WWE NXT Live Results (10/14/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome one and all to Rajah.com's NXT Live Results! Back after an extended absence is the pneumonia beating, pie eating, hurricane surviving, eyebrow rising--the Franchise Mike "Hulk" Hogan and guess what, brother? I'm ready to kick some play by play butt! So let's get to it!

As reported earlier, we'll see a North American Championship match as Damian Priest is put to the test against Michael Myers Dexter Lumis!! We've also reported earlier today that Ember Moon will address the NXT Universe and her pursuit of the NXT Women's Championship. The official preview for tonight also lets us know that Shotzi Blackheart will battle Candice LeRae to determine who will face Io Shirai for the NXT Women's Championship at Halloween Havoc. We'll also see Danny Burch & ONEY LORCAN taking on the Undisputed Era's Bobby Fish & Roderick Strong in a number one contender's match for the tag team titles. Johnny Gargano is set to take on Austin Theory tonight as well!

Alright, rudy poos, it's time to get down to business!

WWE NXT Live Results (10/14/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Show Opener

We open our show with a video package recapping the going-on's of the last two weeks. Vic Joseph welcomes us, running down the card (as above) and informs us that Toni Storm will be on, too! We waste no time getting to our first match!

Number One Contender's Match, Tag Division: Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan vs The Undisputed Era (Strong/Fish)

Out first comes Roderick Strong, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish--the Undisputed Era is ready to rumble! They pose on the ring posts, even doing the boom! bit as the crowd drowns them with very, very loud boos. Kyle O'Reilly gets on the mic and tells us that the second coming of the golden prophecy begins tonight as he expects Bobby and Roddy to become the new number one contenders, and will be champions for a very, very long time. He also comments on Cole's injury. Danny Burch comes out with ONEY LORCAN, and both teams jaw with each other before setting up to start the match.
Roderick Strong and Oneystart this match for us. Roddy tries for a working hold but Oney reverses it and puts him in a side head scissors. Roddy powers out and goes off the ropes, only to be taken back down by Oney and put in the head scissors again. Strong uses his strength to strongly roll and twist out of the hold. Oney grabs Strong and takes him to the corner, tagging in Danny Burch. Burch comes in and slows the pace of the match, using a variety of working holds to wear down Roderick's shoulder. Roddy breaks free and tags in Bobby Fish.
Fish and Burch grapple for control. Burch with a big uppercut to Fish, flooring him. Burch with another uppercut. Burch works on Fish's left shoulder, wearing away at it by twisting it, jumping on it and striking it. Burch gets an over-the-shoulder rear arm bar on Fish and tags in Oney. Oney and Danny work together to double team Fish. Oney takes a prone Fish and locks in an arm bar, twisting it as Fish groans in pain. Fish fights to his feet as Oney keeps the arm bar locked in; Fish with several fists to Oney's gut but Oney takes control again, and again works on that shoulder. Oney finally releases it and hits several fists, then locks in an arm hold. Again, Oney releases it and throws fists and, again, Oney locks onto that arm. Lorcan pulls Fish to his feet by that weakened arm, and Fish throws a right to Oney's face. Fish attempts to get to his corner, and Oney grabs him--but doesn't see Roderick Strong slap Fish on the back! Roddy is the legal man and comes in behind Oney who isn't aware. Oney finally notices and begins to chop both men on the chest repeatedly, trying to fight both off. We go to break with picture in picture.
During the break, Fish works Oney, beating him around the outside of the ring and taking him back inside to pummel him with fists. Roddy comes in and the Undisputed Era hit a double back drop! Fish continues to work over Oney as the UE uses fast tags and keeps Oney in their corner so he can't make the hot tag. Fish continues to pummel Oney, and attempts a pin only to get a two as Oney put both feet on the ropes. Oney laughs at Fish; Fish responds with a snapmare and slaps on an arm bar. We see the current NXT Tag Team Champions, Breezango, watching from up the ramp.
Back from the break and Roderick is tagged in. Oney and Roddy exchange moves as Oney tries to get some separation to tag in Burch. Lorcan and Strong knock each other down. Fish goes up top and dives, but Oney moves and Fish eats the canvas. Oney tags in Burch who hits the ring on fire! Burch with a huge slam on Strong as Fish exits the ring, and attempts a pin but only gets a very close two. Strong with a back elbow to Burch's face, and tags in Fish. Fish with a take down. Fish tags in Strong and they hit a double team. Burch tries to fire back against Fish and gains just enough separation to tag in Oney!
It gets a bit chaotic as both teams take the ring and the ref allows it. Burch and Oney attempt to put double submissions on the UE! Burch with a crossface on Strong, but its broken up. Oney and Fish spill out the ring. Burch with a blockbuster on Strong. Oney is up to the apron first and Burch tags him in so they can hit a double team slam. Oney attempts a cover but Fish grabs his leg and drags him out the ring. Strong uses the distraction to hit a flying knee to the face of Oney Lorcan, then picks up the pin as Fish watches!
Your Winners and NEW Number One Contenders, the Undisputed Era!

