WWE NXT Live Results (10/7/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome back to Rajah.com's NXT Live results! Your host tonight is the joker, a smoker, a midnight toker--the double-pneumonia conquering, results-liberating, the Franchise Mike "Hulk" Hogan! I've missed you all and am glad to be back to it. But enough PDA, let's get to the good stuff!

Matt posted the NXT Preview for tonight earlier today. We'll open the show with Ember Moon who shocked and rocked the NXT Universe by returning to the brand at TakeOver 31 (click for results). Kushida and Tommaso Ciampa will square off in the first bout of the evening. We've also learned Finn Balor has broken his jaw in two different places, all during the TakeOver 31 main event.

We've got all that and more tonight, here, now, next so grab your snacks, get comfy and let's get this show started. Because know what, Rajahmanaics?

Daddy's home.

WWE NXT Live Results (10/7/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Show Opener: Capitol Wrestling Center, TakeOver 31 Recap

We get a short package highlighting last week's NXT debut at the Capitol Wrestling Center, and featured clips and still shots from NXT TakeOver31. For full results, there's a link above. We get a recap of all five or so matches and who won, including what happened at the end of the PPV in which Holland dumped a battered and beaten Cole ringside after the match ended.

Match: Tommaso Ciampa vs Kushida

We cut to the ring and out first is the Blackheart himself, Tommaso Ciampa! We're welcomed to NXT and reminded that Tommaso and Kushida had to be separated backstage the last time they came face to face, so Regal set this match up. No time is wasted as Kushida comes out Marty McFly-style and heads straight for the ring. When Kushida gets in the ring, the ref has to physically restrain Ciampa. The ref stands between the two men until the bell rings.
Tommaso and Kushida exchange blows at first before Kushida takes Ciampa down to the mat. Kushida uses his agility and technical skills to keep Ciampa pinned, swirling on his back, spinning around, attempting to position himself. Ciampa gets free. They exchange hits. Ciampa is elbowed and falls from the ring to the mat, rolling out. Kushida goes out and takes it right back inside. Kushida begins to focus on Ciampa's left arm as Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph remind us that Ciampa's left arm and wrist have been injured in the past. Kushida ducks a swing, cartwheels and bounces off the ropes but is cut off as Ciampa hits a sliding dropkick to Kushida's vulnerable head. Ciampa begins to use working holds to focus on slowing down the paces and wears down Kushida's neck. Neckbreaker by Ciampa. Ciampa pats himself on the back, hits a dropping elbow and covers. Kushida kicks out at two.
Ciampa continues to focus on the neck. Ciampa takes Kushida to the ring and goes for a big lariat, but Kushida ducks and sends Ciampa into the corner! Kushida fires off a flurry of fists and strikes to the cornered Ciampa. Kushida off the ropes but Ciampa intercepts him. Ciampa takes control, again utilizing wear-down moves, working Kushida's neck with intermittent strikes. Ciampa pulls Kushida up and hits a neckbreaker, then laughs and talks trash to Kushida. Ciampa stands, lightly bounces off the ropes and hits a dropping knee to the head. Ciampa locks in another grounded headlock, positioning his body so that his weight is on top of Kushida as Wade points out. Kushida tries to slip out; CIampa attempts to counter but can't stop him from rising. Kushida and Ciampa to their feet. Kushida fights free. Ciampa gets Kushida on the apron and attempts a move between the ropes but Kushida escapes. Ciampa sends Kushida to the announcer's desk and looks off, gloating, unaware that Kushida's completely recovered. Kushida hits the ring fast then hits a suicide strike on Ciampa outside the ring as we go to break!
Back from the break, Ciampa is chopping Kushida back into a corner. Kushida tries to fight out, delivering fists to Ciampa's face, but Ciampa slugs him back into it. Ciampa sits Kushida up on the top turnbuckle, climbs up as well, and stands on the middle rope while attempting to lift Kushida up. Kushida blocks it, so Ciampa sits him back down on the top turnbuckle. Ciampa gets his footing on the mat and hits a devastating chop that sends Kushida off the top and to the apron. Commentary tells us how lucky he is, and that landing on the apron is the best outcome in that situation. Tommaso climbs the turnbuckle, pulling Kushida over. Kushida counters, locking an arm bar over the top rope to weaken it. Both men back in the ring. Kushida uses the weakened arm to take control, then hits an enziguri. Kushida off the top, landing on Ciampa. Kushida locks in an arm bar on Ciampa in the middle of the ring. Ciampa rolls over, attempting to escape but Kushida converts it into a triangle! We're reminded that Kushida is 8-0 in MMA fights. Ciampa uses his impressive power to lift up Kushida, arm bar still locked in, and slam him down! Both men are down and the ref counts to five while both struggle to get to their feet.
Both men slowly slug it out, alternating, for a couple of seconds until Ciampa gets his second wind. Ciampa with a knee strike, then focuses on Kushida's arm and neck, and attempts to pin. Kickout at two. Ciampa looks for the Fairy Tale Ending but Kushida escapes and exploits the left elbow. Kushida attempts to pin Ciampa; Ciampa kicks Kushida off and tries to roll to his feet; Kushida hits Ciampa with a hard fist, leaving commentary to wonder if Ciampa is out. Kushida grabs the arms of a face-down, prone CIampa and stretches them back before kicking Ciampa face-first down into the mat. Kushida locks in the Hover Board Lock and Ciampa is in trouble...until the Velveteen Dream charges in and attacks Ciampa, causing an end via disqualification. Even after the bell rings, Dream attacks Ciampa and attempts to attack Kushida before being chased off. Ciampa looks on angrily.
Your Winner by DQ, Tommaso Ciampa!

