WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (7/6/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

It's Monday so that means tonight, Raw is war! Legendary NFL coach Vince Lombardi once said that "perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence." Well you're here for the Rajah News Raw Live Results Coverage so you're chasing perfection, and guess what, brother? You've caught excellence because presenting tonight's Live Results Coverage is the excellence of results execution, the rambling Hitman; the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be at live results coverage--Mike Hogan! Love me, hate me--you're still reading me. And you can talk about your Psalms and your John 3:16. Well, Mike 3:16 says I just intro'd your a** to our Live Results Coverage!

Based on tonight's previews and potential spoilers, we're expecting a big name a return of someone who was released in April. We'll also see the debut of a new United States Championship belt tonight. Here's hoping that it had a better revamp than the IC title did. We'll also see a champion vs. champion match as Bayley takes on Asuka in a non-title, inter-brand fight.

Alright, brother, it's time--I'm gonna open a can of whoop-ass on your results coverage, starting now!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (7/6/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Show Opening Theme Video

We open with the usual "Legendary" intro video. Tom Phillips, Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton run down the preview, with a champion vs champion match as Asuka takes on Bayley. Rey Mysterio will be back in action, teaming with Aleister Black against Seth and Murphy.

In the Ring: Drew McIntyre

We hear the bagpipes starting and get our second-favorite bagpipe entrance as Drew McIntyre comes down to the ring. We're told we will learn the stipulation for his match against Dolph Ziggler at Extreme Rules Extreme Rules: the Horror Show The Horror Show at Extreme Rules.

Drew welcomes everybody to Monday Night Raw. "Let's get right down to business. In two weeks time at the Horror Show that is Extreme Rules, it'll be Drew McIntyre versus Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Championship." He goes on to say that Dolph could pick a Steel Cage match, but there's be no escape for him. Dolph could pick a No Hold's Barred match, but Drew's fists are already weapons, so you give him weapons and it's gonna be good night. He says Dolph could choose a match at the edge of a cliff overlooking a volcano with sharks with friggin' laser beams on his head and he might wonder where he's at for a start, but it'll end the same way--with Drew as champion. He tells Dolph not to waste anyone's time, and to come on out and tell us the stipulation. Dolph's music plays.

Dolph says his decision is...a secret. He says Drew screwed up and gave him the chance to pick the stipulation, so there's no way Dolph is revealing it before the pay per view. Dolph tries to talk down to Drew, causing Drew to snap at Dolph and yell that he's the WWE Champion. Dolph says that if you wanna compare resume, big guy, mine's bigger. He then reminds Drew that from 2014-2017, Drew was fired and out of WWE. Drew reminds Dolph know that Drew beat Brock in five minutes at WrestleMania. Dolph says there's a list a mile long of people that Drew's used and disposed of, people he's stabbed in the back to get where he's at, and he's brought one with him.

Out walks Heath Slater wearing a "Free Agent" tee. Slater walks to the ring and climbs in. Drew approaches but Slater holds a hand up, holding Drew at arm's length. He says that he and Drew go back a decade. He says he remembers the first time Drew came over to the US, before he had all the peach fuzz on his face. He was one of the first guys to be called up to the main roster, the chosen one. Heath says but back then, Drew wasn't the chosen one. He says this guy, meaning present day Drew, is the chosen one.

He says "let me take you back to April." He was at home with his kids, and watched Drew defeat Brock. Talk less, Claymore. Heath said he jumped up and cried when Drew beat Brock, he felt so much joy. He said that when Drew got released, Heath called Drew every day. He made trips to Florida to come have dinner with him. But when Heath was released, where was Drew for Heath? Heath repeats himself. "Let that sink in. Think about this. I haven't spoken to you in how long?...That's right, you don't even know. Surprised. It was on the Bump, the one show they let me come in for." He mentions that he doesn't have the 22 kids the world thinks he has, but he does have two beautiful kids. Heath was there for Drew when he was released. But Drew wasn't there for him. He said that on the Bump, Drew promised to petition for a match with Heath. Heath said that "I got kids" ain't just a gimmick, it's reality. He tells Drew that he wants Drew to give Heath what he deserves, what Drew--as a friend--promised Heath. The crowd applauds all this.

Heath sees Drew not reacting. "You don't wanna fight me? What about now?" Heath shoves Drew. Drew comes over and says "you push me--" and is cut off as Heath slaps him. "What about now," Heath asks again. Drew looks on, solemnly, and tells Heath that he's got his fight. We cut to commercials.

