WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (March 21, 2022): Allstate Arena - Rosemont, IL

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike Hogan. For the next three hours, we'll have live results coverage with updates every five to ten minutes. With only two episodes--including tonight--before WrestleMania, the Red Brand is expected to begin solidifying matches and wrapping up the final stretch along the Road to WrestleMania. Up next: the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois, for tonight's Raw, which is set to feature the return of AJ Styles. Edge himself is expected to be on hand tonight as well.

Our official preview is up, and tonight's got a pair of non-title matches on tap as RK-Bro face off against recent-rivals the Alpha Academy, and United States Champ Finn Bálor looks to get a measure of revenge on selfie-loving Austin Theory. We'll also hear from the Phenomenal AJ Styles, who's back weeks after a brutal attack from WrestleMania opponent Edge. And we'll also hear from Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch regarding her throat-punch feud with Bianca Belair.

Catch all this and more tonight on Raw!


So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (March 21, 2022): Allstate Arena - Rosemont, IL

Then. Now. Forever. Together. Under your bed.

KO 3:16

We open our show with the sound of shattering glass and the crowd goes wild as Stone Cold Steve Austin's music plays! A few moments later walks out Owens, dressed up like Stone Cold, complete with bald head and taunts the crowd in the corners just like Austin. The crowd is furious, haha. Silly Rosemont, you don't get Austin. The crowd really doesn't like KO now. Owens asks Chicago if they're ready to "see Kevin Owens open up a can of whoop ass on Stone Cold at WrestleMania, give me a hell yeah!" The crowd gives him tremendous boos. He continues in character, trying to get the crowd to give him another "hell yeah" and only getting boos. He then "whats" the crowd to huge boos, haha. Rosemont doesn't like Owens. Owens' realistic bald cap is beginning to peel a bit. Great job with it, though. He impersonates Austin, stating he's "heard the horrible things Kevin" said about Texas and that they're "all true." He continues on, saying "he" did a horrible little video. "I drove out into the middle of nowhere and pretended to be a bad-ass while standing in front of my pathetic little golf cart. And I gotta say, I really didn't know what I was gonna do, so I figured I will do what I do best and that's run my little 'miley' mouth and accept Owens invitation without thinking." He continues on, mocking Austin and stating "the lights are on" but nobody's home. He talks about going on to the KO Show and the crowd interrupts him with a "we want Austin" chant.
Owens states "y'all have got to be the stupidest sons of bitches--" when glass shatters again! Owens turns to face up the ramp as Austin's music plays and the crowd pops big...until they realize KO set them up again. He laughs in the ring as they show him a lot of hate. "What's that saying? Fool you once, shame on you; fool you twice, well, shame on you for being absolute idiots! And that's the bottom line because 'Stone Cold' said so!" He states the only thing left for "ol' Stone Cold" to do before "Kevin Owens gives me an ass kicking of a lifetime" is to have some beers. Austin's music plays again as someone chucks beers at Owens. Owens fails to catch the first two then picks his mic up and demands the music stop. "Lemme ask you a question, you bald bastard, where did you stage hands learn to throw beer? You suck! You must be from Chicago, right?" The crowd boos again. Owens makes the ring assistant bring him a beer and give it to him in the ring. He mocks how the man enters the ring, ridicules him, tells him to "get your sorry ass out of my ring" then hits the Stunner on the poor man. He continues in Austin character, popping open the beers and pouring them over the downed, underpaid assistant. Owens mocks drinking a beer before throwing it up the ramp. Owens music plays us out.

Backstage Interview: Seth Rollins

Rollins is asked about the fact that he doesn't have a path to WrestleMania. He's asked for a comment and pauses as the crowd chants for "Cody." Rollins cackles, tells him that he needs the mic and walks off with the hot mic.

