WWE NXT Live Results (12/23/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome one and all to NXT! Your host tonight, as always, is Rajah's Franchise reporter, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. Our official preview is full of information for tonight's show!

We know we'll see The Way present "A Very Gargano Christmas," and we'll see Kyle O'Reilly and Finn Bálor revisit their brutal match from TakeOver 31 as both men prepare to face each other for the NXT Championship at New Year's Evil in just two weeks! Rhea Ripley will take on Dakota Kai and I'm sure we can expect Kai's bestie Raquel Gonzalez to come after Rhea yet again. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott will have a rematch against Jake Atlas in an effort to redeem himself after losing to Atlas a few weeks back, and "The Colossas" Bronson Reed will return to action--and maybe we're done with that "Thicc Boi" nickname! Also, Killian Dane & Drake Maverick will face NXT Tag Team Champions Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch in a Street Fight championship match! Will they be forced to tag in like this past Monday's street fight? Or will they be allowed to have at it?

We find out all this, and more, tonight on NXT!

WWE NXT Live Results (12/23/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Street Fight Tag Team Championship Match: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch(c) vs Killian Dane & Drake Maverick

We start our program immediately with our title match for the night. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch come out first, but are ambushed by Dane & Drake! Dane and Drake beat the champions around the ring as the bell's rung and this street fight is under way. Dain & Drake set up at able and get a steel chair, but this enables the tag champs to take control. Burch and Lorcan isolate Killian Dain in their corner, and apparently we're now following tag formats. Burch and Lorcan set up two chairs in the middle of the ring and attempt to drop Dain on it. Dain backdrops Lorcan onto them and takes out Burch with a big clothesline! Maverick hits the ring and both Dain and Maverick attack our tag champs--and not tagging is okay now apparently. Dain scoop slams Burch, then picks up his own partner Drake Maverick and scoop slams him on top of Burch. Dain then picks up Maverick and uses him as a battering ram. Order is somewhat restored and Drake is tagged in. Drake and Dain double team Lorcan as his partner, Burch, lays just feet away. Drake approaches a rising Burch but is sucker punched in the gut. Drake sets up a chair in the corner but Burch catches him with a surprise lariat. Outside the ring, Killian Dain and Oney Lorcan clash. Lorcan takes down Dain as Burch takes down Drake and all four men are down. Slowly they make their way to their feet. Burch whips Drake into the ropes and hits the drop toe-hold, dropping Maverick face-first onto the steel chair. Burch and Lorcan both gang up on Dain as Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett comment that they're attempting to isolate the big man, Killian Dain. Oney Lorcan attempts to suplex Dain but can't get him up. Lorcan throws chops and Dain hits a running kick. Dain charges Lorcan, who dodges and Dain goes through a table leaning against the barricade as we go to break!
When we return from the break, we find Lorcan standing over a fallen Drake Maverick. He has Drake's belt in hand and smacks Drake hard across the back. Drake leans against the ropes and screams in pain. His partner, Dain, is down at ring side. Lorcan brings in Burch and gives him the belt, and he smacks Drake with it, too. Beth Phoenix comments this is hard to watch. Burch yells something that sounds like "release the chaos banana!" then smacks Drake again. Burch & Lorcan double Irish whip Drake hard into the corner, then they yell at Drake and the crowd, taunting, asking where his partner is. They double team him again, this time hitting a double chop. They double Irish whip him into the corner again, then Burch yells that they're the greatest NXT tag team and greatest NXT tag team champions. Behind them, Killian Dain gets on the apron and tags himself in! The ref loudly exclaims "tag!" and they turn just in time to be run over by Dain! Dain drops them both. Dain sends them into opposite corners and runs from one to the other, splashing them repeatedly. Dain whips Burch hard into Lorcan, then stomps Lorcan away in the corner. Burch attempts to fight Dain off his partner, only to take a powerbomb for his efforts! Dain tags Maverick in. Dain reaches over the ropes and picks up Lorcan in a fireman's carry, but Burch saves his partner and both of the tag team champs send Dain down hard to the floor. Again in the ring, Lorcan and Burch circle Drake like wolves. They use his belt to smack him again. Lorcan taunts Dain, pulling him up to his knees and yelling smack in his face. Drake his a big uppercut low-blow! Burch comes in and gets a low-blow, too! Maverick gets his belt back and begins beating both men with the belt! Maverick repeatedly beats the shit out of Burch with the belt! Maverick moves to Lorcan, who's positioned in a corner, and smacks him right across the face! That had to hurt. Maverick paces then comes back to Lorcan, who catches him with a cheap shot. Burch recovers and comes in with a two-by-four, and hits Maverick like a cricket bat. Lorcan and Burch drop Maverick with it, then cover and pick up the win! After the match, Dain drags Maverick out of the ring and helps carry his partner to the back.
Your Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan!

