WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (November 1, 2021): Dunkin' Donuts Center - Providence, R


Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Here to condemn your Raw results to hell and show you the way for the greater evil is your Monday Night AntiMike, Mike "feliz dia de muertos, hermano" Hogan. For the next three hours we'll have live results coverage, with updates every five to ten minutes.

Our official preview helped add to the buildup towards Survivor Series by reaffirming what we literally already knew. As announced last week, Becky Lynch will defend her Raw Championship title against Bianca Belair. Also, the Architect Seth Rollins will exchange words with WWE Champion Big E.

All that and so, so, so much more over the next three hours on Monday Night Raw! With all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (November 1, 2021): Dunkin' Donuts Center - Providence, RI

Show Opening Vignette: Raw Women's Championship Match Setup

We open with a video showing how we've arrived here tonight, when Becky Lynch will defend her title against Bianca Belair. Solid video showing Becky's ascent by way of defeating Belair in 26 seconds, and the strife and struggle that will culminate in their title match tonight. Byron Saxton and co-anchors Corey Graves and future Subway advocate Jimmy Smith welcome us to Monday Night Raw.

Backstage interview: Sarah Schreiber with Bianca Belair

Sarah approaches Bianca and asks if she's ready for Lynch this time despite losing to her at SummerSlam. Bianca recaps how, in twenty-six seconds, she lost her title. She goes on to admit she's made mistakes, doesn't regret them, and had learned to use them to make herself stronger. She claims Lynch doesn't see her as a threat and downplays Belair, but Belair is used to that. She states it's exactly what Lynch did as she watched Belair's meteoric rise. She puts on some "Hitman" Hart-ish shades before heading out and down the ramp, sans the cool shades.

Backstage Interview: Sarah Schreiber with Becky Lynch

Sarah takes a turn to interview Lynch, pointing out that while Lynch was out on maternity leave, Belair rose to the top and filled a vacuum. Lynch takes offense at the thought that, perhaps, Lynch wasn't busting her butt to get back. She's troubled by a lack of appreciation "and, dare I say, even a few boos!" She tells us that she was doing 24 pushups the day after giving birth. She heads out.

Raw Women's Championship Match: Becky Lynch(c) vs Bianca Belair

We're starting with this big title match. Lynch gets a healthy mix of cheers and boos, but--so far--this Providence, RI crowd is a bit subdued. Belair gets a similar reaction, with audibly a few more in-house boos. Lynch gets a much better pop when presentations are made pre-match. The bell rings and Lynch starts off with bully tactics, pushing Belair into the corner. She shoves and pushes on Belair in the corner, taunting her, until Belair shoves Lynch off. Lynch slaps Belair and demands respect; Belair shows her some r-e-s, p-e-c-t with a rear waistlock followed by a shoulder thrust that grounds the champ. Belair with her springing and rebounding low-angle inverted 'sault for a close two. Lynch rolls out of the ring, taking a moment to gather herself. Outside the ring, Belair follows. Lynch attacks, and at one point Lynch uses Belair's long braid to ram her into the exterior corner and stairs. We head to our first break of the night!
Back from the break. Belair is at the mercy of the champ as we return, with Lynch talking trash to the challenger as the crowd hits them with a decent "Becky" chant. Lynch goes for a Dis-Arm-Her and it takes Belair a few long moments to escape. Lynch looks to turn it into a pin but only gets two. Lynch gets caught in a Stalling Suplex/the start of a Falcon Arrow but Lynch rolls Belair up to cheers, nearly stealing the win. The challenger shifts things into high gear, grounding the champ with a pair of dropkicks. Belair with a pair of suplexes, the last of which was a beautiful Stalling Suplex for a two-count cover. Belair receives praise from the affable Byron Saxton and Graves. Belair with a rear waistlock. Lynch with a standing switch and an O'Connor roll-up for two. Belair shoves Lynch off and face-first into the turnbuckle. Belair connects with a gut buster for a close two. Dueling chants break out in our live crowd as Belair and Lynch enter a quick sequence that sees both women throwing swings wildly, followed by a series of quick roll-up pin attempts by both women. Lynch looks for a Dis-Arm-Her but Belair powerfully rises to her feet, keeping Lynch on her one shoulder! Impressive! Lynch shifts her body and throws them off balance. Both women spill out of the ring as we go to our second break of the night!
Back from the break. Lynch looks for a back drop but Belair looks to counter with a suplex. Lynch, instead, rolls through and looks to lock an arm bar on Lynch. Belair powers to her feet, repositioning. Instead of going for a shoulders-down pin, Belair looks for a bomb. Lynch struggles, forcing the challenger down. After a few moments, Belair powers up again and hits an impressive one-armed bomb, picking up a close two. Lynch and Belair spar in the corner for a few moments. Belair catches Lynch, on the top turnbuckle, and hoists Lynch up into a military press slam! Belair spring-wheels against the ropes and crashes back on Lynch's knees. Lynch with a Manhandle Slam and picks up two. Belair gets her foot up on the rope and the ref stops the count. The crowd finally wakes up and starts a louder dueling chant. Lynch looks for a baseball slide on Belair at ringside. Belair counters, catching Lynch and converting it into an over-the-shoulder pop-up facebuster against the announcer's table! Belair quickly takes Lynch into the ring and covers, twice, getting a two on each time. Lynch is, again, driven face-first into the match and Belair covers for two. Belair climbs up top. Belair leaps but Lynch moves and Belair rolls through it. Belair charges Lynch in the corner; Lynch dodges. Lynch gets her leg caught on the top rope. Belair looks to hoist Lynch up. Lynch grabs the top turnbuckle and the pad flies off. The veteran Lynch quickly shoves Belair face-first into the exposed turnbuckle, then rolls up Belair to pick up the win!
Your Winner AND STILL Raw Women's Champion, Becky Lynch!

