WWE NXT Live Results (11/11/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

It's Wednesday, so that means its time for some AEW WWE NXT wrestling! I'm your host with the posts, Mike Hogan!
As we reported here earlier, we've got three matches slated for us tonight! Johnny Gargano will defend his North American Championship against a mystery opponent. Who will it be? Can Johnny, who's never successfully defended a title in NXT, break the curse?
Toni Storm will take on Candice LeRae tonight, and we'll see NXT Tag Team Champions Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan defending their titles tonight against former champions, Breezango. Can the Kings of NXT retain, or will the kings of swing run wild on their wardrobe? And will this new pop-up ad drive the Mikester to burn his house down in a flaming act of rage?
All this, and more, next on NXT!

WWE NXT Live Results (11/11/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Armistice Day

We open with a patriotic package, with narration, paying honor to our veterans on Veteran's Day. Did you know it was known as Armistice Day, and always occurs on November 11th, because world War One's armistice was signed at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day? Cool, right? Thank you for your service to all our veteran readers--and their families.

Show Opener

We see the inside of the Capitol Wrestling Center, decorated with patriotic banners and colors on the screens, and the crowd doing a loud "USA!" chant. We cut to the ring as we waste no time getting to our first match of the night.

North American Championship Match: Johnny Gargano(c) vs Mystery Opponent

In the ring is Johnny Gargano, the first-ever two-time North American Champion, with a spinning wheel. On the wheel are several names, such as Cole, Bronson, Lumis, etc. Gargano talks about the Gargano Curse--that he loses his titles on the first defense. But tonight, he plans on reversing the curse with one spin of the "wheel of opponents." The fans interrupt him with a loud, raucous "Johnny sucks!" chant. Johnny promises to show the world "where there's a wheel...there's a way!" He announces its time to spin the wheel. On one of the spots, a handwritten name--Leon Ruff--is on tape. The wheel spins and is obviously rigged as it spins back and forth, landing on Leon Ruff. Leon Ruff makes his way to the ring, excited for this title shot.
Beth Phoenix gives us a quick rundown of Ruff's history, where he was a fan only three years ago and is now an NXT star. Gargano motions to Ruff and the bell rings. Ruff runs at Gargano and over-sells a shoulder tackle. Leon bends over, allowing Gargano to kick him in the face. Gargano mudstomps him in the corner, then takes Ruff to the opposite corner and hits a loud chest slap. Gargano whips Ruff into the opposite corner, charging after him. Ruff dives over the ringpost, lands on the apron, springboards into the ring and nails a dropkick! After another attempted springboard, Gargano nails Ruff and sends him flying. Gargano heads outside and throws Ruff roughly into the rough fencing surrounding the ring.
Gargano looks up and notices Damian Priest on the other side, staring him down. Gargano mocks Priest, doing the "archer" pose. Gargano turns to the camera and mocks Priest, unaware that Priest has moved around to a portion of the barricade that is not blocked by chainlink. Gargano flees into the ring, scared, and Leon Ruff nearly steals the win with a roll-up. Gargano picks Ruff up and runs across the ring, throwing ruff lawn-dart style into the ring post. We see Priest at ringside, and Gargano mocks him. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Leon Ruff rolls up Johnny Gargano and gets the pin fall! Oh my god!
Your Winner and NEW NXT North American Champion, Leon Ruff!

After the Match: Shocked, not Awed

The announcers are in shock that Leon Ruff pulled the huge upset, as he's a relative newcomer to NXT. Gargano is in disbelief and tries to argue with the ref but nothing comes from it. We head to break!

