WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (7/13/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

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Tonight's Raw Preview reminds us that we've got four grudge matches!

The Kabuki Warriors take on the Women's Tag Team Champions, Sasha Banks & Bayley Dos-Belts for the tag team titles! We'll also see R-Truth versus Randy Orton. Will the 24/7 title be on the line? Will there be ninja interference? Will we finally learn why the giant brown ninja isn't around? Tune in to find out! We'll also see The Viking Raiders take on the team of Andrade & Angel Garza tonight! Will the duo fight amongst themselves, or will Zelina Vega be the glue that holds them together? I know you can't wait to find out, either! Vince knows you want it, and he's gonna give you what you want: we'll also get a replay of the Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins WrestleMania match.

A little late in posting this but better late than never. This one's dedicated to my mom--you will be missed. Doing like you taught me, sucking it up and pushing forward.

On to tonight's show!!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (7/13/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Show Opening/Intro

We're reminded that Raw is Legendary as we get our opening music. Tonight's matches are run down, as above. Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton remind us that this is the final Raw before the Extreme Rules ppv! We'll be covering that right here this Sunday!

MVP's VIP Lounge

MVP tells us that it's Monday night, so it must be time for the VIP Lounge--a place for people better than us! MVP tells us that his guest tonight has a heart so huge that he took in the current champ, back when he washed out and was a nobody, and helped make him into the man he is tonight. Our guest never even got a "thank you" from the WWE Champion. MVP announces a great man, an icon, and out comes Dolph Zigger!

We're told Ziggler will wait until this Sunday to announce the stipulation for the Heavyweight title match. We see a clip last week where Dolph used Heath to try to get to Drew. Drew agrees to give Heath a match only after being provoked and hit by McIntyre. We then seen the finish of their match, with Ziggler winning a match he did not want. We see Ziggler attack Slater after McIntyre leaves the ring, leading to Drew hitting the ring to make the save and helping Heath up to his feet.

Dolph congratulates MVP on the nice setup (sofa and carpet in the ring), and says he loves the new US title design. MVP agrees to tell Dolph who designed his belt for when Dolph wins the WWE Title this Sunday at Extreme Rules. Dolph then goes on to sing his own praises about how he's taught Drew everything he knows. Dolph goes on to complain about this. MVP tells Dolph that since Drew won't do it, he'll do it, and he thanks Dolph. Dolph thanks MVP, saying all he's wanted was some gratitude.

Finally the bagpipes play and out comes the WWE Heavyweight Champion, Drew McIntyre. He's wearing dress and climbs into the ring as MVP and Ziggler back up to give him space. Drew apologies for interrupting their little ass-kissing contest. He tells MVP to relax, that Drew isn't going to tear up the set again or Claymore kick him any. He says he's out here for Dolph. He's thought a lot about it, but he thinks Dolph uses people. Dolph used Mandy Rose, Drew, many others. Drew was just a hired gun. Drew says that Dolph may be very talented, but this Sunday at Extreme Rules--Dolph interrupts him and mocks him, but Drew cuts Dolph off and tells him to shut up. He says he's going to destroy Dolph. He then says that he doesn't want to wait until this Sunday and clocks Dolph, sending him down. Ziggler climbs out as his music plays and the Scottish Psychopath made another Cryptic Promise, to Maim Dolph Ziggler, to Torture Dolph Ziggler, This Sunday at the Horror Show at Extreme Rules, according to Samoa Joe.

Backstage w/ Charly, Zelina Vega, Angel Garza & Andrade

Names sorted in MFKK order. Charly informs us that she's enjoyed by the trio. She addresses Angel and Andrade, stating she feels its safe to say that there's a fair amount of derision between the two and wants to know how they're on the same page for tonight's match. Zelina Vega interrupts "two-buck Chuck" and says that she doesn't like the false narrative that Caruso is reporting, that there's an issue between her guys. She says that they've got the tag team champs running scared. She says that the men look up to Angel and Andrade. "And the women, much like yourself, are beneath me. I mean, even if you got your weave fixed and traded in your bargan-brand shoes for red bottoms, you still wouldn't be half the woman I am." Andrade and Angel both try to calm Zelina down. Angel then says that the beauty of an elimination match, unlike between being torn between two beautiful women (and he look intentionally at both Charlie and Zelina) he'll defeat the Viking Raiders. Andrade cuts in and says "we will defeat them." The Viking Raiders walk up and make a threat then do some heavy breathing. Charly then admits to being distracted (by Angel) and asked them "sorry, what?" Ivar then takes the rose from Angel Garza and gives it to Charly, who chuckles and thanks him flirtingly. Jesus Christ, Vince. Commercial break!

