WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (October 5, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome back to NXT 2.0! Your host tonight is the last-round draft pick in the live results coverage draft, Michael "Myers" Hogan 2.0! We've got a great show lined up for us tonight.

Our official preview has set the stage for tonight's program. We'll have eight-man action when NXT Tag Team Champions MSK join forces with newcomers Jensen & Briggs to take on the combined teams of the Grizzled Young Veterans and Trick Williams & Carmelo Hayes. We'll also have the NXT 2.0 debut of Cora Jade, and Ember Moon takes on Toxic Attraction's Mandy Rose.

We'll have all this and more tonight on NXT 2.0! For those who want the truncated version, here's Quick Recap!

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (October 5, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Opening Package

We open straight up with a video highlighting the events of last week. We are then told that the Eight-Man match is now a Fatal 4-Way because, per Tom Phillips failed clone experiment named Vic Joseph, the teams couldn't get along.

Singles Match: Ember Moon vs Mandy Rose w/ Toxic Attraction

We cut to the CWC and Mandy Rose comes out for her match, wearing brand new figure-fitting red ring gear. She's accompanied by the rest of Toxic Attraction--Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne--during her entrance. Next out is Ember Moon, wearing a glow-in-the-dark green skull-looking thing. She ditches it as she heads to the ring for our first match! The crowd is behind Ember as the bell rings. Mandy and Ember take turns attempting working holds. Rose with a side headlock on Moon, who whips Rose into the ropes and thrusts her down. Moon stands over Mandy, shaking her butt at Rose to tease her. Moon shows off her aggressive side as she traps Rose in the Tree of Woe and starts laying into her. As the ref counts his warning, she backs off and goes right back for more. Jayne & Dolin pull Rose out of the ring. Ember Moon hits a beautiful Suicide Dive that wipes out Jacy Jayne. Rose looks to capitalize on this with a Hurricanrana-looking move, but Moon turns it into an Apron Powerbomb! Rose takes control as they enter the ring. Rose locks an Abdominal Stretch on Moon, and holds it for a long time. The crowd is hot and constantly chants for Moon throughout the entirety of the match. Moon takes control and sends Rose crashing to the canvas. Moon with a running strike. Moon looks for the Eclipse but Rose moves. Moon charges Rose, who hits her with a leaping knee and covers her to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Mandy Rose!

Video Promo: Legado Del Fantasma

We get a promo from LDF, in which they mock Hit Row and essentially say "you're lucky you're moving to SmackDown." That's the gist of it. Santos again pledged to go after Swerve's North American title (which he'll have to drop to someone as Hit Row was called up to SmackDown.)

Singles Match: LA Knight vs Odyssey Jones

Odyssey Jones comes out as we head to a break, and when we return LA Knight is on his way to the ring. Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett, and Beth Phoenix--our commentary team--disagree on Knight's tactics. The bell rings and Knight backs up, backing around the ring while constantly grabbing a top rope so Jones can't touch him. Jones heads into the corner but Knight clocks him with a right. Knight takes a moment to celebrate, and the big man unleashes hell on Knight. Jones throws Knight brutally across the ring and into the corner. Jones' power is completely on display. Knight runs off the ropes and right into a shoulder thrust from Jones. Knight takes control and uses the ropes to choke Jones. The ref warns him and he breaks, only to attack Jones again. This goes on for a few times before Knight runs along the apron and connects a knee to Jones' head. Knight takes it back into the ring and leaps high up, hitting a dropping elbow. Very impressive. The crowd chants for Odyssey and insults at Knight. Knight unloads a series of punches on Jones. Knight lifts Jones, holding him cross-body style for an impressively long time, until Jones' weight is too much. They fall to the mat with Jones crushing Knight. Jones fires up his comeback and floors Knight with a huge clothesline. Jones with a hopping knee thrust that lays out Knight. Andre Chase hits the ring, standing on the apron. Jones moves to the ropes and slugs Chase. The distraction proves enough though Knight drops Jones and pins. Jones' foot seemed to be on the bottom rope but Chase moved it before the ref saw.
Your Winner, LA Knight!

