WWE NXT Deadline Results (12/10/2022): Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, FL.

The final WWE NXT premium live event of 2022 has arrived.

WWE NXT Deadline emanates from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida this evening, featuring a five-match lineup.

On tap for the show is the men's and women's Iron Survivor Challenge, the NXT Championship showdown between Bron Breakker and Apollo Crews, the NXT Tag-Team Championship contest pitting Pretty Deadly against The New Day, as well as Alba Fyre vs. Isla Dawn.

Featured below are complete WWE NXT Deadline results from Saturday, December 10, 2022. The following report was written by Rajah.com reporter Matt Boone (@MattBoone0709) as the show aired live on the WWE Network on Peacock.


The "Then. Now. Forever. Together." signature airs and then we shoot inside the Capitol Wrestling Center inside the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

The NXT Deadline Kickoff Show begins with McKenzie Mitchell welcoming us to the official pre-show for the final premium live event of the year for NXT.

Joining Mitchell on the pre-show panel is Denise Salcedo and Sam Roberts. The three talk about their excitement to be there, what a year 2022 has been for the brand and then they run down the lineup for tonight's show.

From there, the first of many video packages airs to highlight matches on the show. The first looks at the Iron Survivor Challenge matches on tonight's show, with the men's and women's bouts being the first of their kind in company history.

We shoot backstage live where we learn that Roxanne Perez has drawn number one in the Women's Iron Survivor Challenge. She gives a quick interview backstage and seems confused how to react.

Zoey Stark then approaches and reveals that she drew number two. She tells Roxanne she hopes she enjoys spending time in the penalty box. As we return live to the pre-show panel, the three talk about it not showing much courage to make comments on Twitter. They say Indi Hartwell did show courage in confronting Mandy Rose on NXT on USA.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are shown backstage as they interrupt the panel during their discussion. They plug the Draft Kings efforts and down-talk those who lick boots and others who think the Iron Survivor Challenge is a challenge. They mention that what is meant to be theirs will be, even if it is already.

We return from a Draft Kings commercial to Kiana James and her assistant. She is approached by an admirer who is holding flowers and stammering. She doesn't give him the time of day and quickly gets rid of him, being brutally blunt and honest with her thoughts.

As he goes to leave, she asks if the flowers were for her. He says yes and leaves them and as he goes to walk away, she throws one final comment about how he needs to wear a shirt that fits the next time he comes up to her. He says he's gonna go start a bon fire and burn the small shirt now.

Following another quick break, we return to the panelists, who break down the Isla Dawn vs. Alba Fyre match scheduled for tonight. The video package airs and then we return where they briefly give their predictions.

Now we look at the Pretty Deadly Christmas Story from the go-home episode of NXT on USA earlier this week. When we return to the panel, the three talk about The New Day coming to NXT to challenge for the tag-team titles held by the Pretty Deadly duo.

We shoot backstage where JD McDonagh is shown reading. The interviewer approaches and asks what he's doing and he says he's studying new ways to hurt people. He mentions he and Axiom have drawn number one and two in the Iron Survivor Challenge men's match.

Once the quick backstage segment wraps up, we return to the panelists who mention the NXT Championship showdown between Bron Breakker and Apollo Crews scheduled for tonight. We then shoot to a video package detailing the build up to the title tilt later tonight.

The package wraps up, we return the panelists who give their predictions and then the Kickoff Show wraps up. From there, the elaborate, bad-ass opening video package for the WWE NXT Deadline 2022 main show airs to get tonight's event off-and-running.

Women's Iron Survivor Challenge
Zoey Stark vs. Cora Jade vs. Roxanne Perez vs. Kiana James vs. Indi Hartwell

We shoot inside the CWC in Orlando where we hear the fans roar and the commentators welcome us to the show. We shoot down to the squared circle where the ring announcer runs down the rules for the first-ever Iron Survivor Challenge.

The first two women in the bout, Roxanne Perez and Zoey Stark, make their respective ring entrances. Our opener is about to get underway momentarily. The bell sounds and we're off-and-running with this one.

The commentators quickly run down the interesting rules for this unique match concept as Stark and Perez duke it out in the early goings. We hear dueling chants from the fans as these two continue to work in the ring.

Booker T on commentary talks about Shawn Michaels winning the Royal Rumble to make history in grand fashion and earn a shot at the biggest prize in NXT -- the women's title. Booker talks about working with Roxanne since she was a youngster and how proud that makes him.

