WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (September 20, 2021): PNC Arena, Raleigh, NC

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to the Extreme Rules go-home edition of Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. For the next three hours, we'll have live results coverage, with updates every five to seven minutes.

Our official preview announced a new episode of Alexa's Playground with special guest--and Extreme Rules opponent--Charlotte Flair. We've got a championship match tonight, with WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Natalya & Tamina putting their titles on the line against the newly-minted and named Super Brutality, consisting of Nikki A.S.H. & Rhea Ripley. We'll also see Jeff Hardy and Sheamus in singles action, with the stipulation that if Hardy wins, he'll be added to the Sheamus/Priest United States Championship match this Sunday. Also on the line is pride as the newly-reunited the New Day take on SmackDown's the Bloodline.

All this and much more, next on Raw! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (September 20, 2021): PNC Arena, Raleigh, NC

Last Week on Raw:

We open with a video package showcasing the heavyweight battle between WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton last week in our main event. Lashley survived an RKO to put away Orton, then took his time decimating RK-Bro at ring side. Lashley appeared to have injured his left knee when Big E cashed in his Money in the Bank contract. The match opened with a Spear from Lashley, and saw Big E survive a second Spear before delivering the Big Ending to capture the WWE Championship.

Welcome to Raw

Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, and the future hall of famer Byron Saxton welcome us to NC State. The crowd looks ready for the show.

The New Day's WWE Championship Celebration

A reunited New Day come out to a great pop. Big E, belt around his waist, leads the New Day down the ramp as the fans chant and pop for them. Big E gets a mic and the fans wash him out with cheers and chants, finally culminating in a huge "you deserve it" chant that makes the big man misty-eyed. "Man, y'all are the best, I swear. Now today is not November 25th but I am here to give thanks...thanks to all of you who chanted 'New Day Rocks' and even those of you who once chanted 'New Day Sucks", I forgive you. It's okay. I'm thankful for everyone that supported me in (grabbing)....the Money in the Bank contract. And I'm grateful for all of you below the heavens and one friend above." The fans break out in a chant for Brodie Lee as Big E nods. Big E goes on to address the "Bozos" that are the Bloodline who've come over. He leads the crowd in a huge "New Day Rocks" chant, but they're interrupted by the Bloodline!

Six-Man Tag Match: the New Day vs the Bloodline

The Bloodline make their way hastily to the ring for the first time in history and stand mano a mano with the New Day. We're starting our program with this match, which begins after this commercial break. When we return, we start with Kofi Kingston and Jimmy Uso. Kofi with an impressive sequence as he and Jimmy jockey for position, with multiple standing switches that culminate with Kofi taking Uso down to the mat. Kofi and Xavier tag and hit a unique double team move, with Xavier attempting a cover. Big E is tagged in and attempts a cover. Reigns motions to be tagged in. Woods comes back in and catches a big right from Jimmy. Jimmy with multiple rights as he battles towards the Bloodline's corner, tagging in Jey. Jey with a big right to Woods that drops him to the mat. "Main Event" Jey Uso talks smack to Woods before whipping him into the rope. Kofi makes a blind tag as Woods rebounds. Kofi drops an unsuspecting Jey with a rope-assisted springboard. Kofi takes control of Uso and whips him into the ropes. Kofi is tripped by Roman, who drags Kingston out of the ring. Roman swings Kofi like a sack, smashing him against the ring post, the announcer's table and the barricade. We head to break as the ref yells at Roman.
Back from the break. We return to find the Bloodline still in control, as Jey Uso batters Kofi in the ring. Uso sets Kofi in the corner and backs up before charging in. Kofi pops Uso over his shoulders, and Uso misses the apron and falls tot he floor. Kingston crawls towards the New Day corner, desperate for a tag. Jey tags in Jimmy. Jimmy runs across and hits Woods with a Superkick. Kofi tries to reach Big E but Uso stays on him. Kofi with a leg takedown. Both men tag and here come the big guns, Big E and Roman Reigns!
Both champions slug it out with big rights, the crowd chanting for E and against Reigns. Big E takes control, hitting three belly-to-belly suplexes on Reigns in a row! Roman's in shock! An Uso gets on the apron and distracts Big E. Big E turns to Roman and runs right into a Urinage. Roman looks to finish Big E, but Big E counters, driving Roman down into the mat. Woods makes a blind tag to Big E as multiple parties get involved. Woods takes advantage of the blind tag and takes down Reigns! Woods with a close two. The New Day hit a diving attack over the ropes at one point. Bobby Lashley hits the ringside and attacks Kofi Kingston. Lashley drives Kofi once again into the ring post. Lashley attacks both teams and the ref is just allowing it. Roman catches Woods off guard in the ring, finishing him off and picking up the win.
Your Winners, the Bloodline!

