WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (March 15, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

In loving memory.

Welcome back to NXT 2.0! Your host tonight is the best play-by-play reporter in sports entertainment today, Mike Hogan 1.0 We've got a great show lined up for us tonight so go ahead and bookmark this page as it'll transition to LIVE results coverage shortly before broadcast. Beware the Ides of March, folks. Caesar didn't and look what happened to him...

Our official preview is up and set up four matches for tonight! Sarray is set to take on Daddy's girl, Tiffany Stratton, in singles competition. We'll also have the NXT 2.0 debut of NXT UK's A-Kid as he takes on KUSHIDA. Also on tap for tonight is a singles match between former BFFs and tag team partners, Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta, and Santos Escobar is on a collision course with Cameron Grimes as the two meet in singles competition for the right to challenge Melo for his North American Championship. Also, a special episode of Miz TV, featuring the Dirty Dawgs, is set as new NXT Champion Dolph Ziggler celebrates last week's upset win.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

All this and more tonight!

All this and more tonight on NXT 2.0!

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (March 15, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

In Loving Memory

We open silently with a card showing Razor Ramon, similar to the one up on their main site. Rest in Peace, Scott.

Video Package: NXT Championship Triple-Threat Match Last Week

We get clips from last week's triple threat match that saw Ziggler shock the NXT Universe when he stole the title, thanks to some help from former NXT veteran and fellow Dirty Dawg, Robert Roode.

Miz TV featuring the Dirty Dawgs

We open NXT 2.0 with a special guest star and segment as the Miz welcomes the Capitol Wrestling Center to Miz TV! Tonight's guests are the Dirty Dawgs, including new NXT Champion Dolph Ziggler. The crowd hit all the catchphrase notes with the Miz, and he calls out the Champ. Ziggler & Roode come out to huge boos then take their seats in the set-up Miz TV NXT ring. Miz and Ziggler exchange banter at first, mocking Bron Breakker as if he were a baboon. The crowd rips off a big NXT chant at the mention of the NXT title. We get clips of Bron Breakker from earlier today as Bron searched the CWC and parking lot as he searched for Ziggler. Miz replies to the clip, "Rookies, am I right?" Roode stands up for Ziggler, stating that Breakker asked for the triple threat and brought this on himself. He gives props to Dolph as the new champ and this illicits a pop from the crowd.
Ziggler wants to talk about himself, our NXT champion, and "I am a fighting champion. I love wrestling. But I don't do it for the accolades or the pats on the back, or the money--and trust me Miz, we got a lot of money right now." Cue LA Knight to a massive pop! One of the best on the mic is about to join Miz TV! Knight speaks. "Lemme talk to ya. Dolph, the last time I ran into you at Raw, I said any given Tuesday you come on down, the door's open. And look at you, good for ya man, you're the NXT champion and good on you! But if Bron Breakker can't be here tonight to challenge for that title then I don't think I'm gonna wait anymore. It's gonna be and me and the fans chanting," which they lend a hand--ripping off an LA Knight chant. As the Miz responds to Knight, informing him Knight can be a major player "just not yet," the crowd again shows Knight love.
Knight tells Miz that he's right, Knight isn't a Superstar. He's a Mega Star. Knight has Orlando tell us who's show this is--"L-A-Knight!"--and tells Ziggler that if he wants to come in here and say its show, he's gotta show it. Ziggler tells Knight that the champ only wrestles in the main event "and when you find out where that is, that's when you'll find me." The Miz then announces La Knight versus Dolph Ziggler for the NXT championship tonight! Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams come out ahead of the upcoming match as Knight and company disperse.

