WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (May 2, 2022): Greensboro Coliseum - Greensboro, NC

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Hoping you've had a great Monday (Tuesday for those of you on the right side of the planet) is the less-than-loquacious Mike Hogan. For the next three hours, we'll have live results coverage with updates every five to ten minutes.

Catch all this and more tonight on Raw! Ready or not, here comes our program (with late results, sorry!) So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (May 2, 2022): Greensboro Coliseum - Greensboro, NC

Show Opening Video

We open our program with recaps from last Friday's SmackDown, during which a contract signing between Raw & SmackDown tag team champions RK-Bro and the Usos, respectively, was interrupted by Roman Reigns. The Bloodline beat RK-Bro until Drew McIntyre managed to make the save. Byron Saxton, Jimmy Smith and Corey Graves welcome us to tonight's program.

Greensboro Acknowledges the Bloodline!

The Bloodline--Undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns and SmackDown Tag Team Champions the Usos--make their way out, accompanied by Heyman as usual. They receive a nice pop from the Greensboro crowd. After Heyman does his "part" of making the introductions, Roman gets on the mic. A nice cheer welcomes the Tribal Chief before he demands Greensboro acknowledge him. And then, out of nowhere...

RK-Bro and Drew McIntyre Attack!

RK-Bro hit RKO's out of nowhere on the Usos to a big pop! Drew McIntyre's music cues up and out comes the Scottish Psychopath with Angela the sword in hand. He marches down the ramp, aiming it at Roman; Roman tells him to drop him and remain calm, so McIntyre does. McIntyre enters the ring and the two big men begin brawling! McIntyre battles Roman into the corner; Roman with a standing switch but again, McIntyre takes control in the corner. The Usos attempt to make the save but RK-Bro hit the ring again to make the save. We end with the Bloodline brawling with their three challengers as multiple officials attempt to restore order. We head to break.

Six-Man Tag Match: Ezekiel (Elias' Younger Brother) & the Street Profits vs Kevin Owens & the Alpha Academy

After a brief backstage scene setting up this match, we get things under way. Gable takes an early lead with his technical skill set, but Ford's agility is too much to contain. Gable gives way to the human wrecking ball Otis, but both Profits send the big man crashing to the outside with a double dropkick. We head to break and when we return, the heels are in control. Owens enters and uses a superkick to neutralize Dawkins as a brawl again ensues. Ezekiel sends Owens out and focuses on legal man Gable. Owens trips up Ezekiel without the ref seeing, allowing Gable to roll-up Ezekiel and steal the win.
Your Winners, Kevin Owens and the Alpha Academy!

A Phenomenal Address

Styles is shown backstage and interviewed by Jonathan about tonight's upcoming match against Damian Priest. We're informed there's a special stipulation added to their match tonight, which states that if Styles wins then Priest will be barred from ringside during the Styles/Edge match later tonight. If Styles loses, however, as he said "it's gonna be an uphill battle."

Backstage: WWE Officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville

We get a video recapping last week's trio of Raw Women's Championship matches, during which Sonya Deville used her powers to restart the match twice, changing stipulations to suit her attempts to win the title. She lost by DQ, count-out, and the final and third match despite the assistance of Carmella and Zelina. We cut to the back where Adam Pearce informs Deville she'll be in a six-woman tag later tonight but her powers are, temporarily, stripped for tonight. We head to break.

Singles Match: Veer Mahaan vs Greensboro's Burt Hanson

Prior to the match Hanson is asked in-ring why he chose to challenge Veer. Hanson cuts a quick, local-man promo in which he mentions being from Greensboro and name drops a few local, popular joints. Hanson goes on to state he chose Veer because he fears him and knows its a challenge, and it's his dream to fight in front of his hometown and make them proud. The bell rings and within sixty seconds, Hanson's dream is shattered alongside his body. The post-match dismantling of Hanson at Mahaan's hands took significantly longer than the match.
Your Winner, Veer Mahaan!

In the Ring Promo: Damian Priest and Edge

Another heel promo from the Rated-R Superstar, who addressed this weekend's match against Styles. Short story-shorter: Edge threatened to end Styles until Styles had enough smack and came out for the match.

Singles Match: AJ Styles vs Damian Priest w/ Edge

Styles and Priest start off strong, with both men having a few minutes of offense. Priest looks for a quick win but fails to connect with the Reckoning and South of Heaven. Despite Edge's attempts to interfere and multiple distractions, Styles manages to hang in there and put Priest away with the Styles Clash. After the match, Edge ordered Priest to attack Styles. After hitting his signature moves, Priest left Styles laid out. Come Sunday, Priest is barred from ringside. Sorry for the abridged results; technical difficulties. During the post-match brawl, Finn Bálor hit the ring to make the save, sending Priest packing. He helped Styles up and the two made their "Bullet Club" gesture and hugged.
Your Winner, AJ Styles!

