WWE NXT Live Results (1/13/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

NXT Jan 13 2021

Welcome one and all to our live results coverage of WWE NXT. Your host tonight, as always, is the best play-by-play reporter in sports entertainment today and that...is Undisputed, Mike Hogan (bay-bay!) Our official NXT Preview has a cornucopia of information! Tonight marks the return of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic! Several teams will vie for the Dusty Cup, starting with past winners the Undisputed Era taking on Breezango. Also in action for the Dusty Classic are the Grizzled Young Veterans who will square off against Ever-Rise. We'll get Shotzi Blackheart taking on Candice LeRae and Dexter Lumis has a date set with NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano!

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here for the quick recap!

WWE NXT Live Results (1/13/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

New Year's Evil Recap

We start with a video package for last week's New Year's Evil NXT event show. Raquel Gonzalez was the last woman standing against Rhea Ripley; the Prince retained; Kross & Priest brawled. Much fun was had, many laughs were exchanged, and tonight we're starting our Dusty Classic!

Match: Shotzi Blackheart vs Candice LeRae w/ Indi Hartwell

After a quick look at the Dusty Cup, we get straight to our first match. The mad wolf of NXT, Shotzi Blackheart, drives out first in her war tank. After her, Candice LeRae of The Way is out. Candice is escorted by fellow...Wayling?...Indi Hartwell. We're ready for our match to start!
Blackheart takes it right to LeRae to start things off. Blackheart slides through the ropes as she chases LeRae but LeRae moves. Shotzi pivots and hits a high kick, taking it back into the ring. Shotzi locks in a head hold with her thighs, and both women roll around the ring. Blackheart ends up on top. LeRae manages to get enough leverage to roll to the side, and Blackheart is forced to break the hold or have her shoulders down for the three. Blackheart breaks it. LeRae tries to mount offense, running up top at one point only to be yanked down by Blackheart. Shotzi sends LeRae down hard in the ring and attempts a cover. Blackheart locks on a bridging neck submission. The match is a bit slow in pace as both women jockety for leverage and control. After a few moments and change-ups, LeRae takes control. LeRae whips Blackheart across the ring. Shotzi charnges and LeRae pops her up, over the ropes and onto the apron. LeRae heads out onto the apron. Both women exchange in a tug-of-war on either side of the ring post, leading to both women collapsing to the floor. Both continue their slow jockey in the ring, and LeRae finally takes control, sending Shotzi hard from the ring as we head to a picture-in-picture break.
Throughout the break, Candice maintains a firm control of the match. She utilizes a series of strikes to to ground the high-flying Blackheart, and devastating basement dropkicks, gut kicks and wear-down moves planned to drain the strength from Shotzi. Just as we're about to return, LeRae gets a little too cocksure, giving Shotzi an opening to close the distance and hit a kick to the head. Blackheart, as commentators Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph point out, is utilizing a bit of a new offensive playbook tonight. Shotzi and LeRae fight on the apron, and Shotzi hits a DDT on the apron! Hartwell starts to come around the outside of the ring, so Blackheart heads back in. As Hartwell checks on LeRae, Blackheart hits them both with a suicide dive! Blackheart takes LeRae back into the ring and covers, only picking up a two. Blackheart charges in on LeRae in the corner but LeRae counters, sending Blackheart head-first into the middle turnbuckle. LeRae follows it up with a grounded kick and a pin attempt. LeRae starts to climb the middle of the ropes, but Blackheart stretches out and trips her off. LeRae grabs Blackheart and sends her to the mat, looking for the Gargano Escape. Shotzi rolls her back, attempting to convert it into a pin. The hold's broken. Both women fire up and begin a fast-paced sequence to wrap up our match. Blackheart hits a leaping faceplant, then heads up top, looking to take out a fallen LeRae, but Indi Hartwell turns out to be the 'x-factor' per Wade Barrett as she runs along the apron, looking to strike Blackheart. Blackheart nails Hartwell, but it opens her up to an attack by LeRae. LeRae sends Blackheart down to the mat, hits her finisher and picks up the win.
Your Winner, Candice LeRae!

Backstage: Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

Dunne and the NXT Tag Team Champions Lorcan & Burch arrive. They head into the Capitol Wrestling Center as we head to break.

