WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (8/17/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Welcome to Rajah's Monday Night Raw results coverage for August 17, 2020! The guest host for results this week is Jamie Rush, filling in for Rajah's own, Mike Hogan. (I ran out of clever Hulk Hogan lines... so here I am again, brother!)

Tonight's show is set for another action packed edition of WWE Monday Night RAW! Rumors have been swirling around the WWE Universe that Rey Mysterio will be at Raw tonight after the brutal Kendo stick attack Seth Rollins inflicted on his son, Dominik. Will Mysterio be at Raw? Plus, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels will be in the house. How will he react to the sadistic assault of Ric Flair by Randy Orton? Find out on Raw, tonight at 8/7 C on USA!

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WWE Monday Night RAW (August 17, 2020)

Show Opening

The WWE Forever logo plays us in to the opening theme for WWE Monday Night RAW for the August 10, 2020 episode airing live from the Performance Center in Orlando, FL. It is announced that we are now just one week away from the pay-per-view event, SummerSlam. Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips, and Samoa Joe are on commentary tonight, Joe standing in-ring to host tonight's opening contract signing.

Quick Announcements

Announcements: Commentary begins, "We do apologize for technical difficulties as the show comes on the air. We want to focus tonight on this Sunday's SummerSlam!"

Phillips goes on to say, "We haven't seen Rey Mysterio since he lost his eye at the hands of the Monday Night Messiah, rumor has it Mysterio will be here to confront Rollins."

Next, Phillips states "Asuka will take on both Bayley and Sasha Banks one-on-one at SummerSlam, but first tonight she will go against the Golden Role Models in a tag-team match alongside Shayna Baszler. "

Then Finally, they announce The Heartbreak Kid is back, Shawn Michaels! With that, the WWE Champion is announced to head to the ring to start the show!

In-Ring - WWE Champion Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is announced as the WWE Champion as his music sounds and he makes his way down the ramp. Commentary notes the events from last week where Randy Orton turned on Ric Flair. We head to a video clip.

Video Clip - Last Week, Randy Orton and Ric Flair's In-Ring Discussion

The video clip shows Ric Flair pouring his heart out to Orton about wanting Orton to surpass his WWE record as tears roll down his cheeks. Orton seems to be touched, until Flair turns his back to which Orton delivers a low-blow and proceeds to Punt Kick the 71 year old WWE Hall of Famer.

We return to the ring where McIntyre begins, "What Randy Orton did last week, was completely unforgivable. Randy Orton brutalized Ric Flair. 16 time champ, 2 time hall of famer, icon generation after generation. A 71 year old man. Randy, Ric is someone you grew up around, for 20 years, your mentor. Last week, with a tear in his eye, he told you he wanted you to break his record. Told you he loved you."

McIntyre goes on to ask, "And what did you do after he poured his heart out? You kicked him in his skull!" McIntyre says Orton didn't take on a 71 year old senior, he took on a Scottish Fire-breathing Dragon! McIntyre says he knows that Orton is hiding on his bus somewhere.

Retribution Interruption

The hooded masked figures of Retribution are in the WWE RAW production truck and tearing it apart as McIntyre continues his statement to Orton, unaware of the interruption apparently. The show abruptly cuts to commercial break, cutting off McIntyre mid-sentence.

Backstage - WWE Superstars

Commentary apologizes as we return from the impromptu commercial break stating, "Graphics went haywire as McIntyre was speaking to Randy Orton about his encounter with Ric Flair. We have been informed that Retribution is in the WWE RAW production van destroying equiptment, threatening WWE employees, and demanding the entire RAW taping be taken off the USA Network."

We see Drew McIntyre and several other WWE Superstars backstage. Someone asks randomly to McIntyre, "Is Ric ok?" McIntyre says sincerely, "Yes, he's going to be ok." His voice changes as he continues, "I'll tell you who's not going to be ok, Randy Orton. Here's the thing, I don't know if we're going to get to SummerSlam with these clowns.

