WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (Aprill 11, 2022): Little Caesars Arena - Detroit, MI

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike Hogan. For the next three hours, we'll have live results coverage with updates every five to ten minutes. Our official preview is up and lists two singles matches. Cody Rhodes will be in action against the Miz, and AJ Styles has been brooding to get his hands on Damian Priest all week. Regarding unofficial announcements, we reported here earlier that NXT star Tommaso Ciampa has been spotted in Detroit. Amid rumors of Ciampa joining forces with Edge and Priest, this has some merit to it. Also, announced last week is a pair of matches. Sasha Banks & Naomi defend their Women's Tag Team Championship against Liv Morgan & Rhea Ripley, who've had moments of discord the last several weeks. Also advertised for tonight is Rey Mysterio taking on the recently-arrived Veer Mahaan. And lastly, it was announced over the weekend that MVP & Omos will address the recent betrayal & beatdown of "the All Mighty" Bobby Lashley.

Catch all this and more tonight on Raw! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (April 11, 2022): Little Caesars Arena - Detroit, MI

Previously on Raw: Cody Rhodes Returns!

We open with a video that starts with Cody Rhodes' "world-shocking" comment that the decision to return to the WWE wasn't hard to make at all. We see reactions from the shocked crowd and get a lengthy package showing his return last week, including his conflict with Seth Rollins. We cut to the arena where Jimmy Smith and Byron Saxton welcome us, alongside special guest announcer Jerry "the King" Lawler. (Corey Graves is on his honeymoon with Carmella.)

Miz TV featuring "the American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes

The Miz opens our live show with a special episode of MizTV. He talks about Seth Rollins and heckles the crowd a bit, taking potshots at the Detroit Lions before introducing his guest, Cody Rhodes. Rhodes makes his way out to a great reaction from the WWE crowd. The Miz checks his watch, annoyed with Rhodes entrance. "Now that we've broken our pyro budget and you took 45 minutes to just celebrate yourself, are you trying to update me on my own show?" Rhodes tells the Miz not to get hot, and not to begrudge him this moment as it's "been a long time since I Got to be in front of a crowd like this, baby!" Cheap pops galore as he gets up again and panders the crowd, and they rip off a loud "Cody" chant to the Miz's dismay.
"May we get started now," the Miz asks the audience, before addressing Rhodes' emotional speech last week. He states Cody's desire to extend the Rhodes legacy is admirable, and the crowd chants "Cody." The Miz then states that if Cody didn't have the Rhodes family name, "you wouldn't be the grandson of a plumber. You'd just be a plumber." Cody calls him "Miz after dark" and states being a plumber would be a good thing right now "because you (Miz) are completely full of..." He stops himself and has the crowd say what Miz is full of. "You have changed a day (Miz), you really haven't. Your arrogance, you're obnoxious, you're a full blown carnie! The fact that you embrace it, you know what that makes you? Reliable. Good ol' reliable Mike. Let me ask you something. Do I look the same to you? What do you think I've been doing for six years?" Rhodes tells the Miz it's not about what he wants to do, but what he needs to do--which is win the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship "belt." The Miz channels his inner McMahon, stating "it's a title" because a belt is used to hold up your pants.
The Miz is heckled by the crowd with a loud Cody chant, leading the Miz to remind us that when his hand goes up, their mouths go shut. He takes credit for "Single-handedly destroying the Mysterio family" and "embarrassing Logan Paul." The Miz states we know where Cody's been the last six years, but this is his show and he will not stand for being embarrassed on his show. Rhodes tells him to settle down, and tells the Miz that he respects the Miz--all of his accomplishments here. "I get the sense that this hostility is because maybe you feel a bit threatened by me," Cody chimes in. He states he has zero issue with Rollins and he'd love to give him a rematch but the Miz is making things personal. The segment ends with the Miz attempting to ambush Cody, who sends him packing. We're told the Rhodes/Miz match is at 9pm.

The Bloodline Wants All the Gold

We get a quick video recapping Roman Reigns' order on this past Friday, demanding the Usos take the Raw tag titles and unify the tag belts.

