WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (8/24/2020)

Welcome one and all to the first Raw after SummerSlam and the last Raw before Payback which airs live this Sunday! The Amway Center, home of the Orlando Magic, proved rather magical this weekend for several superstars. After an explosive TakeOver XXX and a SummerSlam to remember, we're back in the Amway Center tonight with Raw featuring the ThunderDome!

It was already announced last week that Dolph Ziggler would take on Ivar in Raw Underground. (For the official preview, written by yours truly, click right here! )

But we all know how much I hate clickbait, so here's more of the rundown! We'll open the program with Drew McIntyre and we'll have the Raw debut of former NXT Champion, Keith Lee. Will his debut be limitless? We'll also have an arm wrestling match between Apollo Crews & Bobby Lashley!

We're about to find out what else is in store for us tonight, here on Raw's premiere live results coverage!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (8/24/2020) - Amway Center, Orlando, FL

Show Opener

We start our program with our "Legendary" theme. We cut to the arena and pyro goes off as the ThunderDome is illuminated! Tom Phillips welcomes us to Raw and reminds us that for the first time ever, Raw is coming to you from the ThunderDome! So exciting! We'll have a Raw Women's Championship lumberjack match between Asuka & Sasha Banks in addition to what was announced earlier today! We'll also see Dominik & Rey Mysterio vs Seth Rollins & Murphy in tag team action. We've also learned that Roman Reigns will sign a contract on Smackdown to take on The Fiend for the Universal title!

In the Ring: Drew McIntyre

We get a quick recap of video clips and stills, showing the fight between Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre last night that left the Legend Killer defeated and the Scottish Psychopath standing proud as champ.

Drew welcomes us to the first Raw from the ThunderDome. He asks the virtual fans to give a thumbs up and many do. Drew says that last night, at SummerSlam, was Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton. He says that despite that being the greatest threat to his title and biggest match to date, he stands tall as the WWE Champion. He tells Randy that the secret to how he pulled off the win is simple: Drew's hungrier and works harder than Randy. Drew steps up, rolls up his sleeves, insert a half dozen cliches here, and he's so damn proud to be WWE Champion. Also, he's this way because of his journey and he knows what it's like to go through hard times and feel desperate, to wonder where their next paycheck is coming from. He knows a lot of people watching this right now can understand that. But Randy never had to go through that. His inner circle made sure that he made his way to the top. Drew says that Randy is the absolute best but last night, Drew McIntyre was that much better. He says this has gotten his brain going, and he addresses Randy, asking: "Hey Randy, didn't you win a match called the greatest wrestling match ever and weren't you crowned the greatest wrestler ever? But last night, I beat you with a wrestling maneuver, so what does this make Drew McIntyre?" He goes on to say how much he loves ThunderDome and he knows Randy Orton won't let this go, so that's fine, Drew will kick his damn head off and send his ass to Claymore country if he wants more. His music plays, he plays to the virtual crowd who are applauding him as he walks up the ramp.

Randy Orton Strikes

As soon as Drew gets to the top of the ramp and plays to the virtual crowd again, Randy Orton strikes from behind. Orton and McIntyre slug backstage to the "control center" as Tom called it. More like the room immediately behind the exit to the arena. Several refs show up and after Orton floors McIntyre by bouncing his face off the wall, Orton backs up and gives the Scotsman space. Orton then runs in and delivers a punt kick once the refs left a gap open. They yell at Orton to leave and slowly, slowly he backs up...then drops down and slithers over to the champ. Finally Orton leaves as officials check on McIntyre, whose face is one of pure shock and constipation. We go to commercial break.

Back From the Break: Orton/McIntyre Recap

We're back from the break and get replays of what we saw four minutes ago. We then return to the backstage area, where McIntyre is still down. Two producers and a ref attempt to help him up, but his machismo card requires him shove them off and yell he's fine. He finally exists.

Commentary Table

We see Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips, and Samoa Joe. They comment on the savage attack by Randy Orton. They, thankfully, let us know that 19 minutes in we're not done quite yet and still have a bit more to get to. They then hype the debut of Keith Lee, who will be joining Raw tonight! We get a new Limitless Keith Lee promo video that highlighted some of his bigger moves and such from NXT.

