WWE NXT Live Results (12/16/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome to Rajah.com's live play-by-play results coverage of WWE NXT! As always, your host tonight is none other than Rajah's Franchise reporter, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. Our official preview is chock-full of goodies, so let's get to it!

In a match to determine the number one contender for Finn Bálor's challenger for the NXT Championship at NXT's New Year's Evil event, Pete Dunne will go to war once again with Kyle O'Reilly. In a grudge match that harkens back to their championship bout in NXT UK, Toni Storm will take on Rhea Ripley. We'll also see Leon Ruff & Kushida take on Johnny Gargano & Austin Theory, and back earlier than expected from injury is Karrion Kross, who'll return to action tonight.

All this and much, much more tonight on NXT!

WWE NXT Live Results (12/16/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Match: Leon Ruff & Kushida vs Johnny Gargano & Austin Theory

We start our show with Leon Ruff and Kushida already in the ring as we waste no time in getting to our first match! Out comes three-time NXT North American Champion, Johnny Gargano, accompanied by his wife Candice LeRae, Austin Theory and Indi Hartwell who carries the trophy that Gargano gave LeRae recently.
We start off with Kushida and Austin Theory. Kushida takes Theory to the mat and shows off his technical prowess, spinning on top of Theory's body as he attempts to lock in holds. Kushida lets Theory up and hits an Atomic Drop, then pulls Theory over to his corner and tags in Leon Ruff. Wade Barrett calls him "Leo." Ruff loses control to Theory, who kicks Ruff and then whips him into the corner. Theory charges in but Ruff avoids it by leaping over the ropes. Ruff exhibits his agility as he leaps back over, heads up top, dodges Theory's attempted counter and lands behind him. Ruff turns his attention from Theory for a split second, but it's enough to give Theory a chance to shoulder block Ruff down. Theory charges in Gargano. Ruff fires back, dropkicking Gargano and taking him down for an attempted pin. Ruff chops Gargano hard in the corner, then uses the bottom rope to foot-choke Gargano as the ref warns him. Ruff with two strong knee strikes to Gargano. Gargano gets to his feet and prevents Ruff from tagging in Kushida, then plants Ruff. Gargano takes Ruff into his corner and tags in Theory.
Theory works over Ruff and tags Gargano back in. Gargano with an arm crank and slams Ruff down. Gargano quickly tags Theory back in. Both men go for a double-team suplex but Kushida comes up from behind and catches Ruff! All four men clash, and Kushida ends up outside with Gargano and Theory. Kushida streaks across the ring and flies out and onto the mass of bodies. Theory takes Ruff back in before the ref counts them out. Theory takes control in the ring. Gargano makes a blind tag to Ruff, and Ruff hits a beautiful snap DDT on Gargano--unaware that Theory is not only the legal man but behind him. Theory lays out Ruff as we go to break!
When we return from break, we find Theory has Ruff down on the mat with a working hold. Ruff quickly gets to his feet and desperately throws himself against the ropes, and catches Theory with an uppercut! Theory falls towards his corner and tags in Gargano. Gargano fails to corner Ruff, and Kushida is tagged in. Kushida hits the ring on fire, taking Gargano down with lightning-quick speed and strikes, then dropping Theory with a DDT, a series of strikes and a running face plant! Kushida turns back to Gargano and hits a soccer kick on Gargano's elbow. Gargano gains some separation and hits a step-up enziguri. Kushida tags in Ruff, and Ruff comes in with a shotgun kick on Gargano. Ruff covers for a close two. Both men rise. Ruff attempts a front leaping DDT but Gargano shrugs out of it and tags in Theory. Theory pulls Ruff up in powerbomb position, and Ruff tries to fight him off with punches to the face. Theory backs up into the corner and drops Ruff on it. Theory picks Ruff up and hits a torture rack sit-out powerbomb and gets a very close two! Theory tags in Gargano. Ruff ends up between both men and alternates hitting them with fists, but both men hit him with a double superkick. Gargano covers but Kushida comes in to break it out. Theory and Kushida begin to fight, and Kushida hits a vicious fist that sends Theory out of the ring. Gargano with a high kick that sends Kushida out of the ring. Ruff with a superkick on Gargano! Gargano tags in Theory. Ruff didn't see that tag, either! Ruff with a beautiful samoan side driver on Gargano and covers--but again, Theory's legal! Legal comes in from behind and kicks Ruff in the back of the head. Theory yells "this is the way," and hits a spinning suplex bomb, covering for the win!
Your Winners, Johnny Gargano & Austin Theory!