Singles Match: Dominik Mysterio vs Veer Mahaan

Dom will face Veer tonight, not Rey as previously reported. We head to our first break. When we return, we get a short two-minute match in which Veer completely squashes Dominik. Veer picks up the win via submission. Post match, Veer refused to break the submission hold. Four officials were required to rip him off. Veer broke free and again attacked Dom, choking him out. Finally, officials break him off and Dom is taken out of the arena on a gurney and ambulance.
Your Winner via Submission, Veer!

Backstage Altercation: AJ Styles & Damian Priest

Styles is asked about his match with Priest tonight. He states he's very afraid...of what Edge and Priest are making him do to them. He takes offense at them making it personal by talking about his family. He spots Damian Priest backstage and attacks him. The two brawl us to a commercial.

Singles Match: AJ Styles vs Damian Priest

AJ Styles makes way out, intent in every step. Damian Priest makes his way and a pre-recorded video plays in which Priest reaffirms his dedication to Edge. We start with Styles throwing forearms and fists out of the gate, sending Priest to the outside. Styles hits a leaping forearm from the apron to Priest and sends Priest tumbling into the timekeeper's area. Styles slams Priest's face into the commentary table, then the apron, and rolls into the ring. Styles roll outside and battle Priest more, sending him crashing into the barricade before we head to break.
We return with Priest in control, briefly, and both men battle for control. Styles' forehead is bleeding. Priest dodges a leaping attack from Styles and hits a beautiful reverse Rock Bottom-ish move for a close two. Priest pulls Styles to his knees and holds his left wrist in a lock, kicking away at Styles. Styles rallies, using a Pele Kick to stun Priest while he's busy jawing off. Styles executes the Phenomenal Forearm but Priest counters with a high kick to the face, sending Styles flying back out of the ring. Priest kneels in the ring, the lights go dim, then out--and a blue spotlight floods over Priest. He looks pretty creepy in the blue light and we go to break just like that. When we return, we learn the match is over due to "power difficulties."
Your Result, No Contest!

Singles Match: the Miz vs Cody Rhodes

The Miz is out first to digital boos and decent crowd heat. Rhodes makes his entrance for the second time tonight, this time in ring gear. The fans welcome the prodigal son as he prepares for his first match on Raw in six years. Seth Rollins makes his way out and the crowd sings his theme for him as he plays maestro. The Miz and Rhodes exchange leads repeatedly. Rhodes uses working holds on the Miz to control the pace, and shows off some impressive athleticism with a driver suplex into a push-up. The crowd is behind Cody throughout the match, as expected. The Miz gets his second wind and sends Cody to the mat, where he drops multiple knees to his back before connecting with a punt kick. The Miz uses a headlock to leverage Cody down to the mat, attempting a chinlock sleeper. The Miz maintains control through a break but as we return, Cody Rhodes powers to his feet and sends the Miz outside before landing a suicide dive. The Miz gets one last gust of offense in, attempting to make him tap with a Figure Four, but Rhodes perseveres, reverses the hold and, after a comeback sequence, picks up the win with the Cross Rhodes.
Your Winner, Cody Rhodes!

After the Match: Rollins Accepts Rhodes' Challenge

Rollins gets on the mic, making the same excuses as last week--that he wasn't prepared, but will be next time. He accepts the challenge.

Last Week on Raw: Elias' Younger Brother, Ezekiel

We get clips from KO's confrontation with "Elias' younger brother" Ezekiel.

Backstage: Kevin Owens, Tommaso Ciampa and Ezekiel

Tommaso is welcomed by Jonathan backstage. His beard is dyed brown again. Ezekiel welcomes Ciampa to Raw; Owens interrupts, insisting repeatedly that it's Elias. Even Ciampa goes along with it, stating it's not Elias--it's Ezekiel.

Singles Match: Liv Morgan vs Naomi

Another change from what was announced last week--no women's tag title match tonight, just singles action. We head to break. When we return, we're treated to a short match--less than two minutes--in which Naomi wins after both women execute roll-ups and reversals, culminating in Naomi laying on Liv's shoulder to secure the pin.
Your Winner, Naomi!