Tag Team Elimination Match: The Viking Raiders vs. Angel Garza & Andrade

The horn of war sounds, and the headbang-inducing distorted chops pound the pace as the Viking Raiders come out first to a big crowd pop. Once they're in the ring, we hear Andrade's music and out come Andrade, Garza and Zelina Vega. We're treated to a clip from last Monday where Randy Orton warned Angel Garza to et his head out his butt and get back in the game.

As soon as the bell sounds, Andrade & Garza jump the Raiders immediately. Angel and Erik go to the outside, then on to their prospective corners as Andrade controls Ivar. Andrade takes Ivar to the heel corner and stares at Angel for a moment, then makes the tag. Angel comes in but lets his arrogance give Ivar time to make a tag to Erik. Erik comes in and knocks aside Angel, knocks down Andrade off the ringside, and tags back in Ivar. Erik and Ivar get Angel in the corner and do their newly-titled corner double team move called the Hammer of Thor. Ivar tags back in Erik. Erik goes for a running jump kick but Garza ducks it. Garza hits a superkick on Erik. Tag in to Andrade. Andrade comes in fast, taking Ivar off the ring then hits a double underhook on Erik and pins. Erik has been eliminated, Ivar looks on as he realizes he's down two to one, and we realize we're due a commercial break.

Back from the break and Andrade and Angel are firmly in control of the match. They have a 2-on-1 advantage and are using the numbers to their advantage. Ivar ends up down in the ring as Angel and Andrade are trying to agree with each other that they're on the same page. They finally agree, just in time to eat a dive to the outside by Ivar. Back in the ring, Ivar is utilizing his agility to fight back against Angel. He hits a springboard splash. Angel sends Ivar to the corner, who propels himself up in a hand stand, lands, and nails Angel. Angel back up, both men are tired. Ivar sent to the ropes but rebounds and does a somersault to dodge Garza and hits a big kick. Andrade tags in but Ivar is ready and hits a huge roundhouse kick--Andrade pushed Garza out the way and ate the move himself, falling to Ivar's big foot and the pin! Andrade has been eliminated by Ivar.

Angel is in the ring and Ivar takes control, hitting a spin kick. Ivar takes Angel to the mat with a huge spinning kick after an attempted Wing Clipper and pins! But Andrade lifts Ivar's foot up on the rope; neither Ivar nor the official saw it. The ref stops the count as Andrade rolls on the ground, faking he didn't interfere. Ivar miscues and goes up, but Angel converts his move into a powerbomb and bridges into the pin for the win.
Your Winners, Angel (sole survivor) & Andrade

Backstage w/ Ruby Riott & the Iiconics

Ruby is ready for an interview to discuss the Iiconics, but the Iiconics show up and begin mocking Ruby. They tell her they'd take her on in a tag match but she's got no friends, and imaginary ones don't count. Ruby then interrupts them to tell them that she does have a partner, and out comes Bianca Belair. Ruby goes to introduce the E-S-T of W-W-E but lets Bianca do it. Bianca tells us shes the strongEST, the toughest the roughest the quickest the smartest, and tonight she's going to be the greatEST...tag team partner because she's got time today to help her friend Ruby out, and claps "you can't hurt me." Ruby Riott claps "what she said." and we go to commercial.

Ruby Riott & Bianca Belair vs The Iiconics

The Iiconics are out first, followed by Ruby Riott and Bianca. Belair does her fabulous entrance, trotting to the ring while swinging her hair around.

