WWE NXT: Halloween Havoc Live Results (10/28/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome boils and ghouls and non-frightenary souls to NXT: Halloween Havoc! The devilish Shotzi Blackheart is our ghostess with the mostess tonight! Our official preview is gushing with matches, so let's really get to the guts of the card!

In the first of two Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal matches slated for tonight, Damian Priest is set to defend his North American Championship tonight against Johnny Gargano! Will the Priest exorcise this demon or will Gargano prove Damian is no antichrist?

In our second Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal match, the faboolous Candice LeRae battles NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai in what's sure to be a hell of a match! Will the Genius of the Die secure her title with a death grip, or will LeRae unbury her own potential to reign at the top?

Rhea Ripley is set to take on Raquel Gonzalez tonight as they continue their feud. What can I add? Ghouls just want to have fun! Jake Atlas will take on the NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Santos Escobar, in a non-title match. Atlas has been absolutely dying to get ahold of the Cruiserweight Champ. Last, and not least, don't forget that Dexter Lumis finally gets his gloves on Cameron Grimes tonight in what's been dubbed a Haunted House of Terror Match. What spooktacular things does the shape, Dexter Lumis, have in store? Will Grimes be able to bury the hatchet in with Lumis?

So sit back and trick or treat yo' self because we'll find out what other hellacious treats await us here, now, next on NXT: Halloween Havoc!

WWE NXT: Halloween Havoc Live Results (10/28/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Halloween Havoc Opener

We start things off with a creepy narrative and music over images of the opponents in tonight's matches. We're welcomed to the Capitol Wrestling Center by Vic Joseph of our commentary team. A new NXT theme plays, this one more of an 80's-90's style. Shotzi Blackheart is at the top of the stage, howling while running a hand saw against metal to cause sparks to fly. There's fog everywhere. We cut off to a large dude playing a flying v guitar and doing some simple hammer-on/pull-off's and triplets (c'mon dude, we all learned this in 1995). He continues on for about a minute as the crowd cheers. We cut to the ring for our first match.

NXT North American Championship Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal Match: Damian Priest(c) vs Johnny Gargano

