WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (9/14/2020) - Amway Center, Orlando, FL

Welcome, one and all, to Monday Night Raw: In Your Face Monday! (Yes, that's how they're billing it.)

The Raw Preview has been released by WWE and has given us a glimpse of tonight's show. Drew McIntyre will go one on one with the limitless Keith Lee tonight. Former training partners and friends, Lee and McIntyre should prove an interesting match.

Dominik Mysterio will take on Seth Rollins in a Steel Cage Match later tonight. We're told that Dominik hit Murphy 86 times last week with a kendo stick.

The Raw Women's Championship will be on the line as Asuka defends against Mickie James. We'll also see a Champion vs Champion match tonight as The Street Profits battle Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro.

We've also learned that Dolph Ziggler will be at tonight's Raw Underground. What could this all mean? Find out tonight on Rajah.com's Monday Night Raw live results featuring yours truly!

Football might be back we all know three out of the four teams suck, so let's get our Monday Night started right!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (9/14/2020) - Amway Center, Orlando, FL

Show Opener: Legendary

No special theatrics or cold openings, folks, just our legendary intro. We cut to the ThunderDome and it does that new "thunder and lightning" thing they just started. Michael Cole is joining commentary tonight, and welcomes us to In Your Face Monday Night Raw. Byron Saxton is on commentary and Dolph Ziggler joins commentary tonight, too, as Vic Joseph and Samoa Joe are both off tonight. They hype the announced matches (above), including a steel cage match and a title match.

In the Ring: Drew McIntyre

We're reminded that Clash of Champions is two weeks from Sunday as Drew makes his way down to the ring. We get a video package showing where three weeks ago, Orton punted Drew 3 times, then Drew Claymore kicked Orton 3 times last week, and here we are tonight. I feel so Meltzer right now. They recap the kicks with nifty little cut cards, saying things like "two weeks ago" and "one hour and 45 minutes later." Just ICYMI. After that, Michael Cole tells us "if--thats a big if--he's" able to compete, Orton will take on McIntyre in two weeks at Clash. Drew speaks now: "Randy Orton broke my jaw, but I'm back. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine that he intended to do so much more, so I should consider myself lucky that it's only a fractured jaw. Randy Orton, likewise, should consider himself lucky that his head's still attached after" the three Claymore kicks he took last week. Drew tells us that WWE Medical told him he would need to take time off to heal, but he'd have to forfeit his title. Drew was warned that one hard strike to the jaw could change his fractured jaw into needing to be wired shut, but Drew will happily take his chances just to keep his title and defeat Orton in two weeks. Drew tells Randy's nurse to turn up the volume, and says that what he's proposing is that at Clash of Champions, it'll be Drew McIntyre versus Randy Orton for the WWE Championship in an ambulance match because, clearly, the rules don't apply to them anymore. He starts to walk off then comes back and harps on if Orton can compete. He then tells us the origin of the Claymore kick, and a few years ago in the ring, he was wearing some very tight, tight leather pants and it came time to hit his opponent with a kick. He says that as he's a Scotsman, it wasn't good for his pants to tear as Scotsman aren't fond of underwear.
Drew then has the doctored image of Orton's punt victims--the legends--put up on screen, with Randy photoshopped into the picture with a lump on his head. He then laughs, telling us that he's Claymore kicked everyone in the picture. Adam Pearce comes out and tells Drew that he shouldn't make light of Orton's injury. He tells Drew that if Keith Lee can beat Drew McIntyre in tonight's match, he'll be the alternate and will fill in if Orton can't compete at Clash for the title. Drew starts to ask Adam who put him in charge when Keith Lee comes out. Lee gets in the ring with McIntyre and the two big men circle each other. Drew shakes hands with Keith and says something about the show must go on, then tries to leave only for Lee to not release his grip and yank him back. They talk as we go to commercial break.

