WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (December 14, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome back to NXT 2.0! Bringing you live results with updates every 5 to 10 minutes is none other than Lazarus 2.0 himself, Mike Hogan. We've got a great show lined up for us tonight. Last week was a tear-jerker as beloved NXT Original Johnny Gargano has stepped away from the promotion after over half a decade of loyal service. O'Reilly is gone as well--word is he has some dispute with an elitist to deal with. What else is on tap for tonight?

Our official preview was released late this afternoon and is packed full of information. Grayson Waller will answer for his attack last week on Johnny Gargano and Harland will make his in-ring debut. We'll have non-title action when NXT Cruiserweight champ Roderick Strong looks to frack Bron Breakker and Cameron Grimes will bar not a single hold when he takes on Duke Hudson in a No Holds Barred match. Also on tap for tonight is NXT veteran Dakota Kai's rematch against rookie superstar Cora Jade. And let's not forget Andre Chase who looks to school Tony D'Angelo.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (December 14, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Last Time on NXT 2.0...

We open with a video recapping the end of last week's broadcast, during which Johnny Gargano addressed the NXT Universe regarding stepping away to be a family man. Gargano was viciously assaulted by Grayson Waller as the crowd all but rioted as Waller dismantled Johnny Wrestling. The video ends with Waller reiterating Johnny Wrestling is done. We cut to the parking lot where Grayson Waller appears to a booing crowd that alternates loud "asshole" and "you suck" chants as Waller takes video of the crowd and taunts them.

No Holds Barred Match: Cameron Grimes vs Duke Hudson

We cut to the arena where Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett welcome us to the Capitol Wrestling Center. Grimes is out first for this No Holds Barred match. The crowd's ready to go to the moon as we get a video recap package and Grimes fills the ringside with weapons. A video package shows the balding of Hudson at WarGames followed by Duke's appearance last week wearing a blonde wig looking like a Logan brother. After the video, Hudson makes his way out wearing the blonde wig and NCAA wrestling-style head protection that holds it in place. The crowd welcomes the Duke with a loud "you look stupid" chant.
Grimes immediately attacks Hudson and the ref calls for the bell. Grimes sends Hudson outside and smacks his opponent with a trash can lid. The crowd loudly chants "one more time" as Grimes sends Hudson into the ring. Grimes obliges, retrieving the lid, but Hudson attacks Grimes as he enters the ring. Boos fill the arena while Hudson stomps away Grimes. Grimes fires off a springboard Moonsault and looks for an early pin attempt. Hudson rolls to the floor and Grimes follows, smashing Hudson into the steps and ring side. Grimes wastes precious seconds retrieving a chair and Hudson kicks Grimes, disarming him. Hudson tosses weapons up the ramp and gets too close to ringside, allowing Grimes to reach over the top rope and attempt to rip off the wig. Hudson uses the ropes to break the grip and the crowd again chants denigrating remarks at Hudson. Hudson takes control and the duo head outside, next to the commentary table.
Grimes sidesteps a Hudson chair strike and unloads into Duke against the ring. Hudson with a cheap shot. Hudson hoists Grimes up and looks for a huge Razor's Edge (or, Outsider's Edge, if you will). Grimes reverses the mood and sends Hudson smashing into the barricade. The crowd cheers their hero on as he takes things back into the ring. Grimes sets up a chair and attempts a running, jumping kick. Hudson catches Grimes with one big arm and slams Grimes through the chair! Hudson covers for two and we head to picture-in-picture break!
During the break Hudson maintains control, driving Grimes into the hard floor before our commentary team. Hudson enters the ring and paces as Grimes is slow to recover. Hudson tires of waiting and exits the ring, attacking Grimes and using the apron side of the ring as a weapon. Hudson takes his time slowing the pace of the match, frequently attacking Grimes and heading off to strategize. Grimes finds a poker table beneath the ring and slides it into the ring! Hudson appears all in on this tactic, entering the ring at full gear in an effort to capitalize on his momentum. Hudson hits a brutal backbreaker on Grimes, and the North Carolinian yells in pain as his vertebrae are stretched across Hudson's knee. Hudson goes all out, setting up the table before placing Grimes in a seated position atop the turnbuckles. Hudson climbs the middle ropes and threatens a Superplex. Grimes blocks with rights to Hudson's ribs. Hudson with a cheap shot to Grimes face.
Back from the break! Grimes again fights off an ascending Hudson. Grimes flies high, hitting a cross body splash and dropping the bigger Hudson for a close two count. Hudson looks for a pin but gets nothing. Hudson swats Grimes as Cameron attempts to take flight, then looks for a Razor's Edge throw. Grimes escapes and hits a Superkick to Hudson's jaw. Grimes calls for the Cave In, leading the crowd "to the moon"...but Hudson has it scouted! Hudson counters the Cave In with a Powerbomb through the poker table! Hudson covers but only gets two! The crowd erupts for Grimes. Hudson exits the ring again, retrieving hair clippers. Barrett cackles with enthusiasm as Hudson props up a chair, sits, and threatens to shave Grimes' head. Grimes kicks Hudson in the face and hits a Poisonrana followed by a Cave In through the chair! Grimes covers and picks up the win!
Your Winner, Cameron Grimes!

