WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (September 28, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome back to Rajah.com's coverage of NXT 2.0! Your host tonight is the person you love to hate and hate to love--so love me or hate me, you're still reading yours truly, the Ayatollah of Crayola, Mike "Hulk Benoit" Hogan! I win, btw.

Our official preview is packed full of goodies. Tonight has three title matches as Raquel Gonzalez defends her Women's NXT Championship against Franky Monet, Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong defends against newcomer Grayson Waller, and Io Shirai & Zoey Stark put their NXT Women's Tag Team Championship on the line against Toxic Attraction. We'll also see more conflict between Legado Del Fantasma and Hit Row as B-Fab takes on Elektra Lopez! And we'll also see the start of the InDex Honeymoon!

All this and a lil' more tonight on NXT 2.0! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (September 28, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome to NXT 2.0 and the Capitol Wrestling Center!

We start with our new, colorful opening video. Done well and it showcases much of the new, young talent. Tom Phillips' multiversal evil twin, Vic Joseph, welcomes us alongside Wade Barrett and the legendary Beth Phoenix on commentary team. We get straight to our show.

No Disqualification Singles Match: B-Fab w/ Hit Row vs Elektra Lopez w/ Legado Del Fantasma

B-Fab and Hit Row come out to a great reaction from the crowd--though there's a fair number of LDF fans in attendance. Swerve and Ashanti get on the mic but are getting far more boos than cheers. They announce tonight is about the ladies, and Ashanti tells us it's an honor and a privilege to be in our presence. He goes on to talk about the upcoming Women's Championship match later tonight. "So ladies, today is your day!" Top Dolla hypes the Women's Tag match as Hit Row embrace their inner feminist it seems. Swerve points out that we don't have a North American title defense tonight, again, and gets a big boo as he laughs. The crowd has turned disinterested and to boos. B-Fab and Hit Row do their best to ramp up the audience. The four Hit Row members end their speech with if we didn't know, now we know. Elektra Lopez makes her way out with the rest of Legado Del Fantasma, and Hit Row position on the apron and along the rings, awaiting them. Phoenix runs down that Elektra hit B-Fab with a pipe, leading to this fight. Lopez readies up on the ramp, removing her jacket, and B-Fab exits the ring to confront her in the entrance way.
B-Fab and Lopez go at it, fighting into the ring and we get the bell, starting this match officially. Both lock up in the ring, with Lopez taking a hand-stand kick from B-Fab. B-Fab with a Liu Kang kick that sends Elektra outside. B-Fab leaps off the apron with a double Axe Handle Smash. Elektra throws a right and B-Fab battles Lopez to the apron. Lopez fights back, dropping B-Fab. Lopez pulls a trash can from beneath the ring but B-Fab attacks Lopez before she can use it. B-Fab with a hair slam on Lopez followed by a series of strikes. Lopez desperately crawl-stumbles forward, sending B-Fab into the steel stairs. Hit Row and LDF both approach their respective female members and both factions go at it! Refs hit the ringside area to attempt to break the brawl as we head to break.
Back from the break. Lopez foot-chokes B-Fab in the corner. The ringside area has been cleared, and Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett let us know that security cleared out the factions. Lopez exits the ring, retrieving a table. B-Fab follows her out. They have a tug o' war with the table. Lopez shoves the table into B-Fab's gut and looks for an over-the-shoulder move. B-Fab shoves Lopez into the apron, then drags Lopez onto the upside down, not-set-up table and hits a knee drag. B-Fab sets up the legs of the table, while it's upside down on the floor, and slams Lopez's left knee into the metal leg support!
Lopez recovers and brings three steel chairs and two kendo sticks into the ring. Lopez body slams B-Fab onto a chair. Again, Elektra with a scoop slam onto the chair! The crowd are a bit quiet for this, with the occasional and weak "we want tables" chant. B-Fab takes control with a leg drag, and hammers Lopez in the gut with a steel chair. B-Fab drops the chair and picks up a kendo stick, whacking Lopez in the gut before beating her across the back multiple times. B-Fab sets up a steel chair to sit in but before she can finish whatever she wants to do, Lopez rams her through the steel chair, breaking its legs! Lopez sets up another Chair and drops B-Fab across the edge of the back of the set-up chair. Lopez with a sit-out modified bomb to pick up the win!
Your Winner, Elektra Lopez!

The InDex Honeymoon Begins!