Up Next: Ember Moon

We're ready for a break, but we're shown a graphic and reminded that Ember Moon is back in NXT! She'll be up next right after this word from their sponsors!

In the Ring: Ember Moon

We're back from break with Ember in the moon. The crowd loudly chants and pounds on the plexiglass/chain link fence. Ember is all smiles. "You know what, guys? Thank you. And to be honest, we're amongst friends here, I'm a little shocked they let me talk on the mic tonight. it's been a while!" Crowd breaks into a "welcome back" chant. She continues: "I've been in isolation for fourteen long, hard months. Yeah, it sucks, it really does. Trust me. But I'm back and I see a lot of things have changed here. I know this. I took my bike (and) drove on the long road...for miles and miles and miles." She says she found clarity, and "Ember's Law" that she explains means no one will walk over her, she'll do what she wants to do, because she's Ember Moon, damnit. She says one thing will stay the same--and that's "mama want some gold, baby." She continues to talk even as Io Shirai's theme sounds. Out comes Io Shirai!
Io comes down to the ring, grabbing a mic and exchanging stares with Ember. Io lifts her mic to speak when out comes Rhea Ripley! Rhea compliments Ember on the new attitude, and says she guesses Ember does deserve a title shot--when Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez attack Rhea at the top of the ramp! Ember comes down to make the save. Out next is William Regal who makes it official--Rhea and Ember versus Kai and Gonzalez, later tonight!

Earlier Today: Drake Maverick & Killian Dain

An off-screen, unknown interviewer asks Drake as he walks up to the building about his plans. Drake goes on about his tag team with Killian Dain. Dain comes up and tells Drake that they're not a tag team. Drake tells Dain if he'd given Maverick his number, he could text him. Dain says there's a reason Drake Maverick doesn't have his number. He reminds him again that they're not friends or tag team partners. Drake says he sent messages to Dain letting him know that Drake got them a tag match tonight. Dain goes off frustrated as we go off to a break!

Video Promo: Halloween Havoc

We get a commercial for NXT: Halloween Havoc which takes place here in three weeks!

Backstage w/ Mackenzie & Io Shirai

Mackenzie asks Io why she didn't slide out the ring to help Ember Moon when she was jumped. Shirai says Ember isn't her problem, none of them are, only the belt is her concern.

Backstage w/ the Undisputed Era

All four are sitting comfortably backstage. Kyle O' Reilly laments not winning at TakeOver 31 but everyone reassures him that he did a great job. They turn the topic to Ridge Holland, and Cole mentions Holland broke Cole's ribs. Cole says he doesn't know or care why Holland did what he did, but he's a dead man.

