WWE NXT Live Results (11/18/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome back to Rajah.com's NXT Live Results! This is Stevie Wayne Mike Hogan, on top of the world tonight and I'll be here with you all night long! (Bonus points if you get the reference) Our NXt Preview is out and mama mia, have we got a show for you! Don't Forget, right after NXT, USA will air a Undertaker 30 year special.

Io Shirai will defend her NXT Women's Championship against Rhea Ripley in what should be a TakeOver-caliber match. Will "the Nightmare" Rhea Riple become a two-time women's champion, or will the Genius of the Sky fly high and cruise to another victory? NXT Champion Finn Bálor will make his first appearance since TakeOver 31, in which he suffered a broken jaw in a successful defense against Kyle O'Reilly. In our second title match of the night, Leon Ruff will defend his newly-won North American Championship against the man he shocked NXT by defeating last week, Johnny Gargano! Will Gargano reclaim his title or will Leon get rough and retain? We'll also get a women's tag match as Ember Moon & Toni Storm team up against Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez. Will Ember and Toni get a cool tag name? I'd like to volunteer MoonStorm. Last but never least, Cameron Grimes willt ake on Dexter Lumis in a Blindfold Match! Will Lumis show Grimes the light, or will Cameron leave Dexter out dark?

All this and more, tonight on NXT!

WWE NXT Live Results (11/18/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Show Opener

The Black and Gold brand is live inside the Capital Wrestling Center as Vic Joseph welcomes us and informs us that we're set for the first of two championship matches, starting now!

North American Championship Match: Leon Ruff(c) vs Johnny Gargano

The announcer is set up in the ring and announces the North American Champion, Leon Ruff, who makes his way out first. He yells that he's the champion and poses as we get a quick clip from last week, when Gargano rigged a "wheel of challengers" so that it landed on Ruff--whom Gargano expected to defeat easily. Ruff's only been wrestling for three years and pulled the huge upset. Gargano angrily demands they cut showing the video package. He yells at Leon in the ring and calls Leon Ruff a joke, and says "tonight...the joke's over." He says that tonight, the title comes home to Casa Gargano, then sucker punches Ruff! Leon separates them and calls for the bell.
Gargano takes it straight to Leon, roughly throwing his shoulder into Leon's midsection in the corner. Gargano hits the hard Irish Whip that propels Ruff across the ring, into the turnbuckle and bounces him off. Gargano pulls Ruff to his feet and roughly chops Leon across the chest once, twice, thrice! The ref warns Johnny. Gargano hits a right fist, then another chop before walking off to gloat arrogantly. Ruff takes advantage of it and fires out of the corner with a series of rights. Gargano attempts to stop his offense but Ruff goes outside the ring and begins a sequence in which he springboards into the ring, bounces his legs off one set of ropes then the other but botches the move. Gargano pulls him up and whips him into the corner. This time, Ruff nails the sequence perfectly, ending it with a Hurricanrana that sends Gargano outside the ring! Ruff runs at and up the corner then dives off, nailing Gargano outside the ring! Ruff goes into the ring and allows Gargano in. Gargano goes for the Crucifix but Ruff escapes, only to eat a vicious clothesline that flattens Ruff and gives Gargano the advantage.
Gargano picks up Ruff and executes the lawn dart, then hits a second. He yells at Ruff, "you wanna quit?" Gargano posts up in the corner, waving for Ruff to get up. Gargano waits and watches as Ruff gets to his knees and--is interrupted as Damian Priest appears up the ramp, distracting Gargano! Ruff takes advantage and takes Gargano down. Ruff goes up top and dives for a torpedo senton, but Gargano moves! Gargano follows up with a superkick that reels the champion, then nails a powerbomb. Gargano goes out to the apron and springboards over, hitting the One Final Beat DDT! He covers but only gets a two. Ruff escapes the ring. Priest has made his way down the ramp, says "I'm sorry, kid," then punches Ruff!
Your Winner by DQ and STILL North American Champion, Leon Ruff!