Drew McIntyre vs Heath Slater

The bell rings and Heath Slater takes it to Drew, fighting him in the corner. Heath pulls his shirt off, pumping up the crowd, but giving Drew an opening to hit a fast Claymore and score the pin.
Your Winner, Drew McIntyre!
Back in the Unemployment Line, Heath Slater!

After the Match

Drew leaves up the ring. Dolph gets in the ring and yells back and forth with Heath. Dolph attacks Heath, and Drew runs down to the ring for the save. Dolph backs up the ring yelling he's in charge now. Drew yells for him to get back in the ring, but Dolph says not a chance and leaves. Drew turns to Heath and helps him to his feet. They bro hug and Drew holds Heath's hand up in the air and they bow together.

Backstage w/ Sasha Banks & Bayley

Interviewer Sarah welcomes the Women's Tag Team Champions out but Bayley says "why should we talk to you when we can go talk to the world?" They then walk off and Asuka walks on. Sarah asks Asuka how she plans on handling the two of them later tonight. Asuka asks "Who says I'm all alone?" and dance/jiggles off screen as we go to commercial.

In the Ring: Sasha Banks & Bayley

We're reminded that in one week on the WWE Network, Bayley defends her Smackdown Women's title against Nikki Cross and Sasha Banks takes on Asuka for her Raw Women's title at the Horror Show at Extreme Rules: the Horror Show.

Bayley Dos Straps and Two-Belts Banks, your women's tag team champs and your ultimate role models, have arrived, according to Bayley. Sasha calls her Bayley Three-Brands and Sashsa Three-Shows. They go on to praise themselves and their ability to be on all three shows. They call the audience sheep. Bayley calls Nikki Cross a runt who won't win, and Sasha says that green mist or not, she will tap out Asuka and become Two-Belts Banks. Jesus Christ, what has Becky Lynch done to us?

They're interrupted as Asuka comes out and speaks in Japanese then laughs. "Two Belts Banks? Sasha! Sasha! You are not good enough!" She laughs more before continuing. "Bayley, Bayley, Bayley! You are not ready for Asuka!"

Asuka points out that Sasha doesn't have an opponent, and Bayley says for Asuka to bring out whomever she has. We hear Kairi Sane's newer music (not the pirate theme) play and out comes Sane with her umbrella, dressed in her ring gear. The Kabuki Warriors make their way down to the ring and we make our way down to a commercial break.

Sasha Banks vs Kairi Sane

Tom points out that Bayley basically talked Sasha into this match. Once again, a seed of discord is planted--they've been volunteering each other for matches for months. The bell rings and Sasha goes for a clothesline but Sane dodges. Banks looks incensed. She goes for Sane again but Sane ducks, then lays into Banks with several slaps and strikes, pushing her back into the middle rope. Sane breaks away and heads for the opposite ropes; Sasha gives pursuit, only to be caught by Sane into a springboard maneuver.

Sane slaps in a crossed arm head lock. Banks finally gets to her feet, twists her arms and reverses the move, locking it onto Sane. Sane powers out and hits a knee, then another, attempting to fight her way out. She locks in the octopus lock. Banks manages to stand and partially slip out of it, and Sane reverses that into a pin but only gets two. Banks hits a kick and goes for a pin but gets a one.

Asuka at ringside starts a "Pirates" champ. Sasha slams Sane down, then talks smack with Asuka. Bayley comes over and yells "your partner sucks!" at Asuka. Asuka shoves Bayley down, distracting Banks in the ring. Sane sends Banks from the ring, then rebounds off the ropes and hits a big sliding kick to the ringside, taking out both Banks and Bayley as we slide into commercials.

Back from the breakNXT's Great American Bash which will continue this week and feature a champion vs champion, winner take all match between Keith Lee & Adam Cole. Just to note: despite a potential spoiler, we're hearing that two finishes were filmed to help prevent leaks.

Sasha is in control, and gets some height before dropping her knees into Sane while she's stretched across the middle ropes in the corner. Banks locks in an arm crank behind Sane's back. Finally the hold is broken as Sasha's caught yanking Sane's hair. Sasha takes Sane to the ropes, and hangs Kairi across the middle rope. Sasha then takes her back in and sends her into the corner and goes for the double knee again, but Sane moves. Sane out to the apron and hits a wicked axe kick, then a hard chop, sending Sasha into the ring. Sane dives off the rope with a big forearm smash and covers for two.