Backstage: Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio, Austin Theory & Jonathan

Rey and Dom cut a quick promo with Jon about the upcoming match. Mysterio doesn't like being disrespected. Theory comes up, praising Mysterio as a childhood favorite and points out that it's a shame that they didn't take that selfie together. But, Austin goes on to tell us, he'll take it tonight after he (presumably) defeats Rey. Dom cautious Austin to show some respect as the Mysterios leave.

Singles Match: Rey Mysterio w/ Dom vs Austin Theory

Rey Mysterio is escorted out by Dom. No word as of yet if Brian O'Connor will accompany Austin Theory to the ring as we head to break. When we return, we get a few selfies from Theory--ones he took with a downed Jeff Hardy, one of a ref yelling at him, and one backstage moments ago from behind the Mysterios without their knowledge. Back in the ring, we're off and Theory immediately takes the lucha-legend into the corner. The ref forces the break. Both men size each other up. Rey with a rear waistlock. Theory physically powers out of it and slaps on a side headlock. Mysterio sends Theory into the ropes and Theory rams Mysterio over, sending Rey outside. Theory does an Eddie G shuffle to mock Rey. Rey hits the ring, angry, and takes Theory down with a Hurricanrana. Mysterio climbs the middle ropes and starts a turnbuckle-beatdown count with the crowd. Theory looks to escape at three but Mysterio drives Theory into the mat. Theory with a knee to the gut followed by a Strong Irish Whip, bounces over the top of the ropes, springboard elbows into Mysterio, latches on, and hits a beautiful Fisherman's Suplex in a high-speed sequence you have to see. Theory puts Mysterio in a form of a Torture Rack, then drops to his knees to execute an old school Torture Rack breaker. Theory holds the ropes open, offering for Dom to enter. Theory notices Rey rising and Austin springboard-rolls into the ring, wiping out Rey. Rey manages to send Theory outside but Austin takes control. Austin sends Rey into the outside barricade. Austin picks Rey up and swings him but Dominik's arm clips Rey's feet or the such, and Rey counters the move into a takedown. The ref yells at Dom as we head to break.
Back from the break with the Chiefs leading by seven with three minutes left in the first quarter. Oops, wrong thread. Meanwhile, on Monday Night Raw Austin Theory is in firm control over the WWE Legend. Corey Graves praises Theory's athleticism and his potential. Theory's still young, after all. Rey dumps Theory off the top after sliding between the legs, dropping Theory across the top ropes. Theory looks to close the gap but Mysterio uses a snap headscissors to send Theory into the ring post! Rey with a springboard cross-body and a pin attempt for two. Mysterio and Theory go back and forth. Theory attacks Dom, unprovoked. Mysterio capitalizes and sends Theory across the middle rope. When the ref isn't apparently looking, Dom slaps Theory just as Mysterio hits the 6-1-9! The ref, however, was paying attention, saw what happened and calls for the DQ and the bell.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Austin Theory!