After the Match: Acknowledge the Almighty

Reigns celebrates in the ring until Lashley hits him with a huge spear, laying out the Universal Champion and the crowd loves it. Lashley doesn't leave until there's no one left standing, and heads up the ramp to a decent pop as we head to break.

Backstage: Bobby Lashley & WWE Officials Deville & Pearce

We cut to the back--Lashley skulks i the hall. Lashley enters the office of WWE Officials Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville. Lashley is mad that Reigns said he's not done with Big E, and points out that he had an injured knee last week. He tells Pearce that he can beat Big E one on one if uninjured, and the same for Roman Reigns. He brags he could beat them both together, and demands the show be about the "true" champion. Afterwards, we're informed that MVP is out due to a broken rib caused by the RKO from Orton.

Backstage: RK-Bro

Orton's listening to music when Riddle approaches him in the locker room. Riddle tells Orton he's found a way to sync up a Spotify list for them. He sees Orton appears down, and tries to cheer him up. The babbling devolves to Riddle telling Orton a story about a safari (he recapped The Lion King) after telling Orton that Orton's the Viper, AJ's a Georgia Bulldog. Orton does give Riddle props for the quality of the headphones Riddle gifted him...and Riddle sings the chorus of Orton's theme.

Singles Match: Eva Marie vs DouDrop

After a break, we return to the ring. Eva Marie talks trash about DouDrop, ending her denigrating tirade with "girls like you (can never) beat women like me." The bell rings and Eva slides out the ring as DouDrop chases her. Eva exits the ring and Dou chases her around the ring. The ref warns Eva Marie, so she climbs the apron. She attempts to use hair to open up Dou to attack, but Dou dismantles her with a big slam and a running splash, picking up the easy and quick win.
Your Winner, DouDrop!

Backstage: Big E and WWE Officials Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville

Big E storms into the office of the officials, also demanding to take on Lashley and Reigns. He insists they make it happen.

Backstage: Paul Heyman with WWE Officials Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville

Heyman takes his turn to barge in and bother the officials. Finally Pearce and Deville decide to put an end to the madness and set a new main event match: Big E vs Bobby Lashley vs Roman Reigns!

