WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (December 28, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome back to NXT 2.0! Your host tonight is the best play-by-play reporter in sports entertainment today, Mike Hogan We've got a great show lined up for us tonight as we set the final pawns in place for next week's New Year's Evil special event. To sum up what we know about the event, MSK will look to put Riddle's advice to use as they challenge Imperium for the tag titles. Raquel Gonzalez & Cora Jade will vie with Mandy Rose for the women's championship, and on the men's side, Ciampa will have his hands full with Bron Breakker. Roderick Strong and Carmelo Hayes will fight in a title unification match.More is expected to be announced tonight.

Regarding our show tonight, the official preview didn't drop until late this afternoon but it runs down some of tonight's card. Raquel Gonzalez & Cora Jade will team up against Toxic Attraction's Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne. We'll also hear from Grayson Waller, who showed up on Raw last night to harass AJ Styles. And North American Champion Carmelo Hayes & Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong will sign the contract ahead of their title unification match.

We've got all this in store, and more, next on NXT 2.0! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (December 28, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome to NXT 2.0!

Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett welcome us to the final stop before next week's New Year's Evil event. We get straight on with things.

Grayson Waller Addresses His Raw Appearance

Waller comes out to boos from practically the entire building. He soaks it up and plays up to it well. The kid's got heel moxie, what can I say? Waller wears camouflage-printed sports wear and the fans chant "asshole." Waller calls himself the breakout star of the year. He asks about everyone's Christmas, and the crowd answers with a resounding "you suck" chant. Waller tells us about going to Detroit to be on Raw. The crowd breaks out into a Styles chant. Waller tells us that Styles wanted the Grayson Waller Effect, as if he's the one making stars. We get a clip from last night, in which Styles has words with Waller. Back in the ring, Waller tells us he doesn't get why people like AJ Styles and think he's a good man, despite threatening Grayson. He mocks Styles' music, calling it "top five worst songs" he's ever heard. He calls the fans fat and tells them he doesn't get why the struggle to get their fat asses out of seats for Styles. The crowd chants "not a star." Waller tells us if it hadn't been for Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez in the ring, he'd have destroyed Styles. The crowd starts a loud "shut the hell up" chant, haha. Gotta love NXT's hot crowds. Waller insults Dexter Lumis, whom he's having a match against later, and then hits on Indi and takes digs at Dexter. Waller tells us it doesn't matter who comes out next, they're going to find out how great the Grayson Waller Effect is. Out comes Odyssey Jones! Waller leaves the ring before the ref can call for the bell, and the crowd boos loudly. Jones hops on the mic and calls him a "big time bitch" to a big pop from the crowd. They then begin chanting "big time bitch" haha. Waller takes off his top and enters the ring, and the ref calls for it!

Singles Match: Odyssey Jones vs Grayson Waller

Waller skirts back to a corner to avoid Jones, using the ref as a shield. Jones backs off and eventually gets a hold of Waller. Jones uses his larger size and powerhouse skill set to pound and ground Waller. Jones hits a big spinebuster before working Waller over in the corner. Waller starts his stretch of offense, unloading fists on Jones. Waller's jabs take aim at Jones' gut and sides. Waller uses a bottom dropkick to take out Jones' leg, then begins to use working holds throughout the remainder of our picture-in-picture commercial break to wear down Jones. Jones shoves Waller off, trying to gain some separation, but Waller quickly closes the gap and takes the big man down to a knee. Waller yells insults, plays up to the crowd, and kicks Jones in the face repeatedly in a sign of disrespect. Waller works the neck for a period, hoping to slow down the big man. Jones finally breaks the hold with blows to Waller's gut as we return from the break.
Waller drops Jones but instead of attempting a cover, Waller climbs up top and hits his unique take on a middle-rope springboard elbow drop. Very worth watching the handwork involved in it.Jones starts his comeback sequence, running over Waller twice before driving Waller across his knee in a vicious backbreaker. Waller hits a high axe kick and climbs the corner ropes, throwing rights into a stunned Jones' face in the corner. Jones has had enough, however, and hits a big powerbomb in the middle of the ring! During the carry prior to the bomb, Waller pulled the top turnbuckle pad off. This comes into play when Jones charges Waller in the corner and collides head first with the exposed buckle. Waller quickly follows it up by charging the ring, diving through the ropes and hitting an inverted springboard backpack stunner, then covers to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Grayson Waller!

AJ Styles Addresses the NXT Universe

After the match, AJ Styles is shown on the tron. Styles announces that he's going to be at New Year's Evil next week to have a "chat" with Waller.

