WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (6/7/2021): ThunderDome III, Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL


Happy Monday afternoon and welcome back one and all to our Monday Night Raw live results! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. Our official preview is out.

Tonight we can expect a contract signing between Drew McIntyre & WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, we'll have a special episode of Alexa's Playground featuring Shayna Baszler, and a number one contender's tag team battle royal featuring the Viking Raiders, the New Day, the Lucha House Party, T-Bar & Mace, and R-K-Bro!

All that and more tonight on Monday Night Raw! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (6/07/2021): ThunderDome III, Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL

State of the Tag Team Division: Raw Tag Team Champions AJ Styles &Omos, the Viking Raiders vs the New Day vs the Lucha House Party vs T-Bar & Mace vs R-K-Bro

We're welcomed to a crowded ring as R-K-Bro make their way down to Orton's theme, with Riddle slowly moving on his scooter. Orton's growing new facial hair and Riddle's looking a little more serious. Jimmy Smith, Corey Grave, and the lovable Byron Saxton welcome us to the ThunderDome and Monday Night Raw. Raw Tag Team Champions AJ Styles & Omos make their way out to the ramp and AJ gets on the mic. Again, the other men's Raw tag teams are in the ring now. "Gentlemen, before we start this battle royal, I wanted to thank you for showing up (for) this State of the Tag Team Division in the (WWE Universe)." He promotes the return to the road coming up in a few short weeks, and compliments the tag teams in the ring--stating that these are the teams, the competition he wants. He gives the New Day props for being eleven-time champions and calls them legendary and national treasures. He implores them to think of what they can do together--they could repeat the match from WrestleMania, which he points out that his team won...but who's keeping count? HE addresses Mace and T-Bar and says that in the interest of being honest, they don't know anything about these guys. But he knows they're big, and mean, and like to fight. But he's not going to talk about that, or how his guy is bigger and meaner. He addresses Lince Dorado, who is out without Gran Metallik who is injured and calls him brave for fighting at an obvious disadvantage. He praises Dorado for his athleticism and claims he (Styles) was probably Dorado's favorite wrestler. He moves on to the Viking Raiders and says its all about raiding and making money, and he could see them doing that all over the world with the Raiders. He then addresses "R...K...Bro. Randy Orton--14 time heavyweight champion. Tag team champion. Legend killer. Then we have the rising star--the sky's the limit, Riddle, wow!" He then goes on to point out that their chemistry makes no sense to anyone, but they seem to have it together. Then he addresses his own team as unstoppable, incredible--and Omos adds "magnificent, stupendous, and handsome. And last but not least--phenomenal!" The New Day are dressed as the White Ranger and Green Ranger from MMPR. As a huge MMPR, I get to point this out and bold it. Kofi interrupts Styles, who tells Kingston not to interrupt him when he's trying to be nice. Orton tells AJ that if he wants to be nice, he could try shutting his mouth. Riddle quickly jumps in, pointing out the "zipped lips and toss the key" method Orton taught him, claiming it worked wonders. He points out the two new shorts they have, and points out that he's wearing them both. One of them is a viper on a scooter and he points out that it's perfect--it's not wearing pants, Randy doesn't wear pants. He babbles on until Orton takes the mic gently from him, holds up a "shush" finger to his lips, and Riddle locks his lips...then gives the invisible key to Orton who puts it in his boot. Styles as if they're done interrupting him, and if anyone else wants to interrupt him...and out comes the Miz in a wheelchair, rolled by John Morrison. They're asked why they're interfering and cut a quick heel promo. Morrison loses a grip on the Miz's wheelchair and it rolls to the ring. Orton with a pair of RKO's as we head to break with this match up next.

Backstage: the Hurt Business' Executive Retreat

We return from break and see the Chief Hurt Officer of the Hurt Business having an obviously very serious business meeting with MVP and the C-O-Hoes of the Hurt Business (I'll get a better name, eventually).