Backstage: Sarah w/ Nia Jax

Sarah approaches Nia and asks what on earth is she doing there, as she was suspended for laying hands on an official. Nia says that she was suspended, but all she has to do is...and she motions for Sarah to lean in, so Sarah does. Nia acts as if she's going to share a secret and yells "all I have to do is apologize!" She then accuses Sarah of having her mind in the gutter. Sarah walks off offended. Suddenly, up walks Shayna Baszler who says "she probably thought you were gonna say something to get yourself suspended. Yeah, Nia, we're all counting down the moments til the next time you do or say something to get yourself suspended." Nia says Shayna has a match with Bayley, but if Shayna needs tips, to let her know. Shayna insults Nia's look; Nia calls Shayna an "Adams Family reject." Shayna grins and says "welcome back, Nia," then walks off.

Bayley vs Shayna Baszler

Bayley comes out first, accompanied by Sasha Banks. Sasha is clenching her women's tag team title to her chest and looks despondent without her Raw title, all while Bayley seems more confident with both of her titles still intact. Out next comes the Queen of Spades, Shayna Baszler! Our announcers mention that if Shayna wins, she should be getting a title opportunity. Before the bell can ring, Nia Jax comes out and stares down Baszler from up the ramp. This match starts next, after the commercial break!

Back from the break and Shayna takes control immediately. She begins working on Bayley's right shoulder until Bayley escapes the ring. Shayna and Sasha yell at each other as Bayley eats up some of the count, finally entering as the ref is approaching eight. In the ring Bayley and Shayna execute a very unique exchange on the canvas, in which Bayley managed to roll as if she were tied to a string, from under Shayna, around and over her.

Both women get to their feet and Shayna hits a knee, then transitions a Bayley grapple into a triangle hold. Sasha distracts Shayna, causing Baszler to release the hold and setting up for Bayley to attack her from behind. Bayley takes Shayna to the corner and works on her. Bayley with a snap suplex. She begins to talk trash to a grounded Shayna and kicks her. Shayna starts to her feet and Bayley lays her out with a right hand, then hits a seated running knee strike and covers for nothing. Shayna begins to fight back with brutal body shots and a stiff high kick. Baszler sprints at Bayley, but Bayley counters and sends Shayna outside to the floor. Nia Jax is shown stalking her from halfway up the ramp. As Shayna starts to climb back in the ring, Nia Jax attacks!
Your Winner by DQ, Shayna Baszler!

After the Match

Shayna snapmares Jax on the ringside floor, all while Bayley and Banks laugh at her. Shayna comes in the ring but Nia follows and attacks her from behind. The Golden Role Models continue to stand there and laugh...until Shayna and Nia Jax notice and turn their attention to Bayley and Banks, and exit the ring. The Golden Role Models quickly back up the ramp.

Backstage: Kevin Owens & Aleister Black

KO asks a random backstage if he knows where Aleister Black's dressing room is. KO knocks on the door and opens it, but the room appears completely dark. KO asks if Black will be on his show, as he's not responded to KO's texts. KO finally says he'll see Black out there, and leaves. We see Black's hand reach out and close the door as we go to commercial.

The KO Show

Kevin Owens makes his way out to the ring and welcomes everyone to the first ever KO Show from inside the ThunderDome! He loves seeing the fans applaud him. He says that his guest hasn't been seen in a little while, but his guest has a common enemy with KO, and he's very glad to see him. Returning to Raw is Aleister Black! His music cues and out comes Mister Zelina Vega himself, Aleister Black! He comes out wearing a black bandage around his head and over his right eye, kind of like a pirate's bandage. He's wearing a dark suit and dress shoes and hesitates at the steel steps--the very steel steps that took his eye--before finally going to the ring side and sliding in under the ropes.

KO starts things as both men sit, and thanks him for showing up. He mentions that we've not seeing Aleister in a while and wants to ask about his eye and how it's healing up. Black gets on the mic. "Why don't we just show 'em? Just show them the footage." KO doesn't want to, but Black assures him that it's fine, he's seen it a million times. KO asks for the men in the truck to roll it and they do: we see Murphy and Seth Rollins using the steel step corner last month to blind Black.

