WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (March 22, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome back to NXT 2.0! Your host tonight is the most-sardonic and pessimistically optimistic play-by-play reporter in sports entertainment today, Mike Hogan We've got a great show lined up for us tonight so go ahead and bookmark this page as it'll transition to LIVE results coverage shortly before broadcast.

Our official preview was up early but didn't list anything not already yet known. Raw's Robert Roode will take on Bron Breakker in singles competition, and the 2022 Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals are set, with the winner of Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray versus Dakota Kai & Wendy Choo getting a tag title shot at Toxic Attraction.

What else is on tap for tonight? We'll find out as we've got all this and more, tonight on NXT 2.0!


So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (March 22, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

In the Parking Lot: North American Champion Carmelo Hayes Arrives

Melo and Trick remind us that two members of his upcoming eight-man North American Championship ladder match have been selected, but there's six more to choose. Melo's still intent on defending the title the way it was introduced.

1. North American Championship Qualifier Singles Match: Solo Sikoa vs Roderick Strong w/ Malcolm Bivens

We start right away with both men in the ring and get started. Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett welcome us to NXT and tell us Strong's had a big weekend, then mention his intent to go after the NXT UK championship (if I heard correctly). Strong and Solo start technical, with Strong taking Solo down to the mat with a side headlock. Both men break the hold and slap each other. Solo starts up on offense, working over Strong in the corner. Melo and Trick are on commentary and, when asked about which of these two they'd rather see in the match, they don't particularly have a favorite. Solo takes a turn on offense, showing off his own unique mix of technical and strong styles. Strong takes control back for the bulk of the match, garnering a few near-falls over the younger Uso. Santos Escobar, who qualified last week, made his way out to a chant from the crowd in support. Melo takes offense at Vic pointing out Melo lost to Santos, and Melo states he's "one-L Melo" as he's only had the one loss. Solo fires back near the end of the match, pummeling Strong with side-thrown hammer fists before executing a beautiful pop-up Samoan Drop for a close call of his own as Malcolm Bivens squirms at ringside! Solo puts Strong away with a top rope attack, picking up the win and advancing to Stand & Deliver.
Your Winner and ADVANCING to the North American Championship Ladder Match, Solo Sikoa!

Backstage: Persia Pirhotta and Indi Hartwell

Backstage, the two friends argue over who's more popular--InDex or Pudson, which Persia calls "Dusia" pronounced "do-zjah". Persia accuses Indi of being jelly of Pudson, and Indi disputes it.

2. Singles Match: Tony D'Angelo vs Dexter Lumis w/ Indi Hartwell

Tony makes his way out and we head to our first break of the night! We return in prompt fashion and find Dexter & Indi out. Tony starts off with too much bravado and not enough brawn as Dexter quickly looks for a submission as Tony taunts him. Tony breaks free with a side suplex and mount-and-pounds Dexter. Tony begins to focus his attacks on Lumis' back but Lumis counters a whip into a Lou Thesz Press, followed by a running knee drop to the forehead. Lumis pulls Tony up and takes him face-first into the corner, then stomps and punches away at Tony as he takes him across the ring and to the opposite corner. Lumis stretches Tony's head back awkwardly as the ref counts a warning. Lumis, feeding off the crowd's chants, takes Tony into the third corner and whips him into the fourth--around the world!
Lumis pays homage to Scott Hall with a Fallaway Slam, then kips up to Indi's delight. Lumis looks for a Camel Clutch, then slows the pace as he focuses his strikes and working holds on Tony D's neck. Dexter uses a sleeper to take the paisano to the mat. Tony manages to escape to the ringside area, and Lumis slithers out of the ring (literally) after him. Lumis starts to take Tony back into the ring, but Tony rips the legs out from under Dexter, crashing him hard into the apron and floor. Tony pats his back, mocking his Stand & Deliver opponent Tommaso Ciampa, and we head to another break!
We return and find Tony still working Dexter's neck with a headlock. Persia Pirotta & Duke Hudson--better known as Pudson--are shown at ringside watching the match. Dexter Lumis counters a back drop and floats over before unleashing fists into Tony. Lumis drops Tony with a slam. Indi gives Dexter the Lumis "Thumbs Up" symbol and he quickly escalates, taking Tony down twice hard before looking for a cover. Duke and Persia mock Dexter, and Dexter & Tony begin to battle it out and jockey for position. Persia and Indi end up struggling over Tony's crowbar as he attempts to retrieve it. Tony and Persia struggle with it, and when he snaps it away, he clocks Dexter Lumis with the crowbar--somehow unseen by the ref. Tony tosses the crowbar out quickly and picks up the win.
Your Winner, Tony D'Angelo!

