WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (April 19, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome back one and all to NXT 2.0! Your host tonight is the usual blabbermouth, Mike Hogan We've got the bones of possibly a good show lined up for us tonight. Our official preview set the stage for tonight's show by listing four singles matches. Santos Escobar and Carmelo Hayes clash after a recent return to their rivalry. Sarray looks for a modicum of revenge on Tiffany Stratton, whileNatalya looks to teach a lesson to Tatum Paxley. A late update added another singles match, with Grayson Waller taking on his two-week-long bodyguard Sanga.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

All this and more tonight on NXT 2.0!

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (April 19, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Previously on NXT 2.0...

We open with a video recapping last week's gauntlet match for the vacated NXT Tag Team Championship. The Creed Brothers started firs but despite their best efforts, could not overcome a fresh Pretty Deadly.

NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly Address the NXT Universe

The new tag champs are out to boos and cut a typical heel promo until the Grizzled Young Veterans come out. The GYV mock Pretty Deadly, stating that Pretty Deadly only had a good run in NXT UK because GYV had moved over to NXT. GYV then state the only reason Pretty Deadly won the gauntlet is because the GYV were not involved. They state they're owed a title shot and they're tired of waiting in the back, so they want one tonight. Legado Del Fantasma come out and ambush GYV, battling them to the back as Bron Breakker walks on in and takes over the segment.

NXT Champion Bron Breakker Calls Out Joe Gacy

Breakker enters the ring as the others battle out. He calls out Gacy. Gacy has audio play over the speakers with some shitty graphics effects that show dozens of copies of Gacy's face while he laughs on repeat, Wyatt style. During this, the lights flicker and the strobes swing and cut wildly. Finally Breakker heads to the back to hunt down Gacy. Wtf did we just watch?

Singles Match: Sarray vs Tiffany Stratton

And without pausing even a beat, Stratton's music plays and out comes the "buff barbie doll." We cut to a break then get Sarray's entrance. Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph are on commentary, for those who care. The bell rings and Stratton gets in Sarray's face, yelling at her. Both women shove each other then Stratton uses a wristlock to attempt to control Sarray. Sarray shows off her impressive athleticism in countering it and escaping it. Stratton with a chop to Sarray; Sarray with a suplex followed by a anchor lock, leaving Stratton on the mat screaming in pain! Sarray bridges back and locks her hands under Stratton's chin, but Stratton manages to grab a rope to force the break. Stratton takes her turn in control and uses a wristlock to whip Sarray into the corner. Stratton battles Sarray around the ring, then attempts a cover after a springboard attack. Stratton angrily chokes Sarray as the ref warns her and the crowd boos.
Sarray gets her second wind and starts her comeback sequence, culminating in a top-rope double-stomp to Stratton's gut! Stratton latches onto the bottom rope and Sarray's leg, causing Sarray to stomp her against the rope. Sarray hits her basement dropkick straight to Tiffany's chin, flinging the blonde to the floor hard. Sarray wraps up Stratton from behind when she enters the ring but Stratton hangs onto the ropes. Stratton hits what Wade Barrett calls a "knockout-blow" when she flings her head backwards, butting Sarray in the face, and a spring splash seals the deal.
Your Winner, Tiffany Stratton!

Backstage: NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly and Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta

After a break, we cut to the back where Pretty Deadly flirt with Indi & Persia. They hint at challenging PD for the titles, or so PD assume, until the girls point out that they want their men--Duke Hudson and Dexter Lumis--to get a title shot.

Backstage: Andre Chase University and Grayson Waller

Waller cuts a promo, briefly, until Andre Chase and Bodhi show up. They all exchange words until Sanga bursts through the door, plowing through anything in his way as he chases Waller out to the ring. Sanga and Waller briefly clash until a ref hits the ring. This match is starting much sooner than later, we're told, so here we go!

Singles Match: Grayson Waller vs Sanga

Sanga immediately begins throwing Waller across the ring--literally. The crowd encourage the big man with chants of "one more time" and Sanga happily obliges. After about a minute of being brutalized, Waller attempts to fight back with fists to the face of a kneeling Sanga. Sanga rises and headbutts Waller and takes control back immediately. Sanga uses a Strong Irish Whip to send Waller to the corner and follows it up with a chase, but Grayson gets a boot up. Sanga angrily hoists Waller high up in the air and Waller screams--more like shrieks--as Sanga slams him into the mat. The action goes back and forth and spills to the outside. Waller sets Sanga up for a baseball kick but Sanga counters with a choke grasp. Waller and Sanga battle back and forth briefly; Waller sends Sanga into the ring, backs up and hits his springboard rolling cutter to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Grayson Waller!

Vignette: Roxanne Perez

We see images of a young girl playing video games. She mentions her mom buying her a PlayStation for Christmas and through her video games, she got to live her own virtual career. But next week "I step out of the video game and into real life."