Miz TV featuring Mustafa Ali and United States Champion Theory

And results are now live! The Miz first talks about Theory, the youngest United States Champion in WWE history (he claims). He then invites out Ali and, during Ali's entrance, there are "technical difficulties" with his music (it cuts out). Miz feigns innocence and ignorance, and questions how technical difficulties could happen during Miz TV. Ali continues to the ring and starts to speak, but his mic doesn't work. Again, Miz feigns ignorance and criticizes the technical difficulties. He then goes on to insult Ali. Miz is mad that Ali interrupted him last week. Theory comes out the three men go back and forth, with Theory defending the Miz's loss last week against Ali, claiming the Miz had no way to be ready. They go on and on, but Ali interrupts them. He informs them he doesn't want to be given a title shot, he wants to earn it. Theory states his mentor (Vince McMahon) gave him permission to authorize a contender's match tonight. Theory doesn't know if Ali can handle all "that heat" and states Ali won't beat him. Ali tells him that "if there's anybody back there who can handle the heat, believe me, it's me." He accepts the challenge and Theory states he can do this all day. Theory states that the Miz deserves a second chance, then announces tonight's contendership will be a handicapped match as the Miz and Theory take on Ali...right now! The Miz imitates Flair, going "uh oh/oh no" (whatever." We go to break--this match is next!

Championship Contenders 2-on-1 Handicapped Match: United States Champion Theory & the Miz vs Ali

Ali started off strong but the Miz and Theory had the numbers advantage. After a short match and dubious tactics by the Miz, Theory & the Miz pulled out the win and (temporarily) have denied Ali a title shot.
Your Winners, the Miz & Theory!

Backstage: 24/7 Drama

We see Tamina, Tozawa, Brooke and Reggie backstage. The four begin to have heated words when Nikki A.S.H. shows up and rolls up Brooke, winning the title and setting up our next official match.
Your Winner and NEW 24/7 Champion, Nikki A.S.H.!

24/7 Championship Singles Match: Nikki A.S.H.(c) vs Dana Brooke w/ Reggie, Tamina, R-Truth & Tozawa

Dana Brooke is out first with Reggie. We head to break and when we return, the rest of the 24/7 division are basically at ringside. Nikki and Dana go back and forth briefly. Brooke picks up the win but faults Reggie for nearly costing her the title. Brooke rolls up A.S.H. to reclaim the title then tells Reggie on the mic that she wants a divorce despite Reggie's begging her not to. Odd match and segment.
Your Winner and NEW 24/7 Champion, Dana Brooke!

Last Week on Raw...Asuka Returns!

We're sent to a video from last week's Raw, when a sad Becky Lynch returned --as did Asuka who proved Lynch wasn't ready for her. Afterwards, Lynch cut a short promo about Asuka to set up their next feud.

Seth Rollins Appreciation Night

Rollins is out in his suit-of-the-week and to the crowd singing his theme. We head to break ahead of this "appreciation" segment. When we return, Rollins cuts a lengthy, derogatory promo about Dusty Rhodes. He criticizes Rhodes ability (or rather, inability) to win the big belt. Cody Rhodes eventually came out, the two exchanged words, and then brawled. Rhodes sent Rollins packing up the ramp.

Singles Match: Bobby Lashley vs Cedric Alexander w/ MVP & Omos

Lashley and Alexander start our match prior to Omos & MVP's entrance. MVP gets on a hot mic and distracts Lashley throughout the match, allowing Cedric Alexander to get some offense in. Cedric sends Lashley to the outside and attempts a suicide dive. The counter is botched as Lashley is meant to catch him and shove him down; instead his pinky touches Alexander and sends Cedric straight into the floor. Lashley hoists up Alexander and slams his head into the ring post. Lashley takes the action into the ring and spears Alexander then slaps on a Hurt Lock to pick up the win. Lashley faces Omos this Sunday at WrestleMania Backlash!
Your Winner, Bobby Lashley!

Backstage Interview: Liv Morgan

Sarah asks Morgan about her actions last week, during which Morgan attacked Ripley in retaliation for Ripley doing the same to her when their tag team dissolved. Morgan tells Sarah she was just doing to Ripley what Ripley had done to her (obviously) and that's that.

Backstage: R-Truth and Reggie; Nikki A.S.H. and Doudrop

After recapping the events from the 24/7 bullshit earlier, we cut to Reggie and Truth. Truth attempts to console Reggie then offers his services as a divorce attorney, handing Reggie a card in which it lists R-Truth, esquire. They walk past Nikki A.S.H., who is approached by Doudrop. Doudrop asks Nikki if she's "ready yet" and apparently she is.

