WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (August 16, 2021): AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to our SummerSlam go-home edition of Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. For the next three hours, sit back, get a bite to eat, light some candles--tonight it's just us and our Rajahmaniacs, and we'll have live results coverage, with updates every five to ten minutes and conversation in the forum below that won't cost you $4.99/minute.

Our official preview is up, and tonight we're treated to one last final meeting between WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg. We'll also see Randy Orton in action as he takes on one-half of the Raw Tag Team Champions, the gigantic Omos, and a special two-on-one match that pits Drew McIntyre against the team of Veer & Shanky. If Drew loses, his sword Angela will be banned from ringside during his match this weekend.

All this and much more, next on Raw! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (August 16, 2021): AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX

Previously on Raw...

We open with a video package from last week's Raw, showing the return of Randy Orton and the apparently dissolution of Team R-K-Bro. Orton would accept a match against Styles. Riddle attempted to save Orton during a pre-match attack and, despite being told by Orton not to call him "bro" and that they weren't a team anymore, Riddle still came to the aid of Orton during the Orton/Styles match, taking out Omos as a distracting factor at ringside. Beautiful spot of Orton catching a flying Styles in an RKO. After making the save, Orton chastises Riddle again for coming out. Orton does embrace Riddle, though, to a huge cheer from the crowd--a cheer that quickly crashed to boos as Orton connected with an RKO on an unsuspecting Bro.

Show Opener

Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves and the future hall of famer Byron Saxton welcome us to the AT&T Center here in San Antonio, most famously known as being home of the spurs!

In the Ring: Randal Keith Orton

We cut to the arena after our video package and out comes Orton to a mild reaction from this San Antonio crowd. He gets a better reaction when he poses on the corner as the crowd seems to realize the show's started. Graves praises Orton's career, noting that the Viper is a fourteen-time world champion. He mentions anyone who thinks that they can get in Orton's head is a fool. Orton pauses as his music ends and listens to a loud "Randy" chant from the in-house crowd, who's finally shown up. Orton speaks. "People have been asking me all week, why it is that I hit Riddle with an RKO? They've been saying...he just wanted to help you win the match, he just wants to be your friend. Well, there in lies the problem, people. I don't need friends, I don't need anybody. Last Monday on Raw I would have beaten Styles with or without help from Riddle. Let me remind each and every one of you that I am a fourteen-time champion and I did it all by myself, I don't owe anyone anything. I most certainly don't owe anyone an explanation. I. Am. Randy. Orton. I am the Viper. I am the Apex Predator and Monday Night Raw is still my territory. I proved it last week to AJ Styles, and tonight I'm going to prove it to Omos. Omos. That man is not to be taken lightly...he is an undefeated force of nature and I also have it on a good authority that he is a bit of a jackass, too. But...what a mess I've gotten myself into." The crowd starts a loud RKO chant that converts to R-K-Bro. "You're right, I know what I'm going to do. I'm going to hit that big sonuvabitch with the three most deadly letters in the English language." The crowd chants with Randy: "R-K-" and they're interrupted by "Bro" perfectly timed. Out comes Riddle!
Riddle speaks. "Randy, you're right, you don't have to explain yourself to anyone because I know exactly why you hit me with an RKO last week." Orton doubts that. Riddle goes on to explain that in school, he knew it took him a hot moment to catch on, and he's realized that Riddle was just teaching him. "Bro, I realized I wasn't doing it right so you had to come back and hit me with a proper RKO to teach me a lesson! But Randy, I learned my lesson and I was thinking maybe we could give this team thing another chance? Hey, dude," as the crowd lightly chants "R-K-Bro," "...please Randy let's bring back R-K-Bro!" The crowd pops to this. Before Orton can answer, Raw Tag Team Champions Styles & Omos come out. Styles gets on the mic. "How about this. How about R-K-No? Hey Randy, I don't think anybody really cares why you" hit the RKO on Riddle, and tells Randy to go ahead and do it again, and RKO himself while he's at it. "Listen, Orton, last week meant nothing. You proved nothing. You had help. IF it hadn't been for that turd Riddle, you wouldn't' have won anything. You cheated. But that's okay...no one can save you tonight from my own personal colossus, Omos. He will de-fang the Viper! But why should (Omos) be the only one to have fun tonight?" He goes on to tell us how tired he is of hearing the word "bro", so the crowd capitulates with a loud "bro" chant. Styles tells Riddle he wants to break Riddle's jaw and challenges Riddle to a match. Riddle tells Styles he's on because Riddle can't lose with Orton in his corner. Riddle threatens to phenomenally shut down Styles with the three most dangerous letters in the WWE, R-K-O. This match is official and next!