In the Ring: NXT Champion Finn Bálor

We return from break to find the Prince in the ring, belt over shoulder, mic all up in his face. Finally he speaks with...a lisp? He tells us the date and points out that he's still the NXT Champion. "Let's talk about Kyle O'Reilly for a second. I'll give Kyle credit, Kyle's good. In fact, Kyle is great. But he's not on my level. Last week, Kyle O'Reilly stepped up and just like TakeOver 31, he got put down! The only difference this time is now Kyle is the one eating his meals through a straw! I put this red X on my chest (his new shirt) because I know I am the target. So a little piece of advice to whomever wants to come at Finn next, remember one thing: they stopped manufacturing the cloth I'm cut from. So whomever wants to step up--" He's interrupted as Pete Dunne's music plays and out comes Dunne, Lorcan and Burch! Dunne and his crew make their way down to the ramp as Dunne goes on a rambling rant about Bálor being considered the 'face of European wrestling.' He claims that the only reason Bálor has the title is because he's not fought Pete Dunne yet. Bálor and Dunne Brawl, and Bálor takes down the tag champs! Bálor tries his best to fight off but his three foes have the advantage. After a few moments, Kyle O'Reilly hits the ring to attempt to help Bálor! The numbers are against him until Adam Cole & Roderick Strong hit the ring! Dunne, Lorcan & Burch back up the ramp as the crowd goes wild. The Undisputed Era stands tall in the ring as the champ, Finn Bálor, enters. He eyes them up and walks around the ring. He has words with the UE, but we can't hear it at first. The in-arena crowd continues to loudly chant. Finally, Bálor rolls out of the ring. The Undisputed Era yell up the ramp as Dunne & company leave.

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie and Johnny Gargano

Gargano talks about being proud of LeRae's win earlier, and says that he & Theory will bring home the men's Dusty Cup and Candice is bringing home the women's Dusty Cup. Austin Theory walks up behind him with an envelope from Dexter Lumis, and bothers Johnny Gargano until he finally opens it. He pulls out a drawing of himself by Lumis, and Theory laughs at it. Gargano angrily informs Theory that there's one of him, too, and pulls out a sketch of Theory bent over, holding his carrot and potatoes (a reference to getting nailed in the crown jewels twice last week). We go to break!

Dusty Classic Tag Team Match: Grizzled Young Veterans vs Ever-Rise

We return from break with the GYV making their way to the ring and Ever-Rise are already in the ring. Gibson is on the mic, cutting a promo as they do, and mentions that they made their debut at the Dusty Classic. They feel sorry for the dweebs in their way (their word, but appropriate). We see ol photos of past winners from the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. William Regal is shown on screen. He welcomes us to the Classic and states that sixteen teams will compete for the Cup, and let the games begin. Ding ding goes the bell.
Gibson and Martel start things off. GIbson briefly has control before Parker flees back to the Ever-Rise corner, and Chase Parker tags himself in. Gibson tags in Drake. Drake with a hip toss. Parker is up and talks smack, then charges Drake. Drake locks wrists and as Parker attempts an arm bar, Drake flips and escapes. They clash with strikes and Drake is sent outside. Parker yells "Ever-Rise rules," and Drake angrily storms the ring. His partner, Gibson, calms him down and tells him that Parker is just trying to get in his head. Gibson gets Drake to their corner, and Drake enters just long enough to tag Gibson in. Gibson and Parker run off opposite ropes. Gibson tags Drake in and both men double team Ever-Rise. Drake wrenches the neck. Drake with a Bulldog. Drake knocks Parker out of the ring, then tags in his partner Gibson. Gibson picks the downed Parker up and hits a back breaker at ring side. Gibson sends Parker back into the ring, and slaps on a head lock to try to keep Parker from tagging in Martel. Gibson with a single-leg crab. Parker tries to escape but the Grizzled Young Veterans are utilizing quick tags and double team moves to cut the ring in half. Gibson tags in Drake and whips Parker into a leaping roundhouse from Drake. Drake tags in. Drake catches Parker again trying to reach his corner and drops him. Drake locks in on the wrist. Parker throws desperate fists, trying to reach his corner. Drake locks both hands on Parker's wrist and squats, trying to anchor Parker. Parker drags Drake back and makes the hot tag to Martel! Martel comes in fast, the fresh man, and takes down both Drake and Gibson. After about thirty seconds of his flurried offense, he tags back in Parker. Parker with a spine buster. Parker drops Drake and covers but Gibson makes the save. Gibson on the apron as Parker pummels Gibson. Drake comes in from the rear and hits a dropkick onto Parker! Tag is made, and the Grizzled Young Veterans work together to hit the Ticket to Mayhem to pick up the win!
Your Winners and advancing in the Dusty Classic, the Grizzled Young Veterans!

Video Promo: Raquel González

We get a quick package, narrated by Raquel González herself, in which she declares herself done with Rhea Ripley. She says Ripley is in her past, and it's time to focus on the NXT Women's Championship. We go to break--up next, Gargano v Lumis!