Medical Update on Finn Balor

Mackenzie gives us an update, and they show several pictures of Finn's injury and surgery. We're told that GM William Regal is going to give it a few weeks to see how Finn recovers before making a decision on what to do about the title. We're then told by Beth Phoenix that we'll hear from Ember Moon up next, after these words from Carl's Junior and Hardees.

Interview: Ember Moon

Ember tells us that 2019 was a terrible year for Ember Moon--she tore her achilles nearly in half. She tells us that when the doctors told her, "Ember, you are clear!" all she heard was that she's ready to go to NXT. She tells us that she was supposed to be drafted to Raw or Smackdown, but she removed herself from that equation so she could come home to NXT. During her narration, we get clips of her return. Ember tells us that when she left NXT, she left on top--but that was then and now it's her time again. She says you don't get a title shot based on who you know and what you've done in the past, it's what you do recently. Ember lists the women's roster name by name, saying she doesn't care who she has to beat or prove herself against to get a title shot. We see more clips of her hitting the Eclipse on Dakota Kai. She then says that all roads lead to NXT and "Ember's Law" says she'll get the title back.

Match: Ashante "Thee" Adonis vs Jake Atlas

"Thee" comes out first, posing with shades on as Vic Joseph tells us that he's a talented young man. Out next is Jake Atlas, whom Beth Phoenix praises for his power and luchalibre style. The bell rings and here we go!
Both men grapple; Ashante is sent into the ropes but springboards back. Ashante showboats a little too long and takes a hard smack from Atlas. Adonis back up fast and hits a running strike. Adonis goes up top and dives off, landing on Atlas. Ashante with a slam and a cover for a two. Both men talk smack to each other as Atlas gets to his feet, then they exchange fists. Ashante with a hard punch that sends Atlas reeling, but Legado show up and distract Ashante. Atlas takes advantage of this and rolls up Ashante for the win in a very quick match.
Your Winner, Jake Atlas!

After the Match: Legado Strikes

Legado attack Ashante outside the ring, beating on him. Atlas takes notice, runs to the opposite side of the ring, rebounds off the ropes and hits a textbook suicide dive. Santos Escobar joins the Legado as they gang up three to two on the now-allied Ashante and Atlas. Suddenly, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott shows up to even the odds! The Legado trio stare at the three newly-allied men in the ring and nod.

Backstage w/ Mackenzie, Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae

Candice and Johnny immediately start off by telling us that Candice is the true NXT women's champion. They both are upset and feel their losses at TakeOver weren't their faults and they should both be champions right now. Johnny is asked if he's looking past Austin Theory, and Johnny and Candice exit. We're told the Gargano/Theory match is next after this commercial break!