In the Ring: Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens & WWE Champion Big E

After a vignette showcasing Rollins cackles as of late, the Architect himself graces us with his presence. He comes out in his most normal-looking suit yet, this one seems taken straight from 70's inappropriate films. Rollins practically dances across the stage and down to the ramp with his red-cased title contract. He cackles his way down the ramp. We head to break. When we return Seth, wearing a suit made out of my grandmother's 70's rugs, cackles repeatedly while informing us that he is on top of the world. He points out that last week, he defeated three other top-tier world champions in a ladder match. He goes on to tell us this is his show, Monday Night Rollins and claims that he was drafted here to be the face of the brand. The only thing missing is a title around his waist, but luckily he has a contract right there--in that red binder--that guarantees him a future shot at the WWE Championship. Rollins wants to take some time to go over the fine print when out comes WWE Champion Big E!
Big E slowly makes his way down the ramp to a great reaction from the crowd. Big E gets on the mic, telling Rollins that last week he came out to congratulate Rollins on winning one hell of a ladder match. But instead of shaking his hand, Rollins cackled maniacally and snuck off. Big E says it bothered him so he spoke to his auntie. She told Big E not to let Rollins bother him as "there's something deeply wrong with him, that boy's touched." Rollins interjects, stating he remembers it differently--that he came out looking for a match and Big E told Rollins he had to go earn it. Seth freakin' Rollins did not take that lightly. Rollins offered to shake Big E's hand, so he claims, but Big E refused to shake it. Rollins tells him that rubbed him wrong. He goes on to praise those Big E has defeated--Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley--as well as his victorious cash-in.
"But I hate to break this to you, but you are not on my level," Rollins states right to the face of the champ. He claims he means no disrespect, states Big E doesn't want the responsibility of carrying the title, and all he has to do is let Rollins take the title and "you can go back to being a joke like your friends." He then mocks King Xavier and Kofimania. Big E tells Rollins to never disrespect the King, then takes exceptional offense at slandering Kofimania. Big E tells Rollins what he will do is have Seth Rollins versus Big E for the WWE Championship...he pauses as the crowd loudly chants for it to be tonight. Big E continues, "...tonight!" The crowd goes wild!
Seth Rollins tries to slow things down, telling Big E to back it up. As the crowd boos, Rollins tells us "you do not want to see that." He then asks if he's hearing the crowd right--if they really wanna see Big E vs Seth Rollins tonight. The crowd flips out, affirmatively cheering and chanting "Yes!" Rollins mocks them, then claims that Big E and the crowd know he (Rollins) is not at 100% after the ladder match last week. He demands they scrap the idea and wait until it's on Rollins terms and Rollins time. They're interrupted by Kevin Owens!
KO comes out to tell us that he was sitting in the back, listening to both men talk about being the face of Raw. He gives props to Big E as Big E is the champ. He denigrates Rollins, citing Rollins' horrible suit design as proof of his insanity. He gives props to the women's side--Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch--who are also the faces of Raw. He goes on to state one face is missing--Kevin Owens' face. He states that people weren't talking about Rollins winning the match last week. No, indeed, they were talking about Owen's performance. Owens reminds us that things haven't worked out for him in a while but that doesn't matter "because when I tell people, just keep fighting? See it's not just a catchphrase, it's something I believe in my heart and soul." He reminds us that every week he may get knocked down, but he gets up again (because nothing's ever gonna keep him down.) He wants to give the WWE Universe something else to remember, as he loves giving the crowd big moments. He tells Rollins that if Rollins won't fight Big E, then it should be Big E and KO for the first time ever--tonight. The crowd pops. Rollins tries to speak but Owens tells him to "shut your mouth" as no one wants to hear what he has to say. Big E points out that, like the highlander, there can be only one (VKM stealing my lines, yo) and goes on to say "it's on, sucker!"