The Bell rings and Ruby Riott starts things with Peyton Royce. Billie Kay leans over the ropes to distract Ruby; Ruby clocks her then engages with Royce. Quick exchange of arm flips and both women attempt covers early. Ruby Riott doesn't see Royce tag in Kay, and turns around right into a Kay Big Boot. Kay attempts to cover but gets two. Kay takes Riott into the Iiconics corner and works her over while tagging in Royce. Royce works Riott over in the corner. Riott tries to charge out while in a headlock but Royce keeps between Belair and Riott. Royce pushes Riott back to the Iiconics corner. Kay tagged back in but doesn't keep Riott in the corner, and Riott tags in Belair. Bianca hits the ring and immediate takes it to the Iiconics. She drives Kay from corner to corner. She grinds her shoulder and torso into Kay in the corner. Belair picks up Royce over her shoulder and shows off her power in the middle of the ring, swiveling while doing squats with Kay on her shoulder. She drops her and goes for the pin but Royce breaks it up. Riott hits the ring and sends Royce out and Belair hits her new finisher, called the Kiss of Death which looks like an inverted Attitude Adjustment (they're face up on the shoulders instead of face down).
Your Winners, Bianca Belair & Ruby Riott

Backstage w/ R-Truth, Richard and Cedric Alexander

R-Truth comes up and congratulates "Richard" (Ricochet) and says he heard that Richard won the Raw MVP. Truth says he didn't even know they had an MVP. Ricochet clarifies, that he's in a match involving Lashley with MVP. Cedric then talks to Truth about his match tonight. R-Truth corrects them and says that he was challenged by Ric Flair, not Randy Orton. Ricochet and Cedric then explain to him that he was challenged to a match BY Ric Flair FOR Randy Orton. R-Truth looks a little disturbed. He goes to walk off and runs into Tozawa. He tells Tozawa that Tozawa has to teach him to be a blackbelt "in the next five six seven minutes." Tozawa yells no, attacks him and rolls him up but only gets a two. Cedric and Ricochet run over as do two ninjas. All men present break into martial arts-style poses. Ricochet then challenges Tokira Tozawa to a 24/7 title match in the ring. We go to commercials but the 24/7 title is up for grabs, next!

24/7 Championship Match: R-Truth vs Tozawa

We're back from break and see Tozawa in the ring, in a corner with three ninjas. Out comes R-Truth rapping to the crowd. "Now you can get with this, or you can get with that; you better get wit this if you wanna get with that, wassup! Wassup!" Still the poet as ever!

R-Truth says what he doesn't like is that he came out here by himself, but then asks Tozawa--"if that's really you"--why do you have one ninjas, two ninjas--

--and Shayna Baszler comes out to interrupt! Baszler takes off her jacket and Tozawa sends one ninja at her, yelling "Go!" She grabs him in a sleeper hold and sends him from the ring. Tozawa sends another ninja, and she tosses him from the ring. A third ninja attacks Shayna and is taken out! Shayna approaches Tozawa, who bows and exits the ring quickly. Shayna turns to look at Truth. He picks up a mic and says "I'll let myself out."
No contest--match never started

In the Ring: Shayna Baszler

Shayna is mad. She mocks the current champions. She says that everyone's forgotten her reign of terror. She says she's here to shatter that illusion of safety by hitting the women's division with a hard dose of reality, and she is that reality. Her music plays her off.

Mysterio/Rollins Feud

We're treated to a recap of last week's tag match involving Seth Rollins and rey Mysterio, in which the winning team could pick the stipulation for this coming weekend's match. We then see that Rey says that he chooses "Eye for an Eye" as a stipulation and will remove Seth's eye personally.

Backstage w/ Murphy and Seth Rollins

Murphy asks Rollins if he literally means that this Sunday he'll pull a man's eye out. Rollins tells Murphy that greatness sometimes requires great sacrifice, and Rey put himself in this. He tells Murphy to stay there and focus on his upcoming match with Aleister Black, as Seth has a message to send. So he sends us to commercials.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Sneak Peak

A plug for their upcoming arcade-style game is shown.

In the Ring: Seth Rollins

The Monday Night Messiah is out and as serious as ever. He's really nailed the brooding man look--Sam from Supernatural could take pointers from this guy. Tom Phillips confirms that the only way to win the Eye vs Eye Match is to literally extract an eye from your opponent. Seth gets on the mic. He repeats "an eye for an eye" repeatedly for a minute, then asks repeatedly "what does that even mean?" then repeats "I know what that means."

