WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (6/08/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

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Welcome once again to Rajah.com's live results coverage of Monday Night Raw! I'm your host with the most, your brother by another mother, Mike "Hulk" Hogan!

Tonight will see the return of the Peep Show as Christian will be returning and reuniting with Edge; we'll see the next chapter in the Street Profits & Viking Raiders competition; we'll get another VIP Lounge with Bobby Lashley, too. For a more in-depth preview of tonight's Raw, check it out right here!

In case you missed it, last night was NXT Takeover: In Your House and you can get the results right over here!

So now that the shameless plugs have been done, let's get to it! We'll have results LIVE at the top of the hour! Oh, it's true, it's damn true!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (6/08/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Show Opening

The performance center trainees applaud as the show goes live! Backlash is this coming Sunday! The Peep Show comes back! The Street Profits and Viking Raiders are tied 2-2 in their competition! MVP's VIP Lounge will have Bobby Lashley! Tom Phillips, Samoa Joe, and Byron Saxton welcome us to Monday Night Raw!

Raw Women's Champion Asuka vs Charlotte Flair--match setup

Asuka makes her way to the ring as we're about to be treated to one more match against the Queen, Charlotte Flair! This is a non-title match!

Instead of the Queen, the new Women's Tag Team Champions Bayley and Sasha Banks come out next. They make their way into the ring.

Bayley tells everyone to relax, and tells us that we should be thanking them for being there and gracing them with their star quality. Sasha agrees. Bayley tells those of us who've been living under a rock that last Friday on Smackdown, the Boss and Hug Connection defeated Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross to become the new champs. They're the first two-time women's tag team champions. They pat themselves on the back.

Asuka yells at them in Japanese, then yells "this is my ring!" in English, then yells at them in Japanese again. Bayley tells Asuka that as the women's tag team champions, they're allowed to go anywhere they want. Sasha tells Asuka she needs to back off, shut up, and--

--woooooooooo! The Queen, Charlotte Flair, comes out to interrupt. She's got a mic with her. Charlotte pokes fun at how fast Bayley and Sasha lost their titles last time, and tells them to enjoy the attention before someone comes in real quick and swoops those titles off of them. She tells them the people really want to see Flair versus Asuka and they need to hurry off and--

Iconic! The Iiconics are out next, both with mics. The Iiconics get in the ring, and tell us that no one wants to see Asuka and Flair. The match that everyone wants to see is this Sunday in a Women's Tag Team Championship Triple Threat match where Sasha Banks & Bayley defend against Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss & the Iiconics, who remind the reigning champs that it was the Iiconics who beat them at WrestleMania last year to win the titles.

Charlotte tells them that she doesn't need a title to be relevant, unlike Bayley and Banks, and tells them that it doesn't matter how many titles they have, they're still going to be garbage! Banks & Bayley attack the Queen; the Iiconics attack Asuka. Banks & Bayley begin to argue with the Iiconics, allowing Asuka & Flair to get back to their feet and attack both teams, sending them to the outside as Raw sends us to a commercial break!

Triple Threat Match: Iiconics vs Bayley & Sasha Banks vs Asuka & Charlotte Flair

Instead of the promised single match, we're getting a triple threat match. it takes the official a few moments to clear the ring and get order. Banks and Peyton Royce start things off. Both women exchange quick rollups to no avail. Royce goes for a kick but Banks catches it. Banks with another cover, kickout. Banks goes for a quick Meteora but Royce counters it into a cover, another kickout. Both women nod at each other and begin slapping and shoving each other. Without any communication, they both charge Asuka/Flair's corner and knock them off the apron. Sasha then turns on Royce and sends her to the mat.

Sasha Banks tags in Bayley, who begins working on Royce. Royce with two strong blows to send Bayley into the iiconic corner; Billie Kay is in and begins controlling Bayley with stiff hits and shoves. Kay stands on Bayley's hand, mocking her and Banks. Bayley can't reach her corner so reaches out for Flair, but can't reach. Billie Kay instead tags in Charlotte and Bayley crawls back on the mat, backing up. The crowd chants "We want Asuka!" but Charlotte won't tag her in.