After the video, KO says that he knows exactly how Black is feeling because Seth Rollins and his Disciples can get under your skin. They did it to KO and made him question why he was even here. KO says to ask Rey and Dominick, it's just something Seth does. KO says that he's tried to take a different path from his heel ways but Seth Rollins is not like that. He goes on to say he didn't want to show the footage because every time you do it--and Aleister Black stumbles out of his seat. KO comes over to check on him and Black attacks! Black strikes KO with kicks before delivering a Black Mass. Aleister exits the ring and marches off.

Backstage w/ the Golden Role Models

Both are bickering with each other when Charly Caruso walks up. Charly never gets a word in, FYI. Banks mentions that Bayley barely escaped Shayna tonight and seems worried. Bayley reminds Banks that she's better than Asuka and can take her. We go to commercial.

24/7 Championship Fatal Four-way: R-Truth vs Cedric Alexander vs Shelton Benjamin vs Tozawa

We come back to break and Cedric Alexander is already in the ring, along with 24/7 Champion Shelton Benjamin, and Akira Tozawa. R-Truth is out next, rapping to the ThunderDome's virtual fans.

R-Truth immediately takes Tozawa down and attempts to roll up, but Benjamin breaks it up. Shelton Benjamin is then rolled up by Cedric Alexander, but kicks out. Cedric focuses on Shelton, and goes for a springboard from the apron to the ring but Shelton leaps up and counters by hitting a high knee that sends Cedric spilling back to the ringside floor. R-Truth comes in and engages with Benjamin. Shelton gets the upper-hand and sets up R-Truth...but Tozawa gets involved. Tozawa sends Shelton outside the ring and two of his Ninjas show up, holding Shelton back as Tozawa rolls up R-Truth for the win!
Your Winner and NEW 24/7 Champion, Akira Tozawa!

After the Match + Backstage w/ Randy Orton

Shelton beats up the ninjas as Tozawa grabs his title and runs off. We very briefly cut to the backstage, where Randy Orton is shown walking. He's heading out to respond to Drew next, after the commercials.

During the break, wanted to give a special shoutout to Brian Lee & his wife--happy anniversary!

In the Ring: Randy Orton

After a brief recap about what happened earlier tonight (for the second time), Randy comes out to ring, ready to address the ThunderDome and WWE Universe! Randy starts out by saying that for the longest time, he's done whatever he's wanted to, to whomever he's wanted to. He promised to punt kick Drew in the skull and take his title last night but he didn't. Orton says that you can call him many things--and that is a long list--but he is a man of his word. He promised everyone that he'd kill the legend of Edge, Christian, Big Show, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels...and that's exactly what he did because he is the Legend Killer. He says that Drew McIntyre comes out here earlier, and Orton kicked him the skull not once, but twice, and he enjoyed it so much. He asks if Drew wants to know why Orton kicked him in the skull twice. He says it's because Drew came out and offered a rematch out of pity. Orton says that he is the Legend Killer, and he is the greatest wrestler--

Keith Lee Debuts!

--and Keith Lee's "Oh bask in his glory" sounds! Keith Lee is making his Raw Debut, complete with a new musical theme, and marches straight down to the ring to confront Orton! Personally preferred his old theme, but eh. What are ya gonna do?

Keith gets on the mic. "You seem a little perplexed, Randy, but I guess that makes sense. We haven't bee properly introduced so allow me. Greetings and salutations, Mr. Orton, my name is Keith Lee and I have come here to offer you this spectacular opportunity, this luxury, this privilege to stop what you're doing for one moment and bask..in my glory. You have been called many things. The Viper. Apex Predator. Legend Killer. I have been called many things: Game change, anomaly. But one thing I am for certain is (that) I am Limitless. And since the Limitless One is on Raw and you, good sir, seem to be looking for a fight the likes of which no one has ever felt...with respect to my friend Drew McIntyre, I'd step up if you're willing to accept the challenge, one on one against me right here...right now!"

Orton responds. "You want to fight me? Keith Lee, was it? Limitless, was it? You want to fight me right here, right now? Maybe later." Orton then drops his mic and rolls out of the ring as Lee's new theme plays again. Orton pauses up the ramp, looking back with a shit-eating grin at Lee, then backs up the ramp. Lee stands smugly in the ring, staring the Viper down.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso

Charly mentions Keith Lee has made quite the impression by debuting on Raw. She's interrupted by the arguing of Angel Garza, Demi from the Bachelor, and Zelina. Charly asks Zelina if she's finally ready to admit that she's the one that poisoned Montez Ford? Zelina calls Charly "Chuckles" and gets interrupted by Angel, who per Zelina "says things that don't make sense." Angel then turns to Demi and asks her what she's up to, and says his match against Ivar is next so if she wants to come, she's welcome...and he turns to Charly Caruso and tells her that she's welcome, too. Charly stares at Demi as Angel walks off and we head to commercial.