Seth then says that what he's come to understand is that when Rey Mysterio said "an eye for an eye," he meant it literally, and Seth is trying to comprehend, he's trying to understand how it is that we got to this point. He said that all he's trying to do is lead Monday Night Raw to a brighter future, and all Rey has done is resist. He says now they find themselves at this point where they're going to be in a match where an opponent has to rip the eyeball from another opponent. He says that the company has never sanctioned a match with such a barbaric stipulation. Seth says he'll say it again, and as much as its needed until everyone sees the truth--he never meant to harm Rey Mysterio. It was never Seth's intention. Rey presented himself as a sacrifice, and the WWE Universe asked Seth to lead Monday Night Raw into the future. He says that this year, Extreme Rules is called the Horror Show, and that's exactly what it's going to be as Rey has forced his hand for the last time--and he'll be forced to rip, tear and gouge until Rey is completely blind. He says Rey Mysterio will never watch his son be married, will never get to see his wife's face again, never see another sunrise or sunset. He says that Extreme Rules will be the end of Rey Mysterio, but in many ways it'll be a new beginning for Monday night Raw. KO's music plays and out he comes.

KO says that when he and Rey won the match last week, giving Rey the chance to choose the stipulation, he figured Rey would've gone for a last man standing match or the like. But Rey went with a disturbing match. But KO says that what's more disturbing is that Seth managed to make a genuine, very nice guy--someone everyone looks up to--sink to the point that he wants to gouge Seth's eyes out. KO says that he understands where Rey's coming from, because KO was willing to end his own career if it meant shutting Seth up back at WrestleMania. KO says that Seth doesn't need to be worried, he's got him covered--he says that he happens to be friends with a famous Jean-Pierre Petit, and KO holds up an eye patch. Seth has had enough and calls out Murphy but Aleister Black's music sounds and he comes out, and begins brawling with Murphy at ringside. We go to commercial.

Aleister Black vs Murphy

We come back from break and see Murphy hammering away at Black in the corner. Black fights back with forearms and kicks. Black tries to whip Murphy into the ropes, but Murphy hangs on to Black and hits a type of sitout dropkick, taking Black down. Black rolls to the apron; Murphy pulls Black's leg across the middle rope and hits a dragon twist from inside the ring. Black rolling in pain at ringside. Murphy takes Black back into the ring. Murphy goes off the top rope at a standing Murphy and eats a foot to the face for his efforts.

Black takes firm control and wears Murphy down with more forearms and kicks. Murphy goes for a Black Mass but Murphy ducks and takes out Black's legs. Murphy pulls Black up and sends launches himself into the ropes, rebounding and running right into a huge knee blast by Black. Aleister is eying Rollins who is at ringside as he lifts Murphy up with his foot, setting up another Black Mass, but again Murphy counters by hammering Black's weakened knee.

Murphy goes to the apron. Black tries to lift him but Murphy counters. Murphy goes to the top rope, still middle of the ring apron, and Launches himself but Aleister Black catches him mid-air with a Black Mass! Black covers for one, two...no, Seth Rollins interferes and drags him off!
Your Winner by DQ, Aleister Black

After the Match

Seth and Murphy double team Black, but Rey's music plays and out runs Dom and Brian Rey, ready to "even the odds" per the announcers (even if that means four good guys, two bad guys).

Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins

Looks like we won't get a replay of the WrestleMania match but a rematch from it. Bell Rings and Kevin Owens is quick to take control, hamming shoulders into Seth's midsection in the corner. Seth tries to create separation but eats a hamstring shot by KO that has him hopping around the ring. The announcers continue on their ten minute rant about both not knowing what an "eye for an eye" match is, while also seeming to know and lamenting the horror of such a match.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Seth is begging for mercy after the ruthful aggressiveness of Kevin Owens. KO mocks him and hammers Seth in the corner, and again, sending Seth to a seated position in the corner. KO hits the KO cannonball on Seth and pins for a two. Seth grabs the rope to break the pinfall. KO asks him twice "you go for the rope? Really?" KO snapmares Seth into the middle of the ring, puts his right knee into Seth's back and cranks his arms back as far as they'll go. Seth asks for mercy again, and KO ignores it. Seth squirms up to hit a kick to the face, but KO makes him pay for it with a kick of his own. KO sends Seth to the outside then stands in the ring, yelling smack at Seth. Seth knows he's on a losing end of a potential three on one beatdown if he stays outside with the Toretto Mysterio family. He charges and jumps up on the apron but any attempt at a springboard is shut down by Kevin Owens. Owens beats Seth so bad, Seth flees to the outside of the ring, trying to escape and lose by countout. KO follows him and beats him around the ring then sends him back into the ring. Seth flees again, and KO follows him outside again, slamming him into the barricade.