Singles Match: Riddle w/ Randy Orton vs Raw Tag Team Champion AJ Styles w/ Omos

We return from the break with Randy Orton hopping off the apron, leaving Riddle's corner. Orton pauses at the top of the entrance ramp, watching as Styles uses the distraction to take a few initial cheap shots. Riddle fights back, whipping Styles to the corner. Riddle with a high kick. Orton with a takedown followed by a Gut-wrench Suplex for a one-count cover. Orton's left the arena to the back. In the ring, Riddle looks for a right. Styles ducks under. Styles locks in a textbook abdominal stretch. Riddle fights out of it. Riddle with a right kick. Styles fires back with a Dragonscrew! Styles with a knee drop and starts to focus on Riddle's left knee. Riddle quickly rolls Styles up for a two. Riddle to the corner but Styles is immediately on him. Riddle, clutching to the top rope, looks for a Triangle Hold. Styles tries to fight out of it, leading to Riddle using the Triangle Hold to whip Styles over the ropes and to the floor. Riddle with a running apron kick that drops Styles. Riddle with a springboard corkscrew onto Styles at the ringside floor, wiping both men out and leaving Riddle holding his left knee as we go to break!
Back from the break. Styles is still in control. Styles looks for a leaping forearm in the corner but Riddle dodges. Riddle and Styles jockey briefly until Riddle connects with a Bridging German Suplex for a close two count. Styles unleashes his trademarked Phenomenal Blitz combination, pummeling Riddle with forearms, elbows and fists before being dropped with a hard kick. Styles with a close cover. The crowd is alive, hooray! In-house crowd with a light "this is awesome" chant. Styles sets up for the Styles Clash. Styles begins to execute but Riddle flips out! Riddle with leg strikes! Riddle looks for a Senton but Styles twists beneath him, converting the move into a Calf Crusher! Riddle's screaming in pain as he slowly, slowly drags his body across the ring to the nearest rope. Riddle was in the lock for a long time. Styles is up as Riddle attempts to stand, unsure if he can put weight on the left leg. Styles grabs the left leg, looking for an Exploder, but Riddle with a leaping kick counter, followed by an Exploder of his own that sends Styles face-first into the turnbuckle! The in-house crowd with a "bro" chant as Riddle climbs up. Omos, simply standing outside the ring, distracts Riddle. Styles attacks Riddle off the turnbuckle. Styles with a Styles Clash and covers to pick up the win. After the match, Byron and Jimmy exclaim if Orton had been ringside, this wouldn't have happened.
Your Winner, AJ Styles!

Backstage Interview: Raw Women's Champion Nikki Cross

Cross cuts her usual interview that if you take your vitamins and say your prayers, you too can almost be a superhero. She promises to beat Ripley tonight and believes she's walking out of SummerSlam with the title around her waist.

Backstage Interview: Riddle w/ Kevin Patrick

Riddle is sadly walking backstage, his scooter beside him, when Patrick asks him about what just happened. Riddle didn't truly believe R-K-Bro was over last week, but after Orton left him tonight he just doesn't know what to do.

