WWE NXT Live Results (2/03/2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

WWE presents NXT!

Welcome back to NXT! Your very excited host tonight, as always, is the best play-by-play reporter in sports entertainment today and that...is Undisputed, Mike Hogan (bay-bay!) We've learned in our NXT Preview earlier this afternoon, the legendary Edge will be making an appearance! Well slap me around and call me Susan, Rajahmaniacs, but we're in for a treat tonight! We'll also have a continuation of both Dusty Cups. Dakota Kai & Raquel González will face Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro in the Semi-Finals of the Women's Dusty Cup. Lucha House Party battles Legado Del Fantasma in Quarter Finals action, and Undisputed Era will take on the new, and formidable, duo of Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here for the Quick Recap!

WWE NXT Live Results (2/03/2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Tonight on NXT

We open our program with a very quick recap of the events of last week, and the three Dusty Classic matches are promoted. We see Dakota Kai and Raquel González in the back, saying that their next stop is TakeOver (Dusty Cup finals).

Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semi Finals Match: Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden James vs Dakota Kai & Raquel González

Out first are Kai and González as our crowd, both in-person and digital, loudly boo the dominant duo. Out next come the two KC's--go Chiefs!--to loud cheers, in matching lime green and black outfits. Kacy and Kayden are shown in a pre-recorded video telling us that they're excited to live their Cinderella story and it'll be sweet. We ready up and start with Kacy Catanzaro and Dakota Kai. Kai and Kacy start off with neither woman doing much to take control. Kai is a braggart and Kacy tries to silence the captain of Team Kick with a diving strike off the top. Kai shrugs it off and takes control when Kayden is tagged in. Kai tags in González and completely dominates Kayden Carter. Gonzalez uses her raw strength to keep Kayden downed. González attempts a powerbomb twice but can't quite get Kayden up. When Kayden's sent into the heel corner, Kai jaws off at her. Catanzaro comes in, too, and all four women line up then lay into each other. The KC's take control briefly but González easily shuts them down. After working over Kayden for a few moments, Kacy manages to make the tag in as does Kai. Kai mocks Kacy as she toys with her, using kicks and forearm strikes. Kai sends Kacy to the ropes; Kacy grabs the top rope and rolls over it, on top of her partner Kayen Carter's back as she ducks down, and Kacy rolls back into the ring and tackles Kai. Kai and Kacy tag out. González tries to wrap up the faster Carter, but Carter rolls out of her grasp and kicks González to the back of the head, rolling her up but only getting a one. Carter goes to the apron, looking to capitalize on her high-flying offense, but is sent flying onto the announcer's desk as we go to commercial.
During the break González tags in Kai, who hops down and works over Carter on the desk. Kai and González then take turns beating Carter around the ringside area throughout the break. Finally, González picks Carter up in a Fireman's Carry and marches up the steps and into the ring with her. González taunts Kacy Catanzaro as she works over her partner, striking Kayden Carter with big clubbing blows. González tags in Kai, who delivers a kick and covers but only gets a two. Carter has been in for the bulk of this match and desperately needs the tag. Kai shoves a knee onto Carter's neck, then transitions it into a rear arm submission. Kai takes Carter into the ring and tags in González as we return from the break. Kai wastes a lot of time, gloating and toying with Carter. Kai tags in González to do the same. Carter manages to escape and makes the hot tag to Kacy Catanzaro, who hits the ring on fire. Kacy flies around the ring, taking out Kai and González. Catanzaro fights them to the outside. Catanzaro climbs the metal rigging/column next to the announcer's desk, then leaps off from about 12 feet up, landing on both Kai and González! Kacy tags in Carter to get a breather. Kai drops Carter to a knee with a kick and tags in González. González comes in and picks up Carter in a Fireman's Carry, then hoists Carter up over González's head, tossing her forward slightly for Kai to jump up and hit a beautiful kicking strike in an excellent double team maneuver. I can't describe it properly. Carter is pinned but Kacy makes the save. Carter struggles with González for a few moments before making a blind tag to Catanzaro. Catanzaro comes off the top and drops González! The powerhouse is stunned! Catanzaro goes up top again, diving off with a beautiful modified rear moonsault and landing on a prone González. Catanzaro covers González but Kai makes the save right at three, just before it, barely! González recovers and, off the distraction, plants KC and picks up the win. They will face the winners of Hartwell/Lerae vs Ember Moon/Shotzi Blackheart in the finals.
Your Winners and advancing to the Finals of the Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Dakota Kai & Raquel González

