WWE NXT Live Results (12/9/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome, Rajahmaniacs, to our WWE NXT Live Results! Bringing you the play-by-play action as loquaciously as possible is none other than Rajah's Franchise reporter, Mike "Hulk" Hogan! Glad you could all join us tonight, so let's get down to what we know about tonight's program!

In our official preview, we've learned that NXT Champion Finn Bálor will kick off our program. What will he have to say to the NXT Universe? Hope he doesn't take too long because the clock is ticking. Tick, tock! Tommaso Ciampa faces Cameron Grimes. We'll get a special look at the "Casualties of WarGames" tonight as well, and Ember Moon will square off against Raquel Gonzalez in our main event.

All this and more, tonight on NXT!

WWE NXT Live Results (12/9/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Show Opener: TakeOver WarGames Package

We start with Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" playing over Finn Bálor briefly talking, then we're treated to several clips of big spots from last Sunday's WarGames. Team LeRae won the Women's WarGames, Undisputed Era won the Men's, Johnny Gargano has become the first 3x North American Champion. Bálor says the time for team sports is over, and that tonight all eyes go back on the Prince. We get a "tick tock" tease, from WarGames, and go to the ring.

In the Ring Promo: Finn Bálor

Bálor starts out by saying that WarGames is done, and the time for team sports is over. Captains, factions, bragging rights don't interest Bálor. He says its Wednesday and the Champion is back. Bálor says that some people love him, and some people hate him. But if you want to get to know Bálor, you better come see him in that ring. He then starts to challenge, saying "so if anyone in the back--" when he's interrupted by Pete Dunne!
Dunne says that he and Bálor are cut from the same cloth. Dunne crossed the pond and made a name for himself, just like Bálor. Dunne says it's about time that they've stood face to face. He says he's glad Bálor is back, but don't get used to it as its only a matter of time until Dunne takes him out. And out comes Kyle O'Reilly! KOR says he's sorry he's late, his invitation apparently got lost in the mail. He says "now Peter. Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater," and points out that the Undisputed Era defeated Dunne and his team at WarGames. KOR says that he knows Bálor hasn't forgotten about KOR, as KOR broke Bálor's jaw. He says that technically, Bálor is NXT champion but he just spent two months eating through a straw. KOR tells Bálor that he should get a shot--and out comes Damian Priest!
Priest says that he's been looking forward to meeting Bálor for a while. He says that, no offense meant to KOR and Dunne, everyone wants to see Priest versus Bálor. Dunne says to Priest, "aren't you the guy who just lost to Leon Ruff?" Priest says that Dunne's got a lot of jokes for someone being paid to keep his mouth shut. KOR asks Priest, "aren't you being paid to win matches?" They continue to squabble as Bálor quietly makes his way up the ramp. They finally take notice and ask where he's going. He tells them one of them will face him for the title on January 6th, but that's up to GM William Regal. And suddenly hears the music of Karrion Kross! Scarlett comes out and walks around Bálor, wearing a leather outfit with spikes and heavily emphasizing her posterior. Bálor smiles and tells her that when her boy's ready to come back, to give Bálor a call. He walks off. Priest calls Scarlet "smokeshow" and tells her that if her man wants a fight, how about he take on Priest? He asks her if her man likes to wait in the car while she goes and handles his business. We end our segment and go to break!

Backstage w/ Pete Dunne

Dunne is asked about challenging Bálor. He starts to tell us that he didn't come back to wait for an opportunity...and he's blindsided by Killian Dain! Dain beats on him until Drake Maverick and officials break them up. It's Dain's first appearance since Dunne took him out weeks ago.

Match: Isaiah "Swerve" Scott vs Jake Atlas

Jake Atlas is out first in the ring. Out next comes Swerve. Beth Phoenix tells us that these superstars have a lot of respect for each other, but both men need wins hear to keep their careers on the right trajectory. Wade Barret tells us that he's been impressed with Jake Atlas lately, and we get things started.
Both men lock up and execute a series of move-and-countermove. Both men lock up and gator-roll on the mat. Swerve takes the advantage with a step-up kick that knocks Atlas to the ringside floor. Swerve takes him back inside. Swerve sends Atlas into the corner and charges in. Atlas gets an elbow up, then dives across and onto Swerve. Atlas runs to the ropes and attempts a springboard moonsault but Swerve moves! Swerve rolls and leaps up while rolling as Atlas comes close, catching Atlas and yanking him down into a Flatliner in an impressive spot. Swerve covers but only gets a two. Swerve & Atlas begin to perform move and counters in quick succession, ending with Swerve turning right into a superkick by Atlas, followed up with Atlas' new Air-Raid type bomb. Atlas covers for a two. Swerve takes it to Atlas, and both men again begin a quick exchange of moves. Swerve locks in an arm-bar submission, but Atlas rolls him back so his shoulders are down. Swerve breaks it. Both men rapidly come off the ropes and clash, and out of nowhere Atlas nails the Rainbow DDT and picks up the win!
Your Winner, Jake Atlas!