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie Mitchell with Cameron Grimes

Grimes tells Mac that love is in the air, pointing out InDex and Cora Jade and her boyfriend Trey. Grimes decides he's going to get a woman, too, when Pete Dunne & Ridge Holland approach Grimes. They insult him, telling him no woman wants him. They have words back and forth, with Dunne issuing a challenge. Grimes walks off and talks to two blondes, asking if they're single. They hesitate and make excuses as we go to break.

Backstage: Kyle O'Reilly and Von Wagner

When we return from break, O'Reilly approaches Wagner. He points out Von's had his back twice now. He informs Von he trusts no one. Wagner tells O'Reilly he doesn't like Dunne or his crew.

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa Addresses the NXT Universe

Ciampa comes out, Goldie in his arms, as we head to a break. When we return to him, he announces the return of Halloween Havoc! He then pivots into an open challenge, asking who has the balls to come out to face him. The crowd chants "Ciampa's gonna kill you!" The person to answer his challenge? Bron Breaker! The Steiner son climbs into the ring and stands toe-to-toe with Ciampa. "Tommaso Ciampa. I've treated you with nothing but respect since the day I walked through the door. But I don't give a damn if I've been here for 4 minutes, 4 weeks or 4 months, I want to be the NXT Champion!" Crowd pops at this. Bron goes on to challenge Tommaso at Halloween Havoc for the title. Ciampa tells Breaker "the difference between you and me is you want the NXT title, ...I need this title." He tells Bron he knows he's using it as a stepping stone. He tells Bron that he's got to upgrade from an Intern to a P.h.D. In three weeks at Halloween Havoc, Ciampa defends against Breaker!

Backstage Promo: Joe Gacy

Kevin Owens, jr. addresses us all and babbles on about his "woke" philosophy. He tells us tonight in the ring, he'll make it a safe space then adds his thoughts that two people can win. We head to break.

Singles Match: Ikemen Jiro vs Joe Gacy

When we return to the CWC Jiro is in the ring and Gacy makes his way out. They both shake hands before going at it. Gacy with a side waist lock. Jiro escapes and runs off the ropes, but stops as Gacy talks "woke" stuff to him. Jiro and Gacy go at it again, and the crowd is hot for Ikemen. They again lock up with no man taking the advantage. Again, they shake hands. Gacy then sends Jiro to the corner, then middle of the ring, hitting multiple punches. Gacy with a standard suplex to the jeers of the crowd. Gacy pulls Jiro up and whips him into the ropes, then chases him and connects with a running elbow that levels Jiro. Jiro starts his comeback, holding the side of his jacket and slugging Gacy three times before flattening him with a discuss punch. Gacy stumbles into the ring. Gacy climbs up and Jiro immediately takes him down to the mat hard. Both men run off the ropes and Gacy somersaults to the ropes, off of them, and drops Jiro with a huge clothesline. Gacy then picks up the pin fall. After the match, Gacy helps Jiro up and shakes his hand, then hugs him. As he goes up the ramp, a "fan" (wrestler as yet unnamed) stands and stares him down.
Your Winner, Joe Gacy!

Vignette: Duke Hudson

We return to see a stack of chips and playing cards behind flicked. Hudson tells us he's an NXT Superstar as well as a poker champion. As he tells us he's going to take the belt, we watch him play poker with someone. He ends the segment with "better luck next time." Okay.

Singles Match: Cora Jade vs Franky Monet

This marks Cora Jade's NXT 2.0 debut. She comes out to a good pop. Her unnamed opponent is suddenly attacked by Franky Monet, who decimates the woman on the floor. Robert Stone yells that her opponent is Franky, and the announcer makes it a match. Franky comes off the bell fast. Monet takes Jade to the corner and stomps her. Monet with a Hard Irish Whip followed by a running knee to Jade's face. Trey Baxter, Jade's boyfriend, comes to ringside and encourages her. Monet maintains control for the majority of the match. Jade rises and Monet catches her with a beautiful Spear that lays Jade out! Monet looks to pin and Jade reverses it, stealing the win!
Your Winner, Cora Jade!

