WWE NXT Live Results (1/27/2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome one and all to another Wednesday and another NXT! Your host tonight, as always, is the alleged best play-by-play reporter in sports entertainment today and that...is Undisputed, Mike Hogan (bay-bay!) I'd brag about the epic official preview I posted earlier but it literally only informed us of one event: Finn Bálor & Kyle O'Reilly taking on, in non-title action, NXT Tag Team Champions Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan. But if it'll make you feel better, we've begun the Quarter Finals of the Dusty Classic and have three matches lined up for tonight.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT Live Results (1/27/2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Previously on NXT...

We open our program with a recap of last week's NXT, namely Timothy Thatcher's battle with Tommaso Ciampa in the Fight Pit. After a grueling, brutal bout, both men found mutual respect in the end and have been paired together by GM William Regal to fill in a slot in the Dusty Classic. We also are treated to Finn and O'Reilly deciding to team up against mutual enemies. Michael Cole's Skrull secret invasion clone, Vic Joseph, welcomes us to the Capitol Wrestling Center alongside Beth Phoenix and Wade Barrett. We get straight to our first match!

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Quarter-Finals Match: MSK vs Drake Maverick & Killian Dane

In the ring are Drake and Dain to that cheesy, horrible music Drake insists they use. MSK--the artists formerly known as the Rascalz--make their way out. Drake decides to start things off with Wes Lee (Dezmond Xavier). Maverick attempts to wrap Lee up from behind, but Lee easily escapes. Maverick and Lee exchange attempted grapples, culminating with a rope break. Both men back off. Maerick locks up with Lee, and Lee rolls it into an arm hold. Lee whips Maverick into the MSK corner, and Lee charges in, tagging Nash Carter (Zachary Wentz). Maverick, unaware of the blind tag, is taken down by Carter who hits a form of a Bronco Buster. Nash tags in Lee, who nails a beautiful springboard senton then tags in Lee. Nash. Nash brawls briefly with Drake, but Maverick gains separation and tags in the big man! Killian Dain comes in and throws his own partner like a weapon, tossing Maverick into Carter! Dain takes Carter to the corner with big chops. Dain with a big body slam and a tag to Maverick. Dain with a scoop slam, and slams Maverick on top of Carter! Dain and Maverick utilize frequent tags, allowing both men to continue to double team Carter. Double leg drop, followed by Maverick holding Carter from the apron and opening him up to a Helluva Kick from Dain. Dain attempts a cover but Lee makes the save for MSK. Lee and Carter double team Killian Dain, driving the big man down into the mat. Their efforts only seem to incense Nikki Cross' husband, as he flips out and flips both men out of the ring. He stares down at Carter and Lee. We go to picture-in-picture break.
During the break, Dain scares off Carter and focuses on Lee. Dain takes it back into the ring and isolates Lee to their side of the ring. He works over Lee for a few before tagging in Drake Maverick. Maverick with a head lock, slowing the pace and working on the neck of Wes Lee. Maverick with a series of strikes before tagging Dain in. The big man comes in and Lee, desperate, throws a big right hand up and into the jaw of Dain. Lee hops up and tries to dive over Dain, looking to tag in Carter, but Dain catches him and rams him back into the corner. Maverick comes in and hits a snapmare, followed by a slam and attempted pin fall. He gets two, then angrily tags in Dain. Dain comes in and locks that big hamhock hand of his in a nerve pinch. Dain sends Lee into the corner and hits the running lariat as we come back from break.
Maverick comes back in and uses various head and neck locks, wearing down Wes Lee. Lee comes so close to tagging in Nash Carter; Carter extends as far across the rope as he can, only to have Maverick kick his hand away! Lee quickly drops Maverick and makes the hot tag to Nash Carter. Carter comes in fired up, dropping Maverick repeatedly before running over to dropkick Killian Dain off the apron! Lee comes in and as Carter leaps up over a fallen Maverick, Wes Lee shoves his partner over and down onto Maverick! Excellent spot, catch that on replay if you can. Carter attempts a cover but Dain comes in to break it up. Carter and Lee neutralize Dain, allowing Nash Carter to pick up Maverick and for Wes Lee to run in from behind, leap up, and grab Maverick's head as they work together for a double-team neckbreaker! Carter covers for the win! The winners of the Legado Del Fantasma vs Lucha House Party will face MSK in the next round.
Your Winners and advancing to the Semi-Finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, MSK!

