WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (September 27, 2021): Heritage Bank Center, Cincinnati, OH

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike Hogan. This is the final raw before the WWE Draft starts this week on SmackDown and will finish next Monday on Raw.

Our official preview was scant, only listing our opening match--Bobby Lashley vs Big E(c) for the WWE Championship. As reported by Jeff earlier today, we've got an open challenge from Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair, and United States Champion Damian Priest takes on Sheamus in a no DQ, no count-out match for the title.

We'll this and much more, tonight on Raw! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (September 27, 2021): Heritage Bank Center, Cincinnati, OH

Opening Segment: Big E/Lashley Recap

We get a video package opening our show. In it, we see Big E's cash-in and victory, claiming the WWE Championship. We see their conflict leading up to a six-man tag last night. Afterwards, Lashley told Big E if he doesn't face him one-on-one he's a chickenshit, so of course Lashley accepted. Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, and the legendary Byron Saxton welcome us to Raw and run down our card as announced. Graves corrects Smith about which city they're in.

WWE Championship Match: Big E(c) vs Lashley

WWE Champion Big E comes out, fired up, and the former power-lifting champion plays up to the crowd. Graves comments Big E looks ready for battle, and he does. The crowd pops good for our champ. Up next we hear the thunder roll, we see the lightning strikes, and out comes the Almighty One, the Human Powerhouse, Bobby Lashley! He comes out to boos but looks fired up, pacing the stage and shaking his fists before heading down to the ring. Lashley pounds his hand as he walks, and Graves and Smith praise the former champion. We get official announcements, including height and weight. The ref presents the title to the audience and we get the bell. Time to party!
Both men immediately lock up and move each other around the ring, both bulls locked up. We end up with E in the corner and the ref forcing the break. Big E takes a cheap shot, slapping the Almighty, and he snaps. Lashley beats the tar out of Big E in the corner as the ref warns him. Lashley with a huge running right fist that stuns the champ against the turnbuckles. Lashley takes it out of the corner, using the ropes to punish the champ. Lashley with a snap Suplex and a pin attempt, but doesn't even get a one. Lashley takes the action outside, punishing the champion in front of the adoring audience. Boos for Lashley as he sends E repeatedly down. Lashley approaches Big E but E hits a quick belly-to-belly suplex to drop the Almighty! We head to break!
During the break Lashley continues to torment the champion at ringside. Lashley often rolls in and out of the ring to break the count. Lashley sends Big E into the barricade and taunts the fans. Lashley finally takes it back in the ring as we return from break. Lashley with an inverted slam and a pin attempt for two. Big E powers up and attempts a comeback, throwing fists, but Lashley shrugs them off and slams Big E into the mat as the fans boo. Lashley with a shoulder charge in the corner. Lashley sets Big E up on the top turnbuckle and climbs the middle ropes. Lashley's looking for a Superplex. Big E throws fists, fighting Lashley off of him. Lashley runs back and clocks Big E with a big right, then heads up. Lashley looks for another Superplex but, again, Big E fights him off. Lashley sends Big E flying out of the ring, thudding against the apron. Lashley exits the ring and charges. Big E does the same, and both men clothesline each other! The crowd counts with the ref. Both men get in by nine.
Lashley and Big E unload on each other with fists. Lashley sends the champ into the corner and charges, but Big E counters with a neckbreaker. Both men are down; Lashley rises first. Lashley with right fists as Big E attempts to get to a knee. Loud "New Day Rocks" from the digital audience. Lashley takes an elbow from Big E. Big E hoists Lashley up, looking for the Big Ending! Lashley struggles and manages to grab the ropes and fall over. Big E with a big apron spear, taking Lashley out. And, thank God, the Hurt Business is back! Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander are at ringside, both sporting Hurt Business themed gear! Big E watches them wearily then heads inside. Lashley with a spear. Lashley covers Big E as the New Day hit the ring! The New Day and Hurt Business brawl into the ring, crashing into Lashley--and breaking the count, causing a DQ.
Your Winner and STILL WWE Champion, Big E!

After the Match: Brawl For All & Angry Pearce!

The New Day and Hurt Business go to war, fighting in and out of the ring, spilling over to the barricade. Finally WWE Official Adam Pearce comes out, pissed at the brawl. Pearce declares that he wants to have this settled once and for all so tonight, Big E defends again against Bobby Lashley in a Steel Cage match!