Match: Johnny Gargano vs Austin Theory

We return from break and Austin Theory is already in the ring, posting and flexing on the middle rope of the corner. Out next is the first ever NXT Triple Crown winner, Johnny Gargano. If I haven't noted this before, he's using a heavier theme music than he used to use. Gargano takes his time getting to the ring, smirking at the crowd and into the camera before climbing into the ring. The ref calls for the bell and we're under way. Wade Barrett on commentary tells us that he's impressed as Austin Theory asked for this match and is trying to show his talent.
Gargano takes Theory down quick and slaps on a headlock. Theory to his feet, so Gargano converts it to a rear arm hold. Theory powers out and locks Gargano in a headlock, then talks smack. Gargano escapes but Theory shuts it down with a hard shoulder block. Theory wastes precious time talking more smack and gloating, and Gargano recovers and takes advantage of it. Gargano off the ropes with a fast drop kick. Gargano uses his speed to take down the stronger Theory. Theory tries to fight back but Gargano takes him back down to the mat and locks in an arm hold. Theory attemps to escape, rising to his feet, but Gargano keeps the arm locked and goes for a shoulder breaker. Theory escapes and both men grapple, with the end result being Theory back down on the mat. Gargano goes for the Gargano-lock but Theory squirms to the ropes fast. Ref breaks the hold.
It's Theory's time to take control as he showcases his power and agility. Theory with a standing moonsault onto Gargano. Theory again wastes time gloating, and Gargano hits him from behind. Theory into the corner, Gargano throwing shoulders into Theory's gut. Gargano goes for a springboard move but Theory knocks him down. Theory stands over Gargano, talking smack again. Gargano is up and both men strike each other. Theory goes for the ATL, but Gargano escapes to the apron. Gargano hits a spear through the middle ropes, nailing Theory and sending him rolling in pain as we roll to a commercial break.
We're back from the break and Gargano is in control. Gargano has Theory in the abdominal stretch and Theory grunts in pain. After about a minute, Theory uses his power to get out of it, but Gargano uses his veteran experience to take him back down. Gargano with a quick running strike. Gargano goes for a flying attack but Theory catches Garagno and hits a release suplex on Gargano, grounding him. Theory hits a quick suplex on Gargano. Theory goes for another but Gargano blocks it and sends Theory to the apron. Gargano comes in with a superkick but Theory springboards into the ring, rolls and kicks Gargano! Gargano takes a kick to his gut as Wade tells us that Theory has scouted Gargano well and is using moves from the Gargano playbook. Theory again wastes time, and Gargano--down on all fours--hits a right fist to the face, stunning Theory. Theory picks up Gargano and goes for the ATL but Gargano escapes! Gargano goes up to and flies, catching Theory--but Theory rolls through with it and slams Gargano down. Very well-orchestrated series of moves here. Theory attempts a pin but only gets two.
Theory is in shock. The pace slows as both men get to their feet. Both begin to slug each other. Theory goes for a superkick but Gargano catches his foot, shoves him back and hits a superkick of his own! Theory down to his knees. Gargano pulls him up, a devious look, then puts Theory over his right shoulder and lawn darts him straight into the turnbuckle. Gargano off the ropes with a forearm strike as Theory tries to rise. Theory is down, by the ropes; Gargano gets on the apron. Gargano waits..waits..then springboards over the ropes, hitting the One Final Beat ddt! Gargano covers and gets the win!
Your Winner, Johnny Gargano!

Backstage Promo: Raquel Gonzalez

We see Raquel backstage, as she's talking into the camera and telling Rhea that she's going to destroy her in two weeks at Halloween Havoc. Rhea walks into the lobby, hearing her, and asks Raquel what she's going to do? Both women clash and officials try to separate them as we go to break. Up next: Shotzi vs Candice!

Video Package: Ciampa/Kushida/Dream

We return and see a clip of Velveteen Dream interfering in Tommaso Ciampa's match against Kushida. Ciampa says that when he sees Dream, Dream's a dead man.

Number One Contender's Match, NXT Women's Division: Shotzi Blackheart vs Candice LeRae