Tag Team Number One Contender's Battle Royal Match: the Miz & Morrison vs the Viking Raiders vs the New Day vs the Lucha House Party vs T-Bar & Mace vs R-K-Bro

We start off with all six teams in the ring. There is no tag format and for a team to be eliminated, both members must go over the top rope and touch the floor. Competitors pair off. Lince Dorado is eliminated by Morrison after Morrison uses the "Drip Stick" given to him by the Miz to blast his face. Dorado is sent over the top rope and as he was fighting without a partner, the Lucha House Party have been eliminated. Morrison turns to face T-Bar and Mace. Morrison yells to the Miz, still outside in the wheel chair, and asks for his Drip Stick. Miz tosses it to Morrison, who attempts to use it but fails to prevent the former Retribution members from double-eliminating him. The Miz & Morrison have been eliminated. Mace & T-Bar dismantle the New Day and R-K-Bro before lining up to face off with the Viking Raiders. Erik and Ivar pound their chests and all four men collide, with the New Day jumping in to assist! R-K-Bro work with Ivar to eliminate T-Bar; Erik works with the New Day to eliminate Mace. Mace & T-Bar have been eliminated as we go to break!
Back from the break. Riddle attempts to fight off both Viking Raiders with a series of high kicks as Orton takes on both members of the New Day. Orton attempts to eliminate Kofi while the Raiders double-team Riddle. Riddle is eliminated but Orton's still in this. The New Day attack the Riders and double team Ivar. Woods charges Erik, but Erik grabs the top rope and drops down, sending Xavier Woods out. The Raiders drop Kofi in the corner then hit an "Airborne Viking" (per Jimmy Smith) to flatten Kofi in the corner. Orton takes advantage of the situation and attacks both Raiders, dropping them down. The numbers game wins out, however, and Erik shuts down Orton with a big knee to the jaw. Ivar scoop slams Orton and Erik looks to do the Ivar-body-slam double team maneuver of theirs when Kofi flies in off the top rope, wiping out both Raiders! Kofi stalks Orton, looking for the Trouble in Paradise on Orton. Riddle his the ring and eats the Trouble in Paradise, saving Orton, but the Raiders use the event to toss out both Orton and Kofi. R-K-Bro and the New Day have been eliminated.
Your Winners and NEW Number One Contenders for the Raw Tag Titles, the Viking Raiders!

Previously on Raw...

We get a quick clip of the beat-the-clock challenge that Flair lost to Nikki Cross last week.

Backstage: Adam Pearce, Sonya Deville and Charlotte Flair

Flair walks up to the officials as they discuss whatever, it's irrelevant. Flair complains that the loss from last week should be stricken from her record. Pearce and Deville both mutually agree that Flair took the challenge and lost, fair and square. Rhea Ripley, Raw Women's Champion, walks up and apparently lobbies that she should be the one to get a rematch against Nikki Cross. The officials come to a bit of a compromise--later tonight, Cross and a partner will face Ripley & Flair. Sonya made a slight gaffe, stating that they would face each other. We go to break.

Tomorrow, on NXT

"The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase is giving Cameron Grimes and LA Knight to prove by tomorrow night that they're worthy and tomorrow he's making a Priceless Announcement. Also, Karrion Kross, Kyle O'Reilly, Adam Cole, Pete Dunne and Johnny Gargano will all have a "face off" ahead of this weekend's NXT TakeOver: In Your House 2021.

Earlier Tonight: Tag Battle Royal

We get clips showing the Raiders winning.

Backstage: the Viking Raiders and AJ Styles & Omos

Both men are celebrating backstage, excited about a Raw tag team shot. They slap each others' chests. Ivar states he's hungry and wants turkey legs. Styles & Omos walks up with a big turkey leg, then hands it to Omos who eats it. Styles assumes they're really vikings and don't use deodorant. Erik tells Styles that if he has a problem with the way the Viking Raiders live their lives, then he's got a promise with them. Both teams end the segment with tension.

Video Promo: Alexa Bliss' Darkness

We get a pointless video package that showcases Bliss' actions as of the last few months, including her feud with Orton and her terrorization of the Women's division, as well as her repeated flame attacks on Shayna Baszler and Reginald the Sommelier. We'll have Alexa's Playground later tonight!