North American Contendership Match: Cameron Grimes vs Santos Escobar

We return from break and both Superstars are ready to rock. The bell rings and both engage in a sequence of dodges and counter-moves, with both men staying clean. The crowd pops for the sequence. Grimes and Escobar finally lock up, with both men performing a standing switch as they seat k a rear waistlock. Grimes drives Escobar to the mat then wiggles his butt at Escobar. Escobar looks confused. Grimes runs off the ropes and Escobar catches him with a dropkick on the rebound. Loud "asshole" chant from the crowd. Escobar uses a suplex lock-up then punches Grimes' ribs. Grimes battles back.
Vic Joseph and Wade Barret are joined by Carmelo on commentary. We're reminded a few times that the winner of this match will face Melo for the North American title at NXT Stand & Deliver. Grimes and Escobar exchange control when Grimes uses a Hurricanrana to send Escobar out of the ring. Grimes streaks along the apron but pauses as Legado Del Fantasma cause a distraction, allowing Escobar to rip his leg out from under him. Grimes crashes hard to the canvas and the floor as we go to break! During the break, Escobar maintains control as he beats Grimes around the ring before taking it back in. In the ring Escobar slows the pace, using working holds to focus on Grimes' left shoulder, attempting to wear it down. Escobar continues his focused assault on the shoulder throughout the break, alternating deliberate strikes and holds. Grimes starts to fight back as we return from break. Grimes powers to a vertical base and throws a back elbow into Escobar's face. Escobar again uses the weakened shoulder to try to ground Grimes.
Trick Williams states his created character in 2K22 has a better overall rating than both Grimes and Escobar. Okay. Grimes and Escobar exchange whips. Escobar looks for a pin but Grimes hangs in there. The fans chant "to the moon" in support of Grimes as he starts his comeback sequence. Hurricanrana precedes two quick, running forearm strikes from Grimes! Grimes clotheslines Escobar over the top rope. LDF again attempt to block his path. Grimes runs and leaps off the apron, floating over LDF to crash into Escobar! A "holy shit" chant rips off as Grimes sets Escobar up in the ring for the Cave In. Escobar gets the knees up! Escobar covers but gets a close two. Escobar runs off the ropes and attempts a cross body, but Grimes uses Santos' momentum to reverse it into a spinning powerslam! Grimes covers for a damn-near-three. Escobar barely got the shoulder up. Escobar rises and catches Grimes with a jumping knee. Grimes wiggles out of a fireman's carry and drops Escobar with a Superkick. Grimes sets up in the corner and crows alongside the crowd, "to the moon!" Grimes charges but Escobar has him scouted and counters the Cave In with a Phantom Driver! Escobar hooks the legs and picks up the win! LDF celebrate in the ring.
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Santos Escobar!

The Locker Room: Wendy Choo & Dakota Kai and Toxic Attraction

Wendy and Dakota are discussing the finals to the Women's Dusty Classic when Toxic Attraction come up. Gigi, Jacy and Mandy essentially tall Wendy & Dakota that they should be thankful to Toxic Attraction for neutralizing Raquel Gonzalez for them last week. Choo & Kai tell TA that they don't need their help, and TA walk off. Wendy calls them hot but doesn't care for them, and we go to break.

Singles Debut Match: A-Kid(d) vs KUSHIDA w/ Ikemen Jiro

We return from break with our competitors out. Ikemen is at ringside to support Kushida. Kushida and A-Kid start off quick, each man seeming to counter or reverse the other for the first minute in a nearly non-stop sequence. Great start. Kushida looks for a rear waistlock and transitions to an arm bar submission. Wade Barrett explains to us that A-Kid is a former Spanish football star. Kushida and A-Kid wrap arms in a rear lock, and Kushida looks for a crucifix pin before attempting a cross face. A-Kid breaks the hold and slaps a submission of his own on Kushida. Rope break causes the split. Both men exchange chops and spurts of offense, with Kushida relying on his technical and submission prowess. A-Kid does a good job showcasing his own technical skill set. A-Kid uses a beautiful Northern Lights bridging suplex pin at one point and gets applause. Kushida weathers A-Kid's offense and both men continue to focus on each other's shoulders. The winner of this match faces Grayson Waller next week in a North American Championship ladder qualifying match. A-Kid stays strong through Kushida's offense and steals the win, upsetting Kushida!
Your Winner and ADVANCING to the North American Championship Qualifying Match, A-Kid!

Backstage Interview: Legado Del Fantasma and the Mysterios!

LDF are backstage being interviewed when Rey & Dominik Mysterio walk up! The crowd pops huge for the Mysterios. Escobar is delighted to meet them and they shake. Escobar talks about being the greatest lucha in history, and Dom takes exception with that remark, calling his father instead the GOAT in lucha libre history. Wilde and Mendoza exchange remarks, with Dom stating he didn't come to NXT not to fight. We head to break.