Video Package: Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

We hear from various teams, including Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez, and Robert Stone representing Jessi Kamea and Aaliyah. Both teams meet next!

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie with Kurt Stallion

Stallion babbles on about wanting to be a shooting star, which means strapping on a rocket and that rocket is the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, First Round Match: Aaliyah & Jessi Kamea vs Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez

Kamea and Aaliyah, both of the Robert Stone Brand, are awaiting in the ring when we return. Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez make their way sporting a new team theme music. Gonzalez starts with Aaliyah, and easily shoves the smaller woman down. Aaliyah tags in Jessi Kamea. Kamea mounts some offense, hitting a form of a running Superman punch and a charging kick. Kamea throws blows that have virtually no effect on Gonzalez, and Gonzalez whips Kamea into her corner. Kamea throws on the brakes so she doesn't run into Dakota Kai, and the civility costs her as Gonzalez drops her. Kai is tagged in. Kai loses control to Kamea, who tags in Aaliyah. Aaliyah with kicks and a quick attempted pin. Kai whips Aaliyah into the corner and charges but Aaliyah uses the top rope to leap over and behind Kai. Aaliyah hits a running high kick in the corner. Both women move to the outside as Aaliyah chases a stumbling Kai. Aaliyah is suckered into a jumping kick by Kai, who takes it back in and tags in Gonzalez. Gonzalez toys with Aaliyah. Gonzalez with a stiff body slam and an attempt at a cover. Kamea threatens to come in to break it up. Gonzalez tags in Kai, who streaks over and takes down Aaliyah with a kick. Aaliyah attempts to gain separation but Kai cuts the ring in half, sending Aaliyah into the corner. Gonzalez is tagged back in and punishes Aaliyah with huge, powerful fists. Gonzalez tags in Kai and whips Aaliyah into the ropes, then hip tosses Aaliyah down. Kai runs over and Gonzalez hip tosses Kai onto Aaliyah, allowing Kai to right herself mid-air and drop down with a stomp on Aaliyah. Very impressive. Kai comes off the ropes but Aaliyah hits a desperation counter. Both women quickly tag in their partners. Jessi Kamea streaks in fast--and is immediately put down by Gonzalez with a clothesline that nearly decapitated her. Gonzalez with a big, impressive new move in which she hoists Kamea up as high as the tall Gonzalez can reach, then modifies it into a chokeslam. Gonzalez covers and picks up the win. Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter await Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez in the quarter-finals.
Your Winners and advancing to the Quarter-Finals of the Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez!

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie w/ The Way

To sum up, Mackenzie asks about Gargano's recent clash with Dexter Lumis. He freaks out and walks off, and Austin Theory explains that it's kind of a curse to mention Gargano and "losing". Gargano comes back and says he's fine, and The Way head off. The curtain behind them is flung open and we see that Dexter Lumis is still, subtly, stalking Gargano. We head to break.

Video Package: Scarlett

We return and in a creepy setting, Scarlett is illuminated by red light and speaks in an unknown language to a skull. She plays with Tarot cards. She says to "stay out of his (path)" and speaks in that odd language again, ending the segment with "fall and pray!"

