WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (November 9, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome back to NXT 2.0! Your host tonight is the best play-by-play reporter in sports entertainment today, Mike Hogan 2.0! We've got a great show lined up for us tonight.

Our official preview is up, and tonight we've got four announced matches ahead of us. Kevin Owens' woke child, Joe Gacy, takes on Boa. We'll also have Kay Lee Ray in action against Sarray. In tag team action, the newly-minted Jacket Time (Kushida & Ikemen Jiro) try their luck against the Diamond Mine's Creed Brothers. And NXT Women's & Women's Tag Team Champions Toxic Attraction take on Kacy Catanzaro, Kayden Carter, and Io Shirai in Six-Woman tag action.

We'll have this and a lil' bit more next on NXT 2.0! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (November 9, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Six-Woman Tag Match: Toxic Attraction vs Io Shirai and Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro

We immediately open our program with eye candy--Vic Joseph, Beth Phoenix and Wade Barrett, of course. Out comes our Women's Champion and Women's Tag Team Champions--three titles, three venomous vixens--Toxic Attraction, followed next by Io Shirai and KC2. We're starting our show right away with this match! KC2, sporting newer, peppier (I think) music--that Wade calls "rave"--and bounce in the ring as Io shakes her head at them. We start off with NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose, sporting new, modified Ring gear. The red body suit has been replaced by a red leather top and black shorts. Rose gets a HUGE pop from the crowd as she and Kayden Carter circle. Both women lock up. Rose takes an early lead. Rose takes Carter to the Toxic corner. Gigi Dolin takes the tag in and pounds Kayden with forearms and kicks her sharply in the back. The crowd is a mix of cheers and boos for the redheaded Attraction. Gigi takes Kayden down with a headscissors. The crowd breaks out the dueling chants. Jacy Jayne takes the tag and the crowd pivots to "Let's go Jacy/Let's go Kayden" dueling chants without missing a beat. Kayden manages to rock Jacy briefly and tags in Io. The crowd is hot for Shirai. Shirai stays in briefly then brings in Kacy Catanzaro. Kacy fails to maintain the lead Io left her with and Jayne forces Kacy into the TA corner. Rose comes back in. Kacy sends Rose outside then hits a springboard corkscrew elbow on Rose! Carter, never one to be left out, follows her partner in diving out to take out Toxic Attraction at ringside, too. Io Shirai, in a brief moment of F.O.M.O., hesitates before looking for a suicide dive. Mandy Rose slips into the ring as Io rebounds off the ropes and lays out Shirai with a huge spinebuster as we go to picture-in-picture break!
During the break Shirai tags in Kacy. Kacy goes at it with the champ briefly before tagging in Io again. Rose tags in Dolin, who charges Shirai and runs right into a modified crossface. Dolin rolls around, attempting to escape, as the crowd loudly (well, I'm assuming they're loud) chants for Io. Shirai ducks under a Dolin kick and looks for a roll-up. Shirai takes Dolin into the friendly corner. Kacy Carter tags in and begins working on Dolin's left shoulder as Kacy bounces on the apron, firing up the crowd. Kacy transitions to a side headlock but Dolin is quick to slip out of it. Dolin looks for a suplex but Kacy counters with a float over and attempts a pin. Kacy makes a mistake, turning her back to Dolin to mock Toxic Attraction. Dolin smacks Kacy hard--and into the Toxic Attraction corner! Rose takes the tag in and uses her thick, powerful thighs for a waistlock submission on a seated Kacy. Kacy screams in pain and tries to escape as Rose gyrates her hips up and down to uh I guess increase the pain? Great visual, regardless.
Back from the break. Rose drives Kacy into the mat and looks for a cover. When it fails, Rose goes back to the thigh-clenching waistlock. The crowd loudly chants for both Mandy and Kacy. Catanzaro begins to throw back elbows, looking to break free. The Champ looks for a back body drop but Catanzaro floats through. Kacy shoves off Rose and tags in Shirai. Rose tags in Dolin. Io gets the hot chant as she runs over Dolin. Shirai lays out Dolin with a scoop slam and begins to stomp away in Dolin's face in the corner. The crowd is really hot for this, quiet for half a second at most. Shirai takes on an entering Rose, hitting a running double-knee strike in the corner to a seated Rose. Shirai hits the Over the Moonsault on Rose for two. Toxic Attraction hit the ring, making the save before the ref regains control. Shirai and Rose are both down. Dolin comes in and so does Carter. Carter runs Dolin over with a pair of clotheslines and capped off with a dropkick. Carter takes down Jayne as she attempts to interfere. Carter whips Dolin into Jayne, splashes them both, then uses Dolin's back as a Jeff Hardy-inspired step up to dive into Jayne. Carter cleans house and continues to dominate Dolin. Jayne looks to cause interference; Shirai and Catanzaro take out Rose and Jayne at the ring side. The distraction works, however, and Gigi Dolin hits the Uncaged (her finisher) on Carter to pick up the win.
Your Winners, Toxic Attraction!