A Very Gargano Christmas

We see Johnny and Candice decorating their tree with little Gargano Christmas ornaments as Gargano pretends to play the piano while Candice hangs stockings for herself, her husband, Austin Theory and Indi Hartwell. Gargano gets up and get a camcorder that shows the date, battery, and "REC" symbols on it. He asks her about it. Candice says that it's their first Christmas as a family and no one can ruin it. Austin Theory goes to eat a cookie and exclaims "no way, Jose!" Gargano chastises him and says "we don't say that name in this house! Jose, no way do we say Jose!" He then has Austin put down the cookie. Gargano stands around with his camcorder as Austin opens his present. It's a big jug of why protein powder and Gargano tells him that with it, he can be as good as Gargano in the ring. We go to break.

TakeOver 31: Finn Bálor vs Kyle O'Reilly, Reflecting Back

We return and have a video package that shows highlights of the brutal battle between Finn and Kyle at TakeOver 31, a bout that left both men with injuries and sidelined the NXT champion for over a month. O'Reilly and Bálor both are shown watching the match, separately, on a tv and give commentary on the match. They highlight that nothing was easy in the match, and it was a struggle. Bálor says that the moment of truth came, and we saw where Bálor hammered KOR with several kicks. Bálor says that he's going to make KOR hurt when they fight in two weeks at New Year's Evil, and KOR says that if he were Bálor, he'd do the same thing. We then see the "moment that stole the show" where KOR hit a running knee to Bálor in the corner--the knee strike that left Bálor with a broken jaw and three metal plates in it. Bálor says that all people remember is that KOR broke Bálor's jaw. Bálor says that KOR's already had a lucky break. KOR says taht the first time they fought, he shattered Bálor's jaw but at New Year's Evil, he'll shatter his legacy. Throughout their comments, they show each other respect amidst their bravado and machismo.

Backstage w/ Tyler Rust, Malcolm Bivens & Mackenzie

The interviewer asks about Tyler Rust's debut last week. Malcolm Bivens tells us that Tyler Rust isn't a rookie, he's a "diamond in the Rust." We're told that he's been signed by Malcolm Bivens. Maybe we'll see a Bivens' signings vs Robert Stone Brand match someday?