Montez Ford w/ Angelo Dawkins vs Angel Garza

The Street Profits come out and a shower of red cups rains around them. The Raw Tag Team Champions make their way into the ring, celebrating as Angel Garza stands leaning on a rope, not looking amused. We see a clip from earlier where the Street Profits were talking about Angel and Angelo threatened to rip off his pants. Montez tells him not to, they talk for a moment then chant that they want the smoke!

Back in the ring, the bell sounds and this match begins with a blitzkrieg pace. Angel charges; Montez leapfrogs. Angel rebounds, again Montez leapfrogs. Montez goes up to the top rope and flies very high, but Angel catches Montez with a dropkick in mid air, rips off his pants and attempts a cover but only gets one. Angel takes control, hitting a strike int he corner and covers for 1. Garza locks in a headlock as Andrade, at ringside, coaches him on. Montez fights to his feet and throws fists into Garza to break the lock. Garza and Ford wrap around each other; Ford goes up for a dropkick but Angel steps back, dodging it and Ford eats the canvas.

Ivar of the Viking Raiders suddenly comes out with a turkey leg behind his back and approaches the Bachelor's Demi, offering her his meat. She loves how big his meat is and walks off with him to the back, distracting Angel. Garza gets on the ropes and yells at them but Ford capitalizes and attacks the unsuspecting Angel. Ford goes up top and both men grapple for advantage. Ford sends Angel off, leaps high and changes direction in mid air, turning 180 degrees to land the frog splash, and covers for the win! After the match both men celebrate in the ring with their titles and yell to Joe that they love him.
Your Winner, Montez Ford!

Backstage w/ Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

Nia tells Shayna that while she's not thrilled to tag with Shayna, the two of them could actually win the tag team titles and Nia wants those titles. Shayna says that she'll help Nia win the tag team titles as long as Nia gets off her back. Nia says "as long as you find my lead, got it?" Shayna slaps Nia and says "got it!" They walk off and Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and Bianca Belair show up. They discuss the Iiconics as we head to a commercial.

Payback, Smackdown Updates

Roman Reigns and the Fiend will sign a contract with Braun Strowman this Friday for a triple threat, no holds barred match for the WWE Universal title at Payback on Sunday. Also, the Golden Role Models (Bayley & Sasha Banks) will defend their titles against Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler.

The Riott Squad & Bianca Belair vs The Iiconics & Zelina Vega

We start things with the faces in charge. The Riott Squad and the EST of WWE take control until Riott eats a kick to the face from Billy Kay. Kay tags in Royce and they double team Ruby. They immediately tag in Vega, who kicks Ruby and sends her to the corner. Zelina hits a running knee strike to a seated Ruby and covers for two. Zelina gets too cocky and Ruby escapes, tagging in Bianca. Bianca keeps Zelina from reaching her team mates and spends a solid moment slamming and tossing around Vega. Bianca sends Vega into the ropes and picks her up, paying homage to Beth Phoenix and hits the Implant Buster (I believe it's called). Bianca then flips off the ropes and lands on Vega. Belair slams Vega and covers, picking up the easy win in a short match.
Your Winners, Bianca Belair & The Riott Squad!

Backstage w/ Cedric Alexander, Mark Henry & Ricochet (& MVP)

We see Cedric and Ricochet arm wrestling when Henry comes up and tells them that he has to take the arm wrestling table away unless they wanna "go" against him. They back off and Henry and officials take the arm wrestling table away. MVP shows up and talks down Cedric, stating that instead of going after his recently lost 24/7 championship, he's busy fooling around with Ricochet in the back. MVP has shaved his goatee by the way. MVP offers for Cedric to join the Hurt Business again. MVP then says he has to deal with Hurt Business business and we go to break.