Video Promo: Briggs & Jensen and Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro

They're southern, they like trucks, women and country music. Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter attempt to teach the boys how to dance and leave the dimwits speechless. Sixty seconds you'll never get back.

Grayson Waller Addresses the NXT Universe

Waller makes his way out to jeers and boos. He soaks in all the Haterade with a smile as the crowd begins to chant profanities at him. Waller loves it and tells us that "a wise man once said you can never fail if you bet on yourself." He mocks the wise man--Gargano--for "overstaying his welcome" and wanting to thank the crowd and talk about his family at the conclusion of last week's episode. The crowd drowns him out briefly with a loud "shut the hell up" chant. Waller raises his voice to compete with the crowd, and tells them "that's what happens when you bet on yourself" (referring to his actions last week). Waller pulls up video from his Instagram that shows him bullying Vic Joseph and soaking up an "asshole" chant last week. Waller continues on, stating that last week cemented Waller as the NXT Superstar. He brags about going from winning WarGames and jumping off the cage to ending the legend that is Johnny Gargano. He asks the fans what they did, then answers for them, stating they do what they always do and complain just because they can. He shows some tweets on the big screen of people talking crap about Waller and mocks them for their "seven followers." He shows a tweet from Barrett almost complimenting Waller. Waller mocks Barrett, then lays in to Vic Joseph. The crowd loudly chants for Barrett to "kick his ass." Waller calls out Joseph as a coward, stating Joseph didn't do a single thing last week when Waller destroyed Gargano. He states that shows what kind of man Joseph is, then lays into the crowd and states he doesn't need anyone but himself. He ends his promo, dancing to the boos as Joseph sulks at the desk and segways us into the next video package.

Video Package: MSK Found the Sham-Bro

Short video from last week aired, showing Riddle as the Shaman that MSK were looking for. We're advertised as seeing MSK and Riddle later tonight.

Video Promo: the Diamond Mine

Malcolm Bivens brags on Roderick Strong before Strong gloats that tonight, the Diamond Mine divide and conquer and he'll handle Bron himself. Bivens asks if Ivy's ready to crack some skulls and she is--and she's in action after this break!

Singles Match: Ivy Nile w/ the Diamond Mine vs Amari Miller

Miller makes her debut with a catchy theme. Nile starts us off with a side headlock takedown and transitions into a submission attempt. Amari looks for a headscissors but Nile shows off some insanely impressive skill, standing on her head to easily slip out of the hold. Nile looks to take down Miller, but Miller gains the upper hand briefly. Ivy picks the leg and looks for another hold but again, Miller escapes. Nile finally manages to get her hands on Amari and takes her into the corner, ramming Miller's face into the turnbuckle. Nile perches upon the top turnbuckle and uses her legs for a unique wear-down move as the ref counts a warning. Nile breaks the hold and does push-ups on Amari's back, using the ropes to hold her legs. The ref counts a warning. Nile with a snap suplex followed by a kip-up. Miller looks for a roll-up, transitions into a crucifix roll-up, and attempts a third before Nile breaks the combination. Nile rolls through a backslide. Nile is doing a remarkable job putting over Miller. Miller with a vicious kick to Nile after a snapmare. Miller charges and hits a basement dropkick. Miller looks for a spinning heel kick but Nile counters with a slam. Nile with a running dragon kick followed by a roll-up attempt. Amari rolls through but Nile transitions into a neck crank submission! Amari taps!
Your Winner by Submission, Ivy Nile!