KO climbs in the ring and out to reset the ref's count. KO waits for Seth on the Apron, taunting him to come up. Seth comes up. Rollins picks Seth up in a fireman's carry on the apron, but Seth slithers out and gets into the ring. He chops out KO's legs from under him. Seth hits the suicide dive, then paces around the ring, taunting the Mysterios who are stalking him. Speaking of stalking: commercial break.

Back from the break and Seth's slowing down the pace. He utilizes working holds to keep KO grounded. Attempt at a pin that gets nothing. Seth locks KO in the same knee-in-back arm wrench that KO put on him earlier. Seth talks smack to KO, telling him to stay in the fight, mocking him. KO hits a punch, but Seth counters with a punch of his own, sending Owens to the middle rope. Seth pulls Owens up but both men exchange a series of chops, punches and a knee from Seth before attempted Irish Whip. Kevin Owens kicks Seth in the stomach and sets up the headlock before a DDT. Seth hits a spinning fist, and again KO attempts the DDT. Seth escapes again, but KO hits a superkick. Dom, Rey Mysterio and Al Black are all ringside. KO hits the DDT but only gets a two count.

Both men continue the back and forth. Seth hits the Blockbuster but only get sa two. Seth to his feet first. KO up to his knees. Seth goes for the superkick but KO catches the leg and pivots. KO delivers a superkick then goes for the pop-up powerbomb but Seth counters with a superkick, then delivers another superkick, dropping the big man down! Seth covers but only gets a two!

Seth goes for a stomp but Owens blocks and attmepts a stunner; Seth avoids it and goes to the apron. Seth climbs up top but KO drops Seth across the ropes. KO follows up top; Seth stands up taller. KO looking for perhaps a superplex but while the ref can't see, Rollins goes for KO's eye, poking at it and causing KO to fall back into the ring. KO is trying to get to his feet. Black is up on the apron and Seth charges him, but he hops down. Rey Mysterio does the same on opposite side of the ring, and Seth goes for him, too, only to have Rey drop down. This bought time for KO to get up, and he proceeds to catch a distracted Seth with a stunner for the win!
Your Winner, Kevin Owens!

After the Match: Mysterio's Tongue Lashing

Rey tells Seth that he tried to end his career; put hands on his son; some other stuff, blah blah. Rey then says this weekend at Extreme Rules, Seth is walking into the match with two eyes but will be carried out with only one. Harsh words, hermano.

Rajahmania Giveaway Update

Don't forget that our First Ever Rajahmania Giveaway will have its winner chosen this Sunday during the final match of the Extreme Rules pay per view! You can keep gaining bonus entries up to the start of the main event match! Woooo!

Backstage w/ Ric Flair & Big Show

Flair asks Show if Show remembers when Flair retired. He said that he was in the ring for 48 years, and he spent 24 of those years with Show in the business. He says that when he thinks of the all the big guys he's fought, from college into the pros, he thinks of the Big Show as a talent who stands alone based on his talent and agility. Big Show seems emotional.

He says the problem is that Big Show left this business. He's doing Hollywood. He points out that the Rock never comes back because he's doing Hollywood. He tells Show that he needs to go into the Hall of Fame healthy, and right now Randy Orton has the kind of confidence that scares people. Orton, he claims, is the best in the business and on top of the world. He tells Show to go back to LA and live the good life. He starts to walk off when Show stops him.

Show tells Flair that Flair is still the dirtiest player in the game, and he knows what he's trying to do. Show says that he knows what Orton has done to Edge and Christian, but tonight Orton faces one of his friends--R Truth--and asks Flair if he's willing to sacrifice one of his friendships by backing Orton. Commercial break.

Announcer's Table

We're reminded that tonight's the final Raw before the Horror Show at Extreme Rules, and we get a video package showing us how Orton earned the Legend Killer moniker. We see clips of him from the last 15-20 years, and a lot of odd clips of him leaning over face-down, knocked out men. We see him delivering punts to Mick Foley, RKO to Hulk Hogan, running knee to Sgt Slaughter, an RKO to Roddy Pipper, a punt to RV, an RKO on Jerry Lawler, a running knee to HBK, an RKO on Patterson, a punt to the Rock and one to Edge. A punt to Christian while he talks about the voices in his head calling him a Legend Killer.