In the Ring: Elias

We return to the ThunderDome, lights dimmed, Elias on a stool in the ring. As your Monday Night Mikessiah I must ask you to silence your phones and shut your mouths, because the Drifter is speaking. Elias cuts a promo on Jaxson Ryker, blaming him for not "doing what (Elias) said" and that's why they're not the tag team champions this week. He instead tells us that Ryker has become completely unhinged and for the safety of his career and sanity, Elias had to gain distance. We see the end of their match last week when Elias abandoned Ryker to the behemoth Omos. Afterwards Elias tells us that he clearly had no choice. He tells us that when he first met Ryker, he saw more than impressive arms and stamina through the roof--he saw the ghost of war in Ryker's cold eyes. Elias saw a man who had been to battle and would go to battle...but he didn't see a man who'd go to battle for Elias. So he walked out on Ryker. He reminds us that WWE stands for walk with Elias. Elias continues, starting to call Ryker a maniac when Jaxson Ryker attacks Elias! Ryker has a short-shewn hairdo and trimmed his beard a good bit! Ryker pounds away on Elias as refs try to separate them and we go to break.

Singles Match: Elias vs Jaxson Ryker

We return from the break and this match starts immediately. Ryker takes it to Elias, unleashing fury much to the satisfaction of Corey Graves. Ryker takes control for the first couple of minutes, bruising Elias with big rights and shots to the gut. Ryker sends Elias outside, working him over until Elias catches him with a kick to the midsection and takes it back in the ring. Elias with a big Kitchen Sink running knee that drops Ryker. Ryker shoves Elias back, bounces off the ropes and runs right into a Spinebuster counter by Elias! Elias picks up a close two. Elias starts working Ryker's face with slow rights. Elias slows the pace too much as Ryker starts to fire off more rights and left, attempting to regain control. Elias counters with an Atomic Drop and looks for a slam, but Ryker grabs a fistful of Elias' beard and wiggles free. Elias escapes the ring and runs up the ramp, leaving the match as he's decided he wants no part of Ryker. The ref counts to ten and that's that. Short match, under four minutes, but entertaining.
Your Winner by Count-out, Jaxson Ryker!

Previously on Raw...

We get a video package that highlights last week's excellent match between Kofi Kingston and Drew McIntyre that saw Drew barely win. He'll sign the contract tonight to face Lashley.

Contract Signing: Hell in a Cell WWE Championship Match

Drew McIntyre makes his way out, Highlander style, and we head to break. Back from the break. WWE Officials Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville are in the ring, which has a red carpet in place and a desk with chairs, mics and contracts. Drew is seated. Sonya calls out the WWE Champion and the Hurt Business music plays...but no one comes out. Drew tells them that he can handle Lashley's part--he'll start talking about how everyone's getting on the train, and he'll brag about his championship win etc. He then segways into the story of Robert the Bruce, one of the more famed Scottish Kings (even if he may or may not have betrayed Braveheart at Falkirk--historians are still on the fence about that, from my understanding. If he can babble on, so can I). He babbles on about it, and accredits Robert the Bruce with a unique "saying": "if at first you don't succeed, beat the hell out of Lashley at Hell in a Cell" and win his contract back. He tells them to stop wasting time and asks for the contract. MVP, Lashley, and the Train cut in from the gorilla position, announce that they're fashionably late, and head out to the ring. They take their time and Lashley assists the Train with the stairs.

MVP congratulates Drew for, once again, manipulating WWE officials into getting yet another title shot. MVP asks if Pearce & Deville plan on interfering yet again. MVP points out that Lashley's more than fulfilled his contract for a rematch. He asks Lashley what stipulation does the Almighty One want, and Lashley speaks--he wants the stipulation that if Drew McIntyre loses, he'll never get another WWE Championship shot against Bobby Lashley ever again. MVP starts to plug how good that could be for Drew, but Drew cuts him off and accepts. "Drew McIntyre will never fight Lashley for the WWE Championship again if I (Drew) lose. I'm gonna need something from you, champ. I want a match where no outside interference can cause the finish. I want a match that nobody else can lose on my behalf. I want Lashley vs McIntyre for the WWE Championship inside the Hell in a Cell." MVP looks to Lashley then accepts Drew's terms. Adam Pearce checks with both men--Drew's last WWE Championship opportunity if he loses, and it'll be fought in the cell. Both men sign their contracts after Adam amends them and promises to have it notarized and made official. Lashley tells McIntyre that he fails to point out that "if at first you don't succeed, you just don't win against the Almighty. And in reality, you accept defeat and you tuck your little kilt in between your legs and you walk away in shame. That's how this story is going to end." He hands off his mic and signs. Pearce reviews it, states both parties have signed and it's official. McIntyre offers last words for Lashley as he's been in the Hell in a Cell but Lashley hasn't. He reminds Lashley that he was told that after the Cell, he'd never been the same--and McIntyre hasn't. He reminds us that he was thrown fifteen feet off the cell and through a table, and he'll go through all that again to inflict punishment on Lashley. He promises to use the cell to tear the flesh from bone and use weapons under the ring. He wants Lashley to beg him for mercy so he can grant Bobby mercy with a Claymore right between the eyes. McIntyre tells him to enjoy the next "couple of weeks because I'll see you in Hell." Lashley picks up the mic, adds, "and I'll beat you there" before Drew angrily chops the table in half with his Sun Coast sword prob. Both men stare each other down as Graves enthusiastically promotes the match, and Jimmy Smith reminds us that this is McIntyre's last WWE Championship shot unless he wins.