Tag Team Match: the Mysterios vs the Dirty Dawgs

Back in the arena proper, the Mysterios make their way out ahead of this match to a decent pop. We're shown pics of Mario Andretti and Rey Mysterio from over the weekend. Rey and Dom pose with the flag of Mexico in the corner. They'll face NXT Champion Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, who's taking on Bron Breakker tomorrow night on NXT. We head to break. When we return, we're reminded a few times that the Mysterios will face Miz and Logan Paul at WrestleMania. Finally, the Dawgs enter to boos, and Corey Graves & Vic Joseph hype the "new King of NXT 2.0" Dolph Ziggler. The Miz is out next, following the Dawgs out, and joins commentary. Graves admits to Saxton that he "may or may not" have invited the Miz to come back out again this week.
We start with Ziggler and Dom in the ring. Dom uses a speedy arm drag and a wristlock springboard arm drag that sends Ziggler outside. Dom follows and the veteran takes control, breaking in Robert Roode for a tandem cutter/neckbreaker combo. Rey makes the save on the pin attempt and begins to brawl with Ziggler, using a Hurricanrana to send Dolph over the ropes. Dom sends Roode out the perpendicular side with a dropkick. Both Mysterios position up and hit stereo suicide dives on the Dawgs outside the ring! Incredible spot in which they dove on opposite sides of the ring post. Seth Rollins comes out on his hot mic. "I want a WrestleMania spot, and I'm going to get a WrestleMania spot, because I am Seth 'Freakin'' Rollins! I don't want any spot, I want a spot on WrestleMania that's gonna live forever! I came for..." He continues to have mic difficulties, with his mic cutting off at various points. He states he came for Stone Cold last week because "that's gonna live forever" but this week he wants "bigger" and again, his mic is cut. He yells at the audience and we go to a break, with the match presumably still on-going.
Back fro the break. Ziggler and Mysterio battle on the top turnbuckle as Ziggler looks for a Superplex. Mysterio slaps on the brakes and sends Ziggler flying, then manages to drop Ziggler to the mat with an Enziguri. Ziggler tags in Roode and Rey looks for the hot tag with Dom, but Roode intercepts Dom first. Rey with a Tornado DDT to Roode! In comes Dom off the tag, hitting a top-rope cross body that drops the veteran. Running Hurricanrana sends Roode to the mat, and Dom follows it up with an homage to Eddie with a springboard senton rolling splash. Ziggler attempts to interfere but Dom hits a modified backpack stunner. Rey works on Ziggler outside the ring. Roode with a huge Spinebuster outta nowhere on Dom, then covers for a close two. Roode calls for the Glorious DDT and, just like the last two years, fails to even connect with it. Dom reverses it into a 619, rushes up top to hit a Frog Splash off the top and pick up the quick win!
Your Winners, the Mysterios!

After the Match: A Travesty in the Making?

Immediately after the win, Ziggler attacks Rey and sends him outside. Rey rushes over and hits the Skull-Crushing FInale on Rey then rips off his mask! Rey covers his face and Dom gets a towel from staff to cover his father's face in. Miz walks up the ramp, screaming about taking Rey's respect (his mask) if he can't earn it. The crowd shows the Miz a lot of heat for this as he stands at the top of the ramp, holding the mask up.

Backstage: WWE Officials Sonya Deville & Adam Pierce and Seth Rollins

Rollins takes a page out of Sami Zayn's playbook, claiming they're conspiring against him. Pearce and Rollins tell him that he can't act like a buffoon on the mic. Deville reminds Seth that he had a chance last week but blew it. Pearce tells him to calm down as he'll see if there's something he can do. Rollins cackles at the thought and walks off.

Backstage: the Miz and Rey's Mask

The Miz is shown backstage, presumably talking to Maryse (or a mistress). He's questioned as to why he stole Rey's mask. The Miz states that Logan Paul was a Rey fan growing up and wanted a Rey mask as a kid. But he claims the Mysterios are a bunch of jerks now, so he took the mask to "humiliate the Mysterios when the most must-see tag team in WWE history defeats them at WrestleMania." He tells Logan, via the camera that the mask is Logan's to have and he dares him to wear it on Raw next week. Logan Paul will appear next week on the WrestleMania go-home edition of Raw.