Backstage Interview: Io Shirai, Cora Jade, Raquel Gonzalez, Kay Lee Ray

Jade & Gonzalez are asked about their ability to co-exist. They agree that tonight, just like WarGames, is about taking down their mutual enemy. Mandy Rose pops on the 60" tv in the gorilla position. She suggests that, instead of Toxic Attraction taking on Jade & Gonzalez, Jade & Gonzalez take on Shirai & Ray, with the winning team getting a title shot at New Year's Evil. The four women exchange words jovially.

Backstage: Grayson Waller and MSK

Waller is venting backstage, pissed about Styles' announcement, and MSK walks up. He's rude to them, they comment on it, and move on. They'll confront Imperium later tonight.

Later Tonight: Tiffany Stratton Debuts

We get a short vignette for Stratton, who will appear tonight. Tiffany is best known outside of WWE as famed bodybuilder Jessica Woynilko. We head to break.

MSK Have Words For Imperium

The former tag champs make their way out to an energetic crowd and tell 'em it's great to be back. They soak in friendly chants from the crowd, all smiles. We're reminded that they've been gone since Halloween Havoc, where they lost the tag titles two months ago. They talk about their beautiful journey, and finding their shaman Riddle, and now they're flying higher than ever before. Riddle is shown on the tron, high as hell, and can barely open his eyes. He makes many jokes about taking the higher road, and higher powers, et cetera. He tells MSK that it's their destiny to challenge Imperium. MSK then call out Imperium, saying "Imperium, bring that ass here, boy!" Out comes Imperium! Imperium cut a promo in German and MSK ask for subtitles. WALTER is eventually shown on screen, angrily talking down to MSK. Riddle dials back in and defends MSK. Riddle challenges Imperium to a six-man tag match at next week's New Year's Evil, and WALTER accepts! MSK & Riddle vs Imperium next week!

Singles Match: Harland w/ Joe Gacy vs Andre Chase The Brian Kendrick

Gacy and Kendrick are in the ring and await The Brian Kendrick. His music plays and nothing happens. The crowd boos and chants "we want Kendrick." Gacy gets on the mic, telling Harland that "Mr. Kendrick is just like so many people in this cruel world. They talk a big game but when they get confronted with their mistakes, they fail to show up. Mr. Kendrick is afraid to admit that he was the problem, that he did wrong by you." Cue the music for Andre Chase. Chase gets more boos than Gacy. Chase asks the two to pardon his interruption, "but what we have right now is a teachable moment! And Andre Chase University, we don't quit! We don't run away from our problems!" He enters the ring. "We take negatives and we turn them into positives." Gacy tells Chase that they admire the good work he does at Andre Chase University. "In fact, did you know Harland used to be enrolled in school himself? Until he was unfairly and unjustly expelled. But Mr. Chase, we would like to thank you! Thank you for stepping up and volunteering yourself as Mr. Kendrick's replacement tonight!" The ref calls for the bell. Within sixty seconds, Harland has pummeled and destroyed Chase so bad, the ref calls for the bell. After the match, Harland beats up a Chase University student who came out to check on Chase. Harland then kidnapped the student.
Your Winner by Referee Stoppage, Harland!

Backstage: Legado Del Fantasma and Solo Sikoa

LDF are interrogating Lopez about her relationship with Xyon. Solo walks up and somehow disrespects Santos. Solo tells Santos if he's got a problem, they can settle it in the ring.

Singles Debut Match: Tiffany Stratton vs Fallon Henley

Stratton struts out, spraying perfume in front of where she walks. She has a unique entrance, even if her music is generic and outdated. The bell rings and the crowd politely cheers for both women with a lengthy dueling chant. Fallon starts working the left arm but Stratton shows off some impressive agility, using the corner to flip free and counter into a grounded arm wrench bar of her own. Stratton breaks multiple headlocks, using her thick, powerful arms to break the hold and wrench Fallon's neck in return. Fallon sends Tiffany into the ring, but Tiffany drops Fallon with a shoulder. Tiffany claps, says "yay" and hops up. Tiffany and Fallon engage in an acrobatic sequence, with Tiffany repeating the clapping hop bit whenever she counters or avoids a move. Fallon looks for a backwards somersault strike but it looks as if she comes up a bit short and improvises. Stratton drives Henley down and picks up the win.
Your Winner, Tiffany Stratton!