Singles Match: Kay Lee Ray vs Sarray

While Toxic Attraction take a rather lengthy time celebrating on the ring, Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett and Beth Phoenix ain't got no time fo' that. Kay Lee Ray makes her way out and we make our way off to a quick commercial ahead of this match. When we return, Kay Lee ray starts off aggressive against Sarray. Kool-Aid takes an early lead but Sarray fights back early on, using a dropkick to drop KLR. Sarray with a standing stomp. Sarray's offense is short-lived as KLR unloads hard rights and a big discus elbow. KLR pounds away at a downed Sarray. The crowd chants, mostly inaudibly, but they're at least into it somewhat. KLR shuts down Sarray's comeback attempt with a middle rope DDT. KLR covers for two and we get replays of the DDT. KLR pulls Sarray up and hits her with a big right, followed by a right kick. Sarray gets one last spurt of offense in, stringing together a wicked leg submission and a few strikes, ending her offense with a bridging suplex for a close two. KLR rises, connects with a Superkick and--after dodging Sarray's bottom-rope dropkick--sends her opponent tumbling to the outside. KLR hits the KLR Bomb (a Gory Bomb) twice to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Kay Lee Ray!

Singles Match: Joe Gacy vs Boa

We return from a break and see Boa in face paint and showing off his form. The bell rings and both men go right at it. Gacy takes control very early on with a forearm uppercut. Gacy goes for covers early and often. Gacy uses unique working holds, such as squeezing Boa's head like a cantaloupe, to try to wear down the Tian Sha member. Boa gets some offense in about ninety seconds in, firing off running knee strikes with the assist of a picked ankle. The crowd is on fire tonight, with yet another dueling chant. Boa wins the chant war as he counters an Owens charge with a Big Boot. Immediately after this, the lights begin to flash red and blue and your friendly neighborhood Boa acts a bit fiendishly by locking on a throat or inverted mandible lock on Gacy, holding him down against the bottom rope and ignoring the ref's commands to break the hold. Gacy wins by disqualification, and smiles into the camera claiming 'we did it" despite Boa handing him the win.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Joe Gacy!

Video Promos: Jacket Time, the Diamond Mine

I'm not going to even attempt to dictate what Jiro says. Essentially he points out he's Japanese, as is Kushida, and together they are both 'Japanese Japanese' whatever that means. We cut to the Diamond Mine, where Malcolm Bivens cuts a very short "we're gonna make you pay" promo for the Creed Brothers. We head to break.

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie Mitchell with Solo Sikoa, Grayson Waller, and LA Knight

Solo is interviewed--and quickly interrupted by Grayson Waller and LA Knight, who begin squabbling again. Solo tells them tonight three men enter and only one wins, hinting at a triple threat match.

Tag Match: Jacket Time vs the Diamond Mine

The Diamond Mine are represented by the Creed Brothers in this match, and Jacket Time is the newly-announced name for Ikemen Jiro & Kushida. They come out with their own new music. Wade Barrett calls it the single-worst tag team name he's ever heard before. The Creed Brothers are already out and we start this match with Daniel Cornier-trained Julius Creed and Ikemen Jiro. Kushida comes in against Brutus as the Diamond Mine takes control. The Greco-Roman talents use big, brutal suplexes and slams to batter down Kushida. It takes Kushida several long moments to hit a desperation springboard double-back elbow to rock both Creed Brothers and make the hot tag to Ikemen Jiro. Jiro enters and strikes both Creed Brothers, setting them up on the apron. Kushida comes in and the duo hit a double team move to clear the ring and send us off to break. Back from the break. We're informed Kushida just received the hot tag, and hot he is as he clears house completely. He takes down Julius in the ring and Brutus at ringside. Tag to Ikemen and Jacket Time double-team Creed with a unique, acrobatic spurt of offense. Kushida flies off the top and looks for the win but Brutus makes the save. The Creeds cause chaos and distract the ref, allowing Roderick Strong to sucker strike Jiro. Julius with a one-armed bomb roll-up to pick up the win. After the match, Odyssey Jones hits the ring to a huge pop and clears out the Mine.
Your Winners, the Diamond Mine!