Video Promo: MSK and their Shaman Bro

Riddle tells MSK they've come a long way and asks to see what supplies they've got in a fanny pack. There's various small items, such as scissors, and ridiculous items such as a baseball bat and road cone. Riddle pulls out John Cena's US Championship spinner belt as "Thug Life" plays and the trio admire the retired belt. Riddle reaches into his mighty fanny pack, the one with the quantum pocket universe in it, and pulls out a scooter. He tells them to dig deep and both reach in and retrieve a scooter each. Riddle smiles. "Now, we ride." The trio ride off.

Singles Debut Match: Harland(d) w/ Joe Gacy vs Guru Raaj

Harland is escorted out by Gacy to a decent reaction and a pretty catchy theme, considering. Harland's opponent stands as ready as he can be in the corner while Harland stares like Festus. Harland immediately goes beast mode when the bell rings and spends the short match obliterating Guru Raaj, putting him away mercifully short with a big slam.
Your Winner, Harland!

Backstage: Harland Strikes Again

After a break, we see Harland and several officials heading down a narrow staircase. The officials are all speaking at the same time and apparently one must anger Harland, as Harland throws him down the staircase. The yelling continues.

Singles Match: Cora Jade vs Dakota Kai

Jade is out first for this match, and commentary is joined by NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose as we head to break. Afterwards, Dakota Kai is out to a great reaction from the NXT Universe. Rose is on mic with Barrett and Joseph as the ref calls for the bell. Kai and Jade start off with a series of switches and counters. The crowd is loudly behind both women. Jade favors her left shoulder early on, the one taped up and injured at WarGames. Kai catches Jade attempting to ascend the turnbuckles and the two struggle on the apron. Kai grabs Jade's injured arm and yanks her forward, driving the injured shoulder right into the ring post. Kai attacks Jade's shoulder with a running apron kick before taking her back into the ring, attempting an early pin fall. Kai slaps a working shoulder lock on Jade, twisting the wrist and elbow back behind Jade's neck. Jade attempts to escape but Kai drives her back down into the mat and attempts a cover.
Kai continues to focus her offense on Jade's left shoulder, using an arm bar to cause the rookie to scream in pain while Kai smiles at the crowd. Kai converts to a more traditional arm bar and wraps the wrist in, hooking Jade's wrist under Kai's leg to add even more tension to the shoulder and elbow. Jade escapes and tries to fight back but, again, Kai goes straight to the left arm. Kai looks for a charging attack but Jade dodges, then uses Kai's momentum to send Kai spilling to the outside. Jade tries to shake some life into her injured arm.
Jade catches Kai with two running tackles before using head scissors to send Kai into the corner. Jade strikes Kai and climbs up top, setting Kai up for a top rope shotgun dropkick. Jade covers for two. The crowd fires back up, hot behind both women. Kai slams Jade down with a backbreaker across her knee. Kai with a face wash kick in the corner before attempting another cover, garnering a two. Kai with a rolling inverted cutter for another close pin. Kai, frustrated, exits the ring and begins to dig around beneath the apron. Kai retrieves a shovel and enters the ring. The ref struggles with Kai over the shovel, finally yanking it away. Jade uses the distraction to roll up Kai and pick up the win, leaving Mandy Rose baffled at ringside.
Your Winner, Cora Jade!

After the Match

Afterwards, Kai, bleeding from the elbow, attacks Jade. Kai looks for the shovel but Raquel Gonzalez hits the ring to make the save, battling Kai out of the ringside area. Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne, the NXT Women's Tag Champions and the remainder of Toxic Attraction, make their way out. Mandy Rose uses the distraction to attack Jade from behind, targeting the injured arm herself. Toxic Attraction hold all the gold up high as we end the segment. This spills out to the parking lot after the break as officials have to hold Gonzalez and Kai apart

