WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (August 22, 2022): Scotiabank Arena - Toronto, CA

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike Hogan. For the next three hours, we'll have live results coverage with updates every ten or so minutes.

Tonight's program looks to be big, as it airs live from Toronto's Scotiabank Arena and will feature Edge's first match in a decade in Toronto as the "Rated-R Superstar" takes on "the Punisher" Damian Priest. Another famous Canadian is on tap as Trish Stratus returns to Raw! Also covered in our official preview also continues our Women's Tag Team Championship tournament, with a semi-finals match featuring Alexa Bliss & Asuka vs Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky w/ Bayley also on tap tonight. With this being our penultimate (second-to-last) episode ahead of the upcoming premium live event Clash at the Castle in Cardiff a week from this coming Saturday, expect more build-up towards our first major European premium live event in history (and our first pay per view from there in decades).

Trish Stratus Returns!

Edge Returns to Toronto!

Tournament Semi-Finals/i>

Catch all this action tonight! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (August 22, 2022): Scotiabank Arena - Toronto, CA

New Theme + Opening for Raw; Seth Rollins & Riddle Brawl

We open with new music and video, followed by scenes from Rollins and Riddle backstage brawling, all the way out to the arena. We then hurry up and get to the pyro as it's time for Canada's own...

Trish Stratus Returns to Raw; Multiple Superstars Join In

Trish makes her way out to a nice welcome. She starts to hint at one more match when Bayley's theme plays! Bayley, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky head out and we head to a break just eight minutes after the hour. Early much? We suddenly return with the our women in the ring and Bayley already speaking. Bayley hypes Trish being there then takes a few small jabs at her, with Kai and Sky boasting that they’re fans of the veteran Stratus. Stratus states tonight’s a big night–Edge is back, after all–and starts to get to her point when Kai & Sky interrupt her, telling her essentially to shut up. Bayley boasts that none of them like her as they’re tired of her “riding (our) coattails” all weekend long, and lists various places that Bayley’s trio has had to go. Bayley reminds Trish, repeatedly, that “we are the now” and that Stratus “lives in the past.” Bayley demands to know “who the hell” Trish is now, and out comes the E-S-T! Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair makes her way out, backing up Stratus, and gets on the mic.
“Who in the hell is Trish Stratus? Bayley, you’re not even in the same Stratusphere! See, Trish walked so we all could run so what you should be doing is thanking Trish because there would be no Bayley without Trish Stratus. But since you standing here acting like this, then I”ll tell you who the hell Trish Stratus is. Oh, she’s a trailblazer, she’s a legend and this is her city! SO stop being disrespectful!” The crowd chants for the E-S-T as Bayley objects off-mic. “But you know what,” Belair continues, “I don’t even need to defend her ’cause she can defend herself!” Trish gets on the mic. “Bayley, I could tell you something. Really quick, I can go from ‘I am retired’ to ‘I was retired’ if you do not stop running your mouth!” Stratus removes her over-top and Bayley does the same! Bayley points out that her faction has a three-on-two odds favorite. Stratus acknowledges it and calls for backup, in the form of Alexa Bliss and Asuka! Bayley finds herself outnumbered four-on-three. She then de-escalates, stating “well see you three idiots at the Clash at the Castle.” Stratus states that’s if Bayley even makes it to Cardiff. Bayley retorts that they’re all done for, off mic, and it looks like we’re getting our first match of the night!

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament, Semi-Finals Match: Alexa Bliss & Asuka vs Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky w/ Bayley