After the Match: Tony Time?

Tony D'Angelo gets on the mic and talks trash to Tommaso until Ciampa's new, inferior music plays. Ciampa shows up behind D'Angelo, clocking him before laying over him, on the mic, and telling Tony Ciampa's not done 'til Ciampa's done, essentially.

Backstage Interview: the Dirty Dawgs

NXT Champion Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode are interviewed backstage. Robert reminds us that he served twelve months as NXT Champion during his run, and claims he helped pave the way for kids like Bron Breakker. Dolph states that Bron doesn't measure up to the former--Roode--or current--Dolph--NXT champions.

3. Singles Match: Elektra Lopez w/ Legado Del Fantasma vs Fallon Henley w/ Briggs & Jensen

Elektra makes her way out and the fans sing (unknown, custom made?) lyrics to the LDF theme. We go to break ahead of this match. Lopez is rocking new ring wear that looks great--a change-up from the generic black wear. Fallon is endorsing her Daisy Duke as she's out with the redneck duo of Briggs & Jensen. Fallon starts off fast against Elektra, rocking the powerhouse with quick strikes. Elektra weathers through the onslaught and lets her power speak for itself as she takes Fallon down hard to the mat and begins to use powerful working holds to wrench Fallon's arms back and work on her back. Fallon spends several long moments in excruciating pain before escaping Elektra's hold. Fallon mounts her comeback, hitting a splash in the corner before using a running Bulldog to lay out Elektra. Lopez recovers, however, and after Wilde & Mendoza brawl with Briggs & Jensen, causing a distraction, Elektra manages to slam Fallon down to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Elektra Lopez!

4. Cross-Brand Singles Match: Bron Breakker vs Raw's Robert Roode w/ NXT Champion Dolph Ziggler

Glorious! The Glorious Bobby Roode makes his way out, complete with original entrance music and robe! Bobby gets a mixed reaction from the crowd as he's accompanied by the NXT Champ. After a break and a quick word from Wendy Choo & Dakota Kai, we get the entrance of NXT's own Steiner boy, Bron, to a huge pop. The crowd is hot for this dude. Bron and Roode start off with Roode taking the former champ down quick. Roode mocks Bron, doing jumping jacks Steiner-style. Bron nods "okay" then slaps a side headlock on Roode. Roode breaks it with a whip, but Breakker drops Roode on the rebound with a big shoulder to some "woofs" from the crowd. Ziggler tries to cheer on his fellow Dawg as the Glorious One and Breakker circle. They look to lock up but Roode suckers Breakker in and delivers a kick to the gut. Roode battles Breakker in the corner as our camera switches to a cameraperson not in position (hello, pink slip). Breakker fights back with fists and catches a leaping Robert Roode with a spinning Powerslam! Roode recovers quick and takes the offensive lead for a few moments, using a suplex and stomps to keep Breakker grounded. Roode looks for a second suplex and Breakker puts on the brakes. Roode pounds the ribs and connects, unaware that Breakker rolls through and pops back up. Breakker drops Roode and looks for a corner Spear. Roode moves and Breakker spears the ring post! The ref spots Dolph on the apron and expels him from ringside as we go to break!
Throughout the break, Roode maintains control over Breakker. Roode continues to control the pace with slow strikes and working holds. This continues throughout the break. When we return, the fire rips off a dueling chant for both men as Roode takes a page from Scott Steiner's book by flexing the bicep, kissing it, dropping the elbow and then doing push-ups next to Breakker. The crowd pops the nostalgic disrespect. Bron tries to start his comeback but Roode shuts it down with a neckbreaker and looks for a cover. Roode takes long moments, pacing the ring, taking his time as Breakker recovers. Roode is slooooow to exit the ring and climb the turnbuckles, giving Breakker ample time to recover. Breaker attacks Roode and climbs the middle ropes. Both men battle it out at the top, with Breakker dropping to his feet. Breakker slugs Roode and climbs up again. Both men battle and, true to Steiner form, Breakker hits an avalanche FrankenSteiner (off the top rope)! Big pop from the NXT Universe. Breakker again fails to initiate his comeback sequence as Roode shuts down the short spurt of offense with a big spinebuster and a cover attempt.
Roode hints at the Glorious DDT--a move he's not successfully landed since...uh...his NXT Days?--but Breakker blocks it and drops Roode. Breakker pulls down the straps and looks for a spear. Breakker runs into a knee, recovers, and hits a spear right away for a close two count! The two struggle for control and Roode hits the Glorious DDT! Well, it only took a year or so. Roode covers but can't pick up win. Both men are slow in recovering and Roode holds his side. The crowd rips off a "this is awesome" chant in honor of Roode actually executing the Glorious DDT for the first time this decade. Breakker and Roode enter the closing stretch of the match, with both men throwing slow rights at each other, alternating, until Roode gets Breakker up against the ropes. Roode throws multiple rights that stagger Bron but don't drop him. Bron blocks a right and throws rights of his own, battling Bobby into the corner. Roode counters a charge with a shoulder and looks for a middle-rope attack, but Bron catches him mid-air and drive shim into the canvas, picking up the win! After the match, as Breakker heads up the ramp, Dolph Ziggler strikes from behind with a Superkick. He screams at Bron that Ziggler's keeping the title until he gives it away.
Your Winner, Bron Breakker!

