WWE NXT Live Results (12/2/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome one and all to Rajah.com's live NXT results! With your live play-by-play results is the Rajah-exclusive, the one and only, the Franchise reporter, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. This is the final NXT before NXT TakeOver: WarGames, which airs live on the WWE Network this Sunday! We'll have live results of that here on Rajah.com

So far, what's been announced for tonight: Shotzi Blackheart will square off with Raquel González to determine which team gets the advantage in the Women's WarGames match. And that's it as of the time of this writing! Ten minutes before broadcast, we've been notified that Pat McAfee will be live!

That one whole match, and much more, tonight!

WWE NXT Live Results (12/2/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Show Opener

We open on our entire active NXT roster, standing solemnly along with Triple H as the crowd claps. Above them, an In Memory of Pat Patterson, 1941-2020 is shown. We get a wonderful, truly wonderful video package showcasing Pat Patterson's career in ring and out to the tune of Frank Sinatra's "My Way," including a clip of Pat singing it himself. Very well done. We see him interacting with every big name in WWF/WWE wrestling over the decades. Afterwards, we return to the roster at the top of the ramp. HBK is with them as well. The crowd begins a "thank you, Pat!" chant as we get black and white photographs of him, throughout his career, on the LED above the fans. We hit the intro music and get things under way!

Tag Team Match: Damian Priest & Leon Ruff vs Legado del Fantasma

Damian comes out first, and Johnny Gargano is on commentary for this match. He'll be facing both men in a triple threat match in a few days. We see backstage, earlier today, when Priest got into a verbal and physical altercation with Legado del Fantasma, setting up this match. Santos Escobar and Raul Mendoza march straight to the ring and get in, ready to spar. Leon tells Damian that he wants to start the match, yelling "c'mon, let me do it!" Ruff starts off with Santos Escobar.
Ruff and Escobar spar briefly before Raul Mendoza is tagged in. Mendoza and Ruff lock it up, and Mendoza sends ruff into the corner. Ruff rebounds off the ropes and hits a dropkick that takes down Mendoza. Raul tags Santos back in, and Escobar hits a jumping knee to the chin of Ruff. Ruff tags in Priest, who smirks at Escobar. Escobar tags in Raul Mendoza, wanting nothing to do with Priest. Raul attempts to use his quickness to gain an upper hand but as Wade Barret points out, when power fights speed, power wins out. Priest sends Mendoza outside and begins to strike him around the ring. Priest sends Mendoza into the barricade, then rolls in and back out of the ring to break the count. Priest hits a huge Hulk clap from behind, smacking Raul's ears hard, and then nails a wicked high kick to the head. Priest notices someone in the audience dressed as Ghostface, so he sends Raul into the ring and moves closer to investigate. Escobar is tagged in and attacks Priest outside. The fight goes back inside, and Raul comes back in. Raul with several clubbing blows to drop the big man to his knees. Legado executing a quick tag plan as Escobar is tagged right back in. Escobar rains elbows down on Priest, then tags in Raul. Mendoza takes down the big man and hits a springboard senton, covering for two. Raul with clubbing blows to Priest's back--until Priest picks him up and rams him into the corner! Unfortunately, it was the Legado corner. Escobar is tagged back in and beats Priest down in the corner, then kicks him as he rolls around the ring. Escobar begins to focus on Priest's right knee, all while mocking Ruff. Escobar locks in a calf-knee crusher.
Escobar tags in Mendoza, who runs in and hits a splash in the corner. Escobar makes the blind tag. Mendoza goes for another splash but Priest grabs him by the throat, blocking it, only to be blindsided by Escobar. Escobar attempts a cover and gets a near fall. Escobar pummels Priest with kicks and knees to the back, and continues to work on Priest's right knee, utilizing strikes and wear-down moves to weaken it. Priest starts to throw elbows, trying to fight out of it. Escobar hits a standing elbow drop then drags Priest back and tags in Mendoza. Raul mounts Priest and seems to struggle to hold his hand. Priest kicks him off. Raul comes right back in, chopping down Priest twice. Mendoza punches Priest, then runs to the ropes and rebounds. Priest counters, using Mendoza's momentum to take him down. Leon Ruff is bouncing on the apron, excitedly begging Priest to tag him in while Mendoza tags in Escobar. Priest hesitates, but does it. Ruff comes in blitzkrieg fast, delivering a beautiful dropkick that sends Mendoza down. He quickly rushes to Escobar and battles him, using his speed and fast strikes to give the Cruiserweight champion trouble! Escobar makes a blind tag to Mendoza. Ruff manages to escape and dives across the ring to tag in Damian Priest. Ruff's really good at the "hot tag dive." Priest comes in and hits the Arrow in the corner. Priest isolates Mendoza, sending Escobar down hard. Priest quickly sets up for it and hits the Reckoning (a rolling cutter). Ruff reaches across the ropes to tag himself in, then climbs up top and flies as high as Montez Ford, landing the frogsplash and picking up the win.
Your Winners, Damian Priest & Leon Ruff!