Stark has Perez on her back looking for a big move, but Perez avoids it. The clock is at the three-minute mark, leaving two minutes remaining before the next participant in the five-person match enters.

We see some quick near fall attempts from both, with neither gaining any real advantage over the other. The fans again spread a dueling chant for Stark and Perez around the building. It stops and then one very loud fan continues it for his half with no one else playing along. Very easy to hear on the broadcast.

Perez has Stark down and goes for the cover just as the clock runs down and the buzzer sounds. Stark kicks out before the count of three to hang in there and Kiana James makes her way out as the third of five competitors in the Iron Survivor Challenge.

James and Perez battle it out with Stark recovering on the side. As they go for a slam spot, Stark recovers and drop kicks them both down. James tries quickly capitalizing with a cover, but it is broken up and the action continues.

Now we see Stark start to take over. She gets Perez on the floor and bounces her off the steel ring steps. The crowd boos as Stark and James duke it out in the ring. James has Perez down in the ring now after Stark is taken out momentarily with a big spot.

Perez fights back and gets James in the corner. She goes for a big shot and connects but then turns into a super kick from Stark. Stark takes the first fall just before the countdown clock runs down and expires.

When the buzzer sounds, Cora Jade runs down to the ring as Vic Joseph talks about her being the "resident mean girl" of NXT. She hits the ring like a bat out of hell and starts delivering offense to anyone in sight.

The action continues with Zoey remaining the only name on the scoreboard out of the four competitors to enter the match so far. Cora Jade ends up scoring a fall soon after and now she walks over and waits for Perez to get up. When she does, they begin going at it.

Kiana James is still in the penalty box for 40 more seconds. In the ring, we see Stark stuck in a submission applied by Jade. Perez puts Jade in a submission and with all three tied up like a pretzel, James is let out of the penalty box.

Finally, the last countdown clock of the opener appears and when the buzzer sounds, Indi Hartwell emerges and runs down to the squared circle. The fans give her a nice reaction and then break out in a pro-Indi chant as all five women duke it out in pairs in the ring.

Hartwell scores a fall soon after that and is the third name on the scoreboard, sharing a score of one with Stark and Jade. On the floor, we follow the action as Jade hits a nice back-flip spot onto Stark off the guard rail. The clock hits zero to let Jade out of the penalty box.

The fans chant for Roxanne, as does Booker T on commentary as she hits a high cross body splash off the top for a near fall, which James quickly breaks up. Perez ends up scoring a fall, sending Stark to the penalty box. Everyone except Kiana James is on the scoreboard now, with things currently being in a four-way tie.

After some more back-and-forth action, the clock counts down again and finally Stark is let out of the penalty box. The commentators talk about what Mandy Rose might be thinking while watching these five put it all on-the-line in an attempt to earn a shot at her title and potentially ending her record reign atop the women's division.

We see each lady hit a finishing-level move, only for someone else to take over and capitalize to hit one of their own. Finally, Perez hits a Canadian Destroyer and gets a three-count to pull ahead on the scoreboard with 2, as only a couple of minutes remains in the 25-minute time-limit given to this Iron Survivor Challenge.

James with a Spanish Fly and a cover, which is broken up. We see a big DDT spot just as the clock on the match as a whole counts down. The buzzer sounds before anything else happens and it is Roxanne Perez who emerges victorious. Booker T is emotional on commentary at the sight of one of his students having their big moment.

Winner and ADVANCING to NXT Women's Championship shot: Roxanne Perez

Backstage Interview: Tatum Paxley & Ivy Nile

Tatum Paxley and Ivy Nile is shown backstage and they are asked about the match that was set for tonight being postponed due to Julius Creed's injury status. Nile talks about not being their favorite person right now, but says she wants to make sure The Creed Brothers are 100-percent before their showdown.

The two are then confronted by the NXT Women's Tag-Team Champions, who make some quick snide remarks before walking off.

Alba Fyre vs. Isla Dawn

We see a pre-match video package to promote our next match of the evening, which will also be contested in the NXT women's division. When the package wraps up, we return live inside the CWC.

The theme for Isla Dawn plays and out she comes for her first NXT premium live event match. The commentators aren't sure how to talk about her as she settles inside the squared circle and her music dies down.