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie Mitchell and MSK

MSK comment on the fatal 4-way and the fact that they can lose the titles without being pinned. The Grizzled Young Veterans show up and accuse the MSK of being unable to defeat them straight up, so they had the match changed. Briggs & Jensen come up as GYV babble with MSK. They decide to make the main event a elimination fatal 4-way. Briggs & Jensen state, "why wait?" They attack the GYV and all the teams begin brawling. A small platoon of refs and officials separate them as we go to break.

Backstage: Tommaso Ciampa and Joe Gacy

As Ciampa attempts to cut an interview, Gacy walks up. Gacy takes offense at Ciampa saying anyone who had the "balls" to face him. Woke af. Gacy wants to be added to the title match. Ciampa agrees that if Gacy beats him next week, he'll be added to the Halloween Havoc main event.

Singles Match: Cameron Grimes vs Pete Dunne w/ Ridge Holland

We cut to the ring. Dunne and his enforcer are already out. Grimes comes out to a decent reaction from the crowd. Both men ready-up. When the bell rings, both men circle. Grimes takes an early lead, showing a lot of excellent offense and appeasing the crowd. Dunne eventually takes control and begins to focus his attacks on Grimes' left arm. Dunne uses the ropes to assist an arm submission, then takes Grimes to the middle of the ring. Dunne holds onto Grime's wrist and takes him down to the mat. Dunne then twists the arm and drives Grimes to the mat, where he begins manipulating the joints and digits. Grimes throws a few punches, attempting to gain some separation. Dunne misses with a strike and Grimes fires up his comeback, taking Dunne down with speedy strikes and a big cross body off the top, picking up a two. Grimes wraps up Dunne from behind; Dunne throws back elbows to break the hold. Dunne resumes focusing on Grimes' left arm before kicking Grimes in the head, covering for two. Dunne and Grimes exchange control. Grimes hits a great spot, countering Dunne into a German Suplex with a Bridge for a close two. The crowd with loud "NXT" chants. Grimes swings and misses; Dunne swings and connects. Dunne heads up the turnbuckles when Kyle O'Reilly hits the ring! Kyle attacks Holland at ringside. Dunne attacks O'Reilly and heads back into the ring. Grimes attempts to use the distraction to hit the Cave In, but Dunne takes him down to the mat and picks up the win.
Your Winner, Pete Dunne!

Kyle O'Reilly Gets His Ass Kicked and Tony Soprano D'Angelo Debuts

O'Reilly hits the ring the instant the match is over. O'Reilly with a mount-and-pound on Dunne. Holland intercedes, using his sheer strength to whip Kyle around like doll. Dunne & Holland are left standing as we get a Tony D'Angelo promo, as he debuts next. We head to commercials.

Promo: Hit Row

We return to Hit Row. They laugh at Legado for thinking that Hit Row is running from them. Top Dolla states that they're running to the money, and they all agree. They give props for being drafted to SmackDown. Swerve then answers Escobar's challenge, telling him he accepts the challenge for the North American title. Swerve tells the camera the only way Escobar will see the belt is on Friday nights.\

