WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (September 14, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome back Rajahmaniacs to NXT! Your host tonight is the best play-by-play reporter in sports entertainment today, Mike "Happy" Hogan! We've got a great show lined up for us tonight, including the debut of this new, colorful debut of WWE's NXT 2.0 as well as a Fatal 4-Way for Samoa Joe's vacated title, with Pete Dunne, Kyle O'Reilly, LA Knight & Tommaso Ciampa aimed to brawl for it all.
Our official preview goes on to add a tag match between Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne vs Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter, as well as the InDex Wedding you've all been waiting for.

So with all that said, let's get things started with our new NXT 2.0! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (September 14, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome to NXT 2.0!

We open our program with the colorful new logo of what's now branded as NXT 2.0. The Capitol Wrestling Center has been redesigned, and gone are the brooding days of black-and-gold. It looks like the New Day designed everything, but it's not bad at all. We'll have photos up later tonight, keep an eye out for Matt Boone or Jeff Whalen to be on top of it! Beth Phoenix, Wade Barrett, and Vic Joseph welcome us all to a new era in the annals of NXT. We hear from each man in the championship match--"Blackheart" Tommaso Ciampa, followed by the Bruiserweight, then "Cool" Kyle O'Reilly and last, but never least, LA Knight. Knight's promo was the best, and tells us all it's LA Knight's game.

Backstage: Bronn Breakker and LA Knight

LA Knight, fresh off his words for his opponents, turns to find a new member of NXT excitedly bouncing in colorful wrestling spandex--the artist formerly known as Bronson Rechsteiner, son of Rick Steiner--Bronn Breakker. He's excited for NXT 2.0 and wants a chance to prove himself. Knight gives him a quick quip, and tells him to head on out to the ring.

Singles Match: Bronn Breaker (Bronson Rechsteiner) vs LA Knight

Knight makes his way out where Breaker awaits. The bell rings and Knight attempts offense early on, but is quickly shut down when the colorful-spandexed Bronn comes firing out of the corner with a big clothesline. Breakker, son of Rick Steiner, controls things for a few moments before Knight makes his comeback off of a leaping neckbreaker. Knight spends a good bit of the short match cockily taunting his opponent and the crowd. Breakker starts a comeback, using a back elbow to gain some separation. Breakker with two rope-rebound shoulder thrusts. Breakker tells Knight "come on" and hits him with an old school belly-to-belly suplex. Knight fires off a knee to Breakker's face, but Breakker immediately gets to his feet and hoists Knight well above his head in a Military Press. Breakker drops Knight and covers him, stealing a shocking win! Afterwards, in the back, Joseph Fatu--the third Uso/son of Rikishi--was seen congratulating him.
Your Winner, Bronn Breakker!

Tag Match: Imperium vs Josh Briggs & Brooke Jensen vs Imperium

Imperium start off strong and throughout the match, the duo use frequent tags to double team their opponents. Josh Briggs helps take control over Aichner, pulling in Bartel. Briggs tags in the 20-year-old Brooke Jensen, who impresses with his speed. The match devolves to Bartel and Briggs fighting at ringside, with Briggs sent through the steel steps setup. Aichner uses the distraction for a double underhook off the top rope and the quick victory. Short, back and forth match.
Your Winners, Imperium!

Promo: Hit Row, featuring B-Fab

Ashanti and Swerve build up B-Fab, telling the rest of the women in NXT to be on notice. Top Dolla calls her the baddest chick. They tell NXT 2.0 that B-Fab is the baddest on the planet, and she adds that the time for talking is over, closing it with "let's finish this."

Singles Match: B-Fab w/ Hit Row vs Catrina Cortez

We return from a break and out first is the popular Hit Row. This is B-Fab's first official match on NXT 2.0, per Vic Joseph. No shit, Vic Joseph, this is literally everyone's first match on NXT 2.0. Give me Tom Phillips any day. Her opponent, Catrina Cortez (fka Katrina Cortez) is the first Chilean luchadora in NXT. She's masked, which is cool. Both women lock up off the bell. One loud dude wails "hit row" loudly over and over and over through the whole match. B-Fab starts off strong, showcasing her strength and a skill set similar to Bianca Belair. Cortez gets a few hits in before B-Fab puts her away to end the match.
Your Winner, B-Fab!

