WWE NXT Live Event Results (11/11/2023): Orlando, FL.

WWE held a pair of NXT non-televised live events this weekend.

On Saturday, November 11, 2023, WWE ran the Engelwood Neighborhood Center in Orlando, Florida for a non-televised NXT live event.

Featured below, courtesy of PWInsider.com, are complete results from the show.


Blake Howard was the host for the show and mentioned there will be three names having their first matches tonight. He also mentioned Lola Vice, Eddy Thorpe, and Lyra Valkyria will all perform tonight.

Match 1) Tavion Heights defeated Kevin Robertson (in ring debut match) via a wind up belly to belly suplex. Arianna Grace came out for a promo. Gigi Dolin came out. They agreed to a match where the winner gets to give the other a makeover.

Match 2) Gigi Dolin defeated up Arianna Grace with a schoolgirl after Arianna attempted to use a schoolgirl on the ropes and the referee stopped her. They went to the back for Gigi to give Arianna Grace a “Gigified” makeover.

Match 3) Tatum Paxley and Izzi Dame won over Tylynn Register and Anna Keefer (both making their in ring debuts) via Tatum pinning Tylynn following the Psycho Trap. They had a sit down segment in ring with “Tea time with Stevie Turner” and four October women PC rookies. Only two got to speak, one being Destinee Brown and another whose name I did not hear but she is from Las Vegas. Turner continually tore them down until all four tried to pick a fight with Turner. Turner deployed her emergency umbrella and left to go to the back.

Match 4) Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) defeated Edris Enofe and Malik Blade, Boa and Dante Chen, and Tyriek Igwe and Tyson DuPont in a fatal four way tag to earn a future shot at the NXT Tag titles. Edris and Malik came out to a different theme song. Dante Chen had facepaint on the left side of his face to further establish the team with Boa. Mark Coffey and Wolfgang won after stealing the pin on Boa when Tyriek and Tyson hit their finisher on Boa. Wolfgang made a blind tag on Tyriek who was the legal man. Both Mark and Wolfgang dumped Tyriek and Tyson to the floor with Wolfgang pinning Boa for the win and to earn a future NXT tag title shot. Gable Steveson was introduced. He said he doesn’t have a match tonight and feels everyone back there is scared. Baron Corbin came out. Baron said didn’t Gable just say everyone back there was scared. Baron thought that when he beat him down in Austin, he thought Gable tucked his tail and left. Out The Mud of Bronco Nima/Lucien Price/Scrypts came out and jumped Gable.

Baron looked to join in. Briggs and Jensen ran down for the save. They proposed a six man tag for later in the show. Bron came out for a promo. Before he got to speak, Trey Bearhill came out playing a hand drum and Eddy Thorpe followed.

Match 5) Bron Breakker defeated Eddy Thorpe with Trey Bearhill via Spear about five minutes. Trey got in the ring after and had a staredown with Bron. Trey went to give Bron a clothesline, Bron ducked it, and speared Trey as well. Intermission

Match 6) Javier Bernal defeated Riley Osborne. Javier had a pink and black shorts look compared to the longer tights he usually wears. It was announced that Brooks Jensen was not cleared to compete in the six man tag later in the show.

Match 7) Lola Vice defeated Jade Gentile.

Gigi Dolin brought Arianna Grace out to the crowd to show the newly “Gigified” Arianna Grace. Arianna seemed disappointed at first but eventually came around to liking the look.

Match 8) Xia Li and Kiana James defeated Karmen Petrovic and NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria when Xia pinned Karmen Before the main event, Gable Steveson introduced Trick Williams as the replacement for Brooks.

Match 9) Gable Steveson, Josh Briggs, and Trick Williams defeated Baron Corbin, Bronco Nina, and Lucien Price with Scrypts. Brooks Jensen at one point ran down to attack Scrypts who got involved in the match. Briggs pinned Bronco following a lariat. Trick Williams took a mic and spoke with the crowd closing with a “We are NXT” to end the night.