WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (7/27/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

It's Monday, you're here, I'm here--heck, even the guys we don't even like are stopping by so that must mean its time for Monday Night Raw! I'm your host with the most, your brother by another mother--or as my dearly, recently departed ma would say, your bro by another ho--Mike Hogan and I'm here to remind you that not only am I the Rajah.com Raw Live Results Coverage correspondent, I'm also a reader! You Gen X/Gen Y.1 guys will get that reference. But enough babble, let's get on to what's in store for us tonight!

The official WWE.com preview informs us that we'll see Asuak vs. Sasha Banks for the Raw Women's Championship! We'll also hear from Drew McIntyre and his choice of stipulation for his upcoming rematch with Dolph Ziggler. We'll start the show with Randy Orton announcing his next target, three tag teams will battle for the Raw Tag Team title shot at SummerSlam and Rey Mysterio's son, Dominik Toretto will confront Seth in what is most assuredly a fast, if not furious, segment. All this and more tonight!

If you're into spoilers, here's a SPOILER--don't click if you don't like SPOILERS. Apparently a star we've not seen in 2-3 weeks will be returning, and that's spoiler worthy. Cool beans, brother.

Now let's get legendary.

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (7/27/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Show Opening

We start the show with the "Legendary" opening. Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton & Samoa Joe welcome us to a Raw filled with championship opportunities. They run down the preview--we're reminded of the special stipulation

In the Ring: Randy Orton

Orton comes out to the ring as Tom runs down the events of last Monday, in which the Legend Killer took out the Big Show. We're reminded that since April, Randy Orton has taken out three legends--Show, Edge and Christian.

Orton reminds us of his accolades as the youngest champion in history, as well as having gone on to win the title twelve more times. He mentions the legendary factions he's been in. He says that Austin and the Rock can't hold a candle to his accolades, his title reigns, his endurance and longevity (and he's got a good point). He tells us something is missing, and he hasn't quite been able to put his finger on it as of late. But he woke up this morning and it hit him like a ton of bricks. He says he wants, needs, and desires to become the WWE Champion. Again. So he guesses that means that he's gotta bring Drew McIntyre into the conversation, but if he compared resume's that it'd be a short conversation. He says that ten years ago, Drew was the chosen one and Orton also knows that "he had his head so far up his ass that the only thing Drew McIntyre chose to do was get his ass fired!" He then goes on to state that after a few years, Drew showed up at NXT and he showed that he had hustle. He said that Drew's a changed man--he not only beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, he did it in quick fashion. Randy addresses Drew (into the camera) and say that they've now got a problem: Drew has what Randy wants. And Randy tends to take away things he wants from other people in the biggest way possible, in the grandest fashion possible. Orton tells us all that he wants a WWE Championship match at SummerSlam. And "when I RKO you, Drew...when I RKO you and take your title and put it over my shoulder...(sic) you will never see it coming."

Orton leaves up the ring and as he is, Nia Jax's music plays and she comes out. All our commentator staff point out that we've not seen Nia Jax in a very, very long time, not since injuring the Queen Charlotte Flair a month ago.

In the Ring: Nia Jax

Nia says that she knows how Randy Orton feels, as she wants a championship, too. She comments that Flair's not been seen since Nia took her out. She begins to talk about her plans for tonight when suddenly, Shayna Baszler's music hits! The Queen of Spades gets in Nia's face in the ring, says "nobody gives a damn what you want," and drops her mic. Nia takes a cheap shot but Baszler is fast to her feet and they begin slugging it out as way more refs than allowed in a pandemic a dozen refs hit the ring to separate them, and send us to commercial!

Did You Know?

Did you know that somehow the Bellas are still relevant? Forget their factoid, let's hit the ring.

In the Ring: The Street Profit$

Montez tells us that our WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, the Street Profit$, are proud to defend their titles at SummerSlam against the winner of tonight's match. Montez says there's something they've always wanted to do and the Profits tease/consult with each other and say at the same time they must do ring announcing.

"But first, the first team that if Thor had these two gentlemen in Wakanda, Thanos would never had had a chance to snap his fingers and make half the population disappear" and Dawkins announces the Viking Raiders.

Triple Threat for #1 Contender to Raw Tag Titles:
Viking Raiders vs. Andrade & Angel Garza vs. Cedric Alexander & Ricochet

The Raiders come out first. The Profits introduce our next team, Cedric "the Sports Entertainer" Alexander & Ricochet! Ricochet & Alexander hit the ring next, and all six men are congenial with each other as we await our third and final team. Montez tells us he "knows we're excited but first, and last and not least, is time for everyone's least-favorite telenovela...all because Selena cannot keep control of her men." They go on to debate her name. They then run down the heels until Andrade, Angel Garza and Zelina make their way out.

