WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (December 21, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome back to NXT 2.0! Your host tonight is the head of the results table, Mike Hogan We've got a great show lined up for us tonight with five matches announced before noon.

Our official preview is up, and tonight's show has a virtual plethora of matches. We'll get a Street Fight when former besties and NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez square off. NXT 2.0 is going to get a lil' bit phenomenal as AJ Styles takes on Grayson Waller in a war of words. Pete Dunne looks for a measure of revenge against Tony D'Angelo, and in further singles' competition, Von Wagner will take on an as-yet-unnamed opponent. Also on tap is a tag match between the Grizzled Young Veterans and the Diamond Mine. And lastly, Dexter Lumis finally gets his hands on Trick Williams. As the last standing member of the now-defunct The Way, can Lumis handle the Champ of NXT and his sidekick?

We'll find out next on NXT 2.0! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (December 21, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

In the Ring: NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa

We open straight on the arena with Daddy hoisting Goldie up high as the hot crowd pops for their champion. Vic Joseph welcomes us and Ciampa soaks up a big chant for a few moments. Finally he speaks, explaining that the NXT Champion is constantly being hunted. There's a target on the champ's head. But, as Ciampa explains, the hunter is the champion. He openly welcomes the challenge. He tells Bron Breakker to come on out as he has something to say to him face-to-face. Out comes Bron Breakker. Bron asks for a mic but Ciampa denies him a mic. Ciampa tells Bron that he already knows what Breakker's going to say. He recaps the big spots from their recent WarGames match, a match that saw Breakker pin Ciampa for three. Ciampa tells Bron that he knows Bron wants a shot, and Ciampa gives props to Breakker by telling Bron he deserves a title shot. The crowd pops to this and lets out a short "you deserve it" chant. Ciampa agrees with the crowd, telling Bron he does deserve it and in two weeks, at New Year's Evil, Breakker is getting his second shot at the title. Ciampa hopes that he doesn't drown like the first time they fought, and Ciampa warns Breakker about "jumping into the deep end."
"There is no replacement for experience, there is no replacement for time. You've got all the tools...you're super intense, your strength is for days...the thing is, you're not ready to be a champion in my NXT. I'm talking about an NXT Champion, guys like Sami Zane and KO, Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor." He reminds Bron that he's got ten to twenty years of crafting his profession but Bron's had ten to twenty matches. Ciampa questions if Breakker is ready for the weight of the heavyweight championship on his shoulders. Ciampa tells Breakker that it's just too much too soon.
Ciampa tells Bron to picture himself winning the title on January 4th at New Year's Evil. He then hypothesizes about Bron taking the title home for the holidays and all the props he'd get at home and all the barking that would go on. Ciampa tells him the problem is that's not reality--and then slaps the tar out of Bron. Breakker gets in Ciampa's face, grabs him by the neck and hoists him up in a military press. Ciampa tells Bron to put him down. Breakker does so, then tells the champ he'll see him in two weeks and eat him alive when he does.

Brawling in Parts Unknown

We cut to the back and find Dakota Kai fighting with Raquel Gonzalez. Their street fight is scheduled for next but we watch the two fight for several moments backstage. Both women send each other face-first into a variety of objects, ranging from metal fencing to piles of pipes. Vic Joseph questions where they're fighting at (the back of the arena...). Kai and Gonzalez go back and forth, exchanging control backstage. Big spots include Kai landing a stiff kick to the jaw and Gonzalez throwing Kai around like a doll. Kai eventually runs into a Big Boot from Gonzalez and props back against an equipment case, resting. Gonzalez grabs another equipment case and attempts to run Kai over but the Kiwi Killer dodges just in time. Kai uses a trash can to beat Raquel then hobbles further around in the back, finding a table and setting it up. Refs and officials plead with Kai. Gonzalez rams Kai with a hand truck (cart). The officials implore both women to take it to the ring as the match can't start until they're in the ring. We cut to the outside where Kai and Gonzalez battle along the exterior of the building. We go to picture-in-picture break as Vic Joseph promises this match will begin. During the break, the two continue to brawl into the building and into the gorilla position as refs direct the chaos towards the ring. Finally after eight minutes of brawling, the two make it to the ring as we return from break. Time for the match!