MVP & Omos Address Last Week's Attack on Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley comes out ahead of this segment, sending us to break as Jimmy Smith excitedly hypes the upcoming segment. Lashley proceeds to cut a promo, explaining how he was shocked by the betrayal last week from MVP. MVP and Omos come out and MVP tells Lashley he can get a match against Omos--when Omos is ready. MVP then goes on to take credit for all of the greatness that Lashley's had, and took exception that Lashley didn't share the WrestleMania spotlight with him. MVP screams twice that he made Lashley, and reiterates that fact often. Lashley states that MVP simply hooked his trailer to another meal ticket, and points out his recent accolades with winning the title twice. MVP states that was the past, but Omos is the future. "The colossal Omos is stronger than you, he's meaner than you, and he will take your place atop the mountain." MVP then promises that Lashley won't survive his next match with Omos; Lashley promises to "chop his ass down just like I did at WrestleMania." Lashley puts MVP on notice that when he's done with Omos, he's coming after MVP. He then trashes the set, throwing the couches out of the ring.

Singles Non-Title Match: Raw Champion Bianca Belair vs Queen Zelina

After clips from the dissolution of the Zelina/Carmella tag team and word of Carmella and Corey Grave's wedding last week, we finally get to the match. Zelina takes control early on and uses a bridging rear chin lock before transitioning into a sleeper hold. Zelina can't put her away, and Belair fires up--and never relinquishes control. Belair slams Zelina, kips up, and ends the sixty-second match with the KOD.
Your Winner, Bianca Belair!

Sonya Deville Announces Bianca Belair's Next Challenger!

Belair's celebration is cut short when WWE Official Sonya Deville makes her way out, ready to announce Belair's next challenger. We head to break first, however. We return and Deville runs down different competitors Belair can face, then names the women's division. Belair tells Deville that whomever she has, she's good. Deville is glad to hear that and offers Belair a blank contract. Belair signs it then Deville announces her future opponent, and a drum roll plays as Belair looks expectantly up the ramp. Deville ambushes Belair and leaves the champ laid out with a guillotine. Deville then announces she is Belair's next challenger. Adam Pearce comes out to check on Belair as Saxton points out the abuse of power, and Jimmy Smith agrees.

The Bachelorette(s)

Tamina, Dana Brooke, Akira Tozawa, Reggie, R-Truth and Nikki Cross--along with some randos--are backstage. Nikki Cross attempts to steal the 24/7 title but Tamina makes the save. R-Truth then reveals he's a licensed minister and he's going to do a "double wedding" next week.

Non-Title Tag Team Match: Raw Tag Champions RK-Bro vs the Alpha Academy

Fan-favorites RK-Bro make their way out. We get doves, flipping flip flops, and another commercial break. After a lengthy promo cut by Alpha Academy, in which Gable takes a dig at Gable Steveson, we finally start our main event. Riddle and Gable trade blow-for-blow, with both men seemingly matched until Otis comes in off a blind tag. Otis clotheslines Riddle into a German Suplex from Gable, then Otis begins to slow the pace. Otis proceeds to run over Riddle, leveling the technical Superstar before we head to break. We return to find Otis still in control. Otis and Gable attempt a double-team movie but Riddle fights out of Otis' hold and hits a diving Gable with a leaping knee to the chin! Riddle finally makes the hot tag to Orton and the crowd goes wild. Orton drops Gable with a snap Powerslam and a Spike DDT, channeling vintage Orton. Orton feeds off the energy from the crowd, firing up before spinning and pounding the mat. He calls for the RKO but Gable counters with a back slide pin attempt! Orton escapes, hits the RKO and picks up the win!
Your Winners, RK-Bro!

The Bloodline Return to Monday Night Raw!