After the Match

Damian Priest grabs the belt from the ref and helps Leon Ruff up to his feet, partially dragging the incoherent North American Champion up the ramp and laughing at Johnny Gargano.

Backstage Promo: Cameron Grimes

Cameron Grimes tells us that he's a rocket ship and after he wins the blindfold match tonight, he's going toooooooooooo the moon. We head to break.

Blindfold Match: Dexter Lumis vs Cameron Grimes

We return from break and get a quick plug for the Women's Championship match later tonight. Grimes comes out first, doing his usual schtick. Dexter Lumis is out next and makes his way to the ring. Cameron Grimes yells about Lumis, all while covering his eyes. He yells about Lumis putting his blindfold on. Note: the blindfolds are black sacks. Grimes tries to take his blindfold off but the ref chastises him. He peeks out from under his sack and runs, leaping through the air...and completely missing Lumis. Lumis stands absolutely still, staying in the same place. Grimes tries to find him and runs around the ring and into a ring post; he launches himself in the air again. He takes a swipe at the referee, unintentionally, and falls down. The crowd at ringside begin to yell directions to him. The ref has to doge him several times. The crowd uses "yay" and "boo" to direct him around. Finally, Grimes thinks he has Lumis..and takes the ref down with a right. Grimes begins to stomp a mudhole into the ref and kicks the ever lovin' tar out of him. He finally pulls off his sack and yells "woo!" He looks down and sees that the ref is down.
Grimes puts a finger to his lips and tries to sneak up on Lumis. Grimes launches himself, but Lumis hears him coming and ducks. Again, Grimes goes for Lumis and again, Lumis avoids it. Grimes tries for a running neckbreaker but only manages to pull off Lumis' blindfold! Lumis takes it to Grimes, tossing him around the ring. Grimes tries to mount some offense but Lumis shuts it down. Grimes is sent to the outside, and Michael Myers Dexter Lumis stalks him, slowly, around the ring. Lumis gives Grimes time to crawl but as soon as Grimes stands, Lumis repeatedly throws him into the chainlink fence barricade, all around the ring. Grimes tries to escape up the ramp but Lumis catches him and whips him so hard that Grimes flies up into the fence along the barricade, and rolls over the top of it. Grimes runs off, leaving Lumis behind. So...
Your Winner by Cowardly Fleeing Grimes, Dexter Lumis!

Backstage w/ William Regal, Damian Priest & Leon Ruff

Regal is talking to Priest about interfering with the North American Championship match. Priest tells Regal that even Regal has to be tired of seeing Johnny Gargano out there every week. Leon Ruff comes up. Priest tries to explain that he didn't want "the kid" to lose. Ruff nods his head, understandingly, then sucker punches Priest as payback for Priest sucker punching him earlier. We go to break.

Video Package: Shotzi Blackheart

To the tune of Sabbath's "War Pigs" Shotzi talks about rebuilding things that were torn down. We see her using power tools and telling Candice that they're going to war. We then get a card, announcing NXT TakeOver: War Games, coming soon!

Women's Tag Team Match: Indi Hartwell & Candice LeRae vs Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter

Indi and Candice come out together, and their opponents are already out and ready to rock. The bell rings and the match starts off at a fast temp. Quick tags dominate the beginning of the match as both teams utilize them, with Kacy and Kayden hitting a double team maneuver for a quick two. Kacy Catanzaro hits a headscissors that flips Indi across the ring. Candice tags in and takes Kacy down by the leg, and attempts a quick cover. The crowd gets behind Kacy Catanzaro as she tries to reach her opponent. Candice whips Kacy into the heel corner, then taunts Kayden Carter. Candice tags in Indi Hartwell, who puts the boots to Kacy, stomping away in the corner. Indi whips Kacy hard into the corner barely a yard away, and the impact flattens Kacy. Indi sends Kacy into the ropes and hits a side slam, covering for a two. Indi tags in Candice.
Candice scoop slams Kacy. Candice's hubris gets the best of her, and Kacy escapes. Kayden comes in off the hot tag and hits a move Vic called "almost a flatliner" that flattens Candice. Kayden takes out Indi, knocking her off the apron. Indi and Kacy are both down on the ramp-side of the ring. Kayden slips up and Candice hits a brain buster. Kacy tries to get into the ring to help her teammate, but Indi takes Kacy out at ringside. Candice hits the Wicked Stepsister (pulls her opponent's arms back while they're knelt, puts her own foot against their back and basically stomps them chest-first into the mat). Candice covers and picks up the win.
Your Winners, the team of Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell!