After the match

Priest smiles and claps Ruff on the back as the two future opponents get along fine. Priest and Gargano exchange words.

Team Shotzi Promo

We see Shotzi wearing goggles and working in the same shop as last week. This time, Rhea and Ember are with her. Rhea has a covered item, and when Shotzi asks what it is, Rhea answers that "every war machine needs and engine." (Paraphrasing) And seriously, really loving Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" as the theme this year. Love that song.

Video Package: Men's WarGames

We next get a video showcasing the buildup between Adam Cole and Pat McAfee. We also get clips of the Undisputed Era in past WarGames, shots of them in a limo talking about the last few weeks being a bit rough for the UE, and Dunne's win over Kyle O'Reilly last week (with some assistance) to gain Team McAfee the advantage. We next see the limo arrive, and all four members of the UE are dressed in sharp suits. We cut inside a noisy restaurant, where they're discussing the match. They've never had to fight from underneath, Strong says, and KOR says it's best to reflect on what got them there. Fish says that he's reflected long enough, and it's time to whip somebody's ass. The video wraps up, promoting the WarGames ring and match.

Backstage Interview: Team Candice LeRae

Toni Storm, Dakota Kai, Raquel Gonzalez are backstage with Mackenzie, who asks them about their WarGames match. Candice laughs it off, stating that she's got strength, smarts, speed, and everything they need to win. They mock Shotzi's tank.

Match: Cameron Grimes vs August Grey

When we return to the ring, Cameron Grimes is on the way out and August Grey is already in the ring. Vic Joseph and Beth Phoenix talk about Grimes' running from Dexter Lumis. Grimes pulls a leather strap out of the bag and lays it across a turnbuckle. He's facing Lumis in a Strap Match this weekend. Grimes starts things off hot, whipping him into the corner. Grimes with a running knee and a devastatingly hard Irish Whip that sends August bouncing off the turnbuckle and across the ring. Grimes' arrogance gives Grey a chance to fight back. Grey with a hard right. Grey goes up top and flies off, landing on Grimes and rolling him up for a two. Grimes attempts a scoop slam; Grimes sends Grey into the ropes and hits the Caveman to end a quick, but good, match.
Your Winner, Cameron Grimes!

After the Match

Grimes talks into the camera, mocking Dexter Lumis. He uses the strap to yank August Grey over and hits him with it. Grimes laughs and mocks Lumis in the ring, holding one end of the strap--and completely unaware that Dexter Lumis has crawled into the ring behind him! When Grimes turns, he's startled and drops the strap. Lumis uses it to whip Grimes a few times before Grimes flees up the ramp and we go to break.