Singles Match: Tiffany Stratton vs Sarray

As Sarray makes her entrance, Stratton ambushes her. Stratton beats Sarray, wearing a school girl outfit, down to the ring. The ref calls for the bell and Stratton unloads on Sarray in the corner. Sarray fights back and kicks Stratton in the face. Stratton holds her mouth but seems to be fine. Stratton hits an impressive backflip corner attack then hits a modified leg drop in the corner to...to pick up the win. Okay.
Your Winner, Tiffany Stratton!

Backstage: WALTER and LA Knight

Knight and WALTER exchange works backstage as WALTER calls Knight a disgrace. Knight tells WALTER he'll give WALTER the first title shot if he wants.

Backstage: Toxic Attraction Search for Their Belts

Following Cora Jade's theft of the three titles belonging to Toxic Attraction earlier in the match, TA are on the prowl for their belts. We follow Jacy Jayne backstage as she find a belt. It turns out to be a trap, however, as Cora Jade locks her in the equipment cage.

In the Ring: Tommaso Ciampa Addresses His Future in NXT

Ciampa comes out to his new music (boo) as the crowd welcomes him. Barrett and Joseph inform us that Ciampa's got an important announcement, and he seems burdened heavily by something. The crowd welcomes Ciampa with more applause as the lights come up and he prepares to talk. The crowd chant s"Ciampa's House". Ciampa starts to speak and a fan yells out their love. Ciampa replies, "I love you too." Ciampa sits upon the top turnbuckles and tells the NXT Universe that this, NXT, has been his life. The crowd with a hot chant for him. "I've been doing this now for seventeen years and I remember the entire time, on the independents, I wanted a place to call home. I wanted somebody to give me the opportunity to prove to them that (I) can be the guy." Ciampa states that if he ever had a chance to run with the ball, he knew he'd do just that and that chance came "in NXT under the WWE, the largest freaking company on the planet!
Ciampa reminisces that he's been in NXT since 2015, and it didn't start out easy. The crowd with a loud "Thank you, Ciampa" chant. Tommaso goes on. "If we recap seven years in a nut shell--DIY underdog, to the glorious bombs, to the tag team champions, to the Blackheart, to the single greatest NXT champion of all time...I would love to call it some 'do it yourself' story but the truth is guys...I always had you guys to cheer me on and to boo me at my best." The crowd cheers, then boos him and he grins. He recalls walking out at New Orleans' Takeover with no music, just boos, and tells the NXT Universe that he knew they were telling him that Tommaso Ciampa could be the guy. The fans chant "You're the guy."
"Guys, it's been a crazy long journey of ups and downs and setbacks and surgeries, black and gold to 2.0. But one thing remains the same guys, I never left and you never left. And that right there is gratitude." The crowd rips off a desperate "please don't go!" chant. Ciampa asks the crowd to hear him out. "For the last seven years in NXT< I thought to myself that if this chapter was ever to close, that I would know. And over the last couple of months I thought more so than any time before that, man, I would want to know what my perfect fairy tale ending would be." He states that walking into Stand and Deliver at WrestleMania weekend sound like the perfect fairy-tale ending. But last week, he failed to right that wrong. He recalls having to relinquish the title due to neck surgery in the past, and he mourns the loss of a chance to go to the Grandest Stage of Them All when he failed to capture the NXT title.
He asks, rhetorically, if there's a perfect way to close this out. The crowd chant s"one more match" for a lengthy period. Ciampa tells the crowd that he doesn't "have that answer, I wish I did. But what I do know is that not often in life you get the opportunity to say thank you before its too late and, right here tonight, this is my opportunity. And I mean this from the bottom of my heart, the last seven years," and point at multiple people int he crowd, then speaks into the camera "and for everybody watching at home! Thank you." The crowd gives him a standing ovation and a huge pop until...Tony D'Angelo shows up behind Ciampa with a crowbar!
The crowd switches to "psycho killer" chants as Ciampa eyes down D'Angelo. D'Angelo gets on the mic. "Tommaso Ciampa, see, I coulda did a thing where I hit you in the back of the head with a crow bar. But this is different, see, Ir respect you. I respect you enough to come in this ring (man to man)." He then questions who he has to beat in order to truly make his mark on NXT. He states it would be an honor "for the family" if Ciampa would throw hands with him at Stand and Deliver. He offers a hand with the challenge and the crowd chants "yes yes yes!" Both men shake hands and D'Angelo knees Ciampa in the crotch. The crowd chants "Ciampa's gonna kill you." D'Angelo yells into Ciampa's face "it was always you" and that at Stand and Deliver, he's going to become the new don/boss of NXT. We head to break.