Outside Promo: Toxic Attraction

Toxic Attraction are outside, all jacketed up and ready to leave. They cut a quick promo about holding the titles until someone pries them off their hot corpses. Raquel Gonzalez rides up on her motorcycle and tells Rose "I'll deal with you later. Keep my title warm."

In the Ring Promo: Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai

Raquel rides her motorcycle into the arena and enters the ring wearing jeans and a black leather halter top. Great look for the future champ! She yells angrily for Dakota Kai to come on out, and out comes Kai! Kai starts to talk about how much she enjoyed taking out Raquel and costing her the title. Suddenly, Cora Jade attacks Kai from behind. The refs and officials have to separate them. Jade almost takes a right to the former champ but stops when she sees it's Raquel. Raquel tells Jade that she gets it, and Jade can have some--but Raquel gets hers first.

Video Promo: Andre Chase University

Andre Chase starts what sounds like a late-night promo for an online hack college, and devolves into Chase...being Chase. When he takes questions, his students point out his technological issues last week. One of the students claims Chase was doomed from the start. Chase glares at the student...then snaps at the other student, "Gabriel," calling him a loser and a dumbass. He angrily kicks him out then thanks the student who criticized him for doing his due diligence and his "attention to detail.

Singles Match: Cameron Grimes vs Ru Feng (fka Feicheng Wang)

We head to break with a promise of a Grimes match, up next! When we return, we get a short match that sees Cameron Grimes generally squash the Chinese wrestler. Duke Hudson comes out to watch this micro-match. Grimes is quick to send the taller rookie to the moon with a running Stomp followed by a diving splash moments into the match.
Your Winner, Cameron Grimes!

In the Ring Confrontation: Duke Hudson and Cameron Grimes

The crowd is loudly behind Grimes and constantly bombard Hudson with "what?!"'s throughout his speech. Duke wonders, ultimately, if Grimes got dumb lucky or played Hudson. Hudson criticizes Grimes for getting in his head, hitting on all the women, et cetera. Grimes tells Hudson, "what?" then states he was just having fun. Hudson snaps at Grimes and states it wasn't fun. He calls Grimes hairy and smelly and a troll, mocking him. Grimes takes offense, then owns that he might be a little hairy, a little smelly, and a little grimy because "Cameron Grimes holds it down!" He repeats the new catchphrase again. He admits that he may like to play dumb sometimes, but last week he played Duke. The crowd mocks Duke with a "you got played" chant. Hudson tells Grimes no one out-hustles Duke Hudson and "I cannot let this go, I will not let this go! You have no clue what losing to someone like you does to someone like me! So this is what's going to happen. Next week, in this ring, in front of all these people...Duke Hudson, Cameron Grimes, poker showdown!" Grimes accepts.

Triple Threat Match: Solo Sikoa vs LA Knight vs Grayson Waller

We see each man getting ready in the back--with Grayson Waller swiping right on a dating app, according to Vic "Snitch" Joseph. We head to break prior to this match. When we start, Rikishi's other son, Solo Sikoa, gets about three minutes to dominate and showcase his ability. Waller and Knight take opportunities to build their feud and pop off shots at each other, but it's Solo who comes across as the dominant factor in this match. The crowd is 80% behind Solo with huge, ongoing chants. Knight and Waller have to resort to teaming up to bring down Sikoa and keep him down. Knight and Waller cockily have a pissing contest, with each man trying a leaping elbow attack to see who did it better. They work together to take Sikoa into the corner. Waller sets Sikoa up on the top rope and begins to climb Knight pulls him down and attempts to climb. Both men squabble about who should execute the move. They mutually decide to work together, but the time wasted gives Solo a chance to catch his second wind. Sikoa drops both men. Solo runs back and forth across the ring as he takes out Waller and Knight. Waller tries to fight back with kicks but Sikoa sends him out of the ring. Knight uses the distraction to hit a cutter. Waller uses that opportunity to take out Knight with a springboard rolling cutter. Solo tosses Grayson out of the ring then hits a diving splash to pick up the win over Knight and Waller via Knight pin fall.
Your Winner, Solo Sikoa!

