WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (November 8, 2021): KFC Yum! Center - Lousiville, KY

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike Hogan. Thanks for joining us for tonight's program and our results coverage starts at the top of the hour, with the first update coming roughly 10 minutes after the show begins and every 5-7 minutes thereafter

Our official preview from the WWE was very late in posting today, and only announced a Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins match up. That just means the remaining 2 hours and 55 minutes will all be a big surprise! It's Christmas or Krampus come early, folks.

All this and much more, next on Raw! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (November 8, 2021): KFC Yum! Center - Louisville, KY

Welcome to the KFC Yum! Center and Monday Night Raw!

Big shout-out to Louisville! We open with a video package that showed Seth Rollins attempt to tempt Owens into a quid pro quo, as well as Owens' match with Big E later in the night. During the match, Rollins took an illegal shot at Big E when the ref was out of position. Owens saw the cheap shot and attempted to take advantage of it; Big E, however, countered it by rolling Owens up. Owens attempted to make excuses but ate a Big Ending for his efforts.

Backstage: Kevin Owens, Big E, and Coconut Oil

Owens and Big E are seated upon a pair of equipment crates. Owens again pleads his case of innocence as Big E oils himself up. Big E tells Owens that he (Big E) is oiling himself up with coconut oil and explains to Owens that he doesn't care what Owens has to say. As he walks off, Owens states that it matters to him.

In the Ring Promo: Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins comes out to the ring wearing a blue vinyl trench coat over a...know what? If you've seen his suits, you get his style. It's classic weirdo Rollins chic. As Rollins prepares to speak, the digital crowd loudly boos Rollins but the in-house crowd is a mix of cheers and boos. "Welcome to Monday Night Rollins," he exclaims to cheers and jeers. "And as the undisputed Face of Raw it is my duty to inform you that I am a visionary, I am a revolutionary, I am Seth freakin' Rollins!" More boos and some cheers. "And I am your next WWE Champion!" He cackles to boos. "Now, I was going to come out here and wax poetic about how I am going to lead Team Raw to glorious, glorious victory at Survivor Series over those bums over at SmackDown..." He's interrupted by a "you look stupid" chant. He cackles it off though. "Oh yeah, right, like you morons here in Louisville know anything about fashion! Look atcha, for crying out loud!" Huge boos, haha. "We've got a very important question to answer based on what we all just saw, and guys we gotta get to the bottom of this tonight, who exactly is Kevin Owens? Is Kevin Owens the prize fighter, is he the hero, is he the man who will do anything--put his body on the line, fight it out on this ring--for the WWE Universe?"
Cheers from the crowd. "Or is Kevin Owens a snake? Is he a gutless, spineless coward? Is Kevin Owens a liar, what do you guys think?" Loud boos throughout this. "Look, I've known Kevin Owens for a very, very long time. He and I go back, uh, well we came up together in this industry. I mean we probably slept on some kinda floor at the lodge right down the street from here to be honest with you. As long as I've known Kevin Owens, there's always one thing that you could couldn't on with him. And that is he will stab you int he back any chance he got. Don't believe me? Why don't you ask his old buddy Sami Zayn? Aw that didn't work out so well for him, did it? What about Kofi Kingston and the New Day? Didn't work out well for them either." He goes on to rant about Owens being a snake, and a soulless coward. A lair, he reiterates, before claiming that tonight not only will he defeat Owens in the ring tonight, Owens will become the biggest liar and loser in the world. Cue Kevin Owens! Owens runs down the ramp, ignoring Rollins attempts to verbally hold him back. Owens attempts to beat down Rollins but the Architect manages to slip away and laughs at Owens from up the ramp to end our segment.

Backstage Promo: Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro

Riddle opens with an awesome ramble, comparing them to Voltron and stating that as Bro-bots they can take down Omos. Orton tells Riddle that they have enough of a target on their back without picking on giants. He rants a bit about the Street Profits and snaps at Riddle. Riddle starts to mention the Profits and Orton tells him he doesn't want to talk about them any more. Riddle then points out that the Profits are behind Orton. Orton tells them that he meant every word he said. He went on to tell the Profits that if they have a problem with Omos, that's their problem, not RK-Bro's. He heads off as his music plays and Riddle smooths things over with the profits.