Champions vs Champions Match: the Street Profits vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro

We come back from break and get right to it. Out first are the Raw Tag Team Champions, the Street Profits. It rains red cups as they make their way down. Out next is Cesaro (who's intro looks wicked cool from the distance in the ThunderDome) and his partner Shinsuke Nakamura, the current Smackdown Tag Team Champions. As they make their way out, we're treated to a video filmed earlier of them telling us how they're going to win. We focus on the ring as the bell rings and Cesaro starts things with Dawkins.
Cesaro immediately sprints over and hits the European Uppercut, then sends Angelo Dawkins into his corner and tags in Nakamura. Nakamura with a strong kick, and a suplex drop. Nakamura's pace is slow, pacing himself and his opponent, but Dawkins uses it to catch his breath and fire back. Dawkins slugs Nakamura and tags in Montez Ford. Ford and Dawkins double team Nakamura, and Dawkins slams Ford down onto Nakamura. Ford and Dawkins take out Nakamura and Cesaro to ringside, then go flying, only to be countered. Cesaro and Nakamura powerbomb Ford into the barricade outside before we go to commercial.
Back from the break and Cesaro has Montez Ford seated on the mat, an underarm chin lock in place. Montez gets to his feet and throws his left elbow into Cesaro's side. Cesaro sends Ford to the corner, then charges in--but Ford sidesteps and Cesaro goes into the post! Cesaro stomps Ford twice, then heads to his corner and tags in Nakamura, but not in enough time to stop Ford from tagging in Dawkins! Dawkins flies in takes down Nakamura. Cole points out that Dawkins has lost weight and is a little more high flying than he used to be. Nakamura catches Dawkins and drops him down. Nakamura sets up the Kenshasa in the corner but Dawkins counters! Dawkins dives and tags in Ford, then moves up to block Cesaro from getting in as Montez Ford goes for that thirty-foot frog splash of his! Nakamura kicks out, barely, and Cesaro comes in. Cesaro now stomping away at Dawkins. Cesaro places Dawkins head and shoulders out the ring, laying on the bottom rope, and Nakamura hits a running dropkick! Dawkins tags Ford in but Ford runs right into a pop up European Uppercut--Cesaro popped Ford up very high and nailed an impressive European Uppercut. Very impressive. Cesaro covers but gets two. Cesaro takes Ford over to the Profits corner while Dawkins is still down on the floor. Cesaro hoists Ford up for a superplex, and doesn't see Dawkins hop up on the apron and tag himself in! Cesaro hits the superplex on Ford, but Dawkins comes off the top rope with his own frog splash, covering for the surprise three!
Your Winners, Raw Tag Team Champions the Street Profits!

Video Package: Mickie James

We get a package showing multiple clips of Mickie James' WWE six-time championship career over the last twenty years. We see clips of her in her youth and in recent years, and commentary plugs James' title shot against Asuka on tonight's "in your face edition" of Raw.

Backstage w/ Lana & Angel Garza

Backstage, Lana is complaining to Garza about it being unfair that she's not getting the title shot tonight and Mickie James is. Angel Garza begins hitting on her, talking about how beautiful her passion and love for wrestling is, when Zelina and Andrade show up. Zelina begins to criticize Angel for walking out on their match last week, and here he is flirting with someone else. Angel and Andrade explain words in Spanish. Zelina says that she can't do it anymore, she's had enough, and walks off. Angel and Andrade immediately begin to brawl backstage into equipment boxes as we go to break.

In the Ring: The Hurt Business

MVP, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander all make their way out to the ring. During the entrance, we get clips from last Monday on Raw when Cedric Alexander turned on his friends and joined the Hurt Business. MVP gets on the mic and tells us that business is booming. Shelton Benjamin has upgraded from "the gold plated to platinum status," Lashley is sporting more gold, and Cedric Alexander's officially joined the Hurt Business. Cedric gets on the mic and uses a whiny voice to mock the haters online, who took issue over the last seven days on social media with his joining the Hurt Business. He tells us that he's doing what he has to do for the betterment of his career. He says that he's the one who has to wake up on a Tuesday morning, feeling battered and broken and unable to play with his kids because of backing up Apollo Crews and Ricochet. Life's better with the Hurt Business. Out come Apollo Crews & Ricochet. Apollo gets on the mic and says that Cedric is going to have to answer for his actions and face the consequences. He says that they were always there for Cedric--and Cedric yells "wrong!" Cedric then asks Apollo and Ricochet how many times did he have to catch a beating for them? Even when Apollo was the US Champion, he caught beatings. Ricochet gets on the mic and tells us that they didn't come out to tell him that they want him back, they're out to tell him that as bad as he thought it was when the Hurt Business was coming for him--its worse now that Crews and the 'chet are coming after him.

