WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (9/7/2020) - Amway Center, Orlando, FL

Welcome, everybody, to Rajah.com's live coverage of Monday Night Raw! Your transciptionist for today is the affable space cadet, Mike Hogan! The official preview for tonight is out and here's what we know!

Angel Garza cowardly left Demi Burnett behind as Retribution attacked Raw last week. Will he have to face the music for his actions? We've also learned that Jessamyn Duke has said on social media that she'll take on anyone on Raw Underground tonight.

We've also learned that "things are heating up between...Drew McIntyre & Randy Orton." All of that oh so incredible action and more here, now, tonight on Raw! Update 7:52pm EST: It's been announced that Dominik Mysterio will take on Murphy tonight!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (9/7/2020) - Amway Center, Orlando, FL

Show Opener: Legendary

We open on our "Legendary" music/video package before being welcomed to the ThunderDome by our commentary team. Kicking things off tonight is the Viper, Randy Orton. Michael Cole is filling in, along side Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton.

In the Ring: Randy Orton

Randy makes his way to the ring as our announce team announce themselves and remind us that later tonight, Orton's in action against Keith Lee!
The music cuts and Randy addresses us, reminding us that last week he told us he'd jump through whatever hoops he had to in order to get a title shot. He says that he finds himself again, on Monday Night Raw, facing Keith Lee again in singles competition. He tells Keith Lee not to take it personal when he gets kicked in the head. Randy says he could go over and over the long list of skulls he's kicked in but we don't have enough time as Raw only runs three hours. Randy then addresses Drew, informing us that WWE has stated it will be Drew McIntyre versus Randy Orton at Clash of Champions for the WWE Championship if--keyword, "if"--Drew makes it to Clash. Randy says that if someone asked him why Drew didn't make it to Clash, he'd tell them the truth. The truth being that he kicked Drew in his freakin' head and damn near broke his jaw. We then get a recap from two weeks ago when Randy Orton kicked Drew in the head three times.
We cut back to Orton who asks what do you do when the WWE champion can't defend his title on the one night a year that every title must be defended. He then states that the solution is simple, and it's to hand Orton the WWE Championship. He starts to tell us that he's a patient man when a police siren goes off. Orton looks around the ThunderDome, then points towards the entrance ramp where an ambulance was parked. Suddenly, Drew McIntyre comes out of the ambulance with a claymore in hand! He runs into the ring and hits a Claymore (kick) on Orton, laying out his competitor. He stares daggers into Orton's icy cold soul as officials check on Orton. McIntyre marches up the ramp, pausing at the top to stare back at his vanquished opponent, and we cut to the back.

Backstage w/ the Hurt Business

We're watching the Hurt Business (MVP, Bobby Lashley & Shelton Benjamin) as they walk through the back, all three wearing nice suits, when they come across a janitor. MVP stops them and asks the janitor what he said about Shelton's mama. He keeps asking him and all three surround him, backing him against the wall. MVP asks him, again, what he said about Shelton's mama. The guy denies saying anything, so MVP asks him if he's calling MVP a liar. The guy says no, and Shelton punches him in stomach. They head off, laughing. We head to commercial with a six-man tag coming up next!

Backstage w/ Drew McIntyre, Adam Pearce & Security

Drew runs into Pearce with security backstage. Pearce tells him that he has enough on his plate with Retribution and, respectfully, tells Drew to leave the premises. Drew tells Adam that he did what he had to do and he'll leave. Adam addresses all three of his entire security team and tells them to be on the lookout.