Tag Team Match: the Grizzled Young Veterans vs Legado Del Fantasma

LDF are out first, accompanied by Elektra Lopez as usual. After a break we get the GYV entrance. Both teams briefly spar before the ref can get enough peace for the bell to ring. Drake and Wilde go at it first. Gibson makes a blind tag and attempts to take advantage of it, but Wilde is able to fight off both grizzled, young-adjacent veterans all on his own. Gibson is sent falling back into the LDF corner. Wilde charges him but runs into a boot. Gibson tags in Drake and the GYV take control. They use quick tags to attempt to keep Wilde in the ring. The crowd chants for Joaquin Wilde. Gibson and Drake do their best to contain Wilde but he eventually escapes, bringing in a fresh Raul Mendoza. Mendoza uses to high leaping dropkicks in a row to down Drake. Mendoza looks for a top-rope Hurricanrana but the GYV manage to block it. Gibson makes a blind tag and Mendoza hits his diving finisher on Wilde instead. Gibson uses the confusion to his advantage, confining Mendoza to his corner. Drake and Gibson tag each other seconds apart to continue the tandem offense. Wilde and Mendoza finally fire it up and take their own turn at double-teaming the GYV. LDF hit a double-team dropkick-into-a-Side Russian Leg Sweep to secure the win! The fans chant to their theme as the LDF reunite in the ring.
Your Winners, Legado Del Fantasma!

Singles Match: Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams vs Santos Escobar w/ Legado Del Fantasma

As Santos is already out, we're getting this match next--after a word from their sponsors. Hayes & Williams are out next. After some technical difficulties, we find the two men locked in combat. Melo weathers an early torrent of offense from Santos and takes control, using working head locks and waist locks to ground the lucha. Escobar attempts to break free of Melo's control many times, but Hayes constantly has an answer. Hayes continues to maintain control through the break until we return. Escobar takes a couple of minutes on offense and finally, with both men at the point of exhaustion, they begin to slug it out slowly on their knees and up to a standing position. Escobar gets his second wind and takes Melo into the corner then uses a step-up Enziguri to rock Melo. Melo begins to fight back again, but Escobar drops him repeatedly with a clothesline, a shoulder thrust and a body bump. Escobar sends Melo outside and uses a suicide dive to down the former champ at ringside! Suddenly, two men in black exit the audience and attack Escobar while the ref is distracted. Escobar is sent into the ring, where Hayes finishes him off with a leg drop off the top rope.
Your Winner, Carmelo Hayes!

Breakker Continues the Hunt for Red October Gacy

We continue the creepy vignettes as Breakker searches backstage for Gacy as Gacy continues to "torment" Breakker.

Singles Match: Natalya vs Tatum Paxley

Natalya and the Neidharts are out to boos as we find Tatum already in the ring. Nattie has her technical skills on quite the display tonight. The bell rings and both women lock up. Natalya shoves Tatum down, but Paxley shrugs it off. Nattie uses a side headlock to ground Tatum and begins to work and wrench the neck as the crowd chants "Nattie's gonna kill you." Natalya maintains control for a few minutes before Tatum finally frees herself. Paxley sends Nattie outside and kicks Natalya as she attempts to enter. The ref holds her back so Tatum exits and chases Natalya. Natalya plays chicken until she can set up Tatum for a discus attack. Nattie with a snap suplex on the ringside floor before kicking Tatum in the top of the head. Nattie takes it back into the ring and looks for a cover, but only garners a two. Natalya stomps Paxley's face into the mat then sets up a bow-and-arrow submission (per Wade). Natalya finally breaks it and both women spar again briefly, with Paxley getting a last spurt of offense including a close fall after a standing Moonsault. Eventually, however, the veteran picks up the win.
Your Winner, Natalya!

Singles Match: Xyon Quin vs Wes Lee

Quin comes out to a new entrance music and light set. We head to break. After a break we get Lee's entrance. Lee is quick to go airborne as he takes Quin outside and hits a corner suicide dive to the outside. Xyon takes the fight inside the ring, where his raw power helps him take control. Wes Lee looks for a running attack but bounces off Quin's crossed arms, Wonder Woman-style. Quin takes his time with Lee, pulling him up into a Samoan carry. Lee tries to fight out of it and manages to squirm free enough to roll up Quin for two. Lee charges Quin, but Quin pops him u in the air. Lee crashes hard to the canvas face-first. Quin puts on his angry face and proceeds to walk right into a Superkick from Lee! Lee uses kicks and chops and a dropkick to punish Quin as the crowd wakes up for Lee. Lee botches a springboard as his left foot slips off the rope, and Wes Lee instead fumbles into a big right from Quin. Quin runs him over with a flying elbow to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Xyon Quin!

Backstage: Natalya and Nikkita Lyons

Natalya responds to Cora's comments and mocks her name, calling her "Whore-a". Lyons walks up and challenges Natalya, telling her that once she finishes with Lash Legend next week, she's coming for Natalya. Natalya threatens to tap her out and Lyons tells her not to worry, she's "flexible." We head to break.