Backstage w/ Leon Ruff & the NXT Roster

Mackenzie asks Leon about his impressive upset. Priest walks over and warns Leon to leave, as a pissed-off Johnny Gargano was about to come through the nearby door and would kick Leon's ass. Leon listens to Priest and flees as the roster and officials backstage applaud his win. Moments after Ruff exits, Gargano storms in and looks for Ruff. He then confronts Priest and blames Priest for costing him his title. They exchange words as officials keep them separated. Gargano tells William Regal to "do your job" and Regal says he will. We cut to the ring.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match: Santos Escobar(c) vs Jake Atlas

When we return to the ring, we learn the NXT Cruiserweight title is on the line. Santos Escobar, with the other members of Legado del Fantasma, are in the ring and await Jake Atlas' appearance. We see clips from the parking lot earlier today, in which Jake Atlas took after Santos, setting up thi match.
The bell rings and both men lock up. A series of reversals leads into both men running off the ropes repeatedly, ended with Jake Atlas nails a dropkick that sends Santos Escobar out of the ring. Escobar cheap shots Atlas as he gets in the ring, and takes an early lead. Let's hope he doesn't blow leads like the Falcons. Escobar talks trash and chops Atlas. Atlas swaps places and lands a chop of his own! Escobar with another chop that flattens Atlas. Escobar pulls Atlas up and hits a nice Russian side leg sweep, rolling over to transition it into a head scissors submission. Escobar repeats, "You don't mess with me!"
Escobar lets Atlas up and hits a painful chop, then drops Atlas with a dropkick. Escobar talks trash, kicking Atlas while he's down. Atlas gets to his feet but Escobar maintains the lead, kicking away at Atlas in the corner until the ref forces the break. Escobar stomps Atlas and pulls him up. Atlas throws a right, but Escobar takes him down with a right of his own. Escobar locks in a modified neckwrench wear down move. Escobar goes for a punch but Atlas gets an arm up; Atlas starts to fire back with a series of rights, a flurry of offense in one corner then to another. Atlas pummels Santos and snapmares him to the middle of the ring, diving in for a big uppercut! Escobar leans on the ropes. Atlas charges and Escobar sends him over the top rope. Santos tries to distract the ref as Legado have a black pipe at ringside. They try to use it but Atlas takes them down and threatens to hit them with the pipe! Atlas goes back after Escobar, taking him down before sending him out the ring. Escobar lands hard and rallies with his Legado cohorts as we go to break!
We return from the break and find out that Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza hae just been banned from the ringside area! The ref's had enough of them for the night. In the ring, Atlas pulls himself up in a corner. Escobar drops him with a stiff kick to the back of Atlas' knee. Escobar stomps away at Atlas before hitting a splash. Escobar sends Jake into the opposite corner and follows in, hitting a running double knee strike. Escobar sits Jake up on the top turnbuckle and executes a beautiful Frankensteiner that sends Atlas flying. Escobar immediately goes back up and nails a beautiful frog splash, but can only pick up two. A frustrated Escobar pulls Atlas up and sends him into the ropes, but Atlas begins fighting back with a hip toss and a dropkick. Atlas with a big superkick and gets a close two. Atlas straddles Escobar and rains rights down on the Cruiserweight champ. Atlas pulls the champ to his feet and locks an arm with him, then slaps Escobar's chest twice. Atlas runs up the ropes, holding on to Escobar's arm (think: Taker's Old School) but Escobar shoves Atlas off the top rope! Atlas flies off the ropes and land against the announcer's table. Escobar heads outside and pulls up the broken remains of Atlas, whipping him into the steel steps. The ref continues to count; at 5, Escobar sends Atlas' face into the steel steps before climbing back in. The ref counts to 8 before Atlas hops up on the apron and hits a jawbreaker that sends the champ reeling and out the other side of the ring. Atlas runs across and attempts a suicide corkscrew but mostly misses Escobar--but the finger of doom connects and Escobar is sent down! Both men take it back inside. Atlas with a close roll-up; Escobar takes control, nails a dropkick, and gets a close two count!
Atlas hits a rolling forward DVD and a standing drop, covering for a close two. Atlas climbs up the turnbuckle and goes for the cartwheel DDT but Escobar blocks it. Escobar hits his Fantasma driver and picks up the win!
Your Winner and STILL NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Santos Escobar!
After the match we're treated to Dexter Lumis drawing backstage, and Raquel Gonzalez walking down a hall as we go to break!

Previously on NXT: Candice LeRae/Shotzi Blackheart

We're treated to clips of Candice LeRae destroying Shotzi's tank that she rides to the ring. Shotzi speaks over this, telling Candice that the tank was more than just something rode in, it's part of her. She ties it into her military family and promises she doesn't just want to get even, she wants payback.