Six-Man Tag: Apollo Crews, Ricochet & Cedric Alexander vs. The Hurt Business

We cut to the ring where Apollo and Ricochet are already in the ring. Before he can get more than a few steps down the ramp, the Hurt Business ambushes Cedric. Ricochet and Apollo run up the ramp to fend them off and tend to their partner. The Hurt Business make their way to the ring. Cedric is up and he and his colleagues move to the ring. Once they're all to the ring, the bell rings and we're off!
Shelton Benjamin kicks Apollo Crews in the face, then kicks him on the ground. Shelton tags in Lashley, who comes in and sends Crews to the corner before stomping him down into it as the ref counts. Lashley throws his shoulder into Crews' midsection and tags in Benjamin. Benjamin runs over and strikes Apollo in the corner, then tags in MVP who runs over and hits a big boot on Apollo. MVP covers but only gets a two. MVP pounds on Crews' back before locking in a finger arm tug while standing over Crews. Crews tries to get to his corner but MVP hits a quick suplex, grounding Crews. MVP tags in Lashley. Bobby pulls Apollo to his feet and hits a falling side faceplant and covers for a two. Lashley kneels behind a seated crews and wrenches his chin back. Lashley tags in Shelton.
Shelton struts arrogantly, turning just in time to catch a desperation enziguri from Crews! Crews is making his way to his corner when suddenly Cedric Alexander attacks Ricochet! Cedric has turned, and beats Ricochet down outside the ring. The crowd is in shock and the piped-in boo's flood the arena as Cedric heads into the ring and attacks Crews, planting him into the mat. As the crowd is still shocked, Benjamin comes in, slams Crews, and picks up the win.
Your Winners, the Hurt Business!

After the Match

We get replays of Cedric turning against his friends as our commentary comment on whether he's joined the Hurt Business or not. We're reminded that we've got Dominik Murphy versus Murphy tonight and more to come after theses messages from our sponsors.

The Street Profits vs. Angel Garza & Andrade

The reigning WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, the Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) are out first. Michael Cole lets us know that they're on day 183 of their championship. It begins to rain red plastic cups. We cut to a video recapping last week's tag team match against Andrade and Angel, during which Retribution attacked and Angel Gazra abandoned Demi Burnett (the Bachelor) backstage, running off as a coward. Coming out next is Angel Garza, who awaits his partner. Andrade is announced next and walks past Angel, ignoring him and disrespecting him as he and Zelina make their way to the ring. Angel comes down next.
There's yet more miscommunication between our heroes as Andrade and Angel argue briefly. Angel Garza bravely goes in first, locking up with Montez Ford. He rips his pants off. He argues more with Andrade and Zelina, who is still at ringside, telling them he's got this as they almost mock him. Ford with a headlock on Angel, and a back suplex. More jawing between our heroic duo. Angelo is tagged in and takes advantage of Angel, tossing him back. During this entire exchange, it seems almost as if Andrade might not come in. But he's tagged and comes in. Andrade throws his opponent down but is distracted as Angel Garza hops down and begins to leave. Andrade and Zelina are distracted as Angel Garza seemingly walks out on them. The Street Profits take advantage of the chaos and Ford hits the highest Frog Splash I've seen yet, pinning Andrade and winning the match.
Your Winners, the Street Profits

After the Match: Smackdown Tag Team Champions Arrive!

As Angel leaves, Cesaro's music hits and the commentary team is in shock! Cesaro poses in a suit with his title at the top of the ramp, and out next is his tag team partner, Shinsuke Nakamura! The Smackdown Tag Team Champions stare down at the Raw Tag Team Champions in the ring as we go to break!

In the Ring: Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro and the Street Profits

We're back from break. Cesaro starts the conversation. He tells the Profits that he was surprised to hear that they're the longest-reinging Raw tag team champions in years. He says no offense but when people think of tag team champions, they think of Shinsuke and Cesaro. He goes on to say that they're the best tag team champions ever. He then says that using the Wild Card Rule, he wants to challenge them next week. Dawkins says that they're more than just a tag team and he calls a lot of people 'fam' but Montez is his family. Ford says that nobody wants to hear about The Bar 2.0 and then says Cesaro has had so many partners, Shinsuke might want to get tested. Montez continues on to accept the challenge so next week we'll see the Clash tag team match early!

Still to Come, 24/7 Drama

Kevin Owens will confront Aleister Black inside Raw Underground later tonight after enduring attacks by Black for two weeks. We cut to the back and see R-Truth with his 24/7 title at a table covered with plates of deserts. He tells us it looks so good, he's about to eat it up when suddenly a ninja head pops up from under the table cloth. Truth yells "I didn't order no ninja, I ordered desert!" Up walks Tozawa with a ninja in a ref outfit. Truth attacks the dining table ninja, then the others, and runs off with the tray cart full of treats and his title.