Tonight features our first semi-finals match, with the team that advances set to take on the winner of Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah vs NXT's Toxic Attraction--which should take place this Friday--presumably at our upcoming "Clash at the Castle" event a week from Saturday. Commentary briefly mention a "second chance" match, and promise to get into details later. The match runs a decent stretch and sees Bliss & Asuka struggle to get on the same page against the more-cohesive Sky & Kai. Asuka and Sky get a brief, excited turn at it before Bliss comes in for the lengthy stretch. Bliss suffers through a pair of commercials during which Kai & Sky maintain absolute control. About ten minutes in, Asuka gets the hot tag and briefly takes the lead. "The Genius of the Sky" hits a beautiful dropkick that nearly picks up the win for her team. Asuka hangs in and goes toe-to-toe with old NXT foe Dakota Kai, who unleashes her Team Kick Combination and a Scorpion Kick in an effort to put away Asuka. "The Empress of Tomorrow" gets a shoulder up just in time, and we're shown replays of a wicked double-knee strike to Asuka's neck right before the springboard dropkick that nearly secured a win earlier. Bliss comes in and makes the save, setting up a double-DDT with Asuka before bring the Empress back in quickly! Asuka slaps on the Asuka-Lock and nearly picks up the win but Iyo Sky hits the ring, making the save and wagging her finger! Bliss sends Sky out the ring and Asuka tags in Bliss. Bliss positions Kai in the corner and looks for the Twisted Bliss off the top! Asuka tags her self in, luckily as Kai gets her knees up, and comes in to fire off a trio of combination lock spinning forearms, missing on all three! Kai with her own forearm that rocks Asuka, then looks for her kick finisher. Kai misses; Asuka misses the blind tag from Kai to Sky and Asuka slaps the Asuka-Lock on Kai! Kai taps but isn't legal! Sky hits the ring and rolls up Asuka, stealing the win!
Your Winners and ADVANCING to the Finals, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky!

Singles Match: Finn Bálor w/ the Judgment Day vs Dolph Ziggler

After a brief backstage segment that saw Finn and Dolph engage in words--before Ziggler smacked Finn, called him a "little bitch" and told him to come on out to the ring and fight--we finally get Ziggler's entrance to a decent pop. We head to break! When we return, we're treated to a nearly twenty minute match that Jimmy Smith and Corey Graves ultimately call a "master class" between the two technicians. Early on, Finn Bálor is escorted out by Rhea (representing the Judgment Day) and comes out to a new theme. It's a re-recording or remix of his theme, but slower, darker--akin to how Bray Wyatt's theme was tweaked for "the Fiend" but not as heavy. At various points, Ripley attempts to distract Ziggler and engages with the fans, noticeably yelling at a fan prior to the second break during the match to stop staring at her ass. When it's mentioned, we're informed that Damian Priest is busy preparing for his match in the back--he'll face Edge later tonight. Finn and Dolph keep the pace slow and steady, relying prominently on working holds and mat tactics during this "clinic." A big spot includes Bálor countering the Famouser with a sit-out Powerbomb that nearly secured the win. Ziggler rallies, blocking a Sling Blade with a dropkick, executing a swinging jumping DDT and finally connecting with a Spike DDT! Both men build towards our finish and Ziggler counters a 1916 with a Famouser for a 2.9! The crowd tries hard to be into this but they're too polite to be too rowdy...for now. We get repeated shots throughout the build-up towards the end of the match, of a frustrated Rhea Ripley. Commentary are more entertaining than the lengthy, technical match, that sees Bálor avoid a Famouser, rush up the ropes only to miss with a Coup de Grace, allowing Ziggler to connect with a Zig-Zag and cover for yet another close fall! The crowd wakes up with a weak, albeit polite "holy shit" chant as both Superstars rise to their feet and unload into each other! Ziggler with a headbutt that rocks Bálor; Ziggler stands by the apron, facing the off-camera crowd with Bálor to his left and Rhea climbing on the aprons to the right. Despite the odd stance and Ripley clearly being in his peripheral vision, Ziggler still gets sucker-struck by Rhea with a right that sends spit flying out of his mouth! Ziggler never recovers as Bálor hits his Coup de Grace, causing Dolph to fall victim to the Judgment Day's nefarious tactics.
Your Winner, Finn Bálor!

Backstage Interview: Sarah Schreiber with Aliyah; Bayley & Co. Arrive

Aliyah is asked about her thoughts on making it to the semi-finals with Raquel. Aliyah starts to praise Raquel for being a bad-ass when Bayley, Sky & Kai show up. They send Sarah Schreiber packing and Bayley interviews Aliyah, asking her thoughts on the second semi-finals match this Friday. Bayley then dismisses Aliyah's thoughts before they're spoken, stating it doesn't matter (not Rock-style) as Sky & Kai are going to win. They then ask her where Raquel is and Aliyah gets defensive without giving an answer. Bayley tells Aliyah that she's stupid for showing up alone; Trish Stratus states Aliyah's not alone as she walks up. They goad Bayley into agreeing to a singles match, stating she's now medically cleared to return to action!