McIntyre tells WWE superstars they need to band together and take down Retribution. Seth Rollins rolls in laughing and clapping. "RAW already has a Monday Night Messiah to handle things around here" McIntyre states, "You've been carrying that title for 5 years, if they don't respect you now, they never will." Rollins reminds McIntyre that he's the one that taught McIntyre how to be a WWE Champion. Ricochet interjects stating a little birdie said that Rey Mysterio would be here tonight. Ricochet's tag-team partner concurs, stating he also heard from the same little birdie.

McIntyre steps towards Rollins and Murphy jumps in to defend Rollins, McIntyre shoves him like a little kid. The other superstars backstage hold McIntyre back stating Rollins isn't worth it.

In-Ring - Shelton Benjamin, Bobby Lashley, and MVP

We're reminded that MVP has a title match against Apollo Crews this Sunday at SummerSlam as commentary wonders why they're out here and why Retribution is doing what they're doing.

MVP says while McIntyre is backstage making up a "buddy system" The Hurt Business is calling Retribution out. MVP says hurting people in the shadows doesn't make you tough.

WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews Enters

WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews makes his way to the ring. Crews says he knew MVP would make excuses, but to accuse him of being a part of RETRIBUTION is low. MVP says Crews’ subversive actions are low. Crews says he’s just trying to distract him before SummerSlam. MVP can’t beat him without help. MVP says until Crews won the United States Championship, his career has had more starts and stops than an old car. MVP says he sees fear in his eyes. Crews doesn’t fear MVP. He fears losing the title because as soon as he loses it, it’s back to catering. Crews says he does fear that, which is why he fights so hard to be United States Champion. If he was anything like MVP, he’d have joined the Hurt Business.

MVP says if Crews was like him, he’d understand this business. Crews says they can do some business right now. If he beats Shelton Benjamin, then Benjamin and Lashley will watch the SummerSlam match from catering. They’ll both be banned from ringside at SummerSlam. Then MVP will find out he can’t beat him without help. MVP says he’s a petulant child and will be sonned by him at SummerSlam. Benjamin goes to attack Crews, but Crews gets away. We head to commercial break.

WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews vs. Shelton Benjamin

As we return from commercial break, the match is already underway! The match was joined in progress. R-Truth ran into the studio and headed into the ring. He was followed by Akira Tozawa and the ninjas. Truth escaped and Tozawa and his crew chased him to the back. Crews pins Benjamin for the win! Benjamin takes out Tozawa. Cruz able to catch Benjamin.

Winner: Apollo Crews

After the Match

Lashley is all over Cruz the second the bell rings. MVP has to get his licks in with Lashley and Shelton Benjamin.

Due to U.S. Champion Apollo Crews beat Shelton Benjamin in a non-title match (Lashley and Benjamin are now banned from ringside during the U.S. Title match).

Ali, Ricochet, and Alexander Enter

The Hurt Business attacked Crews, but Ali, Ricochet, and Alexander made the save. Lashley is thrown over the top of the ropes as The Hurt Business has to regroup and figure out their next move.

R-Truth Enters

R-Truth ran out again and ended up running into a big boot from Benjamin, who pinned him to win the WWE 24/7 Championship.

Winner and NEW 24/7 Champion: Shelton Benjamin

MVP Grabs Mic

MVP states, "We are not going out like that tonight! How about you find two idiots stupid enough to team up with you for a six-man tag-team match up!" Ricochet, Alexander, and Ali all say they would love to team up.

Backstage - Angel Garza

Angel Garza is speaking backstage with Demi Burnett, the woman from The Bachelor. Ivar of The Viking Raiders interrupts Angel Garza. Ivar speaks to Demi, "It's Ivar time, how would you like to join the Raid tonight and be my plus one to RAW Underground" as he hands her a turkey leg. "Oh, and Garza didn't poison this one." Garza smacks the turkey leg out of Demi's hand and Ivar puts his hand out and another turkey leg is thrown and appears in his hand, to which he replaces the one thrown. We head to commercial break as she shrugs at what to do.

Debut of WWE Thunder-dome Announcement

As we return from commercial break, we are informed that the WWE Thunder-Dome will take fans to an unprecedented level. WWE will virtually bring fans into the arena! Join WWE as they bring the THUNDER!