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie w/ Shotzi Blackheart

Mackenzie asks Shotzi about the loss. Blackheart says that she's looking forward to the Dusty Cup and she wants to win it with a partner who is "ride or die." Up comes Ember Moon and they both agree to go on and win the first ever Women's Dusty Cup.

Match: NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano w/ Austin Theory vs Dexter Lumis

We cut to the ring, where the reigning, defending, undisputed three-time NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano awaits. Dexter Lumis makes his way to the ring for this non-title match. Gargano starts by holding up the caricature drawing that Lumis did for him. He asks Lumis, "do you think that's funny?" twice as he comes in close. Gargano rips it in half in front of Lumis, and Lumis decks him with a big right. Lumis and Gargano alternate running attacks, with Lumis gaining the upper hand. Lumis drops Gargano, who uses his palms to lift himself up--only to see Lumis slithering, snake style, towards him and Gargano flees the ring! Lumis shows off his agility and easily slips and flips out of the ring, landing in a seated position. Gargano charges with a low running big boot but Lumis ducks it! Lumis and Gargano head back into the ring. Gargano makes the mistake of climbing up the ropes after Lumis. Lumis sends Gargano down with some powerful thrusts. Lumis flies off, looking for a basic senton. Gargano rolls out the way and Lumis lands on his back. We go to break with Lumis and Gargano both down, but rolling in pain.
Back from the break. We see that, during the break, Austin Theory caused a distraction that allowed Gargano to take control, and he's maintained that control. Gargano throws several knees into the small of Lumis' back, then drops a knee onto his head. Gargano stands behind a rising Lumis, shoves him forward against the ropes and clubs his back. Again, he shoves him against the ropes and clubs the back. Gargano goes for it a third time, but Lumis catches Gargano with a back elbow. Gargano fails to retake control, and Lumis hits a big Spinebuster. Lumis locks eyes with Gargano. Gargano charges in, and Lumis lays him out with a big right! Gargano sent into the corner. He comes out but Lumis hits the Bulldog! Lumis hits the Slingshot Suplex on Gargano. Lumis stalks Gargano, awaiting him to rise, and hits a back drop suplex. Lumis immediately kips up--leaping up in the air enough to come back down with a Leg Drop on Gargano! Gargano charges in but Lumis dodges; Gargano goes up top. Gargano leaps off but Lumis catches him. Lumis wrenches Gargano behind his back. Gargano escapes and kicks Lumis. Gargano with a near fall. Gargano keeps it going and hits a well-placed side kick to the side of Lumis' head and covers for another near fall. Both men are on their knees. Gargano throws fists and Lumis absorbs them. Lumis starts to fire off his own. Gargano moves to his feet and Lumis rises, more strikes. Theory reaches in from the outside, looking for a distraction but Lumis stomps on Theory's hand! Gargano tries to use the distraction to hit the One Final Beat but Lumis catches him! Lumis sends Gargano down. Gargano again to the apron, and again attempts the One Final Beat. Again, Lumis catches him! Lumis slips it around and slaps on The Silence (submission)! Gargano can't escape (these puns aren't intentional). Theory hops up on the apron to cause yet another distraction, and this time Gargano manages to roll up Lumis and steal the win!
Your Winner, Johnny Gargano!

After the Match

Theory stands at ringside, celebrating with Gargano. Lumis angrily slithers over and starts choking the heck out of Theory. Gargano runs over to make the save. Gargano slips outside and grabs a steel chair as both men plan to gang up on Lumis. Kushida hits the ring to make the save! Kushida locks the Hover Board Lock on Gargano and Lumis takes out Theory at ring side! Kushida leans over a downed, hurt, scared Gargano and lets him know that he's coming for his title!

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie w/ Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

Mackenzie asks the trio about the Undisputed Era and their comments that they run the place. Burch garbles something about being the faces that run the place because they're the tag champs, and Dunne threatens Kyle O'Reilly.

Earlier Today: Timothy Thatcher, Tommaso Ciampa and Wade Barrett

Barrett has both men sitting at a small table in the ring. Barrett asks Thatcher about his injury last week. Thatcher says that he's cleared to fight now. Ciampa asks what the injury was, exactly, and Thatcher says it won't impact this match. Barrett asks Ciampa about requesting to take on Thatcher in the Fight Pit, and that it gives Thatcher the benefit as it's his turf. Ciampa says he's not worried, and he can handle it. Thatcher snaps at him, explaining that it's a cage with no ropes or rules. They verbally spar, with Ciampa telling him that "Thatcher the grappler, tough as nails. Thatcher the coach? You're a piece of garbage...at the Fight Pit, I will take every liberty I can." Thatcher calls Ciampa a zebra and says that a lion doesn't have to explain things to zebra. He then tells Ciampa that he looks like a man who's questioning if he's still got it. Ciampa goes on to say that next week, inside Thatcher's Fight Pit, he'll "get his answers."