Street Fight Match: Dakota Kai vs Raquel Gonzalez

Raquel looks beneath the ring for a table, and the delay allows Kai to attack the former champ from behind. The two brawl at the ringside and Raquel repeatedly throws Kai on the hard flat apron surface. Kai attempts a headlock but Raquel rams Kai back into the hard ring side. The two jockey for position as they battle outside by the ring post. Raquel uses the top of the commentary desk to flatten a charging Kai. The two continue to brawl all around the ring, slamming each other into the clear plexiglass barricade as the crowd flips out. Raquel uses strong strikes and brutal throws to punish Kai. The agile Kai uses the ropes to counter a Gonzalez move into a face stomp into the steel steps. Kai takes a moment to retrieve a table from beneath the ring to a big pop. Kai babbles off-mic to herself as she tries to shove the table in the ring. Gonzalez grabs the other end of the table, from the adjacent ring side, and shoves the table back. Kai stumbles back and Raquel enters the ring, setting up a steel chair. Kai hits the ring but Raquel pops her up and sends Kai's face into the seat.
Gonzalez looks to powerbomb Kai through a table propped up in the corner at a 45-degree angle. Kai counters and uses her strong legs to whip Raquel out of the ring. Kai positions a trash can around Gonzalez, climbs up top and hits a double foot stomp onto the can and Raquel! Gonzalez recovers and hits a desperate powerbomb, driving Kai's back into the exposed top of the steel steps. The crowd loudly chants for one more time. Raquel angrily yells at Kai and takes her back into the ring, rolling in after her. Gonzalez lays out Kai with another Big Boot then hits the Chingona Bomb on a trash can. Gonzalez covers and picks up the win!
Your Winner, Raquel Gonzalez!

After the Match: Toxicity

Raquel Gonzalez immediately forgets about Kai, grabbing a mic. Gonzalez yells that she's tired of waiting and demands Mandy Rose come out. We head to a break with Gonzalez adamant and poised in the ring. After a break, Raquel insists Rose come out. Instead, Cora Jade makes her way out. Jade knows Raquel is calling out Rose and as much as Raquel wants that, Jade wants payback against Toxic Attraction. She points out they attempted to end her career. Jade states that the only way to kill Toxic Attraction is to cut off the head of the snake. Jade knows Rose won't give her a title shot. Raquel remind Jade that despite their team-up at WarGames, she will go through anyone to get her title back as it's every woman for herself. Jade tells Raquel, "not if I get there first." Mandy Rose is shown on the tron wearing a red bikini while at a heated pool. Rose tells the two that she knows they're envious of Rose's awesomeness, but Rose is in a giving mood. Rose states it'll be a triple-threat match for her NXT Women's Championship. She states that as she's full of surprises, they not only get a title match, they also get a nice ass-whooping. We cut to the ring in time to catch Toxic Attraction's Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne attacking Gonzalez and Jade with weapons. Toxic Attraction are left standing as Rose watches from the tron and smiles, holding her title up.

Video Promo: Tony D'Angelo

Tony tells us by way of a video package, including interview clips and highlights from recent matches, that Tony does what he says he'll do. He said he'd make an impact in NXT and did. He mentions ripping out Pete Dunne's mouth guard at WarGames and is ready to face Dunne later tonight.

Backstage: Indi Hartwell, Persia Pirotta, and Grayson Waller

Hartwell and Persia are speaking when Grayson walks up. He points out that they're all three from the land down under and they should get along. They tell him they want nothing to do with him. He antagonizes Hartwell by pointing out he "ended" Gargano's career. Persia has to restrain Indi and yells at Grayson to get out.