Arm Wrestling Match: Bobby Lashley vs Apollo Crews

Mark Henry comes out to make the introductions. Out first is the CEO of the Hurt Business, the Almighty Bobby Lashley. Lashley comes out in a suit jacket over one of his merch shirts. Mark Henry is looking slimmer. Out next is the United States Champion, Apollo Crews, who comes out strutting with his belt and flexing his arm. Mark Henry mentions that he wants it to be a fair competition, so he asked the rest of the Hurt Business not to come out. Lashley gets on the mic and says he doesn't need the Hurt Business, so tonight he's going to beat up Crews but not too bad because Crews has to defend that title this weekend. He calls Crews "little man." Crews laughs at that and says that Lashley saw what happened last night to MVP, and Crews will beat Lashley, too. Henry has the competitors square up, elbows flat and hands locked. Bobby backs off, then removes his suit jacket, before attempting to reposition. Lashley tells Mark Henry to keep his mouth closed. Lashley is caught off guard as Crews quickly grabs Lashley's arm and rams it down, winning this arm-wrestling match. Lashley attempts to ambush Crews but Crews lifts Lashley up and throws him down. The Hurt Business hits the ring but the US Champ was too quick and escapes up the ramp. We see that Lashley attempted to cheat by putting his foot under the leg of the podium, and Crews stomped his foot.

Recap of Dominick Mysterio vs Seth Rollins from SummerSlam

We get a video package showing the debut of Rey's son and eventual defeat at the hands of Seth.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso & The Mysterio Family

Charly wants to talk to Rey about the conflicting emotions he's felt with his son by his side and...her question is very incoherent. Rey steps up and says that Dom took on one of the most dangerous superstars int he WWE in his first match ever, and he gave Seth hell. He couldn't ask for more from his son. Charly asks Dom if he was scared, and he says he was absolutely terrified but he had his family in his corner and that gave him the courage to go out there and do what he needed to do. Rey says that it's his family that gives them strength and someday, Seth will have a family and he'll understand what he's put the Mysterios through. Rey says he's so proud of his man, indicating his son, and so proud of him for standing here with him despite the pain he's in from his match last night. He says that tonight is the night he's been dreaming of for many years-the night he gets to share the ring with his son, and he'll be damned if he lets Seth ruin that moment. As Rey's wife Angie smiles, Rey says that Dominick is the future of the WWE. We head to commercial break.

In the Ring: Lana & Natalya

We return from break to see both blondes wearing similar outfits in the ring. Lana says that they're there to induct a great athlete into the Hall of Fame. Natalya says that she's the BOAT (best of all time) but she'll be inducted some day later. Instead, they're here to retire Mickie James--the chick with the kick who's been riding their coattails to be relevant again. Natalya then asks for the truck to roll a video that Natalya worked really hard on, a highlight reel of her career. Nothing plays and they laugh, implying her career is nothing. Mickie James runs out and takes down both women, then exits the ring, bows and heads back up the ramp.

Up Next: Raw Underground, Randy Orton vs Keith Lee

We're told RKO will take on the Limitless one tonight, and we see the Hurt Business forcing their way into the Raw Underground backstage area before going to break.

Raw Underground: Bobby Lashley vs Dolph Ziggler

We return from break as Bobby Lashley puts a random to sleep. Lashley stalks the ring until Dolph Ziggler hops up and removes his shirt. The bell rings and they lock up. Ziggler takes control early on, using his amateur wrestling background to pull the big man to the mat. Lashley powers out and nails some fists. He approaches a grounded Dolph, who kicks him then gets to his feet and leaps on his back. Lashley and Dolph struggle for a few moments longer until Lashley throws Ziggler off his back adn into the crowd.
Your Winner, Bobby Lashley
A skinny random is hesitant to enter the ring but is forced in, and immediately taken out by Lashley, who is then declared the winner over...whoever he was.

Randy Orton vs Keith Lee

We cut to the ThunderDome, with Randy Orton coming out first. The Limitless One is out next after our fourth recap of Orton attacking McIntyre from earlier tonight. Fourth recap. Seriously.