Six-Woman Tag Main Event Match: Liv Morgan, Asuka & Raw Champion Bianca Belair vs Rhea Ripley, Becky Lynch & Sonya Deville

Becky Lynch is out first in a black David Bowie-esque outfit. She plays up to the semi-quiet crowd as piped-in boos. We head to a break ahead of this match. After some backstagery, we get to our main event. Sonya Deville and Rhea Ripley are out next. Liv Morgan (in her Harlequin-inspired attire), Asuka and Belair make their entrances and await each other before skipping and dancing to the ring. We go to yet another break ahead of this match--ten minutes since Lynch's entrance. We finally start with Asuka and Lynch. Asuka sends Lynch fleeing to the corner with her offense. Lynch cowers in the corner and tags in Deville, so Asuka tags in Belair. Deville talks smack but quickly retreats to her corner when Belair approaches her. Deville tags in Rhea Ripley. Belair and Ripley pause from locking up as Belair takes in an EST chant. Rhea with a rear waist lock and takedown. Belair with a standing switch and a takedown of her own! Ripley powers out of Belair's grip only to have Belair attempt a stalling suplex. Rhea escapes and drops Belair then attacks Liv Morgan int he corner. Rhea mocks Morgan as Morgan is restrained by the ref, taunting Morgan to attack her.
Ripley takes Belair to the corner and tags in Deville, who unleashes kicks to the champ int he corner. Deville with two knee strikes, followed by a snapmare. Belair counters a shoulder block with a clothesline and uses her agility to backflip past Deville before popping off a snap dropkick. Deville is sent sprawling to the outside. Morgan tags in and works with Belair to double-team Deville. Morgan covers but doesn't even get a one. Deville and Morgan brawl to the corner where Lynch tags herself in and attacks the unsuspecting Morgan. Liv fires off a Crucifix pin attempt but Lynch wiggles free. Morgan and Belair battle int he corner. Morgan drops Lynch with a middle-rope shotgun dropkick, covering for two. Morgan attacks Ripley on the apron then turns her attention to Lynch, hitting a jawbreaker. Morgan immediately turns 180 and hits a slow suicide dive to Ripley outside the ring! The two brawl with Morgan gaining the upper hand. Morgan turns to the ring just in time to catch a baseball kick that sends her crashing into the commentary desk. Lynch takes her inside and covers but only gets a two, and we head to break.
Back from the break. Ripley and Morgan are going at it, with Ripley having the upper hand. Ripley takes Morgan into the corner after pounding on Morgan some and brings Lynch in. Morgan counters Lynch's offense with a Sling Blade and a float-over DDT, leaving both women down. Lynch tags in Ripley and Morgan makes the hot tag to Belair. Ripley smacks Belair, hard, right in the face and leaves her stunned for a minute. Belair angrily fires back, dropping Rhea with a big shoulder, a dropkick, and a stalling suplex on her way to a pin attempt. Ripley kicks out at two and powers Belair back into her corner and nearly cuts her in half with shoulder thrusts to the midsection. Ripley ascends the middle ropes and looks for a Superplex but Belair fights back! Belair slams Ripley's face into the top turnbuckle and sens Ripley flying back. Lynch and Deville cause enough of a distraction to allow Ripley to attack Belair. Deville tags in and executes a double Superplex with help from Ripley. Deville covers but Morgan dives in, just making the save.
Deville throws Morgan out of the ring and Belair tags in Asuka. Asuka gets a good pop as she comes in. Asuka unloads kicks on Deville then takes a shot at Lynch. Asuka drops Deville with a shoulder and hits the hip attack in the corner. Ripley enters and Asuka catches her with a kick to the face. Deville fails to follow up on the distraction as Asuka counters a kick into a snap German Suplex! Asuka hits a sliding knee for a close cover. Asuka pulls her up by an arm, yelling to the crowd, then hits a n old school arm breaker. Morgan makes a blind tag and Asuka drops Deville with a dropkick. Asuka with a hip attack to Deville on the apron that sends Deville flying off--and right into a backbreaker from Morgan on the outside of the ring! Chaos ensues as everyone enters the ring and hits their finishers on each other. We end up with Morgan and Deville. Morgan rolls up Deville, who counters with her own roll up. Deville hits a running knee to the jaw but Morgan kicks out!
Morgan and Deville continue to battle, with Morgan sidestepping a suplex attempt. Deville drives Morgan into the mat and puts her feet up on the middle rope for leverage. The ref sees and refuses the count despite her yelling for him to. Belair pushes Deville's feet off the ropes, distracting Sonya. Liv hits the Oblivion out of nowhere and pins Deville for the big-time win!
Your Winners, Raw Champion Bianca Belair, Liv Morgan & Asuka!

In Closing

Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for a special NXT episode dubbed NXT Spring Breakin'. Have a great night and stay safe out there.

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