In the Ring Promo: Hit Row

B-Fab addresses Elektra Lopez of Legado Del Fantasma. B-Fab calls her "Senorita Secret Sauce" and tells Lopez that she put her nose where it doesn't belong. Out come Legado Del Fantasma. Lopez tells B-Fab that she didn't learn her lesson the first time, so Lopez is ready to give her a lesson again. And this time, she won't need a lead pipe. B-Fab tells Lopez that she'd love to see how Lopez does without tools. B-Fab states she's warmed up and ready to go, so let's do this now. Lopez removes her hat but Santos Escobar talks her back. B-Fab tells Lopez "he saved your life!"

Backstage: Odyssey Jones, Cameron Grimes, Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory

Gargano, Grimes and Jones are backstage with a "the Way" banner on the wall and a table set up with champagne. Gargano is wearing gray pants, black long-sleeve shirt and gloves like Dexter Lumis. Someone knocks on the door and Gargano opens it--and we have the return of Austin Theory! He, too, is dressed up similar to Dexter Lumis' style. They embrace and he tells them that there's no way he'd miss Indi's wedding. And as it's a wedding, he brought a priest--Damian Priest! Priest greets them. Gargano explains to Theory that Damian Priest isn't a priest.

In the Ring Promo: NXT Breakout Winner Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams

Hayes and Trick come out first, and Hayes brandishes his championship contract. Joseph speculates that Hayes may have chosen which title he wants to fight for. We head to break. When we return, Carmelo is introduced to a big "Melo" chant from the hot crowd. Hayes states that winning the Breakout Tournament three weeks ago was great, but he knows he's got a target on his back. He states no one will catch him off guard ever again. He realizes this is a number game, so he called his boy Trick and asked, "yo Trick, you 'bout it?" To which Trick replies, "Oh, I'm 'bout it 'bout it!" Hayes states that as long as he has the breakout contract, Trick goes where, eats with, and has Melo's back 24/7.
Trick speaks, telling Carmelo he has a bone to pick with him. "When Melo shoot, he don't miss. Who is this new humble Melo? Melo ain't never been humble." He goes on, encouraging his friend to be courageous and not worry. Hayes tells Trick he's right, and there's no more holding back. He knows that as long as he has this contract, he's the golden child, and adds "I am...the Chosen One." Watch out for Agent Smith, Melo. Trick and Melo embrace and leave together, Hayes' confidence once-again refilled. Up the ramp they head until Duke Hudson saunters his way out. He stops to stare at Hayes. "You got lucky against me in that Breakout tournament and you know it," he tells Melo. He shoves past Melo and Trick. Trick tells Melo "this is exactly what I'm talking about. This stops today!" Williams heads into the ring and takes Duke down with a huge spinning kick! Hayes and Williams beat Hudson in the ring, then hit a beautiful double-team maneuver in which Trick holds Duke and Melo springboards off the ropes to drive Hudson into the mat. Both men celebrate, then stomp Hudson some more for good measure.

Backstage: Gigi Dolin, Jacy Jayne, and Mandy Rose

Jacy and Gigi are talking to Mandy Rose off camera. They tell her that this is the real Mandy Rose and are excited to "do this." The camera pulls back and we see someone from behind, seated, wearing a hoodie.