Match: Kushida vs Hoohass

Marty McFly makes his way out to the ring as Vic Joseph and Beth Phoenix build how technical a match this should be. Kushida poses and does his McFly entrance before readying up. The ref calls for the bell and Kushida immediately goes for the legs but misses. Both men perform move and counter move, showcasing their grappling skills as they continue to counter one another in an effort to ground the other man. Kushida avoids a standing Kimura before being taken down with a back drop. We're reminded by McKenzie in an audio update that we still have yet to hear from the NXT Champion, but will later tonight. Hoohas (and I'm sure I'm butchering that name, I'll update it when I see it written out) takes control briefly. Both men swap multiple submission attempts. Kushida locks in a Kumira lock and holds it in for half a minute. Kushida breaks it but holds on, pulling the leg and slapping in a leg submission that he turned into a sudden pin attempt. Very good match, worth watching!
Your Winner, Kushida!

Backstage Interview: Ember Moon & Toni Storm

Ember and Toni are asked about their match with Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai. Ember says she's tired of Kai and Gonzalez interfering. Ember then adds that she's excited to team with her girl, Toni Storm, and does a little jig. Toni Storm tells Ember that she's glad to team up, but Ember needs to remember that they both want the NXT Women's Championship and will buttheads at some point. Ember says not to worry about anything past tonight, and they'll settle that issue when the time comes. They both head off and we head to break. Their match is next!