Title Unification Match Contract Signing

Wade Barrett is moderating this contract signing. First, he welcomes the Diamond Mine, led by NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong. The crowd welcomes them with loud boos. Roddy takes a seat at the table and Malcolm Bivens speaks. He tells the crowd that he saw no sign of Carmelo Hayes or Trick Williams backstage, then states he can sympathize as gas is high and "the brothers can't afford" gas. Hayes and Williams come out, interrupting Malcolm. They call Strong the B-Champion and enter the ring. Williams tells Strong that Roddy's never been "bout-it bout-it" and next week, Hayes will win. Bivens offers to translate Williams' words. He reiterates that Williams claims Strong will lose, he'll lose his title, and Williams will stomp the crap out of him. Strong asks Bivens to translate "tell him I'll kick his ass" and Bivens uses slang, to the crowd's approval, and ends it by telling them they're outnumbered by the Diamond Mine. Williams takes offense, and angrily tells us his weight and height and tells Bivens to do the math. This is odd. Barrett tries to calm the group, and tells them he has zero clue about what anyone is talking about. He reins it in, asking to speak to the two champions. He asks Carmelo to take a seat and gives Hayes a chance to speak. The North American Champion does just that. "Roderick Strong. When I say I shoot and I don't miss, that's not a catch phrase That's a lifestyle. Because I've got aim like Denzel in the Equalizer" and threatens to put Roddy "on a tee shirt." Hayes goes on to claim he'll become the A-Champion of NXT when he unifies the titles. He tells Roddy that's "all it is and that's all it's ever gon' be." Strong tells Hayes that the fact Hayes said all that to his face is truly impressing. Strong states that at NYE, they're both going to have a life-changing experience. He vows to walk out a two-time North American Champion. "And for you, Carmelo, you're going to be carried out and forever known as 'Humble Hayes.' And that's all it's gonna be!" Wade tells them it's time to sign, and both men jaw at each other off-mic. Strong signs the contract, followed by Hayes. Both groups talk smack to each other throughout. Hayes and Williams strip off shirts and puff their chests out. Barrett wisely leaves the ring, as does Hayes & Williams. Bivens calls for the music to be cut, and then tells Dexter Lumis whooping Williams ass was "bout-it bout-it." Williams gets in the ring and threatens Bivens, who asks can't they all just get along? And in a token of peace, the Creed Brothers proceed to Powerbomb Williams through the table!

Singles Match: Solo Sikoa vs Santos Escobar w/ Legado Del Fantasma

Escobar is escorted by the entire LDF faction. Solo readies up, as does Escobar--now sporting longer hair and no longer held up--and we get the bell. Both men look to lock up but Escobar backs down. Again they lock up and Solo pushes Escobar back to the ropes. Escobar performs a standing switch then slaps Solo across the chest hard. Solo shakes it off and breaks a rear waist lock with elbow strikes. Santos attempts a roll-up but Solo escapes immediately. Escobar takes the first lead, using an arm bar and single underhook lock to wear down Solo's left shoulder. Solo endures the lock for a lengthy period before picking Escobar's leg out from under him, forcing a break.
Santos looks to pick the leg and takes Solo down with a textbook wrestling takedown (that's it's name). Santos repositions on the mat, looking for leverage for a neck submission. Solo rises to his feet with Santos on his back. Santos, still on Solo's back, manages an improvised Abdominal Stretch until Solo flips Santos off his back. Escobar attempts a whip but Solo puts on the brakes. Solo drops Escobar with a huge running clothesline, then drops Escobar with a Scoop Slam, following that up with a dropping headbutt. Solo follows Escobar outside. Wilde & Mendoza distract Solo long enough for Escobar to attack from behind, sending us to commercials while standing tall over the fallen Solo.
Back from the break. Escobar, we're informed, maintained control throughout the break. Escobar uses a Side Russian Leg Sweep and attempts a pin, but Sikoa still has too much fight in him. Santos helps Solo up and shoves him into the ropes, hammering the small of Sikoa's back with a forearm strike. Escobar begins to focus on Sikoa's lower back, stomping away at it as the ref warns him. Escobar kicks Solo, and repeatedly tells him "you're nothing." Escobar toys with Solo, then looks for a modified single-leg crab hook. Very cool take on it, with Escobar's knee pushing into Sikoa's back at the same time. Solo manages to make the rope-break after several long moments. Escobar with a snap dropkick to a seated Sikoa's face. Escobar with another arm bar on Sikoa's left limb. The crowd tries to fire up Solo. Escobar makes Villain Mistake 101 and talks trash while mockingly striking Solo, instead of putting him away. Solo counters an attempt at the Three Amigos. Solo counters with a suplex toss. Solo's comeback is underway as he runs Escobar over with clotheslines, then unleashes fists int he corner. Solo catches Escobar off a rope rebound with a snap Samoan Driver. Sikoa hits a running Senton on Escobar, and we're reminded Solo is undefeated. Wilde and Mendoza cause a distraction, allowing Escobar to take the knee out from under Sikoa.
Escobar positions Sikoa on the top turnbuckle and hits a top-rope Hurricanrana. The ref checks on Solo as a bloody Santos takes a breather. Xyon shows up and Escobar wipes him out with a suicide dive. Escobar warns Elektra Lopez then enters the ring--and walks right into a Superkick from Solo Sikoa! Solo climbs up top and hits a diving splash to pick up the win and remain undefeated!
Your Winner, Solo Sikoa!