Singles Match: Indi Hartwell vs Persia Pirotta

Pirotta accompanies Hartwell (or vice versa) on a joint-entrance. Odd for competitors, but okay. Hartwell, in fact, poses as if they were out for a tag team. Persia starts off in control and looks for covers early on Hartwell. Pirotta at one point insults her tag-team partner (not for long) by trying to rip off Indi's wedding ring. She mocks Hartwell, kickign her before yelling that Dex doesn't want to talk to his wife Indi anymore. Indi gets angry and fires back at Pirotta. Runnign bulldog out the corner for a near fall for Indi! Indi is distracted by Duke Hudson and Persia lifts Hartwell up in a Samoan carry. Suddenly, Dexter Lumis appears! The distraction allows Indi to roll through and roll-up Persia for hte win!
Your Winner, Indi Hartwell!

After the Match: Kiss-Off Contest (yes, really)

Both couples are in the ring. Persia kisses Duke; Indi then tries to outdo it with a kiss to Dexter. Both couples continue this until both couples are down on the ring, making out as the crowd both cat-calls and boos them.

Outside: Gigi Dolin Finds Her Belt

Dolin's walking outside in the parking lot, searching for her belt. S he finds it propped up in the back of a dumpster and enters the dumpster to retrieve it. As soon as she does, a fork lift driven by Cora jade closes the dumpster lid and keeps it shut beneath the lift's forks. Cora Jade tells Gigi "I can't hear you, I didn't know trash could speak." Ouch! Cora comments, "two down, one to go," and we go to commercial!

Singles Debut Match: Dominik Mysterio(d) w/ Rey vs Raul Mendoza w/ LDF

The Mysterios make their way out to a great pop. The crowd stays hot for Dom with chants, starting the youngster off with a smile. Dom and Raul jockey for control but Dom effectively uses his defense to stay mobile. Dom counters a punch strike with a springboard arm drag that would make Rey proud, and follows it up by dropping a charging Raul with a perfect dropkick to the face. Dom looks for a top-rope move but Raul rips him off the turnbuckle. Santos and the other LDF members laugh at Dom as Mendoza starts to work on Dom's left shoulder. Dom gains control when he counters a cross body. LDF attempt to become a factor but Fallon Henley and Briggs & Jensen show up, arms crossed, staring down LDF. Dom survives Elektra Lopez's attempted distraction to pick up the win! Rey, Dom, Fallon< Briggs & Jensen celebrate at the top of the ramp, holding arms together.
Your Winner, Dominik Mysterio!

In Memory of Scott Hall

Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett are shown ringside, and they discuss the tragic loss of Scott Hall last night. A beautiful video package airs, recapping elements of his career as "the bad guy" Razor Ramon as well as his nWo days. Triple H, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan and others comment on Razor. Very well put-together package that highlights the first-ever ladder match at WrestleMania, against Shawn Michaels, and his time in the new World order. The write-up isn't doing it justice; cruise to WWE's YT and watch the video there. It's nice.

Cora Jade Attempts Grand Theft Auto

Jade comes across Mandy Rose's car and has her NXT Women's Championship. Jade attempts to steal the car but Rose pops up from the back seat, surprising Jade. Rose then beats Jade in the parking lot and tells her she can have a title match, and Gigi spray-painted Scott Hall-style on Jade's back.

Imperium, MSK and the Creed Brothers

We return to the ring in which Malcolm Bivens and the Diamond Mine's Creed Brothers await us. They demand that whomever ambushed them come out and show their cowardly faces. MSK show up wearing black and white nWo shirts. Wes Lee starts us off with a "hey, yo." The crowd chants bullshit as MSK claim they're not the ones who attacked the Creed Brothers. Imperium appear on the balcony and state its hilarious to watch MSK and the Creeds argue about titles that "you'll never win anyways." Malcolm Bivens tells Fabian to come on down and give the Creed Brothers their shot at the tag titles. Wes Lee again uses the "hey yo" phrase and gets booed for it. NXT Universe does not seem to like MSK. Wes Lee goes on to say that Imperium knows if they came down, they'd all get "bitch slapped by everybody in this ring." The crowd chants for the Creeds. Imperium then challenge both teams to a triple-threat tag match at Stand & Deliver.