Peyton Royce vs Billie Kay

Out first is Peyton Royce with brand new rock-inspired theme music and are told she's facing her former tag team partner next. She's still wearing her Iiconics ring gear. We go to commercial break. And by the wonder of tv magic, we're back from the break. Out next, also sporting more music but this a little bit more euro/techno and sporting new ring wear, is Billie Kay! Kay dances in the ring and on the ring post before readying up. The bell goes ding ding and the girls go swing swing. Headlock by Peyton Royce, taking Billie Kay down. Headscissors from Kay then a takedown. Kay tells Royce she never wanted this. She and Royce argue a bit and both seem broken up.
Royce and Kay attack each other again. Snapmare by Royce. Both women run off the ropes and collide. Royce attempts a pin but gets two. Kay sits up, visibly upset. Royce grabs Kay's shoulders as Kay is seated and drops a knee into her back. Royce leaps up and drops another knee into her back then applies a rear arm lock. Kay gets to her feet and tosses Royce loose. Kay picks up Royce and rams her back into the corner, then throws her shoulders into Royce's stomach three times. Kay attacks Royce in the corner, whips her down and covers for a two. Kay setting up for a fisherman's but Royce slips out. Royce hits a neckbreaker and covers for the win.
Your Winner, Peyton Royce!

After the Match

Royce checks in on her former partner, Kay, and they lightly embrace afterwards--showing that despite not being allowed to tag again, their friendship is intact.

Video Package: Rollins vs Dominik Mysterio

We get clips from both Payback and Raw last week, showing Murphy accidentally striking Rollins and costing them the win at Payback, and then last week when Rollins banished Murphy from the ring and Dominik attacked the moping Murphy at top of the ramp. Dominik and Seth went one on one immediately afterwards. Dom's mother and father watched from the back as Dominik missed on the Frog Splash, enabling Rollins to take Dominik out with a Stomp. After Seth picked up the win, he hit another Stomp on Dominik. We're then shown a graphic showing us, again, that Dominik Mysterio is taking on Murphy later tonight.

Backstage w/ the Mysterios

We see Rey, his wife, his daughter and his son Dominik walking backstage. It looks like Murphy might be stalking or spying on them. We go to commercial.

Previously on Raw: Randy Orton/Drew McIntyre

As we saw earlier tonight Orton came out to speak but was interrupted by an ambulance that was driven by Drew McIntyre, who attacked Orton and left him down on the ground thanks to a Claymore! Yes, I linked the article you're reading now.

In the Ring: Charly Caruso w/ the Mysterio Family

Rey, his son Dominik, his daughter Aaliyah, and his wife Angie all make their way to the ring and get in. Charly starts: "Rey, Angie, Dominik, Aaliyah, first of all welcome to the.." Yeah yeah. Fast foward. She then asks for an update on his torn triceps. He thanks her for having his whole family here. He said that he doesn't have an exact time table yet, but he can't wait to get back into this ring and put an end to Seth Rollins. Charly tells Rey that she can't wait to see him back in the ring, then asks if he gave any advice to Dominik about his match tonight. Rey tells us he's a proud papi and that while he knows that his son wants revenge, that makes him dangerous and he's ready to put an end to Murphy. Charly then starts to ask Dominik a question when Murphy interrupts on the Titantron. He says that Dominik should feel awful as it was because of Dom, the one man who picked Murphy up when Murphy felt down sent him away and that its all Dominik's fault that the Monday Night Messiah wants nothing to do with Murphy. Rey tells Murphy that it's not their fault that Murphy chose to pledge loyalty to Rollins and Murphy reaps what he sews. Murphy says Rey's right and Dominik has a bright future here in the WWE but the ultimate sacrifice is to end a young career before it begins. So he decides to challenge Dominik to a street fight. Dominik can't put out a simple yes and instead says that Murphy threatened his family, he can't wait to embarrass Dominik in front of Rollins, so he accepts. Murphy tells Dominik to make sure to bring his family to ringside as it's the last match they'll ever see him in. Dominik then tells Murphy if he lays a hand on anyone in Dom's family, it'll be the last breath he ever takes with that hand. (I'm pretty sure he said that.)

Still to Come + Backstage Time!

Shayna Baszler will take on the Riott Squad in a 2-on-1 handicapped match, then Nia Jax will do the same! We cut to backstage with Adam Pearce being questioned by Nia and Shayna regarding why they have to have a handicapped match each. Drew walks by and Adam catches up with Drew. Drew tells him to relax, he did what he came to do, and walks off texting.

