WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (April 5, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome back to our live NXT 2.0 results coverage! All are welcome, and all are welcome to comment down below if you wish to participate in tonight's discussion. We'll have updates coming at you ever five to ten minutes and your host is the most sparkly wrestling results coverage "reporter" in the business, Mike Hogan.

Our official preview for tonight lists a Stand & Deliver Tag Team Championship Rematch when Toxic Attraction attempt to regain their titles from Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez, our new two-time champions. Their first run didn't survive its first challenger, will history repeat itself again? Also on tap is everyone's favorite Nikkita Lyons taking on new rival Lash Legend, and we'll hear from our new North American Champion, Cameron Grimes. What else is in store? We'll find out tonight.

All this and more tonight!

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (April 5, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Show-Opening Video Package: NXT Stand & Deliver

We open with a video that covers Stand & Deliver (click for results) before touching lightly on last night's Monday Night Raw that saw Bron Breakker win back his title.

New NXT Champion Bron Breakker Addresses the NXT Universe

Breakker comes out to a great reaction but as he speaks, he begins to be heckled by a portion of the crowd. The crowd duels chants of "We want Ziggler!" and "No we don't!" He speaks of inducting his father and uncle into the Hall of Fame and is booed by the same hecklers. He then talks about highlights from WrestleMania weekend, which got him to thinking of two things--he's going to headline WrestleMania one day and he decided he wasn't going to "leave Texas without our NXT Championship!" He brags about beating Ziggler's ass, with about 75-80% of the crowd loving it and the rest heckling him. He's continued to be booed as he speaks. Finally out comes Imperium! WALTER and Breakker exchange words, setting up a match later tonight. We head to break. After the break, we're told it's official--Bron Breakker defends against WALTER tonight!

Tag Team Match: Imperium vs the Creed Brothers

We return to a tag match set up. Brutus Creed, the one who looks like he's de-masked Kane's son, spends the first two minutes in the match, weathering both Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel. Brutus brutally drives Marcel into the mat, leaving him holding his ribs. Julius tags in but wastes time standing around. Marcel suckers him and tags in Aichner. Aichner catches Creed's attempted cross body and powers up into a press from a squat and hits a rolling Samoan Driver. Aichner with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to Julius, setting up for Barthel to re-enter the conflict. Julius takes Marcel down and tags in Brutus, and both Creeds begin to focus their attacks on Marcel's ribs. Brutus fights on both Imperium members briefly before the numbers game is too much. Fabian hits a scoop slam on Brutus and we go to break!
During the break, Imperium continue to control the pace of the match. They effectively isolate Brutus throughout the break and use frequent tags to keep the freshest man in. Both men use strong strikes to pound away at the big man, and Aichner uses stiff snap suplexes and snapmares to take him down to the mat before working the neck and head. Brutus starts to fight back in a head-wrench, powering to a vertical base! Brutus throws elbows into Aichner but Aichner picks the legs and drops Brutus down to the canvas, this time latching on to Brutus' left ankle. Aichner wrenches the knee, using his own to put more pressure on the submission as the crowd claps loudly for the Creeds and we return from break! Both men make hot tags and Julius Creed clears house, dropkicking Aichner off the apron and dropping Marcel hard. Marcel screams while holding his knee. Julius uses a suplex to attempt a cover but Aichner makes the save. Aichner blocks a kick and lays out Julius with a lariat. Both superstars are down again. Both men rise but Julius is distracted by Aichner not standing on the apron. A bloody Barthel attacks Julius then hits a sliding dropkick. We're told there's some sort of miscommunication between Fabian Aichner and Marcel--who Vic Joseph routinely calls Martel--which causes Aichner to abandon Marcel. The Creeds capitalize on the confusion and take the win.
Your Winners, the Creed Brothers!

Mystery Assailants Unmasked

As the Creeds celebrate, they're ambushed by two men in dark clothing and masks, wielding steel chairs. The mystery assailants are finally revealed to be NXT UK's Pretty Deadly!