Singles Match: Andre Chase vs Tony D'Angelo

Tony D'Angelo starts his way out as we head to a break. When we return, we see Tony D'Angelo carries around Pete Dunne's mouth guard--seized from his mouth during WarGames--as a personal trophy. The fans loudly boo Andre and chant for Tony as Chase jaws off-mic to D'Angelo. Tony smacks Chase and drives him face-first into the canvas with a traditional wrestling takedown. D'Angelo shows off some technical skill as he converts it into a rear waistlock. Chase uses the ropes to break the move. D'Angelo takes Chase around the ring with clubbing blows and repeatedly slams Chase's head into the turnbuckle. D'Angelo with a big belly-to-belly suplex slam. D'Angelo yells at Chase as he flees to the outside. We see a Chase University cheering section, all wearing red shirts emblazoned with Chase's logo. D'Angelo gives the lead over for the first time of the night as Chased uses a side headlock slam to take control. Chase hits a neckbreaker and looks for a cover.
Chase uses mount-and-pound briefly before executing a series of slow stomps, yelling out the letters "C-H-A-S-E-U," one per kick, to the cheers of his personal section. Chase looks for another near fall but D'Angelo refuses to sleep with the fishes. D'Angelo powers to a vertical base after a sleeper attempt. The crowd begins dueling chants with the Chase University section, haha. D'Angelo with a back body drop to gain separation. D'Angelo pulls Chase's sweater over his head and pummels him with rights tot he gut. D'Angelo with a butterfly slam followed by a still-motion spear takedown. D'Angelo yells "you're finished, he's done" and hits his unique finisher. D'Angelo chains a suplex into a side spinning cutter for a cover, picking up the win.
Your Winner, Tony D'Angelo!

After the Match: Pete Dunne Confronts D'Angelo

Dunne arrives as D'Angelo cuts a promo, mocking beating Dunne up at WarGames. Dunne's theme sounds like a remix or modern take on his traditional theme. Dunne gets in the ring and confronts D'Angelo. D'Angelo draws his attention to the mouthpiece trophy in the corner. D'Angelo calls Dunne a tough guy for trying to confront him. Tony states he has "dealings to do with a guy dealing with things" and starts to leave. D'Angelo attempts to ambush Dunne, but Dunne attacks the fingers to send Tony fleeing from the ring. Dunne exits and Tony backs off. Dune smashes the trophy case containing his mouthpiece, pulls it out of the broken glass, and shoves it back in his mouth.

Backstage: Bron Breakker, Grayson Waller and the Locker Room

Breakker trains backstage when Waller comes up, bragging as usual. Breakker informs that Waller isn't welcome int he locker room anymore after what he did. Waller shrugs it off, claiming all the best starts have their own locker rooms anyways, and he leaves.

Singles Match: Boa vs Edris Enofe'

Boa comes out first as we head to a break. When we return, Edris is out and we're ready for our match! Edris blocks Boa's strike and lets loose an early combination of strikes that rock Boa. Edris fires off on Boa against the ropes. Boa counters a whip attack with a kick to the gut then uses a lifting suplex drop to lay out Edris. Boa lays into Edris with more strikes and already, a big smudge of Boa's white face paint is all over Edris. We see Solo Sikoa observing the match in the gorilla position via television. Boa with a series of pull back knee strikes before a butterfly suplex lays out Edris for another pin attempt. Barrett praises Boa's recent changes in offense and aggression. Edris takes a turn in control of the match and uses a dropkick to stumble Boa. Edris executes a beautiful suplex for a close pin. Boa looks for a mandible submission and puts Edris away immediately with a roundhouse, ending the short match.
Your Winner, Boa!