Flair with a chop on Bayley. Flair taking her time, but her arrogance gives Bayley a chance to shove Flair back into the tag champs corner. Banks is tagged in and both champs try to work over Flair. Flair quick on her feet, sending the champs down. Flair whipped into the ropes, Asuka tags herself in. Flair yells at Asuka "I had this!" Asuka takes out Bayley & Banks; the Iiconics come in and Asuka takes both of them out then dances in the ring as we cut to commercial.

Back from break, Billie Kay is scooting back on the mat as Asuka stalks her. Billie Kay enters the ring and hits a kick from behind, and Peyton goes for the pin but Asuka kicks out. Royce tags in and kicks Asuka and goes for a cover. Banks breaks it up. The Iiconics take on both Banks & Bayley and send them to the outside. Charlotte tags herself in and Asuka yells at her. The Queen works over Billie Kay. Charlotte climbs her corner and tells Asuka, "no, it's okay, you watch" and sets up the moonsault. Asuka reaches over and tags herself in, enters the ring and slaps on the Asuka Lock! Kay taps out!
Your Winners, Charlotte Flair & Asuka
As Asuka celebrates, Charlotte attacks Asuka from behind. She picks up the Raw Women's title and remind Asuka that Asuka's never beaten Flair. We learn that we'll get Asuka vs Flair later tonight.

Recap from Raw

As the announcers remind us that we'll see Rey Mysterio later tonight, they ponder if he'll retire. We then get a recap to Seth's speech from last week in which he tried to announce Rey's retirement. We also see Rey's response from home, and Rey's gargantuan son Dominic reminding Seth of the biblical statement "an eye for an eye." We then see scenes of last week when Aleister Black rolled up Seth for a win, then Rollins and his Disciples beat down Humberto Carrillo. Afterwards, Seth hit a nasty stomp to Carrillo and then to Black, telling them "this is what happens when you want to be a hero."

The Monday Night Messiah in the Ring

As the announcers tell us that we'll hear from Rey later tonight (in case we have short term memory issues), Seth's music plays and he comes down to ringside. Seth insists Byron Saxton give up his headset, and takes Byron's place at the announce table. Seth tells us that he's been waiting all week long for this and wouldn't miss this interview for the world. He waves at the camera and says "Hi Rey, how you doin'?" to which Rey, via satellite, replies "that son of a bitch!" We go to commercial.

Rey Mysterio via Satellite

Back from break, Todd thanks Rey for joining us. Rey says that he saw his doctor this morning, and his doctor doesn't want to make any promises, but the prognosis is that his eye is healing. He doesn't know when he'll be medically cleared to compete but, when he is, here's a warning: "Seth, I'm not gonna wait til the end of the match to hit you with the 619. No, as soon as that bell rings, there's a 619 with the name Monday Night Messiah all over it." He then threatens to kick Seth's ass. Seth tells Rey that he doesn't understand the power of his own words, and says Rey had the chance to walk away gracefully--a champion, a legend, a hero. But if he continues to spread this misinformation...."Rey, I am a peaceful man. I gave you the opportunity to walk away a legend. I want to give you one more chance. I want to personally invite you and your son Dominic to come to Raw next week, and I hope--I hope you come in peace so I can tell you and show you face to face that the sacrifice you made was for the greater good." Rey tells Seth that's enough, that the only reason Seth's inviting him is because Rey isn't medically cleared. He then tells Seth in Spanish he's going to make Seth's life a living hell (unless I'm mistaken). Seth goes for a rebuttal but out of nowhere, Aleister Black jumps across the announcer's table and attacks Seth! And we're back to commercials!

Humberto Carrillo & Aleister Black vs Murphy & Austin Theory

We're back from break and this match is well under way. Austin Theory shows off his aerial style while managing to keep Carrillo grounded. Humberto tags in Aleister as Austin tags in Murphy. Aleister quick with kick after kick after kick. He sends Murphy into the ropes and goes for a knee; Murphy counters and sets up the Murphy's Law but Black flips out of it. Aleister springboards onto Murphy and sets up Black Mass. Theory in the ring for the distraction; Carrillo sends Theory outside. Murphy up top, Aleister with a running step-up Enziguri to knock Murphy down and cover for the pin! Fast paced match.
Your Winners, Aleister Black & Humberto Carrillo

