WWE NXT Great American Bash, Night 2 Live Results (7/8/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Oh, hi there, Rajahmaniac. I didn't see you sitting there. How ya been? Long time, no downvote, eh? What's that? Oh, you're feeling pretty American, so you're feeling Great? Ready to Bash?

Then you're in luck as tonight is Night 2 of the Great American Bash! Are you ready, brother? Because NXT is ready for you! Tonight we'll see a Street Fight as Mia Yim looks to settle her rivalry with Candace LeRae! We'll also get a six-man tag match that sees Drake Maverick team with Breezango to take on el Legado del Fantasma, Santos Escobar and Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde!

Don't forget that we get an epic Champion vs. Champion, Winner Take All match between North American champ, Keith Lee and Razor Ramon 2.0 NXT Champion, Adam Cole (bay-bay!). We know two sets of potential spoilers exist, contradicting each other, so who knows how this match goes down?

In case you missed Night 1, click here! After the sensational show that was night one, I can't wait to see what's in store for us tonight!

So be great--get a snack. Be American--make it an XL snack. Because it's time to Bash, baby, and you're not gonna want to miss a minute of this!

WWE NXT: Great American Bash, Night 2 Live Results (7/8/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Opening Promo Video - Night 1 of Great American Bash

We're treated to a recap of night one, where Tegan Nox won the number one contender match, Io Shirai had a huge win over Sasha Banks (with an Asuka assistance to keep Bayley at bay), and Rhea Rhipley won a 2-on-1 intergender match. We're also reminded of tonight's huge main event.

Street Fight: Candice LeRae vs Mia Yim

Mauro Ranallo and Beth Phoenix welcome us to Night Two of the Great American Bash. Tom Phillips is special guest commentator. Candice is the first to come out, but is ambushed by Mia Yim. Yim throws and beats Candice down to the ring and sends her in. Yim then grabs multiple foreign objects, such as two chairs, two kendo sticks, and a trash cash, and tosses them in the ring.

Yim gets in the ring and Candice immediately attacks her with a kendo stick until Mia catches it between her arm and body. Yim then beats Lerae around the ring with it. Yim goes outside to look for a weapon. Looks like she's getting a chair, but the crowd starts a loud "we want tables!" chant. Yim asks them "what?" The crowd repeats it, so Yim obliges and puts a table in the ring. Candice attacks her. Lerae sets the table up in the corner. Yim back in and Lerae hits strikes and kicks. Yim is stunned and flops back against the table. Candice can't capitalize on it, though, as Yim counters her running kick and takes control. Yim takes the action outside. Yim goes to whip Lerae into the ring post but Lerae counters and sends Yim into the post. Candice mounts Yim and hammers her with fists before pulling her up and slamming her face first into the ring post. Yim is stunned. Candice grabs both of Yim's arms and yanks her forward into the ring post again. Candice attempts it a third time but Yim counters with a big boot to the face.

Yim fights Candice back towards the world's saddest refreshments table and both women take turns fighting each other in this "catering" area. Catering provided by Goodwill, I'd guess. They throw food at each other. Candice drags the table from its area. Yim gets up on a platform that's similar to maybe two tables side by side. Candice climbs up and tries to suplex Yim off the platform and through the refreshments table but Yim blocks it. Candice tries again and again but Yim continues to block it. Yim gains some separation and hits a hard standing dropkick, and sends Candice back and through the table. We go to commercial break with picture in picture of the action.

During the break, we see Candice finally make her way to her feet. Both women make their way into the ring, where Yim picks up a kendo and hammers Candice with it. And again. And again, over and over, beating Candice like dinner wasn't ready when Johnny got home from work!

Finally Candice rolls out the way, and as we come back from the break we see Candice hit a drop kick. Candice stands over a prone Yim and hammers down lefts and rights. Candice grabs a chair and pushes it into Yim's abdomen, pushing down on it hard before pulling it up and slamming it down into Yim. Lerae lets up and as Yim rolls to the side in pain, Lerae slams the top rim of the chair right down into the HBIC's ribs. Candice goes outside and grabs more chairs then makes her way into the ring, and uses a trash can lid to beat Yim. Candice goes over to the table in the corner and sets it up at a 45 degree angle, bracing it in the corner on the top rope, held up by both sets of ropes. Candice picks up Yim and sets her up for a suplex, but Yim counters. Candice is up first, though, and Yim is slow to her feet. Candice goes for a right kick; Yim catches it, Candice converts it into a step up enziguri! Yim, dazed, hits a quick right roundhouse kick and both women are down!

