WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (Sept. 20, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

NXT 2.0

Welcome back to NXT 2.0! Your host tonight is Mike Hogan and tonight, we've got a great show lined up for us so go ahead and bookmark this page as it'll transition to live results coverage shortly before broadcast.

Our official preview is up, and we've had five matches announced ahead of tonight's program! Sanga takes on Von Wagner in singles competition as the two powerhouses clash. Wendy Choo starts "Year Two of Choo" by taking on Cora Jade. In tag action, Toxic Attraction's Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne look to shut up Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley. Former NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate squares off against JD McDonagh, and we'll have the second match in our best-of-three series between Nathan Frazer and Axiom (aka A-Kid, who won the first match last week).

Sanga; Von Wagner

Tyler Bate; JD McDonagh (Jordan Devlin)

Nathan Frazer; Axiom (A-Kid)

Wendy Choo; Cora Jade

All this and more tonight on NXT 2.0! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (Sept. 20, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Opening Video: Recapping NXT 2.0's One-Year Anniversary Episode

We open with a video showing us highlights from last week's special episode, including the Bloodline's Solo Sikoa winning the North American title. We're then shown a new logo, a recoloring of the one HBK debuted last week.

Shawn Michaels Strips Solo Sikoa of the North American Championship

We cut to the back and see the NXT logo debuted last week, but with white letters and black and gold trim. Carmelo Hayes and Solo Sikoa are present. Hayes makes a fair point that Sikoa wasn't voted by the fans to face Hayes, and he has to strip him of hte title. HBK tells Solo he's been stripped of a title himself and he knows it sucks. Solo Sikoa announces he's heading up and relinquishes the title. HBK thanks him for his staggering run in NXT and knows he's got bigger things ahead of him. Sikoa reminds Hayes, "I told you I had next." Solo leaves and Hayes asks to be handed back the title. HBK announces a series of matches, culminating in a ladder match, for the vacated North American Championship.

Best-of-Three, Match II: Nathan Frazer vs Axiom

We cut to the arena and get Axiom's entrance, followed by Nathan Frazer. Axiom leads this series 1-0. At 8:07pm the ref calls for the bell and Frazer immediately goes after Axiom, quickly looking for a submission. Axiom--now sporting red ring gear instead of black--jockeys with Frazer as both men engage in a lengthy bit on the mat, with each man looking for a submission and countering each other. The Red Power Ranger Axiom takes Frazer down with a springboard. Frazer and Axiom battle to the ropes, and Axiom falls awkwardly over the top rope but seems to land okay. Frazer fires off a Suicide Dive but Axiom has it scouted and clobbers Frazer! They take it back in the ring and Frazer fires of fa desperate strike, hitting Axiom in the lower side and abdomen and sending him out to the floor. We head to break at 8:12pm! We return from break at 8:15pm to find Frazer and Axiom unloading on each other. Frazer fires off multiple strikes to Axiom's chest, but the VR Trooper-wanna-be fires up, shoving Frazer back and using the ropes to propel himself, tackling Frazer. Irish Whip sends Frazer into the ropes and Axiom follows it up with a dropkick, then a diving attack off the top! Axiom covers but only picks up a two.
Nathan Frazer starts his comeback with an Enziguri, but doesn't connect fully with it. Axiom attempts a roll up and Frazer kicks out. Axiom drops Frazer and posts up in the corner, looking for his Golden Ratio (I think it's a Superkick) but Frazer intercepts him with a Superkick that would make Meltzer proud! Frazer covers for a close two and the crowd erupts in an NXT chant. Frazer climbs the turnbuckles but takes too much time, allowing Axiom to hit a step-up kick. Axiom positions on the middle ropes and hits a Super...uh...Body Slam, but off the top! Axiom covers for two. The crows rewards our athletes with a "this is awesome" chant. Axiom looks for a Sleeper but Frazer fights out of it. Frazer with a springboard Moonsault but Axiom steps back and slaps a sleeper on Frazer! Frazer powers to a vertical base but5 Axiom transitions and drags Frazer to the mat again, looking for a Lebell Lock! Frazer gets a foot up on the rope and the ref blocks it. Axiom takes too long climbing the ropes and Frazer runs up the ropes, firing off a Superplex + Powerslam combination! Frazer climbs up top and dives from the top, crushing Axiom and picking up the win at 8:20pm!
Your Winner, Nathan Frazer! Series tied 1-1. (13 minutes)

Video Promo: Damon Kemp

Damon Kemp narrates a video that shows him defacing Diamond Mine merch as he brags about setting them up. We see "security footage" that Strong tried to show the Creed Brothers. In it, Strong slaps money out of Tony D'Angelo's hands, refusing to sell out the Diamond Mine. The footage shows Kemp show up and gather up the money as he brags about taking the money. He states that Tony D was to win the tag titles but a returning Santos Escobar messed things up. He goes on to gloat about betraying the Diamond Mine and taking out Roddy Strong, who's "still in the hospital."