Earlier Today: Queen Zelina Vega, Carmella, and Women's Tag Champions Super Brutality

Vega, in her fake British accent, compliments Carmella on her new, beautiful face mask. They come across Super Brutality then mock Nikki A.S.H.'s mask as they walk off. Ripley and Nikki stop them, stating they heard them, and challenging the duo to a match tonight. They accept.

Non-Title Tag Match: Women's Tag Champions Super Brutality vs Queen Zelina & Carmella

Super Brutality--Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley--make their way out, with the crowd actually not only noticing Ripley breathes, but (finally) giving her a decent pop. Our tag champs make their way out for this non-title match and we head to break after Corey Graves fanboys over his new fiance, Carmella. After a break, Carmella and Queen Zelina make their way out. Carmella puts on her bedazzled face protector. Zelina starts us off with Rhea. Zelina stands toe-to-toe with Ripley, looking way up as the height differential is obvious. Rhea easily shoves the Queen back with little effort. Rhea smirks and Queen Zelina tags in Carmella. Carmella slaps Rhea and talks smack. This only angers Rhea, who unleashes a series of blows to Carmella. Ripley with a single-leg dropkick to the back of her shoulders. Backstage, Charlotte Flair, Doudrop and others on the women's roster are watching this match on screen. Nikki is tagged in and clears the ring of Carmella and Zelina. Nikki tags in Rhea and hits a Cross-Body off the apron, wiping out the heels as we go to a quick break.
Back from the break. Carmella, wearing her surprisingly freaky mask, has Ripley in a headlock. Ripley powers to her feet and walks backwards into the corner. Rhea slams Carmella back against the turnbuckle, unaware that Queen Zelina has made the tag. As Carmella is shrugged off, Queen Zelina replaces her on Ripley's back. Rhea shrugs off Zelina and tags in Nikki. Nikki takes Carmella off the apron with a dropkick then takes down our new Queen with one as well. Nikki with ten fist punches in the corner followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Nikki covers but Carmella makes the break with a big boot. We switch to the back and see Flair, Doudrop, Tamina and Liv Morgan again, still watching. Outside the ring Rhea and Carmella fight, with Carmella taking the upper hand. Zelina wraps up Nikki from behind but Nikki shoves her off. Carmella distracts Nikki A.S.H. and Zelina hits a low-angle, snap Sunset Flip roll-up for the win!
Your Winners, Queen Zelina & Carmella!

Video Promo: Veer Mahaan

Veer, now known as Veer Mahaan and soon to be known as Veer K. Mahaan, gets a short promo video that showcases the little we've seen of the big man as of yet. He'll be debuting (again) soon.

Singles Match: Finn Bálor vs Chad Gable w/ Otis

After a quick promo in the back, during which Gable flaunts his recent Master's degree from Full Sail University and a promise to defeat the "prince", we finally get our prince--Finn Bálor makes his way out to a decent pop. This match is up next! After the above Veer promo, Gable and Otis make their way out. We start with a technical display of prowess from the recent college graduate and valedictorian, Chad Gable. Bálor looks to escape an arm bar attempt but Gable counters. Gable drives Bálor into the ring and taunts the crowd. Bálor takes control by rolling through Gable's Sunset Flip attempt and ending it in a basement dropkick. Bálor fails to maintain control and Gable immediately goes after Bálor's left knee, working it over with strikes and twists. Otis cheers his Alpha bro on from the ring side. Gable spends several long moments working over Bálor's leg. Bálor finally breaks it with some back elbows and converts it into an abdominal stretch. Gable quickly counters, tossing Bálor off. Bálor sweeps the leg. Bálor with a double foot stomp, followed by a Sling Blade. Bálor looks for the Shotgun Dropkick but Gable steps back to avoid it and looks for a pin. Bálor kicks out and Gable locks in the Ankle Lock! Bálor tries to reach the ropes but can't. Bálor somehow reverses it into an arm bar submission. Gable expertly rolls through, escaping while applying an Ankle Lock in a fluid motion. Very impressive. Bálor rolls Gable to the mat with his legs and hits a double foot stomp again. Bálor limps on his targeted leg. Bálor with chops to Gable in the corner. Bálor looks for a whip; Gable and Bálor with a quick set of counters that end in Gable hitting a pair of suplexes, using a bridging German Suplex for a close two. Corey Graves is absolutely right in comparing Gable's current skill set to that of a peak Kurt Angle. Bálor takes control with a Shotgun Dropkick. Bálor limps his way up the apron, and up the turnbuckles, looking for that Coup de Grace. Gable has ample time to recover and runs up the middle buckles. Gable with a Superplex off the top, but Bálor grabs Gable's leg to prevent him from rolling through and thereby trapping Gable--and picking up the steal of a win for Bálor!
Your Winner, Finn Bálor!