The heels get in the ring and celebrate as Zelina in heels leans on the ropes and scowls at the booing audience. Before the match can begin, Andrade and Angel Garza attack the Viking Raiders and send them from the ring. They then immediately attack Ricochet and Cedric and send them from the ring. Angel rips off his pants and throws them at the Street Profits, who have joined the announce team. Dawkins (not Hawkins) and Ford are quick to their feet and exchange verbal barbs with Andrade & Angel at ringside as we cut to commercial.

Back from the break and Cedric is in the ring with Ivar. Both men are locked up. Ivar shows off his high agility for a big man, and he and Cedric have a great, high octane exchange. We see Andrade, Angel and Zelina all resting outside the ring against the barricade, taking it easy as the other teams beat each other up. Cedric tags in Ricochet, and all four faces square off...but notice the heels just chilling ringside. The raiders isolate Andrade outside--Erik whips Andrade into Ivar, who slams him. Erik then scoop slams Ivar on top of Andrade. Meanwhile, inside the ring Cedric and Ricochet pair up to work over Angel. The Raiders throw Andrade in the ring, and the Raiders/Profits all work together to take out Andrade & Angel. Finally Cedric sneaks up and hits an unexpected running dropkick against Ivar, sending him from the room. This seems to be a tornado triple threat match. Ricochet and Andrade actually work together against Erik, with Andrade holding Erik for Ricochet to beat up. They continue to work together until Andrade betrays Ricochet. Ivar back in the ring and hits a big back suplex on Andrade, then a scoop slam, then hits a rebounding-off-the-ropes body splash they're calling "the Love Splash." Not sure if this is a Profits thing or official. Erik hits the ring and takes out Andrade. Erik and Angel begin to fight it out. Erik rebounds out of the corner, flips over Garza, hits a standing double dropkick that sends Garza back into the corner and us into a commercial break!

Back from the break we see Andrade & Angel stomping a new gut into Erik at ringside, before picking up Ivar, clubbing him and sending him into the barricade. Angel hits a running side hip into Cedric, smooshing him into the ringside barricade. Andrade is now in the ring with Erik. Andrade sits him in the corner, backs up and hits the running knee in the corner for a two count. Angel is now at his apron posting; Ricochet is climbing up into position, too. Andrade goes and tags Angel but Erik hops over and tags Ricochet. Ricochet comes in hot, going from ringside to ringside and taking out Angel. He hits a springboard crossbody, then a standing moonsault, for a two count. Cedric is back up in his corner. Ricochet tags in Cedric. They try to double team Angel. Angel reverses it and hits a superkick on Ricochet (and one of the Profits yells out "3D"...) then hits a superkick on Cedric. Angel tags in Andrade. The opposing tag is made to Erik. Erik takes out Andrade. He charges the ropes, setting up a rebound attack but Angel catches him and trips him up, pulling him outside. Ivar climbs up top and goes flying, taking out Ricochet, Cedric and his own partner. Angel gets in the ring and gets Cedric in the ring, hits the Wing Clipper, and gets the pin for the win.
Your Winners and NEW #1 Raw Tag Team Contenders, Angel Garza & Andrade

After the Match

Pretty solid match but a bit difficult to follow a bit due to the fluidity of who the legal man is. The Street Profits yell that they've got their SummerSlam opponents. As the music stops, the Profits and Angel & Andrade stare each other down, both teams basically alternating "SummerSlam!" (Profits)" and gesturing around their waist as if they had titles (A&A). Andrade & Angel attack the Profits and throw the top of the announce table on them, then haul butt up the ring.

Backstage w/ Nia Jax and A Referee

We're told that Nia is discussing the attack by Baszler with the ref, and apparently they're squaring off tonight! Who will win, the Heatless Heel or the Botchinator? We'll find out after this commercial break!

Shayna Baszler vs Nia Jax

Nia is out first. Baszler comes out second. Both women immediately go after each other as the ref slips out from between them and the bell rings. Nia and Shayna lock up; Nia picks her up and tosses her outside the ring. Nia follows to the ringside. Nia shoves Shayna face first into the barricade. Ref is at 6! Nia throws Shayna into the barricade again, and again! Count out!
Count Out on Both Competitors

After the Match

Shayna reverses another attempt and attacks Nia. Both women brawl. A ginger of an official comes out with another ref, trying to stop the women. The ginger begs Shayna and Nia to stop. They take out a ref. Shayna ends up outside the ring. Nia rips off the ginger's jacket, and then takes him out. Shayna tries to get back in the ring but the refs stop her. Nia's music plays us off as this feud is just beginning.