Kairi hits the running Blockbuster, then another running Blockbuster. Sane whips Banks who reverses and whips Sane, but Sane rebounds off the ropes and hits the Interceptor right to the ribs. Banks crawls to the corner and Sane hits the Sliding D (can't believe that's really a name for a move considering recent events). Banks escapes a pinfall. Banks and Sane alternate pin attempts and reversals. Finally, both women get separation.

Banks goes for Sane, hitting her in the back of the neck in the corner. Banks wastes time, taunting Asuka, and goes up top for a Meteora. Sane dodges and rolls up Banks into a beautiful variation of a Boston Crab, really yanking her back. Bayley hits the ring and attacks, to break it up. Asuka hits the ring and attacks Banks.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Kairi Sane

After the Match

The women all brawl, and it leads to the outside. Kairi Sane goes up top and dives to the ringside, hitting the In-Sane Elbow and taking out the women's tag team champions. Sane's music plays them out.

Announcer's Table

We learn that Kevin Owens will be back with the KO Show and Seth Rollins will be his guest tonight. We're also told that Rey Mysterio has been medically cleared and will return to action tonight in a tag match with Aleister Black against Seth Rollinzz and Murphy. We're then treated to a recap of last week's Sethcapades.

Backstage w/ Seth Rollins and Aleister Black

We see Aleister Black wearing a Rey Mysterio Mask that actually complimented his outfit, and he's rolling in pain on the ground as two refs tend to him. Seth comes up and says "that's a damn shame" and the refs yell for him to get back, so he walks away and leads us into a commercial break.

Backstage w/ the Viking Raiders

Ivar tells Erik he's going to show him how to bowl. Big Show shows up. Erik welcomes their friend, the "biggest of shows." Big Show tells them he likes to have fun but tonight in their six man match, they'll be standing across from Randy Orton, the Legend Killer. Erik says that Edge and Christian were icons to them growing up, and "Edge is a Viking brother." They say they have their own Five Second Pose and strike it, so Big Show smacks each one hard. Ivar says that their viking ways may be odd to Show, but when they get in the ring, it's on.

The KO Show

Kevin Owens comes out first with a shirt folded up in hand. Three chairs are set up in the ring. He gets a mic and welcomes everyone to the Kevin Owens show. He says before we start, and considering who his guest is, it's probably to get rid of the chairs, so he throws all three out, breaking two. He says his guest isn't one you'd expect to see on the KO show, but nevertheless, he has a reason for wanting him out there. He says "Please welcome a pretty giant piece of trash, although he calls himself Seth Rollins." Seth's music plays and out comes the Monday Night Messiah.

As Seth comes out, we're reminded of Seth and KO's bad blood. And I'm reminded that I have a pack of Honey Maid Graham Crackers in my desk drawer I forgot about.

Seth says he wanted to come out to thank Kevin for having him on his "critically acclaimed KO Show." He asks how KO's fractured ankle is doing, the ankle KO fractured at WrestleMania. A fan yells "you suck Seth" and KO acknowledges her, saying that Seth does, indeed, suck. KO goes on to point out that Seth's not had a great time of things lately. He says that when they faced each other at WrestleMania, they created a bond, and that because of that, KO actually--and to try to cheer him up a little--has something for him to commemorate the WrestleMania moment they had together. He presents Seth with a KO-Mania IV shirt, with both their faces on it. Seth tosses it out the ring.

Seth says he doesn't give a damn about KO, or KO's shirt gift, or his show. He came out to address the now medically-cleared Rey Mysterio, and he wants to use this opportunity to formerly challenge Rey Mysterio to a match at Extreme Rules. They have unfinished business and it's time to make Rey a sacrifice for Monday Night Raw. Seth says now that he's said that, he wants to dredge up the past with KO. He says yes, Kevin won at WrestleMania, but he broke his ankle in doing so and has been on the shelf not doing anything. He says KO needs Seth more than he thinks he does, just like Monday Night Raw needs Seth. He points out that KO needs to fight, and his shirt even says "Just Keep Fighting." He tells KO to find purpose for his fighting--and maybe he needs to fight for the greater good.