Tag Match: Jacket Time vs the Grizzled Young Veteran

Ikemen Jiro and KUSHIDA make their way down as Jacket Time readies up ahead of a commercial. When we return, the GYV are already out and we rush off to our seventh match of the night. Kushida starts with Drake and teases the veteran by slapping Drake's head repeatedly. Gibson talks some sense into Drake, calming his partner, as the crowd loudly is behind Jacket Time. Kushida takes Drake into the Jacket Time corner and uses quick tags to execute several double-team moves with Ikemen throughout the match. Jacket Time use their technical prowess and high-octane style to regain the lead from the GYV. After a Drake suicide dive on Kushida, the NXT Universe loudly informs the GYV that they still suck. Gibson and Kushida spar briefly before Kushida fights out of the GYV corner. Kushida misses a blind tag, rolling up Gibson and opening himself to a rear attack from Drake. Drake with a neckbreaker on Kushida and a quick cover for barely one.
Drake goes back to working the neck as the Creed Brothers make their way down the ramp, observing. Drake whips Kushida into the GYV corner but fails to make the tag. Kushida once again fights out of the corner and succeeds in making the hot tag to Ikemen Jiro. Jiro springs into the ring and takes down Drake in the ring and Gibson on the apron. Jiro is on fire, smacking Drake repeatedly in the corner to the hot crowd's delight. Jiro counters a whip into a release German Suplex and a kip-up! Jiro's "Style Strong" is on full display as he flaunts his jacket. The GYV tag and look to double-team Jiro but Jiro wipes them both out with a springboard cross body. Kushida takes the hot tag and Jacket Time hit stereo dropkicks to Gibson.
Kushida looks for a Hoverboard Lock but Drake makes the save. Gibson converts a front waist lock into a spinning slam for a pin attempt. The crowd once again fires up, supporting Kushida, as Drake comes in. Kushida again fights off Gibson and Drake, sending both to the outside. The Creed Brothers threaten to attack but the Grizzled Young Veterans wave them off--and open themselves to an attack from Jacket Time! Jacket Time capitalizes on the Diamond Mine distraction and pick up the win over the GYV!
Your Winners, Jacket Time!

Non-Title Singles Match: NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong w/ the Diamond Mine vs Bron Breakker

It's finally time for our main event. Roderick Strong comes out with Malcolm Bivens of the Diamond Mine, his Cruiserweight title around his waist. Solid reaction from the crowd for the formerly disputed one. Bron Breakker is out next to the typical great reaction. The NXT Universe loves the Son of Steiner. The bell rings and Roddy looks to pick the leg. Bron shrugs it off and again both men circle. Breakker looks to pick the leg this time and Strong dodges it. Both exchange words. Strong takes Bron to the mat with a hold and keeps the youngster down for a few moments. Breakker wastes no time taking the lead, using a gator roll followed by a long stalling brainbuster suplex to force the champ out of the ring. Strong slams Breakker into the desk and we notice Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams observing. Strong jaws off at the duo as we head to break.
During the break Strong maintains control in the ring. Strong uses elbow smashes and shoulder thrusts to wear down Bron. Strong follows a takedown up with a backbreaker across his knee, covering for two. Strong falls back on his technical background as seems to be the trend tonight, and uses a working hold to stretch Breakker's back across his knee in a side bow position. Breaker fights to his feet and stumbles the champ with two rights, but Strong fires off a standing dropkick to layout Bron. Strong punishes Breakker with a dropping kick and diving strike. Strong switches to a modified Camel Clutch to wear down Breakker.
Back from the break. Strong maintains control, continuing to use a wide variety of working holds to keep Breakker on the mat. Breakker starts his comeback sequence, running over Strong with a diving shoulder and a brutal clothesline. Breakker whips Strong and hits a Franken-Steiner, firing up the NXT Doghouse! Breakker with a belly-to-belly into a cover for a close two. Breakker, with the fans hot behind him, looks to put Strong away as we begin our overrun.
Breakker throws shoulders into Strong's midsection; Strong fires off chops to Bron's chest. The crowd feels the finish coming and fires up, chanting for both men. Roderick runs off the ropes back and forth, once and again, striking Bron every time he passes the youngster. Breakker kicks out of a pin attempt. Strong pulls Breakker up and takes him into the corner, positioning Bron on the top turnbuckle. Strong climbs the ropes all the way to the top. Strong looks for a top-rope Superplex and hits it! Strong back to his feet and rolls the move into a Powerbomb, bridging into a standing pin attempt for a close two! Very impressive spot. The crowd shows the duo love with yet more chants. Bron uses a suplex toss to gain some separation but walks into a step-up Enziguri from Strong. Breakker counters a Strong running strike into a side slam and pulls down the straps. Breaker with a Military Press Powerslam! Breakker picks up the win in impressive fashion!
Your Winner, Bron Breakker!

After the Match: Psycho-Killer

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa attacks Breakker outta nowhere and the crowd comes alive with a lengthy "psycho killer" chant for Daddy. Daddy jaws off at Bron, telling him this is war, before hoisting Goldy up to end our program.

In Closing

That wraps it up for the Skittles brand. What were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown 1.0!

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