On the Roof: Harland, Joe Gacy and a Student

Harland and Gacy are shown on the roof, threatening to throw the Andre Chase University student off the roof top. Instead, they place him on the roof and walk off. We head to break.

Singles Match: Von Wagner vs Malik Blade

Wade Barrett praises Von Wagner throughout the entirety of the short match. Malik Blade starts off strong out of the gate but Wagner immediately shuts him down. Wagner begins to punish Blade, beating him around the ring and dropping him with an impressive gut-wrench suplex toss. Haha, Barrett calls Wagner a Caveman. Geico commercials upcoming, confirmed. Blade looks to start a comeback but gets immediately clothes-lined to hell and back by Wagner. Wagner sizes up Blade and, after a brief struggle that sees Blade briefly take control with a series of dropkicks that ground Wagner, finally puts away Blade. It should be noted that Robert Stone watched the match backstage. Wagner takes out Blade with a high-angle slam, followed by a rolling butterfly cutter to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Von Wagner!

Special Stipulation Tag Team Main Event Match: Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray vs Cora Jade & Raquel Gonzalez

The winning team will face Mandy Rose in a triple-threat match at New Year's Evil next week, instead of the guaranteed Gonzalez/Jade duo taking on Rose. We head to a break ahead of our main event. After much ado 'bout nothing, our competitors make their way out for our main event. We start with Shirai and Jade. Both women are very agile and dexterous and engage in a cool sequence of move-and-counter-move. The youngster Jade takes Shirai down with a leg sweep and looks for an early pin. Jade uses the ropes to hit a spinning arm drag. Jade tags in Gonzalez, who sends a big boot to Shirai's face before attempting a cover. Gonzalez hoists Io up; Shirai attempts to wiggle free but Gonzalez throws Shirai across the ring. Kay Lee Ray takes the tag and comes in, firing off chops and kicks to the former women's champ. All four women clash in the ring and Shirai directs Kay Lee Ray to take out Gonzalez at the ringside. Shirai follows her partner, with both women taking down Gonzalez with aerial attacks as we head to break!
During the break, Kay Lee Ray controls the rookie Jade, using suplexes and holds to wear her down. KLR attempts multiple covers but Jade doesn't give up. Raquel attempts to fire her partner up as we head into overrun territory! KLR looks for an ankle lock and, instead, slams Jade's left knee into the mat. KLR locks on a single-leg crab. Raquel cheers on her partner, and Jade attempts to stretch and make the tag. KLR wisely drags Jade back, towards Io, and wrenches back on the half-crab. KLR gives up in frustration and pulls Jade to her feet. KLR looks for the KLR Bomb but Jade dives forward, rolling up KLR for a near fall. Ray punches Jade in the throat and pulls her up again. KLR looks to slam Jade's face into the turnbuckle but Jade counters! KLR tags in Shirai and uses a snap suplex to drop Jade. KLR attacks Gonzalez, knocking her off the apron. Shirai looks for her Over the Moonsault but Gonzalez drags Jade to safety.
Kay Lee Ray immediately takes out Gonzalez with a suicide dive! Io sizes up Jade and connects with a basement dropkick. Io follows it up with a 6-1-9! Shirai climbs up top and hits a beautiful missile dropkick right to Jade's head, covering for a close two. KLR is tagged in and Jade hits a desperate Enziguri to stagger Ray. Jade crawls across and makes the hot tag to Gonzalez. Gonzalez takes it to KLR and hits an inverted bomb. Gonzalez powers KLR to the corner and hits a beautiful Fallaway Slam! Razor would be proud! Gonzalez hits a middle-rope spinning elbow drop and the crowd is on fire for Gonzalez! KLR staggers the former champ with a Superkick but goes for it a second time--and Gonzalez counters with a huge Powerbomb! There's some confusion as Jade tags herself in and exchanges words with Gonzalez. Jade covers Shirai but her own partner breaks the pin! Jade and Gonzalez exchange words. KLR looks to capitalize on the confusion and rolls up Jade. Gonzalez shoves KLR and Jade reverses the roll-up, pinning KLR!
Your Winners and Advancing to the Women's Championship Triple-Threat, Cora Jade & Raquel Gonzalez!

After the Match: Mandy Rose Addresses the Victors

Rose tells them there's a reason she made this a triple-threat match, and promises victory as we end our program with a six-minute overrun.

New Year's Evil Card

Next week's special episode of NXT 2.0, New Year's Evil, has set it's card! NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa defends against Bron Breakker; North American Champion Carmelo Hayes takes on Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong in a Unification match; Imperium faces MSK & Riddle in six-man tag action. Grayson Waller and AJ Styles will have a confrontation, and Mandy Rose will defend her NXT Women's Championship against BLANK & BLANK.

In Closing

That does it for our go-home edition of NXT 2.0. Don't forget to tune in next week for the New Year's Evil special event. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown 1.0!

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