Match: Cedric Alexander (w/ the Hurt Business) vs Ricochet (w/ Apollo Crews)

All those not about to rock exit the ring and this match starts with Ricochet running over and tackling Cedric. Ricochet pounds away at Cedric before the men gain separation. They clash again as we go to break.
We're back from the break and Cedric is in control, keeping Ricochet prone on the mat with a side waist lock in place. Ricochet tries to roll and reach for the ropes but is still too far. Ricochet throws an elbow to Cedric's skull and breaks away, but Alexander is quick to his feet, too. Alexander with a rib crack, followed by a dropkick and a pin attempt. Cedric gets two. Cedric starts throwing clubbing forearms into the prone Ricochet's face. Alexander pulls him to his feet and floors Ricochet with a right fist. Dolph is doing solid heel commentary--nothing especially funny, but a great heel analytical role. He and MVP yell almost the same strategy then compliment each other for having great minds. In the ring, Ricochet deflects a right fist and hits a punching combination of his own, topping it off with an uppercut. Cedric with a big running backhanded chop on Cedric's chest. Outside the ring, MVP and Lashley attempt to distract. Even Dolph mentions "he's gonna get distracted." Alexander counters an attempted switch with a superkick, but Ricochet hangs in there and hits a bridging German suplex for a two. Ricochet climbs up the outside of the ropes, and Shelton Benjamin walks over to distract him. Ricochet goes for the 540 but Cedric moves and Ricochet rolls through. They exchange counters, but Cedric hits a slam then counters Ricochet's strike into a lumbar check, covering for the win!
Your Winner, Cedric Benjamin!

After the Match: Retribution

The lights go out and Retribution speaks: "Listen up to you and all the other so called superstars. We are the product of empty promises, the results of lies, greed and betrayal. We once trusted but now we walk with eyes wide open. We see what you are--worst. Scrap. Byproduct. When you show loyalty to an entity that casts people aside like garbage, you become garbage. When you sell your soul to a corrupt machine, you become corrupt. Like you, we once believed that our time at the Performance Center would lead us to fame and wealth. Unlike you, we refused to suck up to an entitled regime. So while you enjoy your last days of oblivion, we prepare to show you exactly who we are as we gut your reality. We are Retribution!" There are about 8-9 members. We cut to the back.

Backstage w/ Sarah Schreiber & Mickie James

Mickie is asked what emotion fuels her as she prepares for her upcoming title shot. Mickie James says that she's given every ounce of her soul to this business and she loves how its driven her to be the best that she can be, and she loves how the high stakes competition drives her to be even better. She then says that with wisdom comes clarity, and whats become clear to her recently is that she's always had what it takes to be the Raw Women's Champion but what fuels her tonight is the knowledge that this could be her last chance to be the Raw Women's Champion.

Raw Women's Championship Match: Asuka(c) vs Mickie James

Asuka comes out first as commentary builds up James' lengthy career. We head to break.

Backstage w/ Adam Pearce, Security, & the Hurt Business

We're back from break and are backstage as Pearce yet again tries to get Security to stop Retribution. MVP comes up with the Hurt Business and says that this is their business, because they say it is their business. He says Pearce's job is on the line and he needs to stop counting on boys. MVP suggests that Pearce let the men of the Hurt Business help Pearce keep his job and protect the arena from Retribution. Pearce extends his hand and thanks them for volunteering. The Hurt Business all laugh then say this is business, and they'll bill him. They head off as we head back to the ring.