Both women up and Yim sends Lerae into the corner. Knife-edge chop from Yim. Yim puts the trash can on Lerae, backs up then hits a running kick. Lerae falls to a seated position but is still stuck in the garbage can. Yim hits a running cannonball right into her, denting the garbage can. Yim pulls Lerae out and pins for a two. Yim produces some gold plated brass knuckles from her tights. She takes too much time, though, and swings for Lerae who counters by swinging a chair. Yim seems to have injured her hand from punching the chair, the announcers exclaim. Lerae buries Yim under six chair and goes up top, climbing on top of the table that's been set up across the two ropes in the corner. Yim's up and piles hte chairs in one big pile. Yim climbs up and both women are striking each other while on top of the tables.Lerae gets Yim's brass knuckles. Both women brawl on top of the table until Lerae can get the brass knuckles on, clocking Yim in the jaw. Lerae hits a swinging neckbreaker off the table on the top ropes, and both women crash onto the steel chairs with Lerae's arm over Yim. The ref counts and the second-ever Street Fight in NXT history is over!
Your Winner, Candice Lerae!

After the Match

Beth Phoenix recaps the action of the match while we get replays. Tom Phillips sends us to a video promoting tonight's main event. Mark Henry is shown on video footage sent in discussing Adam Cole (bay-bay) and Keith Lee. He praises both men but says that his pick to win is Keith Lee. We're going to commercials picture-in-picture style.

During the commercial break, our picture in picture shows both women still down. Johnny Gargano comes down to the ring to check on his wife, and calls for medical attention, then rolls her out the ring and helps her to the back. We see the crowd cheering as Mia Yim makes it to her feet. She leans on the ropes and looks around, then sets up a chair and sits in it in the ring, catching her breath. She's grinning as the crowd continues to pound on the plexiglass for her. Now she's out-right smiling and stands, kicking the chair aside before exiting the ring. She's holding her ribs as she backs up the ramp.

Back from the break: Earlier tonight

We're treated to clips earlier, setting up a reasoning for Bronson Reed to take on Tony Nese. Reed wasn't fond of how Tony Nese treated his opponent when he fought a rookie earlier. Mmkay?

Bronson Reed vs Tony Nese

Bronson Reed, the "Oz-zilla," is out first. Out next is the Premier Athlete, Tony Nese! I guess he's still with the company!

The bell ring and Nese points out his eight pack, then bends over to look at Bronson's abdominal region and sees a keg. He gets cocky and Reed tosses him across the ring. They try to lock up but Reed locks in the left arm bar. He yanks on it hard and sends Nese to the mat. He continues to work the arm. Nese makes his way to his feet and pushes Reed back to the corner, so the ref has to force Reed to break the arm bar. Nese flees to the opposite corner and Reed gives chase; Nese runs up the turnbuckles and flips back and over Reed, showing off why he's the Premier Athlete!

Nese and Reed split, each running to an opposite set of ropes and rebound towards each other. Nese jumps up for a running jump kick but he just bounces off Bronson Reed! Reed hits a wicked Senton, and Nese rolls out the ring. Nese and Reed back in the ring and continue. Nese hits a series of forearms to stagger the big man. Reed shoves him off. Nese hits a shoulder to Reed's knee, then a basement dropkick, trying to slow the bigger Bronson Reed down. Nese takes Reed to the ropes but Reed uses the ropes to his advantage and sends Nese flying. Nese charges Reed but gets shoved down; charge again, Manhattan Drop by Reed. Nese moves in again and gets the Bionic Elbow from Bronson Reed! Nese into the corner and goes up but Reed catches him midair. Nese with a hit to the throat of Reed. Nese drops Reed across the top rope. Nese springboards into the ring, firmly in control. Reed finally gets the upper hand. Reed goes up top and dives off the top with a huge diving splash and pin combo for the win!
Your Winner, Bronson Reed!

Promo: Mercedes Martinez Debut

Short and simple, she fights tonight.