Eight Man Tag Match: Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro and the Street Profits vs the Dirty Dawgs and AJ Styles & Omos

RK-Bro make their way out as we head to our first break of the night. When we return, all our competitors are out. We start things off with Robert Roode and Montez Ford. Roode takes Ford back into the corner, but Ford fights out with rights. Roode drops Ford with a running shoulder block. Roode runs off the ropes and back again as Ford repeatedly leap frogs over Roode before dropping the Dawg. Ford tags in future Hall of Famer Angelo Dawkins! Dawkins comes in and easily drives Roode down, covering for two. Dawkins bravely fights both of the Dirty Dawgs as Ziggler is tagged in. The evil duo prevail, briefly, before our brave warrior and future multi-hyphen champion makes the hot tag to Randy Orton. The crowd pops loud as Orton enters the ring. Orton drops Ziggler and stomps at his thigh. Orton brings in Riddle who controls Ziggler for a few moments. Styles is next in. Riddle counters a Styles Clash setup into a Triangle submission! Styles tries to power out of it with a one-armed powerbomb but Riddle counters, sending Styles flying to the ground outside! Orton and the Profits flank the downed duo as the Dawgs and Omos do the same. We head to break.
Back from the break. We find Riddle and Roode down in the ring. Riddle battles Roode into a neutral corner, unleashing right kicks. Ziggler hops in the ring illegally and Riddle downs Ziggler with some kicks of his own. Roode Uses the distraction to hit a spinebuster and cover for two. Roode tags in Ziggler, who hits a leaping elbow drop and covers for two. Ziggler locks in a sleeper but the crowd comes alive for Riddle. Riddle powers to a vertical base. Riddle throws rights but Ziggler absorbs them and drags Riddle down and into the corner. Styles makes the tag and comes in, wearing down Riddle with elbow strikes and another sleeper. Styles has words with the Dawgs--some confusion over the tag. Ziggler is tagged in and Styles jaws off at them. Roode tags himself in then takes Riddle down with a suplex and attempts a cover. Roode mocks Riddle, doing sit-ups next to Riddle as he rolls in pain after a failed pin attempt. The crowd loudly starts chanting for RK-Bro. Ziggler and Roode utilize quick tags, each coming in to strike one half of the Raw tag champions, and Ziggler mouthing off. Riddle finally starts to fight back, using a high knee strike to drop them both. The crowd loudly cheers and Riddle dives--tagging in Randy Orton! Orton clears house, taking out everyone who dared to enter the ring. Orton sends Roode and Styles flying out then hits the Spike DDT on Ziggler! Orton goes full-snake mode, pounding on the mat. Roode comes in to make the save from behind. Orton fends off Roode then catches Styles attempting to attack. Orton uses Styles' momentum against him and sends Styles flying out of the ring--and right into the arms of the Giant Omos, who catches his partner! We head to break!
Back from the break. Omos is in the ring for the first time tonight. Omos tosses Ford around like a doll then plants a beautiful running Big Boot to Ford's face. Omos tags in Roode, who uses quick tags with Ziggler, to double team Ford. Ziggler rakes the eyes and the ref warns Ford after a five-second penalty count. Ziggler toys with Ford, spending long, crucial seconds before shooting off a single strike. Styles is tagged in and hits a backbreaker before covering for two. Omos grabs the rope int he corner of the ring, eager to come in. The crowd with a "we want the smoke" chant as Ziggler comes back in. Ziggler with a neckbreaker as Orton, irritated by Ziggler, draws the ref's attention. Ziggler yells smack at Ford, informing Ford he isn't going anywhere. Ziggler continues to mock Ford. Ziggler looks for a Famouser but Ford catches Ziggler and holds him up in the air! Ziggler counters with a roll-up but Ford fires out of it and drives Ziggler down. Both men are down and the crowd's fired up. Ziggler dives, tagging Roode--and Ford makes the hot tag to the living legend Angelo Dawkins! Dawkins comes in and cleans house, taking out both Dirty Dawgs single-handedly. Dawkins destroys Styles, leaving all opponents down...except the giant Omos. Omos comes in and lays out the phenomenal Angelo Dawkins. Ford dives off the top rope and Omos catches Ford, swatting him down and choke slamming him.
Despite Orton's warnings to Riddle prior to the match--not to mess with Omos--Riddle dives in, attempting to help his friends. Riddle is destroyed by Omos in his attempted defense of the Profits. The crowd loudly chants for Orton to enter. The Dawgs and Omos end up having a miscue. Omos' chest is slapped to allow Ziggler in; Omos takes offense at this after laying out Riddle with a chokeslam. Styles and Roode clash briefly outside, with Roode ambushing Styles. Omos heads outside and takes out Roode! Inside the ring, the legal man Ziggler covers Riddle to pick up the win. After the match, Orton hits an RKO on Ziggler outta nowhere! The tag champs head up the ramp.
Your Winners, the Dirty Dawgs and AJ Styles & Omos!