Raw Women's Championship Match, Continued: Asuka(c) vs Mickie James

We're back in the arena where Asuka's awaiting. Mickie James comes out in a very bumble bee-like outfit. We're finally ready to get this title match under way! The introductions are made and the belt is presented by the ref to the ThunderDome. Cole asks Ziggler how does he knock off Asuka and he goes on to tell us how focused James is, and plays up that this might be her final title shot. The bell rings and both women lock up. James takes Asuka down to the mat but both women still have a handle on each other, and Asuka rolls to her feet and takes James down. They separate. Asuka rushes James, who shoves her down and rolls her up but only gets a one. James hits Asuka down with a scissors and gets a close two. James holds her fingers an inch apart and says "this close, Asuka, this close!"
Asuka takes offense and tries to take control, but James shuts her down. James with another close pin attempt. James locks in a rear naked choke but Asuka escapes. Asuka floors James with a knee, then pulls her up and strikes her with a hard right fist. Both women begin to exchange blows along the ropes. James attempts to whip Asuka, but Asuka counters and whips James into the ropes, and catches her with a knee straight to her nose, flooring James and attempting a pin. James kicks out. Both women down on the mat for a half minute, slowly getting to their feet. Asuka sizes her up and runs to the ropes, going for the hip attack and just like every Raw for the last three months it doesn't connect and she's caught in the ropes! James attacks her, sending her down and out as we go to commercials!
We're back again from commercials and both women are down on the mat. Both are up to a knee and take turns with rights, staggering each other up to their feet (yes, you read that right). James tries to lock in a sleeper but Asuka backs her up into the corner. Asuka charges him, striking James in the corner. Asuka goes in for another but James counters. Well, I'll be my niece's uncle, James hit a perfect headscissors takedown on Asuka! James with rights but Asuka fights back and drops James. Asuka off the ropes but James catches her and counters with a drop to the mat. James takes a few seconds too long, gloating/dancing/having a strike before climbing to the top. Asuka runs up the turnbuckles and tries to attack but James sends Asuka flying back, then dives off the top rope and lands on Asuka! James gets a close two.
Both women to their feet and again they start exchanging hits, but Asuka ends it with a vicious spinning backhand that drops James straight down to her knees and leaves her rocking. Asuka runs off the ropes and goes for the bump or the leg lariat yet again but James catches her and counters it into a single leg crab. Asuka nearly gets to the ropes so James drags her back to the middle of the ring, only to have Asuka roll her up for a two! James goes for the Mick Kick but doesn't get all of it and only covers for a two. James stalls, standing there as we get replays, then approaches Asuka. Asuka tries to lock in a submission but James reaches over and grabs the ropes. The ref forces the break. James gets Asuka in the middle of the ring and screams, calling for a move but Asuka begins a fast sequence of counters between the two women that culminates in James nearly getting Asuka pinned. Asuka locks the Asuka-lock on James; James rolls back, attempting to leverage Asuka's shoulders down. The bell rings and our commentary are confused--they think perhaps Mickie James tapped. The ref gives directions to announce that Mickie James could no longer continue.
Your Winner and STILL Raw Women's Champion, Asuka!

After the Match: Zelina Vega

As soon as the result is announced and Asuka's handled the belt, Zelina Vega's (new?) music hits and she marches out. All attention goes to Asuka and Vega, so I'm not sure if Mickie James is injured. Zelina goes on to run down Asuka, pointing out that Asuka was handed the title by one of the greatest women wrestlers in the world and she's been careless with it. She says that the Empress of Tomorrow has forogotten about one of the "greatest of today," Vega. She tells Asuka not to do the "no one is ready for Asuka" bit as Vega is ready. Asuka begins talking in Japanese, only to be cut off by a slap from Vega. Asuka growls at Vega, and Zelina escapes the ring, backing up the ramp as Asuka jaws at her from the ring. We get replays.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso & Keith Lee

We're reminded that Lee and McIntyre are friends and old training partners. Charly asks him about that. Lee mentions that they're friends, but they both do what they have to do. Charly asks Keith if he wants to take advantage of Drew's injured jaw. Keith reiterates Drew is a friend and no, he doesn't want to take advantage of Drew's hurt jaw but he'll do what he must. We go to break.

Match: Bobby Lashley (w/ MVP) vs Erik (of the Viking Raiders)

Out first is our reigning United States Champion, Bobby Lashley, accompanied by MVP. We're reminded that in two weeks at Clash of Champions, Lashley will defend his US title as every title in the WWE main roster is defended that night. We're not told against whom, and we're left to assume the Tag Team Champions won't be involved as they fought tonight. MVP joins commentary and out next is Erik. We're told that Ivar injured his "cervix cervical" flying out of the ring last week and isn't here. The bell rings and Lashley takes Erik to the corner, pounding away at him. Lashley runs out of the corner, off the north ropes and swings back down into the corner with a clothesline. Erik tries to fight out fo the corner, delivering a series of punches and forearms but Lashley isn't fazed and sends Erik into the opposite corner. Erik hits double kenes, taking Lashley down, and covers for a two. Lashley gutwrench picks up Erik onto his shoulder, walks forward and hits a side powerslam, covering for two. Erik kicks out. Lashely comes up behind Erik, pulls him to his feet and locks in the Full Nelson. He then leaps up and drapes his legs around Erik's waist, dropping them both down and using the Full Nelson as a submission he's now calling The Hurt Lock. Erik taps. Short match.
Your Winner by Submission, Bobby Lashley!