Singles Match: Randy Orton w/ Riddle vs AJ Styles w/ Omos

The Raw Tag Team Champions, RK-Bro, make their way out to a solid pop. We head to break, this match between the grizzled youngish veterans is next. After a break and the aforementioned Heyman segment, AJ Styles and Omos make their way out. The crowd is a bit subdued tonight. Slight "Randy" chant (not Larry) as Orton and Styles lock up. Both men take turns taking control of the lock-up, with Styles using an arm hold to ground Orton. Orton counters out of it and puts Styles in the same exact hold, albeit cranking the wrist as well. Styles powers to his feet and grabs the ropes, yelling for the ref to call for the break. Orton breaks and gives Styles space. Styles with chest chops. Orton counters out of the corner with an RKO attempt, but Styles shoves him off and the crowd wakes up. Big chant for Randy as he has words with the giant Omos at ringside. Orton takes control and focuses his attacks on Styles' shoulder and ribs. Orton positions Styles for a Punt Kick and runs off the ropes--but Omos trips Orton behind the ref's back! Orton makes a big scene (snitches get stitches, Randy) to the ref. The ref errs on the side of caution and bans Omos from the ringside area. Riddle dances and mocks Omos, then pays for it when the giant of a man sends him flying with an uppercut. Omos stands at ringside despite the ref yelling for him to head to the back. Styles attacks Orton, once again distracted by Omos, then tells Omos that he's got this. Finally the big man heads back and we head to break.
Back from the break. Orton and Styles exchange blows in the ring, back and forth until Styles goes low and attacks Orton's left knee. Orton slides back into the corner, holding his left knee. Styles looks for a knee lock but Orton shoves him off. Styles charges the corner and Orton dodges, allowing Styles to crash face-first with the middle turnbuckle. Orton takes Styles to the corner and stands on the middle ropes, starting a counting set of punches. At "three" Styles slides beneath Orton and knocks him off. Orton and Styles again exchange blows, and Styles again focuses on Orton's left knee. Styles charges Orton, who reverses it into a spinning Powerslam for a close two! Riddle shouts encouragement to his partner.
Orton sits Styles on the top rope and throws a right. Orton positions Rollins and looks like he wants a Super RKO off the top. Styles has it scouted, however, and escapes to the apron. Styles uses the top rope to assist a neckbreaker. Styles looks for a Phenomenal Forearm on a distracted Orton, but Orton catches him from behind somewhat. Styles simply converts it into a rear naked sleeper hold. Orton rams backwards into the corner to shake Styles free. Orton charges into the corner and eats a big boot from Styles. Styles looks for a Tornado DDT but Orton rolls through and puts Styles down with one of Riddle's suplexes, and Riddle's all smiles. Styles again to his feet and again both veterans slug it out. Styles ducks a punch and hits his beautiful Pele Kick, sending Orton down hard. Styles with a low-diving running edition of a Phenomenal Forearm, laying out Orton and garnering a two-count. Styles hits a springboard Moonsault and Orton kicks out at two. Styles to the apron, looking for a Phenomenal Forearm. Riddle distracts Styles. Styles goes for a Phenomenal Forearm from the apron and Orton leaps up, going for the Punt kick but Styles quickly readjusts and lands on the apron. Both men point at each other and before a shocked Styles can react, Orton hits a Spike DDT, heavy emphasis on spike. Orton picks up the win over Styles and celebrates in the ring with Riddle. Orton's bleeding a little bit from his eye.
Your Winner, Randy Orton!

Singles Match: Shayna Baszler vs Nia Jax

After a video recapping the weeks (months?) long teasing of the dissolution of Big & Nasty, we're finally getting a match between the two former partners and tag champions. Jax is out first and we head to a break. When we return, we get another plug for the triple threat match later tonight. The Queen of Spades is out next to the best theme in wrestling today (not in AEW) and, sadly, not the reaction her talent deserves. Baszler marches straight down to the ring and we get right to it. Jax tells Baszler that she made her, and Baszler was nothing without Jax. Baszler says something but with the mouth guard in, I have no clue. Both women lock up and Jax easily picks Baszler up. Baszler slips free. Jax yells "See how easy that was?" Again they lock up, this time with Jax hitting a shoulder breaker. Jax sends Baszler into the corner and hits her. Baszler gets angry and both slug it out briefly until Baszler takes the upper hand, hitting knee strike after knee strike after knee strike, and utilizing a running knee to drop Jax to her knee. Another running knee strike. Baszler looks for the Kirifuda Clutch and partially applies it but Jax escapes. Baszler goes for it again. Jax fights it but Baszler cinches it in. Jax goes to sleep.
Your Winner by Submission, Shayna Baszler!

After the Match:A Nasty Beat-down

Baszler catches an unsuspecting Jax with a sliding dropkick, sending Jax spilling to the outside. Baszler beats Jax at ring side and sends her into the steel steps. Baszler positions Jax's left wrist and elbow on the stairs as Jax begs...then stomps the elbow hard, popping Jax's elbow and wrist. Jax rolls in pain on the floor, screaming high pitched as Baszler stares on. We head to break.

Tag Match: Mustafa Ali & Mansoor vs Humberto Carrillo & Angel Garza

We start with Garza and Ali. This match's pace is fast as all four 205 Live-worthy Superstars are quick to devolve to a brawl. Mansoor looks for a sliding attack but Humberto sends him hard into the barricade. Ali exits the ring, sending Humberto into the barricade and yelling "who are you messing with?" Garza angrily throws Ali into the ring post hard and yells at him in Spanish. Garza whips Ali, in the ring, into an attack from Humberto. Humberto covers for the quick pin.
Your Winners, Humberto Carrillo & Angel Garza!