We cut to the ring and see Damian Priest, brightly illuminated. The guitarist begins playing Priest's entrance music and ad-libbing on some riffs. He finishes up, holds his guitar up in salute to Priest, then leaves. Out next to his new theme music is Johnny Gargano, wearing a pinstripe outfit akin to Nightmare Before Christmas. Gargano gets in the ring and begins arguing with Priest. Blackheart, wearing a bright green outfit to match her hair, tells them it's time to spin the wheel and make a deal. She spins it and the crowd chants "spin the wheel!" over and over. The wheel stops and this is now a Devil's Playground Match! No dq, falls count anywhere type of match.
Damian Priest and Johnny Gargano clash immediately. Priest takes control for the first two minutes. Three times he whips Gargano into the corner and darts across to land a Sting Splash! Priest attempts a pin but gets nothing. He takes Gargano by the arm and moves back into the corner. Priest uses one big hand to hold both of Gargano's, backs up the ring post and ascends to the top, then walks across the ropes akin to Undertaker's Old School move. Gargano interrupts it and knocks Priest off. Gargano and Priest battle, Gargano ending up on the apron. Gargano Attempts to launch through the middle ropes but Priest catches him and threatens a spike DDT. Gargano escapes. Outside the ring, Gargano sends Priest into the steel steps. The crowd--both ThunderDome screens in the arena and those live in attendance--boo Gargano as he takes his time to circle the ring and recover a kendo stick from beneath it. He smiles smugly as he approaches Priest...until Priest pulls out a billy club/nightstick. Priest and Gargano clash and Gargano swings wildly.
Priest closes the distance and begins to manhandle Gargano around the ring. In the picture-in-picture commercial break, we see Priest whipping Gargano around the ring. He beats Gargano around the ring, too, and Johnny hits the ground multiple times. Priest beats and whips Gargano up the ramp. Gargano attempts to get up, as he's laying on a red cloth banner at the top of the ramp. Priest strikes him, then sends a dizzied Gargano further back on the entrance platform. He hammers fists into Gargano's gut, flooring the smaller man, before picking him up above his head! Priest paces forward, setting Gargano up for a Razor's Edge, but Gargano escapes and shoves Priest from behind! Gargano takes control, striking Priest and sending him tumbling back down the entrance ramp. Gargano sends fists into the small of Priest's back as we return from commercials. Gargano goes diving off the entrance platform and onto Priest, taking him out with a senton!
Gargano gets cocky, though, and Priest takes control again. Priest beats Gargano with the nightstick on the apron, then reaches over the ropes and yanks Gargano up, running forward and nailing the South of Heaven! Priest covers but only gets a two. Gargano rolls to the apron so Priest follows. Priest attempts to toss Gargano in but he leaps over the ropes and takes Priest off the apron with a kick to the face. Priest falls to his feet on the ringside floor. Gargano runs off the opposite ropes and goes soaring to hit a suicide tope on Priest--but Priest catches him midair! Gargano struggles and uses his momentum to launch Priest face-first into the steel cage ringside barricade! Gargano attempts to hit a tornado DDT on Priest by the announce table but Priest counters and hits a Falcon Arrow right across the top of the announcer's desk! It doesn't break. Gargano rolls in pain, and Priest follows him, kicking him as Gargano rolls to the side-ring area, near some holiday festive props. Priest gets a little too arrogant and Gargano slips out of his path, then attacks Priest. Gargano attacks Priest but is startled by a skeleton popping out of a coffin. Gargano superkicks the skeleton back into the coffin, and the distraction gives Priest an opportunity to take control again. Both men slowly brawl in the back, to a docking bay. A ref softly says "two minutes, two minutes," which I don't think was meant to be heard. Priest comes after Gargano, but Gargano blinds him with a fire extinguisher. Gargano uses a nearby trash can to strike Priest, and paces around as he catches his breath and so does Priest. We go to commercial. During the break, Priest and Gargano continue to brawl in the backstage area during the break. Priest begins to beat Gargano all the way back to the ringside area, then back to another side stage. He sends Gargano into the wall, and continues to pummel his back. Gargano escapes from a throw and sends Priest into the wall, strikes him and walks off to catch his breath. Priest angrily hits the wall and our picture-in-picture apparently ends.
We return from break and Priest is standing over Gargano as Gargano rolls on top of a big crate setup as a festive prop. Gargano kicks Priest, then climbs to the top of the decorations. Priest throws a trash can, hitting Gargano and knocking him off the props and onto the Spin the Wheel platform. Gargano attempts to catch his breath as Priest climbs up and grabs Johnny by the back of the head and starts setting him up for the Razor's Edge. Gargano hits a superkick out of nowhere, taking Priest down! Gargano grabs the trash can and nails Priest in the back, then again in the back, and again and again and again. He beats Priest on the face and head, the torso, anything he can reach. The ref comes in to check on Priest, but as Wade Barrett on commentary tells us, the ref can only count a three-count pinfall. Gargano comes in closer to Priest, and Priest pops up and hits a stiff superkick. He rights his footing and as soon as Gargano comes up, nails another. Priest roars and pulls Gargano up, setting up The Reckoning, when someone wearing a Scream "Ghostface" mask and robe nails Priest in the back. But as it's a no disqualification match, it's all legal. Note that during this, we're actually hearing kids and people from the ThunderDome wall (the monitors) talking and yelling at Gargano and for Ghostface to reveal themself. Ghostface starts to head off when Gargano calls them back over and asks for their weapon, a club. He turns and nails Priest, sending Priest down twenty feet to the floor. Gargano makes his way down and crawls slowly over to Priest, covering him. He picks up the win and is the first two-time North American champion now.
Your Winner and NEW North American Champion, Johnny Gargano!

At the Announce Table

Vic Joseph is dressed like "Where's Waldo?" He asks Barrett why Wade didn't wear a costume. Barrett responds he came dressed as Bad News Barrett, and he's got some bad news for us. We see the Undisputed Era on a camera from the back as the announcers comment on what happened last week. We then see Pat McAfee in the back, and head to commercial with a promise to talk about them next.