Backstage w/ Randy Orton

Orton tells us that they say you're lucky if you leave this business, having made a handful of friends. Friends you ride up and down the road together and tell stories about. He had those friends--Edge, Show, Flair. He said that Edge came back and didn't trust him, so Randy sent Edge's ass back home, broken, to nurse that triceps injury, and be a husband and father.

He says that Christian came back to defend Edge's honor. Orton says there's nothing wrong with that, but Christian selfishly accepted Orton's challenge for an unsanctioned match. So he ended Christian.

He says the Big Show has a long history with him. Show took Orton under his wings twenty years ago, and now Show wants to defend two broken men, and Orton will have to break him, too.

Orton then mentions Flair. He says Flair has been a mentor and a friend, but it'd be a shame if Flair did anything to jeopardize the outcome between Orton and Flair.

Orton then mentions R-Truth and says they've had their moments, but it'll be sad if Truth has to meet the Legend Killer. Ric Flair comes in and tells Orton it's his moment, and to come on. Orton says he'll be right with him, and stares off into the camera as we stare off into a commercial break.

Quick 24/7 Championship Facts

"The 24/7 Championship has had 99 different reigns between 36 different competitors. The current champion, R-Truth, has held the title a record 37 times!"

R-Truth vs Randy Orton

R-Truth is out first, rapping down to the ring, and getting the crowd pumped up. Ric Flair's music calls and out comes the Nature Boy, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair! He asks Truth "What's up?" He then says he wants to congratulate Truth on one of the most illustrious wrestlers he's ever known. He said for two decades, he's been R-Truth. He tells Truth this is the deal--he wants Truth to know that Orton loves Truth, so tonight he's not going to punch his head off, or field goal him across the ring, he's just going to give Truth an RKO. "In My Veins" plays and out comes Orton, being walked to the ring by Flair.

Truth tells the ref that he can't--but doesn't elaborate. The bell rings. Truth asks Orton to hold up and wait a minute as Truth needs to talk to Flair. Truth turns his back on FOrton and goes to talk to Flair, baiting Randy who gets caught trying to sneak up for an RKO. Truth slugs it with Randy for about ten seconds before attempting a scissors kick. Orton dodges, hits the RKO, and makes the pin.
Your Winner, Randy Orton

After the Match

Truth is down. Orton is considering doing more. Flair talks to Orton but we can't make it out. Orton comes over to stand by Truth's head, looks to flair, then backs up setting up the punt. He gets int he corner as Flair tries to ask him not to do this. But here comes an angry Giant as Show comes down! Orton gets a mic and tells Show to stop; if Show takes one more step, he'll end Truth's career with a punt, too. Show stops. Truth says he did punt kick Edge, and Christian, but he wasn't going to punt kick Truth. Truth's name wasn't on that punt kick. The next punt kick has the Show's name on it. He challenges Show for next Monday to an Unsanctioned Match. Big Show smiles and yells "okay!" then Show charges the ring. Randy runs out the ring and backs up the ring, both men yelling at each other.

Backstage w/ MVP & Lashley

MVP talks about making his United States Championship title official by beating Apollo Crews. Lashley says he's going to do bodily harm to Ricochet tonight. They walk off. Drew is seen by the interviewer, and Sarah runs over to ask him about his match this Sunday, especially as Dolph hasn't chosen a stipulation yet. Before Drew can get more than a few words in, Dolph attacks him from his blindside and they brawl backstage as we go to commercial.

Did USA just legit do a commercial, advertising several action films such as Sniper and the Bourne movies, and then end it with a title card saying "All in. All Day. Movies."??? Shots fired?

Lashley vs Ricochet

We're reminded that MVP challenges Apollo Crews for his United States title at Extreme Rules. Lashley is out first with MVP, followed by Ricochet who is accompanied tot he ring by Cedric Alexander. Side note: Cedric's pose/coming out with Ricochet's entrance really makes for a cool tag-team entrance, just saying. We see clips from last week of MVP telling Cedric that he's in the catering business, calling him Ricochet's sidekick and totally not setting up some kind of heel turn later.