Wade Barrett's Citizenship Celebration

Vic Joseph, Beth Phoenix--who looks absolutely sharp in that color and outfit--and Wade Barrett are shown. They congratulate Barrett on becoming a US Citizen. He remarks that he's been here thirteen and a half years, and they give him a variety of American-themed gifts, including a Hacksaw Jim Duggan gift. We get a tease of Austin Theory & Johnny Gargano, and head to commercials.

Match: Leon Ruff vs Austin Theory w/ Johnny Gargano

After seeing Regal and Edge backstage--could not make out what they were saying, intentionally done by WWE--we cut to the arena where Leon Ruff is already waiting. Out next is Austin Theory, accompanied by his The Way compatriot Johnny Gargano. Gargano and Theory continue their cocky antics before the match. The bell rings and Theory slaps a side headlock on Ruff. Ruff is sent into the ropes and dives, looking for the cross body, but Theory catches him! Theory looks to Gargano, and Ruff escapes then drops Theory with a kick. Theory regains control, sending Ruff face-first into the top turnbuckle. Theory runs in and strikes Ruff in the back, in the corner, twice more. Ruff collapses in pain and has to use the corner ropes to get to his feet. Theory with a huge back body drop, and continues to use a series of kicks and quick suplexes as he establishes dominance. Theory pushes Ruff's neck down on the middle rope, grabs Ruff's face and turns his head to the side, then punches Ruff in the face, gloating as the ref warns him back. Ruff attempts a comeback but Theory shuts him down with a running shoulder. Theory lifts Ruff up and yells at the crowd but Ruff rolls through. Ruff doesn't have the strength to get Theory off his feet and roll him up. Again, Theory lifts Ruff up and again, Ruff squirms out. This time, Ruff rolls up Theory. Theory kicks out at two. Ruff with a flying double stomp. Ruff comes off the ropes and nails a big forearm. Ruff ascends the corner but, as the ref is distracted by a downed Theory, Gargano hops up on the apron and attacks Ruff! Ruff recovers, though, in time to get back up and take out Theory. Theory rolls to the outside and Indi Hartwell & Candice LeRae of The Way run out to help him up. Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart run out and attack The Way. Ruff and Gargano argue on the ramp as the ref is distracted by the women brawling up the ramp. Ruff drops to his back and screams in pain, pretending that Gargano hit him. The ref comes over and throws Gargano out, sending him to the back. Ruff attempts to capitalize on the momentum but Theory takes control. Theory puts Ruff down with the A-T-L (a type of jumping Diamond Cutter) and picks up the win!
Your Winner, Austin Theory

After the Match

Theory at first leaves the ring, then heads back in and attacks Ruff. Theory leaves the ring and heads to the timekeeper's area, looking for the bell to use as a weapon. Dexter Lumis shows up and grabs Theory by the head. Theory freaks out and takes off, but not before we see that Dexter has ripped out a tuft of Theory's hair!

Video Promo: Legado Del Fantasma

We hear from Santos Escobar, who cuts a promo on both Stallion whom he'll defend his Cruiserweight championship against, and promises that his Legado teammates will defeat the Lucha House Party and go on to win the Dusty Classic because it is their destiny.