Now the entrance tune for Alba Fyre plays and she makes her way to the ring as Vic Joseph promotes Draft Kings. The two are both in the ring, Fyre's music fades down and now the bell sounds to get this one off-and-running.

After some back-and-forth action, we see Dawn take the middle turnbuckle padding off the buckle. The referee didn't see this happen. Dawn continues to dominate the action as the commentators speculate on what she has in store for Fyre.

From there, we see Fyre start to show signs of life as she fights from underneath and back into competitive form after surviving a pin fall attempt after a big top-rope spot from Dawn.

She knocks Dawn out to the floor and flies from the ring to splash onto her in a big high spot that elicits a loud "NXT! NXT!" chant from the fans in attendance. As Fyre continues to dominate we see the referee end up having issues with black gunk coming out of his nose.

He is on the mat seated against the ropes and as Fyre has Dawn down and out after a high spot, the referee isn't around to make the count. When she super kicks Dawn and nearly has the win again, once again she is screwed. Finally, Dawn uses the exposed turnbuckle and hits her finisher for the win.

Winner: Isla Dawn

NXT Tag-Team Championships
Pretty Deadly (C) vs. New Day

We see a quick Carmelo Hayes video package and then a commercial for the next WWE Tribute To The Troops special. From there, we shoot backstage for a quick pre-match interview with The New Day.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods talk about their goal of becoming a triple-crown tag-team champion and then ask for their theme music. The theme hits and we return inside the CWC where they make their way to the ring.

As they settle inside the squared circle, their tune dies down and the theme for the reigning, defending champions plays. On that note, Pretty Deadly make their way to the ring to a bunch of boos.

The ring announcer does the formal, in-depth ring introductions for both teams once they are each in the ring. The championship contest then gets underway as the bell sounds to get this one off-and-running.

Xavier Woods jumps into the early offensive lead, shouting to the crowd and then quieting them down so they can hear the chops he bounces off of the chest of one-half of the NXT Tag-Team Champions.

On commentary, Booker T refuses to give Big E. a shout-out, prompting Vic Joseph to question what has gotten into him tonight. The fans chant "New Day rocks!" as Woods dominates some more before tagging in Kofi Kingston.

Kingston hits the ring and picks up where Woods left off, taking it to Pretty Deadly until the duo utilize some heel tactics, getting a low-blow in behind the back of the referee and using some double-team action after a tag.

Kingston and one-half of Pretty Deadly engage in a twerk-off, which leads the fans in attendance to break out in a loud "Twerk-off!" chant. New Day and Pretty Deadly both make a tag and we see Woods shift the offensive momentum back in his team's favor.

We see some more back-and-forth action until Pretty Deadly settle into a lengthy run in the offensive driver's seat. We build to a spot where Pretty Deadly grab the tag title belts and bring them into the ring to use as a weapon.

Instead, each take turns hot-potato'ing them to their opponent to the point that all four men are all laying down and pretending to have been hit with a belt shot. Pretty Deadly cheat their way to another finishing attempt, only for Woods to hang on.

Kingston hits Trouble in Paradise on one half of the team on the floor. In the ring, Woods goes for the cover on the other but only gets two. New Day hit a double-team spot and get the pin fall. With the victory, they become the new NXT Tag-Team Champions.

Winners and NEW NXT Tag-Team Champions: The New Day

Backstage Brawl Broken Up

We shoot backstage and see the NXT Tag-Team Champions walking the hallways. They are stopped by Toxic Attraction, minus Mandy Rose, and question them offering title shots to Tatum Paxley and Ivy Nile earlier in the show.

A brawl breaks out which is eventually broken up before we head to another commercial break. A Mandy Rose vignette airs, followed by a quick commercial promoting next month's WWE Royal Rumble 2023 pay-per-view.

Men's Iron Survivor Challenge
Carmelo Hayes vs. JD McDonagh vs. Grayson Waller vs. Joe Gacy vs. Axiom

We return inside the CWC where the ring announcer begins the formal introductions and rules rundown for the men's Iron Survivor Challenge, which is up next as the co-main event of the WWE NXT Deadline special premium live event.

Vic Joseph reads a Draft Kings plug as JD McDonagh makes his way to the ring as the first competitor in this five-person contest to determine the next challenger for the NXT World Championship.