NXT Superstar Profile: Finn Balor

We get a video package showcasing Balor's poses, apparently, as we get a continuous stream of him posing in celebration, some with the NXT Championship, some as the demon. Regarding those who'll challenge him for his title, he says "The outcome is always the same: Finn over." Okay.

Backstage w/ Cameron Grimes & William Regal

Grimes is backstage and looks worried and scared. Regal comes up and is very unusually calm and soft-voiced. Grimes tries to get out of his match. He doesn't feel safe. Regal calmly tells him to come out to the parking lot. Grimes questions if that's the best place, and again doesn't feel it'll be safe. Regal again, very muted and calmly, tells him to come to the parking lot.

In the Ring: Pat McAfee w/ Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan

Pat and his stooges come out and he gets on the mic in the ring. He does a decent heel promo, insulting the Internet wrestling community multiple times, including calling them "losers and stooges." He tells various ThunderDome fans that they're ugly. He runs down Adam Cole for not congratulating him after TakeOver XXX and telling Pat he did a good match. Pat continues to talk trash about Cole and the IWC. He then goes on to tell us that he paid that "fat sum'bitch" Ridge Holland to take out Adam Cole, and paid him with a fancy car. He then complains that Ridge Holland breaking his leg recently in "400 pieces" inconvenienced him. He goes on to tell us how he called Lorcan & Burch and asked them to work for him. They say that have standards and won't do it. Then Lorcan & Burch lost to the Undisputed Era and realized they needed him, and called him. Now they work for him. He tells the officials at ringside to give his friends a mic so they can be heard over the disrespectful crowd. The crowd continues to shower him with a chorus of boos. Suddenly, the Undisputed Era's Kyle O'Reilly comes out to the ring! He gets on the apron and waits...for Pete Dunne to return! The Bruiserweight is back in NXT! Pete comes down to the ring for the first time since March, carrying two steel chairs with him! Pat, Burch & Lorcan line up and look ready to fight, and keep telling Pete & Kyle O'Reilly to come in. Dunne hands O'Reilly a chair and they enter the ring--and McAfee, Burch & Lorcan get out on the opposite apron. They taunt Kyle, who closes in...but is then attacked by Pete Dunne! Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch beat Kyle O'Reilly down mercilessly as Pat McAfee stands on the middle rope and orders them around and cheers them on. McAfee has them drag O'Reilly into the middle of the ring, forces his hand in between two steel chairs and stomps on it! Burch & Lorcan put Kyle O'Reilly up on their shoulders for a double team move; Pat makes them wait for a moment and slips a steel chair underneath him, then lets them hit the double face plant onto the steel chair! McAfee tells them "I'm smarter than you!" Dunne's music plays as we cut to the back.

In the Parking Lot

Creepy-acting Regal takes Grimes to the parking lot. Grimes grovels, trying to beg Regal to let him just take a loss and not have to fight Lumis. Regal tells him everything will be all right, and leaves Grimes out in the parking lot. A van pulls up and Michael Hayes gets out, dressed up 80's style with his old theme playing. He talks to Grimes for a moment before Grimes hops in the "party" van and drives off. We go to commercial.

Match: Jake Atlas vs Santos Escobar

Santos Escobar makes his way to the ring with Legado Del Fantasma. All three men are wearing makeup or attire influenced by the Day of the Dead holiday. The announcers explain the importance of this to Legado's culture, and point out that he's wearing ring gear that has a connection to Rey Mysterio. The bell rings and Escobar immediately takes down Atlas. Escobar takes complete control, whipping Atlas around and hammering him with strikes and kicks. Santos pulls Atlas up and open-hand slaps him. He yells to Atlas "go ahead, quit, you're nothing Jake, just quit, this isn't your world" et cetera. He goes to slap Atlas again but Atlas unloads, punching Escobar into the corner twice. Atlas sends Escobar into the corner, then Irish Whips him hard into the opposite corner. Escobar bounces off in pain and Atlas hits him down. Atlas hits a German suplex followed by a spinning forearm and covers for a very-close two!
Atlas goes up top and flies off, nailing a rising Santos and covers--but behind the ref's back, Mendoza & Wilde put Santos' foot on the bottom rope, then point out it's a rope break. Atlas, frustrated, runs and comes off the ropes with a tope, landing on Wilde & Mendoza outside the ring. This distraction gives Santos the chance to take him down from behind, and steal the victory.
Your Winner, Santos Escobar!