Video Promo: Tian Sa

"Back in time, before the dynasties exist. The land of Gian ruled by an honorable king. He had two children, an older son and a younger daughter. Corrupted by greed, the son killed his father the king. The son took power of the throne, ruled with an iron fist and brought dishonor o the family. The daughter, Meying, (fled)...into exile." Our narrator goes on to tell us that Meying was put through several trials by a dragon, who would teach her to ascend to the throne. Meying destroyed her brother and restored honor to her family and throne. After defeating her brother, she knew she would have to become something she hated in order to rule. So the name Tian Sa exists, and has for generations. We're led to believe this person, seated in a throne-like chair and heavily made up with make-up, is thousands of years old. Okay. Not sure if this is Boa & co. or not.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Quarter Finals Match: the Lucha House Party vs Legado Del Fantasma

We start off with Lince Dorado and Joaquin Wilde. Dorado takes control early on, his high-flying lucha style giving him a brief bit of control. Wilde and Mendoza take control as they execute a series of quick tags and keep Dorado pinned in to their corner. Mendoza with a huge forearm to the back, and he yells insults in Spanish at Dorado. Mendoza loses his grip and Dorado slips free, tagging in Gran Metallik. Metallik with a hard Irish Whip to the corner. Metallik heads outside as Mendoza crashes into the turnbuckle. Wilde runs along the apron and dives on Metallik as we head to break!
Back from the break and we find Wilde controlling Gran Metallik. Metallik escapes and makes a hot tag to Lince Dorado, who uses the ropes for springboard strikes as much as he uses his fists and feet. Dorado flies off the ropes onto Wilde, then dives off the top. Dorado hits his springboard backpack stunner--he cartwheels, bounces off the ropes and cartwheels back, and leaps up to catch WIlde with a stunner. Dorado with a cover but Wilde kicks out at two! Metallik comes in to assist Dorado--some confusion about a potential tag, but we're informed that Dorado is legal--and Wilde hits both men with a double suplex. Mendoza gets involved, and Metallik takes out Mendoza, knocking him off the top rope to the outside. Metallik dives with a tope onto Mendoza and Wilde, and Dorado follows suit with another aerial diving strike onto Legado. The action goes back into the ring. Mendoza makes the tag back in but Dorado doesn't see it, and Mendoza uses the confusion to hit a double-team dropkick/Side Russian Leg Sweep combo with Wilde, then covers and picks up the win!
Your Winners and advancing to the Semi Finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Legado Del Fantasma!

After the Match

As Legado celebrates in the ring, MSK come out and cut a live promo at the top of the ring. They diss the Legado and tell them that next week it's MSK--all night and all day. They brag about winning it all and Legado are in their way. Pretty decent mic work for their first time in NXT doing such work.

Backstage: Dunne, Lorcan & Burch

"The Bruiserweight" Pete Dunne and NXT Tag Team Champions Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan are shown arriving. They ask Dunne if he wants Bálor, and he says he does, so they head in and decide they're going to look for Bálor. We go to break.

In the Ring: Dunne, Lorcan & Burch

Dunne tells us that he's tried giving a message to Bálor, and last week he snapped Bálor's fingers to remind him. Finn Bálor comes out and tells Pete Dunne that he's a coward hiding behind the tag team champs. Dunne says he's not hiding behind anyone, so Bálor marches up to the ring and stands on the apron, adding "doesn't look like that to me!" Lorcan and Burch are sent out so Bálor and Dunne can talk. Bálor challenges Pete Dunne at TakeOver: Vengeance Day for the title when...

Edge is in NXT!

"You think you know me.." Alter Bridge's "Metalingus" plays as the crowd, both in person and digital, goes absolutely wild as the Rated-R Superstar makes his way out! He comes otu to the ring and gets on the mic. He tells Bálor and Dunne that he's been watching NXT for years, and he sees the hunger and passion int he eyes of its superstars. And it was NXT that helped Edge find the passion to get his career back after nearly a decade of being sidelined. Edge used that passion to win the Royal Rumble this past Sunday, entering at #1. He tells Bálor that by winning the Rumble, he can challenge any champion in the company. He tells both Dunne and Bálor taht they're some of the best. He sees a lot of himself in Dunne, who shrugs when Edge mentions he sees the good and bad in Dunne. He adds that ten years ago, he'd have shrugged like Dunne did, too. He turns his attention to Bálor and praises his in-ring ability. Edge then tells both men that he's going to be watching their match at TakeOver because "I've never had that," he states as he pokes the NXT Championship on Bálor's shoulder. He tells them that he's going to watch and if he's not chosen whom he wants to fight by TakeOver, their championship match may help make up his mind. "Metalingus" plays as the in-ring crowd starts a huge NXT chant and our three superstars are framed by the most dis-interested ThunderDome audience members ever who stare bored at their cameras. Awkward.