Backstage w/ Sarah Schreiber & Kevin Owens

Sarah asks KO about Black attacking him, and he says he can't figure out why or what he did. We see Aleister Black walking around with his eye covered as he's done recently and go to break.

Raw Underground: Braun Strowman Says "Let Me In"

Smackdown's Braun Strowman shows up as we come back from break. The big bouncer doesn't want to let him in. Braun wants him to let him in. Shane McMahon is excited and after Braun threatens to rip off some heads, they allow him in. Commentary is now joined by MVP, filling in for Dolph Ziggler, who's filling in for Samoa Joe.

Video Package: Mysterio/Rollins Telenovela

We get a nice video package recapping Seth and Murphy's falling out, and the 86 times that Murphy ate a kendo stick shot last week. The cage is lowering while the video package plays as we get ready for the upcoming Steel Cage match.

Backstage w/ Seth Rollins & Murphy

Seth is in the locker room when a knock sounds. He tells Murphy to come in several times, and Murphy comes in with his eyes cast down. Seth says he's been waiting all day for Murphy to come to him. Seth tells Murphy that last week, the entire familia Misterio beat him up. But that is all the past, because tonight is about opportunity. He tells Murphy that atonement and forgiveness is part of the process. He tells Murphy that with the cage locked and no one coming in--and no one going out--this is the perfect opportunity to teach the young man a lesson. He asks Murphy if he's prepared tonight for his role, as Seth has something very important for him to do tonight. He asks Murphy if he's ready, and Murphy says yes. Seth says he's happy to hear him stay that, then slaps the tar out of him, grabs him by the throat and shoves him against the lockers. Seth tells him Murphy's role tonight is to stay in the back and not do any more stupid mistakes that can cost. He asks Murphy if he understands; Murphy says he does, and Seth slaps him hard again. They break apart as we cut to the arena. The cage is in place and we go to commercials--the Steel Cage match is next!

Steel Cage Match: Dominik Mysterio vs Seth Rollins

For what it's worth: just before this, R-Truth either did a Kit-Kat commercial or a weird segment done to promote Kit-Kats. We're also told that Mandy Rose will join Raw next week on what they're dubbing "Mandy Night Raw." Seth Rollins comes out first, slowly making his way to the ring and staring up at the steel cage. We cut to the backstage where Charli Caruso is with the entire Mysterio Family. Rey tells us that Dom impressed the family with his matches as of late. He again does the "I'm a concerned father, but I'm not" speech as last week. He says Dominik will be locked in the cage with Seth, but multi-time world champion Seth will be locked in the cage with rookie Dominik, too. The Mysterio family escorts Dominik down to the ring and it totally doesn't look awkward at all. The commentary discuss this as Seth and Dom are locked in the cage, and this match begins.
Seth cackles at Dom and holds his hands up, luring the youngster in before kicking him in the gut and stomping him on the mat. Seth pulls Dom up and whips him into the rope, going for the backhanded slap. Dom ducks under and hits a Side Russian Leg Sweep on Rollins. Dom immediately tries to climb out of the cage, but Seth stops him. Dom takes Seth down and covers for two, then tries to climb the cage again. Murphy is out at ringside and slides a kendo stick in to Seth. Seth begins beating Dominik with the stick as Rey's wife and daughter look on, concerned, and we go to commercials.
Back from the break and Seth is still firmly in control. Seth pulls Dominik by the head yelling "when are you gonna learn?" He tells Rey, "watch this, papa!" and takes Dom over to the cage. Dominik counters and sends Seth into the cage, then immediately tries to climb out again. Seth slips beneath him and goes for a powerbomb, but Dom reverses it into a hurricanrana and sends Seth flying. Rey slips a kendo stick in to Dom, and Dom strikes Rollins with it three times before shoving Dom back. Dom is back up and continues to whack Rollins with the stick. Dominik throws Seth into one side of the cage, then another, then hits a bomb and covers for two. We see Rey's wife Angie and daughter Aaliyah cheering young Dom on. Dominik and Seth clash, and Seth tries to catapult Dom into the cage but Dom catches on! Dominik climbs as fast as he can, and Seth scrambles up. They stand on top of the top rope and slam each other into the cage. Seth knocks Dom, crotching him on the ropes. Seth either loses his footing or Rey shoves the side of the cage, causing Seth to crotch himself on the top ropes. Both men fall into the squared circle, checking on their squared circles. Dominik starts climbing for the cage door and the ref opens it up with Rey. Rey is reaching for his son as MVP yells "that's cheating!" Murphy rushes around the ring and attacks them, closing the door. Dominik starts climbing the other side of the cage and Murphy climbs up from the outside to try to dislodge him. Murphy is sent flying off, and Dominik hits a frog splash back into the ring, covering for a close two.
Dominik starts climbing again, and straddles the top of the cage. Seth climbs up and grabs his leg, trying to stop him. Dom sends Seth back into the ring. Seth quckly runs back up, climbing onto the turnbuckle. Rollins grabs Dom and launches him off the top, hitting the Superplex and following up with the Falcon Arrow! Rollins covers but only gets a very close two! We get replays of the Superplex standing off the top rope that was combo'd into a Falcon Arrow. Seth is to his feet. Dom's still writhing in pain. Seth mocks Rey, applauding him. Dom rolls up Seth from behind and gets a two; Seth kicks out and immediately hits a Stomp! Rollins looks at the Mysterio family and hits another Stomp, then mercifully rolls over Dominik and pins him.
Your Winner, Seth Rollins!