After the Match

Booyaka Booyaka, Six One Nine!
Rey's music and video plays as the announcers are confused, but out comes Seth wearing Rey's mask. The distraction gives the Disciples (Austin Theory and Murphy) time to attack the victors from behind. Seth into the ring, and they beat down the faces three on two. They're whoopin' Aleister like a government mule. Seth picks up Aleister and orders Murphy to "put him in the Law" so Murphy hits Murphy's Law. Seth orders his Disciples to "hang him up" so they wrap him up in the top rope. Seth warns him, telling him this is what happens if you stand in Seth's way. He then has his Disciples set Alesiter up and delivers a stomp. Their music plays them off.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso and Randy Orton

The crowd boos Orton. Charly asks Randy how he's going to prepare for a match with such high expectations. Orton says his only question is if Edge is going to be the only guest on the Peep Show; Charly says yes, that's her understanding. Orton apparently gives her a look and then asks another question--is the Peep Show up next? She says yes. He then lets her in on a secret, that there might be two guests on the Peep Show.

Christian's music plays and out comes the legend, Captain Charisma himself, Christian! Up next: the Peep Show!

The Peep Show

Back from break, Christian welcomes out Edge to the Peep Show! Alter Bridge's "Metallingus" plays Edge out and he embraces Christian before they take their seats. Christian tells Edge he was excited to see Edge return after a career ending injury, after nine long years. He says WrestleMania was incredible. Christian then says he has to be honest with Edge, and he thinks Edge is running on fumes. Edge sits there staring at him like he's constipated. Christian goes on to say that "I've got to be honest with you, 'the greatest wrestling match ever'? I don't think you could even pull that off in your prime." He tells Edge that they're friends and part of being friends is being honest with each other. He tells Edge that he thinks Edge is starting to buckle.

Edge tells Christian to pump the brakes, and asks Christian if he ever thought of what its like to be in his shoes. He then says he's not had a traditional wrestling match in nine years, and now that it's being billed the greatest wrestling match ever, it's like being dropped off at the base of Mount Everest without climbing gear and told to go climb it. He says pardon me if this isn't the Edge who used to give you the confidence to go out there and have those matches. Pardon me if this isn't the Edge who's not been here for the last nine and a half years, firing on all cylinders, and he's not sure how many cylinders he has left under the hood.

Christian hops to his feet, and so does Edge. He asks Edge what did he think was gonna happen--hit a spear here, a spear there, flash a smile? He says that Edge's mom was his biggest motivation, she was there at ringside for all of Edge's biggest matches. Edge quivers like he wants to cry but can't. Christian tells him that she'll still be ringside for this match against Randy Orton. He tells Adam (Edge) that he's got to be the person he has always been inside. Edge is still making the same face; Christian says "there's those eyes." He goes on to tell Edge that he's got the "antivenom" and that he can do it. He tells Edge to not only take on Randy Orton, but put him down.

Randy Orton interrupts; he's in the production trailer. He says he's tired of hearing the two of them talk about "trying." He asks Edge what is Edge gonna do when he doesn't live up to those expectations? He says he's going to take away every ounce of passion from Edge this Sunday, and says that at Backlash "the redemption of Edge is over." The crowd boos and says "it's not over, it's nonsense." Edge simply says "no it's not," drops mic, walks off, nods at Christian and then exits stage right.

Recap from Raw: McIntyre/Lashley Edition

We see clips from the main event last week, where Lashley locked McIntyre in the Full Nelson and shook him around as Raw went off the air last week.

Backstage with Charly & MVP

Charly asks MVP what was it like last week to see McIntyre in that Full Nelson. MVP says if you want a breakdown of what its like to be in the Full Nelson, you'll have to tune in to the VIP Lounge later. They're then interrupted by R-Truth who's trying to hide in an equipment box. MVP asks him what the hell he's doing. "Octavious," exclaims R-Truth. He tells MVP that he beat Robin Gronk for the 24/7, 12, 87, 7/11 Trophy last week and if anybody asks, MVP's not seen him as he's hiding from Gronk. MVP calls him a clown, to which R-Truth takes exception until Lashley shows up and locks in the Full Nelson, shakes him like a ragdoll, then throws him down as we throw down to another commercial break!