Backstage: Sarah Schreiber with Nikki Cross & Mystery Partner

We cut backstage with Sarah who welcomes her guest, Nikki Cross. She asks Nikki what's gotten into her as she's attracted the top women in the division. Cross claims its something that's been inside her the whole time and she reminds herself that it doesn't matter if you're not the strongest, or most praised. It's her tenacity that fuels her. She admits she can't win if she doesn't try, and it makes no choice not to try. She's asked about her partner, who Cross claims wears a superhero type outfit and was super excited to ask her and here she is...Asuka! Cross says "nobody is ready for Nikki" and Asuka points out no one is ready for her.

Singles Match: Humberto Carrillo vs Ricochet

This match is next. United States Champion Sheamus, sporting a nose protector on the upper half of his face, heads out to watch this match as we go to break. Back from the break. Sheamus is seated next to commentary to watch this match. Ricochet comes out first, and smiles at Sheamus as he slides into the ring. We're treated to more clips from last week, when Ricochet used an Humberto Carrillo distraction to roll up Sheamus and win. Later on, Carrillo did the same thing--rolled up Sheamus and won. During the fight, Sheamus' nose was "shattered in the process" per Corey Graves. Out next is Humberto, and we're ready to start this match! We're reminded that Sheamus refused to give up his title and is in a lot of pain. Sheamus gets on the mic prior to the bell, however, and calls the two competitors in tonight's match "shite" and wants to know how they've earned a potential shot at his United States title. Sheamus threatens that if it weren't for his doctor's orders to avoid contact with his face...and both Carrillo and Ricochet fake him out with fake suicide dive attempts to scare him off. Suddenly, Ricochet attacks Carrillo from behind! Ricochet attacks Carrillo on the ground then confronts Sheamus as we go to another break, with this match officially starting next. Back from the break. This match is underway, and Ricochet works Carrillo over in the corner before using a Scoop Slam to set up a standing moonsault for a short cover. Ricochet pulls Carrillo up as Sheamus rants on about these men being embarrassments, and Ricochet looks for a suplex. Carrillo floats through. Standing switch from Ricochet. Carrillo breaks free, springboards off the ropes before him and connects with a cross-body for two. Carrillo hits a helluva uniquely modified spinning, sit-out Powerbomb for a close two. Impressive variation. Carrillo sends Ricochet into the corner and leaps in, pounding Ricochet with fists and feet until the ref forces him back. Carrillo charges Ricochet, and Rico counters by popping Carrillo over the top rope--unaware that he landed on apron. Both men struggle along the ropes and exchange counters, leading to Ricochet eating a middle-rope Suicide Dive from Carrillo at ringside! Carrillo takes it back inside and hits a beautiful missile dropkick off the top, best dropkick I've seen in ages. Carrillo picks up a close two. Carrillo with a Scoop Slam then ascends the ropes backwards. Carrillo looks for a Moonsault; Ricochet moves and Carrillo audibles, landing on his feet. Ricochet catches Carrillo with a lariat, slams Carrillo down and attempts a cover. Ricochet attempts to hoist Carrillo; Carrillo throws elbows, forcing Ricochet to stumble to the ropes and dump Carrillo to the apron. Humberto pulls Rico outside and both men exchange rights and kicks on the apron, slowly, one after the other. Ricochet with a side-step gut kick followed by a Spanish Fly off the apron and onto the ringside floor! The ref heads in and starts counting as both men are down! The ref continues; at nine, both men have a hold of the apron tarp but neither can make it into the ring in time!
Your Result: Draw by Double Count-out!