Backstage w/ Mackenzie, Robert Stone, Aliyah, & Shotzi Blackheart

Robert, Mackenzie and Aliyah approach Shotzi who's apparently getting into some child-sized rolling tank. Stone tries to recruit Sthozi and says that his brand is on fire. She says its on fire, as in a dumpster fire. We suddenly see Killian Dain looking mad. This distracts Stone; Stone ends up on the ground and Shotzi runs his feet over with her child-sized tank, then gets out and heads off as he screams in pain. We go to break.

During the picture-in-picture break, we see Aliyah checking on Robert Stone, then we see the Undisputed Era arrive.

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott vs Johnny Gargano

Swerve is out first to cheers. Gargano comes out to his newest, heavier music and paces the ring once he's in. This match starts with a slow pace. Gargano immediately begins using slow-down holds and locks in arm bars and shoulder locks. Swerve tries to counter; Gargano smoothly counters it back and is sitting on Swerve, holding both of his hands down. The shoulders go down and the ref hits one before Swerve forces his shoulders up. Gargano converts it into a side head twist. The crowd chants a variant of "Johnny sucks." Swerve gets free and finally the men pick up the pace. Headscissors on Gargano, sending him outside. Both men head outside. Both men perform multiple moves at ringside, and both men constantly dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. No one connects on a single move and the ref is up to 7! Both men slide back into the ring.Swerve sends Gargano outside and hits a modified tope con hiro called the Fusbury Flop! We go to commercial!

During the commercial break, we see Swerve taking control in the picture-in-picture. He works Johnny over in yhe corner and locks in a wristlock. He uses it to control Johnny until Johnny is able to send him face-first into the turnbuckle. Swerve's down to the mat and rolls to the apron. Gargano grabs the top rope and puts a foot to Swerve, using the rope for leverage and pressing until the ref calls for the break.

Back from the break and after a quick exchange, Swerve goes up top and nails Gargano between the shoulder blades, sending him down. Swerve sends Gargano out of the ring, then charges along the apron and kicks Gargano hard in the face. Gargano rolls back in. Swerve pursues him. Gargano swings and misses. Swerve channels his inner boxer and begins hammering lefts and rights into the midsection, backing Gargano into the corner. Swerve with a flipping flatliner but can't put Gargano away. After another exchange, Gargano gets on the apron and hits the slingshot spear but only gets a two. Swerve's in the corner catching his wind; Gargano climbs up and hammers fists down into Swerve's face. Swerve escapes by slipping down and between Gargano's legs. Swerve goes to grab Gargano but he flips and avoids it. Gargano and Swerve have a series of moves leading to counter after counter, reversal city over here. Finally Swerve hits his House Call kick--a running, jumping kick to the side of the face while Gargano's knelt--and is down on his back. Gargano smartly rolls away so the recovering Swerve can't get the easy pin. Both men go for an exchange of kicks but Gargano licks in his modified STF. He's got Swerve's left knee twisted in a wicked angle. Swerve rolls it over so Johnny has to break the hold or be pinned.

Gargano goes for the Gargano Escape. Swerve and Gargano have a flurry of more reversals and strikes. Swerve goes up top; Gargano rolls out to the apron and engages Swerve from the apron. Gargano tries to run along the apron but Swerve kicks him tot he face, sending him to the outside floor. Swerve dives off the top rope and goes for the Double Stomp but Gargano moves and Swerve may have hurt his leg! Gargano hits a vicious Spike on Swerve on the outside! Gargano sends Swerve inside. He's slow to get in the ring himself. Both men are giving it their all here. Gargano hits the One Final Beat DDT, a move he hits from the apron by springboarding over the top rope and nailing a DDT. He covers and gets the three!
Your Winner, Johnny Gargano!

After the Match

We're treated to replays then a video promo, with Io Shirai talking in Japanese and addressing to Tegan Nox. We're shown video of Tegan Nox being injured, having surgery and then her journey. Tegan then tells us that she's tired of being labeled as a comeback and wants people to recognize her for her talent. She goes on to say she'll win the title. Io then points out that Tegan's friends (namely, Dakota Kai) betrayed her. She's doing her promo filmed underwater it seems. Tegan then addresses Io's words and says her friends are her support system. She babbles on about how she and Io are similar, they're both from different countries and came here to prove themselves. Io then addresses it and sayd that when they meet next week, Io will end her. Next week will see Io Shirai defend her NXT Women's Championship against Tegan Nox. This was a very weak, very odd (and not in a good way) promo.