We see the start of the InDex honeymoon--and Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae joined them. Johnny spies on them with binoculars as the couple play in the sand. We get a spot showing Indi coming out of the water, sexy style. Gargano and Candice are happy for the two until he realizes what exactly happens on a honeymoon night. Gargano heads off. A shark fin is seen in the water, and InDex flee the beach water. We find out that it's Johnny Gargano with a shark-fin head piece. We head to break.

In the Ring Promo: Joe Gacy

Joe Gacy is in the ring, in a steel chair. He tells us that contrary to popular opinion, this is still our safe space. He claims to have made a huge impact last week and adds "I have not been cancelled." He claims he made a greater impact than Ciampa, Strong and Bron Breaker "using only my words. I didn't throw one single punch. You see, I speak for a generation that nobody understands except for us. The enlightened ones. And the rest of you are living in a darkened, obsolete world." Loud boos and jeers. "And last week, when I went back to the locker room, I saw nothing but triggered faces. I don't understand--Joe Gacy is inclusive, and we can solve all of our conflicts with simple discussion and resolution. No one person can change the world but I'm here to usher in the world to a new normal. I don't wanna take too much of your time, I know there's a match coming up, thank you for your open minds." And with that, Kevin Owens Joe Gacy is done.

Singles Match: Xyon Quin vs Oney Lorcan

Quin, to me, looks like Aquaman if he were the Rock's cousin. Quin draws upon his Samoan heritage, Joseph tells us, as he prepares for his opponent. Lorcan is out next and the bell rings. Both go at it, with Xyon taking an early lead. Lorcan battles back, tapping into his classic ground and pound style. Lorcan with a throat punch before taking out Quin's knee. Lorcan with a working headlock as the crowd chants for him. The former sports star known as Daniel Vidot takes control over the veteran. Quin with a big slam and strong blows to stun Lorcan. Quin posts up in the corner and hits his as-yet-unnamed finisher. Think a Superman Punch Forearm. Quin covers and picks up the easy win.
Your Winner, Xyon Quin!

In the Ring Promo: Samantha Irvin w/ NXT Tag Team Champions MSK

MSK head out to the ring to a decent pop, posing with fans as we go to break. When we return, MSK are in the ring with interviewer Samantha Irvin. She asks MSK about whats next. They tell her they're going to take down the tag team division. Both men agree that everyone can steup and and everyone can get knocked back because they're fighting champs. Out comes the Grizzled Young Veterans! GYV tell MSK that if they're fighting champs, well, where's GYV's tag shot? They come to the ring and make a claim that they're soon to be tag champs. Carmelo Hayes & Trick come out interrupting them. He tells them to hold on--he's got the Breakout Tournament contract that guarantees him a title shot, and he says he and Trick would love that shot. They start as if they're going to turn it in when GYV warn them off. MSK tells everyone to shut up. MSK go on, telling the two teams their shtick. The GYV get angry, accusing everyone of talking in riddles. Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen make their ways out, stating they were about to open up some brews and saw the commotion. They head to the ring and Melo tells them to get out of there. Briggs states that when he woke up this morning, he decided the first person who looked at him sideways was gonna get popped in the mouth. Brooks & Jensen attack Hayes & Trick, and MSK superkick GYV off the apron! Brooks & Jensen take up fighters' poses outside the ring, their backs to MSK as the eight men seem to pair off in fours.

Backstage Interview: NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez

Gonzalez barely speaks before Toxic Attraction walk past, on the way out to their match. Mandy Rose stops and tells Raquel the belt looks good on her...but would look better on Rose. She heads off.

NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Io Shirai & Zoey Stark(c) vs Toxic Attraction