After the Match

Sheamus babbles on mostly incoherently as the ref checks on Carrillo, the United States Champion heads to the back and Ricochet angrily stares at him.

Backstage: the New Day and MVP

Kofi and Xavier are backstage, firing each other up, when MVP approaches them. He tells Kofi that he admires him and finds him impressive, even if he did come up a bit short last week. Kofi asks him for his point. MVP points out that two years ago, he watched KofiMania takeover the world and was so proud of Kofi's WrestleMania win, he cried tears of joy. MVP claims that Kofi Kingston's win is what made MVP want to return--because finally the WWE had a champion that MVP could relate to and be proud of. MVP tells Kofi that KofiMania was everything but then abruptly ended. MVP asks Kofi if he's ever thought of why that might be, and Kofi asks for enlightenment. MVP says its because Kofi isn't Lashley. Last week, MVP saw Kofi shake McIntyre's hand in a sign of good sportsmanship. He claims Kofi ended KofiMania himself. He tries to give Kofi advice, but Kofi snaps on him. Kofi doesn't want his advice and explains why he does what he does, and that there are kids out there believing in themselves because of Kofi and that's why Kofi's doing this. He asks what does Lashley believe in, money? MVP claims Lashley fights for honor and prestige and walks off.

Backstage: Mustafa Ali & Mansoor

Mansoor is backstage working out. Ali comes up and asks him about tonight's match against Drew Gulak. Mansoor assures Ali that he's ready. Ali asks him if he's ready for tights pulling or a gouge to the eye, and makes some comment about that's not how the rules work.

Singles Match: Jeff Hardy vs Cedric Alexander

Jimmy Smith points out how excited he is to finally call a Jeff Hardy match. We get a pre-recorded interview with Hardy in which he promises to teach Cedric a lesson in humility and help him to extremely learn that respect is earned. This match is up next! Back from the break. Cedric Alexander comes out as a pre-recorded promo airs for the youngster, who's excited to score a big win over the veteran and legend. The bell rings and both men go at it. Cedric tries to take Hardy to the turnbuckle but Hardy counters, smashing Alexander's face into the turnbuckle before taking him across to repeat the process in the opposite corner. Hardy drops Cedric with a kick. Hardy with a Double Axe-handle off the top rope, connecting across Alexander's back. Cedric counters Hardy's kick with a dropkick and a quick cover for barely a two. Alexander once again runs off his mouth like the heel he is, begging Hardy to "show me somethin'!" Cedric begins to toy with the Enigmatic one, using a Snapmare to seat Hardy and connecting with a dropkick to the middle of his shoulders and neck. Vicious. Cedric maintains control with working holds. Hardy throws elbows in an effort to gain some separation but Cedric maintains the upper hand. Cedric steps on Hardy's face then uses the middle rope to choke Hardy as the ref warns him. Hardy fights off the ropes with rights and throws a kick. Cedric catches the foot but Hardy counters with a step-up kick reversal. Cedric shuts Hardy down fast with a running back elbow as Hardy comes off the ropes, catching him perfectly. Cedric holds Hardy's left arm and punishes him with kicks to the chest and abdomen. Forearms and fists batter Hardy face-first into the mat and Cedric locks in a chinlock. Hardy powers to his feet. Cedric yanks Hardy's hair and the commentary team even mentions he should be warned. Both men slug it out briefly. Hardly with a Hurricanrana off the top followed by an Atomic Drop, followed up with a Russian Leg Sweep and the trademark Hardy leg drop for a close two. Hardy signals for the Twist of Fate. Hard kicks the gut and looks for the Twist of Fate but Cedric escapes. Hardy lifts his fists before his face to block Alexander, but Alexander goes low and drops the Legend. Cedric sits on the top rope, yelling arrogantly for Hardy to get up. Cedric mocks Jeff Hardy, doing the hand gestures from the top, before leaping off--and right into a kick to the stomach followed by a Twist of Fate! Hardy goes up top and hits the Swanton Bomb to cover for the win in a decent, quick match. Hardy's holding his left ear after the match but there's no clear sign of an injury--not sure if his ear lobe was ripped open that much or is just stretched. Afterwards, Hardy removes his shirt and dances over Cedric's body, mocking him.
Your Winner, Jeff Hardy!