After the Match: Lumis Looms

We see Dexter Lumis sitting in a corner of the arena with an iPad set up in front of him, watching the action that just took place. Vic Joseph wonders what he's doing there.

Video Package: Toni Storm & Rhea Ripley

Toni tells us that Rhea uses fear and intimidation to get a leg up, and cover up her insecurity. Storm says that the last time they fought, Rhea won--but that Toni Storm respected her. Toni doesn't care about respect, she cares about her career. Her time--Toni Time! And she's going to take the first big step towards her goals by taking out Rhea tonight.

Backstage w/ Mackenzie & Shotzi Blackheart

Mackenzie welcomes back Shotzi Blackheart and asks her thoughts about Candice LeRae. Shotzi tells us that she's damn proud of her team from WarGames and her team gave LeRae's team a beating. But now, Candice walks around calling herself the General and taking a trophy her husband stole from a little league banquet, and Shotzi's tired of it. Tonight, Shotzi promises to break LeRae's best friend.

Match: Tyler Rust vs Tommaso Ciampa

We cut back to the ring and Tyler Rust is already in the ring, psyching himself up for this. Cue the awesome theme music, because here comes Tommaso Ciampa! Ciampa sets up a steel chair at ring side, just by the ramp, and places an ash-grey Timothy Thatcher Thatch-Wrestling tee over it. He looks to the back then gets in the ring. Ciampa hollers out something unintelligible then the bell rings and we start things off!
Both men lock up but break. Ciampa and Rust lock up again, and Rust uses a series of arm holds and twists to take the former NXT Champion to the mat. Rust attempts to mount Ciampa's shoulder and put in an arm bar. Beth Phoenix mentions that Tyler Rust is a student of Timothy Thatcher. Ciampa locks his legs around Rust's head and draws him back to the mat, attempting an head lock. Both men break. Ciampa with a snapmare, then slaps on a head lock. Timothy Thatcher comes down to ringside, standing by the chair Ciampa set up for him pre-match. Ciampa sees this and fires up, taking Rust from corner to corner. Ciampa slams Rust's face into the turnbuckle. Ciampa with a wicked back eblow smash. Ciampa whips Theory into the ropes and chases after him, catching him with a back arm when he rebounds. Ciampa sends Rust outside. Rust inadvertently collides with Thatcher. Ciampa comes outside and confronts Thatcher. Officials escort Thatcher up the ramp. Ciampa heads back to the ring but the distraction gave Rust time to recover. Rust attacks Ciampa as he attempts to enter. Rust takes Ciampa down as we go to break.
Welcome back from the break! Tyler Rust locks Ciampa's arm between his legs and puts on a side abdominal stretch. Ciampa cries out and powers Rust up, slamming him down to break the hold. Both men rise about the same time. Rust with a kick to Ciampa, but Ciampa counters with a chop. Ciampa gets his second wind and runs off the ropes, clotheslining Rust before bouncing off the opposite ropes only to do it again and again! Rust falters back into the corner. Ciampa with a clothesline to the corner and a cover for two. Ciampa catches Rust on his knees and hits a hard chop. Ciampa with another chop, then tugs Rust up and attempts a snap suplex. Rust blocks and kicks Ciampa in the midsection and hits the axe kick on the back. Rust covers for two, then immediately locks in an arm bar submission--but Ciampa stops him from locking it it! Rust again takes Ciampa down and attempts the arm bar again. Ciampa escapes. Ciampa sets up for the Fairy Tale Ending but Rust backs out of it and hits a hard kick to Ciampa's head. Rust hits a twisting flip snapmare and covers for a close two! Rust locks on the Fujiwara arm bar! Ciampa crawls one-armed across the ring, dragging Rust as Rust won't break the hold. Ciampa reaches for the ropes but Rust adjusts and locks both of Ciampa's arms behind his back! Ciampa can't reach the ropes! Ciampa adjusts and barely, I mean barely, gets the tip of his boot on the bottom rope! The ref forces the break. Rust with a kick to Ciampa. Rust with another, and attempts a third but Ciampa dodges it. Ciampa with a stiff elbow to Rust's leg as he catches it on the middle rope. Ciampa uses the rope to his advantage, and hits several strikes before a running clothesline, followed up with a rope-assisted DDT. Ciampa covers and gets the win!
Your Winner, Tommaso Ciampa!