We cut to the arena, and out comes Toxic Attraction! The hot trio make their way out to boos, and we head to break. When we return from break we get the official announcements. Representing Toxic Attraction tonight are Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne. Boos for them, cheers for Shirai & Stark. The belts are presented, the fans start an Io chant, and the bell rings. We're off! Io and Gig start us off. The first few moments are just an impressive display of physical effort and agility as each woman seemingly counters the other, ending when Gigi thought she'd floored Io but hadn't. Io attacked Gigi, sending Gigi into the Toxic corner. Jacy Jayne tags in and immediately starts talking trash to Shirai. Shirai grounds Jayne and hits a few strikes before taking it to her corner. Stark tags in. Jayne attempts an inside cradle; Stark rolls, reversing it and so does Jayne before the hold is break. Jayne with a unique arm drag-into-pin combination for a two. Rose monitors from ringside.
Stark and Jayne are legal. Stark with a springboard drop for a close two. Stark hoists Jayne up off a run, and doesn't catch the blind tag to Gigi. Dolin attacks Stark from behind and attempts a pin. Dueling "let's go Gigi/let's go Zoey" chants. All four women end up in the ring, with Shirai and Stark taking out both competitors at ringside. Shirai gets too close to the ropes and is tripped up. Dolin climbs up top and dives out of the ring onto Stark, wiping her out. Shirai heads up the opposite corner and hits the Over-the-Moonsault off the top turnbuckle, to the outside, wiping out Toxic Attraction! We head to break!
Back from the break. Dolin sends Shirai down with a headscissors and tags in Jayne, who hits a running knee along the apron to Shirai before she attempts a cover for two. Jacy with a suplex and pin attempt on Shirai, but another kick-out. Jayne screams in frustration. Stark gets the tag and wipes out Jacy with a clothesline. Stark with a running forearm to Gigi on the apron. Stark with a suplex to Jayne and a kip-up! Stark with a running basement dropkick for a two. Gigi hits the ring and Stark clotheslines Gigi over the top rope. Jacy with a huge right. Jacy for a kick but Stark side-steps and hits a rolling Samoan crash before heading up top. Jacy dodges but Stark lands on her feet. Jacy with a huge right and both women are down. Both make the tags at he same time.
Shirai and Dolin clash, with Shirai easily taking control. Shirai with a faceplant. Shirai with a 6-1-9 on Dolin, then kicks Jayne. Shirai with a springboard cross body to Dolin, covering for two. Crossface from Shirai but Jayne breaks it. Shirai stacks Jayne on top of Gigi and puts them both in a Crossface! Rose puts Jayne's foot on the rope when the ref's checking on the duo, then points out the foot to force the break. In the ring chaos ensues. Jane with a running big boot to Shirai and Dolin with a suplex into a pin for a damn close two count. Rose is in disbelief and furious at the ring. "This is awesome" chant from the fans. Jayne with a Superkick. Jayne looks for another on Stark, but Stark counters! Stark tags in Shirai, who immediately crosses the ring to take Gigi off the apron. Stark follows it up with a springboard cross body to the outside on Gigi. Stark and Rose have words, with Rose keeping distance to prevent a DQ while telling Stark "you need to calm down." Shirai hits the Over-the-Moonsault on Jacy in the ring as Stark physically restrains Rose & Dolin outside as Shirai picks up the win!
Your Winners and STILL NXT Women's Tag Team Champions, Io Shirai & Zoey Stark!

Video Promos: Bron Breaker, Tommaso Ciampa

Breaker touted the success he's had as of late and, to sum up, tells Ciampa he's coming for the NXT title. Later on, Ciampa's video plays. He tells us that Breaker's done great the last two weeks "but let's not put him in the Hall of Fame yet." He tells Bron it took him 908 days to get Goldie back, a title that Ciampa never lost to begin with--he abdicated it. He tells Breaker that no one's beaten him for it before, and no one is gonna beat him for it now. He's sure he'll fight Breaker someday, and states that Bron Breaker is going to drown in Ciampa's experience.

Singles Match: Boa/w Mei Ying vs Andre Chase

After a break, Boa is in the ring and Mei Ying is at ringside. Andre Chase comes out and talks trash to Mei Ying before entering the ring. The bell rings and Boa takes Chase down with a neck hold; Chase returns the favor by doing the same move to Boa! Both men exchange rear arm holds until Chase takes Boa to the mat, holding him and working the arm. Chase takes time to talk trash, and Boa uses it to deliver a series of running knees to Chase's gut. Boa stomps on Chase's hand and looks for a low roundhouse kick but Chase ducks under. Chase drops Boa and starts stomping his chest and face. Chase follows it up with repeated blows to Boa's head. Chase yells smack at Boa. Chase with an elbow to Boa's face, ouch! Both men exchange leads, with Chase constantly yelling crap. Boa sends Chase out of the ring. Chase yells "you son of a bitch!" He yells more at Boa, then turns to Mei Ying. He starts to talk smack to her but she blows smoke in his face. Boa takes him out in the ring and picks up the win, the ref completely oblivious to Mei Ying's actions. Boa poses and leaves.
Your Winner, Boa!