Backstage: Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley & Charlotte Flair

Rhea is stretching backstage. Flair backs up to her and offers up her plan--Flair will take on Asuka and leave Nikki Cross to Rhea since she "respects her" so much. Rhea agrees to follow Flair's lead tonight, because in two weeks she'll lead her to hell herself.

Women's Tag Team Match: Nikki Cross & Asuka vs Charlotte Flair & Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley

Nikki Cross comes out first, looking slimmer and full of energy. We go to break--this match is up next. We've still got two announced matches ahead of us after this, as well as Alexa's Playground. After the break, we get Asuka's entrance (complete with her Jason Voorhees mask) followed by Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair. We start with Nikki Cross and Charlotte Flair. Rhea Ripley looks exasperated to be teaming with Flair. Cross does a jig and locks up with Flair. Flair talks smack to Rhea, telling the champ that she wants to see what she can do. Rhea comes in and grabs Cross by the head, sending her face-first into the mat. Rhea reaches for Cross but Cross ducks under and tags in Asuka. Asuka comes in, playfully teases Rhea, then locks up with the champ. Asuka plays light mind games, ducking under Rhea and doing more jigs and talking in Japanese, getting under Ripley's skin. Asuka does a great job dodging Rhea, then both women exchange pushes. After a few, Asuka goes for a kick; Rhea catches the foot and looks to hoist her up but Asuka escapes. Rhea and Asuka run off the ropes, and Flair tags herself in despite Ripley's wishes. Flair with chops to Asuka. Cross tags herself in and takes Flair down with a suplex and a brief cover. Cross shoves Flair back and tags in Asuka. Asuka begins to work the left arm of Flair, twisting and controlling her momentum with it until Flair cartwheels out of it. Flair with a chinlock. Ripley's tagged in. Asuka drops Flair off the apron with a Hip Attack that drops the champ to the floor. Flair comes to check on Ripley, who shoves her off and tells Flair that she doesn't need her help. Flair yanks Rhea down to the floor as tension rises and the ref yells us to a commercial break.
Back from the break. Ripley catches Cross off a rope rebound and looks for a back suplex. Cross latches her arm around Rhea's neck, attempting to keep herself grounded with a headlock. Cross positions closer to the turnbuckles, using them and the ropes to power up and force the champ down. Rhea sends Cross to the apron; Cross with a middle-rope spear and roll-up for a close two. Flair yells criticism to her partner. Rhea takes control, pounding Cross in the corner. Rhea lifts Cross up in the Electric Chair, stumbling a bit to balance Cross. Flair tags herself in, pissing off Rhea. Rhea drops Cross and smack-tags Flair. Flair goes for a pair of pin attempts. Flair weakens Cross' back with knee-drops to the back. Flair cartwheels past Cross and throws a foot to her face. Flair hints at another big kick and Cross throws up her dukes to block it, only to have Flair simply modify her approach and slap in a headlock. Flair asks Rhea if she wants the tag and tosses Cross into the corner. Flair tags Rhea in with a Flair Chop, pissing off Rhea. Rhea controls her emotions and tries to focus on Cross. Rhea with an impressively long Stalling Suplex, holding Nikki up for over fifteen seconds before crashing Cross into the mat for a close two! Asuka cheers on her partner. Rhea tags in Flair by chopping her. Flair's pissed as Rhea yells for her to "come on." Flair charges Cross in the corner, looking for a leaping headbutt but Cross moves and Flair headbutts the turnbuckle. Cross escapes Flair briefly; Flair charges the corner in an attempt to attack Asuka on the apron. Asuka dodges. Flair nearly loses to a roll-up by Cross, barely kicking out at three. Flair picks Cross up and tags in Rhea by smacking her with Cross. Cross manages to tag in Asuka. Asuka takes out Flair, sending her to the outside, then takes down the champ and nearly picks up the win. Asuka rebounds off the ropes but Flair grabs her foot. Rhea looks to capitalize with a German Suplex but Asuka kicks out. Belly-to-back Suplex from Asuka followed with a running seated Hip Attack (that we get cool slow-mo of that shows Rhea's face shaking). Asuka tags in Cross who flies off the top, connecting with the Cross Body for a close two. Flair had to drag Cross off to make the save. Flair yells at Rhea "Tag me" and "I'll get it done." Flair attempts to exit and Rhea attacks her! Rhea and Charlotte battle it out int he middle of the ring. Flair takes down the champ with a chopblock before hitting the Natural Selection! Flair allows Cross to simply come over and pin Rhea. This is the third week in a row that Cross has pinned either Flair or Ripley.
Your Winners, Asuka & Nikki Cross!