We are also told that WWE RAW is brought to you by "The Toasted S'more Shake"... yum?

Angel Garza vs. Ivar

Ivar sidesteps, waistlock out of the corner, Garza with an elbow into a side headlock, shot off, float over, ducking and dodging, reverse roundhouse kick caught, Angel with a knee and a facebuster before tearing his pants off and throwing them at Warbeard! Tazmission applied, Angelo Dawkins chats Bachelor lady up backstage.

Knees into the corner, Ivar blasts him with big shoulder blocks, freight train crossbody, the viking is fired up! Drawing Garza up, whip into the corner for a lariat, another one, waving him in, scoop lift, Angel floats out but Ivar hits a Banzai Drop... NOPE! Pulling Garza up, back suplex lift sets him up top, Angel cuts him off but Warbeard drops him with a lariat off the top!

Horns up, off the ropes... Zelina Vega gets in the way and Ivar stops short! He heads to the floor and biels Garza between the corner of the apron and the barricade! Back inside, Angel manages to get a shot in and wins by pinfall with a basement dropkick to the side of the head.

Winner: Angel Garza

After the Match

After the match, Dawkins and Burnett appeared on the big screen. Garza was jealous. Burnett said they couldn’t wait to watch the Raw Tag Title match on Sunday. Dawkins said she was asking a lot about Garza and Ivar. Dawkins said he would always have good thing to say about Ivar, but the only thing he knows is that Garza likes to wear velvet sweats in the summer. Dawkins said they might need to ask someone who knows him better such as Charly Caruso, which upset Garza.

Dawkins said he was just playing, but you can tell a lot about a person from the crowd he is rolling with. Dawkins said we were about to learn a lot more about Garza and the crowd he rolls with. The big screen feed cut out, then Garza ran backstage.

Samoa Joe and Zelina Vega Discussion

Samoa Joe informed Andrade and Vega that WWE started an intensive security review process due to the Retribution attacks. Joe said the video in question shows just how far some people are willing to go when they don’t think people are watching. We head to commercial break.

Backstage - Angelo Dawkins and Demi Burnett

We return from commercial break and we head backstage with Angelo Dawkins and The Bachelor's Demi Burnett when Angel Garza rolls up to defend his honor. Zelina Vega and Andrade “Cien” Almas show up right after and Dawkins calls for whatever footage he has to get rolled by the production truck.

It appears to be footage of Zelina Vega doing something to Montez Ford’s red cup backstage, but we never see her face.

Vega says the footage doesn’t prove anything but that she has a nice jacket and she says that Charly Caruso is responsible for doctoring the footage because she doesn’t want Angel Garza moving on from her. Dawkins says it’s taking him every bit of restraint to keep from giving them what they deserve, but his brother? He wants the smoke— MONTEZ FORD IS BACK AND WE GOT A BRAWL!

Mickie James vs. Natalya

Lana with an early distraction from ringside, Natalya puts boots to James! Mickie gets some kicks in, Lou Thesz Press into mounted punches, side headlock, shot off, she drops Nattie with a lariat and lies in wait, Mickie-DT denied, double lariat leaves both women down and out!

Seth Rollins Confronts Samoa Joe at Commentary Table

Seth Rollins comes out and is clearly nervous and angry as he steps to Samoa Joe and asks WHO his source is stating that Rey Mysterio would be there tonight. Samoa Joe asks, "Why are you so shook?" "I'm not shook, I'm clearly just trying to verify some information" Rollins replies to Samoa Joe.

Rollins and Murphy exit as the match ends, Rollins heads up the ramp, Murphy close behind as we head to the quick announcements before commercial.

Back to the match... Neidhart with a powerbomb lift, Frankensteiner counter, hangman’s neckbreaker, James fired up and heading up top. Lana runs interference and Mickie collapses to the floor! The referee begins the count, getting to ten for the win for Natalya!

Winner: Natalya

After the Match

Rollins gets on the mic and continues yelling at Samoa Joe, saying that if either Mysterio gets in his business tonight, it’ll be their last mistake, and neither man will make it to SummerSlam.

