music plays as we're set to see Cross vs Kay, but both teams are arguing backstage. We head to break.

We come back to a commercial solely promoting the Street Profits as it's "smoke season" on Raws on Mondays. We then see the Iiconics winning the tag titles at WrestleMania, with a lot of fake crowd cheering noise added.

Nikki and Billie are already underway. Cross bounces Billie Kay's face off of every turnbuckle in secession. Kay to her feet and hits a big boot to Cross' face. Kay gets a two count. She yells at the ref that it was a three. Kay takes Cross to the corner and delivers kicks before a foot choke in the corner as the ref counts to four. Kay hits a beautiful single arm suplex on Cross but only gets a two count. Kay is focused on Bliss at ringside and Cross rolls Kay up for a two count. Kay hits a big blow on Cross for a two count. Now Kay has Cross on the mat, locked in a headlock as the crowd claps to try to motivate Cross.

Cross tries to get to her feet but Kay sends her back to the mat, working the headlock. Cross back to her feet again, hitting an elbow to the gut to create some distance. Kay immediately hits a backbreaker, yells "Iconic!" and poses. She then comes off the ropes for an elbow drop but only gets a two count. She's yelling at the ref again. Cross gets to her feet. Kay slaps Cross on the face, yelling "you think you're better than me?" Cross shoves Kay back, and again, and again before finally getting some separation. Cross bounces off the ropes and hits a cross body. Kay up to her feet in the corner, looking stunned. Cross fires up and hits the bulldog. Cross goes to the apron and hits a rope-assisted mule kick. Cross goes up top and attempts the Cross Body but Kay moves. Billie Kay hits a big sit-out urinage and gets the three count!
Your Winner, Billie Kay!

Backstage w/ Charly and Drew McIntyre

Drew says he was expecting Charly. She asks him if he's worried about Lashley. Drew recounts that this is his ninth week of having the title, and he's defeated seven other super stars and will make MVP the eight. He then tells her that if any other superstars want a shot at his title, he'll like them all up and give each and every one of them a "one way ticket to Claymore Country." He then walks off camera, and has to reach back because he forgot his title. We go to commercial with a reminder that Rey's Retirement is still to come!

Live via Satellite: Rey Mysterio

Rey states that his eye is still recovering, but he doesn't have a time table on when or even if he can return to wrestling. He says he's worried that an infection could set in, that could end his career. Samoa Joe asks Rey if he's here on Raw to retire tonight. Rey says he doesn't know, and says Joe knows how difficult eye injuries can be. He goes on to say that he just doesn't know when or if he can return, and it's been on his mind. Joe asks if there's anything he'd like to address about the retirement ceremony earlier tonight. Rey says that Seth, for being a Messiah, carries a lot of negativity. Rey states he wasn't chosen by some higher power to be a sacrifice. Rey's son Dominick comes on camera and sits and says that something has to be done about Seth, and by someone in their family. Dominick tells Rey that what Seth did was a bunch of BS. Rey states that he wants to take this time to everyone for reaching out and their concerns, as it means the world to him and his family. He says his official statement on Seth's retirement ceremony is this: "Seth Rollins, damn you for everything you put my family through! My wife Angie, my son Dominick, and my daughter Alia watched as you shoved my eye into the stair case. They saw blood run down my face. And they saw the man that protects and provides for them suffer. And you go around saying that I cried like a baby when the cold metal met my flesh. Seth, I truly am a man of forgiveness, I really am. But Seth? I will never forgive you for what you've done to me and what you've put my family through! Damn you, Seth Rollins!" Rey gets up and says lets go, and walks off camera. Dominick doesn't leave--he tells Seth that Seth is a man of scripture, and reminds Seth of the adage "an eye for an eye."

Nia Jax in the Ring

We cut to the ring, where Nia is already on her way out. We're treated to clips of Nia Jax attacking Kairi as she played her flute, and again later that night when Asuka attacked Nia. We're reminded that Jax takes on Asuka for the Raw Women's Title at Backlash.

Nia is on the mic. She claims that she didn't start this. She says not to believe who Asuka and Kairi pretend to be. She then goes on to mock their accents and the Japanese language. She tells us that Asuka didn't earn the title, she was given it because of hormones. She says Becky went and got pregnant and felt guilty and emotional and gave it to Asuka. Jax claims she's the victim. Note: as the crowd is booing, it legit sounds like one guy is going "rabble rabble rabble" like the crowds in South Park do. Nia says that she didn't start this but she's going to to win the title she deserves at Backlash.

Heading to commercials but up next: Gronk's 24/7 title situation!

24/7 Championship

We're treated to a recap from last week where R-Truth learns that "Robin Gronk" has the 24/7 title, not Tom Brady, and he's coming for it. We then see Gronk warning R-Truth that he's going to keep the title because he's got eyes on the back of his head.