Singles Match: Erik w/ Ivar (Viking Raiders) vs Angel Garza w/ Humberto Carrillo

When we return from a break, the Viking Raiders are ready in the ring. Garza and his cousin Carrillo come down. They tell us they're the hottest tag team in the WWE> The bell rings and Erik and Angel go right at it. Garza takes control and pummels Erik with knees. Smith praises Garza's mix of technical and lucha styles. Garza with a unique Nelson hold submission. Erik powers out of it and eats a big boot from Garza. Erik immediately throws a right of his own, rocking Garza. Erik takes Garza into the angel then hits a beautiful suplex toss. Erik with a body slam. Humberto gets on the apron with some cloth. Erik is distracted, allowing Garza to recover and hit the Wing Clipper to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Angel Garza!

24/7 Championship Match: Reggie(c) vs Ricochet

Both competitors make their entrance. We're shown Drake Maverick and the "24/7 mob" per Graves (aka, catering) sitting in the front row, observing. To start things, Ricochet offers a hand and Reggie shakes it in a sign of good sportsmanship. The first minute is a series of back and forth counters. Both men show off their athleticism by back-flipping off the top turnbuckle. Reggie is sent outside and Ricochet hits a over-the-top senton to Reggie! The 24/7 Mob jump the barricade and attack, causing the DQ.
Your Winner and STILL 24/7 Champion, Reggie!

After the Match: the Wrath of Khatering

Drew Gulak, R-Truth and company attack Ricochet and attempt to get to Reggie. Reggie, of course, uses his agility to escape up the ramp. We see Drake on a walkie-talkie and out comes Tozawa! Reggie battles him briefly in the ring before escaping.

Backstage Interview: Riddle

Riddle is on his scooter and approached. He's asked about Orton. Riddle tells us he's taking time off, and babbles on 90 miles an hour. Some of his babbling mentions Riddle is eating Cincinnati's Sky-High Chili (cheap pop) and Randy said he needed a break from Riddle before RKO'ing him on concrete. That concerned Riddle--more so that Orton could hurt his back. His babbling continues on and he lifts his head to the ceiling, almost praying to Orton. AJ Styles & Omos approach. We're told that Styles takes on Riddle later tonight. We cut the ring and see Tozawa still seated in the ring. We cut to commercial as Smith is mid-sentence.

In the Ring: Akira Tozawa

We return from break and Tozawa gets on the mic, demanding to find someone, anyone, he doesn't care who it is. Is it Drew Gulak? Nope, it's a returning Keith "Bearcat" Lee!

Singles Match: Keith "Bearcat" Lee vs Akira Tozawa

Lee comes out to a new nickname, new ring wear, and a mild pop. They're really pushing the "Bearcat" nickname. Lee completely squashes Tozawa, splashing him in the corners and throwing him across the ring like a toy. Lee with a improvised slam to pick up the win in less than a minute.
Your Winner, Keith "the Bearcat" Lee!

Backstage Promo: the New Day

Big E and the New Day don't goof off much, as Big E angrily snaps at the Hurt Business. He then tells Lashley that when the cage comes up, they're going down. (The cage comes down, though...)