Tag Match: Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro vs Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin

KC2 come out first as we head to break! After the break their opponents come out to their "Sweet Dreams"-inspired theme. Both make their way to the ring, with Dolin sports a black rose. We start with Kayden and Gigi. Kayden comes out swinging, seeking vengeance on Dolin for past transgressions. Tag to Catanzaro. Kacy easily takes Gigi down. Kacy with an abdominal submission. We see backstage footage as Dunne & Knight beat down O'Reilly. Kacy tags in Carter, Gigi tags in Jacy. Carter with a headlock. Kacy comes in and looks for a pin on Jacy, but a newly-brunette Mandy Rose hit the ring to cause the DQ. Sarray hits the ring to help balance the numbers as we head to break.
Your Winners by Disqualification, Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro!

Six-Woman Tag Match: Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne vs Kacy Catanzaro, Kayden Carter, & Sarray

We return from our break and in a move no one could have anticipated, GM Regal made this a six-woman match during the break. We join this match in progress. Sarray takes Gigi to the friendly corner and hits a nice dropkick. KC2 utilize quick tags to double team Gigi Dolin, with both women showing off an impressive playbook of double-team moves the last several weeks. Kacy is legal and distracted by Rose and Jayne. Gigi with a kid to the side of Kacy's head. Gigi tags in Rose, who stomps away at Kacy in the corner. Rose picks Kacy up and rams her into the corner, then thrusts her shoulder into Kacy's gut. Tag to Jacy who does the same. Jacy tags in Gigi, who positions mid-ring. Jacy whips Kacy into a stiff blow from Gigi that floors Kacy. Gigi with a two count on the pin attempt. Gigi distracts the ref, allowing Jacy to kick Kacy in the face, unseen by the ref. Rose is tagged in and unloads on Kacy in the corner. Rose shows off her strength, scooping up Catanzaro, holding her, then connecting with a one-armed slam for a two count. The crowd is hot for this match.
Rose with a working hold focusing on the neck and shoulder. Jacy fights out of it but Rose shuts down her attempt at offense. Rose tags in Jacy. Jacy with a suplex to Kacy. Jacy with a running senton on Kacy and a pin attempt. Jacy takes Kacy back to the corner and tags in Rose. Rose pulls Kacy's hair, taunting her. Rose with a scoop pickup but Kacy escapes. Kacy mule kicks Rose off and makes the hot tag to Carter! Carter cleans house, laying out Jacy and Gigi with clotheslines before hitting multiple on Rose. Rose throws elbows at Kayden; Carter with a dropkick that sends Rose into the corner. Carter runs, uses Rose's back as a step-up and connects another double kick to Jacy! Kayden with a kick to the jaw on Rose and a cover attempt. Jacy with a kick to the face to stop the count. Kacy sends Jacy out of the ring. Rose sends Kacy out of the ring. Sarray hits the ring and cleans it out. Rose and Sarray slug it out until Rose hits a modified Falcon Arrow for a pin attempt. Carter with a superkick to Rose's head and a pin attempt. The crowd with a loud "this is awesome" chant. Rose with a knee under the jaw of a distracted Carter to pick up the win after a fairly decent match.
Your Winners, Mandy Rose, Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin!

Backstage: Mackenzie Mitchell & General Manager William Regal

Regal has an announcement. Regal tells us that due to the attack on O'Reilly, he's not been cleared to wrestle. But the man who saved him--Von Wagner, fka Cal Bloom--will replace him in the title match.

Singles Match: Ridge Holland vs Drake Maverick w/ Grayson Waller

Ridge Holland makes his way out solo this week, and we head to break. Upon returning, Drake Maverick is ready in the ring and he's accompanied by Grayson Waller, who stands at ringside in a black and pink Hawaii shirt. Holland dominates the match with his pure strength, brutalizing Spike Dudley Drake with heavy blows and slams. Holland squashes Maverick easily.
Your Winner, Ridge Holland!

Video Promo: Tony D'Angelo

We get a video promo of BLAH s he walks down the street. He implies his family are in the mob, and says they're into waste management. He tells us the real money is in NXT, and he's coming soon.

