WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (May 9, 2022): XL Center - Hartford, CT

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike Hogan. For the next three hours, we'll have live results coverage with updates every five to ten minutes. Expect 180 minutes of air time, 132 minutes of programming, roughly 100 minutes of recaps and 30-40 minutes of wrestling!* Tonight's episode is coming to us live from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut

Regarding tonight's program, our official preview wasn't released until after six o'clock Eastern, and only listed a United States Championship match between the eponymously-named Theory and contender Cody Rhodes. Will Theory's reign end short or will there be some freakin' twist ending? What else is in store for tonight? Hell if I know, but we're going to find out in less than two hours! Woooooooooo!

Catch all this and more tonight on Raw! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!
* comment based on 2022 averages, internal data sources.

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (May 9, 2022): XL Center - Hartford, CT

Last Night on WrestleMania Backlash...

We open with a video recapping last night's premium live event that saw the Bloodline defeat RK-McBro. We cut to the arena where Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton welcome us as RK-Bro are played in.

Raw Tag Champions RK-Bro Address the WWE Universe

Orton starts off on the mic and acknowledges that despite their best efforts last night, they lost. He then pivots back to the whole title unification match. He states Roman Reigns is scared that the Usos would lose, so he tore up the contract. But now, RK-Bro want the SmackDown tag titles. They want to become the unified tag team champions. Riddle states that since the Usos can't make their own decisions--Roman has to speak for them--the two of them are going to SmackDown this Friday to demand a tag team unification match! Riddle states that if Roman says no "it just goes to show that the Tribal Chief has no confidence in his" cousins. Riddle states he's gonna show up with his scooter and Randy's gonna show up with his...well, just Randy, because he's Randy freakin' Orton. The Street Profits come out to interrupt their bit.
For gets on the mic. "First and foremost, we must say--tough lost last night!" Dawkins whoops then tells RK-Bro that the Bloodline aren't the ones they need to worry about. The Street Profits are their challengers tonight "in Connecticut" (cheap pop) "the three most important words: we got next! Because it is I, it is us the Street Profits, who will unify the tag team championships!" Dawkins tells them that he's hearing all this smack talk but RK-Bro don't seem to remember the Profits. Dawkins tells them that "in a couple of minutes its you versus us for those world tag team titles." Ford prophecies that they'll win the titles because they want the smoke. Riddle then tells them that "RK420 says we just smoked your asses!" Orton adds that they're gonna do it with the three most dangers letters in the WWE and this match is up...next! We go to break early!

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: RK-Bro(c) vs the Street Profits

After the announcements we start with Ford and Riddle. Ford looks for quick roll-ups then disrespects Riddle, saddening the bro. The two lock up and Riddle immediately goes into a flying arm bar, taking it down to the mat. Ford counters with a pin attempt to force the break. Riddle leaps onto Ford's back for a sleeper but Ford escapes. Riddle rolls up Ford but Ford kicks out, and Riddle mocks Ford by taunting Orton-statue-esque. Riddle and Ford go back and forth until Dawkins comes in. Dawkins takes a short control but fails to contain Riddle, allowing Orton to come in and take control with Riddle, utilizing quick tags to double-team Dawkins frequently. Orton and Ford briefly enter but return to the apron and Riddle continues on with Dawkins. Riddle uses a head scissors modified to take Dawkins over the top rope, but Dawkins pulls him out. Riddle is then immediately taken out by a suicide attack from Ford from the blind side! We go to break!
Back from the break. Ford is in control of Riddle as we return until a suplex attempt is countered by a float-over from the Original Bro. Riddle follows it up with a leaping knee strike and gives Orton the hot tag. Orton takes down both Profits with speedy powerslams then uses the Spike DDT on future WWE Hall of Famer Angelo Dawkins, leaving him planted! Orton drops down, snaking-up and looks for the RKO--no! Dawkins shoves him off! Riddle makes the blind tag and drops Dawkins then pops a charging Ford over his back and out of the ring. Riddle sizes up Ford then hits a running punt kick on the apron. RK-Bro coordinate and Orton holds Ford; Orton looks for a Moonsault off the apron but accidentally hits Orton! Ford takes it back into the ring. Dawkins and Ford double-team Riddle, Ford rushes up to the top rope and hits his Skyscraper Frog Splash! Ford's body bounces off Riddle's but he covers for one, two, three--no! Orton makes the save! Orton battles Dawkins out of the ring and Ford again ascends the turnbuckles. Ford flies through the heavens again but Riddle kips up and hits the RKO mid-air on Ford! Riddle covers! The champs retain!
Your Winners and STILL Raw Tag Team Champions, RK-Bro!