Rey Mysterio comes out with Dominick. He tells Seth KO won't fall for his BS. He says he accepts Seth's challenge and that he assures Seth that Seth's destiny will be in Rey's hands. Seth is all for it, but he asks Rey what he's going to do about not having a tag team partner since Aleister Black was taken out. He says that maybe Rey will fight Seth and Murphy two on one, and they can take Rey's good eye, or maybe even take Dom's good eye. Kevin Owens jumps in and says that he'd be honored to fight at Rey's side. Seth keeps getting excited. KO goes on to say that the winner of tonight's tag team match should get to pick the stipulation for Rey and Seth's Extreme Rules match. Seth agrees and says "you're on!" and calls them the one-eyed Rey and one-legged KO. Murphy and Seth then ambush KO in the ring; Rey hits the ring to make the save and we go to break.

Seth Rollins & Murphy vs Kevin Owens & Rey Mysterio

The match is under way. Rey is dominating Murphy, taking it outside then back in. He goes up top and hits a diving crossbody, but Murphy absorbs it and rolls through to turn into a pin attempt. Rey breaks it and tags in KO. KO beats Murphy down in the corner, then yells at Seth before taking it back to Murphy. He throws him into the corner and hits hammering fists before launching Murphy into the corner. KO continues to control, hitting a big clothesline for a two. Eventually Murphy escapes and tags in Rollins. Seth comes in and rains hammering fists down on KO. He smacks KO and laughs, but KO no-sells it and smacks Seth. KO and Seth brawl to the outside, where KO slams Rollins' face into the ring twice. Back int he ring, KO holds Rollins in a headlock and backs into his corner, tagging in Rey. Rollins escapes and tags in Murphy. Murphy and Rey charge each other. Rey takes control and sets up for the 619, but Murphy escapes. Murphy back up on the apron and hits a big stiff kick, then goes up to the top turnbuckle...then sees Dominick ringside cheering on his father, and climbs down. Rollins in the ring and charges, taking out KO, before getting outside and getting in Dominick's face. Rollins taunts Dominick, daring him to hit him, daring Dom to strike Seth, and says "you're not gonna do it!" Seth then goes for Dom's eye, and runs away when Rey comes outside, and we go out to a commercial.

Back from the break and Seth Rollins is working KO's knee. Seth chokes KO as the ref counts, and he breaks it at the last minute. We see Dominick at the ringside, sometimes touching or wiping his eye, rubbing it. Seth locks in a calf crusher crab on KO. KO finally makes it to the ropes and Seth refuses to break until the ref gets to 4. KO takes a shot at Murphy, only for Seth to beat him in the back and beat him down. Seth pulls KO to his feet and KO is limping on that left knee. Seth takes KO into the corner, backs up and runs forward, hitting a clothesline. He sets KO up in the corner again, indicating he's going to use that gloved right hand to do more than hit a moonwalk. KO moves out the way and hits a Superkick on Seth. Both men are down. Both men make tags. Rey comes in fired up like the Flash, hitting springboard maneuvers, head scissor takedowns, and a basement dropkick. Murphy attempts offense but Mysterio hits a hurricanrana into a sling, sending Murphy into the ringpost. Seth comes in but Mysterio drop toe holds, and sends Seth down across the middle rope. Rey goes for a 619 but Seth escapes and grabs Dom, threatening to harm him.

Aleister Black's music hits and he comes down to the ring, forcing Seth to release Dom. The ref is distracted and Dominick sneaks up on Murphy, gouging him in the eye! Rey gets back in the ring as Seth taunts Aleister, daring him to hit him (and cause the DQ, giving the stipulation advantage to Rollins). Rey takes advantage of Murphy being blinded by Dom, and hits a 619 followed by a beautiful, high-flying frog splash and pins for the win!
Your Winners, Rey Mysterio & Kevin Owens

After the Match

Aleister and KO stand tall with Dominick and Rey Mysterio. Rey says the stipulation for their match will be un ojo por un ojo, an eye for a eye. The announcers solemnly try to process what an eye for an eye match will be. They then take us to aa clip from last week's Raw, where Apollo Crews fought MVP.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso, Bobby Lashley, and MVP

Lashley says that Crews' reign is coming to an end. MVP says they'll discuss the future of the United States Championship next, and we go to commercial.

In the Ring: Bobby Lashley & MVP

We come back from break and both men are introduced, making their way to the ring. We learn that it's been made official--MVP will take on Apollo Crews at Extreme Rules for the US Championship. MVP says that when Crews came out a few months ago and won the title, he was a bright star, but something something something and his light went out because he crossed the orbit of MVP and Lashely. MVP says he tried "help the young homie" but Crews still had the unmitigated gall to turn down the greatest United States Champion of all time. And that was disrespectful, and when you disrespect MVP, you disrespect Lashley.