Singles Match: Malik Blade vs Tony D'Angelo

When we return, Blade is already in the ring. D'Angelo comes out to mixed reaction from the crowd. Vic Joseph continues the probably-offensive Italian stereotypes, hinting that Tony tried to pay off the ref, his "family" are in waste management (the Sopranos), and he'll have Blade "sleeping with the fishes." They start off fast, with Tony easily handling Blade's speed. Tony uses a series of working holds, wearing down Blade. Tony with a running knee to the face, followed by a side headlock. Tony gets a hot chant from the crowd. Tony takes Blade to the corner. Blade attempts some offense but Blade sends him crashing to the mat. Blade takes the lead with a dropkick that sends Tony tot he floor. Blade follows Tony, who heads back into the ring and catches Blade with a wrestling take-down, covering for two. Malik gets a chant as D'Angelo puts a waist lock on Blade. Tony shoves Blade into the corner, dropping the young man. Tony talks a little smack, inaudibly, and pulls Blade up. Tony with a shot to the ribs followed by an attempted Abdominal Stretch. Blade gains some separation with an elbow strike to break the hold. Blade with fast, leaping strikes. Blade goes up top and flies as high as Montez Ford, crashing down on Tony with a huge cross -body for a two. Tony attempts to beg off Blade, then suckers Blade by sending Blade's face into the turnbuckles. Tony with a suplex, holds on and hits a modified spinning Fisherman's Suplex to pick up the win in an impressive spot.
Your Winner, Tony D'Angelo!

Singles Match: Mei Ying w/ Boa vs Indi Hartwell-Lumis

Mei Ying and Boa make their way out as we head to break. When we return, Indi Hartwell is out. During the match, the crowd chants "Dexter Lumis." Mei Ying starts us off with a rolling take-down. Mei Ying wrestles in her outfit that looks like the evil kid from The Ring movies. Mei Ying with another take-down. Hartwell slaps on a side headlock and whips Ying into the ropes but Ying isn't rocked. Hartwell runs against the ropes and into Ying, who barely moves--except to take Hartwell down. Ying sends Hartwell to the corner and chokes her briefly. Ying stalks Hartwell while she's on the match. The crowd is hot for Indi. Mei Ying with a unique nerve-pressing submission, per Beth Phoenix. The crowd again chants for Hartwell's husband. Ying locks a chin submission on Hartwell after following her outside. Ying sends Hartwell against the ring and runs, looking for a big kick. Hartwell's bestie moves in the way, taking the hit for her friend. Indi takes Ying into the ring and steals the win. Afterwards, Ying sits up and looks like some kind of mini-Undertaker.
Your Winner, Indi Hartwell-Lumis!

Backstage: Lash Legend and Tony D'Angelo

Lash is talking to a circle of folks, talking about her insta-fame and such. She takes credit for the Facebook/etc outage yesterday, claiming it was because she was hot in both manners. Tony D'Angelo tells her she should have him on her show. When he walks off, Lash and the others talk about how much they loved the Sopranos movie that debuted last week on HBOMAX (not a paid endorsement, just a solid Sopranos movie).

NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez Addresses the NXT Universe

Our NXT Champion Raquel Gonzalez makes her way to the ring. We go to break. When we return, Samantha Irvin is with her in the ring. She says that the world has been buzzing about Toxic Attraction. Raquel angrily addresses Rose, and asks if she knows who she jumped last week. Gonzalez states that Rose has been wondering around NXT 2.0 a few weeks, but Gonzalez has been here for a long time. She threatens Rose, and says that if Rose touches Gonzalez's belt again, she'll put her in a body cast. Toxic Attraction make their way out and Mandy Rose talks. As she talks, the crowd starts up with the "what" chants. Rose calls Gonzalez a desperate champion who knows her title reign is coming to an end. Rose tells Gonzalez that they're taking over. Gigi tells Raquel its not her fault--Rose is championship material, and she (Gigi) and Jacy are championship material. Raquel mentions bashing her with the title, giving her stitches. Jacy gets on the mic, calling Raquel desperate, then insults Raquel's wardrobe. She claims they are the faces of NXT 2.0 and promises that they'll be holding all the gold in the women's division "because we're not just Toxic Attraction, we are the attraction!"
Toxic Attraction approach the ring, each woman flanking Raquel. Rose asks if they should have some fun, then calls out to her ladies. Each woman hints at slipping in. NXT Tag Champions Io Shirai & Zoey Stark hit the ring, sliding in and telling Toxic to bring it as they have Raquel's back. Toxic Attraction back off and leave as the three champs hold their belts up in the ring.