Legado del Fantasma (Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, Raul Mendoza) vs Drake Maverick & Tyler Breeeze and Fandango

Out first is Legado del Fantasma. Up next, Breezango comes out with a western motif background and wearing the old Conquistadors masks. After a few moments, Drake comes out and all three men make their way into the ring. Drake Maverick insists that he start for his team, and tells Santos Escobar to be a man and face him. Escobar refuses to start it, so we're starting with Fandango and Joaquin Wilde. Fandango with a quick shoulder block to take him down. Both men showcase their athletic ability. Fandango with a quick armbar takedown. Both men to their feet. Fandango drops Wilde across the top rope, leaving him hanging, and tags in Prince Pretty, Tyler Breeze. Breeze hits a running kick, knocking Wilde down. Breeze can't contain Wilde, and Wilde tags in Raul Mendoza. Raul sends Breeze into the ropes but Tyler catches the ropes and hits a swinging neckbreaker. He goes for the cover but gets nothing. Tyler holds Raul and tags in Drake, letting Drake get the quick hit in. Drake is focused on Escobar and Raul makes him pay for it with a chop. Drake's sent into the ropes; Raul bends over to set up the back drop but Drake stops and kicks and chops Raul. Drake sends Mendoza into the face corner and tags Tyler Breeze. Raul hits a double axe handle to Breeze to get a tild in to Escobar, who immediately gets in and tags Wilde and the three hit a series of double team moves until the ref kicks out the illegal men. Wilde stomps Breeze and goes for a cover, but he kicks out. Wilde slows the pace by working the left arm bar.

Breeze gets a tag in to Fandango, who shows off his great athleticism in his return from injury. Fandango hits the falcon arrow. Fandango sends Wilde outside, pursues; springboard crossbody taking out Legeado del Fantasma at ringside. Fandango landed a bit awkwardly and is favoring his knee. Wilde picks up Fandango in the ring and hammers his back, sends him to the corner and kicks then backhand chops in the corner. Snapmare on Fandango to the middle of the ring. Wilde pulls up the left leg and kicks the knee repeatedly. Escobar tags himself in after Wilde's worked over Fandango.

Escobar hits a running leg takedown. Escobar slows the pace himself by locking in a hold on Fandango. Fandango powers to his feet but Escobar hits the leg and takes him down, sending him into the Legado del Fantasma corner. Escobar tags in Mendoza who works the leg, driving the patella into the canvas. Fandango almost manages to crawl to his corner but Mendoza pulls him back. Fandango on his knees and delivers gut punches but Mendoza shuts down his offense. Mendoza takes Fandango to the ropes and puts his left foot up on the bottom rope, only to deliver strikes and jumping kicks to it repeatedly. Mendoza again tries to leap up and drop down on Fandango's ankle but Fandango sends him over the top ropes. Looks like Fandango has the space he needs...but no, Mendoza grabs Fandango's leg. Mendoza sent into the side barricade. He makes his way in and Santos Escobar tags in, but can't stop Fandango from making the hot tag to Drake!

Drake hits a wheelbarrow, then a crosskick. All six men end up in the ring brawling. Ref clears the ring but Escobar picks up Drake and hits the Phantom Driver on the already-injured neck of Drake Maverick for the win!
Your Winner, Legado del Fantasma!

Backstage w/ Mackenzie, Candice Lerae & Johnny Gargano

Mackenzie mentions that Lerae defeated Mia Yim, and Lerae asks her to repeat it a few times. Johnny says they're the greatest couple in America, then says they're the greatest in the universe. Johnny mentions that if it weren't for Finn Balor, Gargano would be fighting for the double championships tonight. Lerae says they need to be excused, and Gargano says they're going to set off some fireworks of their own. We go to a 90-second commercial break.