After the Match

Ciampa makes his way up the ramp as Timothy Thatcher tries to get to him, but several refs are restraining him. Ciampa mocks and taunts Thatcher, and waves "bye bye" as he walks off.

Video Promo: Grizzled Young Veterans

The Veterans cut a promo, showing clips of their in-ring action. They point out that they nearly won the Dusty Rhodes Invitational and over the last eight months, they've seen plenty of new tag teams. But they're the Grizzled Young Veterans, the best tag team in WWE, and it's only a matter of time until they prove that they're number one.

Backstage: Dunne, O'Reilly

Our commentary team hype our next match, as Pete Dunne will face Kyle O'Reilly for the number one contender title shot at New Year's Evil. Dunne is escorted by current NXT Tag Team Champions, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, and we see Kyle O'Reilly with the Undisputed Era in a separate place. After this break we'll have our match!

Video Package: Karrion Kross

Kross and Scarlett are shown with some odd graphics and we're told that "doomsday is still coming." We're reminded that Kross returns to action tonight.

During the Commercial Break: Malcolm Bivens Recruits Again

Tyler Rust is shown in the ring, holding the back of his head, when Malcolm Bivens makes his way to the ring. He tells Tyler Rust repeatedly that he's a winner, and tries to build up Rust. They fist bump and walk off together.