Viking Raiders & Street Profits Competition

We'll see the Viking Raiders take on Lashley & MVP later tonight. We then get a recap of the current competition. The Profits won the basketball challenge; Raiders won the axe throwing challenge; Profits won the golf challenge; Raiders won the bowling challenge to tie it up 2-2. Tonight's challenge is the "Anything you can do, we can do better Decathlon"

First up: The raiders show up with swords and shields and claim that sword fighting is one of the competitions. Street Profits select first, and its the 1600 meter dash. Montez Ford literally runs circles around Ivar and takes a 1-0 lead. The Viking Raiders select next, and choose archery. Angelo Dawkins is distracted by Montez Ford and accidentally shoots someone in the foot; the Raiders take a point for archery. The Street Profits choose the "classic sport" of flipping sippy cups, and win that point. The Viking Raiders select sword fighting. Both competitors get ready to go but Ford forfeits, saying he can't do it. Tied 2-2 in the Decathlon. Street Profits choose hurdles, during which Ivar ran through all the hurdles, so Profits win. Raiders choose stick fighting; Angelo Dawkins and Erik grab each others sticks and pull, with the Profits both winding up in a kiddie pool. The Profits choose dance off, saying "hit my music" and the HBK theme plays as they dance do it. Judges take notes. Ivar then cues up Fandango's theme, and dances to that as the judges take note. The female judge stops to dance with Ivar. In this competition, the female judge votes for Ivar because he's cute (but Erik, not so much--a running joke for this entire event). Profits win that competition. Up next: shotput. Raiders lose this one, and are down 5-3. Raiders choose Turkey leg Eating contest. Dawkins complains about no hot sauce. Raiders win. Street Profits up 5-4. They choose Pole Vaulting. Ford charges, yelling "we want the smoke!" and vaults over. Ivar yells "Raise the bar for Air Ivar!" He screams as he runs down and vaults over the raised bar, winning this competition. The Decathlon ends in a 5-5 tie.
The "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" Competition is still tied up.

In the Ring: The United States Champion, Apollo Crews

We're treated to clips last week where Crews declared he'd defend the title every week. His hand-picked opponent last week was KO but the match was interrupted by Andrade, Vega, and Garza.

Apollo says he's sooooooo, so so so so excited to defend his United States Championship...at Backlash against the winner of this triple threat: Angel Garza, Andrade, and Kevin Owens. He's then interrupted by Andrade who comes out as this match is about to start!

Triple Threat: Kevin Owens vs Andrade vs Angel Garza

The winner of this match will get a title shot this Sunday at Backlash. Andrade and Angel Garza make their way to the ring with Zelina Vega, and Kevin Owens ambushes them ringside. We go to commercial break.

Back from break and the ref rings the bell. Andrade and Angel Garza immediately double team Kevin Owens. KO tries to fight back but they beat him down into the corner. The drag him out by his legs and both men try to slap knee locks on him. Andrade celebrates then catches Garza trying to cover KO! They argue; KO is up to his feet and smacks both men. Gotta hand it to Kevin Owens, this man's tougher than a $2 steak! Garza and Andrade continue to beat him back down into the mat. While Garza is ripping off his pants, Andrade tries for a cover. They make amends and continue to beat Owens down. Owens, pumped up by the crowd, gets back to his feet and tries to fight back but again, he's double teamed. Garza works KO over in the corner but KO starts swinging rights. Andrade charges over to shut down Owens' offense. A right leg takedown on Owens. Andrade puts a knee into Owens' back and wrenches KO's arms back as Angel locks in a side ankle lock on Owens. Both men release their locks and stomp KO down again. Zelina cheers them on from ringside, yelling "this is all ours." Andrade and Garza go for the double team suplex; KO tries to fight it. They attempt it again; he blocks it. Third time is a charm as they double suplex KO.

A pin attempt, broken up, and Garza and Andrade both go at each other, brawling to the outside. As they brawl ringside, Zelina Vega is knocked to the ground. Both men blame each other, and Garza is first to check in on her, and we're first to check in on commercials!

We're back from the break and KO is seated on the top rope. Angel Garza is looking for a superplex but KO blocks it and begins hammering his side. An elbow to Garza's forehead, followed by a senton and a cover. KO gets a two before Andrade breaks it up. Andrade slugs it out with KO in the ring as Garza's down; we're shown clips from the commercial where Zelina Vega was helped to the back by medical staff. All three men are now down in the ring.