Seth Rollins/Mysterio Familia Promo

In this week's episode of the Seth is the Furry-us (see what I did there? He's hairy? Furry? Get it? No? I tried.) we get the same recap we had last Monday, showcasing the buildup of the feud, and Seth apparently destroying Rey's eye he had previously destroyed some weeks earlier. We get the obligatory Seth puking recap.

Backstage w/ Seth Rollins & Murphy

We see Seth standing in a suit, taking a long, deep breath and exhaling as the camera pulls back to show Murphy standing next to Seth. Seth asks Murphy "are you with me?" Murphy has his arms crossed, and asks Seth if he really thinks Dominick will show tonight. Seth babbles on about sacrifice and such and feels Dominick will be there tonight. Murphy....looks concerned? Are they hinting that Murphy has a conscious, or is he jittery because of an energy drink? We'll find out after this commercial break!

Backstage w/ Ruby Riott, Bianca Belair & Mark Henry

Tom feels its more important to talk about Ruby Riott and Bianca Belair getting advice from Mark Henry, rather than shutting up and letting us hear. Ruby and Bianca were all smiles and the big man is aging great!

In the Ring: Seth Rollins & Murphy

We cut to the ring and Seth & Murphy make their way out while Tom & Byron tell us there is no bounds to the pure evil that Seth Rollins brings to the WWE Universe.

Seth goes to speak and someone loudly yells "Seth, you suck!" Seth goes on to remind us that he defeated Rey Mysterio at Extreme Rules, and then last week on Raw he defeated Aleister Black. He says the Monday Night Messiah is on a roll and should be in a great mood, but he's not, and he's gonna tell us why. It's because Dominick Mysterio is here tonight and Dom plans to confront Seth. And this seems to be a recurring theme to Seth, that every time the "Greater Good" takes two steps forward, somebody stands in his way and he's forced to take a step backwards. "And the ugliness in all of this is the fact that someone seems to get hurt every step of the way. Kevin Owens stood in my way and broke his ankle. We know what happened to Rey Mysterio in an Eye for an Eye match. And last week, Aleister Black--who continues to be a thorn in my side--has injured his arm." A fan yells "you're crazy." Seth says he doesn't want to be a person who hurts people--and another fan yells "then stop doing it!" Seth reflects on the last time Dominick was there to confront Seth, when Dominick jumped Seth from behind. Seth doesn't want that to happen, he doesn't want there to be violence, he wants to do this the right way as he has a soft spot in his heart for the Mysterio family. He asks Dominick to come to the ring and confront him, face to face, man to man, and talk this out. A fan yells "Take his eye out!" Seth again invites Dominick to come down to the ring. The crowd seems pretty feisty in their comments tonight!

Dominick comes out without music, and slowly walks to the ring. Seth assures him that it'll be okay and gives his word. He continues to talk and coax Dom to the ring. Murphy holds the ropes for Dominick. Dom gets in the ring and Seth backs up, giving him breathing space. Seth says he is a benevolent man and he wants to give Dominick the chance to get things off his chance. He says if it's too tough for Dominick to articulate what he's saying, then Seth's there. Seth slowly approaches and extends his arms for a hug. Dominick hits a sidewalk slam! Murphy immediately tackles Dominick, but Dominick rolls on top and sets up to hammer away at Murphy.

Rollins attacks Dominick, and he and Murphy stomp Dominick down into the mat, the apron, down to ringside. They exit the ring and whip Dominick into the barricade then both men gang stomp him for a few moments. They pull him to his feet and send him into the corner of the barricade behind the announcer's table. Seth yells "What is wrong with you? What is wrong with your entire family?" They beat him, then send him hard into the side of the announcer's desk (table, desk, whatever).

Seth yells he didn't want it to come to this, he didn't want it to come to this, and begins to drag Dominick in the direction of the stairs. Out of nowhere comes flying Aleister Black! Black attacks Seth until Murphy attacks him, and the numbers game takes over. Seth & Murphy whip Aleister into the barricade. Seth yells for Murphy to pick up Black and bring him over. Murphy pulls Black to his feet, but Black shoves him back. Murphy is quick to return with a jumping knee strike, and he and Seth beat on Black. Seth backs up, sets up the Stomp, and hits it on Black at ringside. Seth stares at the stairs. He yells "You know what you have to do, Murphy!" Murphy says "What?" Seth again says "you know what you have to do!" Murphy asks, "me?" Seth slaps Murphy and yells "you know what you have to do!" He slaps Murphy a few more times and exclaims the same thing. He reminds Murphy of his history with Black and how Aleister's been in his way for so long. Murphy finally 'snaps' and drags Aleister over and runs his face into the stairs. He "takes out the eye" of Black.