The Honeymoon Continues!

Gargano tricks a maid into letting him into Dexter & Indi's room, claiming he's Lumis. He starts to go through an unzipped suitcase and finds a long strand of dozens of condoms and freaks out, but then notices they do hydrate. Before Gargano can escape (see what I did there?), Indi Lumis return early. Gargano hides in a closet. Indi asks Lumis if he's thinking what she's thinking. He begins playfully hitting her with a pillow and she begs for it "harder" over and over, and Gargano gets the wrong ideal. After a bit they go to sleep. Gargano sneaks out of the closet--and Lumis gives him a thumbs up before pulling out the long strand of condoms!

NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match: Roderick Strong(c) w/ the Diamond Mine vs Grayson Waller

We return to the ring. Strong makes his way out and is ambushed by Grayson Waller! The youngster attacks Strong before returning to the ring. Strong stumbles as we head to break! Afterwards, we return and this match is under way. Strong batters Waller with chops and strikes to the chest, taking him into the corner. Strong with a hard chop that pisses off Waller. Strong stomps Waller into the corner before pulling him up and hitting a backbreaker. Another and Strong attempts a cover, getting a one. Strong puts Waller an an arm stretch-board submission as Malcolm Bivens and the rest of the Diamond Mine cheer strong on. Waller with a quick roll-up but only gets two. Waller looks for a backslide but Strong counters. Quick sequence with both men attempting different variants of roll-up pins, with neither man capable of getting the pin. Strong with a brutal backbreaker, then focuses his attack on Waller. Strong with the Accolade. Waller fights to a vertical base and throws left elbows into Strong's gut. Strong with a shot of his own, followed up by a suplex and a pin attempt for barely two.
Strong goes back to focusing on submission moves, latching in a modified shoulder/face crossbar. Waller reaches the ropes, forcing a break. Strong takes Waller into the corner and hits strong chops. Strong sets Waller on the top rope. Strong climbs the middle ropes but Waller fights him off, sending him flying. Waller with an awkward Missile Dropkick that lays out the champ. Waller slides back to his corner but appears fine. Waller with a series of kicks but he's moving awkwardly. Waller with a huge discus punch. Waller climbs the middle ropes, between the turnbuckles no less, and leaps high into the air, connecting with a beautiful elbow drop. Cover for a near fall.
Strong takes a kick to the gut followed by a spinning kick to the face that sends him out of the ring. Waller with a turbo-fast diving move over the top rope. Waller sends Strong in and backs up the ramp, then runs at the ring. Waller leaps up, flying through the bottom and middle ropes, rolling into the ring and hitting a cutter on Strong in a incredibly cool move. Great innovative offense. Waller covers for two but Strong kicks out. Strong with a knockout blow outta nowhere, picking up the win. GREAT match!
Your Winner and STILL NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Roderick Strong!

Backstage Interview: Trey Baxter and Cora Jade

Cora Jade points out she's 20 years old, and is the youngest person on the show. She's excited and, apparently, Waller's girlfriend. He tells her not to do what he did (lose) and she promises not to before kissing him and ending our segment.

Lashing Out with Lash Legend

We cut to a video/vignette. Lash Legend is in a red chair with a big margarita by her and a studio audience She welcomes us and wants to get right to it. She hypes the draft starting this Friday and the crowd pops. She tells us that she knows something about drafts, and points out that Lash Legend got the single-rebound record in a single game with 27 rebounds in the NCAA/SEC. That earned her a WNBA draft spot, she comments. She asks us if we saw Cora Jade and Trey Baxter kissing in the locker room. She tells Cora Jade that if she wants a real man, she should get a man who looks like "this"--indicating Ikemen Jiro. She ends the segment and it's time for a match.

Singles Match: Ridge Holland w/ Pete Dunne vs Kyle O'Reilly

As Holland and Dunne make their way down, KOR attacks them and beats Holland on the ramp as we head to break! When we return, the match is under way. Holland shows off his strength, hitting a big rib breaker and tossing KOR aside. Holland attempts a pin early but gets two. Holland with a huge left strike to Kyle's ribs. Holland with a super Strong Irish Whip that sends O'Reilly bouncing off the turnbuckles. Holland hoists O'Reilly up. KOR with elbow strikes in an effort to escape. Holland rams KOR's back into the turnbuckles, then puts a bear hug submission KOR. Eventually Holland sends KOR into the ropes; KOR counters with a Guillotine attempt off the ropes but Holland blocks it. KOR with low kicks to the calf, followed by several high knee strikes. O'Reilly with a combination, hammering Holland with various palm strikes, fists, and knee/kick combos. KOR with an elbow snap followed by a Dragonscrew!