Out first, riding her mini tank, is the wild wolf Shotzi Blackheart. She does her howling and posing as Wade and Vic on commentary pay her respects. Out next is Candice LeRae, wearing a black leather jacket with fake butterfly wings on it or something. Phoenix tells us that this is a Hail Mary play for LeRae and she doesn't see Candice letting this slip through her fingers. Vic reminds us that the Garganos feel they have a destiny to become the first husband-wife champions team. Bell rings, we begin.
LeRae and Shotzi start things off fast, exchanging control repeatedly. Shotzi's sent into the ropes but grabs them. Candice with a strong strike, and Shotzi goes to the outside. Candice runs off the opposite ropes and charges forward, diving through the ropes but getting nothing but announcer's table as Shotzi's moved. Shotzi goes in the ring and hits her own suicide dive, this time nailing LeRae right away. They take it back into the ring. Shotzi lifts LeRae and drops her across Shotzi's knee in some odd form of a neck breaker. Shotzi pulls Candice up and both women exchange control again. LeRae slows things down, working Shotzi's neck and cranking her head after a snapmare. The crowd cheers and chants for Shotzi to fire her up. Shotzi to her feet, but Candice hits a suplex and attempts a cover, only getting a two.
Candice sends Shotzi into the corner and goes for the eyes, backing off when the ref comes over. Candice hits a few strikes then pulls Shotzi out of the corner and hits a snapmare toss. Shotzi rolls, ending in the opposite corner. Candice strikes her then drags Shotzi by the foot to the middle of the ring, attempting a pin. Broken at two. Both women up and the crowd continues to cheer. Candice and Shotzi lock up. Candice goes for another suplex but Shotzi counters and hits her own suplex. Candice goes to the apron and Shotzi follows, then runs over and strikes Candice on the apron. Candice counters a strike, then hits a modified face plant as she dives off the apron and yanks Shotzi down into the apron. We go to commercials.
And we're back from break and see LeRae and Blackheart fighting in the middle of the ring. Candice sends Shotzi into the corner, but Shotzi fights her way out of it. Shotiz with a rolling dropkick and sends Candice into the corner before hitting a bulldog out of it. Shotzi with a Sling Blade and gets a close pin. Shotzi strikes LeRae, and LeRae falls on the middle ropes. Shotzi charges across the ring, throwing her body against the reeling LeRae, and covers for a close two. Blackheart goes up top and dives off for the senton but Candice gets her knees up! Candice covers but only gets a close two.
Both women to their feet and struggle in the corner and up the ropes. Shotzi and Candice fight, with Candice knocked down. Shotzi turns her back as she climbs up and Candice runs over fast, hitting a German Suplex! Shotzi is sent flying and rolls to her knees, then eats a low superkick from Candice! LeRae covers but only gets a close two. Both women up again, and Shotzi takes control. Shotzi sets up the Change of Complexion but Candice escapes and hits a springboard moonsault, getting another close two! Candice gets up and pulls Shotzi up, who tries to roll up Candice and gets a close two. Candice locks in a very unique submission that has Candice seated with her head under the middle of Shotzi's back, while pulling Shotzi back. Very unique, check it out--even Wade Barret and Vic Joseph said they've never seen it. Blackheart escapes via ropes. Both women fight. Shotzi goes up top and Candice comes up. They struggle, but Blackheart shoves Candice off and sends her flying. When Candice comes over, Blackheart leaps and rides Candice down. Shotzi goes up top, setting up her finisher but LeRae rolls out. LeRae catches her breath at ring side and Indi Hartwell produces some brass knuckles. Candice takes him, comes to the ring and as Shotzi reaches through the ropes for her, Candice nails her with the brass knuckles! The ref doesn't see it! Candice covers and picks up the win!
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Candice LeRae!

After the Match

The commentary team comments on if those are brass knuckles or not, and Candice slips them back to Indi before heading up the ramp.

Earlier Today: Drake Maverick & Killian Dain

Drake and Dain are in a small office. Drake shows Dain drawings of merchandise for shirts and such, really hyping them up as a team. Dain continues to resist the idea that they're a tag team. Drake then mentions that he's gotten them a tag match tonight. Dain jumps to his feet and threatens Drake, saying Drake better pray they win. He storms off as we storm off to a commercial break. Up next will be Toni Storm.

In the Ring: the Robert Stone Brand

We're back from the break, with Aliyah and Robert Stone in the ring and on the mic. He tells us that many people don't want to connect with the Robert Stone Brand but their loss will be someone else's gain. Toni Storm's music hits and out she comes.

Match: Toni Storm vs Aliyah

Toni readies herself as Beth praises her for being so good at only 24, and being a former NXT UK Women's Champion. The bell rings and the match starts fast. Toni immediately shows off her high-octane offense, rebounding off the ropes and all but flying around the ring as she takes Aliyah down. After about a minute of this, Aliyah takes control and hits a fisherman suplex on Storm. She attempts an early cover but gets barely a one. Aliyah attempts to lock in a submission but Storm fights to her feet. Storm rolls through an attempted throw and sends Aliyah into the ropes. Storm hits an atomic drop, then chops Aliyah down. Aliyah gets back up and again, Storm hits an atomic drop followed by another chop. Storm is firmly in control as she hits a German Suplex. Storm with a running forearm, then pulls Aliyah up, sets her up in the butterfly position, and hits the Storm Zero, picking up the pin and win!
Your Winner, Toni Storm!