Women's Tag Team Match: Ember Moon & Toni Storm vs Raquel Diaz & Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez are out first. The arena goes black and Ember Moon's wicked new Matrix-ish entrance hits, completely with green lighting and lasers and such. Pretty nifty. She waits up the ramp, talking smack to her two opponents in the ring as Toni Storm makes her way out, wearing her backwards ball cap and sunshades. The crowd cheers loudly for her. Storm marches down to Moon, and both women remove their vests and run to the ring--only to stop as their opponents charge at them and the ref forces space. It takes a minute for the ref to keep Raquel & Kai back so that Storm & Moon can enter. The bell rings. We've got Raquel Gonzalez and Toni Storm starting things off.
Raquel slams Storm down. Storm charges Raquel and bounces off. Raquel tags Dakota Kai then hard Irish Whips Storm into the corner as Kai comes in, runs across the ring and rebounds back. She nails Storm in the face and goes for a quick cover. Kai uses strikes to down Storm in the middle of the ring and attempts another cover. Storm finally mounts some offense, hitting a basement dropkick and a snap suplex followed by a cover attempt. Kai throws punches from the mat and gains her footing as she drops Storm down. Kai rebounds off the ropes, looking for a soccer kick on the seated Storm. Storm catches the leg and drops her, tagging in Ember Moon. Ember and Storm clean house as Raquel comes in and we go to a picture in picture break. Gonzalez and Kai are down at ringside. Ember Moon is now legal, and goes outside. She sends Kai in and works her over. Storm tags in and continues to keep Kai isolated, using big rights and a pair of European uppercuts to keep Kai down. Storm attempts to cover but Raquel comes in to break it up. Storm with another snap suplex and pinfall attempt on Kai, but only gets two. Raquel is reaching for her partner, desperate to get in the match. Storm pulls Kai up; Kai steps back and leans forward, kicking over her back and head to stun Storm. Kai tags in Raquel, who immediately showcases her power. Raquel hits a spinning powerslam, and locks in a power submission--a rear chin lock--on a seated Storm. Raquel continues to dominate for the remainder of the commercial break, alternating pin attempts and wear-down power submissions on Storm as Ember watches helplessly from their corner.
Gonzalez is now jawing at Storm, taking her time and showing off. Raquel sends Storm into the ropes and immediately chops her down. Again she sends her into the ropes but Storm counters with a headscissors and tags in Moon! Moon comes in with a big kick to the midsection, then a strong forearm that stuns Raquel. Moon runs over and hits a forearm on Kai, knocking her off the apron! Moon takes down Gonazalez and hits a standing senton, followed by a stiff kick. Raquel tries to fight back but Moon floors her and covers. Kai slides in the ring to pull Moon off and save the match. Moon heads outside and chases Kai around the ring, running into a big boot from Raquel who used the distraction to exit the ring. The ref is counting as Gonzalez faceplants moon before sending her into the ring. Gonzalez gets a close two count. Raquel pulls Ember up and puts her over her right shoulder, bending Moon's back across Raquel's shoulder and bag. Moon tries to power an arm free but Raquel flips Moon over her back. Moon lands on her feet and sends Raquel to the outside. Raquel runs around the ring fast, sliding in and slamming Moon down with a beautiful running shove, covering for two. Raquel sends Moon into the heel corner and tags in Dakota Kai. Kai with a running slam. Moon tags in Storm and Toni comes in hot, clotheslining Kai then hitting a German Suplex. Storm hits a second German Suplex. Kai tries to fight back but Storm hits a third German Suplex! Kai rolls to a corner but Storm runs in with a kick. Storm covers, but Raquel enters and kicks Storm off. Moon comes in and hits a tornado DDT to take out Raquel, who rolls to the outside. Kai runs over and hits a superkick that sends Moon to the outside. Storm and Kai charge each other, both laying each other out with clotheslines! Both women regain their footing at the same time. They exchange fists. Kai sends Storm into the corner and attempts her version of the Helluva kick, but Storm counters. Kai tries to send Storm over the top rope, but Storm lands on her feet on the apron! Kai distracts the ref and Gonzalez sends Storm into the ring post! Moon sees it and charges across the room, hitting a suicide dive on Raquel outside the ring! Storm rolls up Kai and picks up the win!
Your Winners, Ember Moon & Toni Storm!

After the Match: Ambush!

Moon & Storm are celebrating at the foot of the ramp when Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell run down, attacking the victors from behind! They beat them into the ring, and Raquel takes them out with a big chokeslam. Vic Joseph teases that these four women may be in a WarGames match.

Outside the Arena

Pat McAfee arrives with his entourage and we go to break.

Match: Timothy Thatcher vs August Gray

Both men are in the ring when we return, and start with slugging it out. Gray and Thatcher both lock up and attempt submissions. We're told that Gray is a former student of Thatcher. Thatcher takes control, and utilizes the usual wear-down moves to slow the pace. Thatcher stomps Gray in the corner, then locks in a Hammerlock against the ropes and hits a vicious shot to Gray's ribs. Again, Thatcher locks in a Hammerlock and hits a butterfly suplex, followed by a snap suplex. Thatcher attempts a cover but Gray kicks out. Thatcher pulls Gray up and hits a European uppercut and a forearm. Gray starts to fight back with fists but an uppercut from Thatcher stops him and floors him. Thatcher kneels on Gray's face and locks wrists with Gray. Gray's attempting to power out of it, so Thatcher punches him in the ribs. Gray and Thatcher are both up. Gray fights out of the corner, but Thatcher drops him and locks an Achilles lock on the prone Gray. Gray fights like a tiger, kicking and punching until he's out of it. Gray lands a flurry of fists onto Thatcher. Thatcher sends Gray over the ropes and onto the apron. Gray counters a strike and hits an apron superkick! Gray goes up top but Thatcher sends him to the mat. Thatcher with a quick slam then an unusual neck submission, and Gray taps immediately. Thatcher kneels over his fallen, former student and yells at him that another lesson of Thatcher's Camp is "don't pick a fight with someone you can't beat!"
Your Winner by Submission, Timothy Thatcher!