Holland fights back as KOR focuses on Holland's past injured limbs. Big one-arm takedown. Holland attempts a cover, getting two. O'Reilly looks to pick the leg but Holland converts it into a Powerbomb! Covers for two, but O'Reilly still has fight left in him. KOR takes control, putting the big man down with a series of kicks. O'Reilly climbs the turnbuckles but is distracted as Pete Dunne gets on the apron. Holland attempts to use the distraction to his advantage but KOR quickly rolls Holland up to pick up the win!
Your Winner, Kyle O'ReillY!

After the Match: Beat-downs and Saviors

Immediately after the bell, Holland drops O'Reilly with a huge clothesline. Dunne and Holland beatdown O'Reilly until Von Wagner hits the ring to make the save. He and O'Reilly stand in unison in the ring as the heels leave.

Video Promo: Tony D'Angelo

D'Angelo continues the Sopranos-wanna-be styled promos. He tells us that sometimes his family finds things that fall off at docks, talks about his cousin, etc. He'll debut next week!

NXT Women's Championship Main Event Match: Raquel Gonzalez(c) vs Franky Monet

Our Champion is out first, posing at the top of the ramp. We head to commercials. Definitely having an overrun tonight. Both women size each other up as the crowd comes alive throughout the match and, as Vic Joseph points out, the crowd seems split between both women. Monet with a rear waistlock. Franky takes the champ to the mat with a side headlock, but Gonzalez powers out, breaks the hold, and slams Franky face-first into the mat. Monet rises, laughing. Gonzalez asks her "what's so funny," and slaps Monet. Monet slaps the champ! Monet batters the champ in the corner. Raquel whips Franky into the opposite corner and hits a Scott Hall-esque (shut it, Vic Joseph, Hall did it before LBJ) Fallaway Slam!
Raquel continues to dominate, hitting Monet with a clubbing blow before hitting a side slam, covering for two. Franky heads outside where she begins to pound Raquel's back as the ref counts. Raquel climbs the steel steps, but before she can execute a move, Monet knocks her leg out and sends her crashing to the mat. The Robert Stone Brand encourage Franky on as she sends Raquel into the ring. Franky covers for two. Franky with a slow-paced offense, using strong strikes and slow suplexes and slams. Franky focuses on the champs back. Franky with a inverted Surfboard Stretch! Raquel screams in pain as Franky stands on her back and cranks the arms backwards. Monet stomps the back, slamming the champ face-first into the mat. Franky covers but only gets two.
Monet with a knee to Raquel's face. Monet continues to trash-talk Raquel and batter her with big knee and fists. Monet covers but but shoulders aren't down so the ref doesn't bother. Franky talks trash to Raquel and shoves her head repeatedly, taunting her. This infuriates the champ, who gets her second win. Gonzalez with a big boot, followed by strikes and culminating with a corner splash for a close two. Raquel pulls Franky up, looking for the Chingona Bomb, but her back gives out on her. Monet attempts a cover when the champ collapses, getting only two. Raquel manages to dodge Monet's offense and hits the Chingona Bomb finally! Raquel covers and the champ retains!
Your Winner and STILL NXT Women's Champion, Raquel Gonzalez!

After the Match: Toxicity

Toxic Attraction make their way out as the champ eyes them wearily. They walk past the Robert Stone Brand...then turn and attack them! Toxic Attraction beat down Franky and co. before heading to the ring. Each woman stands on a different apron, surrounding the champ. Gigi starts to enter first and Raquel clocks her with the title! Jacy and Mandy attack Raquel. Raquel fights them off admirably for a bit, tossing Jacy across the ring like a doll but the numbers game wins out. Gigi tries to take the leg out. Raquel takes a pummeling before rising to her feet. Again, the powerful champ tries to fight them off and does for a few brief moments, but the numbers game wins once again. Big boot from Jacy. Gigi and Jacy stand over Raquel, taunting her as Mandy Rose picks up the Women's title and holds it up above her and Raquel as we end our program to loud boos!

In Closing

Yet another excellent episode from the Skittles brand. What were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown 1.0!

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