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie with Johnny Gargano

Gargano is asked how Candice and Indi are feeling ahead of their Semi Finals Dusty Cup match next week when they take on Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon, whom they brawled with tonight. Gargano also tells us that he's fired up and isn't worried about Lumis. Garagno is fired up, eager for another question, so she asks him about his thoughts on what William Regal said earlier--that Kushida will take on Gargano for the title. Gargano flips out and accuses Mackenzie of lying, and tells her not to say the "K word" (Kushida). Gargano demands to see her credentials and asks if she even works there. He then states he's going to William Regal's office to clear up and stop her lying, and demands that she accompany him. They start down the hall and he comes back, demanding the cameraman follow with him so they can get it on film when she gets fired, per Gargano. We go to break. When we return, Gargano is outside Regal's office. He knocks and starts to demand to talk to Regal about--and Kushida is there, in the office. Kushida tells Gargano that he needs an appointment to see Mr. Regal. Gargano states that he's the North American Champion, he doesn't need to make an appointment. Gargano attempts to force his way in but Kushida brawls with him down the hall.

Match: Toni Storm vs Jessi Kamea

When we cut to the arena, Jessi is already in the ring. Toni's horrid music plays and out comes the talented former NXT UK Women's Champion. Loud boos welcome the former fan-favorite. The bell rings and here we go! We're told that Jessi Kamea has officially signed on with the Robert Stone Brand. Beth Phoenix mentions she'll have to have a sit-down chat with Jessi, and they point out that Kamea has also opened her own gym recently. Meanwhile in the ring, two minutes are spent as neither Storm nor Kamea gain control. Both women strike each other and do a few movies, but Mercedes Martinez hits the ring and tackles Toni Storm, causing the DQ!
Your Winner by Disqualification, Toni Storm!

After the Match: the Brawl

Io Shirai comes out and perches on the top turnbuckle, watching Mercedes Martinez as she wrecks Toni Storm's day. Shirai bides her time, watching both women, and when the time is right she flies high to take down both future competitors! She holds her belt up high.

Video Promo: Curt Stallion

Curt "the Lonestar" Stallion promises to make everybody in Texas proud tonight. He won a Fatal Five-Way match to earn this title shot, and he's going to take down Santos. We go to break.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match: Santos Escobar(c) vs Curt Stallion

We return from our break and Curt Stallion is already in the ring. We have that great video opening for Legado Del Fantasma, and out comes NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar, accompanied by his associates Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza. Stallion and Escobar jaw at each other as the ref makes them space out so the announcements can be made. The bell rings and we start off with both competitors locking up. They push each other back and forth across the ring, with neither man gaining control at first. Again, they lock up. This time Escobar takes control and drops Stallion, then kicks him. Escobar backs up, yelling something, and runs in to stomp Stallion. Escobar pulls Stallion up and takes him to the corner, then locks in a neck crank. He converts it into a seated submission by way of a snapmare. Stallion screams and grunts as Escobar locks the right arm and elbow behind Stallion's head. Vic Joseph talks about Wilde and Mendoza at ringside then asks who else he sees. Escobar catches Stallion rebounding off the ropes and hits the missile dropkick, covering for two. We see Scarlett off to the side, on an elevated platform, watching. Escobar has not seen Scarlett. Escobar, on day 246 of his Cruiserweight Championship reign, whips Stallion into the corner and charges in with a shoulder. Escobar with several hard strikes. Escobar sees "the Angel of Doom" Scarlett. Escobar with another shoulder lock, watching Scarlett. Escobar with a knee strike to the abdomen. Stallion fights back, and runs off the ropes only to be countered by Escobar with a tilt-a-whirld backbreaker. Escobar gloats for a moment, and Stallion rolls him up! Escobar barely kicks out. Stallion sends Escobar out of the ring. Michael Cole's long-lost son, Vic Joseph, yells something about Escobar being able to "sense another presence" as he regroups with his hermanos Legados and we go to break.
When we return we find the champ is in control. Our commentary team continues to babble on about sensing presences and such. In the ring, Escobar is drenched in sweat. He controls the pace, utilizing various submissions and working holds to wear down the challenger. Escobar locks in a half crab and the challenger groans in pain. Escobar transitions it into what we're told is a crossface, but clearly is not. Escobar transitions it into an arm-neck wench and drops his knee into the lower back of Stallion. Escobar brutally bends Stallion in some demented form of the Surfboard Stretch. We keep getting glimpses of Scarlett. Escobar pulls Stallion up into a Fireman's Carry but Stallion throws elbows into Escobar's face to get free. Stallion sends Escobar into the corner and follows it up but Escobar is too powerful and fights out. Stallion shuts down the champ's renewed offense with a huge German Suplex. Stallion drops Escobar with a huge right. Escobar rolls out the ring and just as he turns back to the ring, Curt Stallion his a beautiful suicide dive between the ropes, right up in front of the camera, and takes out Escobar! Stallion takes it inside and covers for a two. Stallion hoists up the champion from the corner and looks for a DDT, but Escobar quickly counters by flipping backward and slamming Stallion into the turnbuckles. Escobar covers but onlyg ets at wo. Escobar pulls Stallion and hits a headbutt followed by a big dropkick that floors the contender. Escobar pulls Stallion up in an impressive show of strength and hits the Phantom Driver to pick up the win!
Your Winner and STILL Cruiserweight Champion, Santos Escobar!