We see a video from earlier today where Gronk is coming outside his house to do a TikTok viral dance, with R-Truth in the back groun pretending to be a mulcher. The man filming Gronk pulls off his jacket to reveal a ref's shirt, R-Truth pinks Gronk and wins back the 24/7 Championship!
Your New 24/7 Champion, R-Truth!
The "ref" with Gronk tells him not to worry about it anymore as he has to focus on his new career with the Bucs.

Kairi Sane vs Nia Jax

Nia is still in the ring. Kairi comes out in a really fancy, ethnic garb with umbrella, looks pretty cool. The crowd is totally for Kairi. Asuka is backstage, watching the action on the monitor and cheering on Kairi.

Nia complains about something to the ref as Kairi removes her robes. The bell rings and Kairi immediately hits Jax with a drop kick. Nia still on her feet, pats Kairi on the head and mocks her. Kairi tries another assault but doesn't even phase Jax. Nia grabs Kairi by the hair and slings her across the ring. Nia bends down to pickup Kairi but Kairi hops up on Nia's back and locks in a sleeper hold. Jax can't get out of it! Jax down to all four. Finally Kairi breaks it, and hits several heel kicks to the back of Jax's head. Jax still on all fours. Kairi goes up to but Jax is quick to her feet and hits a headbutt. Jax picks Kairi up and threatens a power slam, but Kairi whips around to turn it into a tornado DDT. Kairi covers but only gets a one.

Kairi stomps, building up momentum, and hits the sliding knee to the corner. Kairi heads up top again, but Jax rolls to the outside. Kairi goes for the baseball slide but Nia catches her legs, spins her around, and slams Kairi's face into the apron. Jax drags Kairi out and sends her face first into the stairs. It looks pretty wicked and like Sane didn't hit it right. The ref checks on Sane. They take it back into the ring, and Nia hits a leg drop with the pin to end it. Sane is still down, looks like her face may be a bit bloody. She's laying with her back to the camera. Asuka charges out and confronts Nia, forcing Jax to back down and back away from the ring. Asuka stares her down as Jax exits and the announcers remind us that Nia Jax is a serious threat to Asuka's title reign.
Your Winner, Nia Jax

More Randy Orton/Edge Build-up

We see a clip from last Monday where Edge talks about taking on Orton, and being unsure if he still has what it takes, but at Backlash he's going to dig to the very depths of his soul to try to defeat Orton. We then cut to Orton backstage, staring at a wall and smiling as the camera circles him.

We're reminded that NXT: In Your House is this Sunday at 7E/4P, and we go to commercial!

Backstage with Randy Orton

"For the past few months at home, sat on the couch, poured a cup of coffee and watched the WWE Network. I caught up on the Undertaker's Last Ride, Chronicle, 360, hell, even the Ride Along. The one thing everyone seems to have in common is that Ric Flair is the greatest one to do it. I agree. Then last week, I tuned in to Raw and saw the ridin', flyin' son of a gun...who said that Randy Orton is the best there is." He goes on to say that Edge even confirmed that Orton was better. But then last week, Edge said that Orton was complacent and was handed everything and was just doing it for the paycheck. Orton states that Edge was right, but for the last twenty years he's fought the best there were, and while Edge had to scrape and claw to get where he was, Orton just had to be Randy Orton. He says that he set the bait, and Edge bit, and the storybook ending for Edge is going to be rewritten by the three most destructive letters in the english language: R...K............O.

Charlotte Flair vs Asuka

Flair makes her way out to the ring first, as she is set to rekindle her feud with Asuka in this Champion versus Champion match tonight. Tom Phillips also promises a sneak peak at the new season of Dirty John right after Raw, and the two-hour season premiere is tomorrow night. But first, commercial break!

Back from the break and Charlotte is still posing in the ring. She reminds us that this Sunday, she's defending her NXT title in a triple threat match. She tells the audience that she's rooting for every one of them. She wants one of them to be the next Rhea Rhipley, one of them to be the next Io Shirai, so she can make them all bow down. She goes on to remind everyone that Asuka is a Grand Slam Champion (Raw, SD, NXT and Tag Team champion). She reminds us that Asuka won the first Women's Royal Rumble, had a winning streak for a record length of time, and says it sounds like the Empress wants to be the Queen.

Finally, Asuka makes her way to the ring for our main event match! Tom Phillips mentions that Flair seems to enjoy champion versus champion matches, and Samoa Joe points out that Flair loves proving she's the true champion. Byron Saxton mentions Flair is a 12 time champion.

The bell rings and the women lock up, trading arm locks and reversals. Asuka goes for the Asuka lock early but Flair pops out of it. Both women to their feet, Asuka shoves Charlotte hard. Charlotte takes Asuka to the corner and tells her "I beat you at WrestleMania, I beat you at Smackdown." Tom Phillips reminds us that Charlotte snapped Asuka's nearly three-year winning streak at WrestleMania two years ago.

We go to picture-in-picture commercial. We see Charlotte is working over Asuka's left knee, and controlling the pace of the match. Charlotte continues to stomp Asuka's knee and work the leg in holds.