Backstage: Kevin Owens with the Mysterios

Kevin Owens interrupts Rey and Dom and wants to talk tot hem about the recent events and his trustworthiness. Rey tells him that they've got other things to worry about.

In the Ring: WWE Official Adam Pearce & the Mysterios

Rey and Dom head off to the ring where WWE Official Adam Pearce await. We head to break with our announce team unsure what's going on. When we return, Pearce--to loud boos--tells us he has some things to talk about. He promotes the history of the Survivor Series, dating back to 1987, and mentions it's had legendary debuts such as the Undertaker and the Rock, and has had team captains propel to stardom--such as Roman Reigns. He then addresses the Mysterios, and states he made a mistake when announcing the Team Raw roster over the weekend. He states that this year's Team Raw has a lot to live up to after last year's Team Raw swept Team SmackDown five to zero. He points out every member of Team Raw is former champion...except Dom. He tells Dom not to worry--Dom can keep his place on the Team Raw Survivor Series roster if he can beat someone. Pearce quickly flees up the ramp and we wait a few long moments...until it's revealed to be Bobby Lashley!

Team Raw Survivor Series Qualifier Match: Dominik Mysterio w/ Rey vs Bobby Lashley w/ MVP

The Almighty One comes out, escorted by MVP. It's his first appearance since losing to Goldberg at Crown Jewel. We head to break with this match next. The winner of this match will join Team Raw in Dom's position. When we return from a break, the match begins. As expected, Lashley easily toys with Dom, using his superior power and size to toss Dom around. Dom gets about thirty seconds of offense in, leaping off the top rope only to be caught by Lashley. Rey distracts Lashley, and Dom scissors Lashley over the top rope. Dom flies over the top but Lashley again catches Dom. Lashley runs and rams Dom's head into the ring post. We cut to the gorilla position, where Pearce watches this match, then cut back to the ring where Lashley continues to dominate Dominik. Lashley taunts Rey before planting Dom face-first into the mat. Lashley slaps the Hurt Lock on Dom. It looks like Dominik fell out of it accidentally, but Corey Graves exclaims Lashley didn't want to let Dom tap. Lashley sends Dom out of the ring to the floor, where Dom rolls in pain. Lashley waits until the five count then breaks the ref's count, heading outside. Lashley puts Dom in a Fireman's carry. Rey intervenes, pulling Dom down. The ref yells at Rey and Lashley lays out Rey with a running Big Boot. Lashley punishes Dom by ramming Dom's head into the ring post again! Lashley moves over to taunt Rey before taking it back into the ring. Lashley damn near cuts Dom in half with a huge spear. Lashley refuses to pin Dom, instead playing up to the crowd as they boo him. Lashley puts Dom in the Hurt Lock once again and after several long moments of Dom tapping out, the ref finally calls for the bell.
Your Winner by Submission and NEW Team Raw Member, Bobby Lashley!

Backstage: Seth Rollins, Big E, and the Alpha Academy

We get clips of the Alpha Academy attempting to sway Big E to accept their aide, and the champion's decline. We then cut backstage and find Rollins talking with Chad Gable with silent Otis beside him. Rollins sways the Alpha Academy to see things from his side and not Kevin Owens. The Architect manipulates once again as Gable promises to make a statement against the champ tonight and prove himself to Rollins. At one point Rollins takes a pot-shot at QB Aaron Rodgers.

Non-Title Singles Match: WWE Champion Big E vs Chad Gable w/ Otis

Our WWE Champion is out to a decent pop and we head to break. The Champion dominates for the bulk of the match. Both men's technical game is on display, as is Big E's powerhouse status. Four minutes in, Gable puts on a burst of impressive offense, using sheer strength to roll-up the champ for a near fall and leading to Gable hoisting the champ up on his shoulders! Big E wiggles free and counters a charge with a beautiful Urinage. The Champion ends the entertaining, albeit lopsided, match with a Big Ending! After the match Otis hits the ring, retrieving Gable. Otis and Big E eventually have a stare-down.
Your Winner, WWE Champion Big E!

Backstage: Kevin Owens with R-Truth

We watch as Kevin Owens talks to someone off-camera, stating they're a long-tenured veteran and it's important to Owens that someone such as this veteran believe him. The camera pivots and we see Truth, who tells Owens he believes him. He also believes in Big Foot, the Tooth Fairy, and a long list of mythical creatures. Owens walks off.