Match: Jake Atlas vs Tony Nese

We return from break and find out that Tony Nese actually is alive. The bell rings and both men clash. Atlas is fired up, dedicating this match to the late Patterson. Former Cruiserweight champ Tony Nese is off balance as Atlas springboards off the ropes, drops Nese with a dropkick. Nese is sent outside hard and Atlas follows it up as Wade Barret compliments his new-found aggression. Atlas goes up top but Nese hits a huge open-palm slap. In the back we see that Pat McAfee has arrived with his three stooges. They've entered the building. But back to the match. Nese uses a working hold on Atlas, then hits a quick suplex for a two count. Nese pulls up Atlas and repeatedly knee strikes him. Nese puts Atlas in a form of the Torture Rack! Atlas finally wiggles free. Atlas with two punches. Nese comes off the ropes, wraps up with Atlas, and takes a clothesline that takes the former champ down! Atlas with German Suplex and a forearm and a very close two count. Atlas begins to slap his own face, psyching himself up. Atlas pulls up Nese, but Nese quickly gets to the ropes, forcing the rope break. Atlas comes in close and Nese hits Atlas right under the jaw. Nese yells at Atlas, grabs him by the head, runs towards the rope and dives over, pulling Atlas' head and dropping his neck on the rope as Nese hits the floor! Nese with a suplex and a take down and a close two count. Nese is frustrated and stomps Atlas into the corner. Nese runs back, looking for his signature running boot strike, but Atlas moves. Atlas nails Nese, staggering the former champ, then heads up top and flies off, taking Nese down again and scoring the pin fall!
Your Winner, Jake Atlas!

After the Match: Mackenzie Interviews Jake Atlas

Mackenzie asks Atlas how it feels to defeat a former champ. He plugs himself and his momentum, and says that while he's not the Cruiserweight champion yet, he's going to pick himself back up and go after Santos Escobar.

Promo: WarGames

We get a simple promo explaining what WarGames is. Two fighters start in the ring. After five minutes, the team with the advantage will have the first member of their team released. Thereafter, every three minutes sees alternating members released for each team.

In the Ring: Pat McAfee, Pete Dunne, Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan

Pat gets on the mic and immediately yells "Shut up, Vic Joseph" and mocks him. He then says that he wants to pay respect for Pat Patterson, a great...but on the other end of the spectrum, he has no respect for the IWC, the fans, and especially the Undisputed Era. He says that earlier we were forced to watch a night out with the Undisputed Era. "As expected, it was the lamest night I've ever seen out on the town in my entire life. Rented tuxedoes that didn't fit, drinking box wine in glasses in a low-level paissano pizza shop." You really should watch his promos, he's great on the mic. He goes on to say that his team was put together with money, lots of money. But with greatness, you have to invest. He tells us that he gave a Mercedes to a man who's not even here. He says that he's talking about more money than these losers (the fans) will make in an entire lifetime, combined. McAfee says they have run this place since he got there. He points out that Pete Dunne beat the hell out of Kyle O'Reilly last week to give them the advantage. He claims he's not the masked man who helped Dunne win, and points out the difference in body shapes. McAfee claims that this will be the biggest ppv in wrestling history when they take on the Undisputed Era. He asks his team if there's any ounce of fear of the Undisputed Era, and Lorcan/Burch yell "hell no!" He calls Lorcan & Burch the absolute best. "Now you sitting at home, this is what I want you to do...when you're sitting in your tiny little basement in your dumb mom's house, I want you to visualize what it's like to be the Undisputed Era." He wants the fans to feel every punch, kick, steel chair, kendo stick, etc--he wants fans to feel every single part of it. He says that when the fans tune in, fans want to see him get ripped limb from limb, but this Sunday--two rings, two cages, two teams. He says that his boys broke the Undisputed Era. Pete Dunne walks up and says "this Sunday, we end the Undisputed Era." Pat says that their victory isn't undisputed, it's a promise. He tells the crowd that they all suck and drops his mic. He then gets in the camera and yells that the fans suck.

Promo: Grizzled Young Veterans

Vic Joseph explains that the GYV are back in NXT. We see clips from their matches in NXT and NXT UK. We're told that they'll be up next!

Promo: Xia Lee, Boa, and the "master"

We see this unnamed sensei or "master" person yelling at his two pupils to duck their heads under water, over and over and over again. Finally they come out, dressed, and kneel at his feet. He has them stand and they bow low to him. Xia Lee and Boa seem completely under his command.