Backstage: Kyle O'Reilly and Von Wagner

O'Reilly is icing his neck. Wagner comes up and tells him that next week, its O'Reilly and Wagner taking on Dunne and Holland. He tells O'Reilly whether he likes it or not, it's going down.

Fatal 4-Way Elimination Tag Team Championship Main Event Match: Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams vs the Grizzled Young Veterans vs Briggs & Jensen vs NXT Tag Team Champions MSK

Originally billed as an Eight-Man tag, then as a Fatal 4-way, and ended up as an Elimination Fatal 4-way. After a promo for Halloween Havoc and a throw-away backstage segment, we get ready for our match. All teams are out, with the champs--MSK--coming out fired up and hot for this match. They definitely want the smoke. We're using a traditional tag match format for hits. We start with Wes Lee and Gibson. Lee shows off his high-octane, aerial-powered offense. Lee tags in Nash Carter, who takes it to Gibson as well. Carmelo Hayes tags himself in. He goes back and forth with Carter until he tags in Trick Williams. Unique springboard splash on Carter. Brooks is tagged in and slugs it out with Trick. Trick with two big gut punches followed by a thrust take-down. Hayes is tagged back in. Briggs with an Atomic Drop to buy himself time to tag in Gibson. Both men work together to take out Williams & Hayes. Briggs and Jensen begin attacking everyone, causing a small brawl in the ring. Carter and Trick are legal. Lee helps Carter with their signature double-team move, taking out Hayes & Williams.
Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams have been eliminated, 9:57pm EST
Back from the break. Wes Lee and Gibson are struggling in the ring as Lee attempts to get a tag. Gibson with a forearm to Lee then one to Nash on the apron. Gibson tags in Drake, who holds Lee, back to the turnbuckle, and allows Gibson to go up top and hit a dropkick straight to the champ. Gibson toys with Lee and continues to verbally berate him. Gibson pulls Lee up and sends him to the GYV corner. Big, hard rights from Gibson. Drake is tagged in. GYV whip Lee into the ropes but Lee puts on the brakes! Lee kicks Gibson in the face, dropping him. Lee dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodges out of the way, diving to get the hot tag on Carter. Carter comes in hot. Carter with a snap suplex. Carter with another German Suplex. Lee with a standing splash. Carter eventually attempts a pin, and Gibson drags Drake out of the ring. Carter heads outside and sends Drake in. Gibson grabs Carter's leg, holding him long enough for drake to recover. Drake tags in Gibson. Drake and Gibson with an incredible double-team move. Gibson covers but realizes that Carter isn't the legal man--Briggs and Brooks make the blind tag, work together and bomb GYV to pick up the pin.
The Grizzled Young Veterans have been eliminated at 10:03pm EST.
Wes Lee fires off a series of kicks before connecting with a dropkick. Jensen and Briggs with another double-team. Briggs and Jensen use frequent tags as they batter Wes Lee and keep Carter off the apron. Big double team bomb on Lee. Jensen looks for a Powerbomb but Carter assists Lee, who rolls up and snags the win to retain!
Briggs & Jensen have been eliminated at 10:05pm.
Your Winner and STILL Tag Team Champions, MSK.

After the Match: Good Sportsmanship

Briggs & Jensen retrieve the tag belts, holding them to their chest. MSK approaches and the duo give them their titles, and both teams end it on respect. Imperium hits the ring, beating down MSK until Briggs & Jensen hit the ring to help MSK. The crowd with loud chants of "we want Melo" and end it with "Thank you Imperium" chants as we fade to black.

In Closing

And that's a wrap! Another solid show from the Skittles brand. I'm off to find my sister babysitting, y'all have a great night and stay safe out there. See you Friday! Don't forget to swing by tomorrow night for Matt Boone's excellent AEW coverage!

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