Seth yells for Murphy to get Dominick. Murphy circles the ring but the young man ambushes him with a kendo stick! Dominick uses the stick to beat back Seth and Murphy, sending them up the ramp and sending us backstage!

Backstage w/ R-Truth & Mustafa Ali

R-Truth says he heard that Ali was a guest on the MVP lounge, and Ali corrects him that it was the VIP lounge. Truth asks if Ali is going after his 24/7 title that Shelton Benjamin stole, and Ali tells him no, he's got a match with Bobby Lashley. Truth then eyes Ali up and says "I've got my eyes on you, Mufasa," then walks off. Ali asks if he called him Mufasa, and we go to commercials. When we return from commercials, the Papa John's video promo is about Ali's return to WWE on Raw!

The VIP Lounge

MVP does his wonderful heel entrance about how the VIP Lounge is for people like them--people better than you. He's in the ring with the fake(?) United States title, Shelton Benjamin & Bobby Lashley--his faction that he's referring to as the Executive Board of the Hurt Business. He comments on Ali's return last week in which Ali interfered in their match last week, and welcomes Mustafa Ali to the VIP Lounge. He wants to help Ali. Ali makes his way down to the ring.

MVP welcomes Ali to the VIP Lounge, where Made Men hang. He veils a threat, basically saying Ali either joins the Hurt Business or he's their enemy. Ali says that last week, he and his two little friends put the Hurt Business out of business last week. Ali says he's happy to finally be back, he's happy to be on Raw, he's excited to climb the ladder, he's excited to soon be a champion. MVP says "a real champion like me?" MVP then goes on to say that everything Ali mentioned can happen, but it comes down to him making the right decisions and when he hangs out with the right people, good things happen.

Ali says that "just because you managed to brainwash these two meatheads" doesn't mean that Ali will go along with it. He says that he can think for himself. MVP reminds Ali that tonight, Ali takes on the CEO of the Hurt Business, Bobby Lashley. He reminds Ali that Apollo Crews kind of thought like Ali does, and now Apollo Crews is at home watching Raw from his couch. He says that Ali can either join them and party in the VIP Lounge, or he can be watching Raw from his couch alongside Apollo Crews. He tells Ali to make a decision.

Ali says no--he doesn't care what the proposition is, just no, and...R Truth hits the ring, tackles Shelton, rolls out to ringside with him and attempts a pin! Truth gets two but Shelton gets a shoulder up and R-Truth flees from the ring, heading up the ramp as we head to a commercial break!

Smackdown Preview:

We're told AJ Styles will defend his Intercontinental Championship against Gran Metallik. Plus, Nikki Cross takes on Bayley for the Smackdown Women's championship.

Mustafa Ali vs Bobby Lashley

The CEO of the Hurt Business, Bobby Lashley, squares off with Mustafa Ali after Ali turned down MVP's offer to join the VIP Lounge. Ali and Lashley stand opposite in the room. MVP yells "chase the light" twice. Ali steps up to Lashley, who shrugs him off. Ali runs and leaps at Lashley, laying in forearms until he's shrugged off. Lashley picks up Ali and tosses him across the ring, then posts up in the corner and sets up for a spear. Ali stumbles into the corner, and Lashley spears him in the corner. Lashley picks him up and places him into the corner, places his back against Ali's chest, and rains back elbows until he spins and hits a hard right fist, flooring Ali. Lashley pulls Ali up, Irish whips Ali into the ropes, then hits the toss up military drop on Ali. He picks Ali up and hits a right fist so hard, he has to shake his own fist. Lashley pulls Ali up, sets up a suplex...smiles and shoves Ali back into the corner instead, and begins to pound and choke Ali in the corner as the ref counts, then warns him.

Lashley pulls Ali back up and lifts him up into the stalling suplex, holding him there for ten seconds before slamming him down. At ringside, Shelton Benjamin is suddenly rolled up by a Tozawa who was hiding under the ring! Benjamin escapes, and takes him out. The ninjas hit the ringside, only for Lashley to exit the ring and destroy them. As he's focused on picking up one to further destroy, Ali hits a suicide dive from behind, slamming Lashley into the barricade just in time for us to go to another commercial break!