Garza and Andrade crawl to corners to rest. Kevin Owen takes advantage and hits a cannonball on Andrade. He goes to hit one on Angel who moves. Angel hits running knees on Andrade in the corner, then KO in the corner. Kevin puts Garza down and hits a beautiful frog splash off the top for a two. Andrade's back in this and sends Garza outside. He picks up Owens and takes too long to taunt; Owens sets up a move but a missile dropkick from Garza sends Owens to the mat. Andrade and Garza immediately begin slugging it out hardcore. Punch after punch after punch. Finally both men knock each other outside. KO to his feet and hits a suicide cannonball over the top rope. KO tosses Garza back in the ring. he sets it up and goes for the Stunner, but Garza shoves him off. Garza with a kick to KO's weakened left knee. He locks in a short knee lock on Owens in the middle of the ring. KO slowly manages to drag himself to the rope to break the hold. Garza goes for the Wing Clipper, but KO turns it into a Stunner and goes for the cover. Andrade in the ring with a leg drop to break it up, then covers and pins Garza for the win!
Your Winner and New #1 Contender for the US Championship, Andrade!

After the Match

Andrade struts and celebrates up the ramp. He'll face Apollo this Sunday at Backlash. We're reminded Nia Jax will face Asuka for the Raw Women's Championship this Sunday at Backlash. We then get clips of earlier tonight's womens tag match.

Backstage w/ Sarah Schreiber and Charlotte Flair

The new interview girl mentions last night at NXT Takeover: In Your House, Charlotte lost her title--

Charlotte interrupts her and says she didn't lose. She wasn't pinned, she didn't submit, and it's a busy life being the Queen. She goes on to say that Asuka tried to steal her moment tonight, and Asuka immediately shows up, dancing with her title, stealing this moment from Charlotte. Charlotte asks her, "Asuka, do you ever, ever take anything serious?" Asuka answers "yes, I do" and slaps the tar out of Charlotte, dropping her to her knee, before walking off. Commercials now.

Backstage w/ Andrade and Angel Garza

Both men are arguing. Garza is complaining that Andrade beat him, and that Andrade hurt Zelina. Vega walks in from off camera. Both men ask if she's okay; she's not a happy camper, and simply points off, indicating for them to go. Both men walk off with her in tow.

The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever Opinion: Kurt Angle

Like Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle says he knows about competing in great wrestling matches and knows that sometimes all you've gotta do is step in the ring with someone and you bring out the best in them and vice versa. He then insinuates Randy Orton/Edge is on par with Ricky Steamboat/Ric Flair, Angle/Lesnar, and Undertaker/HBK. He feels they can rise to the occassion. He states he feels Edge will walk out of Backlash this Sunday victorious.

Backstage w/ the Viking Raiders & Drew McIntyre

Erik asks Drew if he's finally decided to join the Viking Raiders. Drew states he's thinking of it, then congratulates them on their performance in the Decathlon. He points out Ivar is the Ladies Man and Erik...not so much. He wishes them luck in their match later against MVP and Lashley. He promises them turkey legs later in the night. He points out he's Celtic, they're Vikings, and they like to celebrate after the battle and before the battle they can have a little fun. They might want to stick around for the VIP Lounge b/c you never know what can happen on Raw. Commercials.

The VIP Lounge

Montel Vontavius Porter, MVP, welcomes us to the VIP Lounge. He says once again MVP is in the ring which can me only one thing: big things still poppin', little things still stoppin', so sit back, relax and enjoy the view because the VIP Lounge is for people like me--people better than all of you. He builds up Lashley as a once in a generation physical specimen. A man with a devastating move that--

Drew McIntyre's music plays instead, coming down to the VIP Lounge while MVP scowls at him. Drew gets a mic.

"Wow, well, after the past few weeks, I was a little concerned we weren't friends anymore but after that incredible introduction, I can see we're still cool, thank ya for that brother." MVP tells Drew they're not friends, and asks why is Drew there. Drew says he doesn't want to spread rumors, but he couldn't help but notice Lana and Lashley were having a disagreement backstage and as he knows MVP is about to call them out, and they're friends, amigos, compadres, he wanted to give him a heads up. MVP tells us that he wasn't talking about the Claymore kick, he was talking about Lashley and the Full Nelson.