Singles Non-Title Match: Raw Women's Champion Nikki A.S.H. vs Rhea Ripley

Nikki makes her way out to a mild reaction. Ripley is out next to a hot digital crowd pop and a soft pop from the in-house crowd. Ripley and Nikki ready up. Charlotte Flair makes her way out to a solid pop/boos combo, and joins commentary for this match. Corey Graves really plugs the triple threat match between these three women at SummerSlam. Ripley and A.S.H. wearily watch Flair until she reaches the commentary table. Rhea with a kick to the gut of the champ. Nikki with a rear waist lock but Ripley performs the standing switch. Cross grabs Rhea's left leg and looks to lift Rhea. Rhea grins then overpowers the champ, bombing her to the mat by tossing her aside like a rag doll. Nikki and Rhea battle to the outside, and Nikki hits a running Cross-Body to Rhea on the outside as we head to break.
Back from the break. As Flair babbles on that both women should be thanking Flair for the opportunity to fight her at SummerSlam, Ripley continues to control the match. Ripley with a Suplex on the champ followed by a pin attempt. Ripley with an Exploder-grip, modified power submission for a few long moments. Nikki escapes and attempts to whip Ripley. Ripley shakes her head "no" and looks to whip Nikki. Nikki comes off the ropes and rolls up Rhea, but Ripley kicks out. Nikki and Rhea battle in the corner until the Champ connects with a top-rope Tornado DDT, covering for a close two. Flair remarks that Nikki "almost won," then continues to criticize the A in A.S.H. Ripley blocks an aerial move with a Snap Northern Lights suplex bridging into a pin for a close two. Rhea is upset. A.S.H.attempts another roll-up. Ripley connects with the Riptide and pins the champ for the clean win. After the match, A.S.H. angrily attacked Flair at the announcer's table.
Your Winner, Rhea Ripley!

Backstage Interview: MVP w/ Kevin Patrick

Hey, they're actually showing the dude's name tonight! Kevin Patrick asks MVP about the upcoming showdown between Goldberg and Lashley this Saturday. MVP tells KP that the last time Goldberg was there, he speared MVP. That was an insult to MVP and the Almighty Champion. MVP promises that Lashley will repay Goldberg Saturday night. Prepare for the most spear-filled match you've ever seen.

2-on-1 Handicap Match: Drew McIntyre w/ Angela vs Veer & Shanky w/ Jinder Mahal

After a brief interview in the back, during which Mahal mentions he's tired of being threatened with murder by evisceration by the Scottish Psychopath, we cut to the arena. McIntyre comes out with Angela, the sword named after his mother that was once the sword that belonged to both King Arthur, Braveheart, and Connor McLeod of the Clan McLeod. McIntyre pushes the sword into the cheapest pre-school "stone blocks" prop they could find, then pulls the sword from the stone and carries it with him down to the ring. We take a break, with his opponents out next. We're reminded that if McIntyre loses, he cannot have his sword at his match but if Veer & Shanky lose, they'll be banned from ringside at SummerSlam. Veer & Shanky make their way out with their Modern-Day Maharajah Jinder Mahal. We will be using a tag format for this handicapped match. Veer starts first with Veer. Both big men struggle but McIntyre takes control early on. Veer tags in Shanky, the man McIntyre hit with dozens of chair shots weeks ago. As soon as Shanky steps up to McIntyre, McIntyre with a snap jab that rocks Shanky. Both men slug it out, with Shanky taking control. Big boot from Shanky that lays out McIntyre. Veer is tagged back in. Veer with a rear chin-lock, keeping McIntyre grounded for a few long moments . McIntyre fights his way out of it and drops Veer with two running clotheslines. Drew strikes Shanky on the apron, then hits a back elbow on Veer. Drew backs Veer into his own corner and hits a belly-to-belly overhead release suplex! Shanky comes in but McIntyre impressively plants him with a Michinoku Driver on the seven-foot-plus giant! Drew takes Veer down with a suplex as soon as he enters. Drew hits the Claymore on Shanky, who is apparently legal, and covers to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Drew McIntyre! Veer & Shanky will be barred from ringside at SummerSlam.

After the Match

Drew gets on the mic, after stopping Veer from stealing Angela the Sword, and addresses Jinder Mahal. He asks Jinder what exactly did Mahal think would happen when, at Money in the Bank, Mahal screwed McIntyre out of his last chance to get his WWE Championship back. Drew mentions that he's known Jinder a long time and knows how to hurt him. He polls San Antonio, asking by a show of hands who thinks Jinder will win--boos rain down--and then by a show of hands, who thinks Drew will win. Cheers to this. Survey says? One more for the good guy! Drew holds his sword extended, pointed at Jinder as his music plays us to the back.

Backstage: WWE Officials Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville with Charlotte Flair

Flair storms in, demanding payback against Nikki A.S.H. for attacking her earlier tonight. Sonya and Adam tell Flair that she has two choices. She can wait five days for SummerSlam, or she can find a partner for a tag match tonight. Flair states she doesn't play well with others and the officials shrug.