No DQ United States Championship Match: Damian Priest(c) vs Sheamus

We cut back to the arena and out comes the United States Champion. The only way this match can be won is by submission or pin fall. Sheamus is out first, wearing his protective face mask. The dude can't go a week without breaking his nose. Sheamus has constantly complained about past matches for the US title, especially when Hardy was added to the title match last night. Out comes the Archer of Infamy, our United States Champion! We get official announcements, the bell rings and we're off!
Sheamus takes control early on. Sheamus locks in a series of working holds, focusing on Priest's neck. Sheamus tries to leverage Priest back on his shoulders via the headlock, but Priest kicks out. Sheamus with chops to Priest in the corner. Priest counters a whip and hits a back elbow to Sheamus. Priest with another running back elbow in the corner. Priest with a quick Falcon Arrow! Covers but barely gets two. Both men head outside. Sheamus looks for a Snap Suplex on Priest but Priest counters with one of his own. Sheamus charges Priest and runs into a Big Boot. Priest pulls a table out and the crowd pops big. Priest sets the table up; Sheamus uses the time to get to his feet, catch his breath, and attack Priest. Sheamus whips Priest into the stair-side barricade. Sheamus attempts to set up the table or adjust it when Priest hits a Superman Punch off the steel steps! Both men struggle at the apron as Sheamus looks for the Ten Beats of the Bodhran. Priest counters. Sheamus hits the White Noise on Priest off the apron and through the table! Both men are down as we go to break!
Back from the break. Sheamus is still in control and looks for a pin fall. Priest kicks out at two. Our commentary team are really focused on the fact that the Draft this Friday means anyone could go anywhere, so this may be Sheamus' last chance. Sheamus sets a corner leaning up in the corner. Priest starts a comeback but Sheamus shuts it down with a Big Boot. Sheamus climbs up top. mocks Priest's archer-shooting motion, and leaps off the top turnbuckle--and right into a kendo stick! Priest beats Sheamus all over with the stick. Sheamus has welts forming, contusions all over him. Sheamus takes control outside and sends Priest into the barricade. Sheamus takes a steel chair and rolls into the ring, taking a moment to get his breath. The ref checks on Priest; our champ is down outside and we see welts on his back as well. Sheamus sets the chair up in the ring, sits, and the crowd boos heavily as Priest crawls towards the ring.
Sheamus makes a comeback, attacking Priest. Sheamus sends Priest head-first into a steel chair wedged in the corner. Sheamus then hits an Alabama Slam on the steel chair! Sheamus picks up a close two. Sheamus charges, looking for a Brogue Kick but Priest reverses and hits his South of Heaven choke slam, covering Sheamus for two. Both men, on their knees, throw fists and fight o their feet. Priest takes the lead, unloading lefts and rights on Sheamus. Priest with a leaping kick, then another. Sheamus is rocked but stays on his feet. Priest looks for a springboard and Sheamus charges in for a Brogue, but Priest avoids it. Priest goes up top and dives off, and catches Sheamus' knee to his gut as he crashes down! Sheamus covers for a close two. Both men are slow to rise, with Sheamus up first and grabbing a kendo stick. Sheamus whacks Priest hard across the back. Priest rises, ducks under a swing, hits the Bell Ringer and finds himself lifted up by Sheamus who looks for a move, but Priest quickly reverses it and sends Sheamus through the table. Sheamus lays in the rubble in the corner. Priest hits the Reckoning, face-first per Jimmy Smith, and picks up the win. Good match!
Your Winner and STILL United States Champion, Damian Priest!

Six-Man Tag Match: Jeff Hardy and Mustafa Ali & Mansoor vs Jinder Mahal, Shanky & Veer

Backstage, Ali is upset that Mansoor set this match and got Hardy for their partner. Hardy shows up to reassure them that he's fought bigger, and he's excited to fight alongside them. Hardy and co. make their way out. Mansoor fan-boys to Hardy's music and attempts to dance like Jeff, but Ali stops him. We head to break. When we return, Jinder Mahal & crew are out. We start with Shanky and Ali. Shanky with a big Sidewalk slam. Veer comes in and Ali tags in Mansoor. Mansoor strikes Veer but nothing happens. Both men go off the ropes, and Veer takes Mansoor down with a big flying lariat. Veer with a high-leaping elbow drop to the heart and a cover for two. Veer yanks and cranks Mansoor's head as the crowd pops for Mansoor. Veer makes the tag to Shanky. Mansoor with a punch to Shanky's gut but Shanky throws Mansoor into a corner. Shanky with a big splash. Shanky looks for a running Big Boot but Mansoor ducks under and Shanky's leg gets caught up. Hardy and Mahal are tagged in. Mahal stands no chance as Hardy hits every signature move in his move set except the Twist of Fate it seems. Hardy with the inverted Atomic Drop followed by the double-leg drop. Hardy takes off his shirt and looks for a Twist of Fate but Mahal shoves him off.
The ref loses control as Shanky brawls with Hardy at ringside; Mansoor comes to the rescue and all three go down hard. Ali and Veer are the legal men in the ring. Ali looks for a tag but no one's in his corner. Veer quickly takes Ali apart, and hits a huge lariat to pick up the win.
your Winners, Jinder Mahal, Shanky & Veer!