Video Promo: Karrion Kross

Kross tells us his name, and asks if we want to know his motives, his plans, his desires. We then see clips of his Mad Max get-up and he tells whomever to fall and prey.

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Tamina & Natalya(c) vs Super Brutality (Nikki A.S.H. & Rhea Ripley)

I didn't name them that tag name--they announced it together over the weekend on Twitter. We cut to the arena. Ripley and Nikki stand at the top of the ramp. They give a shout-out to Connor and Connor's Cure. WWE has supported this charity the last several years. Ripley--oh god, this is cringe-worthy--Ripley can't remember her lines. Nikki whispers them to her and the crowd still cheers for Rhea. Rhea puts on her best sad-face as Nikki tells us that they have the honor and privilege of fighting in this ring tonight and first, they want to dedicate it to Connor's Cure's kids and everyone who's every been affected by pediatric cancer and those who supported Connor's Cure. Nikki says that when Ripley counts to three, she wants everyone to put their arms up in a "V" for victory and cheer it. And yes, they do it. The challengers head on down to the ring and we head to a break. Back from the break. Our champions are out and we start things off. Typical back and forth match. Highlights saw Tamina tossing Rhea over the top rope with a single hand, and Natalya pay tribute to her father, the late Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart. The match ends in short fashion when Ripley hits a Riptide to Tamina on the Apron, distracting Natalya while she attempted to apply a Sharpshooter. Nikki quickly rolls Natalya up and we have new champions.
Your Winners, Super Brutality!

Alexa's Playground, featuring Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair

We head to break as Bliss heads to the ring--Alexa's Playground is up next! When we return, the ring is setup. Bliss is glad we could all come play with her. She welcomes her special guest and "soon to be former Raw Women's Champion" Charlotte Flair. The Queen makes her way down decked in red to a mix of boos and woos. She waits on the apron for a ring assistant to hold the ropes open for her. Bliss smiles on her swing as Flair gestures to the crowd for some woos. Bliss offers Charlotte to have a seat and offers her a mic. Flair wanted to remind people of a time, back once when Bliss was actually a competitor, but it would be a waste of time. Bliss calls Flair the fun police, and says she has no tricks up her sleeves and offers for Flair to "look--they're short sleeves!" Bliss notices that Flair didn't bring Charlie with her.
The crowd comes alive with a "we want Charlie!" chant. Bliss tells Flair it's okay, she brought Charlie! Big pop and chant from the crowd for "Charlie." This is the most they've been alive tonight. Flair tells Bliss that she wants the former women's champion and former competitor in Bliss, but sees all of this (the Playground) as a way to hide her insecurities and the fact that she[s broken. She insults Bliss' lipstick and tells her to wipe it off, and Bliss blows a kiss and smiles. Flair states that Bliss used to walk to the ring with a champion in her arms, but now walks with a doll. Flair goes on a rant and wants to know how she went from main-eventing WrestleMania 35 to "Monday Night Raw playing with dolls? I don't play dress up." She tells Bliss she's beaten a superhero, she's beaten a nightmare, and now she's about to beat up a person who dresses like a little kid. Flair's going to make it her job to beat some sense into Bliss, and asks if Alexa wants to do that tonight or wait til this Sunday at Extreme Rules.
Bliss speaks. "Oh my gosh, Charlotte, we get it. " she says exasperatedly. She runs down that Charlotte's won more titles than any other woman--which also means that she's lost more titles than any other woman. Bliss asks, "without a title, who is Charlotte Flair? Nobody knows because even you don't know. If you don't have a title to wear on your shoulder and brag about, you don't really have anything. Nothing. And let's don't be honest, I don't need to play mind games with you to expose your insecurities. They're stamped right on your forehead. You are just so terrified of the Raw Women's Championship moving on without you, leaving you here with nothing. What would you do if you didn't' have a title?" The Crowd woos and Bliss tells her "that's not even yours!" Flair tells Bliss not to talk about originality. Bliss tells Flair that she gave Charlie as a pity gift "because even a narcissistic self-centered bitch like you deserves happiness." Bliss tells Flair she can call her crazy or whatever she wants, Bliss knows who she is and she doesn't need to desperately grasp at titles to stay relevant. "So yes, tonight, call me crazy but at Extreme Rules, you will call me champ. Now doesn't that sound fun!"
Flair mocks her statement, questioning Flair without the championship, then adds "Well good for you, Alexa, you're never going to find out!" Flair shoves Bliss Bliss runs and jumps on Charlotte, taking swings. Flair tosses her off and drops her with a big boot. Bliss back onto Flair's back and again, Flair whips her off her back. Bliss holds up Charlie then rips its head off in front of Bliss's face. The digital audience boos loudly while the in-house crowd has checked out again.Flair looks to do the same to Lily but Bliss hops up on Flair's back. Flair shakes her off. Flair charges Bliss in the corner. Bliss dodges, kicks Flair in the gut and hits a snap DDT. Bliss sits cross-legged, staring at Flair, then grabs Lily. Flair reaches into the ring to get her title and leaves up the ramp as Bliss looks concerned as Flair destroys Charlie's corpse up the ramp.