Tag Match: The Diamond Mine vs Harmon & Travis*

Representing the Diamond Mine are the Creed Brothers. Worth noting: they Diamond Mine has a female member now. As has been the pattern tonight, we head to break with their opponents as-yet unannounced. The Creed Brothers dominate the short match. Both men hold their opponents in carry positions and ram them into each other. Julius focuses on brutal clotheslines and quick suplexes while his brother uses brute strength as they quickly dismantle their opponents.
Your Winners, the Creed Brothers!
*New debuts, names subject to change.

In the Ring: the Diamond Mine

Ivy Nile (fka Emily Andzulis) is announced as the newest addition to the Diamond Mine by Malcolm, who is soon interrupted by Kushida. Kushida tells Malcolm that he talks too much. Malcolm challenges, on behalf of Roderick Strong, Kushida for his Cruiserweight title. That match will take place next week.

Fatal Four-way NXT Championship Match: LA Knight vs Pete Dunne vs Tommaso Ciampa vs Von Wagner (replacing Kyle O'Reilly)

We're ready for our main event! Pete Dunne makes his way out as we head to a break. When we return, LA Knight is already in the ring. They're soon joined by the tall fella Von Wagner who comes out to a mediocre pop. Out lastly is former NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa to a big pop from the NXT Universe. We get the bell as all four men lay into each other. Ciampa and the former tight end, 6'5" Wagner stomp Dunne and Knight out of the ring then exchange blows. Knight comes in and attempts an early pin fall, then lays out Wagner with a snap DDT. Knight with a quick slam on Ciampa then looks to whip Wagner into the ropes. Wagner with a counter and a back elbow. Back body drop from the big man, laying out Knight. Dunne enters the fray and begins working on Wagner's left fingers, stomping the shoulder while pinning the hand beneath his feet. Ciampa rises and squares off with Dunne. The crowd pops and both men start waving right fists at each other, possibly hitting once or twice. Knight comes in, looking to clean house, but the monstrous Wagner slams Knight down as we head to our next commercial break.
Back from the break. In the ring, Knight holds Ciampa in a headlock. We're shown a clip from the break, during which Knight whipped Wagner into the steel steps outside the ring, leaving the rookie down. Dunne enters the ring and spars with Knight and Ciampa. Ciampa sends Knight to one corner and Dunne to another, then performs a sequence of attacks in which he runs off the ropes and clotheslines each man in the corner. After several strikes, the duo attempt to stop Ciampa--only to take a double-clothesline from Ciampa for their effort. Wagner comes in behind Ciampa, and the two brawl briefly. Dunne and Knight are back in the ring. Dunne rolls out. Knight with a Blunt Force Trauma (BFT) on Wagner. Ciampa with a Willow's Bell on Knight, getting a close two. Knight rolls outside. Ciampa with a over-the-top rope spinning cross body to wipe out Dunne, Knight and Wagner! The crowd with a hot "NXT!" chant. Ciampa takes Dunne into the ring and hits a running knee. Ciampa looks for the Fairy Tale Ending but Dunne blocks and breaks the attempt by snapping Ciampa's fingers.
Dunne hits the Bitter End on Ciampa but before he can attempt a cover, Knight throws Dunne out of the ring. Wagner hits Dunne with an Olympic slam and covers Ciampa for a close two. Again we wind up with Ciampa and Dunne in the ring. Both men exchange blows until Dunne counters a charge with a snap German Suplex. Dunne runs up the turnbuckles but is intercepted by Knight, who hits Dunne with a Superplex! Wagner enters the ring and latches in the butterfly underhook and hits an inverted slam, covering for a close two. Ciampa makes the save. Ciampa sends Knight out of the ring and hits the Fairy Tale Ending to pick up the win! Daddy's getting Goldie back!
Your Winner and NEW NXT Champion, Tommaso Ciampa!