McDonagh settles inside the squared circle and his entrance music fades down. Now the theme for the second competitor in the bout, masked fan-favorite Axiom, hits. He makes his way to the ring and settles inside as well.

The first two men starting this unique match off are in the ring. The bell sounds and we're off-and-running with our second-to-last match of the final NXT special event of 2022.

McDonagh gets an early jump on Axiom, attacking him with an ambush as soon as the bell sounds. He dominates the early goings after cutting a comeback attempt by Axiom short. He wraps Axiom's leg around the steel ring post to soften up the limb.

Axiom fights back and hits a high spot from the ring to the floor, where he appeared to endure some punishment on the landing as well. Regardless, he's up first and follows up to widen his offensive lead over McDonagh.

Booker T talks about the knee of Axiom, which is well enough for him to fight his way back into the offensive lead. He rolls McDonagh over and blasts him with a clothesline. Booker T and Vic Joseph banter about analytical approaches as Axiom continues to try and put McDonagh away.

We're almost at the five minute mark, which will bring another competitor into this five-person contest. McDonagh fights his way back into the lead and hits a sit-down power bomb for a near fall. Axiom kicks out after the count of two.

The countdown clock appears and when it winds down and the buzzer sounds, we see Carmelo Hayes make his way to the ring. "The Generational Talent" is the third in the ring in this five-person match.

The commentators talk about him being the first man named by Shawn Michaels for this match. Booker T does his Shucky Ducky Quack Quack catchphrase as Hayes mounts some good offense early into his entrance in the match.

After only being in the match for a couple of minutes, we see Hayes with a nice offensive sequence that results in him scoring the first fall in the match and being the first to appear on the scoreboard. This also sends Axiom to the penalty box.

We see the clock expire and Axiom re-enters the mix. Soon after this, we see the clock countdown again. When the buzzer sounds, Grayson Waller sprints to the ring. He hits a big on-on-two spot for a pin fall.

He immediately follows that up with another fall, sending Axiom and McDonagh to the penalty box and putting him on the scoreboard with two points. Hayes has one point. The rest have yet to score.

Waller continues to dominate the action until the countdown clock appears again. This time when it runs down, we see Axiom and McDonagh let out of the penalty box, where the action from the match had migrated to. As Axiom goes to leave the penalty box, he slams the door on McDonagh.

Carmelo Hayes knocks down everyone in sight with multiple super kicks. Two minutes remains before the fifth and final competitor in the match enters the mix. Hayes works over Axiom in the ring. He taunts him, which Booker T says isn't smart due to wasting valuable time.

As the action continues, Grayson Waller ends up near the commentary desk. He turns to Booker T and taunts him, calling him a "b*tch" before returning to the ring to get taken out by Axiom.

Axiom gets his first fall and appears on the scoreboard and sends Waller to the penalty box. He follows that up by scoring a fall on McDonagh and sends him to the penalty box in the process.

Now the final countdown clock appears and winds down. When the buzzer sounds, Joe Gacy, the final competitor in the match, makes his way out. He hits the ring and takes out Axiom. He goes for the cover but Axiom kicks out.

Gacy slaps a submission on him and Axiom eventually taps out, putting Gacy on the scoreboard. Axiom heads to the penalty box just as McDonagh and Waller are let out. Soon after this, Gacy scores a fall on Hayes. Hayes is sent to the penalty box and Gacy is now tied with Axiom and Waller with two points.

When the clock expires and lets Axiom out of the penalty box, all of the rest of the competitors in the match are also fighting at ringside in front of the box. Axiom ends up scaling the penalty box and leaps off the top with a moonsault that takes out everyone else in the match. The crowd goes wild for that spot.

Back in the ring, Hayes gets Waller in a submission and forces the tap. This puts Hayes in a tie position with two points. Gacy, Axiom and Waller have two. McDonagh has zero. The submission sends Waller back to the penalty box. Axiom locks Gacy in a triangle choke. Hayes hits a big spot to break that up.

McDonagh goes on an offensive spree, taking out Gacy, Hayes and Axiom but scoring no falls. Waller is let back in the mix after being released from the penalty box. We see a big five-person spot in the ring that results in a loud "NXT! NXT!" chant. Vic Joseph mentions on commentary that the show is trending number one on Twitter.