After the Match

Jake Atlas waits for Swerve to stand and extends his hand in friendship. Swerve snarls and walks off, sulking up the ramp, angry at his loss.

Backstage Promo: Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa mentions his match with Thatcher, in which he won after promising he would win. Now here's Cameron Grimes, a squeaky wheel making lots of noise. Ciampa says that to be as cocky as Grimes is, he must be pretty confident...or is it insecurity? Ciampa says tonight, we'll find out! We go to break.

Triple-Threat Tag Team Match: Imperium vs Grizzled Young Veterans vs Ever Rise

We're told that one man per team is allowed in the ring at a time. Before the match starts, Ever Rise start brawling. The bell never rings but now the match is under way. Marcel Bartel hits an arm drag on Gibson. Ever Rise's members are still down and out, so Marcel Bartel and Gibson continue. They lock up, but Bartel kicks Gibson in the gut. Bartel uses the ropes to inverted mule kick Gibson when Ever Rise get on the aprons and try to attack him. They're attacked by both teams and send to the floor again. Drake comes in for Grizzled Young Veterans, and sends Marcel Bartel out of the ring. His partner, Gibson, picks Bartel up and holds him horizontal with the ground so that Drake can spring over the ropes and drop an elbow onto him. Gibson tags back in and locks a neck crank on Bartel, drags him to the corner and Drake tags back in. Drake takes Bartel down and attempts a cover, getting a two.
Marcel Bartel desperately tries to get to his corner when Ever Rise hit the ring and beat down Drake and Bartel. Shane Mathews from Ever Rise attempts a quick cover but gets nothing. Drake blocks a kick and, again, Marcel Bartel and Drake send Ever Rise out of the ring. Gibson and Aichner both tag in. Aichner wraps up Gibson from behind; standing switch from Gibson, followed by another by Aichner! Gibson backs Aichner up to the GYV corner and Drake tags in. Chaos ensues as Ever Rise still attempt to mount any offense and continue to be sent out of the ring. The Grizzled Young Veterans and Imperium are on a tear. Aichner with a big spinebuster on Drake, followed by a running kick by Bartel. Aichner goes up top and comes off, landing on Drake. He tries to put Drake away when Parker from Ever Rise hits the ring and attempts to steal it. Again, Ever Rise are basically beaten out of the match. Drake takes out Parker and pins him to win it.
Your Winners, Grizzled Young Veterans!

TakeOver WarGames Casualties

We see clips from WarGames and hear from several of the superstars, talking about the brutal nature of the event and focusing on the big, dangerous shots such as an Eclipse onto two chairs, Rhea beating Dakota Kai with a hammer, KOR dropping on a steel chair set up on a head, et cetera. Good, quick package. Team LeRae uses their win over Team Shotzi to promote themselves and Raquel Gonzalez's intention to win the Women's NXT Championship. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch tell us that the Undisputed Era will have to pry those tag titles from their hands.

Backstage w/ Mackenzie & Toni Storm

Mackenzie asks Storm why she turned on Moon. Toni Storm rolls her eyes and promotes herself and her intentions to win the Women's NXT Championship as well. Io Shirai comes over and tells Toni that WarGames are over. She tells Storm that she doesn't like her. Both women begin to brawl, fighting out into the Capital Wrestling Center. Storm beats Io along the back and sends her face-first into the fencing over the barricade. Storm sends Io into the ring. Both women brawl, with Io getting the upper hand. Io goes up top but Toni Storm wisely rolls out of the ring...only to be attacked by Ember Moon! Moon sends Storm into the ring, and Io hits her Over-the-Moonsault. We head to commercial, with Grimes/Ciampa up next!