After the Match: the Harbinger of Doom

As Legado celebrate together in the ring, Karrion Kross comes out! Wilde and Mendoze run up the ramp to attack him, but Kross easily takes them out. Kross climbs into the ring and stands face to face with Escobar. Kross tells Escobar that they're at a crossroads right now, but he's going to give Escobar the gift of time. He warns Escobar that that gift is a double edged sword. He tells Escobar to run along now while he has time, and adds "tick tock!" Escobar exits the ring and leaves as Scarlett stands with Kross in the ring.

Outside in the Parking Lot: Edge & Kross

Edge is asked by an unnamed official if he's chosen whom he wishes to face. Edge says he hasn't, and even if he did, he wouldn't tell that guy. Karrion Kross comes up and confronts Edge. They exchange subtle threats, and Edge tells Kross that Kross wouldn't like it if Edge came to NXT. Kross reminds Edge that Kross technically never lost the title--he had to give it up due to injury.

TakeOver: Vengeance Day Promo

We get a quick video promo for the next TakeOver which is a week from this Sunday. We'll have Finn Bálor defending his NXT Championship against Pete Dunne, as well as the finals for both the Men's and Women's Dusty Cup and more!

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Quarter Finals Match: the Undisputed Era (Cole/Strong) vs Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher

We return to the ring for our main event. Out come the Undisputed Era, represented by Roderick Strong and Adam Cole (bay-bay!). Out next are their competitors, Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa who is desperately in need of a head shave. All four men ready-up in the ring. The match starts off very slow. Ciampa and Cole waste a couple of minutes on slow working holds, with Ciampa taking the lead early on. Cole finally sends Ciampa off into the ropes and goes for a punt kick, but Ciampa dodges it. They execute a beautiful sequence of move and counter-move as our commentary team mention that Ciampa and Cole know each other incredibly well. Both men attempt a series of strikes but none land, so both tag in their partners. Timothy Thatcher attempts to wrap up Strong from behind, but Strong blocks and gets out of it, then takes Thatcher down to the mat. Thatcher squirms out of Strong's attempted hold and takes control. Both men exhibit great mat work and execute some great catch wrestling. The match devolves to Strong and Thatcher slugging it out, with Strong dropping Thatcher with a dropkick. Cole is tagged in and both members of the UE stomp on Thatcher for a few moments. Cole with a headlock and tags in Strong so they can double team Thatcher. Thatcher locks up Strong and backs up to his corner, allowing Tommaso Ciampa to tag in. Ciampa works over STrong and tags in Thatcher
Thatcher continues to attempt to lock in a submission on strong. Thatcher resorts to a body slam to weaken Strong, and stomps away at Strong in the corner. He tags in Ciampa. Both men use quick tags and try to keep Strong held off to their side of the ring. Strong escapes and tags Cole. Both Thatcher & Ciampa enter the ring as do both members of the UE. They line up, ready to slug it out, and we go to break!