Set up in the ring is a podium with a red, white, and blue cloth over it and a belt hidden in black cloth. MVP tells us that when he beats Crews, it'll be his third US championship. He asks for a drum roll, the lights dim, and he presents a new United States Championship belt. It has "Champion" in big letters across it with "United States" in smaller print above that. The eagle is prominent in its bottom half, with red and white stripes under its wings while the text is in blue.

MVP says for Lashley to go ahead and put the belt on MVP, he might as well be crowned the champ as he'll win. Lashley helps MVP put the belt on. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander come out. They say that MVP knows as a former champion, you've got to earn the belt. They say that MVP & Lashley hurt their friend and Ricochet/Alexander want the "Hurt Business" to "go chapter 11." They hit the ring. With dropckicks and clotheslines, they clear the ring and we're clear for another commercial break.

MVP & Bobby Lashley vs Cedrick Alexander & Ricochet

This match is an impromptu one. MVP has to strip off his jewelry and is still wearing his suit. We start the match with Cedric Alexander and MVP in the ring. MVP tags Lashley immediately, still stripping down his suit a bit. Lashley dominates early on. He whips Alexander into the ropes, but Cedric grabs them to apply the breaks. Lashley charges in like a bull but eats a leaping kick to the face. Again, Lashley tries to close the distance and again he eats a kick. Ricochet tags in and both men double team Lashley, dropping the big man to his knees. Lashley catches Ricochet on the apron, attempting a springboard maneuver, and rams him so hard that Ricochet flies off the apron and into the barrier. MVP is tagged in and rams Ricochet into the barrier himself. MVP tags Lashley back in. Lashley dominates Ricochet in the ring, hitting a massive body slam and attempting a cover. Crowd starts chanting for Rico. Lashley holds Ricochet and lets MVP tag in. MVP sends fists into the restrained Ricochet while the ref counts. MVP with a stiff kick to Rico's lower back, then locks him into a head crank arm bar. Rico uses his free hand to deliver rights to MVP's sides. Rico sends more shots to MVP's midsection but the big man absorbs it and sends Ricochet to the mat, getting a two.

MVP tags in Lashley. They continue to keep Ricochet isolated to their corner. Lashley lifts Ricochet up for a stalling suplex, holding it for about twenty seoncds before sending Ricochet slamming down into the canvas. Two count. Ricochet tries fighting back when Lashley picks him up. Ricochet goes for a quick move but Lashley is faster and hits a huge flat liner right in the middle of the ring. Lashley got some MASSIVE height on that one. Beautiful move. MVP tagged in. MVP is too busy showboating and Ricochet hits a step up kick. Alexander gets the advantage and sends MVP to a corner. Cedric charges MVP but turns at the last second and slides, hitting a baseball dropkick to Lashley's feet and knocking him from the apron. Alexander charges MVP in the corner and connects. MVP and Cedric fight to the opposite corner and Lashley makes a blind tag. Cedric didn't see it. After a very rapid paced exchange, Lashley hits a low and fast spear for the pin.
Your Winners, MVP & Bobby Lashley

After the Match

MVP celebrates with his false US Title and Lashley locks in the Full Nelson on Ricochet, but only hits a Half-Rag Doll Shuffle. Cedric comes in to make the save, and both teams part.

Backstage w/ Zelina Vega, Andrade & Angel Garza

The three are talking when Ric Flair comes out. He tells them that they did great other than taking out Big Show. Orton comes out, and tells Andrade and Garza that they're both third generation superstars, and he respects them, even if only a little bit, for that. He tells them that if they do anything to screw up out in the ring tonight, he won't hesitate to introduce them to the Legend Killer. We learn that it's Orton, Andrade, and Garza vs the Viking Raiders & Big Show up next! Going to break!

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso, Asuka & Kairi Sane

Charly asks her how tonight impacts her chances. Asuka says that after she beats Bayley tonight, she and Kairi will challenge Banks & Bayley to a women's tag team championship match next week on raw. Kairi then plays them off with a tune on her flute.

The Big Show & Viking raiders vs Randy Orton, Andrade & Angel Garza w/ Zelina

Out first is the Big Show. The lights go dark, the Viking horn sounds, and the drums and crunching guitars fire up as Erik and Ivar come into view. Out are the Viking Raiders! The Big Show bangs his head to their theme a bit. Next we hear Andrade's theme, and out comes Andrade, Angel Garza, and the world's greatest distraction, Zelina Vega. Randy Orton's music hits and out comes the Legend Killer himself, from Saint Louis, Missouri, the Apex Predator, the son of a cowboy, Randy Orton!