Moist TV, Hosted by John Morrison feat. Special Guest the Miz

Morrison makes his way out alone first. We get clips from last week's miracle healing of the Miz, when he leapt from his wheelchair and fled the ring, outpacing Damian Priest. We head to break but our debut episode of Moist TV is up next! After a break, we return to Moist TV! The ring is setup with black carpet, a bucket full of Dripsticks, a few flotation animal rings and some chair, as well as a kiddie pool. Johnny Drip-Drip welcomes his first-ever guest, the man who experienced a Moist Miracle last week. As the Miz comes out, Graves is excited for this "crossover" episode. The Miz easily walks to the ring and joins Morrison in taking a seat. The Miz speaks. "The Miz is the first ever guest on Moist TV!" He starts a loud "Moist TV" chant. Morrison tells us he wants to get straight to "those hard-hitting questions people expect from Moist TV and Johnny Drip-Drip. Miz, what's your favorite movie?" The Miz says its easy--all the Marine movies he was in. Then Morrison asks the Miz if he pretended to be injured. The Miz replies, "Hey John, have I ever lied to you?" "No." "Coooooorrect! Would I ever fake an injury?" "Well.." The Miz starts, again with "cooooorrect-- wait, what?" Before this avenue of questions can be pursued, Damian Priest makes his way out. Priest speaks, telling the Miz "we all know you be lying, Miz, and uh...Mister Drip, I don't know what Moist TV is but I like it much better than this clown's Musty," meaning Miz TV. Priest asks Morrison to asks the good questions, such as why did the Miz fake an injury for weeks to have Morrison push him around like his own personal servant? The Miz lashes out at Priest, telling him that he (Priest) knows the reason the Miz was injured was because of Priest. The Miz claims he's the most durable man in this company and is the first/only two-time grand-slam champion in company history. The Miz mentions that he was cleared a few weeks ago but he has kids and a responsibility. Morrison catches onto this and asks him, "You've been cleared for weeks?" The Miz tries to cover his butt, stating he wasn't at one-hundred percent. Priest tells the Miz he sure looked at 100% last week when he hauled ass out of the arena. Morrison asks the Miz that if he was cleared, why didn't he just tell Morrison? The Miz tells Morrison that Priest is toying with them, trying to cause a wedge between them. The Miz tells Morrison its not about the two of them, its about the two of them against Priest. Morrison suggests that the Miz and Priest have a match tonight to honor the first episode of Moist TV. Priest thinks its a great idea and asks for a ref, then shoves the Miz into the kiddie pool. We go to break with this match next!

Singles Match: the Miz w/ John Morrison vs Damian Priest

After a break we're joined by United States Champion Sheamus. The Miz heads outside the ring as the bell rings and seems to be imploring Sheamus for help. Priest uses this distraction to attack the Miz at ringside and takes him back into the ring. Priest batters the Miz with big kicks and fists until the Miz uses a dirty trick to sucker Priest into a neckbreaker. The Miz comes off the top, dropping Priest again. The Miz dances around Priest's knelt form, dipping in to deliver kicks before ducking out of Priest's arm range. The Miz successfully does this for a few strikes until Priest catches the leg and makes him pay for it. Priest sends the Miz into the corner and charges right into a Miz elbow counter. The Miz asks Morrison to toss him a Dripstick. Morrison refuses and walks away, abandoning the Miz! Priest takes down the Miz, then clubs his chest while staring at the United States Champion--a man he'll face in just five nights for the title. Priest mocks Sheamus, using the Brogue Kick to take out the Miz and pick up the win!
Your Winner, Damian Priest!

After the Match: Priest Pissed in Sheamus' Lucky Charms

Sheamus gets on the mic and stands on top of the announcer's table, freaking out at Priest using the Brogue Kick and all the disrespect he shows. He tells everyone that the gold around his waist, it's his gold, not the WWE Universe's gold, and tells Priest to keep his grubby little hands off Sheamus' lucky pot of gold. Corey Graves tells us this is going to be a hell of a fight this Saturday.

Last Week on Raw: Bliss/DouDrop

We get a short video clip from last week's match, during which Lily (the doll) "winked" at DouDrop, distracting her and allowing Bliss to roll-up DouDrop to pick up the win. Afterwards, Eva Marie struck DouDrop and yelled at her for the loss.