Video Package: Dakota Kai & Ember Moon

A video package highlights the conflict between Kai and Moon. Moon says that when Kai left, she was just a scared girl, and we see clips from when Kai was scared and tormented by Baszler last year. Moon says she respects Kai's attack on her last week, as she'd do the same thing. We then see Shotzi Blackheart in an incredibly respectful outfit which I'm only complimenting because I appreciated the craftmanship of the tailor. She said something, but I didn't catch that. We go to commercials.

Haunted House of Terror Match: Dexter Lumis vs Cameron Grimes

Marilyn Manson's "Don't Chase the Dead" plays as we start our cinematic match, so bear with me. A van pulls up, the party van from earlier, and Grimes gets out. He walks into a dark area; we see some chain link fence and what looks like perhaps a city park. Grimes yells as he walks into the woods, trying to call out Lumis. He yells for Lumis to come on out or else Grimes is coming in there. We see Lumis perched in a tree behind him, watching him from the shadows. Grimes comes across a house and enters, the Manson music still loudly playing over the video. Grimes is startled in the house several times by items such as a deer head on the wall, a creepy trike that rolls past him, a grandfather clock. He moves into another room and sees a person wearing a ref shirt in the corner. He tries to talk to the ref, but the ref turns and his face is distorted as he screams at Grimes. Lumis comes in and begins attacking Grimes. They struggle and Grimes send Lumis into a mirror. Grimes runs out the room and tries to hold the door closed. Lumis yanks on the door but Grimes manages to keep it closed. The camera backs up and suddenly, Dexter Lumis breaks through the door, Michael Myers style. Grimes flees back down the tiny hall of this house, and closes the door as he flees into a bathroom. He locks the door, then sees the outline of a woman in there, showering. He strips off his hat and vest and talks about not knowing Lumis had a sister, and heads to the shower, yanking the curtain open. Totally not creepy. It turns out it's not Lumis' sister, but a creepy woman bending-backward Sister Abigail style.
Grimes flees and leans against a wall. Lumis bursts through the wall a la Jason Voorhees, grabbing Grimes. They struggle and fight in the hall and into another room. Grimes escapes and moves elsewhere in the house. A creepy man in a mask blocks one exit; a crazy old woman attacks him in the other. Grimes throws her down outside and runs out the house. The creepy masked man shows up with others, and Grimes flees to a nearby van. He hops in and says "let's go," before realizing the driver is Dexter Lumis. Grimes climbs out, Marilyn Manson's music plays again, and Grimes runs off into the dark. We're then told this match is...
...To Be Continued?

Match Buildup: Gonzalez vs Ripley

Beth Phoenix and Vic Joseph talk about the rivalry between the two women in our next match, and both women are complimented as being two of the best in NXT. Rhea Ripley comes out to the ring and we go to commercial break.