Charlotte is dominant as we come back to full screen. Asuka is favoring the left knee. Charlotte sets the left leg up on the bottom rope and leaps up, stomping on it. Charlotte sets the leg up and tries for the same move but Asuka rolls her up for a one count. Charlotte continues the assault on the left knee of Asuka. Asuka comes out of the corner with an elbow but Charlotte shuts her down. Charlotte with a shot to the face of Asuka, sending her to the mat. Asuka to her knees, Charlotte with another shot. Asuka is finally firing up as both men trade blows. Asuka hits her Asuka combination, and Charlotte's got a little blood from her lips. Charlotte charges in but Asuka hits a beautiful high/side kick to Charlotte, sending her down. Crowd is chanting for Asuka.

Both women in opposite corners. Asuka with the German Suplex. Charlotte on her knees, Asuka hits the Shining Wizard and gets a two count. Charlotte still down on the mat as Asuka makes her way to the apron and uses the ropes to pull herself up. Asuka goes up top and dives off, but Charlotte dodges, ducks, dips, dives and dodges. Charlotte moves on Asuka, who slaps on an armbar submission beautifully and gracefully. Charlotte uses her strength to pull out of it and converts the armbar into a Boston Crab! Asuka flips and reverses it into a pin attempt, but Charlotte kicks out at two!

Charlotte to her feet first and hits a powerful German Suplex on Asuka. She got a lot of height on it, too. Both women up. Charlotte goes for a big boot but Asuka ducks. Both women off the ropes, Asuka hits a beautiful flying armbar and locks it down on the ground. Asuka turns it into a Triangle hold!

Charlotte can't get out of it so she uses her strength, stands up while Asuka still has the arm bar locked on, and hits an incredible powerbomb. She gets a two count but Asuka gets the shoulder up. Both women down on the mat, winded. Charlotte grabs Asuka by the left leg and drags her across the ring, wanting to setup the figure four, but Asuka gets to the ropes. Asuka out to the Apron and Charlotte hits the big boot, sending Asuka to the ringside.

The ref is counting as Asuka's music sounds. Out comes Nia Jax, wearing one of Asuka's mask and the green eye/mouth makeup, distracting her. The ref reaches ten but Asuka didn't hear it due to the music/Jax's interference.
Your Winner by Count-out, Charlotte Flair!

Backstage with Charly and Lana

We see a clip from earlier tonight where Lana calls MVP's career washed up, and he says Lana's is, too, so she slaps him. Charly has to ask in light of recent events, could it have been Bobby's idea that Lana not come out to ringside during his matches, or maybe MVP's idea? Lana says she's not sure, then she says no, she's actually certain it wasn't her Bobby. He'd never do that. She says her Bobby requested that she not go out to the ring during his match but he never said anything about going out during MVP's match.

We get a promo for the new free version of the WWE Network, then commercial break time before our final match! They're definitely setting up the new WWE Network tier system as reported here.

Main Event: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs MVP

Back from the break, and Bobby Lashley is coming out to a chorus of boos, a cacophony if you will, and stands in the corner as MVP comes out to the ring next. Lashley fist bumps MVP then climbs out the ring. We hear the bag pipes and the Performance Center Trainees in attendance really get worked up to see him. Drew makes his way to the ring as Tom Phillips tells us we are, indeed, in Claymore Country. Expect that shirt to be selling by Friday.

As the opponents are getting ready, Lana's music plays and she makes her entrance. Lashley does not look happy. The Ravishing former-Russian comes and stands by her husband, who looks perplexed.

The bell sounds and McIntyre immediately takes it to MVP, pounding him down in the corner. MVP sends Drew into the corner and goes for a hip toss, but Drew blocks it and hits a meat clothesline. MVP up to his feet but Drew hits the Glasgow Kiss headbutt, sending MVP to the outside. McIntyre follows him out but gets distracted by Lashley, allowing MVP to take advantage. MVP sends Drew into the railing, then back into the ring. MVP tries for a clothesline but Drew counters. Drew goes up top, working up the crowd before diving with a big hand right between the eyes. McIntyre kips up immediately and goes tot he corner for the countdown, but Lashley helps MVP get out of the ring. Drew runs and dives over the top rope, landing on Lashley and MVP. Back in the ring, Drew counts down and hits the Claymore for the win!
Your Winner, Drew McIntyre!

After the Match

Bobby Lashley storms the ring and immediately hits the Full Nelson on McIntyre. Drew tries to wrench out of it but can't; Lashley backs up all over the ring, wrenching backwards and stretching Drew in the lock and--

--the show immediately ends with Lashley holding the Full Nelson on McIntyre and we head to the Dirty John sneak peak. That's how the show ended.

I know it's Sad But True, but that does it for tonight's Raw Live Results Coverage! I hope you all had a good time here tonight, because Nothing Else Matters! It's time for this reporter to Fade to Black. See y'all in the comments and back again this Friday for Smackdown!