The bell rings and for the first time ever, Keith Lee locks up with Randy Orton! Orton slaps in the side headlock but Lee stands up tall, lifting Orton off his feet. Orton hangs on to the headlock until Lee sends him into the ropes. Orton rebounds; Lee leapfrogs over Orton! Orton comes off the opposite ropes and Lee shoulders him down to the ground. Orton looks stunned per Tom. Both men raise a hand for a test of strength and, just as it has ended for the last 30+ years, the heel hits a quick kick to our hero's gut. Orton throws a punch but Lee catches his fist in hand and squeezes it, then hits a standing overhead belly to belly suplex that sends Randy out of the ring! Orton's holding his back, kneeling at the announcer's table. Lee comes out and picks him up, only for Orton to slip out and send Lee shoulder-first into the ringpost.

Orton tries to keep the big man grounded as he takes him back into the ring. Orton locks in a headlock but Lee begins to power up. Orton hops up on Lee's back, locking in the sleeper. Lee stands up with little effort and trots across the ring, Orton still on his back, slamming Orton into the corner. Lee backs up and runs, crushing the Viper in the corner. As Orton stumbles out, Lee runs and hits a crossbody, taking down the former world champ! Lee waits for Orton to get to his feet then rams him, causing Orton to fall out of the ring again. Lee goes outside and rolls Orton back in. Lee starts to climb the apron but Orton is back to his feet, grabs Lee and hits the draping DDT! Orton paces the ring, grinning, then falls down to the mat and begins his Viper routine, pounding his fists into the mat. Orton is setting up for the RKO when suddenly Drew McIntyre drags Orton out of the ring!
Your Winner by DQ, Randy Orton

After the Match

Drew battles Randy around the ring until Orton can escape. Drew stands in the ring, angrily staring in the direction Orton went, and ticking his head a bit. The announcers question his health and his ability to even be standing. We're again reminded that the big dog, Roman Reigns, returned and they'll take an indepth look at his return...next! We go to commercials.

Roman Reigns Returns Recap

After an infographic touting the ThunderDome, the announcers show us the end of last night's Universal Championship match that saw the Fiend Bray Wyatt prove victorious--and end up ambushed by Roman Reigns, who's returning after a months long absence. We're reminded that there will be a no holds barred triple threat match for the Universal championship Sunday.

Backstage w/ Drew McIntyre

Drew is seen backstage and begins to comment on his actions just now when Orton attacks from behind, laying out the WWE Champion for the second time tonight. We go to break. After the break we see Charly Caruso again, outside the trainer's room. She states that doctors are worried about a potential skull fracture which could lead to bleeding on the brain and a severe, career-ending injury.

Raw Women's Championship Lumberjack Match: Asuka(c) vs Sasha Banks

We're reminded that this is a rematch of last night, but with bonus lumberjacks! Sasha and Bayley come out first, followed by Asuka. Lumberjacks (what happened to calling them Lumberjills?) surround the ring--the Riott Squad, Iiconics, Lana, Natalya, Bianca Belair, Mickey James and Shayna Baszler make up the lumberjacks. The match starts and Asuka immediately throws Banks outside. Sasha shoves Ruby Riott and talks smack to her, then tries to get back in--only for Asuka to hit her off the apron and send her to the floor. Bayley comes over to try to stand guard over Sasha as the other lumberjacks surround her. Shayna looks especially threatening as we head to commercial break.

Back from the break and Sasha is fighting Asuka at ringside. Sasha sends Asuka back into the ring and covers immediately, getting a two. Asuka moves to the corner and holds on to the ropes, resting as Banks posts up in the opposite corner. Banks charges in and Asuka hits her with a rear high kick. Banks and Asuka collide in a mid-air maneuver, and Asuka covers for a very close two. Both make their way to their feet. Sasha screams and goes for a kick; Asuka counters by grabbing the left leg, twisting her down to the mat and lockign in an ankle lock! Banks is trying to get to the ropes but cant, so she cartwheels and flips Asuka through the ropes and tot he outside. The Riott Squad lumberjacks help Asuka to her feet; Sasha runs along the apron and dives but misses Asuka and takes out the Riott Squad. Bayley tries to distract Asuka, so Asuka stalks her outside. Bayley shoves various lumberjacks in her way, and Asuka throws them all aside, until Banks ambushes her from behind. Sasha sends Asuka in, climbs the top turnbuckle and hits a beautiful and high-flying frog splash, getting a two off the pin!

Outside the ring, Shayna notices Bayley trying to slip a steel chair into the ring and attacks Bayley, distracting Sasha. Asuka comes up behind Banks and locks in the Asuka-lock, tapping Sasha Banks and putting a quick end to this match.
Your Winner and STILL Raw Women's Champion, Asuka!