Back from the break and Bobby Lashley is kneeling on Ali's neck, draped across the middle rope. Benjamin & MVP taunt Ali as he's down on the mat, until Lashley picks him up and chokes him. He breaks as the ref counts to three. Lashley whips Ali into the ropes and bends over for the back flip. Ali catches him with a kick to the face, but it doesn't phase Lashley. Lashley tries to lift Ali over his head but Ali escapes. Ali sends Lashley into the corner, then charges it. Lashley tosses him up over his head. Ali shoulder thrusts Lashley out of the corner and starts to springboard into the ring, only to catch a hard double handed shove from Lashley, sending Ali flying to the outside. Lashley climbs outside the ring and whips Ali unbelievably hard and fast into the ringpost, causing Ali to flip around like a doll. Ali is still down as the ref counts. Lashley goes outside to break the count and sends Ali in. He sits Ali up and locks in an Iron Grip, clenching hard on the trapezus (Joe's word, not mine). Lashley picks Ali up and hits a high toss into a Flatliner and covers but Ali kicks out at two. Lashley stands above him, arms extended. Ali uses Lashley's form to climb to his feet, only for Lashley to pick him up into a Military Press--but Ali escapes! Lashley goes for the Dominator but again, Ali slips out and lands on his feet! Mustafa Ali hits a middle rope springboard DDT and the big man is down! Ali goes all the way up top and goes for the 450--Lashley moved, so Ali rolls through! Both men charge but Lashley slips around and locks in the Full Nelson! Ali taps!
Your Winner by Submission, Bobby Lashley!

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso & Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler looks like he's auditioning for a blonde Wolverine and Charly is as gorgeous as ever. She asks him if he's possibly learned about the stipulation that Drew is choosing for their match, and Dolph says no, he doesn't know, and he doesn't care. He says Randy's waited this long to figure "it out" (that he wants a championship shot), but Dolph says he's waited longer and he'll be the one going to SummerSlam. We cut to NXT promos and commercials. NXT looks like it'll be pretty tight this week.

Announcer's Table/Asuka & Sasha

Our annnouncers remind us that Drew still has to pick his stipulation for his match against Dolph. We're then treated to a video and photo package recapping eight nights ago when Asuka defended against Sasha. In case you missed it, Bayley tossed in one of the tag titles from ringside to distract the ref; the ref didn't see Sasha tapping out. Asuka went to spit green mist in Sasha's face as she rose, but Sasha moved and Asuka spit in the ref's face. Bayley then entered the ring, ripped off the ref's shirt, counted for Sasha Banks when she hit a backstabber and pinned Asuka, then declared Sasha the champion. We also see the video of Stephanie McMahon from last Monday's Raw, declaring that neither woman won so they'll fight tonight to determine the champion and if "a certain role model gets involved, you will lose!"

Raw Women's Championship: Asuka(c) vs Sasha Banks

Reminder of the special rule for this match: the title can change hand via pinfall, submission, countout DQ, interference, TKO. Sasha Banks is out first with the Raw title, even though she's not the champion. Bayley escorts her to ringside. Banks gets on the match and says that no one likes a bully, and there's no bigger of a bully than Stephanie McMahon. She states that "she's jealous because we have all the gold, and run the whole damn company." Bayley says they are the show. She says that, being the role models that they are, they fight and stand against injustice. And that's why, at Extreme Rules, when Asuka spit that disgusting green mist in the ref's face, Bayley ran in the ring to check on him. And when she turned and saw Sasha pinning Asuka, she counted the one, two, three. Banks says that they said they were going to hold all the gold--Bayley chimes in "and we did!" Bayley says tonight that Sasha is going to tap out Asuka. Out comes Asuka, accompanied by Kairi Sane.

In the ring, Kairi whispers something in Asuka's ear, and she nods. Kairi immediately chases after Bayley, up the ramp and into the back! And we go to commercial. Let's just hope they're careful backstage, don't want anyone getting a career-ending injury back there!

Back from the break and the announcer is in the ring with the ref and both superstars. Each woman is announced, with Sasha getting the expected boos and Asuka the expected cheers. Tom reminds us of the rules again as the ref holds the title up and ding-ding-ding goes the bell!

Both women circle a bit before Asuka tries for a rear waist lock, but eats an elbow. Sasha yells "that's right, I'm gonna be the Raw women's champion!" Asuka fires up and sends Banks into the corner, delivering several kicks until the ref cautions her. Asuka snapmares Banks into the middle of the ring and hits a painful chest kick. Asuka fires up and delivers the Asuka kicks before hitting a Shining Wizard and covering for a two. Sasha slow to her feet so Asuka gives the assist. Asuka sends Banks into the ropes, but Banks counters by locking her arms around the ropes. Asuka charges and eats a kick; Banks charges Asuka but Asuka grabs the arms, twirls and sends them to the floor and goes for an arm bar. Sasha Banks rolls to try to slip out of it but Asuka locks in her legs around and locks that elbow out! Banks flips closer to the ropes but Asuka holds on! Banks reaches the ropes, forcing the break. Banks gets up in the corner and rests for a moment. Asuka runs and goes for what looks like a kick, but Banks dragon screws the right leg. Asuka sent into the corner and up on the middle ropes; Banks hits a backstabber!