Match: Isaiah "Swerve" Scott vs Jake Atlas

We cut back to the ring and Swerve comes out with a new entrance and robe, as Atlas is already in the ring. They waste no time in ringing the bell and getting things started! Both men lock up and push back into the corner; the ref breaks it up. Both men spend the first minute and a half of the match grappling for power. Swerve takes a big swing and misses; Atlas counters with a kick to the face of Swerve. Swerve snaps and fights Atlas into the corner, aggressively beating him down into the corner until the ref breaks it up. Swerve backs up and talks smack to Atlas. Atlas comes out kicking, but his kicks seem to have no effect on Swerve. Swerve takes Atlas down and grapples for position. Atlas and Swerve move-and-counter-move. Swerve gets Atlas down and attempts to stomp him again, but Atlas catches the foot and shoves him off. Swerve is sent to the outside. Swerve comes back in and takes down Atlas, who again kicks Swerve off and sends him outside. Swerve hops up on the apron right as Jake Atlas runs to the corner, leaps off and hits a flying Enziguri to knock Swerve to the ringside floor! Swerve moves to the timekeeper's area, rubbing his jaw and composing himself as we go to break!
Back from the break and we find both men battling it out in the middle of the ring. Swerve has Atlas' left foot and refuses to let go as they hop back into the corner. Atlas shoves Swerve back and runs out the corner, sliding around Swerve's back to hit a form of a sit-out powerbomb. Atlas hits a stunner to drop Swerve! Atlas goes up top but Swerve catches him and sends him off the top and to the outside. Swerve takes Atlas back into the ring. Swerve with a tilt-a-whirl followed by a suplex and covers for a close two! Swerve grabs Scott by the tights and hair and pulls him to his feet as the ref warns him. Swerve sends Atlas face-first into the top turnbuckle, then stands on the middle rope behind him and cranks his neck. Swerve hoists Atlas up to the top turnbuckle and comes up behind him. Swerve attemts to lock in a Full Nelson but Atlas throws a back elbow to stun Swerve, then tumbles to the apron. Atlas runs along the apron and hits a punt kick to stun Swerve again! Atlas goes up top and hits a beautiful hurricanrana off the top--but Swerve rolls through and lands on his feet on the other side of the ring! Both men stare each other than then clash. Both men lock up and grapple down to the mat, and both men attempt to roll the other up for the win but neither gets beyond a two. Swerve wraps up Atlas; Atlas with the standing switch. Swerve gets loose and hits the Confidence Boost! Swerve covers for the win!
Your Winner, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott!

After the Match

Swerve celebrates, taunting Atlas as Beth Phoenix points out his arrogance. Swerve approaches Atlas and sarcastically offers him a hand up, but Atlas rolls out the ring and yells at Swerve as he heads up the ramp.

Backstage w/ Mackenzie & Adam Cole and Roderick Strong

Mackenzie asks them about Kyle O'Reilly. Cole and Strong both praise their teammate and are proud of his opportunity. Velveteen Dream walks up and says "oh, how the mighty have fallen!" He then mocks the Undisputed Era, insinuating that they've fallen from grace. Dream says that Kyle O'Reilly is the leader of the Undisputed Era, so Adam Cole bitch slaps Velveteen, dropping him to his knees. He then tells Dream that the UE has no leader, they work together, and he's happy to destroy the Dream in the ring to remind him that the Undisputed Era is still top-dog in NXT. He then calls Dream a name (idiot or ignoramus) and walks off as we go to break.

Backstage Promo: Timothy Thatcher

Thatcher reminds us that Tommaso Ciampa sought him out and told him to his face that he wanted to fight him, and he respects that. He says that Ciampa tried to take his ear, and he tried to take Ciampa's career. He says that they aren't through yet, and when he came down to challenge Ciampa, Thatcher was dragged out of the arena. Thatcher says that he's going to "take liberties with Leon Ruff" and if Ciampa is the man he says he is, he'll stop Thatcher from making an example of Ruff later tonight. He then states that now he wants to fight Ciampa.