Video Package: Training Captain Marvel

Apparently actress Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) has a new YouTube series starting tomorrow, and Teegan Nox--who is rehabbing from an injury and training--will be on it. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Match: Tyler Rust vs Rios

We cut to the ring where both our competitors are set up. Malcolm Bivens is ringside, coaching and applauding Rust on. Rust takes it to his opponent, using a series of quick strikes to shut down any attempts at offense. Our commentary team is doing their best to build Tyler Rust up, and compare him to Rocky--except that he wants to fight Rocky. A few high impact moves as Rust focuses on the left arm, twisting it in an wrist-held arm bar and punching it in the elbow! Rust pulls the left arm over his shoulder, his opponent to his back, and Rust begins to spin around, spinning his opponent by the arm, behind him, putting a lot of torque on the shoulder and arm. Rust briefly loses control as his opponent comes in with quick chops and kicks, and an attempted cover. Tyler Rust finds himself in a guillotine but manages to get to the corner, forcing the break. Tyler Rust with a big boot. Rust locks in a unique submission, similar to a type of crippler but placed on rear-stretched arms. Rust picks up the win and his manager, Malcolm Bivens, applauds him.
Your Winner, Tyler Rust!

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie w/ Finn Bálor

Mackenzie literally almost finishes her question to Bálor when Kyle O'Reilly walks up. They make bedroom eyes at each other, and ask each other if they're ready. KOR asks Bálor, "Can I trust you?" Bálor responds, "what do you think?" To which KOR responds that he doesn't need to trust Bálor. We're then told that's intense and cut to the ring.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Quarter-Finals Match: Grizzled Young Veterans vs Kushida & Leon Ruff

Kushida and Ruff are already in the ring. Gibson and Drake, the Grizzled Young Veterans, stand atop the entrance ramp. Gibson calls Ruff a one-hit wonder and mocks Kushida's torn jeans. Gibson points out that Ruff and Kushida have been tagging fifteen days, while Gibson & Drake have been tagging fifteen years. We start with Kushida and Gibson. Kushida with a headscissors takedown and attempts to lock in an arm bar, but Gibson squirms free and attempts to position for a rear submission. Gibson and Kushida counter each other for a few until Gibson takes the upper hand. Gibson whips Kushida into the GYV corner and positions his back to Kushida, pinning him in the corner and allowing Drake to tag in and enter the ring. Drake with a quick toss. Drake wraps up from behind, looking for a belly-to-back or a German suplex but Kushida escapes and tags in Ruff. Leon Ruff comes in and immediately uses his incredible athleticism. At one point, Ruff bounces off four different ropes in a row before delivering a double-boot to Drake. Definitely worth watching the start of the match for that alone. Kushida is tagged in and works the arm of Drake for about sixty seconds, then tags Ruff back in. Ruff continues their joint effort on Drake's arms, repeatedly hitting arm breakers over his shoulder. Ruff drops Drake on the right wrist. Ruff grabs Drake by the right wrist and runs to the corner, runs up the corner, bounces and hops off middle and top ropes repeatedly to reposition before hitting a hurricanrana. Drake refuses to go down easily and drops Ruff, preventing him from tagging Kushida. Drake tags in Gibson. Gibson and Ruff clash, with Ruff hitting a...did they call it a Ruff Rider?...and covering for a close two! Drake makes the save as we go to break!
When we return from break we find Drake and Ruff in the ring. Drake has Ruff by the left arm. Ruff reaches over to throw a few rights, trying desperately to make the tag to his partner. Drake attempts to move and tag in Gibson, but Ruff rolls him up for a close two. Drake shuts Ruff down with a big clothesline, resuming control of the match. Drake grabs Ruff by the hair and the ref warns him. Drake with a big fist, followed by a second that send Ruff through the ropes and to the outside. Gibson calls for the tag and Drake complies. Gibson hops off the apron and picks Ruff up horizontally. Drake springboards to the outside and they combine for a leg drop/back breaker combination. Gibson gets a bit too comfortable with the lead and Ruff makes him pay with a snap suplex. Both men are down. Gibson tags Drake in first. Ruff drops Drake, but Drake grabs Ruff's ankle to prevent him from tagging. Drake pulls Ruff up from behind, but Ruff escapes and tags in Kushida! Kushida comes in hotter than Scarlett, dropping Drake with a series of dropkicks and running heel kicks. Kushida hooks Drake up in a butterfly position for a submission, but Drake manages to make the tag to Gibson by positioning his head closer to the ropes. Gibson fairs no better as Kushida tries to lock in an octopus lock. Gibson blocks it, and then drops Kushida with a chop to the throat. Gibson tags in Drake and lifts Kushida up on his shoulders--Drake comes flying off the top and they hit the Doomsday Device! Gibson covers for a close two, with Kushida barely kicking out. Drake mounts Kushida and pounds way at his face. Gibson is tagged in and they go for a double team, the Ticket to Mayhem, but Kushida escapes, sommersaults to the ropes and rebound with a double back elbow to take out the Veterans! Kushida tags in Ruff and Ruff flies out side onto Drake, then goes up top and soars through to crush Gibson on the outside, nearly missing his target! Kushida urges Ruff, and Gibson is sent into the ring. Ruff climbs up top and goes flying for a senton or splash but Drake rushes to make the save! Drake repositions and Gibson tags him in. They work together to hit the Ticket to Mayhem, and pick up the win. The GYV will take on the winner of the Ciampa/Thatcher vs Undisputed Era semi-final match still to come.
Your Winners, the Grizzled Young Veterans!