Singles Match: Roxanne Perez vs Jacy Jayne w/ Toxic Attraction

Rok-C is out a week early for her debut match. Jayne's escorted out by Dolin & Rose. Both women look for roll-ups early, and both counter each other's Crucifix pin attempt. They continue attempting covers for the first 30 seconds or so. Perez shows off some awesome agility while attempting to avoid Jayne's offense. Perez uses a spinning arm lock to send Jayne into the corner. Jacy connects with a Superkick to Perez then wastes valuable time taunting her. Wendy Choo appears on the tron and distracts Jacy, showing the Toxic Lounge--and the remodeling that Choo's done to it. Perez uses the distraction to steal the win quickly.
Your Winner, Roxanne Perez!

NXT Tag Team Championship Main Event Match: Pretty Deadly(c) vs Dexter Lumis & Duke Hudson

We return and find both teams ready in the ring. The crowd definitely don't like Pretty Deadly. The ref calls for the bell for our eighth match and eight minutes left on the clock. Kit and Dexter start us off. Both men jockey for control for the first minute and a half. Finally Lumis tags in Hudson. Duke tries to communicate to Dexter, but Lumis doesn't speak--he speaks with looks, like Blue Steel. Duke seems frustrated, yelling "What do you want?" to Lumis. At one point Pretty Deadly both slide out of the ring and put arms around Persia and Indi without asking for consent. Duke and Dexter reach over the ropes and pull both men up by the heads, then both teams lay into each other. Lumis mount and pounds Kit then brings in Hudson for a double-team Stalling Suplex! Hudson tells Dexter to get out of the ring, and Lumis gives Duke a thumbs up. Hudson gives Dexter a thumbs up in return and the crowd pops. Hudson takes it to Kit with stiff punches and kicks. Hudson whips Kit into the ropes and levels him with a huge clothesline. Lumis comes in and slithers across the ring and out, chasing after Kit as we go to picture-in-picture break!
Lumis and Hudson maintain control throughout the break, working together pretty well for their first tag match together. Hudson hoists up Elton Prince and drives him down with a beautiful Sidewalk Slam. Hudson begins to work the neck of Elton, yanking back on his chin as Kit attempts to fire him up. Hudson slams Elton's head into the mat and looks for a cover. We return from break as Hudson tags in Lumis. Lumis stomps Elton and uses a Snapmare, followed up with a face wrench, to punish Elton! Lumis uses a sleeper hold on Elton next as the crowd cheers them on loudly. We're in overrun territory! Yay! Lumis charges Elton in the corner but Kit pulls Elton out of the way in time, causing Dexter to spear the ring post. Pretty Deadly then begin using quick tags to keep Lumis isolated. Hudson makes the save when Kit looks for a cover. Kit Wilson continues to work over Lumis, focusing on his neck, but the NXT Universe helps power the lovable slasher to his feet. Lumis uses a dragon kick to break free of Kit. Elton comes in off the tag and attempts to block Lumis, but Lumis slithers beneath his legs and makes the hot tag to Hudson!
Duke hits the ring on fire, sending Elton flying with an Exploder! Powerslam to Kit from Duke, followed by a running splash to both men. Hudson throws Kit at Elton, causing Kit to spear Elton! Impressive! The crowd's on fire for Duke!. Hudson looks to whip Elton but Elton counters. Duke blocks a charge with an elbow, then has to contend with Kit on the apron. The distraction allows Elton Prince to rip Duke off the top and cover for ac lose two. Hudson uses an inside cradle for a near fall of his own. Hudson whips Prince into the corner but Elton puts on the brakes. Hudson charges in and the two men collide. Kit hits the ring to attack Hudson, but Hudson sends him flying out of the ring. Hudson looks for the hot tag but Kit Wilson pulls Dexter Lumis off the apron, stopping it. Lumis whips Kit into the stairs. Hudson weathers a sucker attack from Elton Prince and uses a spinning Powerslam to cover for a close call. The crowd, in fact, chants "that was three" voraciously. Elton uses the confusion to roll up Hudson, stealing the win.
Your Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly!

Joe Gacy Calls Out Bron Breakker

As Pretty Deadly celebrate, the lights go black. A spotlight turns on, showing us Joe Gacy--finally in the arena--up in the observatory balcony. He calls out Bron, and Breakker is happy to oblige, climbing up to Gacy. "Take it easy, Bron. If you wanted the ring (HoF Rick Steiner's) back, all you had to do is ask." He states he'll return the ring under two conditions--in two weeks at NXT Spring Break-In, Gacy's given a title match. Breakker accepts. Gacy gives Breakker the ring, putting it in his denim vest pocket. He then tells Bron to take a leap of faith and shoves him off the observatory. We don't witness Bron falling, but the crowd lets out a weak "holy shit" chant. We see six or seven figures in black robes and hoods down on the floor where Breakker crashed. They then swarm him and the odd segment ends.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's Skittles-brand episode. What were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown!

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