After the Match

Seth and Rey exchange words as Seth walks with the kendo. Sounds like he yelled "give me the f*cking cane!" Seth gets out of the ring and confronts Murphy with the stick in hand, then drops it and smiles at his Disciple and embraces him. He kisses Murphy's forehead and says "you're ready." Seth then throws Murphy into the barricade, then throws him against the side of the cage. Seth yells, "do what I tell you to!" Seth then slams the cage door into Murphy's face and yells "how's it feel? It sucks, you did it to me!" Seth stalks around the ring and tells Angie "hell of a job you did. Hope she turns out better," indicating Aaliyah. Angie Mysterio gets in the ring to check on her son and Aaliyah starts up the steps, pausing to check on Murphy before heading into the ring to check on her brother.

Raw Underground: Dolph Ziggler, Riddick Moss & Braun Strowman

Shane welcomes us to Raw Underground. Dolph Ziggler is rolling around on the canvas with an unidentified opponent. He elbows his opponent and locks in a submission, scoring an immediate victory. Dolph strips off his shirt as Shane asks "who wants a piece of Dolph?" Riddick Moss gets up on the canvas. The bell rings and these two square off. Dolph goes low, grabbing Moss' left leg but Moss pins Ziggler's face to the mat and they separate. Again, Ziggler goes to pick the left leg but Riddick hits a strike. Ziggler hits a big right that stumbles Moss, then Moss hits a wicked sidewalk slam. Ziggler locks in a side headlock but Moss powers out of it and back elbows Ziggler to the face. They begin to brawl and Moss again goes for the slam. Braun comes in and hits a modified Uranage on Riddick Moss, then hits a twisting powerslam on Ziggler. Strowman yells "who wants some?" as we go to commercials.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso & Drew McIntyre

Charly points out that she spoke to Keith Lee earlier tonight and he's going to do anything he can to win the WWE Championship. Drew then babbles on about Lee getting hit by the RKO, and Orton is the 13 time champion, and if maybe "he didn't hit me at SummerSlam I wouldn't be champion today." Made no sense. Keith Lee walks up and asks Charly to excuse them. Keith Lee asks Drew to stop dragging his name and reputation through the mud. Drew tells Lee to stop spinning his words. Lee says that it sounds like McIntyre will leave Orton with a beating but the only match that McIntyre didn't interefere with was at Payback. Lee then somehow loops back to he'll beat McIntyre tonight and will beat him at Clash if Orton can't wrestle. They exchange more words with the worst mic'ing possible. Lee puts hands on Drew and Drew warns him not to do that again. Lee touches Drew again and Drew violently assaults Lee with a fist, then begins to beat Lee in the backstage area, tossing him onto some mini practice ring. Lee manages to whip Drew off of himself and into more backstage gear. Officials show up and separate them as we go to commentary, who talk about their match later.