Match: Tommaso Ciampa vs Cameron Grimes

When we return from break, Grimes is climbing into the ring. He struts around, as arrogant as always. The crowd greets him with boos. Out next is the "Blackheart", not Shotzi but Tommaso Ciampa! He comes out wearing the metal/Jason X mask he wore this past Sunday when he came out before his match (and win) against Timothy Thatcher.
The bell rings and we start things fast as both men lock up and grapple for position, pushing each other around the ring until Ciampa takes Grimes down, locking in a kneeling side headlock. Grimes rolls, attempting to use the lock to pin Ciampa, but Ciampa immediately breaks it. Ciampa takes Grimes by the left arm and drops him to the mat, then stomps the left arm. Ciampa pulls him back up and continues to twist the left arm, then drops him again and locks in an arm submission. Grimes escapes after a few moments and rolls over Ciampa, looking for a submission of his own. Timothy Thatcher walks down the ramp with a steel chair and sets it up, sitting in it to watch Ciampa--much like Ciampa did a few weeks ago to Thatcher! Ciampa stares at Thatcher as he holds Grimes in a headlock again. Both men struggle to their feet and slug it out. Ciampa with the Irish Whip on Grimes, catching him with a back elbow as soon as Grimes rebounds off the ropes. Grimes tries to leave the ring and CWC, but Ciampa comes out after him. Grimes hides behind Thatcher, who stands to stare at Ciampa. Grimes tries to run around Thatcher and sucker-punch Ciampa, but Ciampa sees it coming and stops it. They take the action back into the ring. Ciampa loses control and Grimes pops him in the ear, hard, then takes Ciampa into the corner and stomps away at him as we go to break.
Thatcher sits in the chair, watching Grimes and Ciampa in our picture-in-picture commercial break. Grimes stomps away at Ciampa and works him over, delivering slow strikes while taking time to strut and taunt him. Ciampa in the corner; again Grimes takes his time, and Ciampa makes him pay for it. Ciampa sends Grimes into the corner and punches him several times. Grimes comes back out and catches Ciampa with a big swinging Urinage and attempts a cover. Grimes spends the next two minutes working over Ciampa, using working holds and wear-down grapples, neck cranks, and kicks to the back of Ciampa's neck. Grimes cranks Ciampa's neck again and slams him down, attempting a cover but getting a two.
Grimes continues to target Ciampa's neck. Grimes with a high knee strike. Grimes and Ciampa twirl, attempting to whip each other, with Ciampa sending Grimes into the ropes. Ciampa drops Grimes, then begins to run off all the ropes and repeatedly shoulder-blocking Grimes down to the mat, finishing it up with a flying clothesline. Grimes rolls to a corner. Ciampa executes a running knee in the corner, and covers Grimes for two. We see Thatcher outside, and Barret points out the five stitches in Thatcher's ear, a reminder of the WarGames match against Ciampa. Ciampa goes for the Fairy Tale Ending but Grimes escapes. Grimes gets out onto the apron, so Ciampa drags him in. Grimes with an up-and-over, and rolls up Ciampa but Ciampa kicks out. Both men begin slugging it out, and Grimes puts a stop to it with a Collision Course (if I'm not mistaken). Ciampa kicks out. Both men continue to swap control of the match. Tyler Ross runs out at Thatcher's command and leaps on the apron, attempting to interfere. Ciampa takes him down with a knee. Grimes attempts to capitalize on the distraction, but Ciampa ends the match with a Fairy Tale Ending for the win!
Your Winner, Tommaso Ciampa!

After the Match

Ciampa confronts Thatcher, accusing him of sending Tyler Ross to attack him. Thatcher laughs it off and claims it wasn't him. Ciampa cautiously walks off. Cameron Grimes confronts Thatcher, and Thatcher waves him off and attempts to leave. Grimes refuses to let him, so Thatcher takes him down, taking out Grimes' left knee and leaving him rolling in pain on the floor.

Weird Xia Li/Boa Promo Video

We see Xia Li practicing Wing Chun as their mysterious Master goads her and Boa on. Xia's fists get bloody, and Boa is beaten with a stick and punched repeatedly, bleeding profusely from his mouth and nose in yet another odd promo. Wade and Vic wonder what's going on with Xia and Boa.

In the Ring: Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae, Austin Theory & Bindi Hartwell