The bell rings and Lashely charges Ricochet. Ricochet hits a step up enziguring that doesn't phase the big man. Rico flees outside and Lashley gives chase. Rico goes back into the ring but Lashley gets him back outsdie and sends him hard into the barricade. He resets the ref's ten count. Lashley with an arm around Ricochet and slams him hard into the ring side. He sends Ricochet into the ring. Rico gets in the corner and eats a charging shoulder block. Lashley kicks Ricochet down into the ground. he lets Ricochet up and Irish Whips him into the opposite corner. Lashley tries to charge again but Rico leaps up to avoid it. Rico tries to roll up Lashley but Lashley grabs the ropes. Rico again leaps to dodge a shoulder, lands on the apron, springboards into the air and is caught midair by Lashley. Lashley hits the Dominator (haven't seen him hit that in a long time). Lashley takes Ricochet to the corner and hits a shoulder and some knees then hits a snap suplex and gets a two count. MVP yells for Lashley to bounce Ricochet all around. Okay.

Lashley leans over Ricochet who hits a flipping prone kick to stun Lashley. He rebounds off the ropes and hits a standing shooting star. He dives off the top, setting up the 630 but Lashley moves. Rico turns it into a superkick that stuns the big man. He immediately tries to capitalize on it but Lashley locks in the Full Nelson and threatens a Ragdoll Shuffle, but Rico taps out.
Your Winner, Bobby Lashley

After the Match

Lashley won't break the hold. Cedric Alexander hits the ring, hitting a jumping kick on MVP. Lashley lets go of Ricochet and locks in the Full Nelson on Cedric. We get replays, and the heels leave, leaving Ricochet and Cedrick down. We then get a cool promo for the WWE Shop's replica championships. Got a few myself, their quality is top notch. Commercial break.

The Horror Show: Extreme Rules Card Rundown

Back from break and we're reminded that on WWE Network right after Raw will be Raw Talk.
Matches announced for this weekend's show:
Wyatt Swamp Fight: WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman vs Bray Wyatt at the Wyatt Compound. They aren't making clear that this is for the Universal title.
Unknown Stipulation: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre defends his title against Dolph Ziggler, who will decide on the stipulation Sunday.
Raw Women's Champion Asuka defends against Sasha Banks
Smackdown Women's Champion Bayley Dos Belts defends against Nikki Cross

US Championship Match: MVP vs Apollo Crews
Eye for an Eye Match: Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio
. The only way to win is to extract your opponent's eye out.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso and Big Show

Charly asks Big Show if he accepted Randy Orton's challenge for next Monday. Show says "Let me clarify everything for everyone: Yes, I accept" then walks off.

Main Event: Women's Tag Team Championship: Sasha Banks & Bayley(c) vs The Kabuki Warriors

Out first are, in the words of Tom Phillips, "Bayley Dos Straps and Sasha Three-Shows." They'll defend their tag titles up after this break!

Bayley tells us that before we get this big match started, they wanted to give the Raw audience a chance to watch a movie so nice they'll have to watch it twice, and they show the same Bayley and Banks "greatness" promo from last week. Both women hug in the ring and celebrate as the crowd boos. Finally the Kabuki Warriors make their way out. Love their entrance. We're reminded for the second time in literally 7 minutes that Bayley is defending her title this weekend, as is Asuka. Oy vey. Finally, finally, the ref makes the introductions. Before the ref can finish the announcements, the tag team champs ambush the Kabuki warriors and beat them down from behind. Sane and Asuka turn things around and hit a double team jump kick, sending the tag team champs out of the ring and sending us into another commercial break. Okay.

Back from the break and the bell rings. Asuka starts against her challenger, Sasha Banks. Banks avoids Asuka and tags in Bayley. Asuka yells at Banks then focuses on Bayley. They lock up and Asuka takes her back to the ropes, where the ref forces Asuka to release Bayley. Both women lock up again, and again Asuka is led into pushing Bayley into the ropes, where the ref breaks it again. Bayley hooks Asuka's leg and catches her in the ropes, sending her to the mat. Bayley takes Asuka to the heel corner, and tags in Banks. She hits a backwards strike in the corner before letting Sasha take over. The ref has to warn Sasha about grabbing Asuka's hair. Banks headlocks Asuka and tags Bayley back in, who controls the pace with slow strikes and pin attempts. The crowd starts chanting for Asuka. Asuka tries to defend herself but Bayley fires back. Bayley takes a moment to yell smack, giving Asuka the brief moment she needed to hit a chin breaker and make the tag!