Number One Contender Match: Pete Dunne vs Kyle O'Reilly

"KOR" in this match description will refer to Kyle O'Reilly, just an FYI. Out first is Kyle O'Reilly, escorted by Roderick Strong and Adam Cole (bay-bay!). Both men are fired up for their comrade. Out next is Pete Dunne, escorted by Burch & Lorcan. Lorcan & Burch stand on the apron, refusing to get down, when Killian Dain attacks them from behind! Drake Maverick joins him in brawling with the tag champs. Adam Cole and Roderick Strong join the brawl and Fandango comes flying out of nowhere onto the entire crowd! Officials run everyone up the ring as the bell rings.
Immediately, both men throw quick punches to each other, fired up and ready to continue their personal war. After a few moments, Kyle O'Reilly goes for a submission. Dunne escapes and takes down KOR, then locks in a modified surfboard that looks nasty to Wade Barrett. KOR escapes after about a minute and performs a wrestling takedown (that's the move's name). KOR mounts Dunne and transitions into a cross arm breaker. Dunne escapes and KOR attempts another arm hold but Dunne rolls through and attempts a submission of his own. KOR blocks it. Both men to their feet. KOR runs off the ropes and Dunne drops; KOR rebounds and Dunne leap frogs him; KOR rebounds a third time and Dunne drops down; KOR rebounds a fourth time and Dunne puts an end to the sequence with a clothesline! Both superstars fight and fall to the outside, then begin exchanging fists at ringside as the ref counts! The ref reaches a "nine" before both men slide back into the ring! KOR uses his quick strike ability and plants Dunne with well-timed kicks. KOR kicks Dunne, sending him from the ring as we go to picture-in-picture break!
During the break, Dunne catches KOR off guard outside. Inside the ring, Dunne uses an arm hold then kicks KOR. He approaches a downed O'Reilly, but KOR is quick to his feet and takes down Dunne! KOR with a basement dropkick, and then locks in a kneeling abdominal stretch. Dunne escapes and puts O'Reilly in a modified bow-and-arrow hold. KOR escapes, so Dunne drops an elbow on him and locks in another modified bow hold. He wrenches back on O'Reilly's neck while keeping his knees pressed into the small of KOR's back. KOR refuses to tap, so Dunne transitions it to an arm drag. Dunne wraps KOR's right arm over the bottom rope, and his forearm under it, then steps out onto the apron and yanks on the wrist, using the rope to apply pressure as the ref warns and counts! Dunne breaks at the last second. KOR attempts a comeback. KOR tries to suplex Dunne in the ring, but Dunne floats over. KOR switches, grappling Dunne from the back. Dunne escapes and drops KOR. Dunne sets up for the Bitter End but O'Reilly flows with it and turns it into a side headlock submission! Dunne escapes but KOR drops him. Kyle O'Reilly attempts a suplex but Dunne counters it into an X-Plex! Dunne crawls over and kneels on KOR's right hand, then stands and stomps it.
Dunne continues working over O'Reilly's arm. Dunne breaks it and stomps KOR, then hits a basement dropkick to KOR's face. Dunne stalks KOR; O'Reilly throws two low kicks to try to fight him off, but Dunne shuts him down with a kick to the back. Dunne pulls KOR up and hits a guillotine neckbreaker. Dunne locks in a left-leg grapevine submission (Vic Joseph's term for it). Dunne converts it into a grasp on KOR's left wrist and kicks him in the face repeatedly. KOR mounts his comeback, and whips Dunne into the corner. Dunne leaps up and over a charging KOR, then charges KOR--only for O'Reilly to dodge and Dunne's leg hooks up on the rope! KOR begins his combination of knee and kick strikes, ending with a leg sweep that drops Dunne hard! Both men are up, Dunne in the corner. KOR charges and hits a leaping fist, then drags Dunne out by the arm and hits a forearm. Dunne throws a forearm but KOR fights him back. Kyle O'Reilly hits a triple set of rolling suplexes, never breaking his hold (think: the Three Amigos, Lite). O'Reilly tries to lock an abdominal stretch on Dunne but Dunne throws an elbow. Dunne runs up the ropes in the corner but KOR high kicks Dunne's legs out form under him. KOR crawls up behind Dunne and attempts a back suplex off the top. Dunne grabs KOR's right hand and attempts to twist his fingers, but KOR gets his hand free. O'Reilly attempts a German Suplex off the top rope but Dunne floats over as KOR gets stuck in the tree of woe! Dunne is firmly in control, delivering a series of kicks to the incapacitated KOR. We go to break!
During the break, we see Dunne using the ropes to manipulate and hurt O'Reilly's body. The ref warns him off. KOR makes a desperate dive, trying to take out Dunne's legs, but comes up short. KOR gets to the apron. Dunne comes up to suplex him into the ring, but KOR clubs him and Dunne falls onto the apron next to him. Both men stand up on the apron in the corner and begin to slug it out as the crowd--physical and digital--loudly chant "NXT!" over and over. Both men lock hands and have a tug of war, yanking each other's faces into the top turnbuckle, over and over and over. Finally both men collapse and roll into the ring. Both men are slow to their feet. Pete Dunne hits a sit-out powerbomb and gets a close two. Dunne slaps on another submission, but O'Reilly manages to make it to the rope. Both men look absolutely worn out. Dunne attempts a Texas Piledriver but KOR blocks it and takes Dunne down, then locks in a right arm bar. Dunne gator rolls and slides out, standing and locking in the Olympic Ankle lock! KOR slides out of it and locks the same move on Dunne! Dunne escapes and tries for a waist lock/bear hug but KOR converts it into a waist-locked head hold. Both men separate, and O'Reilly hits a desperate brain buster! Both men are down!
Both finally make their way to their feet. O'Reilly with a running jumping knee to Dunne's face that knocks his mouth guard out. KOR with a bridging German Suplex pin attempt but Dunne kicks out at two! O'Reilly stands and catches his breath as Dunne crawls across the mat, reaching for his mouth guard. O'Reilly stomps on Dunne's hand, giving him a taste of his own medicine. Both men engage in a series of attempted submissions and counter submissions as both jockey for position. Dunne holds to KOR's left fingers, and O'Reilly punches him repeatedly until his hand is free. O'Reilly with a running kick to Dunne's jaw! Dunne recovers miraculously quick and kicks O'Reilly, then hits a step-up enziguri. Dunne catches KOR on the ropes and does his finger snap move. KOR to the apron, Dunne to the apron. Dunne's looking for the Bitter End on the apron! O'Reilly has it scouted and snap suplexes Dunne out! KOR quickly takes it back into the ring and hits a leg drop off the top rope onto a Dunne, who's draped over the bottom rope. O'Reilly covers and picks up the win!
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Kyle O'Reilly!