Banks locks in a single-leg crab and keeps it on for a few, but Asuka gets out of it. Banks stands and picks the leg; banks tries to tie up the left leg for perhaps an inverted Figure Four, but Asuka kicks Banks in the bum and sends her out of the ring. Sasha yells about disrespect, and that she's out of here; she demands to be given her belt. The ref reminds her that if she's counted out, she loses the title (not that its hers technically). Banks throws her tag belt in the ring and seems to be giving in to the ref's order to get in the ring. The ref is distracted, as he goes to retrieve the belt while Sasha slides in behind him with the Raw Women's title. She's acts like she's going to attack Asuka, but instead tosses the belt to Asuka and lays on the mat, and claims she was hit by the belt. The ref isn't buying it, though, and tosses the belt from the ring. Sasha turns and catches a stiff side kick from Asuka as we go to commercials.

Back from the break and both women are returning to their feet. Banks hits a dropkick to Asuka's injured leg. Banks hits a modified foot DDT on the left leg of Asuka. Sasha lifts Asuka's left leg and steps through, torquing the knee against her own. Asuka escapes and backs up into the corner. Banks chokes Asuka til the ref counts 3, then wraps Asuka's injured leg around the bottom rope and pulls it til the ref breaks it. Sasha controlling things firmly with strikes. She pulls Asuka to her knees and yells "I'm the next champion!"

Asuka hits a quick knee strike, but lands on her injured leg. Sasha is on the apron; Asuka hopping on her leg. Asuka charges for her hip attack but Sasha avoids it, then drags Asuka down onto the apron and slams the left leg repeatedly into the apron. She gets in the ring as the ref's count gets high--the title can be won or lost by count-out. Sasha tries a quick cover but gets two. She hits a chest kick on a sitting Asuka, then mocks the Empress. Banks off the ropes and hits a Meteora but Asuka kicks out at two! Banks locks in a single leg, then locks back the left arm but Asuka won't tap.

Banks uses the ropes as she applies a shin lock. Ref breaks it. Banks charges a vulnerable Asuka, stuck on the middle rope, but Asuka gets a foot up and sends Banks back. Asuka goes for a knee hold, but turns it into an Ankle Lock. Asuka drags Banks back to the middle of the ring but Banks gets to her foot and cartwheels Asuka into the corner. Banks up but is limping; Asuka up in the corner just in time to catch Banks hitting a running leaping double knee strike to the chest! Asuka is down. Banks climbs the top turnbuckle, waits for Asuka to rise, then goes flying--only to be caught by Asuka in mid air with a double knee-to-chin! Both women are down as the ref counts. Ref is at seven and they're just up to their knees! Ref gets to eight but both women get to their feet. Asuka fires off strikes and goes for the spinning backfist, but Banks dodges. Bank attempts a cover but Asuka powers out of it. Banks goes up the ropes but before she can even do anything, Asuka hits a kick to the back of Banks' injured leg, dropping her. Asuka sends Banks across the ring. Asuka hits the running hip attack! Cover for two! Both women are hurting and slowly trying to get to their feet. Asuka is crawling across the ring towards Banks. Asuka sets Banks up on the top rope, then slaps her own left leg to get some feeling in it. She climbs the middle rope.

Banks and Asuka begin to club it out until Banks sends Asuka falling back. Banks hits the Frog Splash for a two! Converted into the Bank Statement! Asuka can't get to the ropes! Asuka inches closer to the ropes, but Banks uses the middle rope to propel herself backwards, holding in the bank statement! Asuka slips out but Banks sends Asuka outside! Banks attempts a baseball slide but Asuka cuts her off and lays in forearms! Banks powers up and lifts Asuka, dropping Asuka on her left leg across the announce table! Banks rushes into the ring. Ref is counting, Asuka still down! At nine, Asuka does a remarkable John Cena imitation and kips up and gets in the ring, only to collapse on her injured leg. Banks leans over and talks trash to her.

Sasha tells Asuka she is two-belts Banks. Asuka angrily steps up and rolls up Banks, but Banks kicks out at two! Sasha immediately slides down Asuka's body to lock in the Bank Statement! Asuka tries to get to the ropes but Banks rolls over and slides the Bank Statement up a bit further. Asuka flips over and locks in a standing leg lock on Banks! Banks kicks her off; Asuka rebounds off the turnbuckle and hits a beautiful drop kick!