Backstage: Matt Riddle and the Dirty Dawgs

Riddle tells the Dirty Dawgs he's a huge fan of dogs and wonders what their spirit animals are. He tells Dolph that he reminds him of Riddle's dog Alphonso, who once led dogs in a sled race. Ziggler and Roode cut him off, telling him they don't have time for his "incessant boobery or whatever that is." Riddle accuses them of being harsh. Ziggler points out that they'll be taking on the Street Profits tonight, again. Roode and Ziggler try to make excuses for losing to RK-Bro in the past. Ziggler & Roode tell Riddle that "we are the Dirty Dawgs and we want the smoke." Riddle laughs at them as they head out; RK-Bro will be joining us on commentary.

Tag Match: the Street Profits vs the Dirty Dawgs

21st century Shawn Michaels, aka Angelo Dawkins, leads partner Montez Ford out to the ring. Dawkins, the anchor, the heart and soul, nay, the essence of the Street Profits, leads his team to the ring and we go to break. Back from the break, we get a quick video promo for Titus who's had some accolades as of late. Out afterwards are the Dirty Dawgs, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode. Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro make their way out last, to a nice pop, and take up position with the commentary team. We start off with "Big Bob" Robert Roode and Montez Ford. Roode with a side headlock; the crowd answers back with a loud Randy Orton chant, and Riddle-on mic--leads them on. Ford takes Roode down in the ring, and the future hall of famer Dawkins tags in. Dawkins runs over Roode, all but decimating him much like Doomsday did Superman in Superman #75. Dawkins with a back drop to Roode. Roode takes Dawkins into the corner and Ziggler tags in as the crowd loudly chants "we want Randy!" Riddle even point sit out. Dawkins heroically fights off both Dawgs, and as Roode takes a tag back in, Dawkins tags the Glorious One down with a suplex. Dawkins with a leaping forearm in the corner. Roode sets Dawkins up for a Spike DDT, taunting Riddle and Orton--both of whom stand as Riddle yells for Roode to stop it. Dawkins with a counter, flipping Roode outside of the ring. Ford strikes from outta nowhere, laying out the 'Dawg as we go to break.
Back from the break. Dawkins absorbs powerful blows from Roode, blows that would lay out any mere mortal. Light "Randy" chant as Dolph comes in and stomps Dawkins in the corner. Riddle rambles on about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The ref's back is turned and Roode takes advantage of Dawkins. Both Dawgs tag and Roode uses a strong Irish Whip to send Ziggler hard into Dawkins, then looks for three consecutive pin attempts on Dawkins. Roode is upset. Orton speaks on mic, stating he's known Ziggler for twenty years and he's fought Roode in the ring once, about three years ago. Orton praises both men as a tag team. Ziggler calls for a Superkick but Dawkins, in taste of his future HoF reel, Dawkins counters it with the Silencer double-underhook DDT! Dolph makes the hot tag to Roode. Roode stops Dawkins from getting to Ford as Riddle cheers on the Profits. Dawkins dives, tagging in Ford. Ford comes in by flying off the top rope, taking down Ziggler and Roode. Ford with a springboard forearm that wipes out Roode, lands in a push-up form, and does several quick ones to mock Roode. Ford completely controls Roode, hitting a running neckbreaker. Ford covers for two but Ziggler makes the save. Ford sends Ziggler outside; Roode uses the distraction for an O'Connor roll for a close two. Ford counters with a Crucifix roll-up but Roode slips out of it and Dolph takes the blind tag. Impressive spot that sees the Dawgs get a close two. Dawkins hits the ring, making the save and sending Dolph outside. Dawkins heads outside and the Dawgs double-team the Dawks'. Montez Ford runs and dives over the top turnbuckle, wiping out the Dawgs in the corner! Impressive AF. AJ Styles & Omos make their way out, distracting the Profits and allowing the Dawgs to pick up the win.
Your Winners, the Dirty Dawgs!