Quick Announcement

Up next Asuka and Shayna Baszler vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley. We head to commercial break!

Commentary Discussion

As we return from break, commentary is discussing what happened last week to Dominik Mysterio at the hands of Seth Rollins as well as Murphy with the kendo stick. They add if Rey Mysterio is here tonight, it is to due to those events.

Sasha Banks & Bayley vs. Asuka & Shayna Baszler

The RAW Women's Champion Sasha Banks and The SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley are announced first as the current WWE Women's Tag-Team Champions make their way down the ramp to the the ring. "Come on when you are the hardest working WWE Superstars, that'll break anybody. I mean, come on, give us a break. Now both of us have to fight Asuka." Bayley says they can't wait til SummerSlam. Bayley mocks Asuka calling her, "The Empress of Tomorrow? More like the Empress of Stupidity!"

Bayley says she is willing to take on Asuka first, and take her down, that way Banks can easily submit Asuka in her match without breaking a sweat.

Out next are Shayna Baszler and Asuka. As Asuka and Baszler hit the ring, which led to Bayley and Banks fleeing to ringside. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins! They returned to the ring to start the match.

Baszler ended up at ringside a little over a minute into the match. Nia Jax punched a piece of plexiglass at Baszler. Pat Buck and other WWE officials came out. Baszler recovered and had a brief pull apart with Jax. Asuka knocked Banks and Bayley off the apron.

As we return from commercial break, we are reminded that Nia Jax was suspended two weeks ago and wasn't supposed to be there tonight. Lots of quick action after the break, Asuka ends up away from ringside, leaving Shayna to take on both members of The Golden Role Models.

Shayna with a Step Up Knee, then off the ropes with another Knee. A Stomp the Elbow and Banks counters trying to roll Baszler for the pin. Baszler hits the Karifuda Clutch on Bayley, Banks helps with Banks Statement on Baszler and Bayley quickly hits the pin, Baszler kicks out at two. Banks is thrown through the ropes. Karifuda Clutch once again broken up by Banks. Asuka with the Asuka Lock on the outside. Meanwhile back inside, the Karifuda Clutch for the TAP!


We head to commercial break.

Video Package - Seth Rollins/Dominik Mysterio Feud

As we return from commercial break, we head into a video package highlighting the events leading up to Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio's match including blinding Rey Mysterio in an Eye for an Eye Match at Extreme Rules and attacking Dominik with a kendo stick just last week while mocking Rey.

Backstage - Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander, and Ricochet

Ali, Alexander, and Ricochet are talking when Apollo Crews walks up. He thanks them for having his back, and picks Ricochet and Ali as his partners. Cedric says he wants to be in the match but Apollo says he knows what it’s like to be in Bob’s full nelson and he wants to give him a chance to recover.

Randy Orton Enters

They leave and Randy Orton walks into frame to brood and send us to break.

Back from commercial,

Backstage - WWE Champion Drew McIntyre & Shawn Michaels

Drew McIntyre is hanging out backstage when Shawn Michaels rolls up. McIntyre states he understands how upset Drew is, but he’s gotta understand, Randy Orton’s gonna use that against him, but he’s traveled too rough of a road to give up now. Drew says HBK has been a big part of his career path, mentoring him during his comeback and saying he believed he’d become WWE Champion.

And now Randy is running roughshod and McIntyre can’t help but feel he’s let Shawn down. HBK calls him a stud and says yeah, it’s been tough, but he can do it. He wants Drew to go to SummerSlam, show everyone who he is, but he wants a favor tonight— he’s gonna go out there and face Randy, and he wants Drew to give him some space.

The Riott Squad are hanging out backstage when the Iconics roll up to make fun of them. Billie Kay’s shoulder is acting up, so Peyton Royce will have to take her spot against Ruby Riott tonight. Insults fly and we cut to see Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke chatting with Shayna Baszler as we go to break.

Video Package - Retribution

As we return from commercial break, we are sent into a video detailing the actions of Retribution from start til tonight.