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie w/ the Undisputed Era

Mackenzie asks the UE if they're worried about Dunne and co. They say they're not, and say if "Pete and Bonehead One and Bonehead Two" want to go, they'll handle it. They then promise to advance in the Dusty Cup.

Dusty Classic Tag Team Match: MSK vs Isaiah "Swerve" Scott & Jake Atlas

When we return from break, we get on with the Dusty Classic! The mysterious "MSK" team are debuting tonight. Out first are Isaiah "Scott" Swerve and Jake Atlas--two former enemies, now friends! Out next are Nash Carter & Wes Lee, MSK (fka Rascalz). Jake Atlas and Nash Carter (fka Zachary Wentz) start things off. Atlas and Carter grapple up, with neither man taking control early on. Atlas tags in Swerve, who attempts an arm lock on Nash Carter. Carter counters and grins at Swerve. Both Swerve and Carter begin to run off the ropes; Swerve stops and attempts to hit a big clothesline. Carter ducks under and comes off the opposite ropes with a flying cross body. Carter tags in Wes Lee (fka Dezmond Xavier).
Lee works over Swerve for a few, battling him back to the corner. Swerve with a quick strike, and tags in Atlas. Atlas locks up Lee from behind, looking for a rear suplex. Lee with a big elbow that rocks Atlas. Lee wanders a little too close to Swerve, and Swerve attacks him, yanking him out the ring. All hell breaks loose as all four men begin to fight out the ring and to ringside! Wes Lee hits a tope con hiro to wipe out their opponents at ringside as this face-paced match goes to commercial!
When we return from the break the action is still at break-neck speed. MSK isolate Atlas from his partner, working him over. Lee slips up and Atlas makes the tag to Swerve. Swerve takes control and drops Lee on the ropes. Atlas and Swerve alternate tags, allowing them to hit a combination double team of an airplane spinning slam (per Beth Phoenix) and a 450 splash, covering for a very close two! Nash makes the save! Atlas and Swerve keep Lee in their corner. Atlas tags in Swerve. They set Lee up in the corner, on the top turnbuckle, and both men climb up. They're looking for the double Superplex. Nash runs up and yanks Atlas off the top and out of the ring! Swerve and Lee are legal and crash into the ring mat. Lee and Swerve make the way to their corners but neither has a man up on apron. Swerve comes in but Carter hops up and slaps a blind tag on Lee. Swerve isn't aware of it and hits a rolling suplex on Lee, but Carter comes in from behind and they hit their as of yet unnamed finisher on Scott, picking up their first win here in NXT!
Your Winners and advancing in the Dusty Classic, MSK!

Video Package: Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Over clips of different tag teams, Beth Phoenix pumps up the first match that kicks off next week when Toni Storm teams with Mercedes Martinez to take on Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter in our first-ever Women's Dusty Classic match! We go to break.

Video Package: Karrion Kross & Scarlett

Scarlett talks over a video package, and implies Finn Bálor will dance with the devil. Kross adds "tick tock." Eh, that's the gist of it.

Match: Xia Li vs Cannon Fodder

In the arena, the mysterious throne with the Big Bad Beetleborg-reject seated upon it rising from beneath the stage. Xia Li and Boa come out and stand beside the throne. Xia Li does a martial arts display with her bo staff before handing the bo to Boa. They make their way nto the ring where her unidentified opponent awaits her, ready to be fed to the new and improved Xia Li. We see "Tian Sha" under Xia Li's name on the graphics card, for what it's worth. Xia Li hits her opponent with a big right and poses. She then hits her opponent with a fast spinning roundhouse kick and picks up the win. Yep, two moves, and even Wade Barrett commented on that.
Your Winner, Xia Li!

After the Match: Lo Pan Wants More

Xia Li starts up the ramp when David Lo Pan, or whomever it is, gives a signal with a hand. Li goes in and attacks her opponent. Again, Lo Pan holds up the hand signal and again, Li beats her opponent more.

Backstage Promo: Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro

Backstage, the two KC's tell all of their opponents to overlook them, including their opponents next week. They want to shock the world by going down in the records book as the first ever Women's Dusty Cup winners. They say they're going to win the whole thing.