Match: Ever-Rise Imperium vs Grizzled Young Veterans

Imperium show up, sans Walter, and yell at the Grizzled Young Veterans. They say they're back to put the division in its place, same for the GYV. It appears Ever-Rise won't be in this match. Fabian Aichner starts things off with Gibson, locking in a headlock, then sending Gibson into the ropes and nailing him with a kick. Aichner strong Irish Whips Gibson towards a corner but his partner, James Drake, runs over and puts his body slightly between Gibson and the corner to protect his partner. Drake makes the tag in. Marcel Bartel is in and uses his technical prowess to take James Drake down. Bartel with a quick tack to Aichner. Aichner and James Drake begin to slug it out, but Aichner takes control and stomps James Drake down into the corner. Aichner lifts Drake and attempts a suplex, but Drake wiggles out and floats over. Aichner quickly grabs Drake before he can tag in Gibson. Again, Aichner goes for a suplex and again, Drake wiggles out. Gibson slaps Drake's back to make the blind tag. Drake takes down Aichner, then clocks Bartel off the apron. Gibson runs off the ropes, rebounding and coming at Aichner. Aichner showcases his strength by catching Gibson and slamming him down. They do an impressive sequence of arm locks, each looking for a hip toss, and both men spill out the ring. Their partners run up and the ref exits the ring, trying to regain control as we go to break.
We return from the break and James Drake & Gibson are double teaming Aichner. The ref makes James Drake exit. Gibson drops an elbow across the back of AIchner's head, then tags in Drake. Drake takes down Aichner and covers, getting a two. Gibson is tagged back in. He pulls up Aichner and lands a fist. He pulls him up again, but Aichner hits a quick suplex. Gibson is tagged in. Aichner catapults Gibson into the Imperium corner, and Bartel tags in. Gibson's head is hanging out the ropes. Aichner runs along the side of the ring as Bartel runs across the ring and both men drop kick Gibson. Bartel whips Aichner into another corner. Step up enziguri by Bartel, staggering Gibson into the corner. Gibson attempts to fight but Bartel takes him down. Bartel goes up top, standing perfectly on the top turnbuckle and posing Imperium-style, then dives off--only to get punched in the throat by Gibson! James Drake is still down at ringside, and Gibson can't make a tag. Bartel tags in Aichner, and Imperium take advantage of the five-count, hitting a series of double team moves. Aichner attempts a pin but gets nothing. Aichner goes up top and dives off for the cross body, but Gibson gets his knees up! Gibson makes the tag to James Drake. Drake and Aichner clash, winding up in a corner. Drake fights Aichner on the top, then shoves him off. Drake turns to the ring, ready to fly when Bartel comes up from behind as the ref is distracted and shoves him off! Aichner catches Drake as he falls, and slams him down! Imperium takes control briefly before Drake gets some backup from Gibson. Gibson and Bartel grapple at ring side. Drake knocks down Aichner then heads outside to help his partner. Aichner goes for a tag and realizes Bartel's not there. Aichner charges across the ring, diving out and onto all three men! Without warning, Ever-Rise hit the ring side area and attack Imperium and the Grizzled Young Veterans, causing the match to end. Ever-Rise yells at both teams, telling them not to mess with Ever-Rise. They then realize all four men are coming their way and flee up the ramp as we go to break.
Your Winner: No Contest (Double DQ))

During the Commercial

Mackenzie tries to get Ever-Rise to comment on tonight. They keep walking, talking trash about "they gotta learn." They get in their car and drive off.

Thatcher's Thatch-Can

Thatcher has a student in the ring and complains about distractions. When he turns around, Tommaso Ciampa is behind him! The crowd goes wild. Thatcher tells Ciampa that he doesn't have a problem with Ciampa, and that he's trying to teach here. Ciampa says hes not here to learn, he's here to teach. Ciampa calls Thatcher a huge disappointment. Thatcher claims "I don't want any trouble, I don't want any trouble," then immediately hits a wrestling takedown on Thatcher! Ciampa gets the upper hand quick, beating down Ciampa until Thatcher's student attacks him. Thatcher and his student beat on Ciampa, taking it outside. Thatcher throws Ciampa into the barricade then takes him back into the ring. He locks CIampa in a side sleeper and puts Ciampa out. Thatcher smirks as he leaves the ring, and grins big as he goes up the ramp and watches Ciampa roll in pain in the ring.

Backstage w/ Mackenzie & Timothy Thatcher

Mackenzie asks Thatcher if he and his student set Ciampa up. Thatcher claims he didn't know Ciampa would show up, but he taught him a lesson and will again at TakeOver when they fight.