After the Match: Daddy's Home

Timothy Thatcher pulls up Austin Gray and locks in a necklock when we hear the all-too-familiar heart beat announcing that Daddy's Home! Tommaso Ciampa struts his way down the ramp and into the ring. Thatcher yells "I've got no problem with you! I've got no problem with you!" as Ciampa stares him down. Thatcher backs out of the ring, and heads around the ring as Ciampa smiles and stares at Thatcher, walking him leave. We're told that Damian Priest will have a match, next, after these commercials!

Backstage w/ Mackenzie & Tommaso Ciampa

Mackenzie asks Ciampa what statement was he trying to make with his actions earlier. Ciampa says "I think I made it very obvious. I want to fight Thatcher." He then walks off and wins the award for the most irrelevant interview in WWE history.

Match: Damian Priest vs ....?

Priest makes his way out and as the announcer says his name, Johnny Gargano blindsides him from out of nowhere! Gargano sends Priest into the ring and Priest fights back, slugging it out with Gargano. Priest throws Gargano into the corner and wails away on him. Gargano attempts to mount some offense but Priest sends him reeling to the outside. Priest sends Gargano face-first into the announcer's table, then pulls the top off and slams Gargano on it. Priest punches away at Gargano. Gargano, desperate, lashes out at Priest to get some separation. Both men exchange kicks. Priest sends Gargano into the ring and takes Vic Joseph's steel chair. From out of nowhere, Leon Ruff comes in and takes down Priest on the apron! Ruff hits a superkick on Gargano. Priest comes in and stares down Ruff, who backs up. Priest goes for a big boot but Ruff ducks it and Priest gets his foot caught on the rope. Priest is sent to the ringside floor. Gargano charges Ruff, who sends Gargano out the ropes and to the floor. Ruff holds his title up and smiles...until he realizes Priest and Gargano are both on their feet and staring him down. He flees up the ramp as they enter the ring. Both men stare at Ruff as his music plays him off, smiles on his face. Priest sends Gargano out of the ring and both men stare at each other. Gargano checks his mouth for blood, talks smack to Priest and we decide it's a great time to show off the blue suits Wade Barret and Vic Joseph are wearing. So...
No Contest

Special Guest Announcer for Next Week

As both announcers talk about the chaos at ringside, Wade Barret informs us that he won't be around next week so he's called in a favor with Kevin Owens. KO will be our special guest announcer/commentator next week!

Last Night: Regal & Boa

We're shown footage last night of Regal, who knocks on Boa's door. He tells Boa that Boa's not been to the Performance Center in weeks. Boa cryptically says something about "She's coming" and acts scared. Regal asks him if he means XIa Li, but Boa shakes his head. Weird segment.

During the Commercial

William Regal confronts Leon Ruff backstage and asks him what he thinks he's doing. Ruff says he'll take on "both of them" (meaning, Priest & Gargano). He storms off.