Peyton Royce vs. Ruby Riott

We head to the ring following the video as both make their way to the ring. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins. A nasty Knee from Peyton nearly putting Ruby away. Riott takes control with a Kick to the face of Peyton. Riott heads to the apron landing a Crossbody as she's in the zone! Billy Kay makes an accidental bump outside of the ring causing a chain reaction... Peyton hits the Deja Vu for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Peyton Royce

RAW Underground

The bouncer is waiting outside the door to Raw Underground when Shane McMahon rolls up to remind him it’s time. They fist bump and Shane goes in to send us to break.

We return from commercial break and Shane is walking around "I believe this is a call out. Challenge accepted? Dolph Ziggler and Erik of the Viking Raiders!" Bell rings.

Dolph attempts to take Erik down, Erik reverses and lifts Ziggler and slams him on the floor. Erik lifts Ziggler who continues to throw Strikes. Ziggler with a Roll and a Thumb in the eye of Erik as Shane finally calls it. Dolph Ziggler wins!

In-Ring Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio

The commentary team announces Rey Mysterio's return as he makes his way to the stage with son Dominik. As the two head towards the ring, pictures are shown of the abuse Dominik endured from the kendo stick beating that left him literally bruised and bloodied.

The match is reminded to be a Street Fight at SummerSlam. Rey Mysterio begins to speak. "There's one word to describe how I felt since Extreme Rules: Horror Show... 'Pain'." First to his eye, then to see what Rollins did to Mysterio's son Dominik. Savagely beating Dominik down with kendo sticks. Rey says now he feels RAGE, that he needed to stop the beating. That he needed to take the beating himself so Dominik wouldn't suffer.

"There's a possibility I may never fully recover. But there is no doctor on this earth that will stop me frm protecting my son." Mysterio calls out Rollins and states at SummerSlam, he's gonna be in Dominik's corner watching Dominik kick Rollins ass. "I knew what I signed up for when I signed the WWE contract, thank you, I'll be ready." The two hug. "You have no idea, how proud of a father I am, I love you so much, I admire your fight, your determination, and your will to defend the family name."

Mysterio goes on to state if Rollins gets NEAR them tonight, Rollins will be the one that won't make it to SummerSlam.

Seth Rollins and Murphy appear on the jumbotron above the ramp. Rollins says Rey is putting Dominik in harms way for himself, so selfish. "What kind of father are you?" Rollins asks. "You could've prevented this, everyone has a roll in the greater good... and you resisted."

Seth Rollins and Murphy Enter

Rollins demands, "Don't... move.. an inch." Rollins music hits as The Monday Night Messiah and Murphy head down the ramp towards Rey and Dominik. Rey exits the ring. Come on Rey, let's go. Dominik has two kendo sticks in hand. It was all a plan! They begin beating Rollins!

Murphy enters the ring, Dominik and Rey begin attacking Murphy with the kendo sticks as well. Seth Rollins runs away, holding his arm.

Backstage - MVP and Cedric Alexander

MVP tells Alexander the offer he made a while back still stands, if he doesn't want to end up back in catering that is. We head to commercial break.

(Again) Raw Underground

Arturo Ruas and Riddick Moss go at it. Ruas lights him up with early strikes but Moss gets a takedown into ground and pound. A kick lays Riddick out, but he fires back up and grabs the beard and they clobber each other. Arturo with a slam, mounted punches, reverse chinlock, sleeper hold applied, Moss breaks it by slamming him back-first into the mat! Wristlock stomps, Ruas counters to a heel hook attempt, fighting, wrenching it in but Riddick rolls to the floor! Both men end up fighting in the crowd and Shane asks who’s next, so that’s it for that fight.
Elimination Match
Apollo Crews, Mustafa Ali, & Ricochet vs. the Hurt Business (Bobby Lashley, Montel Vontavious Porter, & Shelton Benjamin)

Benjamin and Ali to start, collar and elbow, Shelton into the corner and out with a dirty break with a knee strike. Whip across, up and over, Mustafa with a pair of arm drags into an armbar. Tag to Ricochet, elbow off the top, arm wringer into an Armbar, grinding Benjamin down before hitting dropkicks for a one count. Shelton gets the tag, Bob clears the apron...

Mustafa Ali is eliminated by pinfall with the Yokosuka Street Cutter from Bobby Lashley.