Two-on-One Handicapped Match: Apollo Crews & Cmdr. Azeez vs Omos

Omos makes his way out as the "Colossus of Raw" looks to continue his undefeated streak heading into WrestleMania. If that's the case, I'd suggest the "Juggernaut of Raw" because we all know Colossus ain't got nothin' on Cain Marko, amirite? We head to break ahead of our match, and upon returning we find Commander Azeez and Apollo Crews ready to rock. There are no tag rules in this, and all three men quickly take the brawl outside. Crews and Azeez actually start strong against Omos, but ramming the big man into the ring post only served to piss him off. Omos enters the ring and we get the bell, officially starting this match. Crews is neutralized nearly immediately. Omos yells at Azeez, catches Azeez on the rebound and holds Azeez up with only one arm! He holds Azeez there for lengthy moments before essentially Lawn Darting Azeez across the ring. Crews attempts to make the save but is neutralized by Omos, and Azeez runs into a brutal kick from Omos that drops the commander hard. Omos points to Azeez, telling Crews "see this? That's your fault. This is your fault!" Crews is then double-handed choke slammed, dragged upon Azeez, and Omos pins them both at the same time, wrapping both of their legs.
Your Winner and Squash Farmer, Omos!

Post-Match: Omos Almost Speaks Audibly

Bad mic mixing for Omos. Essentially, he warned anyone "with the balls to step up" to him that he would dominate them on Raw, at WrestleMania--anywhere, any time. He then growled.

In the Ring: "the Phenomenal" AJ Styles Addresses Edge

AJ makes his way out ahead of a commercial break. We return and he gets right on the mic. "Chicago?" He's interrupted by a big, welcoming chant from the crowd and I think a chick flashed him at one point. "You see, for the past two weeks I've been missing out on stuff liek this. I've been at home nursing an injury, recovering from an injury with nothing but time on my hands. And if you have enough of it--Time--it can be a dangerous thing. I must've watched that clip of what Edge did to me with that chair, over, and over, and over, and over and over again to the point I thought I was going crazy, like I might go mad. I didn't want to be around anybody, I didn't want to see the kids, I didn't want to talk to the wife. I just wanted to be alone. And lo and behold, who pops up on the television? But Edge on Monday Night Raw, with his mood lighting and his mouth spewing out nonsense answering the question 'why?' But the truth is, I don't care. I'm not here to ask why. I'm not here to get answers. I'm here to kick Edges teeth down his throat! Edge, you wanted the pit-bull? You're gonna get him at WrestleMania but we don't gotta wait til then! We can do this right now so why don't you come out here and get what's coming to you. Be a man and get out here!" He waits but nothing. "Coward! you're a coward, Edge, just like we know you are!" And enter...Seth Rollins?
Rollins comes out, stolen mic still in hand, and enters the ring. I love that black and green suit; wish he'd tell me which Goodwill he gets those suits from. "Now now now, simmer down, Chicago--Rumors are a lot of fun but rumors don't make moments and I am livign for my WRestleMania moment," he says in response toa "Cody" chant. Styles tells him to cut the crap and tell AJ what he wants. "Cut the crap? AJ, I'm out here because like everybody else, I"m concerned about your health and safety." He questions if Styles is ready to go against Edge after what happened two weeks ago, then offers a simple proposition: "go home to your wife and kids, hug them close, get 100% and come back...after WrestleMania. And you let me do what I should've done inside Hell in a Cell and end Edge's career on the grandest stage of them all, because that is a moment befitting Seth 'Freakin' Rollins!" He tells Styles to think about it; Styles doesn't think so and says as long as he can walk, he'll be there. Rollins picks up on the "as long as you're able to walk" part, insinuating that if Styles were to be taken out for some reason, Rollins could get the spot.
Styles knows what Rollins is doing, as he tried this same crap with Owens last week. He asks Rollins if that's what he's trying to do to Styles. Rollins claims it's Styles idea and plays it up to the crowd--Styles versus Rollins to see who goes to WrestleMania. The crowd boos. Style tells Rollins that he's going to do what Rollins couldn't--destroy Edge--then will get back to Rollins. WWE Officials Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville make their way out, and Rollins screams, "what do you two idiots want?" They state that they've decided to give Rollins one last chance--if he can defeat Styles tonight, he'll replace Styles at WrestleMania. Styles if furious at this as Rollins claps excitedly. Styles slugs Rollins but Rollins escapes the ring before he can get a Phenomenal beatdown.