Backstage w/ William Regal

Mackenzie asks Regal about his thoughts on the finish of the LeRae/Blackheart match. He says he's not happy with it but the referee's decision is final. He says LeRae will face Io Shirai in two weeks at Halloween Havoc. Up next is Dain/Maverick versus Imperium. We go to commercial.

Match: Killian Dane & Drake Maverick vs Imperium

We're back from break and up first are Imperium with their kick-ass entrance. The announcer announces them as Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner make their way out. New music plays and a graphic shows Dain and Maverick, and they come out. Killian Dain is not happy about it and yells for them to cut the music. Dain and Maverick discuss who wants to come in. Dain starts it with Fabian Aichner. Aichner attempts a rear waist lock but can't get Dain up. Dain slams Aichner down and slaps Maverick on the chest, tagging him in. Dain then immediately grabs Maverick and uses him as a weapon, slamming him down on Aichner. Maverick attempts a pin but gets nothing. Dain is forced from the ring. Maverick hits a kick, dropping a rising Aichner, and excitedly tells Dain. Aichner takes control, grounding the smaller man and wearing him down. Aichner takes Maverick to the Imperium corner and chokes him with his foot. Aichner tags in Marcel Barthel. Marcel goes over to Dain and talks smack then tries to come in and attack Maverick, who counters. Drake crawls across the ring towards his corner. Aichner comes in and dives but overshoots, and Maverick makes the tag! Dain comes in and brawls with both Aichner and Barthel! He's a one man wrecking crew! For what it's worth, the announcers tell us that Drake wants to call their team the Furry and the Fury.
Imperium double team Dain, and Marcel works on him for about a minute. Dain makes the hot tag to Drake Maverick. Drake comes in but Imperium make short work of him, and his effort to pick up the win comes up short. Imperium double team Drake, slamming him down hard. Marcel with the cover to pick up the win.
Your Winners, Imperium!

After the Match: Ever Rise Attacks

Ever Rise come out and attack Drake, and throw him out the ring. They yell at him "where's your big friend now?" and yell "you ain't got nobody!" Dain, who was down at ringside out of sight, charges in and takes down Ever Rise in seconds. Dain goes to Maverick and yells at him "nobody gets to hurt you but ME." Maverick and Dain head up the ramp as their cheesy music plays and Dain yells at Drake. We're told the main event title match is up next!

Halloween Havoc Matches Announced

We're told Rhea Ripley vs Raquel Gonzalez is set for Halloween Havoc, as is Io Shirai vs Candice LeRae. That will air in two weeks in place of NXT. We're also informed of a tag team championship match between the reigning champs, Breezango, and the Undisputed Era.