As the champs celebrate, the tron cuts to the back as an SUV drives into the parking garage. Out come SmackDown Tag Team Champions the Usos, following Roman's orders. We head to break then return as RK-Bro await the Usos in the ring. The Usos make their way out in their new "One & Done" shirt and get a great reaction from the Detroit crowd. Orton speaks, wondering when the Usos were going to show up. He state he's glad "the big dog" let "the bitches off the leash." The Usos state they're here to challenge to a championship unification match for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship. Riddle asks if they mean unify the titles like Thanos with his "colored" crystals. The Usos play along, stating that they have the blue ones and they're coming for the red on. The Street Profits make their way out. They pitch their case as they've previously challenged RK-Bro. The Street Profits want to face the Usos and unify the titles. Both teams drop their mics as RK-Bro watch, with Orton looking baffled. Orton suggests they stop talking and, instead, fight here and now. He asks the crowd if they want it and they do--and it's official!

Cross-Brand Tag Team Main Event Match: SmackDown Tag Champions the Usos vs the Street Profits

After much ado about nothing, we finally get our main event started. Ford and Jimmy Uso go at it, with Ford temporarily gaining the upper-hand. Future Hall of Famer Angelo Dawkins comes in and pummels Uso, looking for a quick cover after a discuss lariat. Jimmy bull-rushes Dawkins to the corner and Jey tags in. Dawkins counters a charge with a single-leg dropkick. Dawkins attempts a cover but again gets nothing. Dawkins fails to notice a blind tag as Jimmy Uso enters the ring. The Usos double-team Dawkins and Jimmy pulls off Dawkin's head covering, throwing out of the ring. Jimmy chokes Dawkins on the bottom rope and breaks at the ref's command; the distraction allows Jey Uso to hit a cheap shot on Dawkins. Riddle objects as RK-Bro watch from ringside. Jey switches to working holds to slow the pace and ground Dawkins. He manages to contain Dawkins and Jimmy comes in. Dawkins finally fights back, throwing an elbow to Jey on the apron before trying to power past Jimmy. Jimmy uses a step-up kick to again ground Dawkins, shutting off his offense almost immediately. The Usos continue multiple tags to isolate Dawkins. Riddle distracts the Usos as they exchange words, allowing Montez Ford to wipe out the Usos with a springboard strike to the outside. We go to break.
Back from the break. Dawkins is still in the ring. Jimmy looks for a butterfly suplex but Dawkins counters with a modified variant of his own. Both men are down and the crowd fires up, cheering Dawkins on. Ford is eager for the hot tag--and he gets it! Ford climbs the turnbuckles quick and hits a 15-5oot cross body. Ford fights off both Usos as they attempt to double-team him, and sends Jimmy outside with a step-up Enziguri. Ford cartwheels back and nearly picks up the win over Jimmy Uso. Ford counters a whip but Jimmy shoves him chest-first into the turnbuckles before firing off a neckbreaker. Jimmy tags in Jey and they hold up "the Ones" finger. Ford rolls up Jimmy but Dawkins makes a blind tag. Dawkins hoists Jimmy up in an Electric Chair and Ford takes him down with a diving neckbreaker/back drop to nearly pick up the win.
Dawkins watches as Jimmy Uso staggers at ringside and threatens a suicide dive. Jimmy counters with an uppercut then enters the ring and hits a Superkick. Dawkins makes the hot tag back to Ford as Jey finds himself at the bottom of a skyscraper frog splash. Ford covers and nearly gets the three, but Jimmy makes the save at the last possible moment. The crowd rewards our Superstars with a "this is awesome" chant. Jimmy sends Dawkins shoulder-first into the ring post and Ford sends Jimmy over the ropes. Jimmy makes a blind tag and both men hit the 1D (3D) to pick up the win.
Your Winners,SmackDown Tag Team Champions the Usos!

After the Match: Chaos Ensues

RK-Bro and the Usos both stand in the ring, titles hoisted up as they stare each other down. Dawkins and Ford hit the ring; Riddle takes care of Dawkins and Orton hits an RKO on Ford, only to turn around and catch a double-Superkick from the Usos. The Usos hold both pair of titles up to end our program.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's program! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for the top 2.0 wrestling in the world today--NXT 2.0. Have a great night and stay safe out there.

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