Match: Rhea Ripley vs Dakota Kai

Rhea Ripley makes her way out with modified ring gear. Ripley makes her way slowly to the ring, smiling and with an awesome shade of black lipstick (hey, I appreciate makeup artists). Ripley gets in the ring and poses as our commentary team tell us how angry she is, despite smiling, and that this is an old rivalry renewed. Out next comes Dakota Kai and we're reminded that this is her first match since TakeOver WarGames a whole two weeks or so ago. Our announcers remind us that Rhea Ripley is both a former NXT UK Women's Champion (their first, I believe) but also a former NXT Women's Champion. The bell rings and we start things off.
Ripley backs Kai up into the corner but the ref warns her off. Ripley backs up then goes for Kai, but Kai ducks under. Barrett points out the rivalry between neighboring countries, Australia (Ripley) and New Zealand (Kai). (Just my opinion, but kiwis > Aussies) Rhea showcases her pure power by whipping Kai around the ring and sending to the outside. Ripley follows outside as Kai gets up on the apron. Ripley steps up between her legs and picks her up in the Electric Chair but Kai escapes. Kai with a strike, then sends Ripley hard into the ring post. Ripley rolls around, screaming in pain and favoring her left arm. We go to picture-in-picture break. Ripley rolls in and Kai stomps her, then attempts a cover and only gets a two. Kai then works the left arm of Ripley, trying to capitalize on the damage done earlier. Ripley attempts to escape but Kai takes her down to the mat and continues to work the arm. Kai drops Ripley by her arm and covers but only gets a two again. Kai pulls Ripley up and throws her into the corner, bouncing Ripley off. Kai takes Ripley back to the corner and drapes her left arm over the top rope, then pulls it from below until the ref warns her about using the ropes as a weapon. Kai kicks Rhea, and attempts another cover, getting a two yet again. Ripley throws a kick as Kai rises, and Kai fires back with Team Kick. Kai with two sharp kicks followed by an axe kick, keeping Ripley grounded. Kai holds the left arm down to the mat and yanks it then drops down on it. Kai transitions to an arm hold but Ripley powers to her feet and rolls Kai up for a close two! Both women break and roll to their feet. Ripley charges in but Kai hits a leaping face kick to drop Ripley, then goes back to working on the left arm of Ripley, attempting to lock in a Fuijiwara arm bar as we return from break.
Kai continues to wear down Ripley, focusing on the left arm. Ripley gets her footing but Kai refuses to release the arm bar, so Ripley lifts her up for a one-armed powerbomb, breaking the hold! Kai recovers and Ripley grabs her by the head, then throws several knees to Kai's face. Ripley off the ropes with a dropkick. Kai back up and Ripley drops her back down with a beautiful leaping dropkick. Ripley's still favoring her arm but one-armed belly-to-belly suplexes Kai and covers for a close two! The crowd starts to get firmly behind Rhea Ripley. Ripley is up first and pulls Kai up by the hair; the ref warns her. Kai throws forearms and Ripley throws fists. Kai gets the upper hand by headbutting Ripley, then kicks her right between the eyes. Ripley stumbles back to the corner. Kai charges in with a running kick but Ripley dodges, picks her up and bombs her down, covering for another near fall! Ripley takes too much time getting to her feet, and Kai recovers quick enough to ground Ripley with two runnign kicks. Both women to their feet. Kai runs off the ropes and looks for the running kick but Ripley catches her leg, flips her and locks in the standing inverted Figure Four lock. Kai screams in pain, trying to use her hands to get across the ring to a rope. Raquel Gonzalez comes out and stands on the stage, hands on hips, glaring at Rhea. Kai makes it to the ropes and gets the break. Rhea yells at Gonzalez to come on down as the ref warns her to focus on the ring. Ripley takes Kai up top and attempts to hit the superplex off the top with only one arm, but Kai fights her off. Both women into the ring. Kai hits a running Kai-ropractor and covers for a two! Ripley recovers and goes for the Riptide but Kai locks in a headlock. Ripley wags a finger and slams Kai down, then hits the Riptide and covers for the win!
Your Winner, Rhea Ripley!

After the Match

Raquel Gonzalez makes her way to the ringside. Rhea taunts her, telling her to come on in. Raquel gets on the apron. Several refs and officials try to separate them. Two refs at the ringside yell "not now, girls" over and over. Rhea and Gonzalez talk to each other but we can't hear it, then they collide. Ripley and Gonzalez begin slugging it out as half a dozen refs hit the ring! Ripley and Gonzalez break free and collide, and Ripley breaks free again to attack Gonzalez. Finally more officials hit the ring, and easily eight men restrain Ripley and the same restrain Gonzalez to an opposite corner. Rhea escapes and breaks through the mass of officials and producers and refs, taking down Gonzalez. Officials and trainers break them up again, and Gonzalez glares at Ripley. This feud is far from over.

A Very Gargano Christmas, Part II

Indi Hartwell opens her gift and it's a PlayStation 5! ...but the box is empty. Gargano tells her that the PS5 is his, but he gave her the box because his real gift is better than a PS5. He tells her that he's going to give her the family nickname, and christens her Indi Wrestling. Candice LeRae exclaims that they'll support Indi Wrestling as we end our segment.

Backstage w/ Mackenzie & Toni Storm

Storm's wearing a fur coat and black hat--looks like she hit up a Goodwill frequented by the Village People. She cuts a quick promo about coming for Io Shirai's title, and claims Io is terrified of her. She states she won't stop 'til she's NXT Women's Champion. Up next: Bronson Reed returns!