Backstage w/ Mackenzie & Rhea Ripley

Mackenzie asks Rhea about Toni's words earlier. Ripley says she's going to finish this tonight once and for all, and begins to work out with resistance bands as we go to a break.

Video Promo: Xia Li, Boa, and the Master

The Master keeps yelling "again" as Boa and Xia Li are bloody and in tears. He yells again and again in the face of Xia Li, who's crying profusely. Finally she leaps up adn begins to beat the crap out of Boa, delivering a flurry of fists and kicks that leave him bloody as he begs for her to please stop. We see some "The Grudge"-looking pic flash up twice--long hair in front of eyes, etc--and then we go to the ring.

Match: Indi Hartwell vs Shotzi Blackheart

It's official, Gargano's group is called The Way. Indi is in the ring, warming up as her friends cheer her on. Shotzi Blackheart is out next to loud cheers, driving her new tank to the ring. On the front of the tank is TCB, which Beth Phoenix explains means "Taking Care of Business." Shotzi howls as Gargano, LeRae and Theory hop out of the ring but stay present to cheer on their fellow The Way member. The bell rings and we start things off!
Both women lock up and spend the first minute grappling for control. Blackheart breaks free and hits to running shoulders, then follows it up with a dropkick that floors Indi. Shotzi grabs Indi's left arm and yanks on it, then drops her knee on it. Shotzi rolls Hartwell and locks in a rear arm bar. Blackheart breaks the move and both women recover fast. Shotzi hits a dropkick that sends Hartwell to the corner. Blackheart charges, looking for the running senton, but Hartwell dodges it and Blackheart crashes back-first into the corner. Hartwell takes control, and attempts a cover but only gets a two. Hartwell shoves Shotzi against the ropes then picks her up and hits the Full Nelson Slam. Indi is unable to capitalize on her brief control, and Shotzi escapes. Shotzi slams Indi face-first into the corner, then sends her into another and strikes her. Shotzi throws Indi to her knees in the corner, draped over the middle turnbuckle, then runs back and hits the running senton! Indi rolls to the apron, and Shotzi hits a running dropkick to drop Indi at ringside. Candice hops up on the apron and distracts the ref and Shotzi. Gargano slides into the ring and gives Hartwell the trophy. Right as Shotzi turns, Hartwell slams the trophy into Shotzi's gut--right in front of the ref, who loudly exclaims "what are you doing?" and calls for the bell.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Shotzi Blackheart!

After the Match

All four members of the way (Candice LeRae, Austin Theory, Johnny Gargano & Indi Hartwell) get in the ring. Indi beats Shotzi with the trophy a few times, then LeRae hits the Wicked Stepsister.

Video Package: Karrion Kross

We get another video package of Karrion Kross, telling us how he told everyone that he was coming for the NXT championship and would destroy anyone in his way. We see clips of him taking out Damian Priest last week as Kross goes on to tell us that doomsday is coming again for his title. We go to break.

Match: Karrion Kross (w/ Scarlett) vs Desmond Troy

The creepy tune starts up and we see Scarlett, draped in a cloak and hood, facing the large screen. Karrion Kross comes out and the two make their entrance in black and white. Scarlett leads the way down to the ring, through the dry ice-fog that fills the arena. "The End is Here" is shown on the screen. Scarlett gets in the ring and sings "fall and pray" to the theme music. Kross hops in the ring as the music ascends and quickens, and the lights come up. Kross poses over a kneeling Scarlett.
Desmond Troy is apparently already at ringside. Kross starts quick, taking Troy from corner to corner and hammering him with forearms. Kross with a big back suplex and awaits Troy to rise. Karrion with a kick to the back of Troy's head, followed up with a Doomsday Saito. Kross locks in the Kross Jacket and Troy taps out in a very, very short match.
Your Winner by Submission, Karrion Kross!