Backstage: InDex and Pudson

Indi and Persia are arguing over which of their boos are better. Dexter, holding his head, steps aside and draws a picture as Persia brags that her man can beat anyone on the roster. Dexter speedily draws a picture of WALTER and Indi asks Persia if, as she said her man can defeat anyone on the roster, if Duke can take WALTER. He nervously claims he can and we move on.

5. North American Championship Qualifier Singles Match:Grayson Waller w/ Sanga vs A-Kid

Waller and his bodyguard, Saurav Gurjar Sanga, make their way out and send us to a break ahead of this match. We return and find Waller ready to rock as A-Kid makes his entrance. The bell rings and both men take a moment to exchange words. Waller swings and misses, and A-Kid picks the leg, taking Waller down. Crowd's loudly behind A-Kid. Waller takes an early lead, punishing A-Kid with a kick to the face while the Kid's bent over a turnbuckle. A-Kid attempts a pair of roll-ups, but only picks up a two. Waller uses a running Big Boot to attempt a cover of his own to no avail. Waller quickly ends the match moments in, picking up the win.
Your Winner and ADVANCING to the North American Championship Ladder Match, Grayson Waller!

6. Tag Team Match: the Grizzled Young Veterans vs the Creed Brothers w/ the Diamond Mine

The Diamond Mine's dynamic duo are out first. This match is up next! When we return, the Grizzled Young Veterans are on the mic as they make their entrance. They accuse the Creeds is falsely accusing them (the GYV) of attacking the Creeds. Barrett speculates it was MSK. GYV tell the Creeds that if they want to attack them, they'll do it to their face, and they begin to fight before the match. We start with Julius Creed and Drake. Gibson provides a distraction from the apron, allowing Drake to drag Julius to the GYV corner. Gibson gets a few moves in before Julius takes control, using an overhead belly-to-belly suplex to drop Gibson. Julius locks in a Stretch Muffler early! Gibson grabs the ropes to force the break. Gibson tags in Drake and the two double-team Julius before Drake darts across the ring to attack Brutus on the apron. The fans chant "you still suck" and Julius starts to fight both GYV at the same time. He holds his own for a few moments, but Drake blasts him with a huge forearm. We see fellow Diamond Miners, Ivy Nile and Malcolm Bivens, at ringside in support of the Brothers. Gibson and Drake start a series of quick tags as they isolate Julius in their corner while Brutus is still down at ringside. The GYV attempt a Doomsday Device, but Julius avoids it and Drake lands hard on his left knee. Julius takes the knee out with a chop block, tags in Brutus, who executes two moves before picking up the sudden win.
Your Winners, the Creed Brothers!

After the Match: the Plot Thickens

We hear the sound of spray paint and, on the big screen, we see two mystery persons wearing latex gloves and clothes to completely block their identity. Someone spray paints "Don't Cry" on the Diamond Mine's locker room wall as the other "texts" for the Diamond Mine to not worry--they'll find the DM when they're good and ready.

7. Singles Match: Duke Hudson w/ Persia Pirotta vs WALTER w/ Imperium

We head to a break ahead of our seventh match of the night. When we return, Duke's ready in the ring--albeit looking nervous--and WALTER's ready to rock. The two big men lock up and WALTER powers Hudson back into the corner. WALTER looks for a big chop but Duke ducks under. Both lock up again, and again WALTER overpowers Duke at first. Duke attempts a whip but WALTER runs him over with a big shoulder. WALTER with a scoop slam to Hudson as Persia watches on, alongside Indi Hartwell now. Duke throws fists at WALTER but WALTER shuts him down with a kick to the gut. Again, Duke comes swinging out of the corner with fists. Duke slaps WALTER's chest, pissing off the Ring General, who then swats Hudson's chest so hard it drops the big man immediately. WALTER tries to rip Hudson's jaws apart as the crowd chants "one more time" for the fan-favorite.
WALTER easily chops the shit out of Hudson once again, smacking him so hard it's heard over the loud crowd and Hudson's chest begins to welt. Huge "holy shit" chant from the appreciative fans! WALTER slaps on a sleeper but Hudson reaches the ropes. Hudson gets a spurt of offense in, pounding on WALTER in the corner, but the Ring General chops his way out. The two continue back-and-forth, briefly, with Hudson using a springboard German Suplex for an attempted cover--garnering, maybe, a one. Hudson looks for a Powerbomb but WALTER turns it into a ripcord lariat. WALTER chops the hell out of Hudson in the corner, welting the chest up even more, before executing his own--albeit somewhat botched--Powerbomb to pick up the win.
Your Winner, WALTER!