The Alpha Academy's Open Challenge Singles Match: Chad Gable w/ Otis vs ???

We're getting out first-ever Alpha Academy Open Challenge! Gable and Otis are out first and, as we head to break, we're asking you to silence your cell phones and shoosh, please, as the 4.0 GPA master's degree-bearing Gable is going to address us soon! After a break, we get a great heel promo from the capable Gable, who states that they've decided to grow the Academy. He then insults Canada, it's famous sports icons and teams--including the Toronto Maple Leaf's loss to Tampa Bay's hockey team, a team in a state without ice no less--and claims every athlete there is toothless and useless. He then states if any Canadian athlete is qualified and thinks they have a shot, they should come on out. He waits there, patiently--until Kevin Owens answers his challenge! We get the bell and its on! KO chases Gable outside the ring and back in and the Toronto crowd comes alive for Owens, chanting for KO big time. Owens falls into a headlock from Gable, who demands the group shoosh and yells for some random statistic from Jimmy Smith--don't' forget, I'm concussed, so yeah...--and Byron Saxton acknowledges the return to KO's aggression.
KO starts off and continues an aggressive pace the first couple of minutes until Gable takes it back outside. Gable sends KO hard into the floor but spends too much time gloating, allowing KO to set up an apron Powerbomb--but Gable counters! Gable with a back drop onto the apron, then ripcords it up into a German Suplex on the apron! Wicked spot! KO falls to the floor, all but crumbling from the brutal attack as we go to break! We return with Gable in control for a few minutes longer. KO rallies, connecting with a big Superplex for a close cover. Gable looks for a Superkick and shrugs off Stunner attempt, but KO connects with an oldie but goodie--his pop-up, sit-out Powerbomb for the win! Immediately after the match, Gable attacks KO. Owens steps aside and sends Otis into the ring post shoulder-first, then attacks Gable outside the ring. Otis sets up a Powerbomb in front of the commentary table but Otis makes the save with a big clothesline--more action post match than in it. Otis takes it inside and Owens hits a Stunner on Otis! KO then uses a Powerbomb to bomb Gable into Otis! The Canadian crowd pops big for the local yokel and that's all! Also worth noting, throughout the night, the match, and post-match, commentary repeatedly praised KO's return to a more aggressive "prize fighter" style as the character undergoes repackaging.
Your Winner, Kevin Owens!

Backstage Promo: the Judgment Day

We cut backstage to find Rhea, Damian and Finn gloating over their recent victories. They brag about having Rey's mask--Finn shows it tucked in his jacket and calls it "six-one-mine," and Damian adds later, "Dolph who?" They go on to threaten to destroy Edge in his hometown.

Injury Update; Tag Championship Tournament Fatal 4-Way Update

It was reported that Gigi Dolin of Toxic Attraction was injured earlier in the week. Toxic Attraction will be unable to compete in the second semi-finals match. To determine their replacement, WWE will hold a Fatal 4-Way "Second Chance" Tag Match with the participants being the teams of Tamina & 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke, Shotzi & Xia Li, Nikki A.S.H & Doudrop, and Sonya Deville & Natalya. The winning team will face Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah in the semi-finals, with the advancing team facing Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky in the finals.

Singles Match: Bayley vs Aliyah

Aliyah is out first with new music and we'll have Bayley's first singles match since June 25th, 2021 on SmackDown! The match starts slow, with Bayley sporting new ring gear that's mostly black with white and red accents. The crowd has a soft dueling chant for Bayley, but mostly stays dead for this match. The actual highlight of the match, sadly, was when Corey Graves and Byron Saxton verbally got into it with Corey threatening to punch Saxton in the throat, Saxton stating "I wish you'd try!" and Graves almost half-off-mic telling him to see him in the parking lot. Oh, the match--that's what you wanna hear about, gotcha. Bayley spends several minutes dominating Aliyah, using slow, working holds to constantly keep Aliyah grounded. Bayley's showing a little ring rust--which is to be expected after over a year on the shelf--and keeps the pace slow and steady. Graves constantly insults Aliyah for her rookie status. Bayley picks up the pace, briefly, and Aliyah starts a comeback that culminates in a weak single-leg crab attempt. Bayley simply reaches back, yanks Aliyah off with a handful of hair, and the match continues after a brief warning from the ref. Bayley with a modified hair-held Monkey Flip that turns into a form of a Texas piledriver, then follows it up with her new (old, indies) finisher the Rose Plant to pick up the win! For those who aren't familiar with it, the Rose Plant is an arm-trapped driver.
Your Winner, Bayley!