Hardwired to...Self Destruct

Women's Tag Team Champions Queen Zelina and Carmella continue their breakdown, as their bickering words turn to blows this week and refs attempt to separate the champs backstage.

Backstage: WWE Officials Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville and AJ Styles

AJ pops backstage long enough to lay into both officials, essentially calling them incompetent for risking his match. He then declares he'll handle things himself.

Tag Team Match: Liv Brutally (Liv Morgan & Rhea Ripley) vs Natalya & Shayna Baszler

Both teams are competing int he Fatal 4-Way Women's Tag Team Championship match at WrestleMania. Baszler & Natalya were added to the match last week. We head to break as Liv and Rhea make their entrance. When we return, their opponents are out and we start with Shayna and Rhea. Baszler's rocking ring gear that's not all black themed--maroon and grey dominate the color palette, with touches of yellow and black stripes on the left boot. Both women engage with Ripley countering Baszler's spurt of offense with a pair of powerful suplexes. Liv's tagged in and Rhea slams Morgan down, leg-drop style, onto Baszler. Morgan covers for two. Baszler uses an arm hold to take Morgan into the corner and brings in Natalya, who's ring gear is now more akin to Liv's. Morgan with a running Hurricanrana and a step-up knee to Nattie, but a distraction by Baszler allows Nattie to hit a modified atomic drop and take control. Baszler comes in with a running knee and looks for a cover before working the left shoulder with a working hold. Carmella comes out and starts to vent to her fiance, Corey Graves, whining that Zelina said she's ugly.
As Corey handles his woman (or Carmella handles her man--take your pick) the action continues in the ring. Liv looks for a hot tag but Rhea is ripped off the apron by Shayna Baszler. Liv looks for a roll-up on Natalya but Nattie escapes and lays her out with a discus elbow. Nattie tags in Shayna and the two work together for an assisted clothesline. Shayna rolls up Liv for the win. After the match Rhea chases them out and yells at Carmella, who's at ringside. Queen Zelina shows up with her scepter and attacks Rhea in the ring! Carmella hops into action as Corey Graves encourages her on, hitting Superkicks to Natalya and Shayna, leaving their WrestleMania competitors laid out. Carmella and Zelina get in the ring and yell as the crowd chants for them to fight. Carmella and Zelina, instead, smile and hug each other. They grab their belts, hold hands together, and soak in the boos.
Your Winners, Shayna Baszler & Natalya!