After the Match

Dawkins immediately heads out of the ring, taking it to Omos. Omos takes control and swats off both Dawkins and Ford. Riddle runs around the ring, looking to assist his friends, and Omos catches Riddle. Omos drives Riddle into the apron hard. Several officials hit the ringside area. Orton is pissed, angrily ripping off his vest after yelling he wasn't pissed "at you, I'm pissed at myself." We...awkwardly cut to clips of Damian Priest dismantling T-Bar from last week. Odd way to end the segment. Other readers reported the same issue, so we assume it was sloppy editing.

Backstage Interview: United States Champion Damian Priest

When asked, Damian tells us that he's all about respect. Last week, T-Bar disrespected him. Priest tells T-Bar he'll "meet the Damian in me."

Non-Title No-Disqualification Match: United States Champion Damian Priest vs T-Bar

Priest is out first as we head to break. Afterwards, T-Bar makes his entrance. Both big men ready-up and as soon as the bell rings, Priest unleashes a series of rights and knees. T-Bar fires off forearms and blows of his own but the champ takes control with a Cactus Jack clothesline. Both men tumble to the outside. Both men throw knees at each other, and both take turns slamming each other's faces into the commentary table and apron. The ref counts a warning and T-Bar yells at him. Damian uses the distraction to send T-Bar into the barricade hard. Priest goes under the ring and retrieves a table to a huge pop. He turns just in time to catch a running big boot from T-Bar. T-Bar throws Priest into the barricade hard.
T-Bar sets up a table on the entrance ramp-side of the ring. As he begins to walk around the ring, Priest runs and vaults off the steel steps to take down T-Bar. Priest looks for a Chokeslam through the table but T-Bar fights him off. T-Bar, 6'7", hoists up the United states Champion--looking for a Powerbomb through the table!--but Priest fights his way free! Priest throws off a few blows but T-Bar whips Priest into the steel steps. T-Bar pulls Priest up by the hair and onto the apron. T-Bar with a clubbing elbow that staggers the champ. T-Bar with another, positioning Priest to be in front of the table. T-Bar looks for a running big boot but Priest blocks it. Priest heads up top and catches a big running kick from T-Bar. T-Bar climbs up, holding his neck, and pausing on the middle ropes. T-Bar hoists the champ up over his shoulders in a Fireman's carry and dives back, crashing Priest into the mat! Priest groans in pain as we head to a break!
Back from the break. We're told T-Bar maintained control throughout the break. Priest unloads a series of lefts and rights, followed by a huge jumping kick to knock T-Bar into the corner. Priest with a speedy leaping strike. Priest with a heel kick to layout T-Bar. Priest covers after a Broken Arrow but T-Bar kicks out. Priest heads up top. T-Bar catches Priest with a big Chokeslam back breaker. T-Bar eventually takes the lead and wraps up Priest's arms int he ropes. T-Bar unloads with a kendo stick, leaving welts across Priest's abdomen. Priest manages to free himself and puts all he has into a huge lariat to drop T-Bar. Priest rises, holding his welt-covered gut. The fans chant for tables. Priest grabs a steel chair and has that crazy look in his eyes like last week. Priest unloads on T-Bar with multiple powerful steel chair shots. Priest roars at the sky after sending T-Bar through the table at ringside with a one-handed chokeslam off the apron! Priest puts T-Bar away in the ring and picks up a win with the Reckoning after a brutal match.
Your Winner, United States Champion Damian Priest!