Singles Match: Karrion Kross vs Jaxson Ryker

Retribution 2.0 Kross makes his way out and we go to break--this match is next! When we return, Kross takes Ryker into the corner and pummels him with kicks. Ryker fights out of the corner but Kross sends him back with a big foot. Kross takes Ryker to the corner and yells "I'm the commanding officer now, come on Marine, come on Marine!" Ryker angrily tries to fight out of the corner and Kross takes him down with a slam, looking for a pin Kross works Ryker's shoulder as they rise. Ryker with fists again, trying to gain some separation. Ryker gets it and sends Kross into the rope, looking for a slam. Kross reverses it into a Doomsday Saito! Kross locks in the Kross Jacket and Ryker taps about three seconds later.
You Winner, Karrion Kross!

Backstage; WWE Officials Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville and DouDrop

Dou asked for a match against Charlotte, wanting to answer the open challenge. Sonya takes a verbal jab at Naomi, saying she doesn't belong on the SmackDown roster. She agrees as long as DouDrop does her little dance, and Dou agrees and dances.

Singles Match: Riddle vs AJ Styles w/ Omos

This match is next (for real this time!) Riddle makes his way out as we head to break. When we return, Lashley again makes excuses for losing when Big E cashed in. He then goes on to tell us he's excited for the cage match. Okay. We return to the matter at hand--and out comes AJ Styles with the giant Omos. We see above the ring, the steel cage is suspended. Graves constantly points that out. Jimmy Smith praises their "luscious" hair. Style attempts to take control out of the gate. Riddle fights back, kicking Styles in the corner repeatedly. Styles ducks and Riddle's leg gets caught on the rope Styles uses it to his advantage. Both men enter a sequence of exchanging blows, and culminating in a Bro-ton. Riddle then impressively hits a trio of gut-wrench suplexes! Impressive! Unfortunately, Riddle barely gets a one. Styles runs at Riddle and right into a high right knee. Styles counters an attempted splash and Lifts Riddle up then throws him outside the ring! The ref warns Omos as Styles exits tot he apron and hits Riddle with a running sliding knee on the apron. Riddle is down and Styles takes control again. Styles takes the action inside and the veteran lays into Riddle. Styles sends Riddle out of the ring and to the floor once again as we go to break. The new Crazy Calzone at Little Caesars is only $8.99, after all.
Back from the break. Styles was in charge throughout the break, but Riddle fires up his comeback when we return. Riddle looks for a Punt Kick but Styles ducks under; Riddle uses the nearby ropes to look for a Bro-ton but Styles gets his knees up and attempts a cover. Styles talks smack as he pulls Riddle to his feet. Riddle fires off a slap combination but Styles fires off his Styles combination! Riddle ends the sequence with a snap German Suplex for a close two! Styles takes the lead back with a Pele Kick out of nowhere! Riddle looked for a clothesline; Styles ducked under and connected with the kick. Styles pulls Riddle up and once again, Riddle throws a high knee that floors them both. Riddle holds tight to Styles right wrist. Riddle looks angry and seems to be looking for a submission. Styles counters with a Pumphandle Gut-Buster! Riddle rolls in pain as Styles heads to the apron. Styles calls for it and looks for the Phenomenal Forearm but Riddle kicks the rope. Very awkward spot as Styles became partially caught up in the ropes on his way down. Riddle on the apron with a running kick. Riddle with another kick outside. Riddle takes Styles into the ring and looks for the Floating Bro but Styles--an an unbelievable sequence--somehow converts the Floating Bro off the top rope into a Calf Crusher on the mat! Riddle finally makes it to the rope for the break after several long, agonizing moments.
In another sequence, Riddle hits Styles with a sliding knee. Riddle mimics his idol, Orton, and slaps the mat, signalling the RKO. Riddle hops up when Styles rises and goes for the RKO, but the veteran Styles counters by reversing it into a body slam, then AJ hits the Styles Clash. Styles picks up the win! After the match, Omos hits a huge Chokeslam on Riddle. Omos easily had Riddle 8-10 feet up in the air, as noted by Corey Graves. Styles talks smack as does Omos while Riddle rolls in pain on the floor.
Your Winner, AJ Styles!

Previously on Raw: Baszler & Jax

We get a quick video package that showed highlights from Baszler & Jax's match last week. At the end, Baszler purposefully attacked Jax's arm in a manner to cause injury. Jax ended the clip rolling in pain. (She's reportedly pregnant and this was to write her out. Not yet verified, so keep it as a rumor.)