Backstage w/ Mackenzie & Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, then Ever Rise

Scott is asked about his loss to Jake Atlas last week and refusing to shake his hand. Scott says he was frustrated, and he gets frustrated when he loses, especially to someone "like Jake Atlas." He passive aggressively insults Atlas and tells Mackenzie that he's got a match next week against Atlas to settle things. As he leaves, Ever Rise shows up. They tell her that technically they didn't lose last week and talked to William Regal to make sure it's not on the record book as a loss. They then say they're undefeated and coming for Goldberg. Mackenzie asks them if they're saying they want a rematch, and Chase threatens to take a swing at Mackenzie. They eventually leave, and Mackenzie tells us she's got nothing to add to it.

New Year's Evil Host

We see Lumis on his perch, drawing on the tablet and the iPad screen is projected to the nearby tron screen. We find out that Lumis will be the host of New Year's Evil, as he's drawn a picture of himself and "New Year's Evil" with the word "host" scribbled beneath his visage. We go to break.

Video Promo: Finn

Finn tells us that on January 6th, it's not Finn versus Kyle O'Reilly. It's "Finn versus Kyle O'Reilly, the end." Okay.

Main Event Match: Toni Storm vs Rhea Ripley

Toni Storm comes out first to boo's. Rhea strides out, full of confidence and eager to get a measure of revenge against her long-time rival. The bell rings and we waste no time getting to it. Both women spend the first two minutes with grapples and counter moves as they're very familiar with each other. Toni Storm breaks up the sequence by raking Rhea's back, which only upsets Ripley. Ripley slugs Storm down. Rhea with a series of clotheslines, pulling Storm back up and into it. Storm attempts to escape to the ringside but Rhea grabs her, only to be dumped out by Storm. Ripley rubs the back of her head and climbs onto the apron. Storm is quick to attack Ripley, dumping her hard to the ringside. We go to break.
Back from the break. Toni Storm is in control, a headlock on Ripley. Ripley tries to power out. Storm eats a side kick from Ripley. Ripley with a series of knee strikes that leave Storm reeling, seated, and vulnerable to an absolutely beautiful basement dropkick from Ripley! Ripley covers but only picks up two. Ripley sets up Storm in the pump-handle position, looking for the Riptide, but Storm has it scouted and escapes. Storm and Rhea collide with each going for a a massive headbutt that drops both women and the crowd chants "NXT!" over and over. The ref begins to count but both women get to their feet by eight. Storm with a running club, but Ripley answers back with her own. Both women go off the ropes and Ripley sidesteps Storm, then hits a big kick and covers for another two. Ripley is rubbing her head. Ripley stomps on Storm, then pulls her up in an inverted cloverleaf as we're now running past our allotted time. Ripley lifts Storm up impressively in that inverted cloverleaf. Storm escapes and hits a German Suplex on Ripley, getting a close two. Storm sends Ripley into the corner. Storm grabs Ripley by the head and tosses her across the ring and into an opposite corner, then charges the corner. Ripley moves and drops Storm face-first onto the top turnbuckle, covering for a close two. Ripley is visibly upset and continues to rub her head. Ripley rises and leaps in the air to hit a leg drop, then executes a second and third leg drop! She wraps the leg but only gets a two.
Storm gets to the apron. Raquel Gonzalez shows up at ringside. Ripley runs into Storm and sends her flying into Gonzalez, who falls over the barricade. Ripley exits the ring and sends Storm in, eying Gonzalez before heading back into the ring. Ripley gets on the apron but as the ref is distracted while checking on Storm, Gonzalez grabs Ripley off the apron and lawn darts her into the ring post! Storm quickly recovers and nails the Storm Zero, picking up the win!
Your Winner, Toni Storm!

In Closing

Six matches tonight in a very strong episode of NXT. The Dunne/O'Reilly match was lengthy but very entertaining, as was the Ciampa/Rust match (surprisingly). Don't forget that Smackdown airs on FS1 this Friday in what's being hailed as a special edition of Smackdown. Y'all be safe, stay warm (or cool, you Aussies and Kiwis) and we'll see you all back Friday night for Smackdown! Also: The Disqus comment system is undergoing maintenance, again, on a Wednesday but that's out of our control. Sorry, chaps! I'll assume you were all cheering for NXT as the superior show over AEW!

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