All six men are in the ring. Orton instructs Andrade and Angel to guard his back as he goes up on the middle rope and hits his iconic pose. Finally the music ends and the lights go to normal, and the bell rings. Big Show is in the ring for the faces, but all three heels are still in the ring. Orton bows out first, then Andrade. Angel circles the Show in the ring. Big Show yells at him "You gonna do something?" Garza charges and grabs the Show's leg, but can't budge him. Big Show hits a huge chop then takes Garza into the corner and hits another chop, sending the little man down to the ground. The Show picks up Garza. Garza hits two punches that don't phase the Giant, and Show hits a big headbutt. Show takes Garza back into the corner and hits another chop that echoes throughout the arena. Tag to Erik. Erik quickly tags Ivar, and they hit a double team takedown. Ivar now slams Angel into the mat and pins but only gets a one. Ivar with hammering blows to Angel's back, and tags in Erik. Erik shoulder charges Garza and tags in Show. Show with another massive chop, then sends Garza into an empty corner and hits a big ham-hock of a fist. He takes Garza back to the faces' corner and hits yet another chop. Ivar is tagged in.

Finally Garza gets a tag in to Andrade but we're told its a "small mistep." Andrade tries to mount offense but nothing. Big show body slams Erik onto Andrade but he kicks out. Andrade gets away and rolls to the apron. Angel yells at Andrade, talking trash to his own partner, but Orton won't have any of it. He grabs Angel and takes him ringside, choking him against the barrier and tells Angel to get his head out of his ass, that he's a third generation wrestler and needs to be professional. We go to break.

Back from break Andrade has Ivar in a neck lock and takes him to his corner. Orton tags himself in and begins to kick and hip attack Ivar in the corner. He tags Angel, who hits a drop kick and a big chop, tkeeping Ivar in the corner. Finally the ref breaks it up. Angel gives some distance and charges in but Ivar ducks and slides away, tagging in Erik. Erik with a huge chop to Garza. Erik eyes Orton who's ringside, trying to bait him out, and giving enough time to distract for Angel Garza to attack. Garza takes Erik into the heel's corner. Orton tagged in and he and Angel both deliver blows to Erik. Andrade tagged in and Orton holds Erik while Andrade stomps away while the ref counts. Finally, Orton's out the ring. Angel with a snap suplex on Erik and pins for a 1. Big Show and Orton talk trash to each other across the distance of the ring. Angel now the legal man, chopping Erik. He lays Erik across the middle ropes and hits a running knee to the mid section. Angel Garza rips off his pants, and hits a huge chop on Erik. Tag made to Andrade.

Andrade controls things, isolating Erik. He takes Erik to the corner and tags in Angel. The ref doesn't see illegal contact from Orton and Andrade and the announcers mention that Orton's managed to get Angel and Andrade on the same page. Finally Erik escapes and tags Big Show. Big Show comes in and destroys Angel Garza and Andrade. Andrade is now legal. Orton hits the ring and tries to hit an RKO from behind but Show avoids it. Big Show turns his attention to Andrade and attempts a chokeslam, but Andrade slips around and onto Show's back, locking in a sleeper. Show out of it and tags in Erik. Erik and Andrade brawl, Angel tagged in, Erik tags in Ivar who immediately tags in Erik so they have the five second window to hit a double team move. They go for the Viking experience. Andrade comes in to prevent it, and he and Angel send Ivar out the ring. Somehow Orton made a blind tag and comes in from behind, hitting the RKO on Erik and getting the pin for the win!
Your Winners, Randy Orton and Andrade & Angel Garza


The Iiconics are talking trash about Ruby Riott, calling her a loser. Ruby shows up behind them and says that she doesn't know where Live is, but they need to focus on her because when she's through with them, it won't be iconic.

They women walk off and the camera pivots to the other side of the room, where Cedric Alexander is nursing his ribs while leaning against the PC's practice ring in the back. MVP approaches and talks to Cedric. He plants seeds of discord, calling Cedric "Ricochet's sidekick" and says he's "watching life for the sideline." He then tells Cedric that he's in the "catering business" because that's where he's going to spend the rest of his career, in the back with catering while others' have careers. He low-key is trying to recruit Cedric. We go to break.