Last Night: AJ Styles vs Edge

We get a video quickly recapping last night's match that saw Edge's newly-minted Judgment Day faction gain a new member--Rhea Ripley--after she assisted Edge in picking up the win over Styles.

In the Ring: Judgment Day

"You think you know me? You never did." Boos welcome the opening notes of Alter Bridge's newest theme for Edge. The man himself makes his way to the ring in a suit and sporting a new haircut (looks great), flanked by ring-gear-clad Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest. "The Dark Trio" pose on the apron as the crowd boos and we go to break. When we return, the in-house crowd loudly boos Edge. "We formed the Judgment Day because we were tired of being sheep like all of you. Because what did that get us--what did that get me, you could say? It got me a Hall of Fame ring. Big Deal! I'm bigger than the hall of fame! You know what it also got me? You can point to any area on my body and I've had a surgery on it. And did any of you care? ....what you really do is hide your anger and resentment (at Edge)) and go online...your keyboard warriors with your stupid, asinine comments." Lots of boos, haha. Edge states he holds a mirror up to "each and every one of you and you don't like what you see because, number one, each and every one of you is ugly" haha. More boos. He calls the town of Hartford morons and really gets a lot of heat. He states that nothing and no one can touch Judgment Day and the crowd loudly chants "you suck." Edge knows how to work a crowd still. Priest goes on to state that the three of them are more dangerous now that they've added an "instrument of brutality," gesturing to Ripley. Priest continues.
"With that being said, all rise--I said, all rise for the newest member of the Judgment Day, Rhea Ripley!" Lots of boos and Ripley soaks it in before taking her turn on the mic. She states joining Judgment Day was the easiest decision of her life. She saw the change (for the better) in Edge and Damian and wanted that for herself. She states she's done with signing autographs for punk kids who then turn around and sell those same autographs on "eBay. I'm done being used. And that is why I joined the Judgment Day," she concludes before pivoting to the topic of Liv Morgan. She states she's going to give Morgan a reason to cry when she destroys her tonight. Edge calls Damian "the Punishment" and "Rhea the Eradicator." He calls them his "Saints of Fate," as he assigns himself an Apocalypse and them a Four Horsemen-themed role (X-Men, not WCW). Edge gets back on the mic and tells Liv, via camera, that he's the reason that the Liv Brutally team broke up. He saw potential in Rhea and took her under his wing. He goes on to state that his message--his movement--"is not done. We aren't finished yet and we're looking for more." Cue the music for Liv Morgan.

