WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (March 29, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome back to NXT 2.0! Your host tonight is the man with ample shorts for which all may feast upon, Mike Hogan . After last week's show proved to have a rather lengthy amount of wrestling, we may be in store for second helpings as we've got seven matches on tap for tonight's go-home edition of NXT. Don't forget--Stand & Deliver airs Saturday at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific.

Regarding tonight's program, our official preview is up, and tonight's card is filled to the brim with seven listed matches. After last week's record-setting wrestling-to-bullshit ratio was through the roof, tonight's card looks to be on par! Nikkita Lyons returns to action against an as-yet-unnamed opponent. Draco Anthony looks to shut-up Joe Gacy after Gacy's recent attempts to recruit Draco. Von Wagner and Bodhi Hayward are set for a collision course tonight, as are Ivy Nile and the "Buff Barbie" Tiffany Stratton. Also in competition are MSK & LA Knight, who'll team up to take on the entirety of ring domination that is Imperium, and we'll also have Briggs & Jensen in action as they battle Legado Del Fantasma. Also, not to be forgotten is our final North American Championship qualifier match as Cameron Grimes, A-Kid and Roderick Strong vye to be the fifth man in the Fatal 5-Way North American Championship Ladder match at Stand & Deliver. The winner takes on the champ, Carmelo Hayes, as well as Santos Escobar, Solo Sikoa, and Grayson Waller.

All this and more tonight on NXT 2.0!

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So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (March 29, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Six-Man Tag Match: LA Knight and MSK vs Imperium

Welcome to NXT! We start immediately with both teams brawling at the top of the ramp. Both teams make their way down tot he ring and we start this match off with Vic Joseph & Wade Barrett once again providing commentary. WALTER was first attacked by LA Knight from behind, sending the big man spilling down the ramp. Finally the ref gets things sorted in the ring. Knight and Marcel Barthel lock up, with LA Knight playing to the crowd with a series of wrist-held arm cranks. Marcel quickly takes Knight down tot he canvas with an arm bar and uses a whip to attempt a back body drop. Knight has it scouted and counters with a kick, tagging in MSK, who use immediately tags to allow themselves to hit a suplex + dropkick combination. Carter brings Knight back in and LA runs into a forearm uppercut. Barthel brings in Fabian Aichner and the two go at it while Barthel makes a blind tag. Aichner slides out the ring, baiting Knight and allowing the now-legal Barthel to take control. Barthel punishes Knight and mocks MSK. The crowd is very hot for both teams, and the Creed Brothers who aren't even present. Finally it's time--WALTER takes the tag in!
WALTER and LA slug it out briefly, with the Ring General gaining the upper hand. WALTER tags in Fabian Aichner, who slows the pace and uses slow, deliberate strikes to focus pain on Knight's lower back. Aichner makes a mistake when he "Will Smith" slaps Knight disrespectfully. Knight fires up and both men throw blows, with Knight falling back and tagging in MSK, who again use immediate tags to allow them to double team everyone. MSK is on fire, clearing the ring and using a suicide dive from Nash to wipe out Imperium. Lee looks for something of his own but runs into a big boot from WALTER! Knight hops in the ring and blocks WALTER from unleashing anymore damage as the ref attempts to restore order! We head to picture-in-picture break! During the break WALTER starts to ground Wes Lee. WALTER counters Lee's attempt to escape with a meaty right hook, then again looks to working holds to wear away at Lee. LA Knight hits the ring to make the save during a power submission. WALTER tags in Marcel Barthel.
Barthel takes it to the corner and sets up a perfectly-timed middle-rope spinning European uppercut to Lee. Marcel stomps away at Lee's head, disrespected the youngster, before bringing in WALTER. WALTER uses brutal, stiff kicks and powerful scoop slams to pummel Lee with the canvas. Aichner comes in next and drops an elbow before locking in an STF. Lee reaches desperately for the bottom rope but Aichner repositions, adjusting before transitioning into a pin attempt. No joy. Aichner with a clubbing blow to Lee's back before dropping Lee on his ass with a powerful uppercut. Lee begins to fight as we return from break and drops Aichner with a spinning kick. Aichner counters an attempted boot tot eh face, but Lee transitions into a step-up Enziguri that lays out Aichner! Knight and Lee hop in the corner, awaiting the hot tag as both men crawl for their respective corners. Barthel and Knight take the hot tags! Aichner saves Barthel from a cover attempt, and Carter comes in. Carter looks for a springboard attack from the apron but the Ring General, WALTER, rips him off the apron. Knight and WALTER brawl outside the ring and to the back. Marcel Barthel looks utterly flabbergasted by this. Aichner is tagged in and hits Lee with a big lariat, then catches an unsuspecting (and legal) Carter off guard and rolls him up for the win.
Your Winners, Fabian Aichner, Marcel Barthel, and WALTER--Imperium!