Match: Raquel Gonzaelz vs Xia Li

We're told that Xia Li asked for this match last week, as she's been "out of sorts" per Wade Barrett. Beth Phoenix comments that Raquel does not look happy. Raquel posts up in the ring, awaiting Xia but instead, Boa makes his wy to the ring. "Xia's not here tonight. You can't have a match with Xia, I'm really sorry," he tells Raquel. As he tries to leave the ring, Gonzalez runs over and kicks Boa in the face. She heads out the ring and begins to throw him into the barricade, yelling at him as she punches him in the neck. She throws him into the apron, then tosses him up and into the chainlink surrounding the barricade. Gonzalez takes Boa into the ring and two-handed chokeslams him. She stands over his form, yelling "everybody better get my name out of their mouth. You hear me? Get my name out of your mouth!" Boa rolls around in the ring as Raquel leaves. Suddenly, the lights go down and we see an animated dragon on the LED surrounding the ring, and red light cuts around. Boa climbs outside to the ramp and sees an older, balding gentleman. Boa bows repeatedly to this man, who walks down the ramp and draws a symbol on Boa's hand with some kind of dark ink. Boa bows low again, and the man bows to Boa before leaving. Boa looks at his hand as we go to break.
Your Winner by No-Show, Raquel Gonzalez!

Backstage w/ Timothy Thatcher

Timothy Thatcher attacks his former student (couldn't catch his name), locking him in a neck hold and beating him briefly. Thatcher turns around and sees Dexter Lumis, staring at him coldly before Regal sent Thatcher out of the area.

Match: Toni Storm vs Candice LeRae

Toni Storm comes out first. Candice comes out next, wearing butterfly wings and rolling her eyes at Toni Storm. We get a picture in picture that shows Candice talking, earlier today, about destroying Shotzi's tank before mocking that "punk rock poser Storm." The bell rings and here we go!
Candice starts things by locking Storm in a side headlock. After a few moments, Storm uses her hips and pivots, sending Candice down and locking in a headlock of her own. Both women struggle to their feet and jockey for position. Storm twists LeRae's arm and refuses to leg to as Candice tries flipping free, running around the ring, any which way but loose. Storm drags LeRae down and twists the arm more. Both women get up to their feet, the arm locked still. LeRae twists Storm's arm, attempting to take control but Storm doesn't allow it. Both men spend about two minutes briefly exchanging the lead while keeping their arms locked up. Both use rolls and flips as they attempt to break it. LeRae and Storm both go for a quick pin attempt. LeRae separates and takes it to Storm with several punches before locking in yet another side headlock. The pace slows, once again, until LeRae attempts to suplex Storm. Storm locks on the brakes, twice, before suplexing LeRae herself. Storm with a running low basement drop kick, then a big chop and a running big boot that flattens LeRae and sends her rolling to the outside! Storm comes after LeRae, but Candice sends Storm into the steps! We go to picture-in-picture commercial break.
During the break, LeRae focuses on wearing down Storm. LeRae takes Storm to a corner and hits a running rear splash/hip attack. LeRae drags Storm across the ropes and puts her in another corner. Again, LeRae goes in for a rear splash. This time, Storm dodges, bounces off the ropes and takes LeRae down with a dropkick! LeRae quickly takes control yet again, and hits a snapmare followed by a rear chinlock in the middle of the ring. Storm struggles for an entire Land Rover commercial before gaining some separation. Storm crawls across the ring and grabs the bottom ropes. LeRae slowly stalks around the ring, kicking and punching Storm. Snapmare by LeRae and another attempted cover. LeRae slaps another rear chinlock on Storm. Storm begins to power up to her feet, and throws right elbows into LeRae's midsection! Storm with a scoop slam and a cover, getting a close two! Again, LeRae takes control and, again, she locks in the rear chinlock. LeRae hits a backstabber on Storm as we return from break!
Storm hits a desperation dropkick, and both women go down. The ref begins to count to ten, but both women are up at seven. They take turns exchanging blows, and Storm hits a quick release German suplex. Storm runs off the ropes and hits a basement clothesline, then another, followed up with a bridging suplex pin for a two! Storm climbs up the ropes a little too-slow, and LeRae is up to her feet and there to punch Storm. LeRae attempts to climb up and hit a top rope maneuver, but Storm sends LeRae flying off! Storm dives off, connecting, but LeRae rolls it into a roll-up pin attempt for a close two! LeRae is frustrated and goes for a leg submission, but Storm shoves her back. LeRae rolls Storm up and puts her feet up on the second rope, stealing the win as the ref didn't see it!
Your Winner, Candice LeRae!