Singles Match: Liv Morgan vs Rhea Ripley w/ the Judgment Day

Liv makes her way to the ring with slightly less-darker makeup, in contrast to Rhea who's embracing the black. We head to break ahead of this match. When we return, we get the bell and Morgan immediately charges Ripley, arms flailing in attack. Ripley quickly overpowers Morgan and throws her into the corner. Morgan battles back but is again overpowered by Ripley, who wails away at Morgan in the corner repeatedly. Ripley positions Morgan on the top turnbuckle and mounts the middle rope, looking for a Superplex. Morgan fights her off with fists to the ribs then uses the top rope to execute a Hurricanrana. Morgan catches Ripley with a follow-up Shotgun Dropkick but then runs right into a big boot. Ripley covers for two. Ripley slows the pace, using slower, powerful fists and forearms to pummel Morgan and punish her. Ripley drapes Morgan over the middle rope and uses a knee in tandem with the rope to choke Morgan as the ref counts a warning.
Ripley uses a waist hip lock on Morgan, in a seated position, attempting to force her to submit. Morgan refuses to give in and Ripley uses a clothesline to drop a rising Morgan. Ripley pushes her boot into the small of Morgan's back. Ripley looks for a suplex but Morgan floats through. Morgan with two forearms and several fists. Morgan chains off some kicks that rock Ripley. Morgan counters a charge with a float-over DDT! Ripley pops back up to her feet so Morgan uses a middle-rope springboard jawbreaker for a close cover of her own! Morgan approaches Ripley after hesitating a moment and catches a foot to the face. Morgan scrambles up the turnbuckles but is swatted out of the air by Ripley. Ripley slaps on her arm-locked Sharpshooter and Morgan taps after several moments.
Your Winner by Submission, Rhea Ripley!

Post-Match Attack; Finn Bálor & AJ Styles Arrive!

Edge gives Ripley a command and she again slaps her submission on Morgan, torturing her in the ring until Finn Bálor's music plays! Immediately, AJ Styles makes his entrance as he'll have his former Bullet Club partner's back in a singles match--after this break!

Singles Match: Finn Bálor w/ AJ Styles vs Damian Priest w/ Judgment Day

After a break, we return to find Bálor and Priest starting off. Priest takes a short control, using his power, but it doesn't take long for Bálor to take the lead. Bálor sets up for the Shotgun Dropkick and hits a Sling Blade. Ripley eventually distracts Bálor, only for Edge to spear Bálor and cause the DQ. After the match, Styles attempts to aide Bálor but Ripley stands in his way and the Georgia-boy gentleman won't hit a woman. Judgment Day take in the boos as they stand over a downed Bálor and Styles. The crowd really doesn't like them. Great heel heat and Edge looks sharp with the new 'do.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Finn Bálor!

MVP's VIP Lounge, featuring Omos and Cedric Alexander

MVP starts off with clips from last night's match and sings the praises of Omos while once again chastising Lashley for not having given MVP credit during WrestleMania season and taken him to WM. Cedric Alexander makes his way out and tries to ally himself with MVP and Omos, but is stopped by MVP's VIP Lounge Security. MVP allows him into the ring and Cedric implies Omos owes his win to Cedric's help, and tries to share in the win with pronouns such as "we" did it. Bobby Lashley storms out and destroys the security team. He sends Omos out of the ring and fights off Cedric Alexander then stalks the VIP Lounge, looking for MVP. Cedric looks for a springboard attack but is caught in the Hurt Lock and rag-dolled by Bobby Lashley! Lashley's music plays us out.

Backstage: WWE Officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville

Deville starts the segment by showing frustration at the "investigation" into the allegations of her abuse of power. She demands to know who shes facing but Pearce attempts to tell her to focus on other matters. She frustratedly again demands to know who she faces and storms off--she's in action next against someone as-yet-unnamed!

Singles Match: Sonya Deville vs To Be Determined

Deville starts her entrance without music and we head to break. We'll find out who she's facing in a few minutes! When we return, WWE Official Adam Pearce comes out. He informs Deville that she didn't allow him time to finish--the investigation has concluded but her contract as an official has been terminated. He also wanted to tell her who her opponent was...Alexa Bliss! The crowd pops big as everyone's favorite twisted sister makes her way out! She still sports Lily but her look is a good mix of her Goddess-era attire and her Lily-era darker colors. Deville is shocked as we get the bell! And about ten seconds later, Bliss hits the Twisted Bliss from the top to pick up the super fast win over a shocked Deville.
Your Winner, Alexa Bliss!