Wendy Choo, Where Are You?

Backstage, the beautiful Dakota Kai searches for her partner, Wendy, but can't seem to find her. She finds one of Choo's panda slippers but that's it.

Singles Match: Ivy Nile vs Tiffany Stratton

Ivy Nile and the Diamond Mine are out first. The now-booked "Buff Barbie" Tiffany Stratton is out next, and we get clips from Stratton attacking Sarray recently. The ref calls for the bell and Nile looks for a lock-up. Stratton agrees and they lock hands, old school. Nile uses a double wristlock to drag Stratton to the mat. Stratton counters in a sequence that ends with a standing moonsault and a coer for two. The crowd chants "Ivy's gonna kill you" repeatedly. Ivy drops Stratton with a big right clothesline, shocking the spoiled brat, but Tiffany fires back and hits Nile with a middle-rope-assisted hip attack/choke combo. Stratton takes Nile down with an impressive side headlock and Barrett & Vic comment on Ronda Rousey's style and Nile's MMA career. Stratton looks for a choke submission but Ivy looks completely unphased despite her best attempt to sell it. The crowd with dueling "let's go Ivy/let's go tiff-a-ny" chants as both women step up the temp as our conclusion draws near. Nile with a whip to the corner followed by a running leap attack to Stratton. Nile wrenches Stratton's arms back and shoves her boot into Tiffany's back but Stratton refuses to tap. Stratton attempts to escape the ring but Nile exits and brings her back inside. Stratton suckers Nile with a clothesline when dry-ice fog/smoke starts to pour into the arena. Sarray appears out of it, distracting Stratton and allowing Nile to slap in a submission to pick up the W!
Your Winner by Submission, Ivy Nile!

Tommaso Ciampa's End of an Era...?

Ciampa is shown backstage, seated in a steel chair. He discusses his career, briefly, with the NXT Universe--and how the fans made the black and gold just as did guys such as himself and Gargano. He makes comments alluding to the fact that Stand & Deliver may be his final match. He talks about a career-defining, career-ending match and when he rises, he folds the steel chair up and leans it against the wall. Written on the chair in paint are the dates of his career, "9/9/2015 - 4/2/2022".

Tag Match: Briggs & Jensen w/ Fallon Henley vs Legado Del Fantasma

Elektra Lopez leads out Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza and we head to a break. When we return, Briggs & Jensen are out with their newest colleague, Fallon Henley. Mendoza and Jensen (the clean-shaven one) start us off. Jensen with a pop-up press drop before executing a spinebuster. Briggs comes in and Wilde tags in Mendoza right away. Mendoza attempts to whip Briggs but Briggs counters. Mendoza shows off some impressive Mysterio-level agility as he avoids ramming the ring post and springboards back into the ring, tackling Briggs. Briggs brings in Jensen and the duo double right-punch Mendoza. Elektra Lopez distracts Jensen, allowing Mendoza to send the redneck rolling out of the ring with a dropkick. Mendoza follows it up with a rapid-fire baseball slide that jettisons Jensen into the table. Wilde tags in and shows off crazy core strength by holding himself horizontal with the middle rope before dropping outside to land an elbow drop. I can't describe it to do it justice, it's worth watching.
Mendoza and Wilde use frequent tags as they rapidly take turns delivering running clotheslines to a stunned Jensen in the corner. Both men hit multiple clotheslines before they execute a double suplex. Jensen kicks out of Wilde's cover at two. Briggs comes in finally and uses his size to run over Legado Del Fantasma, and hammers Mendoza with a huge big boot. Briggs drives Wilde into the mat and covers but Mendoza makes the save. Briggs runs towards the ropes but is distracted by Elektra Lopez. This allows Mendoza to hit a missile dropkick that drops Briggs. Wilde takes the tag in but is distracted as Fallon Henley attacks Elektra Lopez outside! Wilde looks for a 450 but Briggs catches him mid-air, from the canvas and by the throat--very, very reminiscent of the Undertaker--and drives him into the mat. Jensen tags in and seals the deal, picking up the win. Jensen, Briggs and Henley raise arms in the ring in celebration.
Your Winners, Briggs & Jensen!