NXT Championship Main Event Match: Dolph Ziggler(c) w/ Robert Roode vs LA Knight

LA Knight is out first ahead of our main event. Dolph makes his way out with Roode to boos. The ref presents the title as the crowd starts up with support for LA Knight. We get the bell and both men circle, looking for a chance to grapple up. The first few grapples amount to nothing as both men seem equally matched. Ziggler relies on his technical experience early as he attempts to pick the leg. Knight counters with a head lock and backs to the ropes. The ref forces the break. Ziggler gut-kicks Knight immediately and takes him down with a snapmare. Ziggler locks in a side headlock and attempts to use the bottom rope for leverage but the ref catches, and warns, him. Knight powers to a vertical base but is dropped back down by a shoulder block from Ziggler. Knight uses one of his own and goes for a cover early on the champ, picking up one.
Knight steps up as he gets his first offensive control of the night. Knight uses stiff shots and a expeditious spinning Powerslam to drive the champ into the mat. Knight looks for a cover but fails to pick up the three. Knight takes Ziggler outside and the two battle, briefly, before Ziggler takes it back inside. Ziggler and Knight exchange rights but Ziggler takes control with a kick counter to an attempted back body drop. Ziggler maintains control throughout the break as we enter overrun territory. Ziggler continues to punish Knight, focusing his assault on the ribs and midsection of Knight. Ziggler uses a leg waist submission and slaps a sleeper on, attempting to put Knight out. Knight powers back, however, refusing to go gently into that dark night.
The crowd remains hot behind Knight throughout the match, almost non-stop. Knight eventually uses a back rush into the corner to break free of Ziggler. Knight favors the ribs that Ziggler's targeted all night. Ziggler looks for a Famouser but Knight blocks it! Ziggler rises and Knight drops him with a right haymaker. Knight continues his comeback, despite the injured ribs, and drives Ziggler into the mat with another Powerslam! LA plays up to the crowd and covers for a close two. Vic Joseph informs us that something's going on in the parking lot--it's Bron Breakker! We get picture-in-picture as Breakker enters the building and Knight continues to spar with Ziggler. Knight rams Ziggler into the corner then holds his tender ribs, too slow to capitalize many times due to the weakened ribs.
Knight positions Ziggler on the top turnbuckle and climbs up to the middle rope. Knight looks for a middle-rope Superplex but Ziggler fights free. Ziggler uses a shot to the ribs to drop LA Knight to the mat. Ziggler, looking exhausted (selling it well), is to o slow as LA Knight runs up the turnbuckles and hits a snap Superplex off the top rope! Knight covers and nearly picks up the win! The slight drag to cover Ziggler was due to Knight's injured ribs, and those precious seconds cost him. Knight then looks for a back body drop but Roode hopes on the apron, distracting him! Ziggler looks to take advantage of it but Knight counters the attempted Superkick with a modified driver drop! Knight covers but Roode puts Ziggler's foot on the bottom rope and the ref doesn't see the interference! Ziggler catches Knight with a Superkick outta nowhere and that's it, folks.
Your Winner and STILL NXT Champion, Dolph Ziggler!

Bron Breakker is Back!

The crowd showers Ziggler with boos until the familiar air raid sirens announce the coming of the Breakker! The crowd woofs a welcome to Bron and he gets on the mic. "Screw it. I'm not gonna wait. I want my rematch for that championship at Stand and Deliver!" He then clocks Roode. "Huh? How about it, Champ?," Bron questions. Ziggler hoists his belt and says any time and any place, but Stand & Deliver sound "damn good" to him. We're reminded that Breakker wasn't pinned last week. We end with both men jawing off to each other.

In Closing

That's a wrap for tonight's episode. Thanks for stopping by and we'll see y'all tomorrow for AEW Dynamite!

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