Drew points out that MVP is quite familiar with the Claymore. MVP tells Drew that Lashley is going to lock the Full Nelson on Drew and shake him around like a ragdoll again like last week. Drew asks MVP what is he to Bobby--like his yoda? He asks if MVP is imparting his knowledge of all zero championships he's won in the WWE. Drew tells MVP that as MVP is quite familiar with the countdown, he's gonna do a countdown for MVP before giving him a countdown. McIntyre gets down to "one" when Lashley slides into the ring from out of nowhere.

Drew senses MVP is sneaking up on him and hits the Glasgow Kiss on MVP. Lashley threatens to attack; the Viking Raiders come down to ringside to "even the odds" and almost immediately, the Street Profits come out. The announcers remind us that we've got a match between the Viking Raiders and MVP & Bobby Lashley tonight, and we go to commercial!

Viking Raiders vs MVP & Lashley

MVP is in first with Ivar, but immediately tags in Lashley. Lashley and Ivar push each other around the ring. Flatliner onto Ivar. Lashley takes Ivar to his corner and tags in MVP, who wails away at Ivar in the corner. Quick tag to Lashley, who throws back elbows into Ivar as the ref counts. He leads Ivar out to middle of the ring and point at Drew, yelling "hey you!" Ivar uses this distraction to lift Lashley up and charge him back. Ivar tags in Erik, who smacks Lashley. Lashley tags in MVP as we get a glimpse of Lana backstage. Erik dominates MVP, hitting multiple knee strikes to the midsection. Erik tags in Ivar who smooshes MVP in the corner. Ivar slaps an arm bar on, pulls MVP to his feet and tags in Erik. MVP tries to scramble away but can't. They slam MVP down, then Erik body slams Ivar on top of MVP. MVP finally tags in Lashley. Erik runs and rebounds off the ropes but Lashley picks up Erik for a powerful spinebuster. Lashley is in control, and sends Erik into his corner. He pounds him down before tagging in MVP. MVP with three knees to the midsection; snapmare followed by a kick to the lower back. MVP with a seated dropkick to Erik and pins. Erik kicks out. MVP immediately pins again; Erik kicks out again; Again, MVP pins and again Erik kicks out. The Street Profits are ringside, cheering on the Raiders.

Lashley tags in and sets Erik in the corner over the bottom rope, shoving his foot down into him as the ref counts. He pulls Erik to his feet and tags in MVP; double team suplex on Erik, MVP covers but Erik kicks out. MVP takes Erik to the corner and gets another tag in. Lashley takes Erik to the middle of the ring, but Erik hits a huge punch and gets some separation, making the hot tag to Ivar. Ivar comes in and takes out Lashley. MVP's tagged in; Ivar tosses him around. Lashley's tagged in, but eats a big boot from Ivar, knocking him to the outside. Ivar follows outside; Lashley slams Ivar's face into the announcer's table. The Profits up to their feet, taunting Lashley. They ask him "what you gonna do?" Air Ivar comes flying from out of the ring and takes out Lashley ringside. Commercial break!

Back from break and Erik is wrenching Lashley's arm in middle of the ring. Lashley to his face, but hammered back to the Raiders corner. In comes Ivar who duplicates the arm wrench. He goes to twist the arm but a big clothesline by Lashley. Lashley sends Ivar to the corner, makes a tag to MVP. Lashley shoulder charges Ivar in the corner, then MVP does the same. MVP is slowing the pace and working the neck of Ivar in the ring as Lana backstage tells Charly that she's not upset about not being allowed ringside during the match. In the ring, we see Lashley hit a neckbreaker on Ivar then lock the arm around and wrench the head yet again. Lana says she's going to work on their marriage and make 2020 the year of Lana. Ivar tries to mount some offense and runs at Bobby, who hits an impressive powerslam. He pins but gets a two. Lashley sends Ivar into the corner, and tags in MVP.