After the Match: Chaos Ensues!

Storm is pissed that the ref didn't see LeRae cheating, so she begins to attack LeRae! The "Ghostface" scream costumed dude runs in and attacks Storm. Shotzi Blackheart hits the ring to help Storm, but "Ghostface" and LeRae beat her down. Finally, "Ghostface" unmasks and its Indi Hartwell under there!

Backstage Promo: Breezango

Breezango are backstage, commenting on the fact that it took them five years to get tag team gold. They dis Pat McAfee and say he's not a wrestler, then they promise tonight they'll be two-time NXT champions. We go to break.

Match: Timothy Thatcher vs Dexter Lumis

Thatcher comes out, angry and fired up. Lumis calmly walks to the ring, slides into the ring and slithers across it. He stares at the audience before fixing that stone-cold stare on Thatcher. The ref calls for the bell and we're off--Dexter Lumis immediately hits the Lou Thesz Press on Thatcher! Timothy tries to fire back but eats a right from Dexter that sends Thatcher out of the ring!
Thatcher gets in the ring and goes for Lumis' ankle as Wade Barrett reminds us that Thatcher's the one who hurt Lumis' ankle months ago, costing Lumis a shot for the North American title, and then ask Beth Phoenix if ankle injuries every really heal? (Spoiler: they do). Thatcher slows the pace, working on Lumis' ankle. Whenever the ref forces a break, Thatcher drops a hard right knee into Lumis' ribs. Lumis makes it to his feet and throws a fist to Thatcher's midsection. Thatcher counters with a belly-to-belly toss...but Lumis pops up on his hands and slithers around the ring, staring at a shocked Thatcher! Thatcher locks up and both men grapple close, like boxers, pushing against the rope as the ref warns them to break it up. Thatcher hits a sucker punch, then takes Lumis down and goes to work on that right ankle again. Thatcher locks in the single toe hold and converts it into a neck lock, then converts that into a rear arm hold, and converts that into a bow-and-arrow submission! Lumis won't tap!
Lumis snaps and punches Thatcher off of him, then continues to throw punches into Thatcher, beating him into the corner! Lumis shoves Thatcher back against the ropes and hits a wicked Spinebuster immediately, flooring Thatcher! Lumis grabs his right arm, shaking some life into it. We get replays and see where Lumis' hand bent awkwardly under Thatcher as he hit that vicious Spinebuster earlier. Lumis hits a dropkick that sends Thatcher outside, then shakes his arm. The ref checks on Lumis, who shakes his hand and goes outside. Thatcher briefly takes control as both men slug it out on the outside, and sends Lumis shoulder-first into the ringpost. Lumis is shaking his right arm and hitting it, trying to get some feeling in it, unaware Thatcher is sneaking up behind him...and we go to commercial break!
We're back from the break. Timothy Thatcher is in complete control, and has slowed the pace to a crawl by away of arm holds and working holds, all of which target the injured right arm of Dexter Lumis. Thatcher shows off his excellent catch-wrestling skills, never releasing his hold on Lumis even as he pins and repositions his own body. Lumis throws a fist, but Thatcher stomps on Lumis' face. Thatcher pulls Lumis up and locks Lumis up for a butterfly suplex, but Lumis puts on the brakes, counters with a back suplex, kips up and converts that into a leg drop! Impressive!! Lumis throws a right, and another right, and now an Undertaker-style uppercut! Lumis clotheslines Thatcher in the corner and follows it up with a bulldog to the middle of the ring! Lumis climbs the turnbuckles, but Thatcher is up fast and stops his momentum with a European uppercut. Thatcher and Lumis begin to trade punches, both men battling for control. Thatcher attempts a superplex but Lumis shoves Thatcher off! Thatcher is up fast and runs up the turnbuckles, but Lumis locks him in a standing headlock on the top rope! Lumis sends Thatcher off and dives, hitting a senton off the top! Lumis rips off his shirt as the Capitol Wrestling Center starts "NXT! NXT!" chants! Lumis goes for Thatcher, but Cameron Grimes shows up on the apron! Thatcher sends Lumis into Grimes, then locks in an arm bar and gets the win over Lumis!
Your Winner, Timothy Thatcher!