Tag Match: the Grizzled Young Veterans vs the Diamond Mine

The Diamond Mine is represented by the Creed Brothers in this match. We cut to the ring and all four men are out. We start with Gibson and Julius Creed. The Creed Brothers start up their typical offense, using frequent tags while attempting to isolate Gibson to their corner of the ring. Brutus comes in and body slams Julius on Gibson. The Creed Brothers maintain control a few moments longer until a whip from Julius sends Gibson careening into the corner. Drake sacrifices himself, putting his body between the turnbuckles and Gibson. Gibson is able to capitalize on the save and gives Julius a set of suplexes to ground him. Drake comes in but fails to contain Julius. Brutus takes the semi-hot tag and gut-wrench slams Drake. Brutus shows off his power against the smaller Drake, but misses a blind tag. Gibson attacks Brutus and works with Drake to double-team Brutus at the ringside. Jacket Time come out pushing a cart, distracting everyone as the duo take up position at the commentary desk. We head to break.
Back from the break. Gibson wrenches Brutus' neck with a headlock as the crowd cheers on Jacket Time. Jacket time have set up their own commentary table with "Jacket Time" emblazoned across the top. Vic Joseph informs us they're our Japanese commentary team for this match apparently. Drake comes in and picks up where Gibson left off, working the neck of Brutus Creed and attempting a sleeper. Julius tries to cheer on his brother as Brutus powers slowly, foot by foot, across the ring. Julius takes the hot tag and clears house, sending Gibson flying out of the ring and tossing Drake aside. The Creed Brothers work together to double-team Drake again, getting a near-fall. Several times we "check in" with the Japanese commentary team. The Creed Brothers brawl with the Grizzled Young Veterans outside the room. The Creed Brothers want to powerbomb the GYV through the Japanese commentary table. A brawl breaks out when the Creed Brothers attack Jacket Time. Briggs and Jensen join the fray from out of nowhere and after a brief, large brawl, Briggs, Jensen and Jacket Time stand tall in the ring over the GYV and The Creed Brothers.
Your Results: No Contest, Double-Disqualification

Singles Match: Trick Williams w/ North American Champion Carmelo Hayes vs Dexter Lumis

We return to the ring and both men are out. Trick and Dexter stand face-to-face. Trick looks to the crowd and Lumis thrusts his chest out, scaring Trick. Trick looks for a high kick but Lumis catches his foot and sends him back. Trick looks to Hayes for advice and Lumis slithers over, sending Trick running from the ring. Lumis catches Trick on the outside and sends him into the ring. Lumis begins working Trick's neck, wrenching his jaw to the side. Trick gets in a burst of speedy offense, hitting a basement dropkick followed by a quick ground and pound. Trick sets Lumis up for a move on the apron. Trick looks for a baseball slide but Lumis slides out and pulls the ring apron back, catching Trick between it and the ringside. Hayes gets in Lumis' face, and Lumis holds up a "thumbs up." Hayes looks at Lumis, scrutinizing the gesture--and is attacked by Roderick Strong! Strong and Hayes battle to the back as Lumis and Williams take it back into the ring.
Trick takes control and takes a turn at wrenching necks, using his own working holds to wear down Lumis' neck. The crowd fires off several pro-Lumis chants but still show Trick some love. This crowd is hot as usual. Lumis flips Williams off his back and starts his comeback sequence, hitting several Kane thrust chops to Trick. Dexter executes a back body slam and kips up. Lumis takes Williams into the corner and stomps away at Williams. Williams removes a shoe and attempts to use it as a weapon! Lumis ducks under and locks in the Silence! The Kata Gatame is cinched in and Williams can't escape! Williams taps out and Lumis breaks the Silence, picking up the big win.
Your Winner by Submission, Dexter Lumis!

After the Match

Grayson Waller attacks Lumis, beating him down post-match. Waller vows to continue his destruction of NXT when we see AJ Styles finally arriving! We head to break.

Backstage: Zoey Stark, Io Shirai and Legado Del Fantasma

Stark and Shirai are discussing Stark's leg injury, and Stark thanks Shirai for joining her. Legado walk up and begin talking trash, culminating with Lopez and Shirai having words. Stark was excited as Shirai stood up for her (and tried to not acknowledge it).

Video Promo: Pete Dunne

Dunne tells us he's 28 years old (my guess was way off) but he has fifteen years experience. Wrestling is his life. He knows NXT 2.0 are hungry but he won't let hungry pups stand in his way. He addresses Tony D'Angelo and tells Tony that tonight, Dunne plans to make sure D'Angelo never forgets that Dunne is the Bruiserweight.