Raw Underground: Braun Strowman, Continued

We cut back to Raw Underground. Braun destroys a rando in three seconds, then Riddick Moss comes back in. Strowman shoves him off. Strowman paces around and Titus O'Neil comes in and performs a Wrestling Takedown on Strowman! They brawl for a moment, then Strowman rolls on top of Titus and pummels him until Shane and others pull him off. Strowman stands tall in Raw Underground again, looking around with a snarl, wondering "who's next?"

Match: Kevin Owens vs Aleister Black

We cut to the ThunderDome. Kevin Owens makes his way out to the ring and twirls around, doing his usual bit, when Aleister Black attacks him from out of nowhere. Black beats on him as we go to break. The match has not started yet.
We're back from the break and this match is officially under way. KO catches Aleister Black with a clothesline then hits the standing senton. Kevin Owens pummels Black with fists, then kicks him. KO pulls Black to his feet and sends him into the corner, then pursues but Black counters by leaping up and over KO. Black with fists and knee strikes, working on KO's left knee. Black locks in a unique move in which he squats at KO's knee, and twists KO's lower leg to lock it between Black's knees. Looks nice. KO breaks it with fists to the face. KO is sent into the corner, and when Black closes in, KO pops him over the turnbuckle and crashes him outside. KO rebounds off the opposite ropes and is ready to fly but Aleister blocks it with a strike, flooring KO. Black works Owens' knee from the outside before moving back into the ring. Owens nails Black in his injured eye. Both men to their feet and exchanging blows. Black takes control with a big boot that grounds Owens. Black pulls Owens up and into the corner, setting Owens left leg up over the middle rope and kicking the inside of the knee hard. KO collapses to the mat in the corner. Black pulls KO up, but KO counters with a right that staggers and drops Black. KO pulls Black to his feet; Black slips down and locks a single toe lock on Owens! Owens grabs the ropes and Black keeps it locked in for the ref's fourth count before breaking. Black attacks Owens against the ropes and the ref forces the break again. Black moves back in and KO hits a desperation superkick, dropping them both down!
Both get to their feet but KO can barely stand. The lights flicker again, and the black distracts Black, and Owens stuns us all by hitting the Stunner on Black during the black distraction and picking up the win!
Your Winner, Kevin Owens!

Backstage w/ Keith Lee & Drew McIntyre

McIntyre and Lee are still brawling in the back. Adam Pearce gets between them and tells them that if they don't stop fighting right now, there'll be no match at Clash of Champions. Both men begrudgingly back off and we go to break.

Match: Lana & Natalya vs The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan)

We're back from break and Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler, the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Big & Nasty, are special guests on commentary tonight. We're reminded that the Riott Squad faces Big & Nasty at Clash of Champions for the Women's Tag Team Titles. We see a video promo from the Riott Squad backstage earlier. Liv Morgan has very unique crystal tear-drop makeup on in it. Out next are "the best friends" as Michael Cole calls them, Natalya and Lana.
The match starts with a sneak attack by Natalya. Lana comes in against Liv and stomps her into the ground. Lana whips Liv into her corner, and Liv collides with Natalya, knocking her off. Lana tries to prevent Liv Morgan from tagging in Ruby Riott but can't, and Ruby comes in. Ruby and Liv with the double team slam on Lana, and an immediate pin by Ruby. This match lasted maybe 75 seconds.
Your Winners, the Riott Squad!

After the Match

Big & Nasty move into the ring and the tag team champions take their aggression out on Lana. Shayna holds Lana down in the ring as Nia Jax clears the announcer's table. Shayna sends Lana outside the ring and Nia picks her up over her shoulders, carrying her Samoan style to the announcer's table before hitting a Samoan Drop through the table. Jax stares down at the broken table and Lana as their music plays them off.

Coming Up: the Main Event Match

We see Keith Lee walking the halls backstage, holding a hand to his left flank, as we're told that our main event match is up next--after these words from our sponsors!