Asuka & Mickie James vs Natalya & Landa

We're told that next week, Asuka will defend her Raw Women's Championship against Mickie James but tonight they're tagging against Natalya and Lana. We go to break. And we're back from break! Mickie James is out with Asuka in the ring. We're reminded that these two face off again next week. We then get a video clip from last week when Mickie James was challenging Asuka for the title...until Lana and Natalya, the Best Girl Friends came out and said they were more worthy of the title shot. This led to an impromptu match between James and Lana, in which James was victorious. Out next, finally, are Natalya and Lana. Lana is coming out to Natalya's music and is wearing black and hot pink outfit.
The bell rings and Asuka and Mickie James argue over who should start as the ref begins to count. Finally, the former six-time Women's champion Mickie James starts things off against Natalya. James snapmares Natalya down, then hits a dropkick that required Natalya's veteran experience to sell that it even connected. James attempts a cover, then tags in Asuka as Natalya tags in Lana. Asuka comes in hot and gets Lana against the ropes. Asuka goes for the running hip bump but, like it does 99% of the time, it misses and she's caught up in the ropes. Mickie slaps the back of Asuka's shoulder, tagging herself in. Natalya goes to her corner and tags in Lana. James pursues and both women take advantage of the close proximity, and Lana tugs her hair. Natalya is tagged back in and begins a series of working holds on James, taunting her by pointing to Asuka and telling her "she's right there!" Suplex by Natalya. James crawls to the ropes and Natalya takes her off, throwing her to the mat. James is stretching for Asuka, who's yelling words of support (I assume) at her.
Natalya lifts James up over her left shoulder, and James slips free behind her, rolling her up for a close two. James tries for her corner but Natalya stops her, and tags in Lana. Lana with a facebuster and covers but Asuka is in and breaks it up. Natalya dumps Asuka out of the ring, and Mickie James dumps Natalya out of the ring. Mickie James floors Lana and gets to her corner...but no one's there. James yells that she's got it and goes up top. Asuka comes up and tags herself in and locks in the Asuka lock on Lana! James is surprised and upset, but hops down in time to stop Natalya from getting into the ring to break up the lock. Lana taps!
Your Winners by Submission, Asuka & Mickie James

Previously on Raw: Cedric Alexander Turns, the Hurt Business

We're treated to replays from earlier tonight when Cedric Alexander betrayed Ricochet & Apollo Crews and seemingly joined the Hurt Business. MVP welcome Cedric and asks him if he wants to make this official in the VIP Lounge, and Cedric says yes. MVP and Lashley clap him on the shoulder and walk off. Shelton Benjamin stays back with Cedric and asks him if he's serious, then implies Cedric isn't being honest, and says he's watching him. We go to commercials.

The VIP Lounge: the Hurt Business

MVP leads his fellow Hurt Business (Shelton Benjamin & Bobby Lashley) associates down, along with new recruit Cedric Alexander. The ring is decked with carpeting and two black leather sofas. MVP welcomes us: "Once again, the Hurt Business is in the ring so that can only mean one thing: bones and bottles popping, while nonsense and little things are stopping." He tells us he's excited to bring us a very special edition of the VIP Lounge as Cedric Alexander has decided to join the Hurt Business. He presents the newest member of the Hurt Business, and tells Bobby to "do the officials." They hand him a "the Hurt Business" black tee with the words "I'm In" printed on the back. MVP asks him what caused him to make the change (of his mind) as it's taken a long time. Shelton insists that he wants to know, too, in a suspicious manner. Cedric says that instead of enduring beat-downs week after week, he'd rather earn. He points out that he takes affront to Ricochet's slogan "the one and only" and he's tired of getting beat and going broke with a selfish friend. He's interrupted as the Viking Raiders come out! In tow are Apollo Crews & Ricochet! All four faces run down the ramp and storm the ring! The Hurt Business, Viking Raiders, Apollo Crews & Ricochet all fight it out in the ring. The Raiders double team Lashley as Ricochet and Crews clear the ring, and we go to commercial with the faces standing tall in the ring! I suspect we've got an eight-man incoming.