In the Ring: Grayson Waller and AJ Styles

We return to the ring where Waller is on the mic. The crowd hates Waller and chant several offensive phrases at him as he tells us that he is the NXT Superstar. He brags about ending Gargano's career and starts to talk more--but is interrupted by AJ Styles! The NXT crowd welcomes Styles with a huge pop and chants throughout. Styles soaks it all in, even as Waller sarcastically introduces Styles. Waller claims the "Grayson Waller Effect" is why the crowd cheered Styles. Styles responds, "yeah you can shut up now." The crowd chants "shut the hell up!" Waller starts to talk and Styles tells Waller to shut the hell up. "This is the Grayson Waller? The one everyone's talking about, the biggest jackass in NXT? I saw your little social media, I saw you talking trash. You feel good about yourself? You feeling popular now?" Waller claims that in one month he's gone from "that kid has potential" to an NXT Superstar. HE questions Styles, demanding to know why Styles is there. "Is it because you want to be that veteran that comes in to help the new guy?" The crowd chants "kick his ass" haha. Grayson takes jabs at Styles, stating Styles lost his meal ticket when he lost Omos and Styles is desperate to work with Waller. Styles takes a turn running down Grayson Waller and accuses Waller of ripping off his style. He does tell Waller that Grayson has potential, and Styles can appreciate Waller's cockiness. But as a future superstar? Styles can't see it. He names those he can see as superstars--Breakker, D'Angelo--but tells Waller he doesn't have it. He tells Waller that "your problem is you'd rather look good and lose than look bad and win." Waller mentions winning the WarGames match. Styles tells him that to Waller, it's more about swipes and likes and not wins and losses. Waller questions why Styles has an attitude in "his" ring since Styles doesn't have his insurance policy (Omos). Waller threatens to end Styles' career. AJ tells him to do it. He tells Grayson that his three-week streak in NXT doesn't compare to being Phenomenal for over twenty years. The crowd starts a loud AJ Styles chant and Waller cowardly backs out of the ring. Grayson tells AJ "I'm going to let Omos get you first...I've got next."

Video: Riddle the Sham-Bro and MSK

We see Riddle talking to MSK about scooters, telling them that the scooter is the journey to their destination. Wes Lee recaps the vignettes the last few weeks leading up to Riddle being revealed as their Shaman Bro. Riddle is grateful to have shared his experience with MSK and he's grateful to have learned from them. He gives them the new RK-Bro shirt (want!) and we see the trio having fun until Riddle is seemingly run over by a van. MSK are shown next at a bus station, waking up from the apparent dream. They find RK-Bro swag in their belongings. Riddle shows up "for real" and gives them scooters, again, and offers to coach them for their match against Imperium next week. Odd segment.

Singles Match: Von Wagner vs Edris Enofe'

Wagner starts off dominant, using the size and power differential to ground the high-flying Edris. Wagner pounds Edris for about a minute before attempting a powerbomb. Edris rolls through, instead rolling up Wagner to pick the win up in seconds. Robert Stone watches the chaos and seems to take note of Wagner.
Your Winner, Edris Enofe'!

Backstage Interview: Imperium with Mackenzie

Mackenzie tries to interview the duo, who speak in German first. "Hast du etwas Zeit für mich Dann singe ich ein Lied für dich Von 99 Luftballons Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont Denkst du vielleicht g'rad an mich Dann singe ich ein Lied für dich Von 99 Luftballons Und dass so was von so was kommt." Mackenzie apologizes as she doesn't speak German. They briefly explain in English that they're not worried about their potential challengers in the chaotic tag division.

Singles Match: Elektra Lopez w/ Legado Del Fantasma vs Io Shirai

When we return from break, Io makes her way out to a great reaction from the crowd. Elektra Lopez is already in the ring and ready to rock. Wilde and Mendoza flank the ring, supporting Lopez. Lopez starts off with a scoop slam and a charging elbow. Shirai counters with a right before kicking Lopez's legs out from under her. Shirai stomps Lopez in the corner and looks for a Pendulum dropkick but Lopez counters. Lopez uses the middle rope to choke Shirai as the ref counts a warning. Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph discuss Lopez's relationship with Xyon Quinn and debate if Elektra likes Xyon. Shirai starts her comeback early, wiping out Lopez with a 6-1-9 and a missile dropkick. Shirai connects with a modified Meteora in the corner and covers for a close two. Shirai climbs up the turnbuckles rear, looking for her Over the Moonsault, but Lopez is up fast and drags her down. Xyon Quinn comes out, causing a distraction. Xyon beats up Wilde and Mendoza, puts a flower in his out and removes his jacket. He hops up on the apron and holds up the flower--mistletoe, rather--and before the duo can kiss, Santos Escobar attacks Quinn! Shirai uses this distraction to take down Lopez and hit her Over the Moonsault to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Io Shirai!