Ever Rise vs Drake Maverick & Killian Dain

We cut to the ring with Ever Rise in the ring. Out next are Maverick and Dain to a silly theme music. Dain forces it to stop and yells at Maverick up to the ring, and tells Maverick to stop whistling. They get in the ring, still arguing about their music theme and being a team. The ref forces one out, so Dain wants to start things off. Drake continues to argue, though, then tags himself in. Drake starts things off with Parker who takes control. Martel is tagged in and works Drake's arm. He whips Drake, who uses his speed to take down Martel. Drake teases tagging in Dain but doesn't, and works Martel over a bit. Maverick holds to Martel with one hand and reaches out for Dain but is too far out from the corner. Dain reaches out mildly, grinning at Drake as Martel slams Drake down. Martel gets on top of Maverick and rains rights down onto Maverick. Martel tries to keep Maverick from tagging his partner, and runs over and punches Dain who doesn't even budge. Martel tags in Parker.
Dain gets in the ring, taking offense to Martel's cheap shot. Parker starts yelling at Dain, then calls him a fat slob. Dain gets Maverick to the corner, exits and tags himself in. As the legal man, Dain takes it to Parker and Martel. He takes out Chase Parker then takes down Martel. The match gets a bit confusing as Dain and Maverick tag themselves in. Dain gets sick of it and powerbombs the now-legal Drake Maverick onto Chase Parker, and Drake picks up the three count.
Your Winners, Drake Maverick & Killian Dain

After the Match

The silly theme starts up again. Drake tries to get Dain to smile, and dances around the ring, whistling. Dain replies with a big right, laying out Drake. Dain exits and shakes his head, then pulls the semi-conscious Maverick out of the ring, tosses him over his shoulder and carries his partner up the ramp.

Video Package: Toni Storm Returns

We get a video package that starts with TakeOver 31, when she announced her return by video, then cut to three weeks ago. We're treated to various clips of Storm's career, including her win as NXT UK Women's Champion and several scenes of the beach, her running left on the beach, her running right on the beach, then her running down the beach at the camera. Toni continues to talk over all this, reassuring us that this is a Toni Storm who we've never seen before and she's been off for too long etc. We go to commercials.

Earlier Today: The Garganos on a Dog Walk

Both walk down a suburban street, walking their dog, in matching blue and pink sweat suits with the Gargano heart logo. They both are embarrassed by their performances at TakeOver 31 and decide that something has to change. When they get to their front door, there's a 65" 2020 new UHD TV on their porch step. It's from Indi Hartwell. Candice wonders why Indi sent them a new tv, Johnny doesn't care--it's a free tv. He drags it inside and we cut back to the ring.

Match: Austin Theory vs Leon Ruff

We start straight with the action. Ruff attempts to take control early on but Theory hits a clothesline that flips Ruff heels over head. Theory and Ruff attempt to fight in the corner. Ruff bounces from one set of ropes to the next in the corner, then hits a spinning springboard takedown. Ruff with a springboard and a clothesline, then attempts a pin, getting a two before Theory kicks out.
Ruff takes control and hits a huge chop. Ruff takes Theory to the corner and goes up the middle rope but slips, and Austin catches him. Theory carries him to the middle of the ring and slams Ruff down roughly, getting the pin in a quick match.
Your Winner, Austin Theory!

After the Match: Austin Theory Promo & SURPRISE RETURN!

Austin gets on the mic and tells us all that he's going to do what he wants in NXT and there's no one who can stop him. Suddenly, the love child of John Carpenter an Stranger things--the theme of Dexter Lumis--plays! Lumis comes down to the ring and we're reminded that he's been gone for ten weeks or so. Lumis gets in the ring and stares at the camera. Theory stays in the ring, and it looks like we've got an impromptu match!