Santana Garrett vs Mercedes Martinez

Santana is out first and we're told that she's been around for over a decade. Beth builds up the jobber's competitor's apparent accolades. Out next is the debuting Mercedes Martinez. Martinez immediately chops and takes control. Just when it's starting to look like a squash match, Santana Garrett mounts some offense. She hooks Martinez up in a double arm bar stretch but Martinez showcases her power and picks her up and shrugs her off. Santana sends Mercedes into the corner and hits a huge running splash. Mercedes is unphased and comes over to immediately hit a huge big boot. Martinez puts Santana in the double underhook but Santana blocks whatever move she tries. Santana goes for an O'Connor Roll but is shrugged off. She hits a really stiff punch on Mercedes. Mercedes fights back and hits a Fisherman Buster to get the pin.
Your Winner, Mercedes Martinez

Promo: Cameron Grimes/Damian Priest

We get a recap of their feud. Priest says that next week he's getting his hands on Cameron Grimes and he's going to show the world that Cameron Grimes is a little bitch.

Promo: Mick Foley, HBK

Mick Foley says that he thinks if Cole can make it to the ten minute mark, Cole will triump over Lee. HBK says it's hard to bet against the longest-reigning NXT champion in history and says it's a tough call but he's going with Cole.

MAIN EVENT: Champion vs Champion, Winner Takes All Match
NXT Champion Adam Cole vs NXT North American Champion Keith Lee

We see Keith Lee backstage with his belt. We're told he's dedicating this match to his grandmother and trainer, both of whom have passed within the last year. Oh, bask in his glory! Keith Lee's music plays and he's out first! We're reminded that he's held the North American belt for over 160 days.

Shock the system! Adam Cole comes out to a loud chorus of boos and all by himself. We're reminded of his accolades, as he was the inaugural NXT North American champion; no one's ever held the North American title twice, and no one in NXT history has ever been a double champion.

Introductions are made and both men hold up their titles. The crowd is hot for this and starts up an "oh, bask in his glory" and "Keith Lee, woop woop!" chant. The bell rings and Cole slowly stalks around the ring before locking in the side headlock that seems to literally be used to start every match in WWE. Cole keeps trying to wrench the neck in that headlock but Lee begins to bear hug Cole. Lee lifts up Cole and tries to set him on the top rope, but Cole bounces off, still holding that headlock. Cole yells "you're messing with the wrong guy!" Finally, Keith Lee breaks the grip of Cole and converts it into a left wrist lock, wrenching Cole's wrist over and over, driving him to his knees.

Adam Cole tries a test of strength but Lee immediately dominates, sending Cole up in the air then down to his knees. Finally Cole gets some separation and runs in for a kick. Lee catches the leg. Cole says "put me down!" Keith releases the leg and hits a big shoulder block, sending Cole to the mat. Lee follows to the outside and asks the camera "you remember Johnny Gargano?" The announcers say they do--not sure what that's referencing. Lee circles the ring and Cole sends him hard into the plexiglass, cracking and breaking it. Cole in and out the ring to break the ref's count. Bicycle kick by Cole, then begins hammering rights into Lee's face. The ref gets to six; Cole rolls in and out the ring to break the count again.
Cole tries to grab Lee but Lee shrugs him off and rolls into the ring. Cole follows and hits a reverse neckbreaker on the big man. Cole hits a big punch then a jumping single leg kick to knock the big man to his knees. Lee is leaning on the middle rope. Cole grabs him and hits a swinging neckbreaker and covers, but doesn't even get a one. Cole drops a knee to Lee's back, and another, then locks in a head legscissors lock. The ref checks on Lee. Cole yells "Quit, Lee! Stop it now!" Lee begins to power out, forcing Cole's legs apart with brute strength. Cole immediately rains punches down on him. Cole to his feet, yelling "you're nothing, you hear me?" Keith is pissed and grabs Cole's neck and stands up, holding Cole by the neck. Cole breaks it and a left forearm, and a switch kick to the face, taking Lee down again. Cole rolls over Lee and hooks the leg but only gets two.

Cole continues to talk trash to Keith. He tries to set up the Last Shot but Lee is fired up and hits a left hand. He yanks Cole back and hits another left. Cole hits a counter kick and goes off the ropes but Lee catches him on the rebound and hits a spinning powerslam! Cole into the corner. Keith Lee comes after him; Cole attempts to kick him back but Lee blocks it and hits a massive double chop on the chest of Cole. Cole's down on the mat. Keith smiles and says "I must break him!" Keith starts to climb the ropes but Cole kicks his legs out from him, catching him up in the ropes, and hits a backstabber! Cole goes for the lateral press but can't hook the legs and Lee kicks out at two!