MVP with elbows to Ivar's back. Ivar hits a big right, and gets out of the corner. MVP sends Ivar into the ropes and bends over, setting up the backdrop. Ivar instead flips over MVP and makes the tag to Erik! Erik hits the ring fast, knocking Lashley to the ringside and hits a big slam on MVP. Tag made again, Ivar throws MVP into the corner and tags in Erik. Erik charges and hits a double knee, picks up Ivar and slams him into MVP who's seated in the corner. Erik goes for the cover but Lashley breaks it up. Ivar tosses Lashley outside and follows him out there. Lashley hits a vicious spear on Ivar and stares down Drew McIntyre who's seated at ringside. In the ring, Erik is controlling MVP. Lashley comes in and hits the Full Nelson and shakes Erik like a rag doll. It appeared MVP was still the legal man, but Lashley put Erik to sleep with the Full Nelson.
Your Winners, Lashley & MVP

After the Match

Ivar comes in the ring and attacks MVP, sending him out of the ring. Lashley locks the Full Nelson on Ivar; the Street Profits come in to try to break the hold but can't. McIntyre hits a Claymore on Lashley, breaking the hold and sending Lashley outside. McIntyre's music plays and we go to commercial.

Backlash Rundown

WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre (c) vs Bobby Lashley
Universal Championship: Braun Strowman (c) vs Miz/Morrison in a handicap match
Women's Tag Titles Triple Threat: Sasha Banks & Bayley (c) vs Iiconics vs Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss
Raw Women's Championship: Asuka (c) vs Nia Jax
Sheamus vs Jeff Hardy
Greatest Wrestling Match: Randy Orton vs Edge

Main Event: Charlotte Flair vs Asuka

Asuka comes out first, followed by Charlotte Flair. We get the usual brown nosing from the announcers regarding Charlotte's pedigree, and point out that she (obviously) wants another title. The bell rings and immediately out comes Sasha Banks & Bayley. Looks like they'll be joining us at ringside. Tom Phillips loves calling Bayley a double champion.

Charlotte Flair uses the distraction to attack Asuka. Asuka rolls to the apron. Charlotte charges her but she's caught by Asuka, who delivers a kick to the back of the neck. Asuka back in the ring. Charlotte sends her to the corner and throws her shoulder into Asuka's gut a few times. Charlotte tries for a big boot but Asuka catches it and bends her leg back, turning it into a rear waist lock. Charlotte breaks out of it and hits a big kick on Asuka. The womens tag team champs do the usual heal banter. Charlotte takes Asuka outside and sends her across the announce table and we're sent across to the final commercial break of the night! another commercial break!

Back from the break, Charlotte is whipping Asuka around at ringside. She send Asuka into the ringpost then asks Banks & Bayley if they'd like some popcorn. Asuka fights back; they take it back in the ring. Asuka goes for the Hip Attack but she's caught by Charlotte in a rear waist lock. Asuka squirms around and locks Charlotte in an arm lock. Charlotte slips out and hits a low dropkick and pins, but only gets a two. Now the Iiconics are in the crowd ringside. Charlotte picks Asuka up just to slam her face first into the mat, and then again. She wrenches Asuka's arms back and stomps on her back between the shoulder blades. Asuka into a seated position. Charlotte slams two knees into Asuka's back and yanks her arms back, holding her knee in Asuka's back. Charlotte grabs Asuka's hair and the ref counts. Charlotte hits Asuka in the back of the neck. She takes Asuka to the apron and pulls Asuka's torso through the middle rope, yelling "cmon Asuka!" as she continues to hit knees. Asuka to ringside. Charlotte goes for a baseball slide, Asuka avoids it and hits Charlotte's leg. Charlotte against the barricade; Asuka hits a hip attack. They brawl ringside. Charlotte sends Asuka into the barricade, then hits a clothesline. Ref is up to 8, Charlotte sends Asuka back into the ring.

Charlotte hits two knee drops onto Asuka, then goes to the mat and locks in a headlock. Crowd cheers for Asuka to fire her up. Asuka to her feet, but Charlotte sends her back to the mat with a knee. Charlotte pulls Asuka to her feet and locks in for a suplex; Asuka blocks. Charlotte wrenches the tights and tries again; blocked again. Charlotte tries a third time, gets nothing. Asuka attempts offense but Charlotte sends her back to the mat and attempts a pin. Asuka kicks out. Charlotte throws Asuka outside and yells "this is your Raw Women's Champion!" She then tells us she's main evented two nights in a row. Ref keeps counting. Asuka slow to her feet. Charlotte hits the baseball slide, knocking Asuka down. Charlotte comes out the ring and says "12 time champion, 12 time!" She picks Asuka up and yells "fight me!" Asuka concedes and immediately hits elbows and kicks, taking out Charlotte's leg. Back in the ring, Asuka goes up top. Charlotte charges and hits a running Big Boot, sending Asuka to the outside.