Raw Women's Champion "Big Time" Becky Lynch Speaks

Becs makes her way out wearing some retro-futuristic visor to a mix of boos and cheers, heavy on the boos, and we head to a commercial break! When we're back, Becs is sat in a steel chair and decides to talk about "fifteen long months" that she went without holding her title "not because anybody had beaten me for it, no, nobody's been able to beat me for this for nearly three years." She references her pregnancy, then states she would do whatever it took to get this (the title) back, "my precious!" She goes on to state that the title is everything she (Lynch) is--power, glory, and the "prize at th top of the mountain. This is my world. And when I came back and all of you chose Bianca over me, that's when I knew--that's when I knew I would sell my soul to keep this (title.) Bianca--you don't have what it takes to beat me. You can whip me with your hair, you can scar my body, you can crush my throat but I'll crush yous worst! But here's the thing, Bianca, you didn't mean to injure me." She states she did mean to hurt Bianca, citing "an eye for an eye and a throat for a throat." She quotes Mark 8:36, then she threatens to take what matters most to Belair--her hair--as it may cost Bianca a "piece of her soul." She then goes on stating that she already sold her soul and would sell her soul twice on Mondays if it meant keeping her title. "So Bianca, let me ask you, 'For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?' I'll show you and the world at WrestleMania--if you make it."

Previously on SmackDown...

We get clips of Pat McAfee from this past SmackDown, in which he was ordered to apologize to Austin Theory (by Vince McMahon) or he'd lose his job and his spot at WrestleMania. McAfee would go on to apologize to Theory...for being a "punk ass bitch" and such. Good segment.

Backstage Interview: Austin Theory

Theory is asked about McAfee, and Theory's not worried about him. He states Pat had a nice NFL career but doesn't belong on the same stage as Austin. He then is asked about his match with Finn tonight, and he brags his phone is nearly filled with selfies. but Austin reckons he has one more selfie in him, yells "A-Town, down!" and makes his way out.


We shall see. Oh yes, we shall see.

Non-Title Singles Match: United States Champion Finn Bálor vs Austin Theory

Theory makes his way out ahead of this match. He'll go one on one after this word from Popeyes, Dominos, Geico, and a local commercial about the rampant AIDS epidemic in the state. Finn makes his way out and we're informed that we have a special guest commentator--Pat McAfee! The match gets started and Corey Graves attempts to criticize McAfee, who tells him to shut up. McAfee tells Corey that the world will see what Pat does to Theory's punk bitch-ass self. Pat hops off the mic and mocks Theory, who stands on the outside of the ring, holding his side. Pat mocks him by holding his side then makes a flailing arm-DX "suck it" chop hybrid that distracts Theory, allowing Finn to hit a suicide dive and send us to commercials!
When we return, Theory has Bálor in a rear waist lock. Pat hops off the mic and again causes a distraction, pounding on the apron. Graves objects but, as Smith and Saxton note, Pat's not laying hands on Austin so it's within what's allowed. Theory and Bálor tot he outside, and Theory yells "this is gonna be you at WrestleMania, you idiot!" Bálor then proceeds to pound Theory's face into the table three times and Pat exclaims it will be him at WrestleMania. Bálor takes it in the ring and hits the Sling Blade. Bálor with the Shotgun Dropkick! Bálor looks for the Coup De Grace but Theory moves! Theory looks for a cover but Bálor breaks out. Theory with a shoulder block followed by a ground and pound. Pat again hops off the mic and gets on the apron, distracting Theory until the ref warns him. Theory looks for the ATL but Bálor escapes and begins battering Theory with kicks! Bálor looks for the 1916 but Theory counters into a suplex shoulder breaker! Theory covers but only gets two!
McAfee is excited on the mic, yelling for Finn. He tells Graves this is his dream job. Theory gets on the apron and again, Pat hops off the mic! Pat charges theory, distracting him. Pat backs off then does it again, again distracting Theory! Theory finally looks for his springboard rolling cutter but the distractions bought Bálor enough time to recover! Bálor counters, rolling up Theory to steal the win! Bálor and McAfee celebrate up the ramp and do the "two sweet" gesture. Pat really loves his job, man. They do the Bálor arm-throw-up entrance music bit together, too.
Your Winner, United States Champion Finn Bálor!