Backstage: Eva Marie and DouDrop

Eva Marie tells Dou that she blew it last week. Dou attempts to speak and Eva tells her to shut up. Eva tells Dou again that she blew it last week. Eva tells Dou that she (Eva) will handle Bliss tonight, and she wants Dou to go to Alexa's Playground to take care of their "other little problem." Dou stands there perplexed until Eva spells it out for Dou--she wants Dou to go take Lily.

Alexa's Playground Promo

We see Alexa and Lily in the Playground. Alexa asks Lily if she heard that--meaning she saw the same promo. She's eager to have fun, and we'll get to all this crap next after this commercial break!

Backstage: John Morrison and the Miz

Morrison is sulking backstage when the Miz runs out. The Miz asks him what was that about, exclaiming that he could've been hurt. Morrison tells the Miz that he (Moist) feels hurt, because his friend hasn't had his back and he wanted the Miz to know what that feels like. Meanwhile, behind them, the New Day hold up a sign saying "buy our new shirt" and they hold the shirt up behind the unsuspecting duo. The Miz has a plan for them, that will be bigger and wetter than ever.

Alexa's Playground

We cut to the back where Bliss talks to Lily about DouDrop and Eva Marie. Bliss looks at a fictional watch and says "right on time!" The camera backs up to show DouDrop, who snatches Lily. Bliss speaks, saying "I wouldn't do that if I were you..." DouDrop stares into the camera and sees a darkness that only a doll's evil, empty soul can apparently reflect, and a 'shocked' DouDrop gives the doll back to Bliss before walking off. Bliss thanks her and laughs, ending the odd segment.

Singles Match: Mace w/ T-Bar vs Mansoor w/ Mustafa Ali

We cut to the ring as T-Bar & Mace come out. We're treated to clips from last week's clash between Ali & T-Bar, during which Mansoor made the save for his semi-reluctant tag-team partner. Mace & T-Bar pose as we go to break, with this match coming up next! After the break, Ali & Mansoor make their way down to the ring. We get a quick pre-recorded promo in which Ali tells Mansoor he'll be there watching Mansoor's back tonight, even though he didn't need Mansoor watching his last week. Mace and Mansoor ready up in the ring. Mansoor looks to pick the leg to start things but the giant Mace easily blocks it and tosses Mansoor across the ring. Mace with a beautiful display of core strength, transitioning Mansoor from a flapjack position to a release suplex. Mace with a modified power submission. Mace looks for a middle-rope elbow drop but Mansoor moves. Mansoor fires off clubbing blows and forearms to Mace. Mace sends Mansoor into the ropes. Mansoor ducks under and counters with a flying forearm. Mansoor runs and uses the top rope, looking for a facebuster but Mace shoves him off. Mansoor looks for a Sunset Flip pin. Ali with a beautiful, stealthy sliding dropkick to Mace that shifts the momentum back--allowing Mansoor to pick up the win, the move unseen by the ref! After the match, both men streak up the ramp and celebrate.
Your Winner, Mansoor!

Backstage Interview: Raw Tag Team Champions Omos & AJ Styles

Omos promises to be the new legend killer when he destroys Randy Orton. AJ Styles states he already took care of Riddle earlier, so he's the "moron killer." They together say they're going to dismantle what remains of R-K-Bro tonight.

Singles Match: Randy Orton vs Raw Tag Team Champion Omos w/ AJ Styles

Randy Orton comes out first and we head to break. We start the match with Orton immediately attempting an RKO. Omos easily pushes the Viper off. Omos begins a lengthy stretch of slow, yet powerful, offense. Styles coaches Omos from ringside, telling Omos to crush Orton's head like a grape as the giant squeezes Orton's head in a vice-like single-handed grip. Omos with a big clubbing blow that lays out the fourteen-time champ. The crowd starts a light let's go Randy" chant. Omos whips Orton into the corner and charges after with a shoulder, but Orton moves. Orton with a volley of rights in an attempt to gain the upper hand, but Omos shuts him down. Styles tells Omos, "He can't hurt you," and Omos whips Orton into the corner. Omos with a big charging shoulder. Omos looks for another charge but Orton counters, cracking his own neck then leaping for another RKO! Omos again shoves Orton off, and Orton tumbles to the outside. Omos distracts the ref and AJ Styles runs over, kicking Orton in the gut--and is caught by the ref, who calls for the bell!
Your Winner by Disqualification, Randy Orton!