Kairi comes in fired up. She takes down Bayley. Banks in the ring and Kairi handles both opponents at hte same time. Finally Banks is out. Asuka and Banks back on the apron. Kairi is sent into the ropes by Bayley, and Asuka sneaks a blind tag in. Banks tags in and the Kabuki Warriors send Banks and Bayley back outside. Back int he ring, Asuka is controlling Banks with arm bars. She whips Banks into the Kabuki corner and hits a hip attack. Kairi Sane goes up to the top ropes. Bayley sneaks around and cuts Asuka's legs out from under her, dropping her to the floor and distracting Kairi. Banks capitalizes on the distraction and sends Kairi off the top. She lays in a fist and sends Kairi to the outside, then tags in Bayley. Banks and Bayley pursue Sane to the outside and hit a double slingshot, sending Sane face-first into the plexiglass barricade and slingshotting us into another commercial break!

Back from the break and we're reminded that AJ Styles defends his IC title against Matt Riddle this Friday night. The champs are in control of the match, utilizing quick tags as they keep Kairi Sane confined to their corner. Bayley pulls and yanks on Sane's leg and slaps her face. Sane sits and strikes Bayley in the stomach. Bayley hits her down. Sane again attempts to fight back, striking Bayley in the thigh. Bayley yells something about a Charley Horse then tags in Banks. Attempted cover, gets nothing. Banks drags Sane to the middle and covers but only gets two. Sane tries to make her way to the corner but Banks with a takedown and cover for two. Banks tags in Bayley then restrains Sane, and Bayley does a mocking dance before laying her out. Bayley locks in a rear chinlock. Sane hits a low-altitude jawbreaker to try to get away. Bayley has the ring smarts to hang in and tag in Banks, who comes in and snapmares and corners Sane, slapping her. She walks off to strut, and Sane hits a blind elbow to Bayley, knocking her off the ringside apron. Sane tries to fight off Banks while getting to her corner. Sane hits a desperation spinning backfist and both women are down. Crowd getting into this as Banks crawls for her corner and Sane makes the hot tag!

Asuka and Bayley are both now legal. Asuka cleans house, taking down Bayley, then intercepting Banks as she tries to interfere, taking her out. She takes down Bayley again and attempts a pin for a two. Bayley slides outside the ring for a breather. Asuka charges the apron, looking for the kick, but Bayley blocks the foot. Asuka then moves back and hits a running sliding knee on the apron, knocking Bayley down.

Bayley back in the ring. Bayley whips Asuka into the corner but Asuka jumps up, landing on the top rope. Bayley charges in and hits a forearm, rattling Asuka on the top rope. Bayley gets Asuka off and sends her down into the corner. Bayley runs over and tags in Banks. Banks hits the running Meteora in the corner and covers but gets nothing. Banks tags Bayley back in. Bayley takes Asuka to the heel corner and sits her on the top rope. Bayley climbs up and hits a hurricanrana, then tags Banks. Bayley runs across the ring and takes out Sane. Banks attempts a cover, Asuka turns it around, kickout at two! Asuka grabs Banks as she tries to get up and locks in the Asuka-Lock! Banks is in the middle of the ring! Bayley tries to interfere but Sane hits a spear, sending Bayley out the ring! Banks rolls over and gets a foot on the rope and the ref forces the break. Banks tries to fight. Goes for a knee strike;countered. Goes for a sleeper but Asuka gets tot he ropes and Sane does a blind tag! Banks rolls up Asuka but sees the ref isn't counting! Sane goes off the top and hits the In-Sane Elbow and covers for a two but Bayley at ringside pulls her off Banks! Bayley and Asuka fight at ringside, and both women end up laid out.

Sane goes up top and hits a forearm to the face from the top rope! Sane hits a beautiful deadlift Alabama Slam on banks! Kairi hits the ropes and is coming in for a basement uppercut but Banks catches the arm, locks in the Bank Statement, and gets the submission!
Your Winners, and STILL Women Tag Team Champions, Sasha Banks & Bayley!

After the Match

We get replays; Banks and Bayley back up the ramp some and yell taunts, holding their titles up as Asuka checks on Kairi. Could we see Banks defeat Asuka and the Boss n' Hugg Connection reign supreme on both brands? We'll find out this Sunday!

That does it for tonight, brothers. Thank you all for keeping me company tonight; the Mikester needed to feed off his Rajahmaniacs to power through tonight.

Y'all have a great evening, stay safe, and see you all Wednesday night for NXT coverage!

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