Tag Team Match: Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley vs Toxic Attraction

After a brief pep chat, Mandy Rose leads out her Toxic Attraction comrades--Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne--to the ring. We head to break at 8:24pm, and this match is next! We return at 8:28pm, get hype for Connor's Cure and the above Damon Kemp promo before finally getting back to the ring. We see Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley react to the Kemp video, with Nile pissed at Kemp. The two make their way out, with Tatum wearing a protective face mask. At 8:32pm, the ref calls for the bell and we're off! We start with Gigi Dolin and Tatum Paxley. Pax fires off a short burst of offense but Gigi quickly takes control, bringing in Jacy Jayne. Toxic Attraction double-team Paxley and Jayne screams in Iv Nile's face, provoking her. Gigi tags back in and looks for an early cover as the crowd rips off a dueling chant for both teams. Tatum reaches for a tag from halfway across the ring, because her tag partner is Mr. Fantastic, but Gigi slaps on a hammer lock and starts to work Pax's shoulder. Dolin with a rising knee to Paxley, then uses a ripcord forearm. Paxley and Dolin run against opposite ropes and collide in mid-air! Paxley and Dolin both make tags, and "the pitbull" Ivy Nile is in! Nile unloads on an entering Jayne, pummeling into the corner and dropping her with a running side kick! Nile covers but Dolin interferes to make the save. Nile finds herself battling both Dolin and Jayne as the ref attempts to restore order. Gigi and Jacy double-team Nile time and time again despite the ref's urging them to restore order. They cover Ivy and pick up the win, with Tatum Paxley unable to make the save. After the match, we go to break at 8:36pm.
Your Winners, Toxic Attraction! (4 minutes)

In the Ring: the Schism Speak; Edris Enofé & Malik Blade Don't

The Schism--Joe Gacy and the Dyads, who were formerly known as the Grizzled Young Veterans--cut a quick promo, again attempting to recruit folk to join their cause, with both Dyads speaking and imploring for followers to join them. Perhaps they should network with the Judgment Day, eh? Edris Enofé & Malik Blade eventually hit the ring and begin slugging it out, no reason given, and we've got ourselves an impromptu match!

Tag Team Match: Edris Enofé & Malik Blade vs the Dyads

Jagger Reid starts off with Enofé, as our match starts immediately at 8:44pm. Both teams get off a few moves before we're quickly sent to break at 8:45pm. We return from break at 8:49pm and find the Dyad punishing Malik Blade at ringside. We're informed they've maintained control throughout the break, and we get to witness the Dyad hug Joe Gacy. Okay. Blade takes a beating from Reid, who takes too much time jabbing with the ref. Fowler is tagged in and the Dyad both whip Blade into the ropes. Blade slaps on the brakes, kicks Fowler and makes the hot tag to Enofé! Enofé takes on both members of the Dyads, battling them across the ring. Enofé takes Fowler into the corner and whips Reid into him, then unloads on both in the corner! Enofé moves like liquid mercury as he flies around the ring, under the legs of Fowler, and does his best to carry it two-on-one for several long moments! Blade makes a blind tag and works with Enofé for a Doomsday Leg Drop for a close fall. Fowler rolls up Enofé from behind off a Reid distraction, but Enofé counters it to a pin attempt of his own. Reid is tagged in and works with Fowler to execute a series of double-team finishers (including a very impressive, new-to-me one), putting away Enofé at 8:53pm and getting a "holy shit" chant while they're at it.
Your Winners, the Dyad! (9 minutes)

Last Week on NXT: "the Super Diva" Quincy Elliott Debuts

We get hype and clips from last week's debut of the "Super Diva." Picture Velveteen Dream, if he ate two more Velveteen Dreams.

Video Promo: Roxanne Perez, Meiko Satomura, and Cora Jade

We get a video narrated at one point by each of the three aforementioned Superstars. Perez praises Satomura for their match and taking her to her limits; Meiko has high praise Perez, stating she's future championship material and Meiko can hardly wait to see that day. Jade's shown using a bat to attack Roxy after the Satomura match, and Roxy promises to take what she learned from Meiko and use it against Cora.