The Wedding of Dexter Lumis & Indi Hartwell

We open with a comprehensive video package that showcases the build-up of the Indi Hartwell & Dexter Lumis romance. Both Superstars had to overcome the Way to find their way to one another. After the video we watch as WWE techs quickly set up the ring as a wedding scene. Beautiful white drapers adorn the entrance ramp, with a digital background showcasing a beautiful chandelier. The guests make their way in--the NXT roster. The Grizzled Young Veterans stop on the ramp to debate the nuptials and we head to break.
Back from the break at 9:56 and it's time for the wedding! We return to find Dexter in his gold tux jacket awaiting in the ring, which is filled with the NXT roster. Everyone's dressed to the nines. The priest tells everyone they may be seated, and starts the marriage of Dexter Gaylord Lumis and Indi Hartwell. He asks who's giving Indi away, and Gargano pipes up that he is--while plugging his nicknames. Gargano grabs Hartwell's elbow, and asks repeatedly if she's sure until Candice makes him sit. Gargano asks Austin if he has the rings. Austin tells them they're in a ring. Gargano starts to panic until Ikemen Jiro opens his beach-themed tux jacket, revealing he has the rings. Theory calls him "my guy" and Gargano retrieves the rings. The priest gives people a chance to object now or forever hold their peace. Everyone in the ring except the Way raise their hands. Lumis turns, opening his jacket and showing a hatchet! Everyone quickly lower their hands.
Indi gets to share her vows. "Dexter Gaylord Lumis, you're misunderstood by so many people. While many people see you as a creep, I see you as my cuddly teddy bear. Some people see you as a stalker, but what I see is a caring man with a well-groomed mustache and tight clothes, that never takes his eyes off me. I find it so sweet how you're always following me, watching my every move. When they call you a freak, I say damn right he's a freak!" Big pop, haha. She continues as the crowd chants. "Dexter's my freak. I'll always remember the one time you snuck into my bed (late at night) when Johnny and Candice were--" Lumis holds up a hand as the crowd pops at it, and Gargano and LeRae are shocked. Hartwell tells Lumis that he makes her feel safe, she loves him and can't wait to spend the rest of their lives together. The crowd with a good pop.
The priest calls for Dexter's vows. Quote, "........" followed by a thumbs-up. The priest interrogates Lumis about the vowels, accusing Dexter of being nervous because his beautiful bride poured out her heart and Lumis says nothing. Lumis puts the priest to sleep and the crowd with a loud "freak freak freak" chant. Gargano starts to flip out, worried that this can't be finished. He notices GM Regal at ringside and tells him to come in and officiate. The crowd pops as we see Regal and Zombie Ref. Beth Phoenix enters the ring to a huge chant for her, and tells everyone that she was afraid something would happen. So as a precaution, she went online last night and got ordained. She goes on, stating "so let's cut to the chase." Andre Chase stands up, exclaiming "did someone say Andre Chase? I think this is a very teachable moment--" Before he can finish, Odyssey Jones neutralizes him to a big pop and chant from the crowd.
Gargano gives Indi and Lumis their rings. This crowd is raucous tonight! Phoenix asks if Indi takes Dexter as her wedded husband, yada yada, "until death--preferably of natural causes and not from an axe--do you part?" Indi does, and the crowd pops as she gives Lumis his ring. She asks Lumis the same thing--and someone in the crowd yells "think of the child support" haha--who simply stares. Phoenix says she'll take it as yes, but Dexter stops her and grabs the mic. He leans in and speaks, slowly, to the shock of every. "I....do." Phoenix excitedly announces the new Mr. & Mrs. Dexter Gaylord Lumis to a huge pop from the crowd. The couple kiss and the NXT Universe loses. As Hartwell holds Lumis' hand, he shows his hatchet again to any detractors. Hartwell has Lumis pick her up. We cut to a screen in the back where Ciampa and Bronn Breakker are watching and smiling. Ciampa welcomes Bronn to NXT 2.0. The two grasp hands to shake and end our program with a stare-down!

In Closing

And that wraps things up for the rainbow brand. What were your thoughts about tonight's show, the new set design and show's overall theme? Let us know down below. Stay frosty and stay safe, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown!

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