All four come out to the ring and Wade makes sure to mention that Gargano is the first three-time North American Champion. Gargano tells us that for months, they've told us they were going to show us the way...and now look at them. He's the new NA Champion, he calls his wife "the General" Candice LeRae. He refers to all four of them as "The Way." (ICYMI: Austin Theory was apparently Ghostface). They talk about how this past Sunday, they were the way to victory, and go back and forth with phrases saying "the way" until Austin Theory adds "the Milky Way." They look at him and tell him no. Gargano tells us of all he and Candice have overcome--her a broken arm, his injuries. He notes that Candice has led her team to wins in the last two WarGames. If he's Mister Takeover, he says she's Miss WarGames. He then claims Candice is very humble, and the crowd begins to loudly boo him. Both Gargano and LeRae tell the crowd to stop being rude. Gargano says he has a surprise for Candice and asks Indi if it's ready. Indi brings in an object wrapped in cloth. Gargano tells Candice that he's imported this from Italy and asks if they know how expensive it is. He asks Indi and Austin to give him a drum roll. Indi attempts it but Austin just stares dumbfounded at the mic. Gargano and LeRae say that they should've rehearsed that, but it's okay, and he gets the production crew to give him a drum roll. He reveals a big, ugly trophy for her with some kind of rejected Troll doll on top. He says that with a little help from his boy, and blindly high-fives Austin--and Candice points out that they didn't even look--he won back his belt. They then say "if you're not in The Way, stay out of the way!" Damian Priest comes out. Priest tells Theory that was a "sweet reveal" as Ghostface. Theory smiles and nods. Priest asks him if he brought his lead pipe with him again, because Priest is going to shove it up his ass. Suddenly, Karrion Kross returns! Kross attacks Priest on the ramp and proceeds to beat him up the ramp and across the stage! Kross leaves Priest out cold and heads straight out of the arena, to his car where Scarlet awaits him, and drives off as we go to a break.

Backstage w/ Mackenzie, Tyler Ross & Another Dude

Mackenzie asks Tyler Ross about his attempted attack on Ciampa when another dude walks up and tells Tyler that he wants to talk business, as he liked what he saw earlier.

Match: Pete Dunne vs Killian Dain

We return to the ring and Dunne is already in the ring, ready to fight. Out comes Killian Dain, our announcers pointing out yet again how Dunne nearly took out Dain. Dain and Dunne go right at it, but the stronger Dain punches Dunne back into the corner and hammers him with fists until the ref forces the break. Dain tosses Dunne out of the ring, then beats on him. Dain sends him into the corner again and throws his shoulder into Dunne's midsection, crushing him in the corner until the ref forces the break again. Dunne tries to escape to the outside, but Dain follows. Dain sets Dunne in the ring then slams his face twice into the apron. Dain tries to climb in but Dunne gets up and kicks Dain down. Dunne goes back outside and both men brawl, exchanging fists. Dain talks smack to Dunne. Dain pushes Dunne against the ring post and goes to strike but Dunne moves, and Dain collides with the ring post. Dunne takes the action in the ring and puts Dain in a corner, punching him repeatedly until the ref warns him off. Dunne guides Dain by the head, laying him face-down on the mat, and leaps up to stomp on Dain's head! Dunne begins to work on Dain's left wrist and fingers. Dunne holds the left wristlock and kicks Dain, and again, and again! All he's done is anger hte big man! Dain with a suplex toss that sends Dunne across the ring. Dain takes Dunne into the corner and punches him. Dain whips Dunne across the ring and Dunne runs up the turnbuckles, back flips over Dain, and takes the big man down. Dunne stomps Dain's fingers and kicks him in the face hard as we go to commercial.
When we return, Dunne is still in control, slowing the big man with working holds. Dain rises to his feet and Dunne hops on his back, locking in a sleeper--or attempts to until Dain drops back, landing on Dunne! Dain runs Dunne over in the corner, then whips him into an opposite corner and runs into him again. Dain charges Dunne but Dunne drops and pulls the rope down, sending Dain outside. Dunne makes the mistake of turning his back on Dain, who quickly recovers and comes up on the apron. Dunne charges him but Dain reaches over the ropes and catches him with a Urinage, followed up with a springboard elbow drop and a massive powerbomb. Dain takes Dunne to the corner and sets him up on his shoulders in the electric chair position. Dunne twists and locks in an arm hold, wrapping his whole body around Dain's arm. Dain struggles down on the mat but rises to his feet and hits a one-armed powerbomb! Dain goes for a running cannonball in the corner but Dunne moves, and Dain collides with the corner. Dunne punches Dain then climbs up, but Dain is up fast. Dain goes up top and hits a Fisherman's suplex off the top rope! Dunne covers Dunne, but Dunne just kicks out! The crowd loudly chants "NXT!" repeatedly. Dain pulls Dunne up; Dunne hits a step-up enziguri. Dunne goes for Dain's hand again, but Dain sends Dunne into the ropes and hits him with a big clothesline as he rebounds. Dain with a body slam followed by a standing senton. Dain starts to climb up when out runs the tag team champions Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan! Drake comes out with a steel chair and attacks the champs, sending them up the ramp before they can interfere. Drake celebrates, but the tag champs run back out and beat Drake until Dain comes out to save him. Dain heads back in the ring, but Dunne's had time to recover and nails a kick to his head. Dunne then hits the Bitter End and picks up the win!
Your Winner, Pete Dunne!