The Iiconics attack Banks and Bayley from behind at the announce table. They double team Banks, slamming her into the announce table as we go to another commercial break!

Back from the hopefully final break, Charlotte delivers two Flair chops. She goes for a third, Asuka ducks, and Charlotte clubs Asuka down to the mat. Asuka back up and hits two punches, then the hip attack and attempts a pin. Charlotte kicks out. Asuka hits her Asuka kicks; Charlotte blocks the third and tries to pin; Asuka reverses it into an arm bar! Charlotte forces her way out and hammers fists to Asuka's face.

Both women to their feet. Charlotte lifts Asuka up, who immediately slides out of it. Asuka goes for another hip attack but Charlotte turns it into a belly-to-back suplex and covers for a two. Charlotte kicks Asuka's face twice on the ground then pulls her to her feet. She uses the top rope to choke Asuka as the ref counts to four. Charlotte keeps talking smack, and pulls Asuka to her feet. Flair snapmares Asuka to the mat and locks in a rear headlock. She pulls Asuka's right arm back, then releases it (not sure why). Asuka tries to fight her way out, getting to her feet, and tries to sling Flair off, but Flair was expecting it and keeps the headlock in as she drives it back to the mat. Asuka hits elbows and gets to her feet, goes for the backslide but Charlotte hits a running knee to the face. Charlotte puts one foot on Asuka and demands the ref count, but Asuka kicks out. Charlotte's frustrated, and hammering Asuka on the mat. Charlotte threw what looked like her wrist band at Charlotte; Charlotte kicks Asuka. Flair pulls Asuka to her feet and Asuka tries to fight back, but another big right by Flair.

Flair takes Asuka to the corner; Asuka springs off the middle rope and hits a dropkick. Both women to their feet. Charlotte goes for the big boot but Asuka reverses it into a German Suplex. Hip Attack on Charlotte in the corner. Asuka hits Asuka Kicks to a kneeling Flair. Asuka hits another hip attack, sending Flair outside. Asuka follows her outside but Flair spears Asuka spine first into the apron. Asuka is quick to recover and runs along the apron, hitting a sliding kick to Flair's face. Asuka and Charlotte both up on the apron. Asuka attempting a suplex but Flair holds onto the rope. Flair hits a big boot along the apron, sending Asuka down to ringside.

Flair leads Asuka over to the barricade, climbs up and hits a moonsault off the barricade and onto Asuka! Charlotte takes it into the ring as the crowd does a very tired-sounding "this is awesome" chant. Flair drags Asuka to the ringpost and hops outside, slamming Asuka's knee into the ringpost twice. She goes for it a third time but Asuka pulls her leg back, slamming Flair's face into the post. Asuka to her feet, Charlotte back in the ring. Asuka goes for her 27th Hip Attack of the night but Charlotte dodges and Asuka lands between the top and middle rope; Charlotte hits her 12th big boot of the night and sends Asuka to the mat. Charlotte attempts the Figure Four but Asuka blocks it. Charlotte goes for a big spear but Asuka leaps up with both knees and sends them to Charlotte's face! Asuka goes for the Asuka lock, but Flair rolls her up. Kickout. Asuka locks in the Octopus Lock! Flair squirms out of it and goes for the Figure Four! Asuka blocks it. Charlotte Flair hits a huge spear and covers, but only gets a two!

Flair pulls Asuka to her feet. Both women exchange punches. Asuka tries an arm bar but Flair rolls through. Asuka tries for the Asuka Lock but flair drives herself backwards, hitting Asuka against the corner. Asuka sends Flair to the floor. Nia Jax waddles down to the ring; Asuka runs engages her on the apron with two punches, runs across the ring and hits a--wait for it!--Hip Attack on Nia on the apron, sending Jax to the floor. Charlotte immediately runs in and surprises everyone by hitting the Big Boot and gets the pin!
Your Winner, Charlotte Flair!

After the Match

Nia Jax comes in the ring and hits her modified Samoan Drop on Asuka and backs up the ramp as we fade to black!

That's it for tonight's show!

And now, the end is here, and so we face the final curtain. My friends, I'll say it clear, I'll state my case of which I'm certain! I've covered a Raw that's full, I've traveled each and every internet highway and more, much more than this, I covered it my way!

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