The Hurt Business (MVP, Lashley, Cedric, & Shelton) vs The Viking Raiders, Ricochet & Apollo Crews

We start things with Shelton Benjamin and Ricochet. Ricochet takes a swipe at Alexander, opening his flank for Benjamin. Shelton takes Ricochet down. Benjamin attempts to whip Ricochet, but Ricochet tags in Crews. Ricochet with a kick, and Crews with a standing senton for a two. Apollo sets Shelton up in the corner then charges in, but Benjamin gets his feet up and sends back Crews.
Benjamin tags in MVP and the two square up. Crews grabs MVP in a headlock and drags him over to the face corner, and Ivar tags in. Ivar with a high knee thrust. Ivar tags in Erik and the two double team MVP. Erik hits MVP with a fist, then a hip thrust, then a knee. MVP is held to the faces corner. Erik tags in Ivar who Irish Whips Erik into MVP, then chases him and splashes MVP in the corner before attempting a pinfall! He only gets two! Ivar stomps on MVP's head twice, then lifts him up into a headlock and tags in Apollo Crews. Crews comes in and beats MVP down with elbows and punches. Crews sets MVP up on all fours, bounces off the ropes but MVP counters with a pop up press. MVP takes Crews to the Hurt Business corner and Shelton tags in, raining right elbows down on Crews until he collapses.
MVP tags in Lashley as Crews escapes and makes a tag to Erik. Erik counters MVP, who tags in Lashley. Lashley tags in Benjamin but hits a big spear on Erik before he exits. Shelton Benjamin hits powerslam after powerslam, then goes for the trifecta and wraps up a suplex with a pin attempt for a close two! Benjamin locks in a headlock on a prone Erik as the crowd tries to encourage him up. Erik makes his way to his feet, but Benjamin stops any momentum by whipping him into the corner and hitting a running kitchen sink. Lashley is tagged in and rams Erik in the corner, then tags in MVP. MVP runs and hits Erik with a running corner kick, then covers for two. Erik is draped across the middle ropes, and MVP chokes him as the ref counts, breaking but laying in a dirty forearm smash to Erik's face. MVP tags in Cedric, who runs over and taunts his former friends, then aggressively rubs Erik's face on the rope and twists his head. Shelton tags in and grabs Erik by the head, dragging him to his feet. Erik with a big chop, reeling Shelton. Shelton runs in and eats a knee as both men collapse. Erik's trying to drag to his corner for the hot tag as Shelton goes for the Hurt Business! Shelton tags MVP but Erik gets the tag to Ricochet!
Ricochet hits the ring fast, running over and attacking Cedric before going straight after MVP. Ricochet kicks in the octane and flies high, hitting MVP, clearing the Hurt Business off the apron. He goes to cover MVP but Cedric comes in, causing the distraction and allowing MVP to attempt to take control. MVP tags in Cedric and Cedric hits a huge leaping kick, goes for the lumbar check, and gets a close two. Cedric goes for the lumbar check again and both men counter each others offense for a few moments. Ricochet with a weak superkick followed by a Full Nelson slam and covers, but the Hurt Business comes in as do the faces to prevent the pin/break up interference. Ivar ends up being the lone man standing in the ring, rebounds off the ropes and goes flying, taking out the Hurt Business and his own partners at ring side! We're left with Cedric in the ring and Ricochet. Cedric is prone. Ricochet goes for the 630 but Cedric moves and hits the Michinoku Driver, planting Ricochet and pinning him. It appears as if Ricochet kicked out but the ref counted the three.
Your Winners, the Hurt Business!

After the Match

We get replays and it does, indeed, appear that Ricochet kicked out right before the three. The commentary team is left stunned.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso & Drew McIntyre

Charly asks Drew why he's still there. He bumbles and pretends he forgot something, and couldn't find his way out. He's stalling as we go to the next break of commercials.

Previously on Raw: Randy Orton/Kevin Owens

We see a video package from last week in which Randy Orton handily defeated Kevin Owens after KO was attacked by Aleister Black.

Backstage: Raw Underground

Shane McMahon informs the bodyguard that KO will be taking on Aleister Black later tonight on Raw Underground, and welcomes KO in. Shane then heads into the Underground to get ready as we cut to the commentary team, who hype up Raw Underground and then remind us, again, of what happened when Orton ambushed McIntyre on Raw past, and Drew getting revenge and attacking Orton earlier tonight.