Backstage: the Raw Women's Division and WWE Official Adam Pearce

Pearce talks with the five superstars set for the Survivor Series on Team Raw. Several of the Raw women's division show up, upset that they weren't included. Things devolve a bit, and Carmella insults Nikki A.S.H. Rhea Ripley takes offense and stands up for her partner and we end the odd segment. We're told a Fatal Five-Way match is coming our way, in which the winner will go on to face Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch at a future date.

24/7 Championship Match: Reggie(c) vs Drake Maverick

After weeks of Drake's mild-mannered coaching of others, Drake gets a shot at Reggie in the ring now. As per usual, 24/7 rules are suspended between the bell. Before and after the match, however, 24/7 rules are in full effect. We head to a break after Reggie makes an agile, athletic entrance as usual. When we return to our program, Maverick is out with his silly theme playing--and making many of us sad not to see Killian Dain with Maverick. Maverick and Reggie put on an athletic show, most of which consisted of Reggie dodging, dipping, ducking, diving, and dodging all of Drake's offense. R-Truth and the Hurt Business run down the ring, with Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander attacking R-Truth on the ramp for whatever reason. This distraction allows Drake Maverick to roll-up and pick up the win!
Your Winner and NEW 24/7 Champion, Drake Maverick!
Maverick is then rolled up by Akira Tozawa outta nowhere!
Your Winner and NEW 24/7 Champion, Akira Tozawa!
Tozawa is taken out by Corey Graves of all people as he slides out the ring!
Your Winner and NEW 24/7 Champion, Corey Graves!
Corey Graves is rolled up by Drake Maverick after Saxton supposedly distracts him, regaining the title!
Your Winner and NEW 24/7 Champion, Drake Maverick!
Maverick is rolled up by Reggie outta nowhere!
Your Winner and NEW 24/7 Champion, Reggie!

Number One Contender's Fatal Five-Way Match: Queen Zelina vs Rhea Ripley vs Liv Morgan vs Carmella vs Bianca Belair

Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch comes out wearing a skimp mirror-sequined bikini top and looking slim and fit AF. She joins the commentary team. The five members of the women's Team Raw survivor Series team are fighting it out in a Five-Way match, with the winner getting a future shot at the Raw Women's champion. We're reminded that Raw Champion Becky Lynch will face off against SmackDown Champion Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series. We head to break and when we return, Doudrop--now featuring a more pink/Bliss gimmick--has words with Belair, stating that she feels Belair doesn't belong in the match after only being on Raw for three weeks (despite being a two-time women's champion). Belair comes out to a big pop first. Our entrances are spattered with video clips showing the friction in the division, regarding the championship, as of late as well as promos for each woman. Corey Graves' fiance' Carmella makes her way out, followed by the gorgeously talented Liv Morgan and Queen Zelina. Becky takes verbal jabs at each woman, playing up the heel card proper. The bell rings and all women, as talented as they are gorgeous, get right to it. Belair is attacked by Vega and Carmella after being distracted by Becky Lynch. The bell hasn't rung yet but that doesn't stop Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley from making the save. Lynch continues to talk trash. Liv and Zelina pair off, fighting before the commentary desk as Carmella and Ripley clash near the barricade. We head to break.
Back from the break. Graves thanks Big-Time Becs for being such a great champion. Our competitors alternate, with Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair taking time to square up in the ring. Both lock up--both powerhouses struggling, pushing each other back and forth in the ring as each woman attempts to force the other into the corner. Belair converts it into a rear waist lock. Standing switch from Rhea Ripley. Belair with a switch of her own. Powerhouse Ripley bends over, grabs Belair's foot and yanks her down to her back. Belair is pulled outside by Zelina and Carmella, who work together to neutralize Belair. Rhea readies herself as the duo enter the ring. Ripley takes out Zelina then Carmella. Ripley is taken down by a cheap shot from Zelina. The Most Beautiful Woman in the WWE and the Queen double-team Rhea, unloading on her. They then argue briefly over who'll get the pin--and the win. Carmella and Zelina end up interfering with each other's attempts to pin Rhea, arguing with each other. This gives Ripley enough time to recover. Ripley fights off both until they team up to send Ripley down hard. Zelina holds Ripley while Carmella unloads slaps across Ripley's chest. Ripley takes a pair before ducking, causing Carmella to slap Zelina's chest.
Carmella takes Ripley into the corner and stomps away as the ref counts his five-count warning. Zelina then takes it to Ripley, choking her in the corner with a foot as the ref warns her. Vega breaks off and Carmella hits a running knee in the corner. Zelina looks to do the same but Ripley moves, and Vega hits her knee in the corner. Liv Morgan hits the ring to a pop and takes down Carmella with a step-up Enziguri. Morgan continues to pound away at Carmella as Becky Lynch denigrates her. Morgan attempts a cover but Zelina makes the save and sends Morgan outside. Rhea rises and absorbs strikes from the Queen. Rhea with two head tosses, sending Zelina around the ring. Rhea holds Vega's head and hits multiple rising knee strikes to Vega's face as Becky reiterates on commentary that she's still "Becky from the block." Ripley with a bridging suplex cover but Belair makes the save. Belair throws Ripley out the ring, hard, a little harder than normal and Rhea loudly crashes into something ring-side.
Belair fights Carmella and Vega into the corner, then rises on tho the middle rope, pounding both women. Morgan attacks Belair, hitting double knees to the face of Belair. Carmella quickly looks to cover the distracted Morgan but Ripley dives in, making the save. All four women are down. Rhea and Carmella rise first, with Rhea dropping Carmella with a beautiful standing missile dropkick. Zelina counters Ripley's attempted attack into a beautiful Pendulum DDT, driving the top of Rhea Ripley's head into the mat and garnering a close fall. Belair enters the ring and runs, shoving the smaller Zelina Vega down. Ripley, Carmella and Morgan fight outside the ring as Belair military-presses Vega and throws her out of the ring, taking out all of her opponents in one single move. Belair reigns supreme in the ring, celebrating as we go to break.
Back from the break. Liv Morgan and Zelina Vega stand on the middle rope while Rhea Ripley is seated on the top turnbuckle. The duo attempt to double Superplex Ripley. Belair comes over and interrupts, hitting a double Powerbomb on Morgan and Vega! Ripley dives off, taking out Belair. Carmella hits the ring and takes out Ripley. Carmella takes turns covering all four other women, getting ac lose two on each and screeching as they each kick out. Carmella is driving down onto her custom, sparkly "protective" face mask. Ripley and Belair are the first two to rise again. The two powerhouses go at it and counter each other repeatedly in the ring. Belair counters a suplex into a KOD attempt; Ripley counters that into a sequence leading to a Riptide! Ripley covers for two but Liv Morgan makes the save. impressive spurt of offense and counter offense by Ripley and Belair. Morgan with a Hurricanrana on Ripley. Morgan charges Ripley, but Ripley pops her up and shoves her off. Ripley looks for the Riptide on Morgan but Morgan counters by sliding through and mule-kicking Ripley into the ropes. Morgan charges and hits a Jumping DDT on a rope-propped Ripley! Zelina Vega makes the save then takes Morgan into the corner, crashing a running knee into Morgan's face. Zelina wastes too much time talking smack. Vega hops on Morgan's back, looking for a Panama attack. Belair hits the ring and lifts up Vega, looking for a KOD. She swings Vega at Morgan, who ducks under. Doudrop hits the ring, pulling Belair out. They attack each other. Carmella looks to steal the cover in the ring; Liv Morgan attacks Carmella and makes the cover herself, picking up the win!
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Liv Morgan!

Singles Main Event Match: Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins

WWE Champion Big E comes out to join commentary and pledges to make sure this match goes as it should. WE head to break ahead of the match. When we return, Rollins makes a speech ahead of Owens' entrance. The crowd boos him out early but he, nevertheless, continues. "Look, I know I came out here and I said Kevin Owens was a liar--and that is true. But he's not the only one who's been lying. You see, Big E--what happened last week was a plan between me and Kevin. I-I-I I'm sorry, it was a plan, we planned it out weeks in advance." Rollins goes on to claim he spoke to Owens weeks ago and they agreed that Big E was not the face of Raw. Rollins claims he's coming clean about this because he's a man of integrity, unlike Owens, and it's about the Devil you know. Owens comes out, angered, as Rollins tries to address him on the mic. Owens unloads rights to Rollins and Rollins flees off into the crowd. Owens chases Rollins, stopping at the barricade and yelling "get your ass back here" as we head to break.
Back from the break. We get the bell and Owens and Rollins clash. Owens unleashes fists, forearms and knees as he pounds away at Rollins. Rollins flees outside the ring and Owens gives chase. Rollins catches Owens entering and stomps on his prone opponent. Rollins with a whip; Owens with a clotheslines that drops Rollins. Owens with a Hammer Throw that sends Rollins bouncing off the turnbuckles. Owens has the crowd behind him and takes Rollins into the corner, looking for a cannonball. Rollins, again, wisely slides out of the ring. Owens patiently awaits as Rollins sits on the edge of the commentary table, taking the count to regroup. Owens follows him outside. Rollins battles Owens around the ring. Owens takes the lead by whipping Rollins into the barricade and following it up with a huge clothesline. Owens enters the ring to break the ref's count, exits and hits a cannonball against Rollins, smashing his opponent into the barricade! Rollins attempts to flee up the ramp but Owens catches Rollins and sends him back into the ring at the ref's count of seven.
Owens unleashes chops to "woos" from the crowd. Owens slows the pace and stomps Rollins' chest. Owens climbs the ropes but Rollins rolls to the apron. Owens with a running kick to Rollins on the apron. Both men jockey for control on the apron--each looks for an apron bomb or suplex. Finally Owens wins-out, tossing Rollins off the apron. Rollins bounces off the commentary table and to the floor. Owens looks for a Senton off the apron but Rollins gets his knees up! Rollins sends Owens' face into the commentary table and we head to break!
Back from the break. Rollins is in control of Owens. WWE Champion Big E is quiet despite being at the commentary table observing this match. We're reminded often that Rollins will have a match against Big E, someday. Rollins works Owens over, manipulating the legs before driving Owens down for a quick pin attempt. Rollins attempts a waistlock submission--a low-angle bear hug--but Owens easily pulls Rollins' hands off of himself. Rollins strikes Owens and sets up for another running kick, focusing on Owens' ribs. Rollins with a snap suplex followed by a cover for a close two. Rollins takes too much time and talks too much smack, angering his opponent. Owens starts to fight back, firing off quick shots and laying out Rollins with a DDT off of a reversal! Owens hoists Rollins up but his ribs give out, and Rollins escapes. Rollins with a Sling Blade on Owens. Rollins heads up top and looks for a huge Frog Splash but Owens moves! Owens climbs up quickly and shows Rollins how it's done, hitting his own Frog Splash and picking up a close two! We head to break!
Back from the break. Rollins is in control briefly. Owens connects with a big Superkick to take a brief lead. Rollins and Owens fire off at each other; Owens lays out Rollins with a rebounding lariat. Both men are down and exhausted, twenty minutes into this match. Rollins and Owens battle up the turnbuckles. Rollins looks for his Superplex/Falcon Arrow combo but Owens puts on the brakes! Owens rattles Rollins with a headbutt, then connects with a Superplex on Rollins! The crowd, sounding tired, has a short, soft, yet meaningful and heartfelt "this is awesome" chant. Owens and Rollins take a few moments to recover. Owens' ribs hurt him, causing him to bend over. Rollins quickly hits a Pedigree on Owens, taking advantage of the injury. Rollins covers and gets two and a half! Rollins is frustrated and angry as he yells "what's wrong with you" at Owens. Rollins with forearm strikes to Owens' face. Rollins heads back to the corner and rear-ascends the turnbuckles (back to the ring). Owens strikes Rollins in the back. Big E, at commentary, continues to watch this match silently.
Owens and Rollins struggle; a Buckle Bomb is followed up with a Stomp attempt, which is countered with a pop-up Powerbomb by KO. Owens covers for a close two. Rollins and Owens briefly clash, with Rollins hitting a rolling strike. Owens stumbles out of the ring. Rollins exits and stumbles too. Rollins charges, runs up the steel steps and leaps--only for Owens to redirect Rollins straight at the chair that held WWE Champion Big E only moments earlier! Rollins enters the ring and Owens apparently can't enter due to his ribs/abdomen hurting him. Very awkward ending. Rollins picked up the win and fled up the ramp as Owens looked stunned from the apron.
Your Winner, Seth Rollins!

After the Match: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

After the match, Owens kicks Big E from the apron. Owens attacks the WWE Champion, whipping him into the barricade and steel steps. Owens hits a pop-up Powerbomb from the ground to the apron, leaving the champion laid out. Owens stomps the champ a few times as the digital audience showers him in boos and the local audience stands there, stunned in silence at Owens actions presumably. Owens ignores officials and runs back, attacking the champion as we end our program.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's program! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for the top 2.0 wrestling in the world today--NXT 2.0. Have a great night and stay safe out there.

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