Backstage w/ Ric Flair & Randy Orton

Ric Flair is blathering about Edge and Christian being defeated by Randy Orton and the Big Show is next. R-Truth runs into them. He tells Ric Flair that "for the dirtiest player in the game, you sure do clean up nice. Too nice. Tozawa trying to be the Nature Boy." He hears ninjas and runs off to the right. Tozawa and the ninjas show up, and stop, frozen in fear at the sight of Orton. He asks them if they're looking for R-Truth and they say "yes sir." Orton then sends them off to the left, the opposite way of Truth, leaving us to wonder why he'd help Truth.

Ruby Riott vs Billie Kay w/ Peyton Royce

Ruby Riott is out first, followed by the Iiconics who both pose in the ring. Royce stands ringside as the bell rings. Royce keeps reaching in the ring, so Ruby Riott comes over and stomps on her hand. Riott hits a big chop to Billie Kay. Riott runs and rebounds off the ropes but eats a Big Boot from Billie Kay. Kay in control, getting a two count then taking Ruby to the corner and stomps her down. She lifts Riott up and does a big foot choke in the corner as the ref counts. Kay hits a suplex and covers for a two. Kay pulls Riott's hair and the ref warns her. Kay crosses Riott's legs, places her knees in the small of Riott's back and hits a bow and arrow. Riott escapes. A big chunk of Ruby's green hair weave comes out and she has to toss it aside. Camera cuts to another angle. Riott goes up top but Kay distracts her, allowing Kay to put a boot to Riott's neck and jump back, forcing Riott off the top rope and dropping her throat across Kay's boot. Kay hits a beautiful sitout urinage. She gets the pin for the win.
Your Winner, Billie Kay

After the Match

The Iiconics grab the big chunk of Ruby's hair that came out and back up the ring, holding it up, yelling that they're winners.

Backstage w/ Banks & Bayley

Banks goes on about how the Kabuki Warriors are crazy, Asuka has no chance at Extreme rules, and then says if it takes a tag title match to shut them up, so be it, they accept. Bayley doesn't look too happy about this. Banks tells her not to worry about it, that they're the most dominant tag champions in WWE history and they got this. We go to commercial. The Champion vs Champion non-title match is up next.

At the Announce Table

Two security guards are trying to get rid of Nikki Cross, who's joined the announce team. Tom Phillips and Samoa Joe tell them that she's their "plus one." Bayley's music plays and Nikki stands up and tells Joe to hold her back.

Champion vs Champion Non-Title Match: Asuka vs Bayley

The Women's Tag Team champions swing by the announce table to taunt Nikki. As a reminder, Nikki Cross takes on Bayley at Extreme Rules for the Smackdown Women's Championship.

Asuka's music hits and Nikki jumps to her feet, applauding, marking out for Asuka. Asuka comes to the ring with Kairi Sane. Byron asks Nikki if she's doing the "Asuka dance" to which she responds "no, nobody's better than Asuka." Nikki then tells us she hopes Asuka beats up Bayley and gives her two black yes, three black eyes, four black eyes. Nikki tells Byron that the belt would suit her and she can't wait for Extreme Rules so she can teach Bayley a lesson.

The bell rings and Bayley holds up both elts. Asuka gives her a moment to put the belts out, while Cross at ringside yells for Asuka to bite Bayley. Finally the women lock up, rear waist lock by Bayley. Asuka gets to the ropes and the ref counts for a break up. Both women rebound off the ropes and Asuka takes Bayley down. Asuka goes for the arm bar but Bayley rolls out the ring. Asuka goes for the baseball slide but Bayley catches her and swings her around, smacking Asuka hard. Bayley then throws something at Nikki Cross, and Cross freaks out, charging Bayley repeatedly while Security keep them separated. They end up carrying a kicking and screaming Nikki away over their shoulders. Bayley laughs, only to be hit from behind by Asuka and knocked down while knocking us to a commercial break!

Back from the break and we see Bayley in firm control. Asuka is prone, and Bayley slams her into the mat. Both women up. Bayley grabs Asuka's left arm and yanks it, then again. Bayley whips Asuka and sends her to the mat and covers but kickout. Bayley leaps up and drops a knee, covers, but there's a kickout. Bayley rebounds off the rope for a low stiff kick but gets nothing. Bayley locks a headlock on Asuka. Crowd's getting into this. Asuka to her feet. Asuka throws elbows into Bayley's side to break it. Bayley with a takedown and cover, two count.