Another Weird Boa/Xia Li Vignette

Once again we get a video showing Xia Li and Boa being struck and screaming a lot. Wade Barrett comments that Xia Li and Boa are being "turned into warriors" by their mysterious master.

Match: "The Colossal" Bronson Reed vs Ashonte "Thee" Adonis

We return to the ring and they announce "The Colossal" Bronson Reed and he comes out to new music and with a rubber iguana on his jacket. We're reminded that this is Reed's first match in months (really?) and we quickly start this match. Adonis attempts a flurry of fists and strikes but Reed is completely unphased. Adonis comes off the ropes and collides with Reed, falling to the ground. Reed slams down Adonis, hits the standing senton, heads up top and hits the "Tsunami" (diving splash) off the top rope, picking up the win in a quick match. Afterwards he speaks into the camera and says everyone should be afraid.
Your Winner, "the Colossal" Bronson Reed!

Backstage (briefly) w/ Mackenzie and Io Shirai

Mackenzie asks Shirai as she walks backstage if she heard Toni Storm's comment. Io yells to play her music and immediately marches out to the ring, getting a steel chair.

In the Ring: Io Shirai

Shirai gets in the ring and sets up a steel chair, then sits in the ring. She calls out for Toni Storm to come out. Her music plays briefly but Mercedes Martinez attacks Io from behind! Martinez drags the NXT Women's Champion out of the ring and woman-handles her, throwing her into the barricade and tossing her around like a rag doll. Shirai attempts to fight back but Martinez easily shuts it down and throws Shirai into the announcer's table, breaking through the bottom of it. Martinez stands tall as Shirai rolls through the damaged bottom of the desk and under it and we go to break!

A Very Gargano Christmas, Part III

Gargano says taht the last gift is for the love of his life, and he hands a gift to Candice. He says he went out of his way to get it for her. She unwraps it and it's a...wheel from Shotzi Blackheart's tank! Gargano says that everyone knows Gargano hates wheels, but he spent seventeen hours in the dump searching for it to find the last piece of Shotzi's tank. He then gets everyone to pose for a Christmas photo and it, of course, ends up quirky as Austin Theory has been reduced to comic relief duties. Merry Christmas from The Way.

Match: Timothy Thatcher vs Leon Ruff

Ruff and Thatcher are already in the ring. The bell rings and Ruff immediately goes for Thatcher. Thatcher counters and gets Ruff on the mat then rear mounts him and locks in a chin lock. Thatcher begins to pull the jaw and face in different directions and the ref warns him. Thatcher dominates, using sharp elbow strikes to floor Ruff. Ruff attempts some offense with a side headlock. Thatcher sends him into the ropes, and Ruff slides through Thatcher's feet to avoid the counter. Ruff locks in another headlock. Thatcher flips him over his back--but Ruff lands on his feet and immediately hops on Thatcher for another headlock! Thatcher manages to escape and punishes Ruff with knee strikes and working holds to ground the former NXT North American champ. Thatcher locks in a modified abdominal stretch, then twists the neck. Thatcher covers for two. Thatcher delivers two more knees to Ruff's lower back. Ruff struggles to fight back, reaching up and throwing a weak punch. Thatcher easily pulls him up and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Wade Barrett comments that Thatcher can end this whenever he wants. Thatcher slides out the ring, grabs a steel chair and sets it up at the bottom of the ramp. He yells for Ciampa to come on out. When he gets back in the ring, Ruff rolls him up for a two. Ruff fights back with lightning-fast clotheslines and strike.s Ruff uses his athleticism to springboard off the ropes. Thatcher catches him mid-air with a big forearm. Thatcher with a suplex. Thatcher picks Leon Ruff up by one leg; Ruff rolls up Thatcher into an Inside Cradle and picks up the win! Ruff shocks the NXT Universe again!
Your Winner, Leon Ruff!