During the commercial, both group slug it outfor several moments. The ref breaks it up. Ciampa and Strong brawl, and Ciampa gets Strong in the corner and hits an odd form of a stunner, dropping over the ropes to use them against Strong. Thatcher is tagged in and locked Strong in a modified stretch board. Thatcher locks Strong in an abdominal hold and backs up to his corner, allowing Ciampa to tag in. Ciampa hits several strikes to Strong. Strong begins to fire off chops of his own and both men exchange chops then fists. Ciampa manages to gain the upper hand and takes Strong down, attempting two pins and only getting two counts. Thatcher is tagged in and delivers shots to the jaw, wrist, lower back, ribs, then locks in an arm bar. Strong gets his fingers in and prevents Thatcher from fully locking it in. Strong rolls, attempting to escape or tag in Cole. Thatcher easily converts it into a rear headlock and then a side arm bar. Strong regains his footing and backs into the corner. Thatcher climbs up on the turnbuckle behind Strong, locking in a choking hold until the ref breaks it. Strong starts to fight back and climbs up top. Strong and Thatcher struggle a few, but Strong manages to hit the Superplex off the top! Both men tag their partners at the same time! Cole and Ciampa charge each other, but Cole takes control with fast kicks and strikes. Cole sends Thatcher flying out the ring. Cole with a fast Backstabber and covers Ciampa for a two. Cole lifts Ciampa up in a Fireman's but Ciampa fights out. Cole counters with a modified Enziguri. Cole with a brain buster drop and a two. Cole goes up top and looks for the Panama Sunrise but it looks like he didn't have enough momentum to execute it so he attempts to roll up Ciampa. Ciampa escapes and tags in Thatcher. Cole locks a Figure Four on Thatcher and Roderick Strong slaps a submission on Ciampa, attempting to keep him from making the save. Ciampa wiggles free and barely makes the save before Thatcher tags out. Strong takes Ciampa down outside and moves to his corner. Cole tags in Strong. Thatcher has no one to tag in when he seeks it. Roderick with a big suplex and a huge fist. Thatcher fights back with a stiff right that rocks the Strongman, then hits a snap German Suplex. Ciampa is tagged in and hits a German Suplex. Ciampa lets Thatcher hit another German Suplex before Ciampa runs in with a knee to the jaw. Ciampa covers but Cole barely makes the save! Ciampa sets up Strong for the Fairy Tale ending. Strong tries to block it so Ciampa pounds away on Strong's back. Ciampa attempts the Fairy Tale Ending but Strong rols through and slides out of it! Strong with a drop to gain some separation and tags in Cole. Cole nails a Superkick, as does Strong! Ciampa is down! Cole goes for the pin but Ciampa kicks out. Cole tags in Strong, intending to execute a double team move. Cole runs off the ropes but is tripped up by Thatcher. Cole and Thatcher brawl outside. In the ring, Ciampa takes advantage of the failed double team move and takes down Roderick Strong, covering and picking up the win in an exciting end of a match!
Your Winners and advancing to the Semi Finals of the Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher

After the Match: Confronting the 'Vets

Thatcher helps Ciampa to his feet and the both of them lean in the corner, huffing and puffing and ready for more if need be. They celebrate up the ramp. The Grizzled Young Veterans come out--both teams meet in the Semi Finals next week--and exchange words with Thatcher & Ciampa. Words turn to fists and we end our program with both teams brawling!

In Closing

Yowie Wowie! What an exciting episode of NXT! Several solid matches with great teases by Edge to potentially face both Finn Balor or even Karrion Kross. A lot of good work put into building up for the next TakeOver event, a week from Sunday. That does it for us tonight. Come back Friday night for Smackdown coverage! Y'all stay warm, stay frosty, and stay safe out there.

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