Cole hammers Lee's back but Lee uses his strength to hammer Cole hard, sending the NXT champion to the apron. Lee climbs up to the middle ropes and pulls Cole to his feet on the apron. Lee pulls Cole up once, twice, and finally hits a massive apron-to-ring Superplex! Keith Lee hooks the leg and covers! One, two, kickout! Both men are rolling on the mat, trying to get to their feet. Lee is up first.

Cole shows some life and hits a superkick. He hints he's going for another and Lee puts his hands up to block, but Cole audibles and hits a low kick, dropping Lee to his knees. Lee back up just in time to catch Cole coming off the ropes for a massive Spirit Bomb! Lee covers Cole, one, two, thr--no, Cole's got a FINGER on the rope, breaking the pinfall! Cole rolls to the outside and Keith Lee crawls through the ropes on the apron to reach for him. Cole hits him, sending Lee to the ring. Cole and Lee both up in the ring. Cole goes for the jumping kick, Lee dodges and hits a huge pounce! Lee spikes Cole down hard and covers but only gets a two. Lee sitting up, leaning against the ropes as Cole is prone. Crowd starts a "bask in his glory" chant as Lee goes up to the middle ropes. The big man hits a middle-rope suplex right onto Cole! Adam Cole escapes right at three! This one is not over!

Cole is still down as Lee limps across the ring. The crowd is fully fired up, pounding on the plexiglass. Lee pulls Cole up to his feet by his hair and the ref counts to three before Lee lets go. Lee picks Cole up into a fireman's carry. He goes for the Big Bang Catastrophe but Cole escapes and hits a superkick! Keith Lee is fired up but walks right into another superkick! Lee is hulking up! Keith is hit with another kick but is growling in anger! Cole hits a kick! Another! Lee is down! Cole hits the Last Shot and covers! One, two, no! Some how Lee kicks out and Cole is in disbelief! Both men to their feet. Cole goes for a rebound attack but Lee digs down deep for a massive clothesline! Cole in the corner and hits the Panama Sunrise! Panama Sunrise! Cole covers for one, two, no! Lee kicks out again!

Both men slow to get up. Cole to his feet first. Cole's in the corner; Lee to his knees. Cole with a superkick! And another! And another, the Trifecta! Cole covers! Lee kicks out at three, this one is still going! Cole back to his feet first. Lee down but trying to get up. Cole grabs his right knee pad and pulls it down, exposing the knee. Adam Cole hits a second Last Shot! Cole doesn't go for the pin, he knows that's not enough. He goes up to the middle rope and sits on the top rope, waiting while Lee is very slow to get up. Cole yells "Get up Keith!" over and over. Lee finally to his feet. Cole yells the title is his and goes for another Panama Sunrise. Keith Lee catches him in mid air and hits the Spirit Bomb! Lee doesn't let go and picks up Cole and hits the Big Bang Catastrophe! Lee covers! One, two, three!
Your Winner, and STILL the North American Champion, and NEW NXT Champion, Keith Lee! The crowd goes wild as the ref presents Lee with both belts!

After the Match

We're treated to replays at first of what was a truly good match. We get a great replay of that wicked clothesline from hell on Cole, and other big spots as both men hit each other with everything but the kitchen sink it seemed! We then have a huge ticker tape parade as Lee stands in the ring with both belts and confetti rains down on him. Karrion Kross & Scarlett look on from the booth and laugh and smile.

Holy guacamole on a crucifix, that was one helluva match to end our programming! Wrap me in bubble wrap and call bowling-ball-bag Bob because I'm absolutely flabbergasted! What a historic addition to the great legacy that is the Great American Bash!

I hope you all enjoyed spending such a lovely Wednesday night with me, and I'm already looking forward to Friday. We're SO CLOSE TO THE GIVEAWAY! Keep it up, y'all, the entries are pouring in and I'm excited!

In fact, lemme talk to the Powers That Be about spicing it up a lil' bit more. Check back Friday Night for a surprise addition to the Rajahmania Giveaway!

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