Singles Match: Cora Jade vs Wendy Choo

Wendy Choo makes her way out and we head to break at 8:55pm. We return at 8:58pm for the above video, and we get our bell at 9:01pm. The crowd is behind both Superstars, with Cora getting solo chants at various points. Both women lock up and Choo exhibits her agility and technical prowess, taking Cora down and locking a side headlock on before doing a handstand. Choo takes Jade into the corner and hits a running kick that sends Cora fleeing to the outside. Choo attempts a baseball slide kick but Jade blocks it and enters the ring, stomping on Choo's neck. Jade takes control, using forearms and knees to soften up the back of Choo's neck. Jade pulls Choo up and batters her with right forearm blasts, then uses a ripcord whip to set up a running elbow to the back of the neck! Jade covers for a short two. Jade pounds on Choo and again attempts a short cover. Jade pulls Choo up to a seated position and uses a working hold to wrench Choo's neck, pulling her body side to side while keeping a cross-jacket hold on Choo. The crowd is loudly behind Cora as much as, if not more, than Wendy. Might be time to turn her face. Choo starts her comeback sequence with a pair of clotheslines, followed by a huge belly-to-belly suplex toss! Choo cartwheels and strikes Jade in the corner then attempts a German Suplex. Jade holds on to the turnbuckles and blocks it, but only temporarily. Choo wrenches her free and hits a snap German Suplex in the middle of the ring! Choo charges at Jade in the corner, but Jade sidesteps and hits a DDT and picks up the win just like that at 9:05pm. Yep, that was unexpected--when does a DDT finish anyone off in the 21st century? After the match, Lash Legend attacks a vulnerable Wendy Choo. We head to break at 9:07pm.
Your Winner, Cora Jade! (4 minutes)

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams Speak; Chase University Teach

At 9:10pm, Melo and Trick cut a promo, upset about last week's title loss. Andre Chase, Bodhi Hayward and Thea Hail make their way out. "What we have right now..." Chase begins his catch phrase and Melo warns him not to do it. Chase enters the ring and continues. "What we have right now...is a teachable moment!" The two come to blows and Chase chases Williams out. We get an official and get ourselves another impromptu match!

Tag Match: Chase University vs Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams

We start this match at 9:13pm with Trick and Chase fighting it out. Melo comes in and Andre pulls in Bodhi, sporting a headband like Rambo and new ring gear. Bodhi and Trick clash, with Williams dropping the Chase U student with a suplex. Bodhi's also got a pony tail, favors Dolph a bit. Hayward drops Williams and roars as he brings in Andre Chase. Chase with a Side Russian Leg Sweep in shades of Bret Hart! He works up the crowd and does his C-H-A-S-E U stomps, kicking Williams with each letter as the crowd goes wild. Hayward takes the tag in and puts Williams up in a Torture Rack! Williams tags Hayes then taps in the Rack! Hayes enters, the legal man, and drops Hayward. Melo with a springboard clothesline to lay out Hayward, then hits a Superkick to a prone Hayward for a two. Hayes locks Hayward in a head hold and pulls Williams back in. Chase gets the hot tag after Hayward takes a short beating, and takes it to Williams. Chase goes up top and dives off but Williams ducks under and catches Chase with a huge right. Hayes tags in and looks for the springboard clothesline one more time but Chase has it scouted! Chase counters, rolling him up and Chase U pick up the win at 9:20pm! Chase and company celebrate with the flock of Chase U students in the audience! We head to break at 9:21pm.
Your Winners, Chase University! (7 minutes)

Backstage: Gallus and Brooks & Jensen Have Words

Gallus are shown backstage playing cards when Brooks & Jensen walk up on them, questioning why they're "still here." Gallus tell them they like it here in NXT and are staying. The two teams briefly exchange heated words, probably setting up a match for next week.

Singles Match: Von Wagner vs Sanga

We cut to the ring, where Sanga roars and awaits Wagner. Wagner, escorted by Robert Stone, makes his way out and we get the bell at 9:27pm! Both big men clash and Sanga takes the early lead. The 6'8" ginormous Superstar easily manhandles Wagner, tossing him across the ring like a toy. Wagner fights back, using brutal clubbing blows to pound Sanga to a knee. Wagner grabs a fistful of hair and Sanga's chin and wrenches the neck as the ref counts a warning. As soon as Wagner releases it, Sanga unloads with rights and a splash in the corner, then follows it up with a beautiful Sidewalk Slam! Sanga catches Von with a Big Boot when he tries to enter the ring, sending Wagner crashing tot he outside again. Sanga exits the ring and circles it, dropping Wagner with a clothesline! Robert Stone leaps off the steel steps but Sanga catches him with a choke hold! Sanga threatens a chokeslam but Wagner intercedes on behalf of his manager, making the save. Wagner battles Sanga back into the ring and hoists the big man up on his shoulders! Wagner converts the Samoan carry hold into a slam, and picks up the win at 9:30!
Your Winner, Von Wagner! (3 minutes)

Singles Debut North American Championship Qualifier Match: Oro Mensah vs Grayson Waller