Main Event Ladder Women's WarGames Advantage Ladder Match: Shotzi Blackheart vs Raquel Gonzalez

After that long match name, we see Raquel Gonzalez in the ring. Shotzi comes out, fired up and ready to fight. Both women charge each other. Shotzi ducks a clothesline, then comes in with chops and kicks to Gonzalez's leg. Shotzi runs and leaps at Raquel, but Gonzalez catches her. Raquel yells "you think you're gonna win WarGames?" and slams Shotzi down. Shotzi again charges Gonzalez, who catches Shotzi and drapes her over her right shoulder, twisting her back. She drops Shotzi, who rolls to the apron. Raquel comes over and knocks Shotzi hard off the apron. Raquel sets up a ladder at ring side. Shotzi comes up from behind, attacking her. Shotzi looks at Raquel, then the ladder, and heads into the ring. Shotzi runs the ropes, hitting a diving baseball kick to the ladder and knocking it into Raquel!
Gonzalez recovers fast and slams Shotzi into the fallen ladder. Gonzalez sets up another ladder outside. Shozi runs up and jumps on Raquel's back, and attempts to lock in a sleeper hold. Raquel Gonzalez climbs up the stairs and along the apron, Shotzi on her back, and runs back into the ring post to knock Shotzi off. Shotzi gets her second wind and dodges a running big boot from Gonzalez, whose leg briefly is stuck in the ladder. Shotzi chops down Raquel. Shotzi climbs up the barricade and moonsaults off of it, landing hard on Raquel and the steel steps, paying homage to Jeff Hardy. We see Rhea Ripley and Ember Moon--the other two announced members of Team Blackheart--cheering their teammate on. We still don't know who the fourth member will be (it won't be Sting, apparently. We go to break.
We return from break with Raquel on the apron. Shotzi runs over and strikes her. Barret mentions the mystery fourth member, and speculates that no woman in the NXT locker room wants to join their team and deal with Team LeRae. Outside the ring, both women are down and slow to their feet after Shotzi attempted to springboard off the apron. Raquel sends Shotzi face-first into the apron, then drops her on the floor. Gonzalez enters the ring and eyes the briefcase, setting up a ladder beneath it. Gonzalez climbs the ladder and touches the briefcase. Shotzi quickly enters the ring and runs up the ladder. Shotzi grabs the left arm of Raquel, pulling it through the ladder repeatedly. Gonzalez shoves Shotzi off, and falls off as well. Shotzi's grabbing her right ankle. Shotzi climbs the ladder but Gonzalez yanks her off. Gonzalez quickly tries to climb and Shotzi yanks her off! Gonzalez shoves Shotzi and tries to climb yet again, but this time Shotzi shoves the ladder over!
Shotzi sets a ladder up in the corner, across the middle ropes. Raquel comes over to attack Shotzi. Blackheart sends Raquel against the ladder, backs up then hits a shotgun dropkick right into the small of Gonzalez's back, shoving her hard through the ladder. Raquel is out on the floor and slowly gets to her feet. Shotzi goes up top and dives off, landing on Raquel hard on the floor, with a sick thud sound. We cut to the platform near the ring where apparently Team LeRae was restrained and...couldn't get down? Indi Hartwell comes over and pushes a stair or ladder so that they can get down. Team LeRae hits the ringside area, attempting to attack Shotzi. Rhea Ripley comes down to help but the numbers aren't in their favor. Ember Moon and Ripley try their best. In the ring, Shotzi hits a god-damned beautiful clothesline that would impress JBL. Raquel Gonzalez is alone in the ring! Gonzalez climbs the ring, reaching for the case--when Io Shirai springboards off the top rope and into the ring, landing Gonzalez's back! Shirai takes Raquel out of the ring, then runs up the corner and dives off, landing on the crowd of all the woman brawling at ringside! Everyone's down but Shotzi! Blackheart climbs the ladder and gets the briefcase!
Your Winner, Shotzi Blackheart! Team Blackheart gains the Women's WarGame Advantage!

After the Match

Vic Joseph informs us that the mystery partner for Team Blackheart is NXT Women's Champion, Io Shirai!

In Closing

And there you have it--we're all set for WarGames this weekend! This was a very strong show and the main event featured some sick spots. Very hyped up for WarGames! Thank you all for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you all on Twitter, in the comments below, and again for Friday Night Smackdown. Be chill, pay it forward, and stay safe out there!

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