Raw Women's Championship Match: Charlotte Flair(c) vs DouDrop

We cut back to the ring and out comes the Queen to a nice reaction. Fans at ringside bow to her as she makes her elegant entrance. We head to break. When we return, the Queen poses sans robe in the ring with her title as Corey Graves praises her. DouDrop comes out next to a great pop from the digital audience. She dances her way down to the ring to no reaction. Dou doesn't even get a reaction when entering the ring. The announcements are made and we're off! Flair taunts Dou, underestimating the challenger. Dou takes a few blows in before firing back, taking Flair down. Flair is in shock as Dou comes off the ropes and drops her again. Flair attempts a body slam but Dou is too heavy and gets out of it. Dou counters a run off the ropes with a big chop. Dou with a running Senton on Flair. And, as all our commentary crew down below predicted, Eva Marie makes her way out and distracts Dou. Flair attacks Dou in the back and hits the Natural Selection, picking up the win. After the match, Dou mocks Dou--and Flair hits Eva with a clothesline from behind as Jimmy Smith reminds us that "no one takes the spotlight from Charlotte Flair." Flair motions as if she's kicking dirt on Eva, then has the ref hold the ropes for her to exit.
Your Winner by Disqualification, DouDrop! And STILL Raw Women's Champion, Charlotte Flair!

Interview Via Satellite: Bill Goldberg

Hey, it's 1997 again! Put a tape in the VCR and record this, junior. Goldberg addresses Lashley. He talks man to man, father to father. He tells Lashley, ultimately, that he's going to hurt Lashley real bad. "Hell, if I'm lucky enough, I'll even kill you." Goldberg tells us that he's going to enjoy every single second of it because Gage Goldberg is Bill's son (duh) and "you, Bobby Lashley, are about to be my victim!"

In the Ring: Eva Marie and Shayna Baszler

Eva Marie, in the ring, gets on the mic and tells everyone that if she had the title shot DouDrop had, she'd be Raw Women's Champion. She insults the crowd and says she can beat anyone in the back as they're all losers. Enter Shayna Baszler! Baszler marches straight down to the ring and in, wasting no time. Eva backs off slowly and tries to escape. Baszler runs over and grabs her, putting her in the Kirifuda Clutch! Eva tries to tap but it's not a match and Baszler's not in a good mood. Baszler keeps the move on for several long moments. Baszler drags Marie over to the apron and kicks her left shoulder repeatedly before dragging Marie to the floor. Eva holds her shoulder in pain as Baszler. Baszler sets the stairs up and Eva's arm on the stairs--just like Jax last week--and stomps down on the elbow. WWE Officials hit the ringside area and check on Eva Marie while Baszler stands on the steps, grinning. The crowd with a loud "one more time" chant, haha.

Backstage Interview: WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Super Brutality

Rhea and Nikki are asked about their team. Rhea says sometimes opposites attract but ultimately they have the belts in common. Nikki slightly annoys Rhea the way Riddle does Orton, but they still stay chummy. Nikki suggests blue capes for herself and Rhea. Rhea admits the blue looks good...on Nikki. We end our