Bayley caught trying to distract the ref so Banks could interfere, but Kairi Sane comes over and stops it. Ref sends Banks away to other side of the ring. Asuka ambushes Bayley and pins but gets a two. Asuka hits the Asuka kicks once, twice, thrice! Asuka with a running seated enziguri and covers but only gets a two. Banks at the ringside, wearing three belts (tag + Bayley's belt). Asuka has her second wind and hits a missile dropkick for a two. Bayley rolls out saying "no more, no more" and seems exhausted. Asuka slides out and comes after her. Bayley runs around the ring and back in, then catches Asuka as she tries to come in and uses the bottom rope for a guillotine type maneuver. Bayley then hits a sitout bomb drop across the bottom rope. Bayley back in control, kicking Asuka out of the ring. Asuka barely walking; Bayley hits her from behind. Bayley sends Asuka back in the ring and covers but only gets a two.

Bayley joins the announce table after hearing Tom Phillips saying that she's "serving it up." She latches on the phrase, propping her feet up, stating "I'm serving it up. Yeah, I"m serving it up." The ref continues to count and we continue to count our final commercial break of the night!

Back from the break and Bayley has Asuka in a neck crank. Asuka is now prone near the ropes. Banks ringside, talking trash to Asuka. Bayley slams Asuka's head into the mat and covers but only gets two. Bayley puts Asuka's neck across the bottom rope, then uses the top rope for leverage to rive a knee into Asuka's neck as the ref counts. Bayley breaks it then slams Asuka face first into the turnbuckle. She yells at Asuka, then pins but only gets a two. Bayley sets Asuka up in the corner and charges, hitting a leaping back splash. Asuka attempting to fight back in middle of the ring. Bayley shuts it down. Kairi Sane is ringside, yelling support and encouragement in Japanese. Asuka up to her knees. Bayley mocks her, shoving her head down. Asuka to her knees, and again Bayley mocks her and shoves her head down. Bayley mocks her, dancing like Asuka and blabbering in gibberish. Asuka gets fired up and gets up, and hits knee to face on Bayley. Asuka uses the ropes to get to her feet and hits a drop kick to Bayley. Asuka hits a leaping knee to the face of Bayley. Asuka charges and hits a release German Suplex. Asuka hits a hip attack but only gets two!

Asuka continues her offense. Bayley gets on the apron; Asuka charges and goes for the hip attack but Bayley reaches through the ropes and catches her around the waist. She shoves Asuka back and gets in the ring. Asuka hits a sick-sounding spinning backfist that fully connects with Bayley's face. Bayley's slow to climb to her feet on the apron. Asuka hits another hip attack, knocking Bayley to the floor. Sasha tries to encourage her. The ref is counting as Bayley is slow to her feet. She leans on the apron. Asuka goes to the apron and runs along it for a kick but Bayley catches her foot and chops her feet out from under her, dropping Asuka on her face. Both women get in the ring. Asuka up to the top rope and flies high, hitting a devastating missile drop kick. Only gets a two count. Bayley counters a kick and gets the advantage, sending Asuka outside. She sends Asuka into the barrier. She walks over and says "I wanna say hi to my commentary team." She then hits Kairi. Kairi tries to charge the ring to get to Bayley but the ref holds her back, allowing Sasha Banks to sneak attack with a kick without the ref seeing it. Bayley attempts a cover but gets nothing.

Sasha Banks runs around and gets a water bottle for Bayley. Bayley has Asuka by the bottom rope and is mocking her. Suddenly Nikki Cross shows up behind the plexiglass barrier and distracts Bayley, allowing Asuka to lock in the Asuka Lock! Bayley can't escape! Sasha Banks hits the ring but Kairi Sane spears Banks, preventing the interference! Bayley reaches for the ropes but Asuka rolls over and keeps it locked in in the middle of the ring on her back. She picks Bayley up, Bayley tries to drop down and Asuka drops to her knees, on Bayley's shoulders, holding them down as she yanks the legs and gets the pin!
Your Winner, Asuka!

After the Match

We see Cross in the audience area cheering for Asuka, Sane joins Asuka in the ring and the women's tag team champs look on in shock at ringside as we fade out.

Alright, brother, that does it for tonight's Raw! Tune in next week--same Mikester time same Mikester channel for more Raw live results coverage! To my detractors, you don't suck because all the commenters below say you do, you suck because the Mikester says so.

Don't forget to be here Wednesday as I cover the second night of NXT's the Great American Bash! Stay safe, stay thirsty, and see y'all in the comments section!

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