Waller ends up scoring a fall with the clock down to less than one minute remaining. Waller hangs on and the bell sounds to end this one. Grayson Waller is announced the Men's Iron Survivor with a score of three points. With the win, he moves on to become the next challenger for the NXT World Championship.

Winner and ADVANCING to the NXT Championship shot: Grayson Waller

NXT Championship
Bron Breakker (C) vs. Apollo Crews

We head to a commercial break and then return to Drew Gulak backstage. Damon Kemp confronts him during the brief segment. We see a Lyra Valkyria graphic promoting her debut for next Tuesday's NXT on USA.

From there, we head back inside the CWC for our next match of the evening. Booker T and Vic Joseph quickly set the stage for our next contest of the evening, which will feature the NXT Championship on-the-line.

It's main event time! Bron Breakker defends against top-challenger Apollo Crews in our NXT Championship headline bout. The pre-match video package airs now to tell the story leading up to this championship clash here at WWE NXT Deadline 2022.

After that, we return inside the CWC where Apollo Crews' theme hits and the challenger makes his way to the ring. He settles inside and his music dies down. Now the familiar sounds of the theme for NXT Champion Bron Breakker plays.

Breakker makes his way to the ring with a confident smirk on his face. He does some dog sounds like pops, "The Dog-Faced Gremlin" Rick Steiner, and the fans echo them back at him. The bell sounds and we're off-and-running with this one.

Booker T and Vic Joseph talk on commentary about the big fight atmosphere and the excitement/tension in-the-air. Breakker and Crews engage and we see these two get after it in the early goings, with neither gaining a firm advantage over the other in the opening moments.

We see about a hundred side head-lock and takeovers, only for an equal amount of leg-sweeps and escapes. The two finally kip up at the end of this sequence and soak in the love from the NXT Universe inside the CWC.

Things continue to be a stalemate, as they each try hip-tosses, only for the other to block and attempt their own. This continues until they are tied up in the ropes and the referee helps them separate. The two glare and smirk at each other as they prepare to re-engage.

We see Crews hit a nice standing moonsault after some nice offense. Breakker fires up and does the same sequence, and Booker T gives the proverbial tip of the cap to the second-generation performer. Breakker hits a crazy dive onto Crews on the floor.

Back in the ring, Crews times a perfectly-placed knee to the snout of the NXT Champion. This allows him to shift the offensive momentum into his favor.

The NXT fans in attendance chant "This is Wrestling!" as Crews unleashes a flurry of shots on the champ, pulling ahead on offense and establishing the first prolonged offensive lead in the main event thus far.

Crews continues to dominate the action as Breakker tries firing up for a comeback, only to get cut off by the challenger, who maintains control of things as the match-pace slows down a bit.

The commentators emphasize this being a different Apollo Crews tonight as he connects with a back suplex on the champ and continues his methodical pace while taking it to Breakker. Crews lets out a war-cry after going for a near fall.

Crews heads to the top-rope and goes for a frog-splash. It connects and after three suplexes and power bombs, this was still not enough of a topper to score the pin, as Breakker kicks out after the pin attempt that followed the frog-splash.

Bron starts to mount a comeback, and the fans cheer him on with dog bark sounds as he takes it to Crews. Breakker gets Crews down and heads to the top-rope for a high-spot, connecting with a top-rope bull-dog for a close near fall.

We see Breakker go for another high spot but he loses his footing and Crews capitalizes by countering him and going for a pin fall. Breakker kicks out after the referee reaches the count of two. The crowd is still well into this one, making a ton of noise as Booker T and Vic Joseph talk about the determination of these two.

Even after using Breakker's best shot against him, Crews still fails to finish off the champion. The look of disappointment and frustration in Crews' face is given the close-up treatment on the broadcast, while the fans rally behind Breakker, who is recovering after hanging on yet again.

Both guys are back up and it is Crews who connects with a pump kick to Breakker's dome. Breakker survives this and ends up fighting back and ultimately connecting with his finisher for the pin fall victory. With the win, Bron Breakker retains his NXT Championship in an excellent, hard-fought main event here at NXT Deadline 2022.

Once the match wraps up, we see Grayson Waller, winner of the Men's Iron Survivor Challenge, hit the ring and he lays out Bron Breakker. He stands tall afterwards as the fans react and the NXT Deadline 2022 special event goes off the air on that note. Thanks for joining us!

Winner and STILL NXT Champion: Bron Breakker