Backstage: Drake Maverick's Operation 24/7

Drake Maverick is backstage with R-Truth, Drew Gulak, Akira Tozawa. He has a plan for R-Truth to drop a net on Reggie, and it'll lead to a new 24/7 Champion. They question his plan. He tells Tozawa that he's a ninja, and tells Truth to just drop the net. They hear Reggie coming and Gulak tries to talk to Reggie to distract him. They attempt to throw a net on him and fail and we get our weekly segment of Reggie showing off Kofi-at-Rumble-level athleticism in avoiding the trap and escaping. Maverick blames the trio for the failure of the plan, and Gulak is stuck in the net.

Singles Match: Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus

If Jeff Hardy wins, the United States Championship match at Extreme Rules will become a triple-threat as Hardy will be added to face Sheamus and champ Damian Priest. Hardy is out first as we head to a break. When we return, we find Damian Priest on commentary and Sheamus ready to go. The bell rings and the two lock up. Sheamus takes an early lead, whipping Hardy into the ropes and dropping him with a big shoulder. Sheamus with a forearm. Sheamus looks for a pull-back Lariat but Hardy counters, taking the knee out from the Celtic Warrior. Hardy throws shoulders into Sheamus' gut in the corner. Sheamus sends Hardy to the ropes, but Hardy slaps the brakes on and grabs the ropes. Sheamus attacks Hardy across the apron but Hardy knocks him off. Hardy exits the ring, runs around the ring and leaps up looking for the flying leg kick. Sheamus removes his protective face mask at some point. Sheamus catches Hardy and throws him into the steps and we head to break.
Back from the break. We return to find Sheamus in control, which he's kept throughout the break. Sheamus has a side headlock on Hardy. Hardy throws elbows in an attempt to break it. Sheamus with a knee buster attempt. Hardy starts his comeback, taking Sheamus down with a clothesline before hitting his double leg drop twice. Sheamus swings and misses, and Hardy converts it into a Side Russian Leg Sweep in shades of the Hitman. Hardy heads up top and hits the Senton, picking up a close two. Sheamus whips Hardy into the corner and follows. Hardy kicks Sheamus in the gut then sends him face-first into the turnbuckle. Sheamus' nose is busted open yet again--he should've left the face mask on. Sheamus with a clothesline off the top rope for a close two. Sheamus picks Hardy up in a Fireman's but Hardy escapes it with elbow strikes. Hardy looks for a Twist of Fate but Sheamus shoves him off and hits a rising knee strike, getting another close two. Hardy with a DDT. Hardy heads up top and looks for a top rope Senton but Sheamus gets both knees up! Sheamus looks to move in on Hardy, who immediately rolls Sheamus up to steal the win. Jeff Hardy is now in a triple-threat match against Sheamus and United States Champion Damian Priest this Sunday. After the match, Priest and Sheamus slugged it out along the ring barricade. It takes multiple officials to separate them and we cut away from the segment with them still brawling.
Your Winner, Jeff Hardy!