Oro Mensah was known as Oliver Carter in NXT UK and was an NXT UK Tag Team champion with Ashton Smith. Waller is out first and we head to break at 9:32pm. We return at 9:35 and the ref gets us started at 9:37! Waller and Mensah go back and forth, with Waller taking the lead and maintaining for the bulk of the match. A bloody-eyed Apollo Crews--seriously, and "blood" dripping down from it--causes a distraction and sets up an Oro Mensah shocking win at 9:42!
Your Winner and ADVANCING to the North American Championship Ladder match, Oro Mensah! (5 minutes)

North American Championship Ladder Update

Carmelo Hayes was assigned to the match by HBK; Oro Mensah was the first to earn a spot tonight and will be joined by three more opponents by Halloween Havoc.

In the Gym: the Creed Brothers Bicker Over Who Fights Kemp

Julius and Brutus are working out with a punching bag and bicker over who gets to fight Damon Kemp. Each man makes an argument, with Brutus Creed winning the argument. Julius agrees to let Brutus handle Damon Kemp, but orders his brother to end Kemp's career. We go to break from 9:45-9:49pm.

Singles Number One Contendership Main Event Match: Tyler Bate vs JD McDonagh

Tyler Bate is out first to a great welcome from the NXT Universe. Commentary hype the banger of a match that Bron had against Bate at World Collide. NXT Champion Bron Breakker has joined commentary for this match, scoping out his Halloween Havoc potential challengers. JD McDonagh--formerly known as Jordan Devlin--is out next. The ref calls for the bell at 9:53pm and we're off! Both men start us in a long series of counters and reversals as the two NXT UK veterans are well-versed with each other. Interesting spot as each man looks for a leg hold, with multiple repositions from both Superstars. We head to break at 9:56pm as JD takes control of Bate. We're heading into overrun territory--the next update will come after this match! We return from break at 9:59pm and find McDonagh still in control, using a modified Boston Crab to wear down Bate. JD takes his time, catching his breath as Bate rolls in pain. The crowd starts up a chant for Tyler and JD holds Bate's left arm, kicking him in the face multiple times with both feet, mocking the former champ. JD looks for a whip but Bate slaps on the brakes. Tyler fires up and sends JD flying to the outside. Bate sends JD crashing across the commentary table and the sadistic McDonagh just smiles and laughs at Breakker.
Bate takes the action back inside and catches McDonagh mid-air. JD throws elbows but Bate connects with a side suplex and a standing Shooting Star for a close cover. Bate pulls McDonagh's arm and kicks him in the face, just as JD did to Tyler earlier, before sending him to the corner. The two spar in the corner, with Bate catching McDonagh again mid-air. Bate spins in circles, multiple times, then drives JD into the mat and covers for two. Bate whips JD into the corner, and JD pulls his best Ric Flair impersonation by flipping drunkenly over the turnbuckles and tot he apron! The crowd woooo's in approval! JD hits a standing moonsault from the apron to Bate on the outside and takes it back inside the ring. JD with a press off the top for a close two! Bate kicks out! JD with a Brainbuster in the center of the ring for another two but again, Bate kicks out! Both men are on their knees and throw slow, tired fists as they rise to their feet. Each man takes a turn throwing a right, then a left, and so on and so forth, for a few moments as the crowd gets into it big time. Fists turn to slaps and Bate hits a big right that staggers McDonagh.
Tyler looks for the Tyler Driver '97 but JD avoids it. JD and Tyler engage in a beautiful quick sequence about 10:03 that sees JD sting together offense, springboard--and get clocked cold by Tyler! Tyler with a snap spinning Powerslam! The crowd chants "fight forever" as Bate ascends the ropes slowly. JD recovers and slugs him with a right, then climbs the turnbuckles where both men spar on the ropes. Bate calls for his Tyler Driver '97 off the top rope! JD fights out of it and hits a wicked headbutt to Bate, rocking him. JD pulls Bate up to the top rope and fires off a top rope Spanish Fly! JD roars and pulls Bate up by the arm, hits the Devil Inside and picks up the win at 10:06pm!
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender, JD McDonagh!

After the Match: Ilja Dragunov Arrives!

We hear the familiar tunes and JD McDonagh visually screams "NO!" as Ilja Dragunov makes his way out! The crowd erupts for the former NXT UK Champion and he enters the ring, confronting both Bron Breakker and JD McDonagh! We fade to black at 10:08pm!

Next Week on NXT

Wes Lee vs Tony D'Angelo in a North American Championship qualifier match. Sol Ruca debuts. Cameron Grimes takes on Joe Gacy. Gallus takes on Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen in a Pub Rules Match.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's episode. What were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown!

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