Match: Austin Theory vs Dexter Lumis

Austin tries to take control but Lumis immediately asserts his dominance. Lumis takes Theory to the corner and pounds away. Lumis and Theory both off the ropes; Lumis hits the Lou Thesz Press and hammers away at Theory. Lumis sends Theory hard into the corner, bouncing him off and setting Theory up to receive a bulldog followed by a pin attempt! Theory kicks out at two as we go to picture-in-picture commercials!
During the commercial, Lumis continues to control Theory. Lumis with hard strikes and a pin attempt. Theory kicks out and gets to his feet. Theory with two strikes but Lumis shuts him down with a punishing body blow. Lumis hits a scoop slam on Theory, bounces off the ropes and hits a leg drop Hulk Hogan style! Lumis clamps down with both hands on either side of Theory's neck and squeezes hard. Theory up to his feet, but Lumis sends him back down and hits him. Lumis lets Theory to his feet, then spins around and slings Theory out of the ring! Lumis stands tall in the ring as the ref begins his count and Theory struggles to his feet. Lumis goes outside. Theory attempts a comeback, sending Lumis into the steel steps. He pauses to check on his jaw then heads to Lumis, pulling him to his feet and sending him back into the ring. Theory follows in and begins to strike Lumis as he's down on his knees. Lumis challenges him and Theory answers. Theory stomps Lumis, then sends him into the ropes and hits a shoulder block.
Back from the break Lumis hits a belly to back suplex and attempts a cover, but only gets a two. Theory shows his arrogance, and Barrett is sure to point that out, as Theory locks in a side arm bar and uses his free hand to pull on Lumis' chin. Lumis powers to his feet then tosses a big right hook, then another, attempting to escape! Theory hits a standing clothesline, then follows up with another before hitting the standing Stomp and covering for two. Lumis' eyes go crazy and Theory punches him. Lumis gets to all fours. Theory nails him again, dropping fists onto Lumis' upper back. Theory locks in a headlock. Lumis begins to get to all fours again, then powers up to a knee. Lumis reaches with his right but can't get purchase on Theory. Theory sends Lumis back down to his knees. Theory then pulls Lumis up and goes for a suplex, but Lumis blocks it. Theory goes for it again, and again it's blocked. Theory changes position and hits the suplex from another angle, getting a two count.
Theory with a belly to back suplex. Theory takes a lot of time to strike Lumis, showboating. It catches up to him as Lumis hits a right to Theory's face, then another right. Theory sends Lumis down and hits the standing Stomp again, attempting a pinfall. Lumis kicks out at two. Lumis is up to his feet but Wade points out that Lumis is moving slowly. Theory attempts a suplex again, and again Lumis blocks. This goes on twice more. The fourth time sees Theory flip over Lumis and attempt to catch him from behind with a lariat. Lumis, instead, ducks it then catches a rebounding Theory with a massive sidewalk slam. Lumis takes control now. Theory is in the corner. Lumis gets in the opposite corner, runs, flips and rolls to Theory, leaps up and monkey flips Theory halfway across the ring! Lumis stares then hits a snap slam on Theory for a two. Austin is slow to his feet on the apron. Lumis approaches; Theory hits a shoulder to the midsection through the middle ropes, then comes through and strikes Lumis. Lumis stays on his feet and Theory tries to beg him off. Lumis grabs Theory and hits a side Uranage, and converts it into a submission! Theory is put to sleep!
Your Winner by Submission, Dexter Lumis!

After the Match: Cameron Grimes Attacks

Before Lumis can even stand, Grimes hits a springboard dropkick to Lumis' chest. He then tells Lumis that when Grimes asks a question, you answer. He calls Lumis a freak and heads up the ramp.

Backstage w/ Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez

Kai does most of the talking and says that Toni Storm and Rhea Ripley need to get in line behind Kai for Io's title. We're then told we'll get a Balor/O'Reilly recap after this break!

Backstage w/ Cameron Grimes

Grimes is asked about his interference earlier. Grimes tells us he does what he wants, and he's going to the moon. He then leaves the building, shirtless, wearing his hat and no mask.

Video Package: Kyle O'Reilly/Finn Balor Buildup & TakeOver 31

We get a nice video package that pumps up KOR and Balor, and the brutal fight they had after a quick buildup. Read our full results (link is above, at the top) for more details! KOR tells us that he took a wicked kidney shot early in the much. He says that part of what makes a champion is continuing to win despite their being no hope. They continue to plug KOR as more than just a tag team member. We then see the knee shot where KOR broke Finn's jaw, followed by Balor ultimately winning a war of attrition and retaining his title. At the end, Balor pulls O'Reilly to his feet and shakes his hand. We're told that Finn has two fractures in his jaw, but he reminds us that he's still the champion. We end with a shot of KOR and Balor holding hands up in the air.