After the Match

Thatcher is shocked and pissed. Thatcher immediately attacks Ruff and beats him outside the ring. Thatcher sends Ruff back in and climbs up onto the apron. He doesn't see Tommaso Ciampa hit the ring, and Ciampa catches him as he's leaning through the middle and top ropes and hits the spike DDT! Ciampa sits next to Thatcher and yells "You wanna fight?" and challenges him to a fight in the "Fight Pit" at New Year's Evil. Even the announcers don't know what that is.

Promo: Damian Priest

Priest addresses Kross, and states that Kross had to attack him from behind. Now Priest knows he's coming and is looking for him, and will extract his revenge or something to that effect.We go to break.

Promo: Dexter Lumis

We get a short promo showing Dexter Lumis drawing again. He holds up his drawing and it's Rhea Ripley and Raquel Gonzalez, with the words "Last Woman Standing" written on it. As the host of New Year's Evil, it looks like Lumis may be announcing an official match.

Match: Tyler Rust w/ Malcolm Bivens vs Daivari

Rust comes out as our commentary team mentions that Malcolm Bivens could take Tyler Rust to the top and he's on the "fast track in NXT." Okay. Both men lock up right off the bat and spend the first minute grappling. Daivari attempts to work the arm of Rust, but Rust locks in a textbook abdominal stretch. Daivari makes it to the ropes and the ref breaks it. Malcolm Bivens joins the commentary team. In the ring, Daivari and Rust spar, but Rust pulls Daivari up by one arm draped over Rust's shoulder so that Daivari is on Rust's back. Rust leans over then spins around, spinning Daivari around and around by the arm! Rust drops him and continues to attack and work the arm as Bivens continues to coach Rust at ringside. Rust whips Daivari to the opposite corner and charges in, looking for the Kitchen Sink. Daivari dodges and hits a high kick. Daivari hits a neckbreaker on Rust on the apron, then runs off the ropes and hits a running dropkick that knocks Rust off the apron. Daivari heads outside and takes the action back inside the ring. Daivair gets the upper hand and begins to slap Rust across the face. He yells at Rust, calling him a "piece of garbage." Rust fires up angrily and continues to work on Daivari's shoulder. Daivari chops him in the throat. Daivari looks for a suplex but Rust counters. Rust with a high-impact sujplex. Rust locks in a rear double-arm hold, and Daivari is forced to tap!
Your Winner by Submission, Tyler Rust!

Backstage w/ Mackenzie and Leon Ruff

Ruff comes out of the office of William Regal. Mackenzie asks him about his big upset tonight, and Ruff says he's got great news--he gets to challenge Johnny Gargano next week for the North American title! We see the UE walking backstage as well as Velveteen Dream, as Dream and Cole meet in our main event next!

Promo: Karrion Kross

Kross cuts a promo and says that Damian Priest called into question his manhood, and made comments to Scarlett that Kross doesn't appreciate. He says that his end game is the NXT Championship but Priest is a roadblock that Kross can't wait to get to. Scarlett says that they're coming for Mr. Priest, and Kross adds "tick tock!"

Next Week

Leon Ruff will face Johnny Gargano for the NXT North American Championship, and we'll have our NXT Year-End Awards.