Singles Main Event Match: Pete Dunne vs Tony D'Angelo

Tony makes his way out first and we head to a break ahead of our main event. After much ado about nothing, we finally start our main event with eight minutes left in our broadcast. D'Angelo and Dunne open up with an exhibition of textbook wrestling, using counters and locks as both men jockey for control. D'Angelo looks for the lead, coming off the ropes and hitting a snap German Release Suplex that rocks Dunne. Dunne fires off chops before attempting a sleeper while Barrett praises D'Angelo's collegiate wrestling record. Dunne fires off another set of chops and chest slaps and attempts to go for D'Angelo's digits. Tony counters with another snap German release. Tony wraps up Dunne from behind and looks for another German release. Dunne floats over and uses a pair of kicks to send D'Angelo spilling to the outside. Dunne hits a running knee drop on D'Angelo's arm, draped on the apron, as we head to our final break of the night!
Dunne takes control during the break and turns to his British strong style roots. Dunne begins focusing his attacks on the left wrist and digits of D'Angelo, using a series of arm holds to crank and yank on Tony's wrist. D'Angelo takes the punishment throughout the commercial break. D'Angelo attempts to gain some separation as we return from the break but Dunne again drives him to the mat and starts to work on D'Angelo's arms. Dunne strikes D'Angelo's elbow and wrists. D'Angelo and Dunne exchange control and Tony fires the crowd up with a few big spots. Tony's cockiness costs him, however, as Dunne is quick to slip on a Triangle Hold! D'Angelo plants his feet and powers up, hoisting Dunne up while still in the Triangle Lock! He converts it into a modified Fisherman's. The crowd breaks out in dueling chants as they're hot for both superstars. D'Angelo locks Dunne's head and throws rights into his side. D'Angelo with another brutal suplex, crashing Dunne into the turnbuckles. We're now in overrun territory.
Dunne starts a comeback sequence, hitting multiple running strikes to D'Angelo's injured arm. Step-up Enziguri from Dunne, followed by a pin attempt. Dunne stomps D'Angelo repeatedly when the youngster kicks out. The crowd is hot for this--gotta love hot crowds. NXT Universe and AEW have the best. Both men rise to their knees and are slow to throw rights that rock each other. The exhaustion is written all over their face. Dunne takes the lead, rising and kicking D'Angelo before stomping the fingers. Dunne looks for a suplex but D'Angelo counters it into a Falcon Arrow! D'Angelo looks for a cover but doesn't seem to have Dunne in position and the ref checks on both men as they crawl apart.
Tony D'Angelo heads outside and sneaks a crowbar into the ring. D'Angelo holds it o his right and keeps the ref to his left, trying to slyly strike Dunne. Dunne dodges it and slaps in a submission! D'Angelo somehow hangs in there and rips the mouthpiece outta Dunne's mouth once again. D'Angelo looks for his finisher but Dunne grabs the let hand and snaps D'Angelo's fingers! Dunne hits the Bitter Ending to pick up the win!
Your Winner, Pete Dunne!

After the Match: Bruising the Bruiserweight

After a few long moments, Tony D'Angelo attacks Pete Dunne. Tony takes out Dunne at ringside with a swinging neckbreaker and a suplex. D'Angelo retrieves the crow bar and uses it to bend Dunne over the commentary desk and choke him with it. D'Angelo then uses the crowbar to smash Dunne's left wrist. Dunne rolls in pain as D'Angelo talks smack and the crowd drowns him out in boos.

In Closing

Yet another excellent episode from the Skittles brand. What were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for a special Christmas Eve edition of SmackDown 1.0!

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