Backstage Interview: Cameron Grimes

Once again, Grimes reminds us of a promise he made to his father--who passed shortly after hearing that Grimes had signed with NXT--and is nervous about his chances tonight. But he has a promise to keep, and wants to go to WrestleMania Weekend.

Toxic Attraction Address the NXT Universe

NXT Champion Mandy Rose and NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne address this weekend's Stand & Deliver Fatal 4-Way match, in which Rose defends her title against Cora Jade, Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray. Rose looks stunning in black with pink and rose-gold highlights, and the crowd shows the trio ample amounts of love. Rose gets on the mic and tries to both state she's not scared, but she also didn't agree to fight "any women" all at the same time. She then tells us we need to "remember who the hell I am. I"m the baddest bitch in the game and I've got the greatest backup this entire company has ever seen. Toxic Attraction has been dominating this entire women's division this last months and will continue to do so. So come this Saturday, I will humiliate Cora Jade, rid NXT of Io Shirai once and for all, and send Kay Lee Ray back under the bridge she came from. After I beat those three women, I will cement my legacy of becoming the greatest NXT Women's champion of all time. But, hold on, hold on--before we witness Greatness on Saturday, we've got some business to take care of tonight. Wendy Choo & Dakota Kai. We did them a favor by taking out the most dangerous team of Cora Jade & Raquel Gonzalez...we practically handed them the tournament...but they failed us. Let's just say that Wendy Choo apologized for not getting the job done." She has Jacy and Gigi retrieve some of Wendy Choo's belongings from her backpack and tosses them in the ring as the crowd boos loudly.
Dolin brags that they've beaten everyone there is to beat, and claims that Io and Kay Lee forfeited their chances at the titles. She states Kai can't find Choo to tag with her, so they run this division. Jacy Jayne questions who's left, and states "that's a trick question--there's no one left! We have beaten and embarrassed every single person that has set foot in front of us. And come this Saturday at NXT Stand and Delivery, Gig and I will walk in as your NXT Women's Tag Team Champions and we're gonna watch Mandy Rose beat three other bimbos at the same damn time!" Rose states that they'll walk in with all the gold and walk out with all the gold because "Toxic Attraction" is "the" attraction. Dakota Kai hits the ring and attacks! Toxic Attraction quickly get the numbers advantage until Raquel Gonzalez hits the ring! The crowd pops loud as Raquel helps her former bestie. Kai saves Raquel from an attack to her rear and the two former friends stand back-to-back, holding off Toxic Attraction. The crowd rips off a very loud "yes" chant at Raquel & Dakota reuniting. Raquel offers a hand and Kai jumps up in her arms and the two embrace! They hug repeatedly and the crowd pops huge. Kai finds a belt left behind and holds it up with former co-tag team champ Raquel. Toxic are furious on the ramp and the crowd continues to pop huge as we end the segment.

Singles Match: Von Wagner w/ Robert Stone Brand vs Bodhi Hayward w/ Andre Chase

We're told that Sofia Cromwell, who's at ringside, is now associated with the Robert Stone Brand (real name: Sydney Zmrzel, one of the Las Vegas tryouts from last August. She previously appeared as a poker dealer in Hudson's poker gimmicks back in November. She's also a former Phoenix Suns dancer and a former LA Rams cheerleader.) Sofia stands at ringside as does Robert Stone. Von Wagner does a solid job of picking apart Bodhi Hayward in easy fashion. Bodhi's allowed a few moments of offense but it's all Wagner, all night, as the big man picks up a win for the Robert Stone Brand.
Your Winner, Von Wagner!