After the Match: Apollo Crews with Commander Azeez

Crews comes out with the Cmdr. and gives Priest props for a great performance. Crews introduces himself and Azeez to boos from both the digital audience and in-house crowd. Crews informs us that he has come to breathe new life into Monday Night Raw. He tells Damian not to worry as they shall become closely acquainted soon enough "and the time will come when you will have the privilege and the honor to meet me in combat and lose the United States Championship!"

Backstage: John Morrison and 24/7 Champion Reggie

Morrison is on top of an equipment crate, and Reggie walks up to ask him how his search for zen is going. Morrison feels he's close to finding himself. R-Truth tries to attack Reggie but Reggie, as always, manages to escape using his athleticism. Truth yells at Tozawa. Morrison tells them to align their bodies and minds, and Truth accuses Tozawa of not doing that. Drake Maverick comes up and both men yell at Drake, accusing him of not having a good strategy. They leave and we head to break.

Singles Non-Title Main Event Match: WWE Champion Big E vs Kevin Owens

This is, apparently, the first time these two superstars have fought in singles competition. After a quick segment during which Seth Rollins offered to help KO defeat Big E tonight in exchange for help later, KO declined and our champ made his way out. We head to break before our main event. After commercials, KO makes his way out for this big main event. We start the match with both big men exchanging bursts of control. KO thwarts a triple belly-to-belly exploder suplex after eating the first two. KO suplexes Big E to the outside. The champ makes Owens pay for it, clubbing him across the apron and chest. Big E looks for a Big Splash on the apron but KO moves out of the way. Big E crashes into the apron and tumbles to the floor. Owens runs off the apron and leaps, taking down the champ. Owens again focuses a leaping strike to Big E's chest. Seth Rollins swaggers out, contract in hand, as we go to break.
Back from the break. Both powerhouses ram each other, with both stumbling back. Both men go off the ropes. KO looks for a Stunner but Big E avoids it and goes for a Big Ending. Big E looks for a Big Splash but KO counters, sending the champ into the corner. Owens with a running cannonball in the corner and follows it up with a top-rope Senton! Owens covers for a close two after nailing Big E perfectly with the big Senton. Owens is slow to his feet, as is Big E. Owens shakes his head and whips Big E into the ropes. Owens attempts the pop-up Powerbomb but E escapes! Big E looks for a bump on Owens, who stands on the apron, but Owens blocks it. Owens enters the ring and charges right into a huge modified Urinage for a close two.
Big E positions Owens on the top rope as the crowd starts a mild New Day chant. Owens with right fists that send the champ falling to the mat. Owens goes for a top rope Senton again and Big E gets the knees up, blocking it. Owens rolls to the apron and makes it to his feet--just in time to eat a Spear from Big E that sends Owens flying into the barricade! Big E looks for a Big Ending but Owens shoves the champ, gaining some separation. As the ref checks on Big E, Seth Rollins strikes the champ with a cheap shot! The ref didn't see it but Owens did. Owens watches as Rollins leaves, shakes his head, then covers Big E. Big E, at two, rolls slightly and places Owens' shoulders down, stealing the win!
Your Winner, WWE Champion Big E!

After the Match

Seth Rollins is shocked but Big E celebrates, jawing off inaudibly at the future-challenger. Big E shakes his head at replays of Owens attempting to take advantage. After replays, Big E yells repeatedly to Owens "you saw him hit me!" Owens asks for a mic. "Nah, E wait a minute, dude, I know how that looks. I don't know what happen, I swear...I couldn't tell if he hit you, I was half knocked out and I'm half knocked out now." He blames it on their head-collision earlier. He yells on the mic at Rollins, and challenges him to a one-on-one match next week and "we'll see who's laughin' then, bitch!" The crowd pops. On mic, Owens apologizes to Big E repeatedly, again blaming it on their heads colliding. He again repeats multiple times that he's truly really sorry. Big E does not accept the apology, instead hitting a Big Ending on Kevin Owens to end our program as Seth cackles!

In Closing

That's a wrap for Raw! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for the prettiest brand of wrestling on weekly television today--NXT dos punto cero. Have a great night, stay warm, and stay safe out there.

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