Backstage w/ Ridge Holland

The unknown off-screen interviewer asks Ridge why he did what he did to Adam Cole. Holland tells us that last week, he didn't have a BMW but this week he does and you can thank Adam Cole for that. He then heads inside and we head to a commercial break.

NXT Superstar Profile

Brought to you by Burger King, we get a short video package that shows DamianPriest hitting some of his signature moves, doing his archer stuff, and showing his North American championship ladder match win. He ends it with "live forever" as we see a Whopper.

Backstage w/ Mackenzie & Damian Priest

Mackenzie asks Priest about his title reign and who's next. Priest says he means it when he says live forever, and if anyone wants a shot at the title, they can get a reckoning. Mackenzie sends us back to ring side.

Match: Ridge Holland vs Danny Burch

Ridge is already on his way to the ring as we cut back to the arena, wearing his london fog, hat and with his club. The crowd boos until Danny Burch's music plays and out runs Burch! Wade explains that while both our competitors are from his "neck of the woods," one's from the North and one's from the South and they might as well be from different companies. Okay.
Both competitors start things off with fists. Burch takes control early on. Burch pounds Holland, then hits a German suplex and attempts a cover. Burch with an arm lock on Holland, but Holland powers out and slams Burch down, covering for the win in a fairly quick and fast-paced match.
Your Winner, Ridge Holland

After the Match: It's Not Over Yet

Burch comes up behind Holland as he's celebrating and attempts to attack him. Holland takes Burch down and works him over. Oney Lorcan, Danny Burch's tag partner, hits the ring to make the save. Ridge fights Oney off and takes down both Burch and Lorcan. Holland slides out the ring. Oney fires up and hits a suicide dive onto Holland at ring side! They take it inside and Holland sends Lorcan off the ropes fast, the hits a big clothesline that drops Lorcan. I can definitely see the young Brock comparisons. Ridge again comes out the ring as refs tell him to leave. Lorcan, again, dives over the top rope to land on Holland outside the ring, taking out a ref too! Lorcan goes back into the ring to check on his partner and we cut away.

Earlier Today: At the Garganos

Johnny's watching on the TV and Candice comes up to ask what he's watching. Their new tv, courtesy of Indi, came with a DVD of a match showing (and highlighted) where Indi helps Candice out. Both Garganos remark that they see potential with her and we cut to commercials.

Video Package: Thatcher's Thatch Can

Timothy Thatcher talks to unknown trainees, welcoming them to Thatcher's Thatch Can. He tells them that when opportunity presents itself, you've got to strike first. He locks a trainee in a painful arm bar then converts it to a crossface as he says a man isn't defined by his (garbled), he's defined by his grit. He tells us that he'll be damned if he lets life make him quit. The trainee writhes in pain. He says again that he won't let life do it to him again. Okay. Really hard to make him out with the trainee screaming in pain.

Injury/Medic Segment

We see where, before the commercial break, when Oney Lorcan flew over the top rope and landed on Ridge Holland before checking on his partner at the end of the segment. Ridge is injured and is wheeled out on a stretcher by medical personnel. Beth and Vic and Wade comment on how terrible it is, but these things happen and he's in the hands of the best medical staff on the planet.

Match: Shotzi Blackheart vs Xia Li

Shotzi comes out to huge cheers, riding her tank--but this time, decorated with skulls and cobwebs, Halloween style. Shotzi talks into the camera as she's introduced and promises to make Halloween Havoc a night we never forget. We're told she'll be the host of Halloween Havoc in a few weeks. Out next is Xia Li, to far less fanfare and with much less pomp and circumstance. We're reminded that tonight's presented by Burger King and the Whopper.
The bell rings and Shotzi hits a dropkick immediately. Shotzi takes control quick and early with strikes, ending the match in roughly a minute. Xia sits in the corner, defeated, when Boa walks out and hands her an envelope from the inner pocket of his suit jacket. Shotzi celebrates in the ring as Xia reads the paper, becomes visibly upset, and leaves with Boa. We're promised our main event is up next, after these commercials.
Your Winner, Shotzi Blackheart

Main Event: Rhea Ripley & Ember Moon vs Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez

We return with Ripley's music playing and out comes the brutal powerhouse herself, Rhea Ripley! We see Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez are already in the ring. Rhea shrugs and comes down to the ring alone, climbing on the apron and posting. She gets in the ring and slings off her jacket, talking smack to the two heels. Out next is Ember Moon with new ring wear, new music, new video, new outfit--new everything. Ember makes her way to the ring in an outfit with fur and shoulder pads, perhaps akin to a Mad Max villain's outfit. She celebrates, shrugging out of her jacket. The bell goes ding ding and we get right to it!
Moon starts things off with Kai, grabbing her arm and forcing her down to her knees, then slams her down. Ember rolls, holding the arm to crank it, then bounces off the rope with a running senton for a two count. Moon pulls Kai up and immediately suplexes her. Kai screams in pain. Moon pulls Kai up and twists the left arm, lifts it above their heads then drops it down across Moon's left shoulder. Kai manages to escape and makes the tag to Gonzalez. Gonzalez comes in and Moon immediately locks in a head scissors but can't get her down. Raquel attempts to powerbomb but Moon escapes and uses her quickness and skill to take it to Gonzalez! It's nothing but Moon until Gonzalez tags in Kai. Kai grounds Moon, then gloats, leaving Moon time to recover and slug her twice. Kai to the outside of the ring. Ember flies over the ropes to take out Kai. Gonzalez tries to sneak up behind Ember on the outside of the ring, and Rhea runs along the apron to hit a senton on Raquel Gonzalez at ringside. They take the action back to the ring. Rhea tags in, Gonzalez tags in. Rhea tries to take control but Gonzalez slams her down as we go to commercial break.
We return from the break and find Gonzalez in the middle of the ring with Rhea over her shoulder, doing a form of a standing bow submission. Ripley breaks out with an arm drag, but Raquel stops her from getting the tag to Ember. Raquel comes over to talk smack to Ember, and Rhea catches her with a big fist. Rhea slow and wobbly to her feet just in time to catch a clothesline from Gonzalez. Ember's stretching her arm in the corner, but Rhea can't make it to her. Gonzalez with a side slam and a cover but Rhea kicks out. Gonzalez tags in Kai, who attempts an arm bar but Rhea fights out of it. Kai goes for the Guillotine in the middle of the ring but Rhea fights out of it. Rhea tries to power through to her corner but Kai shoves her back. Rhea Ripley hits a huge facelift slam on Kai. Both women are down. Ripley gets the hot tag to Ember Moon. Moon comes in and takes down Kai. Raquel Gonzalez enters the ring and Moon takes down both Kai and Gonzalez, hitting Gonzalez with a seated uranage. Ember covers Kai for a close two.
Moon is taken down, and Kai and Gonzalez utilize tags to keep wearing down at Ember Moon. They attempt a double team maneuver in the ring. Kai is forced out by the ref. Gonzalez lifts up Moon but Moon slips out and hits a roundhouse kick to Gonzalez. Moon and Gonzalez both stumble to their mutual corners. Kai and Rhea come in fast, and Ripley power slams Kai down, going for a quick two. Gonzalez again interferes with the match as Ripley attempts to pull Kai. Kai hits the Kai-ropractor on Rhea and covers but only gets a two! Ripley and Kai to their feet. Rhea with a side kick that floors Kai, then runs over and strikes Gonzalez. Rhea tags in Ember who hits Kai fast and covers for a close two--broken up by Gonzalez yet again. Rhea hits a big slam on Kai, then clotheslines Gonzalez out of the ring. Kai clotheslines Rhea out of the room, then goes after Moon. Moon hits a powerbomb, then goes up to for the Eclipse. Gonzalez grabs her leg to interfere again. Rhea grabs Gonzalez and both women tumble across the announcer's table. Moon gets her footing and dives, hitting the Eclipse on Dakota Kai and picking up the three!
Your Winners, Rhea Ripley & Ember Moon!

After the Match: Replays

We're treated to replays of the match's highlights, including multiple shots of the perfectly hit Eclipse. In the ring, Rhea and Ember talk and smile. Ember runs her hands across her waist, indicating she wants the belt. Rhea nods. Both women shake hands to loud applause, then mutually walk to different corners, content with their victory as we wrap up for the night!

In Closing

Thanks everyone for showing up! Expect an announcement about another fun giveaway coming soon! Y'all stay safe out there and see you all this Friday for Smackdown when the Draft begins!

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