Triple-Threat Main Event Match: Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs Bobby Lashley vs WWE Champion Big E

Roman and Lashley make quick entrances, as does our new WWE champion. As soon as he hits the ring, the ref calls for the bell as Lashley stomps at Big E. Big E with a big clothesline to lay out Lashley and a punch to Reigns. Big E slides out and clubs forearms on Lashley's chest on the apron. Big E questions if Lashley wants to play and hits his leaping splash across Lashley's chest on the apron. Roman Reigns strikes from outta nowhere with a running kick and we head to break!
Back from the break.. Lashley paces the ring, with Roman Reigns down on the outside and Big E in a corner. Lashley looks for a whip; Big E counters and charges in but Lashley strikes with an elbow. Big E speeds it up, coming off the ropes and taking Lashley down hard for a quick cover. Big E slaps an Abdominal Stretch on Lashley and punches his ribs in time to a "New...Day Rocks" chant from the crowd until Roman Reigns strikes. Reigns takes down Big E after a brief brawl. Reigns runs around the ring, looking for a leaping kick on Lashley at ringside but Lashley counters with a clothesline. Lashley takes Reigns into the ring and sets him in an opposite corner from Big E. Lashley splashes both men, one after the other, and attempts another on Big E. Big E counters with a snap Urinage for a close pin fall. Reigns gets back into the fight and hits a Samoan Drop on Big E for a close cover. Reigns takes Lashley into the corner and pummels the vulnerable Almighty One. Reigns sits Lashley on the top rope and starts to climb the ropes. Lashley fights Reigns off but can't dismount the corner. Reigns clocks him with a big right, rocking the Almighty on the top. Reigns again climbs the ropes, standing on the middle ropes and setting up the middle-rope Superplex. Lashley fights it. Big E runs over, stands beneath Reigns, and executes a triple Superplex, laying out everyone! We head to break!
Back from the break. All three behemoths take turns with each other. Big E takes down the Tribal Chief with a pair of belly-to-belly suplexes. Big E looks for a third, ducking under an attempted clothesline to execute it. Jimmy Smith reminds us Big E bench pressed nearly 600lbs. Bobby Lashley attacks Big E rapidly, taking him down with some assistance from the barricade. Lashley enters the ring and hits a inverted Urinage on Reigns. Lashley lifts Reigns up for his old Stalling Suplex! Lashley drops Reigns and covers for two, with Reigns barely escaping. Big E enters the ring and Reigns rolls out. Lashley looks for a slam but Big E counters with a belly-to-belly. Big E takes a charging Reigns down with a clothesline and drags Reigns to lay next to Lashley. Big E, cheered on by the crowd, hits a double Big Splash! He connects on both men and attempts a cover of Lashley. Lashley kicks out just shy of three.
Roman, on the apron, attempts to enter. He's attacked and Lashley with a slam followed by a cover on Big E. Roman tosses Lashley outside and covers Big E, getting a close two. Roman stands and watches Big E as he attempts to get to his feet. Roman calls for the Superman Punch and looks for it--no! Big E ducks under and hits the Big Ending on Roman, covering for a close two! Lashley pulls Big E out of the ring and throws him into the barricade. Lashley with a modified single-hand chokeslam that sends the WWE Champion through the announcer's table! Lashley lines up Reigns and goes for the Spear, but Reigns catches him with the Superman Punch mid-move! Reigns covers for a close two.
The crowd with a loud "this is awesome" chant. Reigns posts up in the corner again, calling for a Spear. Reigns charges in to Spear Lashley, but Lashley Spears Roman mid-Spear! Big E dives in to break the pin attempt and make the save. Lashley looks for the Hurt Lock but Big E struggles, blocking the Full Nelson. Reigns with a Superman Punch to Lashley while he's holding Big E! Big E uses his own body to take Reigns out of the ring hard, crashing to the floor. Big E takes Reigns into the ring and hits another Big Ending. Lashley makes the save with a steel chair--which is legal under triple-threat rules.
Lashley then repeatedly strikes the WWE Champion with the steel chair, beating Big E into the mat and denting the chair. He pauses for a few long moments then unleashes another barrage of chair shots. As he turns and gloats with it, Roman Reigns hits him with a Spear! Fast-count from the ref and Roman picks up the win.
Your Winner, Universal Champion Roman Reigns!

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's go-home edition of Raw! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for the most colorful brand of wrestling on television today--NXT 2.0! Have a great night and stay safe out there.

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