Randy Orton vs Keith Lee

Randy Orton comes out first, rubbing his jaw from time to time as the commentary team wonder how close to 100% he is, and state that he might not be ready for Keith Lee. Orton poses on the corner in his iconic manner, and we're told to bask in his glory. Out comes Keith Lee.
Lee and Orton pace as the bell rings and we start things off. Lee goes low for Orton but he dodges; Lee goes again and Orton slides out of the ring. He's still favoring his jaw as the ref counts. He tells the ref his jaw is sore as the ref tells him to get back into the ring and continues to count. Orton makes his way back into the ring as Lee smiles on. Orton holds his left hand up for a test of strength, and Lee extends his right...but Orton slips down and rolls out of the ring again. He paces outside the ring, holding his jaw, until Lee comes over and grabs Orton by the ear then lefts Orton up to the apron! Orton tries to headbutt out of things but Lee sends Orton into the ring hard. Lee pulls Orton up by the head, and Orton delivers a thumb to the eye as the official is passing behind Lee so he doesn't see it! Orton takes control, hammering away with uppercuts and slamming Lee's face into the turnbuckle.
Orton whips Lee into a corner then goes for an RKO--but Lee stands tall on his feet! Orton can't yank him down for the RKO! Orton flees the room, and Lee comes out after him. Lee builds up steam, charging for Orton but Orton drops down and trips up Lee, sending him crashing into the barricade! The ref is counting. He's at seven and Lee is to his feet; he hits eight and Lee slips in! Orton attacks Lee immediately, picking his opponent apart with stomps before pinning for a quick two. Orton locks in a headlock on the prone Lee, cranking him to a seated position. He holds the headlock. The crowd is fired up for Lee, applauding as piped-in clapping fills our ears. Lee attempts to sit higher but Orton locks his legs around Lee's waist, keeping the headlock in place, and lays flat. Lee is fading on his back in the center of the ring! Samoa Joe reminds us of that famous mantra about an engine being unable to go if it can't breathe. Lee powers to his feet and Orton disengages. Orton backs up then tries to hit an RKO out of nowhere, but Lee sidesteps and slams him down! Orton's holding his jaw. Lee hits a clothesline in the corner, falls back and rolls back then charges in for another. Powerslam from Lee for a close two on Orton. Lee pulls Orton up, setting up the Spirit Bomb. He hoists him up but Orton slips out the backside and hits an RKO! Out of nowhere, Drew McIntyre hits a Claymore! The ref calls for the bell as Drew leans over Randy and tells him, "Randy, you'll start seeing me in your nightmares, you son of a bitch!"
Your Winner by DQ, Randy Orton!

Raw Underground: Aleister Black vs Dean Ambrose Look-a-Like

He looks like Dean to me. Aleister pummels him and wins by whatever rules they have.
Your Winner, Aleister Black

Raw Underground: Aleister Black vs Kevin Owens

A bell rings and these two get into it, brawling off the mat and to the ringside where both men end up down. Shane says we'll be right back on Raw underground and we go to commercial.
To be continued...

Backstage w/ Adam Pearce & Randy Orton

Adam tells Randy he's sorry and gives his word that it won't happen again. Orton tells Pearce that his word means nothing to Rey, then walks off.

2 on 1 Handicapped Match: Shayna Baszler vs the Riott Squad

Shayna is out first for our first of two two on one matches. Fun times! Commentary speculates that Nia Jax had Shayna come out first, so she can single handedly beat up the Riott Squad. Okay. Out next are the Riott Squad (Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan). Riott will start things off with Baszler, with Morgan on the apron. Nia Jax is ringside to support her partner. Ruby with a side waistlock on Shayna, and whips her into the ropes. Shayna rebounds and literally catches Ruby mid-jump. Shayna locks in a wrist lock, and Riott screams in pain, trying her best to block Shayna from locking it in more. Shayna lifts her up Falcon Arrow style then drops her down, maintaining that wrist lock. She flips Ruby down, keeping that lock in. Ruby twists and gets to her feet and throws punches into Shayna's side, giving Ruby time to escape. Riott tags in Morgan but Baszler knocks her off the apron. Ruby engages Shayna and buys Liv time to get back to the apron, where she drop kicks Shayna as she's hanging between the ropes. They take it inside. Baszler regains the upper hand and drops Liv on her face. She stands on Morgan's left hand, palm up and turned ninety degrees. She asks Nia what she wants her to do, and Jax tells her to do whatever. Shayna turns her attention to Liv but it's too late, as Morgan escapes, rolls up Shayna and picks up an easy win! Shayna yells at her tag team partner as Nia Jax laughs at her at ring side. We go to commercial.
Your Winners, the Riott Squad!