NXT Women's Championship Main Event Match: Io Shirai(c) vs Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley makes her way to the ring first, a former 238-day NXT Women's Champion. She was the first person from NXT to represent the black and gold brand at WrestleMania, when she battled Charlotte Flair. Out next is our champion, Io Shirai. The announcements are made and the ref attempts to hold the belt up, but both women paw at it before he does. The set up, the bell rings, and we're off!
Ripley and Shirai grapple up, with Rhea dropping the champ with a quick snapmare. Rhea begins to talk smack to Io as they circle each other. Shirai kicks the knee out from "the Nightmare." Both women counter each other for a few moments before Shirai takes the first lead. Shirai chops Rhea in the corner a few times. Shirai charges the turnbuckle but her foot slips as hse tries to run up. Rhea improvises and slams Shirai down, then whips her into the ropes and takes her down with a back elbow. Shirai counters an attempted grapple with a beautiful kick that knocks Rhea out of the ring. Shirai runs off the far ropes and charges in, attempting to hit a basement sliding kick. Rhea counters, then yanks Shirai out and drops her on the floor as we go to a picture-in-picture break!
During the break Rhea takes control. She sends Shirai hard into the corner, and the ref chekcs on her as she remains seated on the bottom rope. Rhea paces around the ring, then comes over and hits Shirai in the gut. The ref warns her back and checks on Shirai. Shirai follows the ropes out of the corner and as Rhea approaches, the ref keeps her back. Shirai collapses and sits on the bottom rope. The camera cuts off her as Rhea goes to a ring post and stands up top. The ref holds up the x and continues to kneel over Shirai. Rhea buys time, pacing the ring and yelling at the audience in attendance, selling a good heel role to buy the ref and Shirai time. For nearly the entire three minute commercial break, this is going on. The camera continues to zoom in on Rhea. Rhea sits up on the top turnbuckle, using heel tactics as yelling and gesturing for Shirai to get up. Shirai gets to one knee as the ref warns Rhea back. Looks like Shirai may be okay, or working through an injury, as she comes over to Rhea and punches her twice. Ripley quickly drops Shirai and locks in a rear leg waist lock as we return from break. We get a replay showing that before the commercial break, Rhea had Shirai up in the Electric Chair and dropped Shirai face-first on the apron. Shirai hit her face and chin hard, and even Rhea grimaced at the move.
Rhea remains in control. Shirai attempts a roll-up but Ripley rolls it through into a big brainbuster suplex. We see picture-in-picture as Finn Balor is arriving. Rhea locks in an abdominal stretch on a seated Shirai, putting pressure on Shirai's ribs and slowing her down. Shirai gets to her feet and throws two rights across her body to break the hold. Rhea sends Shirai into the corner and sits Shirai up on the top turnbuckle. Rhea with a big right to the face. Rhea climbs the middle ropes and pulls Io up to the top rope, setting up for a superplex. Shirai slips down and between Rhea's legs. Shirai runs up and hits a snap release German Suplex on Rhea, sending her flying off the middle rope in an excellent spot! Ripley lands hard on the back of her head. Shirai landed hard and is slow to move, too.
Ripley and Shirai make their way to their feet. Ripley hits a hard running slam. Attempted cover but Shirai kicks out. Shirai hits a wicked basement dropkick right to Rhea's face! We see Rhea's left ear is bloody and busted open. Shirai attempts to submit Rhea, but Ripley powers out of it. Rhea talks trash to Shirai as she pulls her up and blood is spilling down Rhea's neck. Shirai focuses on Rhea's left arm, attempting to take the powerhouse's strength away. Rhea screams in pain as Shirai bounces off the ropes in the corner and hits a dropkick to the left side of Ripley's face. Shirai slams Ripley down and drags her to the apron, slamming Ripley's left arm over and over against the apron as Rhea screams in pain. Io climbs up on the apron as Rhea gains her footing on the Apron. Both women exchange blows, but Shirai drops Rhea down on the apron hard. Both women at ringside; Shirai sends Ripley into the steel steps as we go to another picture-in-picture break.
During the break, Io retains control and slows the pace. The Champ continues to work Ripley's left arm. Several arm bars are utilized, and Shirai even places her knee in the armpit of Rhea to twist and torque Ripley's shoulder back. Shirai and Rhea brawl briefly. Shirai tries to go up top but is moving unusually slow. Rhea closes the distance and sits Shirai down on the top turnbuckle for the second time tonight. Rhea again sets up for the superplex, but Io throws fists in an effort to stop it. We return from break and Ripley nails the superplex finally! Rhea crawls over to Shirai and covers for a close two.
As the NXT crowd chants "this is awesome" over and over, Wade Barret compliments our competitors, calling this one of the most brutal matches he's seen in NXT. Ripley and Shirai both brawl again, with Ripley taking control with a series of fists. Ripley attempts a cover but Shirai kicks out at two. Ripley is still favoring her arm, but her ear's stopped bleeding so much. Ripley stands over Shirai and stomps on her stomach, then uses her own arm to lock in that standing Cloverleaf submission of hers--a must see, I love the execution of it. Ripley keeps the standing Cloverleaf locked in and with one arm, hits a modified King of Swing a la Cesaro, swinging Shirai around in the Cloverleaf hold before slamming her down! Ripley locks in a knee submission but Shirai reaches the rope and the ref breaks it. Ripley pulls Shirai to her feet and goes for the Riptide; Shirai counters and locks in the Fujiwara arm bar! Ripley locks her own hands in an effort to prevent the arm bar from being locked in fully! Ripley shows off her impressive power, lifting Shirai up with one arm and goes for the powerbomb--but Shirai rolls through and keeps the arm bar locked in! Ripley locks her feet on the rope and the ref forces the break. Shirai goes for a 619 but Ripley dodges; Shirai goes for another immediately but Rhea blocks it again! Shirai punches Ripley, staggering the powerhouse. Shirai hits the 619, then heads up top and hits a beautiful missile dropkick and covers for a close two! Shirai and Ripley both attempt moves, but Ripley lays out Shirai with a powerful clothesline that Wade compares to a "baseball bat clothesline." Ripley covers for a close two. Ripley tries to shake some feeling into her left arm and keeps it close. She wipes blood off her chin, then stomps Shirai. Rhea again goes for the Riptide, but Shirai twists in mid-air and counters it into a wicked DDT that drops Shirai on the top of her head! The crowd goes crazy with NXT chants!
Shirai goes to the apron as does Rhea. Shirai flips over, to the ringside and on her feet, and pulls Rhea with her. Shirai powerbombs Rhea into the announcer's table, breaking it! Both women are down! The ref begins to count. Shirai makes it into the ring. The ref's at 8 and Rhea's slow to her feet. Ripley slides in just in time to avoid the count out, only to eat an Over-the-Moonsault off the top! Shirai covers for the win!
Your Winner and STILL NXT Women's Champion, Io Shirai!