WWE Championship Steel Cage Main Event Match: Big E(c) vs Bobby Lashley

The cage is lowered and we head to break--our main event is up next! After the break, Lashley is out first. We're reminded that there MUST be a champion after this match...okay. Out next is Big E to an okay pop. This crowd is dead. As Big E attempts to enter the ring, Lashley attacks him. Lashley takes the title off Big E and rams him into the barricade. Lashley grabs Big E, running him along the ringside and sending him into and over the barricade! Lashley drags Big E to his feet and hits him with a big right. Lashley sends Big E into the steel steps as the crowd finally wakes up and boos. Lashley pulls Big E up and again runs him along the ringside, throwing him into the edge of the steel stairs. Lashley pushes Big E against the barricade and clubs him with forearms. Lashley with a Fireman's Carry then runs, ramming Big E 's head into the steel cage! Officials check on Big E as Lashley separates the stairs. Lashley hoists the stairs up and rams them into Big E's back. This match still hasn't started technically! We go to break with boos galore. We head to break.
Back from the break. After ten minutes of beat-down, Big E is in the ring and the ref calls for the bell. Lashley fires off with a huge clothesline that lays out Big E. Lashley has completely dominated our champion for nearly 15 minutes now. Lashley sends Big E into the steel cage. Lashley takes Big E into the corner and shoves his face against the turnbuckle. Lashley walks off then hits a running charge to Big E. Lashley with a beautiful traditional Suplex on Big E. Lashley laughs, toying with his prey, not even attempting a cover. Lashley with a drop to Big E's back. Big E looks to compose himself as Lashley posts up int he corner, readying for a Spear. Lashley charges for the Spear but Big E comes alive, dodging and redirecting Lashley into the cage!
Big E takes Lashley and rams him face-first into the cage multiple times. Big E looks for a Big Ending but Lashley slips out and looks for the Hurt Lock! Big E prevents it and Lashley audibles to a big side suplex, covering for two. Lashley and Big E exchange control. Big E takes Lashley up the top turnbuckle and climbs to the middle ropes. Big E is looking for the Big Ending off the top! Lashley awkwardly slips down, and behind. Lashley, between the ropes and cage, grabs Big E and uses the top rope to assist a sleeper. Big E is out! Lashley, instead of pinning, starts to climb the cage slowly. Big E wakes up and hops up on the top rope, attacking Lashley. Big E rams Lashley's head five times into the cage before he finally falls to the mat. Big E attempts to climb the cage, reaching the top. The crowd's alive finally. The Hurt Business hit the ring and climb the cage, attacking Big E and sending him back into the ring. Lashley crawls towards the door and is almost out when Xavier Woods Superkicks the door into Lashley's face! Kofi Kingston hits the ring, and the New Day battle the Hurt Business at ringside! Kofi with an awesome dive off the cage, midway up, taking out Benjamin & Alexander! Both the champ and challenger are down in the ring, catching their breath as we head to commercials!
Back from the break. We're informed that the New Day and the Hurt Business have been ejected from the ringside area. In the ring, Lashley covers for two. Both men are exhausted. Digital audience with a "let's go Big E" chant but the crowd's not buying it. Lashley posts up in the corner and again looks for a Spear but Big E dodges. Big E with multiple belly-to-belly suplexes, hitting a trifecta that drives Lashley into the ground much to his disbelief. Big E runs off both ropes and right into a Spear! Lashley covers for a two and a half! The crowd actually booed a bit. Both men are slow to their feet. Lashley is up first as Big E is still prone on the mat. The digital crowd starts a "lets go Big E" chant, and the human crowd chants for Lashley to counter it. Lashley with a suplex.
Lashley climbs the middle rope and hits an elbow smash that drops the champ. Lashley is slow, hitting a move and taking a breather. He calls for the ref to open the door, and the ref complies. Lashley attempts to walk out but Big E grabs Lashley's arm. Lashley kicks him off. Again Lashley attempts to leave, and again Big E grabs his wrist. Again, Lashley kicks him off and yells "stay down!" Lashley is frustrated and paces. Lashley looks for a big right hand when Big E rises, but Big E ducks under and hits a Big Ending for a close two! Digital and in-house crowds with a light "New Day rocks" chant. Big E attempts to exit via the door and Lashley prevents it. Lashley whips Big E into the ropes and hits a massive Spinebuster on the rebound! Lashley paces again, removing an elbow pad.
Lashley climbs the middle ropes, then starts to ascend on the cage once again. Big E rises and climbs the middle ropes. The two behemoths slug it out on the ropes. Big E with rapid-fire back elbows to Lashley. Big E hits a Big Ending off the middle rope! Big E covers Lashley and picks up the win!
Your Winner and STILL WWE Champion, Big E!

After the Match: There Can Be Only One

Big E drips rivers of sweat and takes a moment to soak in the cheers from the crowd. We hear the familiar tunes as Drew McIntyre comes out, sword in hand. Remember: McIntyre lost a match with a stipulation stating he could not challenge Lashley for the WWE Championship again--but only Lashley. He points it at Big E and speaks off-mic. Big E nods and we end our program with a stare down, and curious as to why--the Draft is coming!

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's program! What a great main event! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for the best wrestling on weekly television today--NXT. Also, don't forget--the WWE Draft starts Friday, live on Fox! Have a great night and stay safe out there.

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