Backstage: Alexa Bliss with Lily

We see Alexa, once again on the Playground set. She's upset because Baszler called Lily a "stupid doll" and promises that later tonight, Baszler will find out what's up and it'll be a "real scream." We go to break.

Singles Match: Drew Gulak vs Mansoor

We return from break and this match starts fast. Gulak fires off with a couple of grapple attempts. Mansoor takes Gulak down with an arm bar. During the match, a suited Ali watches from the back. In the ring, Gulak with a body slam. Gulak targets Monsoor's legs, and in a neato spot Gulak stands on the back of Monsoor's neck while simultaneously stretching the left leg back and twisting the left ankle. Dude's got a big wingspan on him. Monsoor whips Gulak to the corner and chases, running into a Big Boot. Gulak covers twice, only getting two. Gulak rolls up Mansoor but Mansoor rolls back, using gravity to help reverse the pin and pick up the win in a two-minute match.
Your Winner, Mansoor!

Backstage: R-K-Bro

We see Riddle on his scooter, standing there silently. Orton walks up and hands Riddle the invisible key to unlock his lips. Riddle begins babbling immediately about wanting a delicious, juicy whopper and fries so he can chillax. He then suggests that he and Orton become road buddies--take turn driving, listen to some tunes, and get BK in every state. Orton begins to hold up a finger and Riddle quickly asks him where his favorite place, as Vegas is his and...he realizes Orton's telling him to zip it. Riddle quickly asks if Orton will come out for his match, to which Orton replies he doesn't know. Riddle quickly compliments Orton's sweater then zips his lips, gives Orton the key--and Orton "drops it" into a trash can.

Singles Main Event Match: Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods vs Riddle w/ Randy Orton

Our final match of the night is set to begin. Woods escorts Kingston out to the ring as we go to break. Back from the break. Riddle comes out next, accompanied by Randy Orton. Our competitors set up and we begin. Kofi takes control early, punching Riddle into a corner. Kofi whips Riddle into the opposite corner and follows it up with a charge followed by a cover attempt. Kofi with a standing splash and another cover attempt. Kofi with a stiff right jab to Riddle's ribs followed by a kick to the abdomen. Riddle latches on to Kofi and hits an impressive pair of gut-wrench suplexes, showing off serious core strength. Riddle with a Bro-ton but fails to cover. Xavier Woods, still in his White Ranger outfit, plays his trombone to distract Riddle--and it works. Despite arguing, as Smith points out, they still call each other bro in friendship. Kofi takes Riddle back into the corner, rubbing his elbow into Riddle's chest. He and Woods implore the cameraman--and us--to "listen" and Kofi smacks Riddle's chest so hard, his body jumps. Randy Orton's music plays and out comes Orton! Kingston with a Dropkick in the ring to drop Riddle as Orton pursues Woods outside the ring. Kingston with a sliding Dropkick that drops Orton! Woods celebrates, playing his trombone until Orton attacks him! We head to break!
Back from the break. Riddle hits Kingston with a running knee, followed up with an Exploder Suplex. Riddle looks for a Suplex but Kingston floats over and hits the double-stomp out of the corner. Kofi counters Riddle's attempt at a comeback with another standing, single-foot stomp and covering for a close two. Kofi kicks Riddle in the ribs and uses the top rope to springboard splash down onto Riddle for another close two. Smith praises Kingston's elaborate playbook as Riddle hops up on the middle rope, looking to Exploder Suplex Kingston into the ring. Kofi locks his foot under the bottom rope, blocking it. Kofi climbs up top but Riddle intercepts him on the turnbuckles. The grapple briefly before Riddle slips off. Riddle smacks Kingston and climbs the middle again, looking for the middle rope Superplex but Kofi sends Riddle off! Kofi dives off the top, hitting a modified D-Lo frog splash for a close two! Orton stands outside, watching his partner. Kofi closes in on Riddle and...it looks like they went for two different moves, ending in an awkward headscissors flip from Riddle to Kingston, out to the ring floor. Kingston climbs the apron; Riddle looks for the Flying Knee through the middle ropes but Kofi dodges! Riddle with a vicious forearm that sends Kofi to the floor. Kingston takes the ref's count, catching his breath until Riddle attacks from his blindside. Riddle hammers away on Kofi at the announcer's table then gets a bro-fist from Smith (or Graves). Kofi tries to fight back but Riddle takes it into the ring. Riddle sets Kofi up for the Spike DDT, watching Orton and seeking his approval before connecting with it! Orton smacks the apron, excited, and yells "finish him!" Riddle drops to the mat and does the snake-slap that Orton does. Orton seems perplexed and a bit distressed. He yells at Riddle to hurry up and not give him time to breathe. Riddle goes for the RKO but Kofi shoves him forward, dodging the move. Orton's not pleased as Kofi puts Riddle away, picking up the win.
Your Winner, Kofi Kingston!