In the Ring: Ezekiel (Elias' Younger Brother), Ken Owens (Kevin's Older Brother), and the Alpha Academy

Ezekiel is out first. Next is KO's older brother, "Ken" Owens. He comes out and introduces himself as Ken, Kevin's older brother. Ezekiel greets him with a "hello Ken!" Owens tells him not to do that as he's trying to prove a point. "These people don't actually believe you're Ezekiel, okay? I mean, there might be some actual dumbasses out there but most don't. People calling you Ezekiel are just playing along...nobody is buying you're Elias' younger brother." He asks the crowd, by show of hands, to state who believes it's Elias' younger brother and of course the crowd trolls Owens. "Has everyone finished high school in Hartford? Because that makes you one of two things, you're either all idiots or you're all liars and I don't know what's worse, idiots or liars." HE then rants about liars being worse. Ezekiel tells him, "Ken, I'd advised you not to raise your voice because (your brother) Kevin might (not like it.)" Ken freaks out, pointing out he's Kevin and ripping off his gray hair wig. Ezekiel states he's not Elias "but now would be the perfect time for my older brother Elias to come out here and sing you a song to calm you down." As Ezekiel starts to leave, Kevin Owens attacks him. Ezekiel fights back but the Alpha Academy strike and the numbers game wins out.

Backstage: Asuka, Becky Lynch, and WWE Official Adam Pearce

A pouty Becky is backstage with Pearce and Asuka. Long segment short, Asuka taunted Becky for acting like a baby. She reminded Becky that Lynch gave her the title to be a mother but is acting like a child and, essentially, told her to grow up.

Singles Squash Match: Veer Mahaan vs Frank Lomen

Veer makes his way out, we head to a break, and we'll know the name of the to-be-squashed local talent in a few! We return and Hartford's own Frank Lomen--who looks like the love child of Miro and Bryan Danielson--is asked about his desire to face Veer Mahaan when all of Veer's matches to date have been utter squashes of local talent that see them hospitalized. Lomen states he has to do this for his triplet babies and is promptly destroyed by Mahaan. Mahaan taps him instantly with the Cervical Clutch.
Your Winner by Submission, Veer Mahaan!

United States Championship Match: Theory(c) vs Cody Rhodes

Ten minutes after the start of Rhodes' entrance, it's now ten o' clock and time for our match! Cody gets a great reaction and plays up to the crowd expertly. The bell rings and Rhodes looks to pick the leg, but Theory backs up into the corner. The ref forces the break. Theory talks smack to the crowd for boos. Both men lock up and struggle in a side headlock for a time. Rhodes forces the break by whipping Theory into the ropes, only to have Theory run him over with a shoulder. Theory then disrespects Cody, mocking him with a taunt. Rhodes tells Theory off-mic to calm it then delivers a right, followed by the drop-down uppercut-from-his-back move he's used throughout his career. Both men battle with neither taking a firm control; counters and reverses come into play quick and often until Theory uses a beautiful standing dropkick to drop Rhodes, looking for a cover.
Theory uses a strong Irish Whip to send Rhodes hard, bouncing his back off the turnbuckles. Theory slows the pace of the match, taking time to taunt the crowd and Rhodes equally. Rhodes counters a suplex and plants the champ with a suplex face plant, followed by a dropkick of his own. Rhodes uses the middle rope for a springboard high-kick that sends Theory crashing to the floor. Cody looks for a running apron kick but Theory catches the leg and slams Rhodes into the apron. Theory moves to the commentary table and clears the top as the ref starts counting. Theory enters the ring and shoves Rhodes outside. Rhodes rallies, grabbing Theory and sitting him on t he desk before slapping his chest repeatedly! Rhodes threatens a Cross Rhodes on the table but Theory ducks out and into the ring! We head to break. We return to find both superstars going at it. Rhodes ducks under a clothesline attempt and both men his a cross body at the same time. Rhodes recovers first and climbs the turnbuckles, ascending to the top.
Rhodes executes a top turnbuckle Moonsault, covering Theory for a close two. We get replays of the Moonsault as Cody recovers, frustrated. Rhodes fires himself up and sets up Theory for the Cross Rhodes. Theory throws an elbow and fires off the ATL out of nowhere, covering for a close two. Rhodes rallies and hits a disaster kick then a neckbreaker, firing himself up. The crowd fires up as Rhodes closes in on the title, only to have Seth Rollins attack and cause the DQ! Shocker. Afterwards, Rollins beat Rhodes in and out of the ring while yelling at him. Rollins repeatedly slammed Rhodes' head into the commentary desk before setting him up for a Stomp on top of the desk that bounces Rhodes' head off and leaves him laid out on the floor to massive boos.
Your Winner via Disqualification, Cody Rhodes! But STILL United States Champion, Theory!