Backstage: Indi Hartwell, Persia Pirotta, and Tony D'Angelo

Another stereotypical/offensive "guido" gangster type promo, in which Tony hits on both women and gives Indi a dead fish wrapped in a newspaper. He tells her he found it at the docks and to give it to Dexter as he'll "get the message." We go to break.

Singles Match: Elektra Lopez vs Erika Yan (fka Jie Yin)

Lopez spends a minute squashing Chinese mega-athlete Jie Yin, now going as Erika Yan.

In the Ring: Legado Del Fantasma and Xyon Quin

Elektra Lopez spends more time waiting for Xyon Quin, who she states really impressed her last week, than her match. Quin comes out to a hot pop. Elektra asks Quin to join her and Legado. She clearly has the hots for Xyon. Quin tells her while he'd love to join her, he's not down with guys like Legado. Wilde & Mendoza attempt to attack Quin, who easily sends them flying out of the ring. Lopez strikes at him, but Quin simply catches her wrists and holds her from behind as the tension builds and the crowd chants for them to kiss. He leaves up the ring as Phoenix and the crowd build towards the obvious steamy story-line.

Coming Soon: WarGames!

No teams or matches announced but Vic Joseph reminds us we're only a few weeks away from NXT TakeOver: WarGames.

Singles Non-Title Main Event Match: Pete Dune vs North American Champion Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams

It's time for our main event and with Chucky on next, we don't get overruns anymore, kids, so let's get to it. We return from break and find Dunne and Hayes already out. Hayes is accompanied by Trick Williams, as usual; Dunne, normally accompanied by Oney Lorcan, is alone after Lorcan's release. Dunne shocks the champion with his aggression out of the gate. Hayes looks in shocked as the Bruiserweight gives Hayes a glimpse into his namesake. Dunne works the fingers, stomping them. Hayes fights back, using a springboard punch to drop the former NXT UK Champion. The crowd chants "wolf that trick" I think before turning to the more recognizable "Bruiserweight." Dunne continues to work Hayes left arm every chance he can. Hayes uses his speed to often evade and escape. Hayes looks for a springboard attack from the apron but Dunne catches his wrist and snaps the fingers apart. Dunne springboards tot he outside but Hayes catches him. Hayes looks for a suplex but Dunne counters with an X-plex across the apron! Dexter Lumis joins the commentary team, scaring the tar out of Trick Williams outside the ring! We go to a break as the crowd chants for Lumis!
Back from the break. Hayes fires off a beautiful jaw breaker that sends Dunne's body bouncing in the air and elicits a huge, lengthy "this is awesome" chant from the crowd. Hayes and Dunne tend to go back and forth as they have all match, with nether man taking control for long. The crowd starts a "Suplex City" chant, haha. Hayes with a snap slam for a two. Hayes keeps his composure, shaking off the kick-out, and looks for a running lariat in the corner. Dunne dodges and counters with a high kick. Dunne picks up his second wind and starts his comeback sequence, using a sit-out powerbomb to get a close two. The crowd again gets behind Dunne. The crowd fires up as we get closer to the end of our match. Best crowd we've had in the WWE in months. Hayes and Dunne wrap things up, with each man looking for big spots. Hayes reverses a snap suplex into a suplex of his own; Dunne counters a springboard strike with a big right. Huge "NXT" chant from the NXT Universe--gonna say it again, gotta love it when a crowd is hot all night long.
Dunne and Hayes grimace at each other as they draw themselves to their feet. The crowd encourages them to fight forever as Dunne and Hayes hit rights. Hayes borrows from Johnny Gargano's playbook and locks in the Garga-No Escape on Dunne! The crowd flips out! Dunne snaps fingers to force the break. Again, both men slug it out slowly. Dunne hits a snap German Suplex, then stomps on Williams' hand as he tries to slide into the ring. Dunne with a big high kick. Dunne looks for the Bitter End but Hayes counters, sending Dunne throat-first into the top rope. The ref holds Hayes back and Williams fails to use the distraction to attack--thanks in part to Dexter Lumis, who wipes out Williams! On the other side of the ring, Johnny Gargano waves a gloved hand out from the apron, distracting Hayes. A bloodied Dunne puts away Hayes and picks up the win! After the match, Gargano and Lumis give gloved thumbs-up to each other and Dunne jaws off at Gargano.
Your Winner, Pete Dunne!

In Closing

And that's a wrap from the Skittles brand. What were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown 1.0!

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