After the Match

The New Day quickly back up the ramp, celebrating. Orton looks down at Riddle, disgusted.

Previously on Raw...

We get a video package showing the events from last week in which Shayna Baszler demolished Reginald the Sommelier on Alexa's Playground after she once again interfered in Shayna's match. Baszler promised to have a chat with Bliss--coming up next--and stared Lily "face" to face and called "her" "Just a stupid doll."

Backstage: Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

We catch Baszler backstage when up walks Nia Jax in street wear--lots of sheer mesh. Never seen her outside her tights! Jax tries to offer some help to Baszler despite their recent bit of conflict, especially regarding Reginald, and Jax points out her lengthy history with Bliss. She warns Baszler that she's never seen Bliss so unhinged in all their time together. Baszler takes offense, and tells Jax she should perhaps offer her help to Bliss as Baszler is going to show Bliss in moments what happens when you cross the Queen of Spades. We go to break.

Alexa's Playground featuring Shayna Baszler

We're finally ready for our last segment of the night. Alexa Bliss welcomes Shayna Baszler to her Alexa's Playground set, this time setup in the ring. Bliss swings on her set and says that this is normally a place for friends, and hopes that she and Lily can make a new friend tonight. Lily apparently disagrees. Bliss tells Lily that new friends come in different shapes, sizes, blood-types...and out comes the Queen of Spades to the ring. Baszler enters the ring and knocks down a piece of the set before sitting in the spare swing. Bliss wants to give Baszler a chance to be her and Lily's new friend...all she has to do is apologize to Lily. Baszler scoffs at the thought of apologizing to the doll. Baszler's hair is purple now? Baszler tells Bliss that she's more delusional than she looks. Baszler accuses Bliss of being behind Reginald's accidents and the reason why Baszler & Jax aren't Women's Tag Team Champions anymore. Bliss laughs it off and says she'd never do such a thing--she just wants to be friends. She holds up Lily, "listening" to her and nodding. "Um, Shayna? I think it would be in your best interest just to apologize to Lily." Baszler rises, snatches the doll and mockingly says "Lily, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you're just a stupid doll," then tosses it aside. Bliss hops off the swing, connecting with a loud-sounding right fist. Bliss throws fists at Shayna. Baszler sends Bliss out of the ring. Baszler stands on the doll's neck; Lily can't breathe, and Alexa hesitates on the apron. Baszler stomps the doll's face in. Bliss grins darkly and the lights and ThunderDome screens begin to malfunction. Bliss picks up Lily, chuckles, and a ton of pyro goes off--chasing Baszler, essentially, up the ring and into the back.

The Guerilla Position

Shayna is shown backstage and equipment begins to fall all around her. She flees further back, dodging a piece of light rigging. She heads into a room in the back, exclaiming "It's just a stupid doll." The lights go out and come back up. Shayna's quickly moving around backstage, looking for an exit, but seems lost in the maze of backstage corridors. Baszler quickly moves into a room, locks the doorknob, latches the security chain, and places furniture barricading the door, exclaiming "this is not happening, okay". The camera turns, showing a mirror behind Baszler. Baszler sees Lily in the mirror and turns away, exclaiming "nononono, it's just a doll." Baszler looks behind her where there is no doll, then turns to the mirror where Lily is still seen. Baszler kicks the mirror, granting herself seven years luck and a pass to Catering after SummerSlam, and our show fades to black as Baszler screams with frustration as the doll is still seen in the broken mirror. Okay.

In Closing

That does it for another...interesting edition of Monday Night Raw! Have a happy evening and come on back tomorrow night for NXT! Stay chilled, stay frosty, and stay safe!

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