Singles Match: Joe Gacy w/ Harland vs Draco Anthony

Speaking of tools looking to recruit new members, Joe Gacy is out first, accompanied by newlywed Parker Boudreaux/Harland. We head to break ahead of this match as Gacy once again attempts to "convince" Draco to join forces. After break, we return. Gacy offers a hand but the military vet Draco slaps Gacy's hand away. Draco's wearing camouflage pants with yellow accents. Gacy looks for a hug out of the blue and Anthony uses a pair of hip tosses to send Gacy down. Draco whips Joe to the corner and turns his attention to Harland at ringside. When he turns, we see Gacy upside-down similar to a Tree of Woe, channeling his inner Wyatt. We see Harland and an unusual person behind him in the audience--an obvious plant, a new talent. Gacy and Draco jockey for control in a working hold and Gacy drops Draco. Gacy tries to indoctrinate Draco, but Draco replies with a forearm to the face. Gacy whips Draco into the corner and takes him down with a belly to belly for a close cover. Wade Barrett points out the mystery fan who has yet to take their "eyes off of Harland" and they seem to stand closer behind him, at the barricade. Gacy looks for a standing crossface but Draco whips him off. Draco with a series of rights and a knee thrust before dropping Gacy with a big shoulder! Draco fires up off the ropes and hits a leaping back elbow to Gacy in the corner! Gacy's tossed with an exploder suplex and Draco covers for two. Gacy looks for a sloppy modified mat slam. Gacy rolls up Draco but Draco shoves him off. Gacy handsprings against the ropes, rebounds for a back elbow and picks up the win over Draco.
Your Winner, Joe Gacy!

Singles Match: Nikkita Lyons vs Sloane Jacobs

Lyons is out against newcomer (and currently unknown) Sloane Jacobs. The ginger rookie gets a few moments of offense in but the powerhouse Lyons easily squashes the rookie, using a powerful slam and a big Samoan Drop to fire up the crowd as she constantly yells. She unleashes the weakest Muay Thai kick combination in the history of sports and covers after a split-leggged drop to pick up another win.
Your Winner, Nikkita Lyons!

Lash Legend Lashes Out

Lash Legend addresses Nikkita from the tron. She states that after Stand and Deliver, the two have some unfinished business. "You okay, but you ain't Lash Legend-okay!" Lash claims she's a bigger superstar than the buxom powerhouse. Lyons lip-syncs to her theme as we cut to the back.

The Diamond Mine Want All the Gold

Malcolm Bivens hypes up Strong's chance to win the title tonight, and expects Strong to become a two-time North American champion. He hypes the Creed Brothers, proclaiming they'll win the tag gold and when Stand and Deliver is over with, "Malcolm Bivens will have more gold than Hall of Famer Mr. T himself and I pity the fool who wants some of 'big nasty!'". The Creed Brothers get a 781-area code text stating that whomever attacked them will be watching come Stand and Deliver. 781 is, if I'm not mistaken, Southie/South Boston.

North American Championship Qualifier "Last Chance" Main Event Match: Cameron Grimes vs A-Kid vs Roderick Strong