Match: Rhea Ripley vs Raquel Gonzalez

We return from the break with Ripley already in the ring. Raquel Gonzalez quickly makes her way down to the ring and climbs in. Rhea threatens to attack her but the ref stands between them, giving Raquel time to ready up. Both women keep wanting at each other while the ref holds them back, but finally he gives in and moves, calling for the bell to start the match.
The two women, both powerhouses, lock up in this clash of titans. Both women push and shove each other around the ring. Raquel sends Rhea into the corner and comes in with a big left fist, but Rhea blocks her arm Mortal Kombat style and smashes Raquel. Both women exchange blows, then stand literally face to face and talk shit to each other. Raquel shoves Rhea; Rhea shoves Raquel; this goes on for a moment, then both women alternate exchanging punches before pausing...and they both snap on each other, raining hands down on each other's backs as the crowd roars with cheers. Raquel takes control and strikes Rhea down, then attempts a suplex. Rhea locks on the brakes. Raquel tries again, and Rhea stops her again. Raquel goes for it a third time and gets Rhea up, but Ripley slides through and hammers Raquel with a clothesline...but Raquel doesn't budge. Rhea is shocked and hits her with another, and another! Raquel doesn't budge! Both women lock up and Rhea sends Raquel outside the ring. Rhea and Raquel brawl at ringside. Rhea goes in the ring and comes out flying, but Raquel catches her midair and powerbombs Rhea against the ringside chain link barricade! We go to commercial. During the break, Raquel takes advantage of the fallen Rhea. Raquel beats on her then sends her into the ring. Raquel goes for a cover but Rhea kicks out. Raquel woman-handles Rhea, then slaps in a rear double arm submission. Rhea is locked in this for a good minute before finally powering out of it. She and Raquel exchange punches, with Raquel having the stance and strength advantage. Raquel picks up Rhea and slams her down, covering for a close two as the picture-in-picture ends.
We return from the break and find Raquel Gonzalez standing tall with Rhea face-up on her back, Ripley's feet locked between Raquel's thighs as she hits a form of a torture rack back breaker submission. Rhea finally escapes after several long moments, and comes off the ropes only to eat a fist from Raquel. Raquel strongly Irish Whips Rhea into the corner, and charges in to nail her with a clothesline. Rhea tries to fight out of the corner but Gonzalez takes her down with a huge clothesline, and covers for a close two.
Rhea is slow up, and Raquel goes to grab her but Rhea reverses it into a back drop. Both women are slow up to their feet. Ripley sends Gonzalez into the ropes and takes her down with a clothesline of her own, then follows it up with a basement dropkick and a cover for two! Raquel kicks out. Rhea moves over and straddles Raquel's back, then drops down on it twice, focusing on the back. Ripley stomps on Gonzales' back then locks in that standing arm Figure Four submission as Raquel screams. Raquel escapes quick, then comes up fast and takes it to Ripley. Raquel with a spinning powerslam and a close two count. Barret, Phoenix and Joseph all three praise Rhea's heart and Raquel's strength. Gonzales hoists Ripley up to the top turnbuckle and climbs up, punching her in the face. Gonzales tries three times to suplex Rhea into the ring, but Ripley keeps locking on the brakes. Ripley strikes Raquel then tries to power up Gonzales for a Riptide. Ripley's back gives out and she lets Raquel drop. Raquel comes back up and to the corner and begins to exchange punches with Rhea. Rhea kicks Raquel back and climbs up on the turnbuckle, but somehow Raquel leaps up and runs up the ropes, grabbing Rhea and somersaults them both into the ring! Gonzales covers but only gets a two! Both women are winded. Raquel tries to suplex Ripley, but Ripley counters by lifting Gonzales up and hitting the Riptide! Ripley covers for the win!
Your Winner, Rhea Ripley!

After the Match

All three of our commentary team members praise Rhea Ripley and Raquel Gonzales both, as both women put on a very solid match that showcased their incredible strength and resiliency. Very solid women's match and worth a watch. We see Cameron Grimes running outside in Florida, trying to run back to the Capitol Wrestling Center. We go to commercial.

NXT UK Championship Match Tomorrow

We get a fast promo for NXT UK witch will have Walter defend his NXT UK title against the only person to pin him this year.

Backstage, Outside

Drake Maverick is dressed up like Hollywood Hogan, and calls the interviewer "Mean Gene." He tries to cut a Hogan-esque promo before being startled by Killian Dain wearing a stormtrooper mask. He gets on to Dain for wearing just the helmet and not trying on his costume. We then see Cameron Grimes running outside as he makes his way to the Capitol Wrestling Center and enters it. We then cut to the ringside area and...