Backstage w/ Mackenzie, Leon Ruff, Johnny Gargano, Austin Theory, and Kushida

Gargano and Theory come up as Mackenzie is interviewing Ruff. They mock his size (ironic, considering Gargano's shorter) and call him a "tough little soldier." They then say if he's so tough, why doesn't he face them two-on-one? They walk off laughing, and up walks Kushida. Kushida tells Ruff that they should tag up, and they fist bump before we go to a commercial.

Main Event Match: Raquel González vs Ember Moon

González is out first to boos, Moon comes out next to a loud welcome from the NXT Universe. Our commentary team praise the meteoric rise of González as of late, and also talk well of Moon as Moon's looking to finish the job (of revenge) against González. The bell rings and here we go!
Beth Phoenix remarks that both women are battered from WarGames and the fact that they're competing right now is remarkable. Moon attempts a hurricanrana but González uses her strength to block it and bomb Moon down. Moon attempts to leap at González again, but González pancakes Moon down. González angrily takes Ember from corner to corner, yelling at her as the ref counts a warning. González choke tosses Ember Moon across the ring. Again, González pulls Moon up and just throws her across the ring! González pulls Moon up and strong Irish Whips her into the corner, then runs in with a splash. González attempts to throw Moon, but Moon counters with a dropping kick to the chin, followed by a kick to the side. Moon attempts to run to the ropes but González catches her and slams her down to the mat. González repeatedly pounds Moon, and attempts to cover her again but only gets a two. González whips Moon into the ropes; Moon puts on the brakes, catching the ropes. González charges in with a big boot but Moon ducks and González catches nothing but rope. Moon begins her comeback, nailing González with multiple running dropkicks and kicks. It takes several to drop González to her knees. Moon runs in, slides down and hits a seated Flatliner, covering but getting nothing. González rolls to the apron for a breather. Moon runs and knocks her off the apron, sending her to the floor as we go to a picture-in-picture commercial break.
During the break, González takes control and slows Ember Moon down with a head crank and headlocks. Moon attempts to fight back, only to have González stretch Moon's body face-up over González's right shoulder in a reverse backpack submission. Moon's in it for a full minute, screaming in pain but refusing to give up. González cranks back on Moon's arms. Finally Moon wiggles free and drops, attempting to roll up González. González shuts it down, slamming Moon down. Moon runs off the ropes, leaping for another dropkick--but eats a big boot from González! Again, González slows the pace with an arm hold. Moon twists free and kicks González in the face. González is up quick and talks trash to Moon as Moon backcrawls along the mat. Moon catches González with headscissors and brings González's face into the turnbuckle. Moon dives off the top but is struck down. Moon tries another comeback, delivering multiple kicks capped off with a dropkick that staggers the powerhouse. González rests in a corner. Moon runs and cartwheels, hitting González in the corner. González staggers out the corner and Moon hits a DDT, covering for a two. Both women get to their feet about the same time. Moon with a basement dropkick that sends González outside. Moon immediately follows it up with a suicide dive! It looked wicked and González fell back against hte announcer's table awkwardly. Ember Moon attempts to climb some pole next to the announcer's table--part of the decor--but González is up and yanks her off. González picks up Ember Moon and Lawn Darts her into the steel post! González sends her inside. González charges at Moon in the corner, but Moon dodges it. Moon with a running apron knee strike to González's face, and covers for a two. Moon climbs the outside turnbuckles, standing up top. Moon dives, looking for the Eclipse but González catches her in midair! Moon throws back elbows to escape her grasp, runs off the ropes and is taken down hard by González. González showcases her strength, lifting Moon up. Moon rolls through and gets a close two. González kicks out and catches Moon with a single-arm powerbomb to pick up the win!
Your Winner, Raquel González!

After the Match

Toni Storm marches down to the ring and stands over a fallen Ember Moon as the ref warns her to back it up. Storm grabs Moon's hair and is about to kick her in the face when Rhea Ripley makes her way out! Ripley pulls Moon out of hte ring and stares daggers at Toni Storm--the woman who defeated her for the NXT UK Women's Championship ages ago! González gently pulls Storm back, and begins to circle around the ring with Ripley. Both women talk to each other but we can't hear them over the loud NXT crowd chants. González finally backs down, and Ripley smiles, mocking her. González smiles as she stands on the ramp and we end our program, these two titans set to clash someday soon!

In Closing

The return of Karrion Kross, the start of a feud with Damian Priest, Scarlet--what more could you ask for from NXT? A solid showing with decent matches. The main event stood out as it showcased González's strength without burying Ember Moon. That does it for us tonight, folks. Y'all stay safe out there and I'll see you here Friday night for Smackdown!

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