We suddenly see Kairi Sane and Bayley backstage; Bayley is decimating Sane. She keeps throwing Sane against a garage door, yelling at her "you think you can jump me?" Banks tries to capitalize on the distraction but Asuka counters and locks her in a neck lock. The beat down continues on the screen--Asuka is forced to decide between retaining her title or running back to help Sane as Bayley is brutalizing Sane. Asuka flees the ring, up the ramp, and is counted out as she reaches Sane backstage, while Bayley runs off. The ref counts ten and we now have two double-champions in the women's divisions!
Your Winner and NEW Raw Women's Champion, Sasha Banks!

After the Match

Both Banks and Bayley celebrate as they are both finally, and officially, double champions. They own all the gold in the women's divisions for Raw and Smackdown. We cut to break.

Tribute to Regis Philbin

A nice video package plays, dedicated to Regis who passed away this past weekend.

Murphy vs Humberto Carrillo

Murphy is out first. Carrillo comes out second as the announcers mention that Humberto is out to avenge his friend. Murphy takes control early before Humberto makes some separation with one loud chop. Humberto takes control with strikes and the speed advantage. Murphy attempts to comeback but Humberto hits a springboard kick, followed up with a suicide dive through the middle ropes, sending Murphy into the barricade. Humberto sends Murphy in the ring and goes up top, but Murphy is up fast, bounces off the ropes and shoves Humberto off the turnbuckle and into the barricade outside. The ref counts as Murphy waits in the ring. At five, Murphy heads outside and sends Carrillo into the barricade again before taking the action back inside.

Murphy delivers a really loud kick (gotta love kick pads!) to Humberto's back. Murphy gets Carrillo on his knees and locks his arms around Humberto's head, squeezing Humberto's face between Murphy's forearms. Carrillo gets to his feet and gains separation but takes a boot to for all his troubles. Murphy sends Carrillo into the corner; Humberto with a kick, then climbs up top. Murphy catches him and drops him down. Murphy charges the corner but Carrillo hits a superkick, taking both men down.

After a few moments, both men to their feet. Joe says Humberto isn't trying to beat Murphy, he's trying to beat him up. Both men begin exchanging a series of kicks; Murphy stomps Humberto's foot; Humberto with a step up enziguri. Both men end up in the corner. Carrillo hits a step-up kick, climbs up top and hits a missile dropkick to the back of Murphy's neck. He covers but only gets two as we get a replay of that well-orchestrated missile dropkick. Murphy's still down on the mat. Humberto holding his back as he climbs up top, but Murphy rolls out to the apron. Carrillo climbs down onto the apron and both men spar on the apron. Humberto lifts Murphy up in a fireman's carry, but Murphy rains elbows down and kidney shots Carrillo. Carrillo with an elbow to the face. Carrillo goes up top and dives, but Murphy jumps and kicks him in the face! Murphy then hits the Murphy's Law and covers for the win!
Your Winner, Murphy!

After the Match: Ziggler/McIntyre Promo

We get a video package showing that Ziggler didn't inform McIntyre of the stipulation for their Extreme Rules match until they were in the ring at Extreme Rules. The stipulation was Extreme Rules for Ziggler only; any DQ or what have you, by McIntyre, would transfer the title to Ziggler. We then see footage and stills of their fight.

Backstage w/ Drew McIntyre & Mark Henry

We see the Hall of Famer speaking with the champ but, again, Tom wants to be heard. We go to commercial break and, apparently, Drew vs Dolph is up next according to Tom--if I insinuated earlier that they were simply announcing the stipulation tonight, I apologize. (Also if I ever call him Dolph Lundgren, blame the 80's action flicks I grew up on.) Tom's announced their title match is next! Commercials time.

Main Event - WWE Championship Match: Drew McIntyre(c) vs Dolph Ziggler

Out first is the WWE Champion, the Scottish Psychopath, the 21st century Connor McLeod of Clan McLeod, Drew McIntyre! He marches straight to the ring and asks for a mic. He says before he gets to Dolph and the stipulation for tonight, he's going to have to address the comments made by Randy Orton. He says it's official--at SummerSlam it'll be Drew McIntyre versus Randy Orton for the WWE Championship! Spoilers, Drew! Spoilers!!! Drew goes on to say that Randy is taking everyone out, firing on all cylinders, and he's the biggest threat to Drew's title reign. Drew says he knows everyone thinks that he, being Drew, is the under dog. He prays that Orton is thinking the same thing, too, because Brock Lesnar underestimated him and lost in five minutes at WrestleMania. He says just like the RKO, you won't see the Claymore coming!