Haunted House of Terror Match: Dexter Lumis vs Cameron Grimes, Part II

...Cameron Grimes runs around backstage and lays down to catch his breath. Grimes realizes he's now in a graveyard set and begins to freak out. Zombies climb from two graves and one does the Sister Abigail-style bend-backwards pose. Grimes freaks out as more zombies come out and he's forced back and into the ring. He yells "you better stop, I'm not in the room," and other crap. He doesn't see Dexter Lumis appear behind him as fog floods the ring. Lumis attacks Grimes and hits a facebuster, a bulldog and a big spinebuster. The commentary team jokes about all the smoke in the ring and smoke alarms going off. Lumis stands over a fallen Grimes as two zombies crawl in and perch by Lumis' feet like pets. Grimes tries to get out the ring and sees more zombies. He freaks out and begs them to stop. The fog comes in thick and high and it's hard to see as Grimes runs forward and hits the stomp...but nails it on a zombie, not Lumis! The fog backs off a bit and Lumis lifts up a zombie over his head and throws them at Grimes, taking him down! Grimes writhes as Lumis locks in a sleeper hold and slowly, slowly...slowly, Grimes goes to sleep. Lumis looks up as his theme plays and the zombies surround the ring with a couple sliding in. The smoke/fog comes in thick and zombies do weird, creepy poses as they surround him. Maybe this will be Retribution's new gig--as zombies! Lumis isn't scared of the zombies, much to the confusion of the commentary team, then exits the ring and slowly walks up the ramp. So...I guess Lumis wins! We get a graphic with red, bloody letters saying "The End."
Your Winner, Dexter Lumis!

Video Package: Candice LeRae/Io Shirai

We get a short video package hyping the upcoming main event, and showcasing both women's arsenal of moves. Both women talk smack about each other in the promo, and both claim they don't care what match they get. LeRae points out that she's never lost a street fight, either, and says she'll leave as the champ. The main event is up next as is Shotzi (in a new red, demon-ish outfit) who will spin the wheel!

Halloween Havoc Fun Fact:

We return from break and get an infographic telling us that this is the 13th Halloween Havoc, dating back to its inception on 10/28/1989. Cool.

Promo: Tommaso Ciampa

Tommaso tells us that he doesn't recognize the black and gold brand today. He says everyone is walking around, asking for opportunities, saying it's their turn. He tells us that this isn't Monopoly and we aren't taking turns. He says "you're hungry, you eat. I'm hungry, I eat." He then tells us that he's got a glass ceiling to break. He says "this tweet will get a lot of attention." He then claims that he's the greatest sports entertainer of all time and for a very long time, Tommaso Ciampa was NXT. Fate took it away from him, and it's about damn time he takes it back. He tells Velveteen Dream that wherever he's at, this all began with him. He says that Dream is a 25 year old prodigy who's gotten in Ciampa's way. He then adds "you hit me with the cast once, shame on you. You hit me with the cast again, you're a dead man!"

Next Week on NXT:

Dakota Kai will take on Ember Moon, and Tommaso Ciampa will fight Velveteen Dream.

NXT Women's Championship Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal Match: Io Shirai(c) vs Candice LeRae