The Diamond Mine accompany Roderick Strong out to the ring ahead of our main event match! After a break, A-Kid and Grimes make their way out. Wit six minutes left in our program, we get one last plug for this weekend's Stand and Deliver. The ref calls for the bell and our main event is off! All three men circle, each unsure who they want to lock up with. Grimes tries to pick the leg from A-Kid and Strong wraps up A-Kid from behind. Kid breaks free and Strong attempts a rear waist lock on Grimes, but Grimes performs a standing switch. This is an incredibly fast-paced start to this match so hang in there. A-Kid and Strong trade submission attempts; Grimes attempts a Cave-In as the two separate and the crowd pops a very athletic sequence that lasted well over a minute and was full of counters. Grimes indicates his butt, and Strong charges Grimes--and right into a dropkick to the face. A-Kid dropkicks Grimes in response, and Strong recovers and starts chopping A-Kid and Grimes in opposite corners. Strong whips Grimes at A-Kid but A-Kid counters by sending Grimes flying back into Strong. This match has some truly impressive, big spots. A-Kid charges Grimes, who pops him up and over his head and allows A-kid to hit a leg drop to Strong! North American Champion Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams join commentary. Grimes executes a double-DDT and A-Kid looks for a spear on Grimes. Grimes side-steps and A-Kid changes mid-flight, turning it into a suicide dive onto Strong outside the ring! Strong recovers and drops Grimes' back across the apron. Solo Sikoa walks down the ring, watching the action, and we head to picture-in-picture break! This match is garnering a lot of pops from the crowd for it's fast pace and well-executed spots.
During the break Strong takes a brief control as he works over A-Kid in the ring. Grimes enters with a springboard senton but Strong manages to avoid it. Strong locks for a Boston Crab on A-Kid, but the Kid reaches the bottom rope. Strong focuses throughout the break on A-Kid as Grimes is down on the ringside floor for the bulk of the break. Bivens barks advise to Strong, and Strong pivots from working on A-Kid to working on a recovering Grimes. Strong pulls Grimes up to the middle turnbuckle and the two spar briefly. Grimes knocks Strong off, and Strong moves over to eliminate A-Kid as he attempts to enter. Strong approaches Grimes again and, again, looks for a middle-rope Superplex. Grimes, again, shoves Strong off. Strong rolls through and pops back up on his feet.
Back from the break! Strong runs up the turnbuckles and fires off the Superplex! Santos Escobar emerges from the crowd, as does Grayson Waller and Sanga. Carmelo Hayes states that he specifically chose these participants as he welcomes the competition. In the ring, Strong counters an attack from A-Kid and slams the Kid on top of Grimes. Strong attempts a double Boston Crab! Grimes and A-Kid barely fight out of it. Grimes fires up and executes a double Hurricanrana! Impressive spot! Grimes continues his comeback sequence, dropping A-Kid with a pair of leaping forearms before catching Strong with a running Bryan Kick to the face. Grimes leaps off the top and takes Strong down with a flying cross-body! Grimes hits A-Kid with an inverted cutter and covers but Strong makes the save! The crowd rips off more chants, completely into this exciting match as we are well into overrun territory.
Grimes catches Strong with a Superkick then a spinning Powerslam. A-Kid dives off the top and Grimes catches him, but A-Kid reverses the counter into a Tornado DDT! Impressive! The Kid is winded and fails to make the cover! All three rise to their feet as we're ready to wrap this up. A-Kid chops Strong; Grimes punches Kid; Strong chops Grimes; Kid chops Strong, Kid chops Grimes, Kid punches Strong and Grimes! Strong fires off chops and fists of his own, battering both men. All three men start slapping chests like it's going out of style! Strong executes a textbook backbreaker to A-Kid then catches Grimes with a running Kitchen Sink in the corner. Strong with another big back breaker to A-Kid! Strong with his End of Heartache signature to Grimes! A-Kid leaps at Strong but Strong catches him and slams him into Grimes! Strong looks for his finisher but A-Kid attempts to counter. Strong blocks and hits a rolling mule dropkick then hits the End of Heartache! He turns in time to catch a Cave-In from Grimes! Grimes covers, Grimes wins! Grimes wins!
Your Winner and FINAL Entrant in the North American Championship Ladder Match, Cameron Grimes!

After the Match: North American Championship (Unofficial) Conference

Afterwards, Carmelo tells Grimes there's no way he's walking out as the A-Champion. Santos tells Melo to shut up in Spanish and states he's bringing the title back to the family. Grayson yells that family doesn't matter and "that image of me bringing down the North American title is gonna go viral!" Solo Sikoa yells for him to shut the hell up and states the Street Champ will become the new North American champ. But all Grimes has to say is he's taking the title to the moon! Then all hell breaks loose and all six men--plus Sanga and Trick Williams--brawl in the ring, ending our program!

In Closing

And that does it for our Stand & Deliver go-home edition of NXT 2.0! Don't forget--Stand & Deliver is Saturday at 1pm EST. What were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for WrestleMania SmackDown.


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