During the Commercial Break: Brawl in the Back

We see that during the commercial, Isaiah "Scott" Swerve is back to being enemies with his ten-minute partner, Jake Atlas, as officials try to get him to back down. Bronson Reed shows up and gets in Swerve's face, telling him to cool it. Swerve smiles and laughs and jaws at him, and again Reed tells him to cool it. We cut to the arena for our main event.

Dusty Classic Tag Team Match: Undisputed Era vs Breezango

Out first are former NXT Tag Team champions, Breezango, wearing matching black and pink ring gear. Out next is the Undisputed Era, represented by Adam Cole & Roderick Strong and accompanied by Kyle O'Reilly. The bell rings and we get things started with Tyler Breeze and Adam Cole. Both men lock up. Cole runs off the ropes as both men alternate leap frogging each other. Both men look for superkicks but hit the brakes at the same time. They slap hands in a friendly gesture, then get back to it. Both lock up. Reverse switch by Cole; Breeze switches to the rear; Cole swaps again. Both men drop down after the sequence and hop up, fists raised, ready to strike...and again hit the brakes. They mutually agree to tag in their partners. In comes Fandango and Strong. Wade Barrett reminds us that Roderick Strong actually debuted in this tournament in 2016, and we can't help but be reminded that the UE has done well in the Classic over the years.
Fandango and strong lock up, with neither man taking full control. After a few moments of grappling and jockeying for position, Fandango takes control and takes Strong down to the mat. Fandango locks onto Strong's left arm and twists it. Strong kips up and attempts to slip out of it but Fandango takes him back to the mat, using that grip on the left arm yet again. Strong slips out and looks for a slingshot but Fandango escapes. Fandango takes control as we go to break.
During the break, Fandango tags in Breeze who continues to work on Strong's arm. Strong escapes and tags in Adam Cole. Cole takes Breeze into the corner and hits several kicks to the gut. Cole takes it out of the corner and hits a neckbreaker. Cole pulls Breeze up and goes for an Irish Whip, but Breeze counters with a rear kick to the gut. Breeze covers but gets nothing. Both men to their feet and Breeze quickly tags in Fandango. Fandango with a strong Irish Whip that sends Cole into the corner and down to the mat. Again, Fandango with the strong Irish Whip that drops Cole to his back. Fandango hits a snapmare and locks in a rear headlock.
Back from the break and Breeze continues to keep control, taking over for Fandango. Breeze and Cole take each other down. Breeze sends Cole out the ring but fails to tag in Fandango. Cole comes in and both men tag their partners. Strong hits the ring hot, planting Fandango down. Strong hits Breeze with multiple clotheslines before slamming him down and planting Fandango again, covering for a two. Strong tags in Cole who lays out Fandango with a kick and covers for two. Cole looks frustrated. Cole paces, then pulls down his right knee brace. Cole runs off the ropes and comes in, looking for that knockout blow but Fandango ducks! Cole misses, sliding to his knees. Fandango dives and tags in Breeze, but Cole drops Breeze immediately. Breeze fights back and hits an inverted backstabber for a close two! Cole kicks out. Breeze rises, the hits a rear Enziguri, taking out Roderick Strong! Strong falls to the floor. Breeze tags in Fandango who slams Cole and covers. Strong hits the ring in time to make the save. Chaos ensues as we begin our overrun! All four men fly into the ring; Cole with a superkick. Fandango flies over but Strong ducks. All four men quickly collide and take each other out. At ringside, Pete Dunne, Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan attack Kyle O'Reilly! They beat him while his friends are down, and put his arm through a beam made of metal rigging and threaten to break his arm. Finn Bálor hits the ringside area, trying to make the save, but the numbers aren't in his favor. Cole rises in the ring and sees the chaos at ringside, and as he starts to walk over he eats a superkick from Fandango! A quick sequence ensues as Fandango attempts to put away Cole. Fandango flies off the top turnbuckle and Adam Cole catches him with a superkick as he's in flight! Cole covers quickly, securing the win.
Your Winners and advancing in the Dusty Classic, the Undisputed Era!

After the Match

Afterwards, Cole and Strong check on O'Reilly and Bálor. KOR's mouth is bleeding. All four men stare up the ramp at Dunne and the Tag Team Champions, who mock O'Reilly's 'guitar strumming' championship belt bit. Our program ends as both groups of men stare daggers at each other.

In Closing

Very good episode of NXT that was, for obvious reasons, heavy on tag matches. Good solid matches all around. I'm out for the night but I'll see y'all this Friday for Smackdown! Stay warm, stay frosty, and stay safe!

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