Non-Title Tag Team Match: Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro vs the Alpha Academy

Orton and Riddle make their way out to a great reaction from the crowd. Orton and Riddle do their duo-pose as the unlikeliest of friends prepare for their non-title match, coming up next! These two teams will compete with the Street Profits in a triple-threat match in just twelve days at WrestleMania. The Alpha Academy make their way out wearing "Shoosh" shirts, ha. Gable constantly shooshes the crowd and accuses RK-Bro of criminal neglect by not choosing them for a title rematch first. Gable and Otis make their way to the ring, with Gable blabbing on about how they'll prevail despite RK-Bro "messing" it up and "making it a triple-threat match." The bell rings and we start with Orton, who gets a huge chant, and Gable. Gable uses his technical schooling to ground Orton, then Riddle as Riddle enters. Otis comes in and clotheslines a catapulted Riddle to huge boos. Otis slows the pace as he starts up a sequence of frequent tags with Gable. Gable focuses on quick strikes and suplexes against RK-Bro whereas Otis focuses on powerful strikes. Riddle powers up to control the match as he drops both Gable and Otis, but pushes it too far and is dropped to the outside by Gable. Otis runs over Riddle from outta nowhere and we head to break. When we return, Orton's mid comeback sequence and looks for a RKO. Gable avoids it and Riddle comes in legal, hitting a Bro Derek on Gable to end the match quite quickly upon returning. Post mat, Otis attacked Orton and Riddle, leaving the champs laid out. The Street Profits make the save, taking down the Academy to a big pop. They point to the WrestleMania sign, as is custom this time of year, and help Riddle up...then the Profits turn heel and attack RK-Bro! Dawkins lays out Riddle with a Spinebuster and Montez Ford follows it up with a skyscraper Frog Splash to end the segment.
Your Winners, Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro!

Intergender Mixed Tornado Tag Match: 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke & Reggie vs Akira Tozawa & Tamina

Brooke & Reggie are out first and we head to a break. When we return, Tozawa & Tamina make their way out together. After yet another cringe video of Superstars forced to play up fake love romances, we're finally ready to get this match under way. Dana climbs Reggie's shoulders to start, and Tozawa attempts to lift Tamina similarly but can't. Akira climbs the turnbuckles and sits upon Tamina's shoulders, Electric Chair style. Tamina kicks Reggie, making him drop Dana. Reggie and Dana double-team Tozawa, whipping him into Tamina in the corner. Handspring Elbow from Brooke to them both, causing Tozawa to fall and causing Tamina to accidentally headbutt Akira in the junk. Reggie covers Tozawa and ends the 90 second match.
Your Winners, 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke & Reggie!