Raw Underground: Kevin Owens vs Aleister Black, Continued

Apparently the match is not over and we return to these two still locked up and wrestling on the mat. Aleister Black locks in an arm bar, so Kevin Owens swings his arm with Alester on it, into a nearby case or wall. They then decide to brawl with the 'crowd' before we head back to the ring.
To be continued, again?

2 on 1 Handicapped Match: Nia Jax vs the Riott Squad

Nia Jax starts things with Ruby Riott. Riott attempts to sunset roll up Nia Jax but Jax doesn't budge. Nia sends Ruby into the corner, then moves to the ropes to talk to her partner who says "that's nice and easy." Ruby tags in Liv, and Morgan tries to take out Jax's knees as she ends up in the Riott corner. Ruby is tagged in and both women double team her in the corner, kicking her repeatedly until the ref forces one out. Ruby tags in Liv and they work her over more as the ref counts, then Liv tags in Ruby and she finally gets Jax down. Ruby attempts a pin but gets nothing. Jax with a very stiff clothesline that had Shayna, at ring side, exclaiming "what a clothesline!" Jax locks in an upper abdominal form of a reverse bear hug. Riott breaks it up with a jawbreaker, then tries to shoulder tackle Jax but is sent to the mat. Jax takes a page out of Baszler's book and sets up the hand to stomp on, but Ruby escapes! Jax lifts Ruby up for a Samoan drop but the lights flicker and Ruby makes the tag to Liv. The lights continue to flicker and the ThunderDome goes dark. Liv takes out Nia and goes for a pin, but all the lights go out.
No Contest

Retribution Speaks

"Retribution" logos appear on the titantron and walls. Redemption speaks via video and says that the WWE is the same beast it always has been. They mention that they're outcasts, left to feed on scraps. The bigger, deeper-voiced one says scraps feed their hunger. He says that the blinded cannot see; that they will tear apart everything; and that they...are Retribution. We go to commercials.

Commentary Reflects on Retribution

Michael Cole tells us that Retribution wants to seep into the pores of everyone, and all three comment on Retribution's 'mission statement.'

Backstage w/ la Familia Misterio

Rey is asked about Murphy's comments and, like Dominik, Rey apparently heard threats to his wife and daughter that I didn't hear. Rey says that tonight, Dom's got the fam in his corner and if Braga Murphy tries anything, there'll be hell to pay.

Raw Underground: Kevin Owens vs Aleister Black, Continued, Again

Shane is chanting hammer fist as KO rains blows down on Aleister. Aleister gets to his feet and goes for a strike but KO dodges. Aleister is sent back onto the mat and KO follows, only for a big dude with dreads to chokeslam KO down. Aleister jumps on top of KO and starts wailing away until the same big dude chokeslams him, as well.
Your winner, Big Dude w/ the Dreads!

Backstage w/ Rnady Orton & Sarah

Sarah comes up to interview Orton, but Drew McIntyre attacks Orton again (third time tonight, tying the number of times Randy attacked him two weeks ago). Drew throws randy into the training ring in the back, then takes up a knee in the corner. McIntyre is in position and waits...waits...waits until Orton rises up just enough, then hits a Claymore for the third time! Orton is left open-mouthed and open-eyed, breathing like a fish as we go to commercial.

Previously on Raw: McIntyre/Orton: The Recappening

We recap the many recaps in which we've seen McIntyre attack Orton on three different occasions during tonight's broadcast, just as Randy did to Drew two weeks ago.

In the Ambulance: Randy Orton

We see Adam Pearce and another official as they send Randy Orton off in an ambulance. Pearce gets more air time than their own champ does!