After the Match: This is the Way.

As the GYV stand at the top of the ramp, polishing the trophy they hope to claim, Austin Theory and Johnny Gargano of The Way attack Leon Ruff! They then focus on Kushida. Theory isolates Ruff outside the ring, wrenching the chin and yelling "do you see that!" as Gargano hits his springboard DDT onto Kushida in the ring! We then see Dexter Lumis appear behind Theory. Theory looks back and freaks out, running into the ring to warn Gargano. Gargano and Theory back away, staring into the piercingly blue, dreamy eyes of Dexter Lumis.

Backstage: Who knows?

We briefly cut backstage where a bunch of officials are checking on who appears to be Curt Stallion, Santos Escobar's opponent later tonight for the Cruiserweight title. Very confusing and short scene, and not helped by the idiot yelling the same thing over and over loudly. We go to break.

Commentary Team

Wade Barrett hypes NXT UK, tomorrow at 3pm EST. We learn that Curt Stallion is not medically cleared to compete tonight.

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie with the Legado Del Fantasma

Mackenzie informs Santos Escobar that Curt Stallion is unable to compete tonight. Escobar calls it an unfortunate event and speaks Spanish to his comrades, claiming innocence. William Regal storms in, visibly upset, and informs Santos Escobar that he'll be defending his title next week no matter what. And if something else mysteriously happens to Curt Stallion, the three members of Legado will have hell to pay. He storms off. Escobar picks up his Cruiserweight title and sees one of Scarlett's Tarot cards from earlier. At first they act concerned, then Escobar says its happy hour and tosses the card aside. He jokes, "tick tock," and they walk off laughing.

In the Ring Promo: Toni Storm

Storm comes out alone to talk about her aspirations for the NXT Women's Championship. She reminds us that Rhea Ripley once had the NXT UK Women's Championship, and Toni decided she wanted it--so she took it. And now she's decided that she not only wants to win the first-ever Women's Dusty Classic (with a partner), she also wants Io's NXT Women's Championship belt. Io Shirai makes her way out. Io tells Toni that she'll fight her anywhere, any time. Toni performs a very awkward wrestling takedown and throws fists. Io fights out and fights back, sending Toni Storm out of the ring. From behind Io, Mercedez Martinez attacks Io! Martinez picks up the belt and stares at it as Storm gets in the ring and begins to yell at Martinez that the belt is hers. They bicker briefly until Io Shirai dropkicks them from behind! Shirai lays into Martinez until Storm drags Martinez out to safety. Sike! Storm shoulder charges Martinez against the ringside apron and begins to beat her down into the floor! Storm then hits the ring and takes out Io. She sets Io up in the corner and hits repeated running strikes to the women's champ. Storm poses with the title as her theme plays.