New North American Champion Cameron Grimes Also Addresses the NXT Universe

Grimes begins to make his way through the back and we head to break! When we return, Grimes is announced and stills from Stand & Deliver are shown--including Elektra Lopez's own diving attack during the ladder title match. Grimes gets on the mic as the crowd rips off a "you deserve it" chant. Grimes is legit smiling and looks like he might cry. Ouch--a sizable amount of the audience chants back "no you don't"! NXT's got some haters in the audience tonight. Grimes states he knows his dead dad is staring down at him and grinning because "his boy did it." He recaps how it felt to stand on top of the ladder and win the match. Solo Sikoa makes his way out and congratulates Grimes, and praises his performance at Stand & Deliver. He tells Grimes that winning the title was cool "but now comes the hard part, when you gotta hold on to it." He states he came to NXT to face the best and points out that championships run all through his...bloodline. He then challenges Grimes for the title. Grimes respects Solo Sikoa, stating he can tell he sees in Solo's eyes that he is a man who fought every moment to get there. And to be who he claims he is, Grimes has to beat people just like Solo. "Uce...you're on." They shake hands and the crowd pops. Solo yanks Grimes in close and the two whisper sweet nothings in each other's face.

Backstage: Joe Gacy & Harland

Harland continues to evolve his look, now looking like the love child of Brock Lesnar and Sam Worthington. Gacy states that family is imperative to success and, as creepy music plays, states that a lack of family leads to destruction.

Backstage: Xyon Quin & Draco Anthony

Xyon passes Draco backstage, who just watched the Gacy vignette on tv, and somehow pisses off Draco. The two have some heated words as Xyon tries to explain that he's got Draco's back. Draco snaps back, leading Xyon to challenge him to a match. We head to break.

Singles Match: Dexter Lumis w/ Indi Hartwell vs Duke Hudson w/ Persia Pilotta

Lumis and Wade start off quick and physical. Lumis is nearly thrown over the rope onto Persia and hits the brakes. This gives Duke control for the first time in the match, using a Urinage to counter a corner charge while at it. Duke performs the Orton stomp and the crowd chants...I believe it's "Let's go Dukey". Outside the ring, Persia and Indi talk smack to each other--mostly Persia, as Duke uses working holds and clubbing blows and elbow drops to wear away at Lumis. Hudson maintains control for about a minute before Lumis fires up. A huge spinebuster from Lumis nearly seals the deal, and the crowd chants "sexy Dexi" in support for InDex. Hudson and Lumis battle to the outside, and both men lock up arms through the ring post. They each attempt to pull the other into the post, and Persia begins pulling on Hudson's pants. Indi joins in, helping Dex, and the struggle continues as the ref counts them all out. Afterwards, the crowd loudly chants "that was stupid."
Double Count-Out

Tag Team Championship Rematch: Kai & Gonzalez(c) vs Toxic Attraction

Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne make their way out first and we head to a break. When we return, Kai and Gonzalez--once again besties--come out to a decent pop. Toxic Attraction eye them from across the ring, wearing their black-light-reactive neon green and black vinyl outfits from Stand & Deliver. I like glowing colors. Official introductions are made, titles are presented, and we start our championship defense off with the first-ever two-time women's champions having already made history by having this defense. Raquel and Jacy start us off, but Jacy blind tags in Gigi. Raquel throws Jacy to the mat and intercepts Gigi as she flies for a cross body. Raquel catches her and slams her down, then brings in Kai. Raquel assists Kai with a standing foot-stomp. Kai fails to contain Dolin, who takes Kai to the Toxic side of the ring. TA use frequent tags as they double-team Kai repeatedly and isolate her. Dolin uses a unique, belly-down scissor pin attempt for a close two. Dolin and Jayne keep up the tandem offense, with multiple tags used to contain Kai. Raquel yells across the ring, trying to bait them into letting her tag in.
When we return from the break, Toxic Attraction are still in control of Kai. Kai takes a bit more of a beating as she tries to rally, attempting to fight off both Gigi and Jacy Jayne. Jacy prevents a hot tag by kicking Raquel off the apron, then covers Kai for two. Gigi is tagged in and hits a double-team clothesline/leg sweep combination with Jacy for a close two--only Raquel manages to make the save. Kai fights off an entering Gigi and Jacy and, finally, makes the tag to Raquel after nearly ten minutes. Raquel looks for a Powerslam but Gigi floats over mid-move and hits a backpack stunner. Wendy Choo makes her way down, but Mandy Rose attacks Choo! The ref fails to see Jacy Jayne hit a chopblock on Raquel. Raquel falls victim to the Toxic Shock and Toxic Attraction become the second two-time Women's Tag Champions after beating the first team to have that privilege. Kai & Gonzalez are now 0-2 in title defenses across two title reigns lasting less than half an episode combined.
Your Winners and NEW Women's Tag Team Champions, Toxic Attraction!