Tag Team Match: Bobby Lashley & AJ Styles vs the Miz & Ciampa

Ciampa and the Miz makes their way out and we head to break! When we return, the United States Champion Bobby Lashley & "the Phenomenal" AJ Styles are out next. We're told about Lashley's unique "push-up challenge" backstage that none of the other Superstars can keep up with. Styles is praised for his first-ever match against Lashley last week, that saw the US Champ pushed to his limits but still hold on in what turned out to be a fantastic match. Graves reminds us that just two weeks ago, Ciampa nearly captured the title himself. We get our bell and its time to get rowdy rowdy and 'bout it 'bout it. Styles starts us off with Ciampa. Both men seem equally matched and give way to their partners, sending us to a break. Throughout the course of the fifteen-minute-plus match, both teams exchange leads and every competitor has great amount of time to showcase their move sets, including a double-team spot that saw the Miz & Ciampa wipe out their opponents and clap each other on the back NXT Ciampa-style. This goes on for a bit longer until Dexter Lumis and another unnamed assailant--believed, rumored, to be NXT's Santos Escobar--interfere. Lumis ultimately "kidnapped" the Miz, immediately causing a disqualification and leaving Ciampa to fall victim to Lashley and Styles!
Your Winners via Disqualification and Kidnapping, the Miz & Ciampa!

Return of the "Rebel Heart"!

We return from a break and the crowd goes wild as we get the return of Johnny Gargano! Johnny Wrestling is back and he's on SmackDown! The crowd is on their feet and give the NXT Original a great welcome. He soaks it in and plays it up to the crowd as he makes his way to the ring, squatting before a camera to tell all the viewers how much he really loves us all. He gets in the ring and gets on the mic! The crowd stalls him briefly with a "holy shit" chant. "Well, surprise everybody," he opens us off with before confirming he still knows how to talk in a mic after nine months. He thanks the crowd for reminding him of who he is and addresses eh camera. "For those who don't know, my name is Johnny Gargano and I was kind of a deal back in NXT. I'm a former NXT champion, three time North American Champion, NXT tag team champion, first ever triple-slam champion in NXT history--as a matter fact, I won those tag team titles in this very building--it's great o see you again, Toronto!" He addressees the questions of where and when he'd show up again, and he states he had the same questions, wondering if he even wanted to do this anymore--meaning wrestling.
He recalls playing with his "brand new, fresh six-month-year old baby--Baby Wrestling, yes--"and the crowd chant sit back, haha--then acknowledges his so will truly enjoy that clip someday. He then goes on to remember that he wanted to go after the Intercontinental and United States championships, the Money in the bank match, and maybe even go on to WrestleMania someday. He states he wants to be a good father that shows his son that he can get anything out of his life if he works hard enough. Gargano states he said when he left that he'd never fail if he bet on himself "and that's what I'm doing here tonight, in Toronto! I am betting on myself and I stand here incredibly proud to say...Johnny Wrestling is back in WWE!" Big pop and standing ovation! "And we're just getting started!" Cue up the music---here comes former "The Way" member Austin Theory!