After the Match: Omos a Super Beat-down

See what I did there? Cheesy, right? Styles is upset that he was caught by the ref, but then unleashes Omos on Orton. Omos with a single-hand throw that sends Orton outside. Omos with another throw, sending Orton crashing across the barricade. Omos takes Orton into the ring, rolling his near-lifeless body into the ring. Styles sets up for a Phenomenal Forearm when we hear the familiar "Broooo!" and the crowd pops as Riddle hits the ring! Riddle ducks under a Styles lariat attempt and storms the ring, speedily hitting a dropkick that sends Omos crashing to the outside! Riddle quickly takes down Styles at ringside, protecting Randy. Omos picks up the injured Styles, carrying him over his shoulder and to the back. The in-house crowd with a hot "R-K-Bro" chant as Riddle extends a hand to Orton. Orton takes the hand and the crowd erupts in cheers. Riddle tries to make his case to Orton off mic. Orton asks for a mic and rests against the ropes as he speaks. "Riddle, respect is something that isn't handed out for free. Respect is something you earn. Though in the past, I did respect you, that doesn't mean that I respect you today. But after everything I did to you, after turning my back on you, after walking out on you--hell, last Monday on Raw after hitting you with an RKO--here you come to my aid. You had my back tonight. SO guess what? Kid, you have earned my respect!" The crowd flips out, visually and audibly excited. Riddle asks "is it happening?" Orton nods, speaking. "Yeah, it's happening. R-K-Bro is back." The crowd cheers and Orton shakes hands with Riddle, then hugs him. Riddle is practically in tears. Corey Graves tries to predict when Orton is going to RKO Riddle, calling for it at various times as Riddle speaks on the mic. "R-K-Bro is back together! Know what else that means? At SummerSlam, R-K-Bro is going to challenge (Styles & Omos) for the Raw Tag Team Championships!" The crowd with a loud pop and a "bro" chant as the segment ends, Orton and Riddle talking Smack at Styles & Omos who stand up the ramp.

Singles Match: Jeff Hardy vs NXT Champion Karrion Kross

As the corporate vendetta to remind us all that NXT is not a third brand continues, we once again are treated to a Kross/Hardy match. Because why not? After a break, Hardy comes out to his new (old) music and both men are both ready to go. Hardy holds his eye and face after the pre-match attack. The bell rings and Hardy starts by unloading on the NXT champion with a combination of fists and kicks. Hardy with the Atomic Drop/Leg Drop combo. Hard quickly calls for a Twist of Fate but Kross counters it into a Kross-Jacket submission! Hardy tries to wiggle free but Kross keeps it in place, putting Hardy to sleep as he taps out weakly, barely moments in.
Your Winner by Submission, NXT Champion Karrion Kross

Earlier Today: 24/7 Champion Reginald the Sommelier

Earlier today, Reggie steps out of his car at a park. He tells us that it reminds him of his childhood. Growing up, the kids would play tag but Reggie would use his acrobatic skills to avoid being tagged. He started to come to the park more and more to see how many flips he could do. Meanwhile, as he speaks, a gillie-clad R-Truth stealthily moves in the background with a ref, hiding behind a tree. To his left (our right), Akira Tozawa sneaks up in a hollow-bottomed trash can. Reggie comments more on his athleticism, then comments how he's ready for everything. He flips out the way as Truth and Tozawa crash into each other. Reggie says its good to be the 24/7 champ and takes off in his car as Truth and Tozawa argue over who cost whom the 24/7 title.
Still your 24/7 Champion, Reginald the Sommelier!

SummerSlam Match Added

It's official--the team R-K-Bro takes on Styles & Omos for the Raw Tag Team Championships at SummerSlam.

Elias Vignette #2

We get a new, second vignette. In it, Elias carries a tombstone in the woods. Elias tells us that music failed him and places the headstone, which reads "Elias 2017-2021". In front of it is a pile of smouldering ashes and an electric guitar on it. Elias walks off after exclaiming "Elias is dead."