Spot at WrestleMania Singles Main Event Match: AJ Styles(s) vs Seth Rollins

We're reminded yet again that this is Seth Rollins' last chance to make his way to WrestleMania. Styles is out and ready when we get the Architect's entrance. The bell rings and Rollins takes a moment to soak up the crowd humming his theme. Both men lock up but Rollins expertly escapes through athleticism. He cackle sand both men lock up again. AJ looks for a side headlock; Seth attempts to whip free but Styles drops to a knee and locks in the headlock. After a few moments, Rollins breaks free with a side suplex. Both men take turns running off the ropes, culminating in a Sling Blade from Rollins! Styles clutches his injured neck. Rollins looks for a Pedigree but Styles counters with a back body drop. Styles looks for a leaping forearm in the corner but Rollins moves. Rollins looks for a splash int he corner but Styles pops Rollins over the ropes, and Rollins' face smashes into the apron as he falls outside. Rollins eats a springboard forearm as Styles flies to the outside and sends us to a break.
We return to find Rollins solidly in control through the break and immediately upon returning. Styles flips out of a suplex attempt and begins to chop away at Rollins. Styles blocks a kick and punishes Rollins with elbow strikes to the caught leg before using a dragon screw to send Rollins rolling into the corner. Styles looks to pick the leg but Rollins counters with rights to Styles' face. Styles angrily charges in and Seth moves. Styles slides face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Damn, I don't think he meant to hit it that damn hard, either. Styles rolls on the outside as the ref counts. At seven, Styles is barely up at the commentary team. Styles barely rolls in at nine! Rollins takes control as Graves claims Styles is checked-out. Rollins chops Styles then sets him up in a Tree of Woe. Rollins runs across to the diagonal corner, bounces off and runs back, hitting a jumping basement dropkick to the strung-up Styles, connecting with his face. Styles kicks out at two on instinct alone. Styles attempts to fight back but Rollins shuts it down, blocking a Phenomenal Forearm by shoving Styles off the apron. Rollins hits a Suicide Dive through the middle rope, wiping out Styles at the commentary table! Commentary speculates if Rollins can capitalize on his last chance and we head to another break.
Back from the break. Rollins continues to wear down the Phenomenal One, this time using a head crank. Rollins pummels Styles with elbow drops to the head as the crowd boos loudly. Rollins yells at AJ. "Listen to me good! This isn't personal! I like you, I want you to go home and be with your family. Listen to me! Listen to me! You understand me?" He slaps AJ's face repeatedly, yelling that "I need this, you sonuvabitch!" The slaps awaken the pit-bull within Styles and Styles begins to fight back, throwing rights and forearms as he executes his Styles Combination! Rollins is leveled with a huge lariat. Styles with a basement forearm! Styles charges Rollins and connects with a splashing Forearm! Styles with an Ushi Garoshi outta nowhere! Styles picks up a close two!
Rollins attempts to roll-up Styles but Styles kicks out, barely. Styles with a Gourd-buster for another close cover! Both men re down and slow to recover. The crowd tries to fire up Styles. Rollins and Styles struggle for control, and Rollins takes down Styles with a Falcon Arrow for a close pin attempt of his own! Rollins, frustrated, sets up for the Stomp. The crowd again cheers for Styles, powering him on. Styles counters a Stomp with an attempted Styles Clash, but Rollins rolls through for a roll-up. Both men reverse the roll-up attempt until Seth looks to convert a roll-up into a Buckle Bomb. Styles counters, vertical suplexing Rollins into the corner! Both men are down and the crowd rips off an appreciative chant.
The crowd pops as we can feel the ending coming. Styles positions Rollins on the mat in front of the corner, and slow rear climbs the turnbuckles. Too slow, it seems, as Seth throws a wide right that stops Styles progress. Seth sets up for his Superplex/Falcon Arrow combo and climbs up top. Styles tries to fight off Rollins with rights to the ribs. Styles drops Rollins off and looks to make a move but Rollins runs back up and looks for a snap Superplex! Styles shakes him off and Rollins lands awkwardly on his knee. Styles picks up Rollins in a Torture Rack! Styles converts the Torture Rack into a Rack Bomb for a close call! Wow!
Both men are again slow to rise as they've been putting it all out there for the night. Styles sets up for a Phenomenal Forearm. AJ takes flight and lands right on a Superkick! Rollins hoists up AJ and hits the Buckle Bomb! Seth climbs the turnbuckles and looks for a Frog Splash. Styles gets the knees up! Knees up! Rollins rebounds off the knees and assumes a fetal position for a few moments. Styles rises and limps to the apron, setting up another Phenomenal Forearm. Rollins encroaches but Styles punches him. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Edge strikes! Edge smacks Styles with a steel chair, causing the DQ--and preserving Edge vs Styles at WrestleMania.
Your Winner by Disqualification, AJ Styles! Facing Edge at WrestleMania, Edge!

Rollins Needs a Rhode to WrestleMania

Seth flips out after the match, getting on the mic and yelling "this is bullshit!" He declares Raw won't go on next week unless he gets what he wants--a WrestleMania moment. Seth gets a very loud "Cody" chant then begins to tear apart the set. Seth dumps over the announcer's table and tears at the barricade a bit. The crowd pops loud for him and hums his theme as we end our program.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's program! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for NXT 2.0. Have a great night and stay safe out there.

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