This Is Not the Way

Theory comes out, seeming both confused, shocked, happy and seems a bit...off. Theory enters the ring and eat a "who's your daddy" Vince chant, haha. He mentions to Gargano that it's been a long nine months, and Gargano recaps the successes Theory's had and tells him he's proud of him. Theory recaps his shortlist of accolades, including being the youngest MitB winner, the youngest United States Champion in history "and it's like all those things you've dreamed of? I've already done them!" The crowd massively boos Theory over that. Theory does give credit to Gargano, stating he couldn't' have done any of this without Gargano. He gives Johnny credit of taking him under his wing then slips in a jab at the crowd, calling them idiots. He then tells Johnny he's the veteran and Johnny's the rookie, who can carry his bags if he wants. "You know what, even better? Don't worry about the bags, you can carry this here (Money in the bank case) and hand it to me." the crowd boos as he continues to belittle Gargano, who kind of shrugs and takes it. Theory then tries to smooth it over and insists they do their old "The Way" high five. He stands side-by-side and both men get ready to do their high-five....but Gargano instead Superkicks Theory and mocks his selfie gesture! The crowd pops as Gargano leaves with Theory down in the ring!

Singles Homecoming Main Event Match: Edge(h) vs Damian Priest

It's time, folks, as "the Rated-R Superstar" is set to wrestle for the first time in Toronto in over a decade! We're reminded that this is Edge's first match in Toronto since May 2010--12 years ago, when he defeated Christian. Damian Priest makes his way out to a new theme, too--it's the same theme, slowed and slightly de-tuned with some improvisation, or so it sounds, similar to Finn's changed theme. We're reminded Priest made a point to state that he did not want the Judgment Day out here with him--he sinks or swims on his own merit. You think you know me? That single phrase has the crowd, already on their feet, flipping the heck out! Toronto's favorite son born just a scant hour away, the "Rated R Superstar" makes his way out in a predominantly white, with red-accented (and Canadian flag-colored), new ring wear that favors his early 2000's look. Maple leafs adorn his knee pads and he plays it up tot he crowd. We head to yet another break before we get the bell of what should be our main event! When we return, Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix is shown in the front row, looking more stunning than ever. At 10:40, we get our bell and we're off! This crowd is on fire for Edge. Lil' Naitch (Charles Robinson) is our ref and both men lock up, shoving each other around the ring as we start our final match of the night! Both men break up after neither gains ground from the lock-up. Priest with a cheap shot to the side of Edge’s head, rocking the veteran. Edge begins to play mind games with Damian Priest, sliding in and out of the ring repeatedly to frustrate Priest and sucker him in for a lariat! The crowd pops big at this.
Edge Powerbombs Priest across the barricade, sending us to a picture-in-picture break! Throughout the break, Edge maintained control for the bulk of it. Edge starts to focus his offense on Priest’s neck and switches from working holds to high-impact moves, including a diving attack from the turnbuckles to the outside as we return, wiping out both men! The ref starts to count as both men are down on the floor as we reach eight minutes into our match. Edge, as he did during the break, rolls in and out of the ring frequently to reset the ref’s count. The Rated-R Superstar isn’t content with just winning tonight, it seems. This causes issues, however, as Edge focuses on the outside count–and allows Priest to catch him with a beautiful Razor’s Edge/Outsider’s Edge through the announce table! We go to yet another picture-in-picture break. Throughout the break, Priest maintains control despite Edge's attempts to rally. The action goes back and forth in the ring, and a broken piece of chair is introduced. The ref allows it as Priest slugs Edge with a big right, bar in hand, nearly knocking out the Hall of Famer. Edge begins a comeback, using a stiff Suplex to rock Priest. The remainder of the Judgment Day hit the ring as we begin our build tot he finish. Priest looks for another Razor's Edge but Edge escapes and digs deep into the playbook, pulling out an old-school Canadian Destroyer! Edge covers but only gets two! Edge pops up and catches priest with a Spear then covers to pick up the big win at home! After the match, the Judgment Day attempt to gang up on Edge. Beth Phoenix hits the ring, in a trench coat but looking slimmer and perhaps ring-ready, and scares off Rhea and her Judgment Day cohorts, sending us to end our program with a crowd crazy for the hometown couple!
Your Winner, Edge!

Friday on SmackDown; Next Week on Raw:

SmackDown will see a Fatal 4-Way Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament "Second Chance" match to determine the team replacing Toxic Attraction (injury: G. Dolin). Participants will be the four previously-losing teams from the tournament.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's program! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for the top 2.0 wrestling in the world today--NXT 2.0. Have a great night and stay safe out there.

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