Main Event, North American Championship Match: Damian Priest(c) vs Dexter Lumis

We start things with Damian Priest coming out, doing his usual archer entrance. Vic hails Damian's victorious summer with victories over Gargano and winning the North American championship. Beth Phoenix tells us the sky is the limit for Priest. Out next is Dexter Lumis who stalks to the ring, staring unblinking at Priest. Lumis enters the ring and slithers across to the ropes. He stares at the audience before turning his ice-cold stare to Priest. We're reminded that Lumis was set for the North American ladder match before injury deprived him of his shot at glory. The bell rings and here we go!
Lumis and Priest circle each other for a moment, then both men lock up. Priest shoves Lumis into the corner and the ref warns him. They remain locked out and Priest takes Lumis to another corner. They stay locked up for a solid minute until Lumis escapes and ducks his torso between the ropes. Priest backs off and both men meet in the middle. Lumis slaps on a headlock. Priest shoves Lumis off and into the ropes, and Lumis rebounds. Priest catches him with a body block, knocking Lumis back. Both men meet up in the middle and Priest grins. Priest locks in on the arm; Lumis escapes and is sent into the ropes and again Priest takes him down. Priest with an arm bar to send Lumis to the mat, then locks in the arm bar. During the entire attempted submission, Lumis doesn't speak or show any sign of pain. Priest to his feet and sends Lumis into the corner. Priest climbs the turnbuckles and grabs Lumis' arm, walking the ropes similar to Taker's "Old School" maneuver, then dives off while holding onto Lumis' arm, dragging him down hard. Lumis back to his feet. Priest tells him to bring it, so Lumis goes off the ropes and borrows from Stone Cold's book by hitting the running Lou Thesz Press! Priest is up but is sent into the corner. Lumis hammers away at Priest in the corner. Priest hits a tough low kick to Lumis' previously injured ankle. Priest hits a few more low kicks to the ankle and we see Lumis actually grimace in pain. Lumis spills to the outside as we go to break.
During the picture-in-picture break, we see Priest head outside. Lumis takes control and beats Priest around the ring, then slides in to the ring and out to break the ref's count. Lumis approaches but Priest slugs him and takes control. Priest sends Lumis into the ring, then climbs the middle of the ropes and leaps off, hitting a Superman Punch of his own, sort of. Priest covers but Lumis kicks out at two. Preist grabs Lumis' left leg--the one with the injured ankle--and begins to work the leg with a reverse calf crusher. Lumis throws a punch, trying to fight out, and Priest angrily pummels Lumis with punches. Priest drags Lumis around the ring, and Lumis kicks Priest off of him. Priest tumbles to the outside. Lumis is up in the ring and Priest comes in, goes up top and hits a flying strike.
Back from the break and Lumis now takes control, striking Priest. Priest attempts to go for South of Heaven but Lumis shoves him off and hits a spinebuster, covering for a two. Vic points out that Lumis not only finished the match in which he shattered his ankle, he also won it. Priest is up to his feet and fires off elbows to Lumis in the corner. Vic says Priest is aware that he came really close to losing his title. Priest hits the Flatliner in the middle of the ring but only gets a two. Priest locks in an ankle lock on Lumis! Lumis actually screams in pain. Priest stands, keeping that ankle lock on as Lumis grimaces and crawls for the ropes. Priest drags Lumis back, putting Priest's back to the ropes so Lumis can't reach it. Lumis' arm is up--is he going to tap?
No! Lumis kicks free! Priest closes the distance and hits a high roundhouse kick. Priest lifts Lumis up in power bomb position but Lumis escapes! Lumis hits a belly to back suplex, then a leg drop with his damaged ankle and covers for a close two!
The announcers praise Lumis. Lumis goes up top and dives but Priest avoids it. Priest goes into the corner then comes out with a big punch that floors Lumis. Priest sets up in the corner, waiting for Lumis to rise, then goes for his spinning roundhouse kick but Lumis ducks! Lumis lifts Priest and drops him hard, then locks in a 616 submission! Priest barely gets to the ropes, thanks to his long lanky legs according to Wade. Lumis slithers to the outsdie and attacks Priest. Lumis sends Priest into the ring and the ref checks on him. Out of nowhere, Cameron Grimes leaps on the apron and double stomps Lumis! The ref didn't see it nor did Damian Priest! Grimes runs off. Priest recovers and hits a big South of Heaven (a sitout chokeslam) and picks up the win!
Your Winner and STILL North American Champion, Damian Priest!

After the Match

Priest celebrates then catches Grimes coming in to attack him. Priest lays out Grimes! Priest heads up the ring, and is ambushed by Johnny Gargano! Gargano with a steel chair to the back of Priest, then again and lays him out! Gargano and Candice stand over a downed Priest. William Regal comes out and says these two must be very proud of themselves. Regal says at Halloween Havoc, Candice will face Io Shirai at Halloween Havoc for the Women's Championship and Johnny Gargano will face Damian Priest at Halloween Havoc for the North American Championship. Regal says that their matches will have a special condition, and says he'll let the Halloween Havoc host tell them. We see Shotzi on a platform in the ring and she informs the Garganos that their match stipulation will be determined by spinning the wheel. On the screen behind her we see a spinning wheel with different symbols on it. Shotzi does her best evil laugh and we end our program.

In Closing

There you have it, folks! Only one more episode of NXT before Halloween Havoc! Make sure you plan to attend it as we'll have some spooktacular fun! Y'all stay safe out there, and I'll see you all Friday for Smackdown!

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