Ricochet in, he makes a valiant effort but...

Ricochet is eliminated by pinfall with Paydirt from Shelton Benjamin.

Crews in a handicap situation now, but he’s game and throwing hands. Whip into the corner, sidestep, back suplex lift...

Shelton Benjamin is eliminated by pinfall with the delayed Blue Thunder Driver from Apollo Crews.

On the floor, Cedric Alexander rushes in on Shelton...

Cedric Alexander wins the WWE 24/7 Championship by pinfall with a schoolboy.

And so we go to break.

As we return, MVP starts getting frustrated against Crews, still not tagging in Lashley. MVP misses with the Boot, Crews hits Powerbomb on MVP and eliminated. Lashley enters and is all over Crews. Lashley is down, Standing Moonsault for the cover. Lashley goes for the Full Lashley, a Spear by Lashley for the three count!

Winner: MVP, Bobby Lashley & Shelton Benjamin

Quick Announcements

A quick run down of the matches set for SummerSlam by the commentary team.

Backstage - Shayna Baszler and Shane McMahon

We see Shayna Baszler and her training team discussing something with Shane McMahon as we head to commercial break.

24-7 Title Match
Cedric Alexander vs. Akira Tozawa

A Dropkick by Alexander to start things off. "Ninja! Ninja!" Tozawa calls upon his ninjas... to no avail.Alexander is put down by Tozawa. Alexander gets hit with the Neutralizer. Alexander turns things around as he hits a Lumbar Check for the three count pin and win.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

Raw Underground Pt. 3

Marina Shafir is announced as this being her debut match on RAW Underground, then she beats Brandi Lauren down, finishing her with a can opener transitioned into a wicked looking heel hook.

Nia Jax enters behind Marina and blindsides her afterward and knocks Jessamyn Duke out, too! Shayna Baszler gets in the ring and we’re off! Baszler ready to fight, except Nia bails as soon as the bell rings! Shane tells her the only rule is you gotta fight, but Jax appears unmoved as we go to break.

Montez Ford vs. Andrade

As we return from commercial break, both superstars make their way to the ring. A Clothesline by Ford onto Andrade. Ford drops Andrade once again. A Standing Moonsault, Andrade doesn't know what hit him! Boots to the chest follow. Ford is hit with a Hurricanrana. Ford on the apron, Zelina Vega distracting Andrade, Ford gets the cover for the three count!

Winner: Montez Ford

Shawn Michaels Message To Randy Orton

Michaels makes his way to the ring as we head to our final commercial break of the evening.

We return from commercial break and Two time WWE Hall of Famer, the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels heads to the ring. "I wish I was here on a more exciting note. First, I want us all to take a look at something..." we head into a video of Ric Flair talking about his stint in ICU after being in a coma. Flair states he doesn't want to take anything from Randy, just walk beside him.

Michaels stated with tears rolling down his face, he watched the conversation between Orton and Flair with everybody else.You have to understand without Ric Flair... there would be no Edge, no Christian, no Big Show, and certainly no Drew McIntyre. Even you, Randy Orton... but you don't have the same gratitude or appreciate that we do. Even though you had the greatest wrestler EVER mentoring you on a daily basis.

At SummerSlam, I don't know if you are going to meet your justice at the end of a Sweet Chin Music or a Claymore at the hands of Drew McIntyre, but at SummerSlam... you WILL see it coming." Michaels music sounds again.


Orton appears out of nowhere with an RKO and a Punt Kick on Michaels!!

Drew McIntyre ENTERS

Drew McIntyre comes running out to attempt to save HIS HERO Shawn Michaels. McIntyre takes it to Orton at first, hitting a Claymore and taking it to ringside. McIntyre slams Orton into the plexiglas.

McIntyre back in the ring, Orton hits an RKO on McIntyre that he NEVER saw coming as promised!

Orton stops at the stage, looking back at McIntyre who is holding his neck as he looks back at Orton in a rage. The show closes.

**Thank you all for sticking with me through these last few shows! Mike Hogan will be back for Wednesday's NXT results, brother! Everyone is awesome!


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