Main Event Match: Adam Cole w/ Roderick Strong vs Velveteen Dream

Out first is the Velveteen Dream as we cut to the ring. "Shock the system!" To huge cheers, and accompanied by Roderick Strong, is Adam Cole (bay-bay!). After the "boom," Cole enters the ring and we're reminded of their past feuds. The crowd is hot for Adam Cole tonight.
The bell rings and Dream immediately backs up into a corner, and looks for a place to put his shades as Cole gives him time and space. Dream smiles at Cole and both men lock up. They jockey for position and Cole locks Dream in a side headlock. Dream tries to bounce off the ropes but Cole keeps the headlock in place and takes Dream down to the mat. Both men to their feet, where Dream almost escapes the headlock--only for Cole to slap it back on and use it to take Dream down to the mat. The headlock still in place, both men get to their feet. Cole and Dream back up into a corner, and the ref forces the headlock break finally. Cole backs up per the ref's request, and Dream tries to slap Cole. Cole dodges and goes for Dream but the ref enforces the break. Dream attempts some offense but Cole fires back ten seconds later and drops Dream with a big running elbow. Cole pulls dream up and drops him with a big fist, then pulls him up by the hair and drops him with another right! Dream is on his knees and holds his hands up, begging for mercy, and Cole runs in with a kick to the face. Dream and Cole to their feet. Dream tries to fight back again, but Cole once again regains the control. Cole pulls Dream up in a Fireman's Carry and dumps Dream over the ropes. Dream comes in and is whipped into the corner. Both men charge each other and collide, and both collapse. Outside the ring, Pete Dunne ambushes Roderick Strong from behind. Dunne hits the Bitter End on Strong! Dream uses the distraction to run and clothesline Cole with Dream's belt or sash. We go to a picture-in-picture commercial break as Dream stomps away at Cole, keeping the former longest-reigning NXT champ grounded. Dream continues to work him over in the corner.
Dream continues to work over Cole. Cole attempts offense but Dream immediately shuts it down. Dream drapes Cole over the middle ropes, runs off the opposite ropes and hits a middle-rope hung leg drop on Cole! Dream yells something to the camera but we can't hear it as we're in picture-in-picture. Dream grabs Cole's foot and Cole fights back, kicking him off. Both men are down but get to their feet after a moment. C ole grabs Dream and nails a right, then another right that sends Dream against the ropes! Dream rebounds and Cole hits another right, knocking dream against the ropes again! Dream comes back with a clothesline to halt his offense. Dream takes down Cole and goes up top, looking for the Purple Rainmaker--but Cole moves!
Dream runs into a slam by Cole, who gets a very very close two. Cole wraps up Dream from behind but Dream grabs the rope and the ref forces the break. Dream goes for the switch but Cole hits an Enziguri, then hits a German Suplex! Cole covers for a near-fall. Both men are exhausted and down as we're now running over our show's allotted time. We're told Roderick Strong and Pete Dunne will meet next week in a match, and Ciampa meets Thatcher in a "Fight Pit" match. Dream takes control and hits a jawbreaker then drops Cole, covering for a two. Dream backs Cole up and delivers a series of haymakers. Dream goes up top but Cole hits a desperation superkick to the back of Dream's left knee, dropping him down. Cole attempts a Figure Four but Dream kicks him off and out of the ring! Dream climbs up to the top again and dives out of the ring, but Cole catches him with a superkick to the gut in midair! Cole is tired and tries to get Dream in. He slides in and out of the ring to break the count as the ref counts. Cole attempts to pull up Dream but can't, so he heads to the ring as the ref checks on Dream. The camera stays on Cole in the corner. Dream eventually crawls into the ring and immediately takes a superkick to the face. Cole locks in the Figure Four and Dream is screaming in pain, stretching his long frame and finally grabs the rope to break the hold! Cole holds it a few seconds longer until the ref forces the break. Both men get to their feet at the same time. Cole goes for a superkick; Dream dodges and Cole cuts it off short to prevent from hitting the ref. Dream hits a flipping DDT to layout Cole. Dream goes up top and dives, hitting the Purple Rainmaker! Dream covers for one, two...no! Cole kicks out!
Both men are up and Cole takes down Dream. Cole goes up top and is looking for the Panama Sunrise but Dream catches him with a superkick! Dream goes up top but Cole catches him as he comes down, then hits the Last Shot and covers to pick up the win after running seven minutes past ten!
Your Winner, Adam Cole!

After the Match

Cole yells into the camera that in two weeks, the NXT Championship is coming back to the Undisputed Era. We get replays showing so many superkicks, I thought this was a Young Bucks match. Cole poses in the ring, flashing the Undisputed Era hand signs and again exclaims that in two weeks, the NXT Championship comes home to the Undisputed Era.

In Closing

There you have it folks! Our program ran over by seven minutes and the main event match was fantastic after a mostly lackluster card. I hope to see some of you here Friday night for Smackdown!

To those who celebrate the Christmas holiday, Merry Christmas to you! Happy Kwanzaa to those who'll start celebrating it this weekend, and a Happy (belated) Hanukkah. And to the rest of you--have a great weekend! Stay warm, stay frosty, stay safe--and come stay with me during Smackdown this Friday night!

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