After the Match

Both women hug on the ramp as they quickly head to the back. The match ran long and Finn still has to address the NXT universe. Both women hug again and run up the ramp and out of the way.

Finn Balor Addresses the NXT

Finn says first things first, he wants to congratulate Io Shirai and Rhea on a wonderful match. Finn says that the last time we saw him, he had his jaw broken. But now he's got steel plates in his jaw and is ready to fight.

Kings of the Ring Interrupt

Pat McAfee, Danny Burch, Oney Lorcan and Pete Dunne--Kings of the Ring, I believe they're called--come out with Pat on the mic. Pat says that while Finn was drinking a steak through a straw for the last six weeks, he's been busy taking care of business. He points out the various people they've taken out as of late, including Lorcan & Burch winning the tag titles. He lists various people, saying "Dead!" after each name. He lists all of the Undisputed Era, saying "Dead!" after each name. He cuts a great heel promo and I am not doing this justice. YouTube this tomorrow! Pat goes on to tell Finn that if Finn has respect for NXT and Ireland, he's going to hand the title over to the folks who've run the show from top to bottom for the last few weeks...or else he's going to end up like others, dead! Finn says its easy for the mice to play when the cat's away but the cat is back "and look what I just dragged in." Shock...the system! The Undisputed Era have returned, in full force, and they charge the ring! The Undisputed Era and Finn Balor brawl with the Kings of the Ring! All hell breaks loose! Adam Cole hits a running kick that lays out Pat McAfee. Pete Dunne and Kyle O'Reilly brawl on one side of the ring as Oney Lorcan, Danny Burch, Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong brawl on another! Adam Cole mounts Pat McAfee and begins to pummel him as we end our program!

In Closing

Yowie Wowie! If you can, catch the main event title match and that Pat McAfee promo/brawl at the end of the show. Our program ran six minutes over, very unusual for NXT! Alright, brother, I'll see you all on Twitter and back here again this Friday for Smackdown! Stay safe, stay awesome, and see you then!

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