Candice LeRae makes her way out to the ring first as the announcers hype our main event match. New music airs for Io Shirai, a much heavier theme, and a woman stands behind Io as she appears on the stage, singing along to the new theme song for a brief moment. If you know the theme song source, link it in the comments! Io headbangs down to the ring and moves around the ring as the woman with her continues to sing along with the song at various times. Io poses in the ring and we get our graphic--time for the match! Shotzi appears and spins the wheel--this will be a Tables, Ladders and Scares match (whatever that is!) We start things and LeRae is taken down outside by Shirai. We're told this is a ladder match, basically. It literally has the same exact rules as a ladder match. Wade mentions he was in many ladder matches but never won one. Candice knocks down Io at ringside and pulls at able out from under the ring. On the table is a gray cloth bag. Candice dumps it open on the table and it's filled with fake body parts that startle her. Shirai comes over and clubs her with a fake arm, then throws her against the ring. LeRae takes control and begins to beat Io around the ring after setting a ladder against the side of the ring. We're told that Candice has never beaten Shirai before. Rut roh.
Shirai takes control at ringside and begins to beat her over to the announcer's table. Shirai fights her up top and tries to put her through the table, but Candice uses a laptop on the table to smack Shirai in the face. LeRae pulls a ladder out from under the ring and sets it up as a bridge from the ring apron to the announcer's table. While she's setting it up, Io Shirai runs over and throws a steel chair into Candice's face. LeRae is down by the steps. Io ducks under the ladder-bridge and begins to stomp and kick LeRae against the steel steps. Io walks off to look under the ring for a weapon as the ref checks on LeRae. Io begins to pull out multiple chairs, sending them into the ring. LeRae tries to sneak up on Shirai but Io nails her in the gut with a chair, dropping LeRae down. Shirai puts a few more chairs into the ring and pulls up LeRae, nailing a quick suplex. We go to picture-in-picture commercial.
During the break, Shirai and LeRae battle around the ringside, neither truly taking control Shirai ducks under the ladder-bridge and Candice follows. Shirai sends LeRae face-first into the steel steps, then pulls another table out from under the ring. LeRae rushes over and attacks Shirai while she's distracted. They club each other, with Shirai sending LeRae back into the steel steps. Shirai drops Candice and goes up to the top rope, but Candice runs inside. Shirai adjusts then flies off and takes out Candice. Shirai stomps away at LeRae, then goes outside and sets up some tables. There are police crime-scene body imprints on the tables. LeRae flies outside the ring and takes it to Shirai, and as we return from commercial we see both women knock each other down with fists. We're reminded that the NXT Women's Championship is still hanging high above the ring. Shirai is up first and drags a ladder out from beneath the ring and sends it inside, then tries to set it up. As she does this, LeRae slides another ladder into the ring then runs up the ladder as Io sets it up, looking to steal the belt! Shirai knocks her off.
LeRae and Shirai both battle a bit in the ring, neither getting a chance to climb the ladder that's set up beneath the belt. LeRae brings some chairs over by the stairs but Shirai attacks her and hits a big back breaker on LeRae. LeRae lays motionless on the pile of chairs so Io decides to go up top and hit the Over the Moonsault! LeRae moved and Io lands hard on her knee onto the pile of steel chairs! LeRae is up and uses a chair to beat down the champion as she groans in pain at her knee. LeRae pulls Shirai up to her feet and yells "do you remember this?" We're reminded that Shirai dropped LeRae onto a pile of steel chairs last year, and LeRae tries three times to suplex Io. Io blocks each attempt and suplexs LeRae across the steel chair that was set up, bouncing her body off the cold, hard steel. Io attempts the climb the ladder but LeRae grabs her leg. Shirai kicks her back and LeRae winds up seated in the corner with a steel ladder behind her. Io charges over and goes for a running knee strike; LeRae moves and Shirai flies knee-first into the ladder, falling back and writhing in pain. Both women are slow in action. LeRae attempts to climb the turnbuckle but Io runs over and hits an open-handed slap. LeRae looks like she may be out cold, according to Barrett. Shirai takes her time moving chairs around and setting them up, and repositioning the ladder. Shirai climbs up the ropes, punching LeRae, and has two steel chairs set up and facing each other behind them. Io tries to suplex her off the top and onto the chairs, but both women spill off the corner. LeRae ends up on the apron and Shirai is in the ring. LeRae kicks at her through the ropes but Io catches LeRae's foot in a steel chair and uses it to injure LeRae's ankle. Shirai moves back and runs forward, attempting a 6-1-9 but LeRae blocks it! LeRae grabs Shirai and runs on the apron, grabs Shirai and hits a spinning neckbreaker through the tables set by ringside!
Suddenly, the Ghostface dude from earlier shows up! They pick up LeRae on their shoulders and begin to climb the rope! Out of nowhere, Shotzi Blackheart hits the ring and takes out Ghostface! Candice slowly gets to the top but takes way too much time. LeRae finally begins to reach for hte gold as Shirai rushes up another ladder she sets up. Both women struggle and LeRae shoves Io off the ladder. Candice gets her fingers on the gold but Shirai comes back up again! Shirai shoves the ladder that Candice is on and sends LeRae flying out the ring and through the announcer's table! Shirai looks shocked as she stares down at her former friend, then climbs up the ladder and grabs her belt! Shirai poses on top of the ladder as our program ends.
Your Winner and STILL NXT Women's Champion, Io Shirai!

In Closing

Thanks for joining us for a faboolous Halloween Havoc! If you aren't here Friday & I don't see you in the Smackdown comments, have a happy howloween! Stay safe out there, my ghouls!

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