He tells Dolph that he's got the stipulation for him--and Dolph's music plays. He comes down to the ring, telling Drew he's waited a week, he gave him all the time in the world because he's a gentleman and he wants Drew to lay it on him--what's the stipulation? Drew says that he was so inspired by Dolph's Extreme Rules stipulation that he's going to make tonight's match an Extreme Rules match--for both of them, unlike eight days ago. We go to commercial!

Main Event - WWE Championship Extreme Rules Match: Drew McIntyre(c) vs Dolph Ziggler

Back from the break and just wanna hype Dexter Lumis vs Finn Balor vs Timothy Thatcher this Wednesday on NXT. Loving the work Lumis and Thatcher are doing.

The bell rings and both men approach each other--Ziggler hits a sucker punch and rushes out the ring to get a steel chair, but Drew is waiting when he stands and grabs the chair. Ziggler hits a superkick on Drew. Dolph sends Drew repeatedly into the barricade; he attempts to send him into the ringpost but Drew catches it, and backhand slaps Dolph. Drew sends Ziggler into the ring post. Drew picks up Dolph, gets a running start and Lawn Darts Ziggler into the barricade, breaking the plexiglass! Drew retrieves a kendo stick from beneath the ring and slowly walks up to Dolph, then begins to beat him with it. "It doesn't feel good, does it," screams Drew! He uses the kendo stick around Dolph's neck and hits a Side Russian legsweep, shades of the Hitman, into the barricade! He whips Ziggler with the stick again. Drew stands behind Dolph, uses the kendo stick to hold Ziggler by his mouth, then shoves Dolph forward with the stick in his mouth, ramming him face first into the ring post! Ziggler sent into the ring, then Drew tosses and throws multiple chairs into the ring from ringside. Drew takes a table into the ring.

McIntyre delivers crushing chops and blows on Ziggler. Ziggler scrambles across the mat for a chair, but Drew catches him and takes the chair from him. He taunts Dolph, saying "you going for this?" Drew waits for Dolph to get to his knees then runs with the chair--only to be caught with a low blow from Dolph! Drew rolls out the ring, holding the Scottish Jewels. Ziggler follows, picking up a kendo stick, and using it to choke Drew. He then delivers a hit to the left knee. Drew staggers further away and Dolph pursues. Ziggler smacks Drew in the face/head with the stick. Dolph follows as Drew tries to get some distance, and uses the kendo stick to facelock Drew. Dolph then uses the kendo and hits his own side Russian legsweep on Drew! Dolph gets up and tries to mount some offense, but Dolph hits a big knee to his face. Dolph up on the apron, runs its length and goes flying! Drew catches Dolph in midair, holds him up high and runs him into the barricade on the other side of the ring! Both men are down as we go to commercial!

Back from the break and both men are still down, and the ringside is filled with rubble. Drew is up first. He pulls Ziggler to his feet and rolls him into the ring. Drew climbs into the ring but Dolph kicks the middle rope as he's straddling it. Back in the ring, McIntyre immediately begins a comeback. He hits a overhead belly to belly, then another massive overhead belly to belly. Drew climbs the top turnbuckle and waits for Dolph to rise, then hits a flying forearm. Drew kips up, grinning and confident. He picks Dolph up and goes for the Future Shock DDT but Ziggler reverses it into a Famouser! Both men down. Drew uses the ropes to climb to his feet and Dolph crawls to the apron, climbing the turnbuckle. McIntyre comes over and punches Ziggler in the face, then chops him hard. Ziggler is seated on the top rope. McIntyre climbs up and begins turnbuckle punches, stopping after two powerful fists to the face. McIntyre hits a superplex off the top rope, landing hard on and high on his shoulders and upper back. Drew gets in the corner, measuring Ziggler for a Claymore. Drew charges for the Claymore but Dolph immediately leaps up, spins around McIntyre in midair, and hits the Zigzag! Two count but Drew kicks out! Both men are trying to pull themselves to their feet. Ziggler gets a chair; Drew charges and Claymore's Ziggler through the table set up in the corner! Drew covers and gets the win!
Your Winner and STILL WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre!

After the Match

Drew holds his title high and celebrates just long enough for Randy Orton to hit an RKO from off-camera. Orton stands over the champ, saying "I told you so." Orton moves to the title and kneels at it, laying it out on the canvas in front of him as we get a replay of the RKO from outta nowhere. Orton holds the belt around his waist and stands over the champion, then hoists the belt high as we end our show!

In Closing

Slap me around and call me Susan, because my fingers cannot believe what they've just seen! That does it for tonight's Raw. A pretty solid show with matches much better than I could possibly describe them.

Below are the links of how to find us on social media. Slide into my DM's if you want; either way, I'll see you all in the comments section and again this Wednesday for NXT! Now throw 'em up and give me a hell yeah, brother!

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