Main Event Street Fight: Dominik Mysterio vs Murphy

Dominik comes out with his father Rey; his mother, Angie; his sister, Aaliyah; and each member of the Mysterio family is carrying a kendo stick. Justin Roberts Jr makes the announcements that tonight's main event is a street fight. He introduces Dominik Mysterio as the commentary team hypes next week's Champions vs Champions match between Raw and Smackdown tag team champions, and Asuka will defend her Raw Women's Championship next week against Mickie James. Out next, all by his lonesome, is Aussie Rick Grimes Murphy! He comes out confident and ready to rock.
Immediately as the bell rings, Dominik attacks Murphy with the kendo stick. They brawl briefly before Murphy ends up outside the ring. Murphy stalks around the ring, eying the Mysterio family until Dominik jumps him from behind. Dom mostly walks after Murphy as he walks around the ring until they reach the ramp. Murphy drives Dominick into a barricade and takes him further up the ramp. They brawl in front of the ThunderDome LED crowd. Dominik knocks down Murphy, climbs up on top of some of the screens and flies off, landing on Murphy! We fly off and land on our final commercial break of the night!
We're back from break and Dominik is in control. He beats Murphy back around the ring and up the ramp again as the Mysterio family looks on with kendo sticks in hand. We see a replay of Dominik hitting that high flying attack just before the commercial. Murphy attempts to fight back but Dominik immediately regains control. Murphy crawling, floundering, falling down the ramp, trying to get away from Dominik as his career is buried. Dominik allows Murphy too much time and space, and Murphy streaks up the ramp and clotheslines Dominik down hard. Dom's head bounces off the ramp. Murphy kicks Dominik in the back of the head as he sits up. Murphy pulls Dominik up and throws him forward, letting him fall to the floor. Murphy pulls him up again and puts him in a side headlock. Murphy leads him to the stairs and threatens to drop his face on the steps, but Dominik fights him off. Murphy with a barricade suplex drop on Dominik. Rey looks over the barricade at his son, checking in on him as we get a replay.
Murphy waits for Dominik to stand, then grabs him by the head and tosses him over the barricade and back to the ring-side area. Murphy with a stiff kick to Dominik in front of his mother and father and sister. Murphy sends Dominik into the ring and follows as Rey yells words of inspiration to his son. Murphy grabs a steel chair as Dominik rolls out of the ring, and rolls out after him. Murphy with a shot to the abdomen using that steel chair! Again, Murphy rams the steel into Dominik's stomach. Murphy takes it back into the ring and covers but only gets a two. We get a replay of the big steel chair shot Dom took moments ago. Murphy locks on an abdominal stretch and Dom screams in pain as his family watches from outside the ring. Rey yells for Dom to "fight it out" as Murphy draws Dom up and locks in a proper abdominal stretch. Dominik tries to step around and reverse the move, but Murphy blocks it. Dominik is desperate, and flips Murphy out of the ring. Dom goes to the corner; Murphy closes the gap quickly. Murphy sends Dominik shoulder-first into the ring post once, twice, thrice. Dom is slow to his feet and wobbly. Murphy stalks him and grabs him on the ropes, using the ropes to tie up Dominik. he holds his face and says something to him, then backs up. Murphy retrieves a kendo and runs in; Dominik gets his foot up and kicks Murphy in the face! Murphy drops the kendo stick, which Rey yanks out of the ring before Murphy can get it. Murphy slides a table out from the ring and places against the announce table so it's out of his way as he continues to search for a weapon. Angie and Aaliyah free Dom's arms, and he charges across the room, sliding under and knocking Murphy through the table! He sends Murphy in, goes up top and hits the frog splash, covering for two! He takes Murphy to the ropes and ties him up with Rey's assistance, then retrieves a keno stick. Dom begins to strike Murphy in the abdomen as Rey talks into the camera, telling Seth that he knows he's watching at home and that "payback is a bitch!" Again and again Murphy is assaulted with the kendo. Rey goes outside and begins to hit Murphy on the back as Dom hits him in the stomach. They then pull up Murphy's shirt, and Aaliyah and Angie both get in the ring and begin beating on Murphy with kendo sticks, too! La familia Mysterio beats Murphy like a piñata! Murphy gives up!
Your Winner by Submission, Dominik Mysterio!

After the Match: the Beatdown Ensues

As the music plays, the family doesn't let up. They continue, the group of them, wailing away on a defenseless Murphy as we fade to black!

In Closing

There you have it, folks, the first official Retribution promo, a slobber knocker of a street fight, and a few big matches set for next week! What parts did you enjoy best? Let us know what you loved--and hated--below in the comments! Remember that NXT is tomorrow (Tuesday) and it will open with the NXT championship bout. See you all tomorrow night! Until then, stay safe, stay frosty and have a great night!

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