After the Match: Lumis/Grimes

Grimes gets in the ring and immediately attacks Lumis. Lumis takes Grimes down, but Grimes takes control and sends Lumis down to the mat. Grimes pulls a canvas sack over Lumis' head (think: Friday the 13th Part II's Jason sack-mask). Grimes beats Lumis at ringside and yells "look me in my eyes" even as he keeps the sack over Lumis' head. Lumis with a wild swing with a steel chair but misses. Grimes takes Lumis down and sets up the chair, then sits him in the chair, before running and hitting the Cave In on Lumis! Grimes taunts him as we head to the back.

Backstage w/ Johnny Gargano & GM William Regal

Gargano calmly talks to Regal, pointing out that he took Regal's advise to be calm. Gargano tries to plead Regal to throw the match against Leon Ruff out. Regal tells Gargano that it was Gargano's idea in the first place. Gargano repeats that it's a joke, and insists it be thrown out as he rigged the wheel. Regal says that irregardless of all that, the match stands and Leon Ruff is the North American Champion. We go to break!

Backstage Promo: Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa reflects on being trained by Killer Kowolski, and points out that guys in his generation didn't need to talk about what they did--they just did it. But the locker room nowadays is full of people who complain and get rewarded; "Bark loud enough and for long enough and people begin to fear your bite. Actions without consequences. I don't know. Maybe...maybe I'm a bit old school. Hell, I never thought I'd be the last of a dying breed. But I toldya two weeks ago, and I'll tell you again...this culture, this 20/20 culture, is going to change. And Tommaso Ciampa is that change." He gets up and we cut back to the ring.

Video Package: Rhea Ripley & Io Shirai

We get a video package featuring snippets of interviews with Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai. Ripley laments losing her title at WrestleMania, an event she was excited to attend at the young age of 23. We see Flair forcing Ripley to tap out. We also see when io Shirai won the title two months ago, and she cuts a promo in Japanese essentially saying that she doesn't look back, just towards the future, and that every opponent has realized that she stops their momentum. She claims to have defeated the best. She promises to defeat Rhea, too. It is announced that Io Shirai defends her NXT Women's Championship against Rhea Ripley next week on NXT!

In the Ring: Pat McAfee

Pat makes his way to the ring with the "Kings of NXT"--the NXT Tag Team Champions, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch and Pete Dunne. We see stills of Killian Dain being attacked viciously by Pete Dunne last week before cutting back to the ring. Pat gets on the mic and tells us that we need to recognize that Pete Dunne has been absolutely destroying people lately. He says Pete Dunne killed Killian Dain. Pat says that while flying on his private plan to this "hell hole, Orlando" he found out his business is worth $150 million and calls the Kings of NXT the greatest tag team on the planet. He tells us that he's going to go call guest commentary next to "that loser Vic Joseph and Bad News Barrett." He climbs out of the ring and heads to commentary as we head to commercials. Up Next: our main event match! Watch his segment if you can, he's one of the best on the mic and I don't do what he says justice.

Backstage w/ Cameron Grimes

An unknown, off-camera interviewer asks Grimes if he's worried about repercussions of his actions (he attacked Dexter Lumis earlier). Grimes laughs and says he's not afraid of zombie referees or Lumis, and brags about hitting the Cave In on him. He walks off laughing.

Next Week: Finn Balor, NXT Women's Championship

We're told that Finn Balor will address the NXT Championship situation next week on NXT. Also, Io Shirai will defend her title against Rhea Ripley next week, too.