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie with Isaiah "Swerve" Scott

Mackenzie asks Swerve about his attack on the Thicc Boi, Bronson Reed. Swerve tries to excuse his actions and says that every time something happens around here, people point fingers at him. He then asks Mackenzie to point a finger at him, so she does. He then asks her how many fingers he's pointing back, which are none. He then walks off. Yes, it was that weird. Reed vs Swerve is up next.

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie with the Undisputed Era

Representing the UE are Adam Cole and Roderick Strong. They're asked about their match coming up against Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa. Cole pays them respect and admits that he knows they've got a tough match ahead. Strong then calls them two dorks and says they have no chance and that, is undisputed.

Match: Isaiah "Swerve" Scott vs "the Colossal" Bronson Reed

We cut to the ring and Swerve is ready to rock. Out comes the Thicc Boi, the Aus-Zilla, the kid from Deadpool 2 all grown up, the Colossal Bronson Reed! The bell rings and Reed closes the distance, attempting to lock up. Scott smartly backs up to the corner, and the ref breaks it up. Reed pummels Scott briefly, sending him over the top rope. Scott lands on his feet and wags a finger. Reed comes out to the apron, seeking to follow it up but Swerve catches him. Swerve takes control for about half a minute. Reed powers up and takes it inside. Reed with a running splash in the corner. Reed with a running clothesline that knocks Swerve over the ropes and to the outside, and somewhere Tom Phillips is thinking to himself, "if this were the Royal Rumble, Swerve would have been eliminated!". Reed follows this up with a big suicide dive over the top rope, flattening Swerve as we go to break!
Back from the break finds Swerve twisting Reed's arm, keeping the big man on a knee. Scott whips Reed shoulder-first into the turnbuckle and continues to focus on Reed's injured right arm. Swerve attempts a right arm submission, but Bronson powers to his knee. Swerve adjusts and works the neck and chin, but Reed grabs the rope. Swerve pushes it as long as he can before the ref forces the break. Scott charges Reed and leaps, but Reed swats him down like a toy!. Reed with a big first, followed by a big lariat. Reed whips him into the ropes and they collide after Reed charges Swerve and sort of leaps belly-first, knocking Swerve down hard. Reed follows it up with a standing senton! Reed pulls Scott up and hits a big driver, covering for a two. Reed attempts to pull Swerve up into a Fireman's carry but his shoulder gives. Reed starts to rear climb the turnbuckles, and sits ont he top one. Swerve charges in and attempts to lock in a rear right shoulder lock, then leaps back and drags Reed with him, landing hard on that shoulder! Swerve goes up top and hits a beautiful 450 Splash and covers for a 2.9! Reed barely got the shoulder up! Swerve pulls up Reed and tells him "this is a warning" and slaps Reed. He does it again, and again, but Reed's had enough and answers back with a pair of headbutts! Reed goes up top and dives, hitting the Tsunami splash and covers for the three!
Your Winner, Bronson Reed!

Backstage Promo: Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa is seated backstage somewhere and Thatcher walks up, setting up a chair beside him. Ciampa says there are fights you win, fights you lose, and fights that you remember. The fights that command respect. Thatcher adds that the fight that changes a man physically and mentally, and his vision forward...out of anguish and struggle, respect grows, and that's why he accepted the offer to be Ciampa's tag team member. Ciampa says that the Dusty Classic represents opportunity. They plan on taking advantage of it.

Next Week on NXT:

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Quarter-Final Match: the Undisputed Era (Cole/Strong) vs Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher
Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Quarter-Final Match: Lucha House Party vs Legado Del Fantasma
Special thanks to Justin P for catching my mistake!