Raw Underground: Braun Strowman's Still At It

The Smackdown Monster is still monstrously smacking down everyone in the Underground. Riddick Moss climbs back up, wanting a third serving of the Strowman. Dolph Ziggler decides to team up and they both attack Braun, but the Monster is yet amongst men and completely takes them down. A guy as big--bigger, really--than Strowman gets in the ring and stands toe to toe with Braun. Shane hops in and says that we're saving this for next week. So next week, we'll see Strowman take on the bigger opponent.

Main Event Match: Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee

Drew comes out wearing his WWE Championship, wasting no time to get in the ring as the announcements are made. Out next is his former friend, Keith Lee. We're reminded that McIntyre is set to defend against Orton at Clash--if Lee can beat McIntyre tonight and if Orton can't compete in two weeks in the Ambulance Match. MVP builds up Keith Lee's size and agility, and says that Keith brings the hurt. Makes a fella wonder if Lee might want to go into the hurt...Business, eh? The title is held up, the ref calls for the bell and here we go! Lee wastes no time in burying his shoulder into the Champion's gut, shoving him into the corner. Lee charges the corner but McIntyre sidesteps it. Lee throws a fist and connects with McIntyre's injured jaw and we head to our final commercial break.
Back from our final break and Drew is down on the mat. Lee is standing over his former friend. We're again reminded of the many "what if's" needed for Lee to face McIntyre at Clash. Drew gets to his feet and tries to fight back but Lee stops his offense with a single punch to the jaw. Lee sends Drew into the ropes but Drew counters with a kick to Lee's gut. Lee with a lariat to take down Lee. McIntyre goes for an exploder suplex but can't lift Lee. Lee with fists to McIntyre's body. Drew counters with a headbutt, then hits a snap suplex. Drew hopes over the top rope and climbs up top as Lee slowly gets to his feet. The WWE Champion goes flying off the ropes, hitting a big clothesline that floors Lee. Drew kips up and stands in the corner, huffing and puffing as we're told he's got his second wind repeatedly. Drew pulls Lee up and goes for the Future Shock DDT but Lee counters, and eats a Jackknife suplex for it. McIntyre covers for a close two. Both men up and Drew goes for a suplex, but Lee grabs the tights and blocks the attempt with a leg. Lee powers out of the suplex grip and runs off the ropes, nearly decapitating the champion with a expeditious and explosive clothesline. Lee and Drew are to their feet about the same time. They both grab the backs of each others heads. Drew hits a jawbreaker, then once again leaps over the ropes and hops to the top turnbuckle. Lee closes in and hits Drew with a stunning blow. Lee climbs the middle rope inside the ring and pulls McIntyre up from the apron and onto the top rope. Lee clubs Drew's back, setting up for and executing the Superplex! Lee rolls over to cover but Drew kicks out at two! Both men are winded as we get replays.
Both men get to their feet and collide; Drew hits a big chop that stuns Lee then goes for the Claymore! Lee counters and pops Drew up, going for the Spirit Bomb but Drew counters in midair and they both crash down! Suddenly, a dozen members of Retribution surround the ring!
No Contest

Retribution Attacks

Retribution storm the ring and swarm both opponents. This match is now obviously over despite a lack of bell, as it's a no contest/double DQ. Retribution stomp both men repeatedly, keeping Lee and McIntyre grounded as the dozen or so beat them down. Retribution celebrate in the ring over their fallen prey when The Hurt Business comes out! All four men of THB are in suits and stand at the top of the ramp. They pull off their suit jackets and Lashley drops his vest as Retribution forms a mob at the bottom of the ramp. THB walks down and both groups collide! Retribution has the numbers but THB is still on their feet! Lashley is pounding his way through men as his teammates are outnumbered. Inside the ring, Drew and Lee are both to their feet; both rebound off the far ropes and dive over the top rope and onto Retribution and the Hurt Business! They take out everyone! Only Lee and McIntyre are on their feet as the ref checks on the downed members of THB/Retribution and we end our program.

In Closing

Well folks, an interesting finish to another mediocre Raw with a few highlights. Who is that mysterious monster who wants to pick a fight with Braun? Will Orton survive to Clash to face Drew for his title? Remember that NXT is this Wednesday as it's returned to normal. Y'all stay safe and have a great evening, see you all back here Wednesday for NXT. Goodnight, everybody!

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