In the Ring: Imperium and LA Knight

WALTER gets on the mic and just starts to talk about disgraces, such as LA Knight, when LA comes right on out. LA starts to speak and WALTER yells, "you shut up! I talk, you listen!" Knight lets WALTER speak his peace, complaining that Knight has the ability to talk himself into a match but his mouth can't win matches. "Listen to me very carefully," Knight cautions WALTER, "if you ever interrupt me one more time I'll knock your block head off your dad body, you dumb sonuvabitch! I'll put it like this to you. Stand & Deliver is right around the corner, I was gonna use my words to set up a match. But since you don't like me using my words, I'll try a different route." Knight then attacks WALTER! Imperium jumps in and MSK hit the ring to make the save! MSK clear the ring of Barthel & Aichner, then MSK work with LA Knight to triple-team WALTER and send him over the top rope! The fans are raucous as MSK and Knight yell smack at MSK!

8. Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals Main Event Match: Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray vs Dakota Kai & Wendy Choo

Wendy Choo and Kai make their way out first. We head to a break ahead of our eight and main event match. Io and KLR are out next and we're shown Toxic Attraction viewing from ringside and not the Toxic Lounge. We're told by Vic Joseph that TA are purposefully sitting as far away from Wade as they can, ha. We start with Io and Choo. Io brings KLR in soon, and Choo uses a beautiful modified drop toe hold to slam KLR to the mat. Choo with some innovative offense and pin attempts before bringing Kai. Both women whip Kai hard into their corner and each perform a Facewash running kick. Kai covers but no joy. Both teams go back-and-forth throughout the match. Choo leads us into our overrun as she works over Kay Lee Ray. Choo whips KLR into Io, knocking her partner off the rope, and rolls up from behind for a close call. Choo carries the bulk of the fight. Choo and Kai work together to double-team Kay Lee Ray with a top-rope hurricanrana. Kai looks for a cover but KLR refuses to give in. The crowd is hot for both teams as Kai talks to her invisible friend (per Vic Joseph).
Kai looks to be the first Superstar in history to get their name on two Dusty Cups. Shirai comes in and takes control for her team, hitting a 619 on Kai before tagging in Kay Lee Ray. KLR goes up top, looking for the KLR Bomb, but audibles into a senton dive, covering for two. Choo makes the save. KLR looks for the KLR bomb but Kai counters with a sunset backbreaker. Kai climbs up top and Choo tags herself in as Kai hits the double-foot stomp off the top! Choo lands a rear-leaping body splash, covering. Io Shirai flies across the ring, connecting a missile dropkick to Kai and sending Kai crashing into KLR to make the save! The crowd rips off an appreciative "this is awesome" chant. Choo and KLR brawl as we wind up our match. KLR looks for another KLR Bomb and connects, sending Choo face-first into the mat! Shirai tags in and hits the Over the Moonsault! Shirai yanks the legs and covers, picking up the win!
Your Winners and NEW Number One Tag Contenders, Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray!

After the Match: A Toxic Encounter & a Cash-In Swerve

Rose is on the mic and tells everyone to cut the music and stay put as Toxic Attraction enter the ring. "First of all, congratulations, ladies, for winning the Women's Dusty Cup!...even though Wendy and Dakota blew it, regardless, really--congratulations. But if you two think for one second that you're gonna beat Gigi and Jacy and become tag team champions? You're sadly mistaken." KLR replies, "do you know what Mandy? We agree. See, when we got into the Dusty tournament, we had one thing in mind and that was to destroy Toxic Attraction. And the best way to do that is go aftr the leader and takes what's most important to her." Shirai chimes in, adding "you said you'd fight any woman for that title." KLR then challenges Rose--"we (me and Io) think we're going to cash in our tag team title opportunity, but instead we're going to make the Women's championship match a fatal 4-way!" Rose asks "really, really, really" over and over then Toxic attraction attack! Cora Jade hits the ring to make the save and teams up with KLR and Io! They clear the ring of Toxic Attraction and we fade to black.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's NXT! With only one episode left before Stand & Deliver, what were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown!

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