The Making of a Made Man: the "New Don of NXT" Tony D'Angelo

Tonight's episode has been abysmal. As D'Angelo's segment attempts to go through, the crowd chants "boring", "you are boring" and other insults. Long segment short, Tony D'Angelo was presented a ring and christened "the Don of NXT." Quite boring.

Singles Match: Nikkita Lyons vs Lash Legend

Lyons is out ahead of a break and plug for WWE2K22. When we return, we start our penultimate match of the night. The crowd seems behind Lyons for the match. Legend takes control early on, and Vic Joseph reminds us that Lash Legend is a former WNBA player and set the record for rebounds in 2016 in the NCAA. Legend maintains control for a couple of minutes until Lyons fires off a snap German Suplex, causing the fans to chant for Suplex City. Lash and Lyons both rise and begin a sequence of exchanging fists. Lyons takes control with a roundhouse kick, then takes Lash into the corner where she repeatedly throws her shoulder into Lash's midsection. Lash is positioned upon the top turnbuckle and the screamer, Lyons, makes her way up to the middle rope. Lyons executes a middle-rope Superplex and covers but Legend kicks out at two. Lyons keeps up the assault and picks up the win after a split-legged leaping leg drop. She screams a lot.
Your Winner, Nikkita Lyons!

NXT Championship Main Event Match: Bron Breakker(c) vs WALTER

WALTER is out first, alone, no sign of his fellow Imperium cohorts. We head to break ahead of our main event match, as the NXT Championship is defended for the third time in 60 hours. We start off with Bron holding his own against a slimmer-looking WALTER, the younger brother of Gunther. The crowd is again brutal, dueling as they chant "not my champion/yes he is" and "we want Ziggler/no we don't!" WALTER takes control after shrugging off a big shoulder from the champ. WALTER weathers Breakker's attempt to work him over in the corner and looks for a big chop. Bron ducks under and again unloads with rights, then catches WALTER mid-leap frog and powerslams him to the mat! Bron rotates his right shoulder as the stalks WALTER around the ring. WALTER rises and slaps a sleeper on Bron, but Breakker escapes and Spears WALTER. Bron pulls down both straps, ready to put this one away. Breakker attempts to Military Press WALTER but his left shoulder gives out on him and Barrett explains the battles over the last three days have taken their toll on the champ. Breakker rolls to the outside, holding the tender shoulder.
WALTER exits the ring and whips Bron head-first into the clear plexiglass barricade as we go to picture-in-picture break! Final update coming once this match is over! During the break, WALTER maintains control and starts to focus his assault on Breakker's shoulder. When we return from break, WALTER continues the same M.O. until Bron starts his comeback sequence, culminating with a spear mid-air to a leaping WALTER! WALTER's already done the damage to Bron, however, and slaps in a Sleeper. Breakker struggles in it for several long moments but uses a jawbreaker to escape. Breakker hoists WALTER up and hits the Military Press slam, picking up the win to finally retain.
Your Winner and STILL NXT Champion, Bron Breakker!

After the Match: Dog-Napping in Progress

We cut to the tron, where Rick Steiner's face is shown. He congratulates his son on his performance tonight, stating he's very proud, and the camera pulls back to show Steiner's been tied up and is being held in a metal cage. Gacy & Harland angrily tell Bron that they told him family is everything and we fade to black.

In Closing

Not gonna lie--and just my opinion--but tonight's episode was very disjointed and, to put it in professional terms, mostly sucked. The main event was a solid match, at least. What were your thoughts about the show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown.

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