Tag Match: the Boss & Glow vs Doudrop & Nikki A.S.H.

Doudrop starts with Naomi and easily uses her size to her advantage, containing the Glow and smashing her flash with splashes in the corner. Doudrop stalks Naomi around the ring, taunting her, and restraining her as she attempts to make a hot tag to Banks. Naomi wiggles free and uses a step-up Enziguri to gain separation. Banks is tagged in and both women hit a double-foot strike. Banks goes up to and looks for a cross body but Dou drop catches her and scoop slams Banks. Nikki tags in and immediately covers Banks, much to Doudrop's chagrin. Nikki pummels Banks then uses a hair mat slam to drop Banks. Nikki with a neck breaker followed by another pin attempt. Nikki prepares her super heroine pose but Doudrop yells "tag me in!" Nikki tells her, "don't' worry about it" then proceeds to lose control to Banks. Banks tags in Naomi, they double-team Nikki and pick up the win.
Your Winners, the Boss and Glow!

Singles Match: Tommaso Ciampa vs Mustafa Ali w/ Special Guest Referee the Miz

The Miz swears to call this one right down the middle. But, as expected, the Miz plays the heel ref role perfectly. Ali covers Ciampa and the Miz is slow to count for a variety of issues; Ciampa's covers are met with expedited counts. Ciampa grounds Ali with a lengthy side headlock. Ali attempts to power out multiple times but the Blackheart continues to ground Ali. Ciampa uses a vicious Strong Irish Whip that bounces Ali off the corner like a basketball. Again Ciampa focuses his working holds on Ali's neck. Just as Ali started his comeback, the Miz suckered him and used a fast count on Ciampa.
Your Winner, Tommaso Ciampa!

It's...Friday Night SmackDown? Featuring Lacey Evans' Sob Story!

Well, for those of you who completely ignore SmackDown, for the last five weeks Lacey Evans' has changed her character and gimmick from 40's bombshell to incorporating elements of her earlier life, including an apparently too-friendly/creepy deadbeat dad and her stint in the Marines. For whatever reason, her promo aired tonight, too. Maybe Evans is coming to Raw? Feel free to YouTube these horribly depressing segments if you want a more thorough recap. Jesus, she goes on about how many people suicided around her WWE tryout. Very sad promo from the USMC veteran and mother.

Championship Contenders Main Event Match: Raw Champion Bianca Belair vs Asuka

Becky Lynch is a special guest on commentary, still wearing her retro-futuristic Bowie-style glasses. Belair starts off strong out the gate but Asuka reminds Bianca that she's not ready for her. Asuka with a beautiful sliding leg strike for a cover attempt. Belair counters a suplex into one of her own and hangs on, rolling through but fails to fire off a second. Asuka swings and misses and Belair threatens a face buster. Asuka rolls her up and transitions the pin attempt into an arm bar. Belair powers to a vertical base after a few moments. Two minutes in or less, Becky Lynch attacks Bianca Belair to cause the DQ.
Your Winner via Disqualification, Bianca Belair!

After the Match Beat-Down: Becky Lynch and Asuka

Lynch proceeded to attack Asuka in the ring, ultimately leaving her laid out with a Manhandle Slam as the crowd showered her in boos. Lynch posed over the fallen Asuka and left, smiles on her face, as Big Time Becs seems to be getting her groove back.

Next Week on Raw

Bobby Lashley vs "the Nigerian Giant" Omos in a Steel Cage Match.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's program! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for the top 2.0 wrestling in the world today--NXT 2.0. Have a great night and stay safe out there.

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