Tag Team Main Event Match: NXT Champion Finn Bálor and Kyle O'Reilly vs NXT Tag Team Champions Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan

We head to our main event. Bálor and O'Reilly are out first. Both men stare off in the ring and nod their heads repeatedly. Out next are the NXT Tag Team Champions, Burch & Lorcan. Bálor and Burch start off. Bálor is quick to tag in Kyle O'Reilly. Burch tries to focus on O'Reilly's jaw, which is only recently healed enough for KOR to gain medical clearance. Burch gets KOR into the tag champs corner and they execute their usual strategy of cutting the ring in half. Burch and Lorcan with quick tags, both men landing big uppercuts to the jaw of O'Reilly. Burch back in and controls KOR with a side headlock. Bálor reaches out, looking for the tag, but Burch positions himself between KOR and Bálor. Burch looks to lift KOR but O'Reilly escapes and tags in Bálor. Bálor spends all of fifteen seconds in the ring, twisting Burch's arm then tags in KOR. KOR locks in an arm bar and tags in Bálor, who climbs up the turnbuckles and leaps down onto Burch. Bálor tags KOR back in. Lorcan's had enough and rushes over. Bálor and KOR work together to send the champs out the ring as we go to a picture-in-picture break!
During the break both teams return to tag format. Neither team maintains control for long and Burch and Lorcan continue to slow the pace every chance they get. Upon returning, Bálor fires up finally. Bálor stomps away at Lorcan, down against the ropes. Burch comes in and Bálor battles him back with kicks but can't prevent the tag. Bálor misses a blind tag between Burch and Lorcan and focuses on Burch, unaware Lorcan's the legal man. Lorcan attacks Bálor from behind and drops him down. Bálor rises to his feet and Lorcan hits a big chop to the chest. Lorcan tags in Burch, who begins to work on Bálor's left shoulder. Bálor gets to his feet and throws two rights, attempting to break the hold, but Burch holds on and twists the arm, then yanks it down. Burch with a lariat and a pin attempt. Bálor reaches for the tag but is too far away. Burch takers Bálor to the corner and tags in Lorcan. Lorcan & Burch hit a Double Atomic Drop and combo it into a Double Russian Leg Sweep! Lorcan covers but only gets a two and resumes working on Bálor's left arm.
Lorcan prevents Bálor's attempt to get free again, and drags him down to the mat by that injured arm. Lorcan stands on Bálor's left shoulder then stretches the right arm back and stomps, hitting a shoulder pick. Vic Joseph and Beth Phoenix remind us that Bálor's right arm has been injured int he past. Lorcan mocks Bálor in the ring, stretching his arms out before a knelt Bálor, mocking him again. Bálor desperately hits a kick to drop Lorcan. Bálor stretches for O'Reilly, and multiple times both men stretch out, trying to even touch fingers and make the tag, but Lorcan won't let him. Bálor counters a whip into a Sling Blade and both men are down! Both make hot tags. KOR comes in fast, taking Burch down with strikes and a textbook leg sweep that Subzero would be proud of. Burch tries to get some separation by throwing fists into O'Reilly's jaw. KOR breaks back, grabbing his jaw. Burch goes up top and goes for a dropkick off the top, but KOR counters it into a leg-lock submission and Burch quickly taps!
Your Winners, Finn Bálor & Kyle O'Reilly!

After the Match

O'Reilly and Bálor show each other mutual respect as the Undisputed theme plays KOR out of the ring. Without warning, Lorcan attacks KOR at ringside! Pete Dunne hits the ring and allt hree take out KOR then beat away at the champion in the ring. Lorcan and Burch restrain Bálor's arms and Dunne spreads some of Bálor's fingers, and does his wicked finger-snap move. Adam Cole & Roderick Strong come out to make the save. All three members of the Undisputed Era stand beside Finn Bálor in the ring, shoulder to shoulder, and nod at each other as they stand unified against a common enemy. Bálor rolls out the backside of the ring, holding his left arm to his body as the Undisputed Era stand guard in the ring, and both trios of men jaw at each other. We end our program with both teams still standing and staring each other down.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's NXT! Thank you all for swinging by, whether you were loquaciously participating in the comments section or silently reading--you're all always welcomed, and we appreciate you all. With that said, may your Thor's Day leave you Thunderstruck. Stay warm, stay frosty, stay safe--and come see me this Friday for our go-home edition of Smackdown!

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