NXT Tag Team Championship Main Event Match: The Kings of NXT (Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan) vs Breezango

Burch & Orcan are already in the ring, with Pat McAfee on guest commentary and his guard Pete Dunne with him. Breezango makes their way out and our official announcements are made! Time to get the main event started! As soon as the bell rings, both teams collide. Breezango and Lorcan battle on one side of the ring as Tyler Breeze and Burch spar along the other. Breeze hits a slingshot, sending Burch face-first into the chain link fence! Fandango backdrops Lorcan, then moves into the ring. Breeze sends Burch into the ring, and Fandango stomps and pummels Burch in the Breezango corner. Breeze is tagged in and kicks Burch. Fandango uses the ref's five count to stomp away at Burch before exiting to the apron. Breeze hits a snap suplex and covers but doesn't get a one. Burch locks a side headlock on Breeze and drags him over to tag in Oney Lorcan. Lorcan and Breeze lock up, and Breeze backs Lorcan into the corner. Fandango tags in and takes Lorcan down with a hard right, then a spinning back elbow to the face. Fandango pursues Lorcan into the corner and attempts a suplex, but Lorcan blocks it and kicks the knee out from Fandango. Lorcan tags in Burch, who attempts to slam Fandango's face into the turnbuckle. Fandango blocks it and fires back with chops, then hangs Burch up over the top rope. Breeze is tagged in and Burch is knocked to the floor. Breeze sets Burch up for a suplex but Lorcan charges over. Breeze side-steps and Fandango and Lorcan collide. Breeze sends Burch into the announcer's table, apparently hitting McAfee in the face. Dunne stands by close, menacingly, as we go to picture-in-picture break.
During the break, Burch takes control. He takes Tyler Breeze down with a strong right and runs over to smack Fandango off the apron. Burch takes Breeze into his corner and drops knees to Breeze's face, then tags in Lorcan. Lorcan locks a Texas Cloverleaf on Tyler Breeze right in the middle of the ring. Pat McAfee and Pete Dunne are now standing next to the ring, cheering on their "Kings of NXT" cohorts. Breeze hits another slingshot, sending Burch into the turnbuckle. Tyler Breeze makes the hot tag as does Burch. Fandango comes in hot, unloading on Burch and Lorcan! Back drop by Fandango, then a suplex, a series of chops and a massively vicious clothesline that sends Lorcan spinning through the air! Fandango covers for one, two...no! Burch makes the save! Breeze superkicks Burch out of the ring--Vic Joseph says "Breeze about superkicked that tan off Danny Burch"--and dives out, but Burch moves. Pat McAfee yells at the downed Breeze, calling him stupid. Fandango hits a tope con giro over the top rope and taking out the Kings of NXT at ringside! Fandango and Lorcan struggle in the ring, sitting up on the turnbuckle. Pat McAfee tries to distract the ref as Fandango has him covered up!
Drake Maverick hits the ring, using the same distraction to the ref to hit a step up face kick to Lorcan! Fandango suplexes him off and attempts a cover, almost getting the win! Pete Dunne and Pat McAfee attack Drake at ringside. Danny Burch makes a blind tag, and Fandango isn't aware as he continues to slug it out with Lorcan. Burch attacks him from behind and they hit their double-team finisher, a double spinning suplex of sorts (think: Cross Rhodes, with an extra man assisting). Burch picks up the pin for the win!
Your Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan!

After the Match: Chaos Reigns

As the Kings of NXT pose in the ring, Drake Maverick goes up top behind them and dives on to them! The group spill out ringside and begin to brawl with Maverick and Fandango. Breeze is down. Pat cheers his men on as they have the numbers, and send Fandango into the announcer's table. Pat has his men restrain Tyler Breeze over the announcer's table now, the three men holding his arms and legs. Pat McAfee lines it up then charges forward and hits an NFL punt kick to Tyler Breeze's face! McAfee tags the cameraman's arm and turns the camera on them. He calls his Kings of NXT the greatest in wrestling history. He yells "you suck, you suck!" to his downed opponents, salutes the camera and says "cheers!"

In Closing

Very strong end to our program tonight! I highly recommend watching the main event, the Pat McAfee segment, and the Thatcher/Lumis match. Everyone stay safe out there and I'll see you all back here, this Friday...the 13th...chih chih chih chih...chah chah chah chah

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