Tag Team Main Event Match: Rhea Ripley & Raw Women's Champion Nikki A.S.H. vs Charlotte Flair & A Mystery Partner

Rhea comes out first and we head to break as Corey Graves wonders if Flair can even find a partner. When we return from break, Nikki and Rhea are ready. Flair waits in the ring as her mystery partner, Nia Jax, makes her way out. We're starting with Nia and Nikki. Back from the break. Flair and A.S.H. are both down. A.S.H. makes the hot tag to Rhea. Rhea hits the ring and drops the Queen, then attacks Jax on the apron. Rhea roars and goes after the Queen, using a bridging suplex for a close two. Flair looks for a tag but Jax is still down ring side. Ripley with big boots to send Flair back. Ripley climbs the ropes and looks for a leaping dropkick but Flair rolls out the way! We cut to the back, where Shayna Baszler watches on-screen from the Gorilla position. Jax tags in and drops Rhea down. Jax drags Rhea to the corner and calls for a Banzai Drop, bouncing on the middle ropes--until Charlotte Flair tags herself in, much to the chagrin of Flair. Flair with the Natural Selection on Ripley and covers for the win. Jax is furious at Flair, who stands outside the ring motioning for a belt around her waist.
Your Winners, Charlotte Flair & Nia Jax

Backstage Interview: AJ Styles with Kevin Patrick

KP asks AJ about his chances at SummerSlam during their now-official tag team championship bout. Styles points out that there's no teams left--he and Omos have destroyed the Profits, the Viking Raiders, everyone. They've dominated the division and in five days they're going to do the same to R-K-Bro.

Face-to-Face Confrontation Main Event Segment: WWE Champion Bobby Lashley w/ MVP and Bill Goldberg

This is it, folks, the last chance for both men to make a statement with their WWE Championship match just five nights The digital audience and in-house crowd both loudly chant for Goldberg as Bill's music plays. Out comes the Hall of Famer, standing amidst the shower of sparks. He's officially announced and gets a decent pop from the crowd. He fist bumps some fans before entering the ring. After a break, we return to the ring where Goldberg awaits with a mic. He speaks at 10:54pm. "What's up, San Antonio? Now, before I start talking about SummerSlam, there's something important that I need to address. Last week, Bobby Lashley and MVP came out, cut a promo, and talked all day about fatherhood. And for the second week in a row, they brought my son into this. So I figure, what the hell? Less than two years since I moved my family to Texas--" cheap pop, "--so why not beat him at his own game? San Antonio, on your feet, and may I introduce to you my son--Gage Goldberg!" The crowd gives the kid a decent pop, possibly best pop of the night from this crowd. "Son...you're the reason I came out of retirement. These days, you can go online and watch videos and see who Goldberg was. That ain't gonna cut it. I need you front and center to experience who Goldberg is. Who your father is." The kid seems legitimately excited. WWE Champion Bobby Lashley & MVP make their way out to digital boos.
MVP gets on the mic and states that Goldberg brought his own son into this. Goldberg, MVP feels, is compensating for something. He tells Goldberg that he thinks Bill thought it'd be like the old days--Spear, Jackhammer, Repeat. But MVP states that when Goldberg looked in Lashley's eyes, he saw someone more explosive and more dominant than himself. He tells Goldberg that he's run down on the Almighty WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley. Lashley gets on the mic and enters the ring with Goldberg, MVP on his heels. "I gave you every opportunity to bow down and walk away and save yourself the embarrassment of what I can do to you, but you're too damn stubborn and hardheaded. So now you play by the house rules. And around here, the house always wins. And I know you wanna have this proud SummerSlam moment, and I'm gonna give you that moment. Because I'm gonna leave you with just enough so you can go tell all your family and friends that you had the privilege of having your career finally ended by the Almighty WWE Champion." Loud boos. He continues. "Because when you step in this ring, right here, you step in the House of the Almighty." He gets face-to-face with Goldberg, who speaks. "Lashley, that's...bullshit!" The crowd gasps and Lashley saunters off. Lashley looks for a sneak attack but Goldberg spears the Champion! Goldberg exits the ring and gets his son Gage to leap over the barricade--leaving behind the rest of his son's football team--and together they walk up the ramp to a very light "Goldberg" chant. Goldberg holds his son's hand up the ramp, yelling "this is my son" and putting any hopes of a future Maury Povich episode to rest, as the Champion grimaces and makes mean, mad faces from the ring as we fade to black.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's program! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for the best wrestling on weekly television today--NXT. Have a great night and stay safe out there.

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