Backstage: Charly Caruso w/ an Ambulance

An ambulance pulls away. Charly tells us that due to his injury, the doctors didn't want to waste any time and are having Drew taken to the hospital right now. She then turns to Keith Lee and notes that he's a friend of Drew. Keith says he knows Drew is one of the toughest men he's ever met and he's going to be okay. But Randy Orton...he can't say the same for him. Keith Lee walks off and Charly tells us she'll update us as soon as she can. We're heading to commercial but up next is our main event: The Mysterios vs Seth & Murphy!

Raw Underground: Bobby Lashley vs Cedric Alexander, Other Chaos

Bobby Lashley quickly taps out Cedric Alexander within seconds. The Viking Raiders jump in but the Hurt Business take control and it appears Lashley tapped out Ivar with a rear arm hold. Shane promises we'll see more of them and the Raw Underground next week. So I guess, technically:
Your Winners, The Hurt Business

Main Event: Dominick & Rey Mysterio vs Seth Rollins & Murphy

The Mysterios make their way out to Rey's theme in their first ever father-son tag match and Dominick's second ever match. Out next is the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins and his Disciple, Buddy Murphy! Before the bell rings, the Mysterios attack Rollins & Murphy at ringside. Rey and Seth pair up as Murphy and Dom pair up. Rollins sends Rey over the commentary desk, and Seth and Murphy begin double-teaming Dom. They send Dominick inside, Murphy joins him and the bell rings as our main event is officially under way!

Murphy starts in control but Dominick quickly fights back. Rey attacks Seth at ringside, and Dominick sends Murphy out the ring. Seth is thrown inside by Rey. The Mysterios toss Rollins down to the middle rope and go for a 619, but Murphy drags Seth out of the ring to safety. The Mysterios own the ring as Murphy and Seth look on shocked as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Rollins attempts to pin Rey, but he kicks out. Rey is reaching for his corner but Rollins taunts his opponent, stomping him whenever he gets close to Dominick. Finally Seth strikes out, attacking Dom and sending him from the corner. Seth turns back to Rey just in time for Rey to hop up. The two men slug it out. Seth tries to take Rey into the heel corner but Rey keeps fighting! Seth picks up Rey, and Rey donkey kicks Murphy off the apron! Rey then drops Seth in a falling faceslam. Seth is slow tagging Murphy; Rey lowkicks Murphy's feet out from under him and makes the hot tag to Dominick Mysterio! Dominick hits the ring fast, taking Murphy down with a toss. Dom with blows to Murphy. Murphy tries to toss Dominick through the ropes, out to the floor. Dom's feet catch the rope but he sets up on the apron and springboards back in, nailing Murphy! Dom goes up to the corner and sits, pulling his hoodie up over his head, then dives out of the way as Murphy charges the corner. Dominick springboards off the bottom rope, lands on Murphy's shoulder, then uses his momentum to turn it into a leaping DDT! Dom covers and gets two before Seth breaks it up! Rollins baits Mysterio, giving Murphy a chance to sucker punch him and tag in Rollins.

Rey is tagged in and takes it to Seth. Rey doesn't see Seth tag in Murphy, and Murphy attempts to capitalize on the confusion but Rey fights him off. Rey sends Murphy to the middle rope, tags in Dominick, and yells "double!" Both Rey and Dominick hit a 619 at the same time in a cool spot.

Rey and Dominick are in full control when the lights flicker and Retribution attacks!
Your Winner, Rey & Dominick Mysterio by DQ

After the Match: Retribution Attacks

Retribution gang up on Rey and Dominick and beat them around the ring before tossing them out to the floor. Several stomp on Dominick repeatedly while two others pick up Rey and Lawn Dart him into the ringpost. Murphy and Rollins smile on from a safe spot up the ramp. The Retribution members, six of them in total, beat both Mysterios some more and yell at them. One kicks Dom in the gut. Finally all six members of Retribution stand on the apron and pose. There appears to be two females and four males. We end our program with Rollins/Murphy smiling up the ramp and Retribution posing.

In Closing

Well, there you have it, the go-home edition of Raw before Payback! What are your thoughts on the very timid, tame attack by Retribution? Let us know in the comments! Stay safe, have fun and see you all Wednesday!

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